Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

The Dog

1 (helicopter blades whirring) - (siren wailing) - (people clamoring) (people cheering) - Chris.
- Dad! What do you see out there? I told you to stop looking.
Some guy, he was he was messed up, Dad.
Just come away from the window.
(man speaking indistinctly on bullhorn) (water running) (sirens wailing in distance) (scraping sound) - What was that sound? - I don't know but it's gone.
- What did Mr.
Dawson do to the Cruzes? - He's gone.
Yeah, but what the hell did he do? I don't know.
We're safe inside, okay? Oh, come on, Nick.
Please, just swallow them.
No, it takes too long to absorb.
I'm not there yet.
The idea is to wean you off of the pills, not to get Um, who's the expert? Hey, Mom, I need more.
No shit.
Well, how much do we have? We have enough to get you east.
Don't worry.
- And then? - And then you howl at the moon.
Look, Travis will be here.
We'll go.
- You sure? - Nick.
He's coming.
- Come back.
- (siren wailing) As soon as this settles down, we move.
Go back the way we came, get to the truck, and we're gone.
We going to go back to Madison's after this? - Yeah.
- Why can't we just leave? Just us.
- Chris - (banging) - (glass breaks) - Damn it.
- They're breaking in.
- Travis: Huh? They're breaking in next door.
(clamoring) Well, we're safe here.
They won't come in here.
Liza: How do you know? What are they gonna steal, combs? The police will have it sorted in an hour, two tops.
You said that two hours ago.
- Can I use your phone again? - Ofelia: I'll get it.
(people chanting outside) Travis: Thank you.
Daniel: Hey Put that back.
(distant banging) (sirens wailing) Thank you.
Man: Break it up! (distant banging) Man: Whoo! Yeah! There's more than combs here, you know.
I know.
I was just trying to make Make your boy believe everything's gonna be fine.
What happens if what's out there gets in here? We run.
Where? In different directions.
Chris: Dad.
- Dad.
- What? - (alarm ringing) - The wall's getting hot.
Liza: We've got to go.
(speaking Spanish) (alarm continues) All right, we get out of here.
We stay close.
Get to the truck.
- Okay.
- Daniel: La plata, el dinero Do not get away from me.
Ofelia: Vámonos.
Conmigo juntos.
Okay, everybody together.
Juntas, huh? Go ahead.
(screaming) Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! (helicopter blades whirring) Come on.
(grunting) - (screams) - Dad? - Dad! - Get over here! Stay clear.
(screaming) (clamoring continues) This way.
(snarling) (glass shatters) (chanting) (man on bullhorn speaking indistinctly) (sirens wailing) (theme music playing) - Really? - Yep.
- I'm the top hat.
- Car.
Dad was always the shoe.
Madison: Daddy wouldn't mind.
- So, what do you want to be, the thimble? - No.
- I'm the car.
- Chris: The car.
All right.
Thank you.
All right, who wants to go first? Youngest to oldest.
I'm gonna wipe the floor with you guys.
I can feel it.
This game's evil, dude.
Kindergarten capitalism.
Shut up and roll.
(man on bullhorn speaking indistinctly) (clamoring continues) Yo, pull me up, man! - I got you, boy.
- Pull me up! Yo, here.
Here you go.
- (screaming) - Whoo! (shouting continues indistinctly) (woman screams) All right, hang on.
(speaks Spanish) - (riot gun fires) - (gas canisters hissing) Watch your head, watch your head.
Mama! Mama! Oh, no! (screeching) Oh! - Griselda! - Mama! Dad! You guys, help! Help! She's stuck! Be careful, be careful, be careful, be careful! Be careful! There's my truck.
Open the back tray.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
- It's okay.
- (screaming) Liza: You're going into shock.
(engine starts) All right, stay with me.
Talk to me, talk to me.
(tires squealing) Hey, where you goin'? Get 'em! Get 'em! (squealing) Come at me! We ain't done nothin'! Ofelia: Careful, careful.
You're hurting her.
I know, sorry.
Talk to her.
(speaking Spanish) (gasps) (Ofelia speaking Spanish) We need a doctor, Trav.
Chris: All right, all right, all right.
One, two, three, four, Five.
And that's Boardwalk.
- Oh, my God.
- And I will buy that, please.
All right, all right.
- All right, Boardwalk sold.
- $400.
- Come on.
- Hey, hey.
Alicia: Calm down, play fair.
- Do not treat the banker like that.
- Thank you very much.
- And that's the pair.
- You always get all the good ones.
Oh, look at that.
I'm crushing you guys.
You're pathetic.
(distant gunshots echo) Mom.
How long are we gonna wait? - We can go to sleep soon.
- Yeah, I can't sleep when I'm waiting for someone to come home.
Having a major case of déjà vu right now.
Man on radio: Governors in 11 states have declared a state of emergency and requested the assistance of the national guard to quell riots and protests (siren wailing) What's wrong, Dad? (fire crackling) What the hell is going on? (people clamoring) Man on loudspeaker: You are not able to leave without proper clearance.
Checkpoints have been established Sir? We will shoot! - (gunfire) - Get down! Get down! (speaking Spanish) (gunfire) (woman screaming) Everyone okay? All right back there? - (people screaming) - (distant gunfire) Man on radio: so desperately need to get help.
Despite the fact that the citywide curfew is now in effect, we are still getting reports - Liza: Talk to her.
- (Daniel talking in Spanish) - What's plan B, Liza? - Another hospital.
No, they will all be like that.
(groans) Is there somewhere I can drop you? - I-I want to help.
- Like I helped you? I just saved you from it doesn't matter.
- Is there somewhere I can take you? - You will take us with you.
- To my house.
- Yes.
I'll call my cousin to come and get us, and then we will be even.
- You can stop keeping score.
- I was not the one to start.
Dad? So, what do we do if he doesn't come back? It's been like six hours.
How bad can traffic be? Well, he Alicia, will you go put the game away? - Mom, I don't really wanna - You know the rules, loser puts the game away.
All right, I'm going.
Mom, you know what's out there.
We can't stay here.
- I'm not trying to be an asshole.
- Good.
- He went to get his ex-wife.
- He went to get his son.
Yeah, his family.
I'm just saying We're his family.
He'll come home.
Maybe he went home.
You know that thing you were saying about not being an asshole? - Hey, I'm sorry.
I just don't - It's happening again.
- Is it Mr.
Dawson? - Shh.
I don't see anything.
Okay, we need to get away from the windows.
(softly) You need to tell Alicia what's out there.
No, she hasn't said anything yet.
She might not have to.
Alicia, come on down here.
(scraping noise) (door opens) - Madison: Nick? - Shh.
(rattling) Alicia: Don't open it! It's just the dog, it's just the dog.
Hey, hey.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Madison: What is that? - Alicia: Is is he hurt? Nick: I don't think that's his blood.
(whimpers, barking) - (banging) - (barking) (barking continues) Okay, the Trans have a gun.
I tried to steal it once.
Alicia, stay close.
Don't stop.
(barking continues) Here, Mom.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
(breathing deeply) Okay.
Nick: Okay.
Follow me.
Madison: Susan? Patrick? - Nick: Okay, they're not here.
- Madison: Okay.
Susan? (squeaking) - I got it, I got it.
- Oh, Jesus.
Um, okay, we need shells.
Grab that.
Whoa, careful.
Give it to me.
- Okay, is there anymore? - I don't know.
(barking continues) Mom? Mom? Mom, someone's inside our house.
What? Here, Mom.
Here, Mom, Mom, move it.
- Load it.
- Watch out.
Stand back.
(dog whimpers, growls) (barking, growling) (dog whimpers, barking) (whimpers) (barks) - Mom.
- Shh, okay, we just stay here.
Just stay here.
No, no, no.
It's Travis.
- (softly) Oh, my God.
- It might not be him.
It's him.
Here, take this, take this.
Madison: Travis! Madison.
Maddy? (brisk footsteps) - I asked you to wait in the car.
- We're staying with you.
Looks like no one's here, Dad.
The car's still in the driveway.
Gotta be here.
- Left, left, left, left.
- Travis! - Okay, right, left.
- Travis! (munching, low growl) - Dad.
- Get back.
(growling, munching) Travis? (munching) Liza, get Chris in the car now.
Get out of here.
(growling) Peter? Hey, you're sick.
- Peter.
Come on, Peter, it's Travis.
- Chris: Dad.
- Dad, what are you doing? - Get out of here! - (screams) - (snarls) - Dad! - Travis? Travis! Travis? Give me the gun.
The shells.
Where are the shells? All right.
Leave it, leave it.
Let's go.
- (snarling) - Liza: Travis, no! (grunts) - Dad! Dad! - (snarling) (hinge squeaking) (gasps) (squeaking continues) (grunting) - Dad! - Peter, stop! - Travis! - No, put the gun down! Move.
(cocks gun) - (gunshot) - (Liza screams) (growling) (Daniel cocks gun) (Liza screams) (body thumps) What did you do? (panting) (wind chimes tinkling) - (snarling) - (screaming) Alicia: Help! - (screams) - (snarling) Alicia, give me your hand! Get off me! - No! - Just give me your hand! - (snarling, screaming continue) - Alicia! Will you get get of me.
- Ah! - Chris, God, what happened? I was trying to save you, Alicia! - Travis: Just calm down.
- You okay? - Dad, you calm down! - Liza: Chris! (Susan snarling) What's wrong with Su-su? (growling) Susan? Oh, my God.
- Susan.
- She's sick.
- Was she bitten? - I can't tell.
She's not sick.
She's dead.
(growling) Well, that's that's not Matt.
He he's not like that.
He he's not like that.
Mom, Matt's not like that.
That's not him! That's not Matt! Why would you say that? Because it's the truth.
(Susan continues whimpering) (panting) - Travis: Hey, let me see.
- Mom can fix it.
Come on.
You know how many times I've had my nose broken? Yeah.
Mom can fix it.
Come on.
Let me help.
All right Hold on.
- (electricity buzzes) - Yep.
I don't think it's broken.
What was wrong with that man, Dad? That woman? Uh people are getting sick.
Will we? You're gonna be all right.
We all will be.
Okay? Come on.
We need to talk to everyone.
- (moans) - Liza: I know, I know.
How's she doing? You got anything I could give her for the pain? Nothing stronger than aspirin.
Um uh, the phone's in the kitchen if you need to make that call.
I did.
My cousin is coming to pick us up in the morning.
Uh, we'll set up your mom in one of the bedrooms, okay? - Thank you.
- Madison: Aren't we leaving? Yeah, yeah, we will.
In the morning.
No, Travis, we have to go.
We're packed, we're ready.
We were just waiting for you.
Can we talk about this in the kitchen? No.
This thing's getting worse, not better.
It's not safe.
- Madison, I think Travis is - No, it's not your place - I don't wanna stay.
I don't I wanna go.
- Look - I wanna go.
I don't wanna stay here.
- (stammers) Hold on.
Hold on.
It is dark.
We don't even know if the freeway is passable.
- You expect us to wait here? - We'd be blind out there.
It's dangerous.
- And this isn't? - Inside, doors locked.
We ride it out for the night, okay? We'll take care of each other.
Trust me, Maddy.
We'll leave in the morning.
If we're staying here, you have to take care of Peter.
- (scraping) - (Travis grunting) (grunts) Daniel: You can get gas from the truck.
- For what? - To burn him.
(panting) If you burn him, the sickness will not spread.
We don't know how it spreads.
(grunting) I understand.
You knew this man.
Yeah, I did.
(grunts) He didn't deserve this.
(panting) It's true what you said they don't die.
They keep coming back.
What? It's good, what you're doing, helping that woman, Griselda.
I'm not helping her.
Yes, you are, Liza.
Give yourself a break.
I gave myself a break, Travis, a long time.
Turns out I can do a lot more things than I thought I could.
I know.
I mean, I-I always knew it.
No you always said it.
If I had seven years now, I could go to med school, be a doctor.
It's too bad, 'cause that's what she needs.
Forget the fractures, the lacerations.
When the foot was crushed, the tissue began to die.
And it will die.
Infection will poison her blood.
- Her organs will fail.
- It won't come to that.
Oh, yeah? Who's gonna stop it, you? (soft laugh) Can't fix everything, Travis.
Well, you know what? I'm relieved.
I thought it was gonna be awkward having two wives in the house.
(chuckles) What's happening? What is this? Something to survive.
Okay, so, we should go with them tomorrow then, right? No.
¿Dónde, mamá? We don't know what's happening.
We can't handle this on our own.
- I can handle it.
- Papa, we need help.
- They can help us.
- Tsk.
Papa? This is the wrong time to be in someone else's debt.
They are not family.
(soft laugh) Family like your cousin? Oye.
Papa (door closes) Hey, angel.
Where'd you get the pills? I went back to school.
Cops hadn't cleared out the locker.
Smart girl.
I'm gonna take enough to get Nick set in the desert, and then give the rest to that woman.
Griselda, good.
Hey I had to bring them.
Of course.
She was hurt.
No they took us in Maddy.
I'm sorry about what Daniel did.
He had to.
(softly) I thought I lost you.
(softly) No, you didn't lose me.
You're never gonna lose me.
I won't leave you again.
Who can sleep, right? Look, I don't wanna cause problems.
Madison, I know we're not friends I'm saying this to you as a mother.
We should support each other, you and me.
The kids need it.
They need reassurance right now, and I need something from you.
That woman outside, that's Susan.
She watched my kids when I went to work.
(growling softly) Took care of me after my husband died.
Sounds like a good friend.
She was.
And if ever I end up like her, I need you to take care of it.
Don't make Travis do it.
It would break him.
(wind chimes tinkling) (growling) (growling) Morning, Susan.
(continues growling) Daniel: These barrels have a cylinder bore choke, for a wider spread of the ammo.
This is the brake.
- Okay.
- You load here.
Thank you.
These are #8 birdshot.
These are 00 buck.
Those will stop something.
- Feeling better? - What the hell are you doing? He's just showing me the gun, Dad.
- Finish packing the truck.
- It's not a big deal.
(door closes) The more the boy knows, the safer he'll be.
- Uh-huh.
- I didn't see the harm, Trav.
You know how I feel about guns.
The gun doesn't care how you feel about it.
That's enough.
We ready to go? Cars are loaded, yeah.
I have one more thing to do.
(growling) Susan.
(whimpers) Maddy.
- Maddy.
- (growling) I was wondering where her husband is.
Wondering what it'd been like if you'd come home last night, found me like this.
When he comes home, finds her I didn't find you like that.
You think Patrick's dead already? You think he just he left and never came home? (softly) I don't know.
(Susan groaning) Madison: What is she? Susan.
She's your friend.
- (groaning) - All the more reason.
- She's dead.
- We don't know that.
- I do.
- We don't know anything yet.
What if even there's the smallest chance that she can be helped? It's not your call.
Give it to me before you do something that can't be undone.
(growling) Nick: I need a couple more.
(sighs) Mom.
- Is that all we have? - Yep.
I gave the rest to Griselda.
Why? She needs it.
Mom, she's a stranger.
- She's in pain.
- So am I.
I know.
I'm gonna help.
I don't need you, Mom.
I need my medicine.
- (praying in Spanish) - (knock on door) (door opens) (speaking Spanish) - Ofelia: They're leaving.
- Good.
This is insane.
Papa, we have to go with them.
Tell me what you're afraid of.
You're being stubborn, paranoid.
You're hurting Mama.
She needs the nurse.
I know Travis will let us go with him if we ask.
Once they're gone, I will go out, get a doctor.
- He will come and treat your mother.
- How? Where you gonna find a doctor? Mama Good people are the first ones to die.
(speaks Spanish) - Alicia! - (honks horn) Come on.
We're going.
Alicia, come on.
(helicopter blades whirring) - I heard you.
- Let's go, huh? I had to pee.
(sighs) (engine starts) (helicopter blades continue whirring) Madison: Patrick! Patrick.
Patrick, wait.
No, no, no, no.
(helicopter blades whirring) Susan, I'm home.
The airport's shut down.
I drove all the way from Salt Lake.
I tried to call you, but - Patrick: Susan? - Patrick! Patrick! Don't touch her.
(growling) That's not your wife.
- What happened, Susan? - (growling) (gunshot) (wind chimes tinkling) (gasps, sobbing) (man on loudspeaker shouting indistinctly) (clamoring) (Patrick continues sobbing) (radio chatter) - Guardswoman: What's your name, sir? - Uh, Travis Manawa.
- This is your residence? - Yes, my girlfriend's house.
- And what's your name, ma'am? - Madison Clark.
- How many occupants? - Um, nine nine altogether.
Big family.
Uh, names, please? I got Travis Manawa and, uh, Madison Clark.
Uh, Nicholas Clark, Alicia Clark, Elizabeth Ortiz, Christopher Manawa.
Um Daniel Salazar, Griselda Salazar, Ofelia Salazar.
Guardswoman: Okay, make sure that everyone in your family stays inside.
Can you tell me where you took my neighbor, Patrick Tran? Your neighbor was covered in the infected's blood.
It was his wife's blood.
That wasn't his wife anymore.
Is it contagious, the blood? Is that how it happens? Have you or anyone in this house been exposed? No.
What's that? Our dog died.
Sorry to hear that.
(radio chatter) Soldier: Folks, get back inside.
We will come to you.
(soldiers chattering) (engine humming) Man on radio: Bravo two, bravo two.
(radio chatter continues) (soldier shouting indistinctly) (jet engine whirring) (soldier #2 shouts indistinctly) (woman over radio speaking indistinctly) The cavalry's arrived.
It's gonna get better now.
¿Qué pasa? (helicopter blades whirring) (spray paint canister hissing)
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