FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s05e11 Episode Script

Radio Silence

You get that swiping left means no?
Come on, man. Let it go.
No, you need to hear this
'cause your sister
is clearly not getting through.
You are 25, and you've
never had a girlfriend?
Unit 18, are you
en route to the 10-30
at 90445 Astoria Boulevard?
10-4, Central.
Did the store owner call 911,
or is this the silent alarm?
Silent alarm
triggered the radio call.
Copy. We're almost there.
Third time this week.
Probably hit it
with his beer belly again.
I mean, you've got
some real interest here.
- Look at these ladies.
- Stop it.
Just give me my phone back.
No, I'm gonna like these,
and then, you know,
just meet them, and then you decide.
It's right here, right? This place?
Yeah, this is it.
Central, show us 10-84 at the
bodega on Astoria Boulevard.
Copy that.
And when you meet these women,
you treat them like they're
the only person on Earth.
Right, didn't you meet Ella while
you were dating her roommate?
That's not the point.
I met her 'cause I was
open to a relationship.
- Stop right there!
10-13. Shots fired. Officer down.
- Officer

Come on, baby girl.
You're gonna be late.
Anais, where is your lunch?
Oh, it's right here, Mom.
Mom, thanks for helping out.
The nanny's gonna be
back in two days, okay?
Anais, it's time to go, honey.
We didn't do it.
Yeah, we didn't. Come on, bring it in.
I love you, baby girl.
Be good, okay?
Love you too. Mwah.
Have a good day, guys.
Come on, Theo.
Let's get your sister to school.
Okay. What's going on?
You've been acting weird all day.
You're obviously pissed.
What'd I do this time?
I want a divorce.
We tried therapy.
We filled out workbooks.
We went on date nights,
and nothing's working.
I can't keep pretending.
It's not good for the kids.
It's not worked yet,
but you gotta give it time.
I got a job offer in D.C.
It's almost twice the money,
and they're bringing me in as partner.
Sheila has a nice
Please do not say that
homewrecker's name in my house.
Sheryll, I don't wanna fight.
Listen to me, okay?
We have a family, all right?
It's not a perfect one,
but it's a lot better
than most people have.
We go for dinners. We go to the zoo.
We build tents on movie nights.
When you were home.
You're the one
who's been gone for months.
And now I'm home, and my
schedule is back to normal.
Will yours ever be?
What, you're blaming this on me now?
No, I'm just trying to be realistic.
I never wanted this.
I promise.
But sometimes things get so broken
they can't be fixed
no matter how hard you try.

So what, just like that,
you're gonna leave me and the kids?
I'm not leaving the kids.
What the hell does that mean?
The schools are good in Bethesda.
I'll be making good money,
and my schedule will be stable.
No way.
No way in hell are you
taking those kids with you.
We have to discuss this, Sheryll.
Otherwise, it could be up to a judge.
Oh, screw the damn judge.
- You're not taking the kids.
- Sheryll
You're not taking the kids.

What have we got?
Two officers responding to
an armed robbery in progress.
The shooter exits the store.
They give chase. They both get shot.
Officers Kareem Jalon and Jim Kennedy.
- What's their conditions?
- Kareem is dead.
Kennedy's in surgery
at Mount Sinai, Queens.
Nina's interviewing the witnesses.
How about those cameras?
We got nine fake ones,
two broken real ones,
and three pointing
in the wrong direction.
- Talk to the store owner.
- Yeah.
What's up with Barnes?
Uh, I don't know.
She's been a little off all morning.
Hey, you good?
Yeah, this is the 8-6.
I worked Patrol here a few years
before I transferred to Vice,
so hits kind of close to home.
Look, I understand we don't
wear the same uniform,
but we're on the same team.
I'm gonna go see
the officer who survived.
Do you wanna come with?
It's a nice idea, yeah.
I'll meet you there.
- I already talked to the cops.
- We're the FBI.
This is Agent Gibson. I'm Agent Cannon.
Why do you have to be such a dick?
What do you mean?
You're robbing me,
you want money, I get that.
But you gotta go out of
your way to knock this over?
My wife spent hours on this.
It's gonna break her heart.
Other than destroying your display,
do you remember anything else
about the guy?
Yeah, he had red sneakers on.
He was waving his gun around.
He looked like one of
those air tube things
from the car dealership.
The wiggly arms.
At one point, he reached to grab a 40,
saw a purple bandanna in his pocket.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Hey, guys.
No luck with the witnesses.
People either don't wanna be involved
or they heard the shots and ran.
All right, so the bodega owner says
there was a purple bandanna
in the shooter's pocket.
That mean anything to you?
Purple is the Butcher Boys' color.
Their turf is Morning Wreck,
a couple blocks from here.
You think our perp's one of them?
I don't know, but we need to find out.
Remy Scott, Sheryll Barnes, FBI.
Sorry to meet under these circumstances.
Gary Anderson.
Yeah, hell of a day.
The fraternity always shows up.
I was with the department.
I spent some time with the 8-6.
Well, then you get it.
Officers are coming in from
the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn,
even on their days off.
Everyone's chomping at the bit.
For once, I hope you get
your hands on them first.
Or there won't be
anything left to prosecute.
Officer Kennedy's out of surgery.
You have five minutes,
then he needs a rest.
Thanks, doc.
You know, there are
other ways to get time off.
Hey, inspector.
Ella's gonna kill me.
A car just picked her up.
She'll be here any minute.
Meanwhile, we got FBI Agents
Scott and Barnes
helping us to find this bastard.
Bastards, plural.
Body cam only showed one guy.
There was a second one.
Robber ran past, but he
popped up from behind the car.
Looked like he had a 9-mil or a Glock.
- He's the one who shot Kareem.
- What'd he look like?
All I remember he was wearing
some kind of gray jacket.
The next thing I know, I wake up here.
Speaking of Kareem, how is he?
Scan showed a blood clot in your leg.
We need to get you back to the OR.
Find these guys, okay?
Kareem and I will be
front row at the trial.
What up, bro?
- Have a busy morning?
- Me? Nah.
Slept late.
Mom cooked some eggs and bacon.
Just chilling.
Just chilling, huh?
Yeah, figured I'd say what up
before I go find Nia.
Remy and Barnes
are on their way up here.
The robber had a partner.
He's the one that did the shooting.
Red shoes.
That could be our guy.
Man, we just wanna talk.
- What the hell? Let go!
- Shut up.
Man, are you crazy? Let me go!
It's your third time going against me.
What'd I tell you about
stepping outside the family?
Man, I didn't do anything!
So you didn't knock off that bodega?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Killing a cop gives them
itchy trigger fingers,
and we don't need that.
We appreciate your cooperation.
- Where's your partner?
- You had a partner?
Who was it?
Man, I ain't had no partner
and I ain't shoot no cop.
It was some white guy.
What white guy?
I don't know.
Dude looked like an accountant.
He had on this gray jacket,
like a windbreaker.
10-13, shots fired. Officer down.
- We need a bus.
- Get him out of here.
23rd Avenue and 19th Street
What if this guy's not lying
and he didn't shoot someone?
Then we got somebody targeting cops.
Woman called 911 for a kidnapping.
- What's the status on that?
- False alarm.
Kid didn't wanna go to the dentist.
Officers Jackson and Lee were
approaching when they got shot.
Jackson's dead. Lee's in the hospital.
Witnesses can't agree
where the shots came from.
Maybe a train was going by
and distorted the sound.
ERT's working, but with wind direction,
distance, how the officers were moving,
finding a trajectory
is gonna be a challenge.
There was a woman hiding under her car
who saw a white male around 6 feet tall
wearing a light gray windbreaker,
but she didn't see which way he went.
Cruisers got the streets
and guys are searching buses,
but nothing beats a foot search.
Hana, grab a cop, hit the
subway and pull footage.
Ray, Nina, take south.
Barnes, we'll canvass the park.
I'll be at the command post
if you need me.

- Hey! Back inside!
- You two, clear that way.
Hey, hey, FBI.
Take your hands out of your pockets.
I didn't do anything.
Clean. Put your hands down.
You see a guy with a gray windbreaker?
No, I heard the sirens.
I wanted to see what was going on.
Yeah, real smart.
Go towards stuff like that.
Get the hell out of here.
Hey, you been taking pics?
No, but I'm about to.
You see anything suspicious?
On 23rd, I saw a guy
wearing a baby carrier
with a giant cheese wheel inside.
You being a smart ass?
I can arrest you right now
for unlawful surveillance.
You still wanna be funny?
I didn't think so.
Both cop shootings were in
the 8-6 precinct in Astoria.
Yeah, coincidence or intentional?
Anything to make you think
that the 8-6 is being targeted?
I mean, we get
the same crap as everybody.
That cops are racist, murderers,
but nothing out of the ordinary.
No threats with letters
cut out of the newspaper.
And you pulled the officer's file?
see if anything other than
the precinct connects them?
My team's going deep.
Cross-checking calls they
responded to, citizen contacts.
And so far, nothing.
If there's no connection
among the victims,
- that makes this even worse.
Yeah, we just got a psycho
out there targeting cops.
Even if they are linked, there's what?
A few hundred cops at that precinct?
Finding the connection will take weeks.
I just got word.
Lee's still in surgery,
but Jim didn't make it.
I got three dead cops in as many hours.
We just got an all-agents
email from Isobel.
She wants all available agents
to provide backup
to NYPD officers responding
to calls in the 8-6
until further notice.
Our brass is doing the same.
We're pulling people in from everywhere.
ERT didn't find any evidence
at the bodega or 19th Street.
Both places had limited camera coverage.
Are you wondering if
it was planned that way?
I'm worried that it
was planned that way,
because if it was, we're looking
for a different type of fugitive.
How the hell is he getting
there before the cops?
What about police scanners?
They're portable.
He could be using them to track them.
Yeah, he could be following calls
that are close to where he is.
That's how he gets there so fast.
Ray, Nina, go through security cams,
social media footage.
Look for a gray windbreaker
and anything that resembles a scanner.
He's not gonna wanna stand out,
so earbuds and headphones.
Yeah, good.
Why don't we head back
to the 8-6 and see if we can
encrypt these radio calls so the public
can't access them
through police scanners?

All units be advised,
suspect wanted
for the shooting of multiple
officers is still at large.
In the cabin, in the woods,
little man by his window stood.
Saw a rabbit hopping by.
Knocking at his door.
Help me, help me,
help, he said.
Or the hunter
will shoot me dead.
Oh, God, this guy, he knew every stat
for every Mets player all
the way back to Tug McGraw.
- What, you knew him?
- Yeah.
Not a lot of jobs where,
when you leave for work in the morning,
you kiss your kid goodbye,
you know it could be your last.
So Charlotte's moving to D.C.,
filing for divorce.
She wants to take the kids with her.
I'm so sorry, Sheryll.
We can't encrypt the radio calls.
All right, well, what about
delaying their broadcast?
Each radio has to be individually
programmed with a key.
That's gonna take months.
Whole thing was actually
already in process,
- and people are pissed.
- Why?
A lot of nightcrawlers make
their living chasing our calls,
shooting video and selling it.
Anybody especially angry?
You think that's what this is about?
We need to explore every angle.
I get emails from him
at least twice a day.
- Name's Benjamin.
- Wait a second.
He was at the Astoria Park shooting.
We just saw him.
So he was filming today.
Why am I not surprised
this son of a bitch lied to us?
He's usually lurking
somewhere around the station.
He's probably out there right now.

There he is.
Pull him out.
Get out of the car.
Hello, lady and gents.
You make it a habit of lying
to law enforcement, ding dong?
What's the difference
between habit and proclivity?
Listen, you prick.
Three cops are dead and one's in the ICU
fighting for his life.
We don't have time for this.
Oh, give me a break, guys.
You think I'm getting rich here?
If I gave you my camera,
I couldn't post.
If I don't post, I don't eat.
Well, lucky for you, I know
a place where you can get
free meals three times a day.
We want the footage. All of it.
We saw your post.
Show us everything else.
- Come on.
- So this is basically it.
I was set up at 23rd and 19th
Street when the cops showed up.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Rewind it right before
the second gunshot.
Yeah, right there. You see it?
Shots were coming from 23rd Avenue.
Send me that footage
and call if you see anything.

It's one of these.
This is it.
Right here.
Jackson and Lee were
hit there and there.
Jim said the guy had a handgun
and Jackson was shot in the head.
It would be tough to be accurate
past the 10 or 11 yard mark,
and that's a stretch.
So I'd say the shooter
was either there or there.
You know, if you ever need
anything, I'm here for you.
I hear you've been down this road.
You got any tips on divorce?
You know, it feels like it's
never gonna get any better,
then one day you wake up
and it's not the first thing
you think about.
Yeah, I don't know about that.
No, I'm serious. It gets a lot easier.
Hey, Remy.

How about that?
Central, show us 10-84
at a domestic on 27th.
Copy that.
What's up, partner?
I got a bad feeling.
This day, with everything
that's going on
what happened to them sending us backup?
Yeah, let's, um
let's just wait until
Let's wait.
- We got somebody
- Whoa, hey. Easy.
FBI, Agents Cannon and Chase.
Look, what's going on here?
- Clear.
- Yeah.
Drop the gun! Drop it now!
She's okay, right?
Just just check if she's okay.
- You got me?
- Yeah.
Central, start a bus to our location.
One woman with a gunshot wound
to the chest.
Oh, she was my whole life.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
- I didn't mean
- No, hey!
Whatever happens today,
that kid needs a father.
I need you to take
your finger off the trigger,
and I need you to put that gun down.

Turn around.
I'm sorry.
- Turn around.
- I'm sorry.
Come on, man.
If you would've come in
when you got here,
this would have ended differently.
That child would have a mother.
You don't know how this
would have played out.
You don't know what I'm going through.
Yeah, you know what?
I do know exactly how it did play out.
And this is a mess.

Cop haters are getting a taste
of what a city without police is like.
All right.
That was the deputy inspector.
Police response times are
doubling across the whole city,
not just the 8-6.
Well, you can't blame them
for being hesitant.
They're walking targets these days.
Okay, ballistics just came in
on the bullet casings.
There is an unusual amount of
striations and press markings.
Which means the bullet was shot,
reloaded, then shot again.
What are you saying?
Our guy is using homemade bullets?
Check this out.
Now we have an idea
of what he looks like.
The same white guy in a gray jacket
appears on footage at both crime scenes.
What's that logo on his hat?
Send me a freeze frame of that.
- Okay.
It's a craft brewery,
Upstate New York, Altamondo Beer.
Contact the brewery and get a list
of people who purchased that cap.
Check online forums
about ammo reloaders.
10-30 outside 2260 43rd Street.
Unit, please respond.

Altamondo gave away 1,000 hats
at a beer festival last summer.
- So that's a dead end.
It's Benjamin Bethea, our nightcrawler.
Agent Scott. You got something for me?
Ah, that's my line.
Come on, what do I get
for helping out the FBI?
Any updates on the shootings?
You need to stand down
and stop interfering.
You'll get updates when
the rest of the public does.
Listen, I gotta work while I can.
The well's gonna run dry when the NYPD
encrypts those radio calls.
Guys, listen to this.
On one of the more popular
homemade bullet forums
I found a user with
the handle NYamondolPA.
Last month, this user
was asking for help
with a reloading press,
which is used to make homemade bullets.
Okay, that can't be a coincidence.
The IP belongs to a laptop
bought by Sean Brennan.
He's retired NYPD from Queens.
All right, I'll have
the deputy inspector
send a unit to his house.
But if he's an ex-cop on the run,
I doubt he's gonna
be there waiting for us.
All right, Sean's son was also NYPD
and worked in the 8-6 precinct
until he died six months ago by suicide.
"Sean Jr., survived by
his wife and his father."
Nina and I can go talk to her,
see if she knows anything about
what her father-in-law's been up to.
Or if she's in on it.
Okay, I'm gonna start trying
to make connections
between Sean Jr.
and the cops his father killed.
We'll meet Jerry at the 8-6
so we can find out
from Sean Jr.'s colleagues.
They might know why he killed himself.
People thought I couldn't handle it,
but I knew what I was
getting into, marrying a cop,
entering the line of duty or worse.
I never imagined that suicide
is how I would lose him.
We are sorry to bring this up again.
Did Sean seem troubled
before his passing?
I have asked myself that 1,000 times.
No, he he never mentioned anything.
Maybe he didn't wanna worry you.
Or maybe he talked to his father?
Seeing as how they were
both part of the NYPD.
It's possible. They were very close.
They were both so proud to be NYPD.
And Sean didn't die in the line of duty,
so he didn't even get
a proper police funeral.
When's the last time you
talked to your father-in-law?
He came around to pick up a few things.
I could tell he needed space.
What things did he pick up?
Just sentimental stuff.
Sean was saving a six-pack
of his favorite IPA
to open with his dad.
I let him have that.
Sean's favorite jacket.
Was this beer Altamondo?
The jacket he took,
was it a shiny gray windbreaker?
- All right. Thank you.
- Okay.

Okay, no one's home
at Sean Brennan's place,
- but we got a uni outside.
- Good.
We need Sean Jr.'s personnel files.
Well, we already looking it over.
No need for the FBI to cover
ground we've already tread.
The more brains, the better.
I can't hand over files
without a court order.
The union would crucify me.
We don't have time for a court order.
This file could tell us
who Brennan's next target is.
There's no connection between his son
and the cops he killed today.
He's a rookie.
He came on board after Sean's suicide.
Jim transferred from Manhattan
three months ago.
Never even met Sean.
It could be random by design.
Keeps people on edge,
looking over their shoulder.
Well, then the file won't help you.
See, this is why I left to join the FBI.
The NYPD has a culture problem.
Being right trumps
doing the right thing.
Well, are we perfect? Hell no.
But there are people in this department
who sacrifice day after day
to make sure this city's safe.
Let's take a breath.
We all wanna catch
this cop killer, right?
How do we find someone if we
can't predict the next target?
When a car is spinning out of control,
you don't fight the wheel.
You steer into the direction
it's spinning.
So what are you saying?
We give them a target?
Brennan's been ambushing cops
responding to in-progress crimes
that require
a multiple-officer response.
Okay, okay, so we dupe a call
that fits the bill to lure him in.
And if he shows up,
we'll be ready to take him down.
Damn right we will.

The call just went out.
Did NYPD lock the block down yet?
Yeah, they're making their way over.
Oh, guys, we got a problem.
Benjamin's here.
I'm gonna go grab him.
And we got a potential
suspect approaching
on foot from the east.
Hold your positions
until we get a positive ID.
That's him.
That's him, Sheryll.

We got pedestrians in the line of fire!
Guys, Benjamin's down!
- Nina, cover me.
- Yeah!
Barnes! Agent down!
- Ray, move, move!
- Yeah, I'm on him.
I'm on him. Hey, hey!
Get down. Get down.
Shots fired, shots fired!
We got two down!
- Requesting backup.
- Sheryll. Hey, hey, hey.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
10-13, officer down. Get me a bus.
Get a towel in here right away.
She needs to get to the hospital.
Is it bad?
No, you're gonna be okay.
Lost visual on the suspect.
- Let's set up a perimeter.
- Sheryll!
- You got the tourniquet, yeah?
- Here, here.
It's okay. We got you.
Lift her leg.
- Go tighter.
- Yep.
The bullet must've hit a femoral artery.
She could bleed out.
Stay with us, Barnes.
We can't let her bleed out.
She cannot bleed out.
Look, the suspect was last seen boarding
the eastbound MTA bus, route is unknown.
That was Remy.
Barnes is stable,
and she's heading into surgery.
- All right, good.
- Yeah. Okay.
Brennan could have hopped off anywhere.
Yeah, well, he knows how we work,
so now he knows how to evade us.
Look, randomizing the targets.
I mean, keeps everybody scared.
It's a classic terrorism tactic.
What if that's his endgame?
You know, he's just ramping up
to the big crescendo.
Well, I just checked his phone records.
Now, the person that he called
the most before his son died
was his old partner,
also retired, Damon Randall.
- Let's visit him.
- Yeah.
Thought old-school cop bars
were a thing of the past.
It's not how it used to be,
but Sean and I made
some good memories here.
After we both retired,
we'd meet up every Monday
for the fish and chips.
When was the last time you saw Sean?
Monday before his son
you know.
Haven't talked to him since.
Look, we're thinking his
son's suicide triggered him.
He give you any hints as to why
he might have done this?
The two decades I've known Sean,
he cared about only two things:
his son and the job.
I know my partner.
His blood runs blue.
Yeah, and we're not
questioning his record
as a police officer,
but Sean Jr.'s suicide
clearly changed
his point of view on the NYPD.
I guess his son did make some noise
about getting bullied on the job.
Okay. Bullied how exactly?
I never got specifics.
All right, so what the hell did you get?
Guys gave him a hard time.
Not showing up when he called
for backup, petty crap.
But he complained.
And it got worse, right?
Not confirming or denying.
After an NYPD football game,
somebody didn't like that he complained.
And a particular individual
made it clear he was displeased.
Are you saying that things got physical?
Maybe worse.
But come on, everybody goes
through something like that.
But this generation coming up,
think they're special.
Little snowflakes.
So you're saying that
Sean Jr. is a snowflake?
I think that the sun shines
so bright on some people
that they have to leave us
before it's their time.

I like what you said back there.
I hate it when people think that suicide
is the easy way out.
It's always more complicated.
Yeah, he just wanted to
follow in his father's footsteps.
Yeah, and instead they
beat him and isolated him.
Look, he said that
Sean Jr. complained, right?
Maybe the NYPD has a record of it.
Let's hope.
We need to get you one of these on tap
when you come back. What do you think?
Sorry, too soon.
You know how happy I am
that you're okay.
I was so worried about you.
Hey, Nina. I'm here with Barnes.
Hi, Nina.
Hey, so good to hear your voice.
Anything from the station?
No, there's no record of Sean Jr.
being bullied in the police blotter.
Ask the desk sergeant for the precinct's
telephone message book.
Nobody ever looks at those calls,
but that book logs every important call
made to and from the precinct.
I'll call you later.
All right, thanks.
Get your beauty rest.

Yeah, that one.
Okay, I got that.
There's another one right there.
Now, hold up.
That's for internal use only.
We've see multiple calls to IAB
about Sean's allegations of bullying.
And allegations
are just that, allegations.
So then who's Aldo Beltran?
Look, do you wanna help us save time
and possibly prevent another
cop from being killed or not?
He was Sean's supervisor.
Aldo's father is first
deputy commissioner at IAB.
All right, so let me get this straight.
Sean makes a complaint about Beltran
and IAB sweeps it under the rug
because of who his father is?
How long have you known about this?
One of my guys mentioned a rumor.
I didn't know anything for sure.
Oh, come on.
Okay, we need to figure out
who took the call at IAB.
That officer and Beltran,
they have to be at the top
of Sean's hit list.
Sean's complaint went to Blake Maddox.
Well, let's contact
Maddox and Beltran now.
Wait, what makes you think
he'll go after these two?
He's been shooting cops who
had nothing to do with Sean.
Come on. He's on the inside too.
He knows that we look at victims
to figure out the motive,
and up until now,
we haven't had a connection
between the victims and the suspect.
Yeah, and keeping the shootings random,
36,000 cops are now feeling
the same way his son did.
There's no way that he lets
the two main players walk.
Beltran and Maddox are off duty
and their cell phones are turned off.
Get us the addresses
and keep trying to reach them.


That won't do you any good, Maddox.
Hey, guys. Aldo wasn't at his apartment.
Neither was Maddox.
And his girlfriend hasn't heard from him
since he left for a run.
Okay, look, his place was tossed.
It looked like he grabbed
some stuff and quickly left.
My guess is that after
we ID'd Brennan as the shooter,
Aldo got the hell out of Gotham.
Yeah, he knew Brennan
would come for him,
and he got the jitters,
but he couldn't tell anyone
because he'd have to admit
that he bullied Sean Jr.
He's got a bunch of pictures
on his social media
of what looks like a vacation home.
Does the Beltran's family
have any other property?
His family have a rental
property in City Island.
That's only five minutes away.
Call NYPD and meet us there.
All right.

Saw a rabbit hopping by,
knocking at its door.
Help me, help me, help, he said,
or the hunter will shoot me dead.
What the hell?
Never thought a cop
would be smart enough
to check his car for trackers.
But my son was right,
you're too cocky
to think there'd be consequences
for you.
All Sean ever wanted
was to be a good cop
But you tortured him.
You used your name
to get all the other cops
to make his life a living hell.
No, but that wasn't enough.
You made sure he was alone
in the locker room
and came up from behind
like a coward and attacked him.

And you.
There's a rhyme I used to read
to Sean when he was a boy
about a little rabbit
who knocks on the cabin door
asking for help
because a hunter is after him.
My son came to you and asked for help
But you didn't open the door.
You left him to the hunter.
There was nothing I could do.
You both turned on my son.
Now I wanna see you turn on each other.
You've already killed one cop,
so what's another on your conscience?
You have seven minutes
to fight each other
to the death.
One minute for each time
my son came to you for help
and you turned your back on him.
If you don't fight, I'll kill you both.
This is crazy. We're not gonna fight.

NYPD are a couple minutes out.
We don't have time for that. Hit it.

FBI! Drop your weapon!
This is Agent Gibson.
I need paramedics at my location.
Blake, we're gonna be okay.
Blake, Blake.
He's gone.
They both are.
And you're under arrest.
- He made us do it.
- Get up.
Get your hands behind your back.
I never meant to hurt anyone.
- I didn't mean to!
- Move!

Come here, baby.
I'm okay.
Come around this way.
I'm right here, baby.
Mommy's right here.
- I was so scared.
- Mm.
We were all scared.
Look at me, baby.
Look at me, Anais. Come on.
We all get scared, baby.
Even me.
There's always one thing
that makes me feel brave.
You know what that is?
It's knowing that you
and Theo are right here.
And I'm always right here, okay?
You carry Mommy with you
everywhere you go.
The same way I carry you in my heart.
So next time you feel scared,
you just remember that, okay?
I will.
I promise you, baby, you will
always be safe with me.
And with your mom.

Let's let Mommy rest.
We'll come back
tomorrow morning with Theo.
- Bye, Mommy.
- Bye, baby.
I love you.
- Oh.
- Oh.
I'm okay, baby.
I'm okay.
Go with Mommy, okay?

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