Fear Itself (2008) s01e04 Episode Script

In Sickness and in Health

Absolutely gorgeous.
Sam, it's a beautiful dress.
It's breathtaking.
That's as much as we can do before the veil.
It's perfect.
Thank you.
I hear you're scaling Mount Everest or something for the honeymoon.
- Carlos is a climber.
- He thinks he's gonna make her one.
Has anyone seen my groom yet? Come on.
Of course Carlos is here, and if he's not, he soon will be.
Guys love to do this last-minute thing, especially on the big day.
"Guys love to do this last-minute thing"? You'd think a girl never got cold feet.
Are you? Getting cold feet.
Would you check on my groom, please? Yes, your highness.
I'll go with you.
Come here.
- Hands.
- OK.
All of us being together today and, Kelly, you flying all the way out here, I just want you all to know how much this means to me.
I keep thinking about how we would spend whole afternoons in front of a little toy tea set planning a day just like this one.
you think it's too soon.
- None of us think that.
- We all just want you to be happy.
- We all like Carlos.
- We think he's wonderful.
- We do, Sammy.
We're just cluckin' like nervous hens here.
What if he doesn't show up? Then we'll marry you.
I will go find him.
In case you haven't picked up on it, people don't want this to happen.
Who? Ruthie? - No one wants this to happen.
- I wouldn't say that.
That's the problem.
Nobody's saying it, but they're all thinking it.
Come on.
You've been here for 3 days.
What's everybody saying? They think it's a mistake, right? I didn't hear anybody say that.
- They think it's too soon.
- They don't think Yeah.
I did hear that.
They think it's too soon.
- But they don't know him like I do.
- I'm like Switzerland, OK? I'm neutral.
Although it is kind of weird your brother isn't here.
You always said Steven gave you the creeps.
Your big brother has always given me the creeps, but shouldn't he be here? Isn't he the only family you have? Steven is just sulking because I'll be moving out of the house.
That's all.
He'll get over it.
How long have you known Carlos anyway? Now you sound like my brother.
How long is long enough? You know, what is the acceptable amount of time to know someone? For sex, about 10 seconds.
For making a lifetime commitment, I don't know.
But women marry men all of the time.
How am I any different? The difference is your boyfriends did not treat you well, and then they just disappeared.
And Carlos is the first one I've met who I didn't feel was gonna do that.
And I think that's great.
OK, he's here.
He's down the hall, getting ready.
Anyone think his friend Alan is cute? Father Chris asked me to give this to you.
It's from some woman out there.
Oh, forget Alan.
Carlos' uncle, he's this government guy or something.
Have you seen him? He's really interesting, and he says he has a twin.
He's like 50 years old.
- Who was she? - Who is who? The woman who gave the note.
Oh, I don't know.
Father Chris said she was wearing a red head scarf.
- It's probably money.
- Money's good.
OK, seriously, it's time to suit up.
You wanna go pee before we strap you in? That is an excellent idea.
It's down the hall to the right, 3 doors.
Think I told her the wrong way.
Not to the right.
That's Carlos' dressing room.
You can't see him before the wedding.
I know the person you are marrying is a serial killer.
WiNGMaN Season 1 Episode 4 V.
01 Who is it? It's Sam.
Don't Don't do that with your face.
Don't even think that.
Can I come in? - She wants to come in.
- So let her in.
And no foolin' around, you two.
I'm watchin'.
I'm late.
I have no excuse, but just just listen.
I lost my gas card, only to discover that I didn't have any cash.
And, Alan, of course, is completely useless.
I ended up having to pump $20 off some who I told it was my wedding day.
I had to put something in the tank, because I lost my wallet because I was so damn nervous, but no, no, I do not have cold feet.
How'bout you? You got the cold feet? What's goin' on down there? It's cold? Are they cold? No.
If it's such bad luck for you to see me, then what are you doin' in here? I just wanted to make sure it was really you.
It's me.
Come here.
Come here, I said.
Let's just do it right here.
Our vows.
What do you say we just we just forget the priest and the flowers and the rings and all that stuff and just get it over with right now go down to the lake, get started with the rest of our life? Right now.
From this day forward, in sickness and in health - till death - don't say that.
- Don't say what? - Maybe this is bad luck.
- Don't say, "till death"? That - No, please don't say that.
I'm sorry.
I I don't like that.
I don't know why anyone would wanna talk about death on the happiest day of their life.
I agree with you totally.
Now let's make sure the priest knows that as well.
We'll tell him that we're making, a few script changes.
Just a few last-second script changes.
No "death.
" No parting.
I love you, Sam.
Why you're not kissing back.
It's jitters, I guess.
Oh, my God.
Look at me.
I'm shaking.
What's going on with you? What's this? That might just be bad luck for the groom to see.
Just a little something for the bride.
I'll see you soon.
Hold it, Sam.
Can you just slow down? Show me the woman who gave the note.
I need you to point her out to me.
You're walking down in the aisle in 5 minutes.
Just do it for me, OK? Well, she probably would have taken her scarf off if she was in here.
Catholics wear scarves in churches, don't they? Ruthie, look.
What did she say? What were her exact words? He said she asked him if he was performing the wedding.
He said yes.
She said it was something you might wanna see.
That's how she said? I don't know, the father can't hear very well.
I need to know exactly what she said.
We'll go ask father chris.
What is wrong? It's Sorry.
Carlos just wanted me to check out the crowd.
Anything else? Yeah.
Is this your wedding dress? Is Carlos completely ready? Yeah.
He will be in a second.
But, hey, where's your veil? God.
Now, will you please just tell me what is going on? That's probably her.
OK, Sam, you are really freaking me out here.
It was just a note.
Did you read it? What? You said it was just a note.
Did you read it? No.
Why would I read it? Ruthie, tell me if you opened it.
The envelope was sealed, remember? - How bad was it? - I didn't say it was bad.
- Something bad about Carlos, right? - No.
How bad? What are you guys doing? Everybody's waiting.
- Are you getting dressed or what? - Yes.
I'm just acting a little crazy.
Will you help me get on my dress? Come on.
We gotta go quick.
This is a heavy burden to carry, yet not impossible with God in your lives.
Be good parents.
Then when you get old and you will your children will bless you as you have blessed them.
Now if you are ready to take on this responsibility, let us begin.
And do you, Samantha Rachel Brighton, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband so help you God? I do.
- You'll have to speak up.
- I do.
If anyone in this house of the Lord has today any reason why these two should not be joined in the bond of holy matrimony, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.
Then by the power vested in me by the Lord God almighty, I hereby pronounce you man and wife.
From this day forward, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, till death so long as you both shall live.
You may kiss the bride.
There you go.
Big smile, Samantha.
One more.
The road is long and sometimes tough, but one of the reasons we make it down that road is we find someone to walk with us.
To my nephew Carlos, I wish your parents were alive to watch as you start your journey with your beautiful bride Samantha down life's long and treacherous highway.
And may I use the language of your father to say Vaya con dios! Cheers.
There you go.
- What? - You tell us.
Ruthie told me about the note.
Ruthie doesn't know anything about the note.
The three of us have been right at each other's side since before we had barbie dolls.
Now, if something's wrong, tell us and let us help.
It was just a a stupid note, a prank, for all I know.
What kind of prank? Did the note say something bad about Carlos? - Did it say he was seeing someone else? - What? - It's something embarrassing? - What are you saying? You jumped into this without really knowing him, and you found out something you'd have known if you'd taken more time.
Is that what's happening? There's nothing to be embarrassed about.
We just wanna help you with this.
OK, that's it.
Everybody, out.
Let's go.
I'm not kidding.
Come on.
Right now.
Right now.
Go on.
You can't throw us out.
We're the bridesmaids.
- I want us to forget about the note.
- Just talk to us.
For tonight, can we just agree that no one saw any note? Across the street is the most expensive and important party of my life.
Can we please just go enjoy it? Why won't you just tell us? You guys, just go on ahead.
I'll be right there.
Go have a drink! You need one! I am not in the mood for games.
Who is it? Who is that? Kelly? Somebody there? Is everything OK? Crap.
Father, you scared me.
Oh, and I I didn't mean to say,"oh, crap.
" I meant to say, "oh, rats.
" I'm sorry.
Did you just knock on my door? Are you all right, my dear? Yeah.
I'm just a bundle of nerves today, I guess.
- Your guests are waiting for you.
- Yes.
I know.
Can I walk you over? - Father, who gave you this note? - What note? You gave my friend Ruthie an envelope to give me.
Oh, yes.
A tall lady gave it to me.
She asked if I was the one performing the wedding.
Did she give you her name? You know, dear, I don't hear very well.
I know.
Beg your pardon? I said it was a lovely ceremony.
Thank you.
It was my pleasure.
Now, we really should get over to the party.
After all, you and Carlos are the guests of honor.
- Did you hear that? - Did I hear what? That noise.
Now come on.
That noise must have been the wind.
When it's very windy, this church creaks like an old ship.
It was windy like this when I married Carlos' parents.
It was one of the first weddings I was asked to preside over, sadly one I'll never forget.
I don't understand.
Well, because of because of what happened.
Ask him.
He should be the one to tell you.
Look, I'll walk you over.
Make sure you don't get blown away.
Thanks, but I'm gonna make a call.
I'll be right there.
- Well, I'd be happy to wait.
- Thank you, father.
You go on ahead.
I'll be right there.
And you didn't just knock on my door? You didn't knock on my door? Sorry, dear.
Wasn't me.
We're sorry.
The number you have Well, look who's come to visit me.
And you don't even know who I am yet.
Oh, I bet I do.
Well, take a shot.
You are uncle Bob, and you work for the government.
Or maybe you're the other one.
I know there's 2.
There's a government guy and another one.
We're identical twins, so it's pretty hard to tell us apart.
Well, I don't know much about either of you, really.
I shouldn't think so, your romance with my nephew being so whirlwind and all.
We did move pretty fast.
Kind of broke the sound barrier in that department.
You want my opinion? I think he did all right for himself, and I know his mom and dad would've approved.
Carlos told me they're no longer with us, but I never did hear exactly what happened.
Nobody knows.
Probably never will.
I guess he won't tell you.
He doesn't like to talk about it.
It's one of those deals where people disappear and nobody knows how or why.
Carlos couldn't have been more than 16 when it happened.
Shook him up really bad.
I shouldn't be the one to tell you this, but he actually had to go away for a while, needed to.
That's how bad it shook him up.
He took some bad that would've shattered most kids his age and came out the other end.
You lost your folks, too, didn't you? My brother Steve is the only family I've got.
I think you might be just the first bright spot this family's seen in a long, long time.
Well, that's nice.
Thank you.
And I'm sure Carlos feels the same way.
Carlos feels what way? Hey there.
What's this drunken old bastard telling you exactly? She's just gettin' to know the family.
I sure hope you're not tellin' tales outside of school, uncle Bob.
He was actually telling me what a great guy I married.
I was hoping nobody would scare you off, at least not until after the honeymoon.
Sweetheart, everyone's wondering where you are.
Come on.
It's time to crash our own party.
See you later.
- Do me a favor, would you? - What's wrong? Start acting like you're now my wife - and that you're happy about it.
- I don't know what you mean.
I don't know what's going on with your little friends, - but maybe you'd like to tell me.
- My what? Who? Kelly and Ruthie.
They've been givin' me the stink-eye all night.
What is that? What did they say something to you? Look, it's bad enough that your brother isn't even here.
What the hell is going on - with your bridesmaids? - I don't know what you mean.
- I think you do.
- There's nothing going on.
Alan, go back inside.
- What did they say to you? - What's going on? There's nothing going on.
It's your sister.
I'm actually glad I got the answering machine, because I've got a lot to say, and I couldn't bear to hear you say, "I told you so".
I may have rushed into this.
I know that's a really stupid thing to say now, but I'm just now starting to think what everyone else has been thinking for a while.
And I guess I don't know.
I just wanted to tell you that, maybe to tell myself.
Something happened today that changes everything, and it makes me really, really afraid.
It makes me wonder if I walked down the aisle with the wrong guy just because I wanted to hurry up and change things, and that's why you're gonna get this really strange message on your machine when you get home and why you might find me home when you get there.
I don't know what's going on, and I think that I'm scared, and I just wanted to tell you that.
I'm gonna go tell that Carlos what I think of him.
Don't you go anywhere.
You stay right here.
Carlos, you gonna tell me why my best friend is over there upset on her wedding day? - What you're talking about? - You don't? OK, Sam just got a note, all right, about you.
What note? - and she's upset and that's all I know.
- What did it say? I don't know what it said.
She's protecting you - for some reason that I don't know! - Go back inside.
Don't say another word and go back inside.
Oh, yeah you can tell me, baby if I got you in my control You said nothing was going on.
That's what you said.
You said nothing was going on.
- What did she say to you? - Whatever it is, Sam, don't believe it.
You have to understand that there are people That would say just about - anything to keep us apart.
- Let go of me.
You can't just believe everything that you hear.
What? What could they say? Look me in the eye and tell me what could be so horrible.
Come on and get to me, baby, yeah Now, you can tell me, baby, if I got you Carlos, you're scaring me.
Am I? Did you hear that? I'm scaring her.
I'm scaring my wife because you 2 jealous little bitches - couldn't mind your own damn business.
- Carlos! Can we just talk? Now, you wanna talk.
Whatever it is, they have to work it out.
Carlos, I saw you come in here.
Are you all right? Today's supposed to be a happy day.
Right? Happiest day in a person's life.
I don't know what Ruthie said, but Ruthie said that you got an anonymous tip something I did or something you didn't know about me.
Well Ruthie doesn't know what she's talking about.
Is that right? So, you didn't get an anonymous note just before the service? Is there anything you wanna tell me? Don't be scared of me.
I'm not.
I would never hurt you.
I know.
Then why are you moving away from me? It was just a stupid note.
So just tell me what it said.
There was nothing in that note that I could ever believe about you.
Then, why are you running away from me? Come on, Sam.
All right! Open the door, sweetheart.
I just wanna talk to you.
Come on, Sam! Please.
Carlos, just let me out of here.
I don't know what the note said exactly, but what I can tell you is that girl meant nothing to me.
I know that's what everyone says, but with me, it is the absolute truth.
She meant nothing.
- What? - We met while you were on your trip.
We met at a bar.
We had dinner.
She wanted more a lot more but I told her that I was getting married.
That was it.
Somehow She figured out where I worked.
She started calling.
She kept calling.
She was really lonely, maybe crazy.
But please, Sam Don't tell me that because I was stupid and had dinner with someone that none of today means anything.
You had dinner with someone? I should have told you.
I know.
I should have told you.
But I was not cheating, Sam.
I did not cheat on you.
It was probably her that delivered the note.
She was probably hoping to ruin our wedding.
It's your sister.
I'm actually glad i got the answering machine, because I've got a lot to say, and I couldn't bear to hear you say, "I told you so".
I may have rushed into this.
I know that's a really stupid thing to say now, but but I'm just now starting to think what everyone else has been thinking for a while.
And I guess I don't know.
I just wanted to tell you that.
Something happened today that changes everything, and it makes me really, really afraid.
It makes me wonder if I walked down the aisle with the wrong guy just because I wanted to hurry up and change things, and that's why you're gonna get this really strange message on your machine when you get home and why you might find me home when you get there.
I I don't know what's going on, and I think that I'm scared And I just wanted to tell you that.
Are you here? I told you the truth.
I told you all of it.
Now, can we please, please just forget about the note? There's still a problem with the note but the problem is that the note exists at all.
And Ruthie didn't know that father Chris told her to give it to the wrong person.
What? The note wasn't meant for me.
It was meant for you.
I don't care about the note.
You won't wonder what it says? You'll show me when you're ready.
I promise.