Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s03e15 Episode Script

Things Bad Begun / Sleigh Ride

1 Previously on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" WOMAN: This is the life.
You ain't gonna find a way out, not north, not south, not anywhere else.
MAN: I want to talk to Proctor John.
I've got something that he wants.
Drink your milk.
I'd like to bring the others if that's all right.
Heading back to the dam.
We were thinking of maybe staying behind a couple of days? You know where to find us.
It's no good.
- How can you tell? - I know.
That's a fresh turn.
- (GROWLING) - That'll do.
(GRUNTS) (INFECTED GROWLING) The longer you wait, the greater the risk of infection.
- (KNIFE THUDS) - Why would anyone take that risk? Ah, some say that it's a high worth dying for.
- (BRAIN CRUNCHING) - (GRUNTS) Eh, locus coeruleus.
It synthesizes norepinephrine.
The Proctors will pay for as many as these fresh as you can give me.
- Mm? - (GUFFAWS) Too rich for me, man.
- (CHUCKLES) - To each their own.
They can fight harder, longer, and without sleep.
Who are they fighting? Uh, always somebody, but lately it looks like they're gearing up for something big.
All right, well, look, I'll keep on harvesting as long as you keep paying.
(IN SPANISH) (MUSIC PLAYING) (SINGING IN SPANISH) (THUDS) Can I have another whatever the last one was? - TROY: Fun's over.
- What the hell? Time to sober up.
Come here, come here.
All right I've been talking to some people, and these Proctors, they got big plans.
They're planning to attack the dam.
Your mother's in trouble, Nick.
Come on.
(SINGING IN SPANISH) - (WIND WHOOSHING) - (BIRD CALLING) (TAPPING) (SIGHS) What do you see? Murky mud pit presided over by lonely old man and his little fool.
(LAUGHS) Bleak.
(INHALES) See past that.
See corn, melons, beans.
Irrigation, agriculture.
Cattle, if you miss the manure.
Country, Madison.
That's what you said you wanted, isn't it? I wanted a future for my kids.
Okay, and maybe some grandkids to spoil.
Okay, great.
Christmas mornings surrounded by babies.
I make a damn good roast turkey.
(SIGHS) I figured you more for sandwiches.
- Bologna and cheese.
- No, not on Christmas! No, turkey, gravy, stuffing, you name it.
Family tradition.
I used to make iced angel cookies with the ks.
I just thought we'd have that at the ranch.
We can have that here.
My kids are gone.
We'll build a verdant paradise for them to come home to.
Come on, picture it.
We'll create it.
Here? You just need a little liquid imagination.
If you insist.
I do.
- I do insist.
- (INFECTEDS GROWLING) We get to the trading post, sell the stuff.
It should bring in enough to keep us going for weeks.
Of course - Nope, no way.
- Oh, come on.
You're like freaking Rapunzel with that shit.
Tell me that one of them Infecteds never munched down - on those gorgeous locks.
- I don't care.
It's a liability.
And you're sitting on a freaking gold mine.
I'm not selling my hair.
Shit, get out.
Get out.
(YELLING) (GRUNTS) - (GRUNTS) - (CLASHES) WOMAN: Hey! (GRUNTS) - (THUDS) - (SCREAMS) (GUNSHOTS) Get off her! - Shoot them.
- Get out of here! - Kill them! - Now! (GUNSHOTS) MAN: Get the hell out! (GUNSHOT) (INFECTEDS GROWLING) (WOMAN GROANS) (GROWLING) (PANTS) Just don't look.
I thought it might be an heirloom.
The questions keep turning in my mind.
Why her? - What if I - What if I'd been there? Could I have stopped it? I ask myself these questions.
I'm sorry.
I don't know the answers.
I wasn't there.
(SIGHS) (RECEDING FOOTSTEPS) (JINGLES) (VICTOR SIGHS) You got two options in life, Victor.
You can be lonely or irritated.
(SIGHS) Or brokenhearted.
- That's a type of lonely.
- Disappointed.
Type of irritated.
(GULPS, SIGHS) You can't blame your children for striking out on their own.
In this world, I sure as hell can.
Deny Odysseus his journey and who the hell is Odysseus? Uh, a husband, a father.
(SWISHING) The rest of us will be the poorer for it.
Oh, maybe.
But for how long? How long till it's all forgotten anyway? "The Odyssey," "The Iliad," the Bible? A generation? (BIRDS CHIRPING) We'll write new stories, Madison.
Out with it.
I know this Scotch isn't just for me.
All right.
Can I ask you something? - Anything.
- Have you ever killed anyone? Yes.
I've had to.
I haven't murdered.
You're lucky.
Your day will come.
I suspect you're right.
(LID CRINKLES) MADISON: Killing drives some people mad.
It never quite gets you what you want.
Worst of all, it gets easier every time.
(LID CLINKING) Troy found their staging area.
TROY: Yeah, they have weapons.
(INHALES) Boats, like, uh uh, barcos? EFRAÍN: Los Proctors were in business with narcos before the infection.
(INHALES) They have no regard for human life.
They'll turn the water off.
Starve the people and demand tribute.
I wish we had the weapons you promised.
We may not need them if we can withstand a siege.
There are three entryways, the gate, the lower gate, and the bridge.
We can post guards and weapons there.
LOLA: What if they attack from the water? Why don't we just pick them off on the bridge? EFRAÍN: Daniel, there's C-4 in storage left over from when the dam was built.
We should wire it to blow.
There's a drought already, man.
It's only getting worse.
Release the river to the people.
It's better to take our chances with Mother Nature than to die of thirst - under the Proctors.
- We can't jeopardize the water.
No, that's a good idea, Efraín.
We defend.
But if they breach, we have a final bargaining chip.
Anyone who wants to leave, should, now.
Anyone who stays, defends.
You should go with Nick.
MADISON: To the trading post? No, thanks.
After all Lola and Daniel have done, it wouldn't be right.
Show me how to set the C-4.
No, I can I can do it.
You have a lot to say for a college student.
I'm not a college student.
- Are you military? - Yeah, in a way, I am.
What way? What branch? Daniel, we need all hands on deck.
Yo Hablo Un Poco De Español wants to get his hands on explosives.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm a good guy here, all right? I'm I'm the one that brought you intel, hermano, all right, just remember that.
Did you understand that? Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) Daniel, he can help us.
- (TROY SHUFFLING) - I vouch for him.
Mom? Mom.
Tell me you're using clean works at least.
I'm not shooting.
Yeah, well, whatever you're taking I hope you include food in your diet.
Look, that is the least of your worries right now.
Oh, yeah, you're right.
That should be the least of my worries.
Christ, Nick.
You gotta keep piling shit on.
You need to get out of here before the Proctors show up.
Okay, they are worst than anything we've seen.
Eat something.
Then help prepare the dam.
I'll decide what we do after you've had a meal.
- (SHUFFLING) - (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) MADISON: Packing up? QALETAQA: We heard some of our people went north when the infection broke out.
- Thought we'd go find them.
- They may be dead.
Daniel's an honorable man.
- (GUN CLICKING) - And he's been generous to us, but we're not willing to die here.
(BACKPACKS RUSTLING) We'll scout the road on our way out.
If we can help.
Daniel will appreciate that.
It's been good walking with you, Madison Clark.
You too, Taqa.
(OPENS) You set her leg in the field? Yeah, dragged her here to the bullring.
You probably saved her life.
You have any training? EMT? Was a hospital volunteer since I was a kid.
Helped out a couple of situations like this.
Emergency situations since this all started, but no formal training.
Eh, you're better off.
Medical establishment had its head so far up its own ass, the degrees, the licenses, basically worthless.
You obviously have training.
Well, sure.
I lost my license back in the '90s.
Misunderstanding I had with a lady patient.
Everyone was so uptight.
I was like, "I thought this was California.
" Been in Baja ever since.
Well, I'd advise against any misunderstandings with my lady friend.
She's pretty good with a pickax.
I have a surgery coming up.
I could use an extra pair of hands.
- (MAN SHUFFLING) - I told you I don't have training.
Yeah, but you're a quick study, kid.
You got aptitude, I can see that.
I just need someone to hand me the instruments.
Keep the patient occupied.
You're perfect.
(OPENS) (PANTS) (KNOCKING) You gotta get out of here.
Get your mother and go.
You gotta go now.
- Both of you.
- What about you? I have obligations here.
(DOOR CLOSES) You know something.
I know the Proctors.
I was indebted to them.
They make narcos look like church ladies.
You're sweating, Victor.
I don't think I've ever seen you sweat.
- (BOWL CLATTERING) - (SIGHS) The Proctors are taking the land between here and the Gulf Coast.
They've had their eye on this dam for a long time.
I made a deal with Proctor John to facilitate a takeover.
I'm supposed to unlock the door, so to speak, - let them in under Salazar's nose.
- He's gonna kill you.
They were coming regardless of what I did or didn't do.
Part of the deal was protection for you, your mother, and Alicia if she appears.
There's more than that.
There's more in it for you.
When the Proctors move on, I'll hold the dam - in their name.
- Like a servant.
Like a viceroy.
Now that Daniel knows they're coming, the deal might be queered.
I'm no longer confident that I'll be able - to protect anyone.
- So, you sold out your friends for the water and I've blown your con.
I cut a deal to save my friends and set myself up.
Look if your mother finds out, she'll tell Daniel.
If Daniel finds out, he'll try to kill me.
Please, get your mother to go.
Hey, your mom is wiring the dam with your friend.
Sit with me.
I want to ask you something.
(EXHALES) You you were with her with my Ofelia when she was bitten.
No, I I wasn't.
Wasn't everyone trapped in a bunker? Most.
I was outside trying to stop the horde.
- You were outside? - Yeah.
You saw it coming? (GROANS) I mean, not until it was too late.
How could you miss it? Well, it just came from somewhere out in the wilderness, and, um, Troy saw it.
Then he came, he warned me.
Um, yeah, we thought maybe we could redirect it, but by that point it was just too close, and - (CHAIR CLATTERS) - too big.
Too late.
But, uh, Ofelia was in the bunker with Alicia.
She saved Alicia's life.
You know my background.
You know who I am? I know you were a man who interrogated people.
I know you were military.
- It's good you know those things.
- (CHAIR CLATTERS) My hope is that will make this go easier.
We can have a conversation, not an interrogation.
You mean torture? Is that what we're doing here? You gonna torture me? Do you think Ofelia would want that? No, she wouldn't, but she's dead.
This is not a way to grieve, okay? Ofelia really thought you'd changed.
I gotta find my mom.
I'm can you give me the keys, please? I love my daughter, but she was wrong, and so are you.
People don't change.
We just walk in circles.
And you should know this.
Sit down! (SCOFFS) All right.
(CHAIR CLATTERS) (CHUCKLES) Life's funny, ain't it? You know, we walk around in circles and and here we are all together in Mexico of all places.
Don't screw it up for us.
I'm here to help.
You actually, uh, might want to go a little higher with that.
(PUFFS) You know, that trading post? Not good for me.
Or Nick.
- (GROANS) - You're too short.
- (GRUNTS) - (SMACKING) (SIGHS) (MUMBLES) Look, I I know you're worried about him.
And you're right to be.
Me and Nick, we had ( PUFFS) quite a night.
I never felt scared before.
I don't think that was possible, but Nick, he showed me.
I felt, uh I felt fear.
And I'm I'm grateful for that.
You know what? I think Nick's my only friend.
Like a brother.
Thank you for looking after him.
I need you to keep doing that.
We look out for each other, huh? We got to down here.
People are, uh (PUFFS) different.
I mean, not bad, you know? Not their fault.
They just they never knew any kind of real freedom.
Troy, don't talk like that.
We're guests in this country.
Act like it.
(C-4 CLATTERS) Talk like that, you're gonna get yourself hurt.
- (THUDS) - You're gonna get Nick hurt.
You know, you were both my guests at the ranch.
Now look at us.
(CHUCKLES) One big blended family.
And we we never missed a beat, did we? (RECEDING FOOTSTEPS) I guess what I'm trying to say is that I, uh I miss this.
I miss this too.
And I'm good.
I got I got right with everything that happened.
All of it.
As long as you have.
Have you? Madison? Are we good? We're good.
Hand me that receiver.
(BEEPS) Here.
(BEEPS) - (CHUCKLES) - DANIEL: Why hadn't he slept? Because he's scouting, Daniel, and the wilderness is a dangerous place.
(CHUCKLES) Yes, it is.
It's very dangerous.
And you are lying.
Why are you lying? Okay, let's go again from the top.
Tell me about Troy.
- I didn't kill Ofelia.
- Listen, that I believe.
- That's about the only - So, what do you want me to say? I want you to tell me the truth! That horde did not materialize out of thin air.
Every herd needs a shepherd.
Someone had to lead it.
And you know who that was.
And you're gonna tell me.
And Nick, please, please, man.
Don't force me.
- What happened to the old assistant? She's pretty.
Where you from, pretty girl? I'm Alicia.
I'm from Los Angeles.
Go Dodgers.
You know who I am, Alicia from Los Angeles? The leader of this place? Good guess.
This place and more.
When I, uh, founded the Proctors, Alicia, we're just a humbled MC raising hell in SoCal.
But I had aspirations and connections south of the border.
We expanded.
I have plans for continued expansion.
A series of interconnected outposts from Gulf Coast of Texas (MOANS) to San Diego.
A trade route? - (GLASS CLINKS) - That's right.
Like the Santa Fe Trail.
Connect the refineries in Houston to the farmland in California.
Did you know that Texas has its own electrical grid? Did, anyway.
New world, new nations.
The only thing stopping me is this growth pressing on my spine.
The, uh, burning in my legs is turning into paralysis.
No bueno.
Eddie's been doing the best he can but the Oxy has, uh, has been dulling my mind as much as the pain now.
That's not good, either.
Hence it's time to excise.
(SIGHS) I have no experience.
(WHEELCHAIR SQUEAKS) Your only job is to assist.
Good news is if the surgery's a success, you have the amazing opportunity to build with us.
Come with to Texas and beyond.
- And if - Oh.
(GROANS) What if it fails? (MOANS) My brothers have orders to execute everyone in the room, beginning with Eddie.
All incentive for you both to do your best work.
Ready to scrub in? From all the bullshit you have said, only three people could have done it.
You, Jake, or Troy.
- (CHAIR THUDS) - It was Troy! No, Daniel, it wasn't.
- It was that son of a bitch.
- No.
He stinks of it.
Just say it.
Say it so I can get justice for my dead daughter.
I deserve it.
Okay, Daniel, he's a son of a bitch.
He's a bigot and he's a killer.
But Troy loved that ranch.
It was everything to him.
He would never do anything to jeopardize it.
Jake was never the same after his father died.
I killed his father, Daniel, and when he found out, he couldn't take it.
So, he destroyed the ranch to save it.
You killed Jake's father? It was Jake? - It was Jake.
- A dead man? The horde he led killed him.
- (KEYS CLINKING) - (CHAIR CREAKING) (KEYS JINGLE) Your mother would be happy to see you.
I'm sorry.
Shouldn't we put him under? - (NEEDLE CLATTERS) - Nope.
Not going under.
Not safe.
- (KNIFE CLINKS) - There's gonna be a knife in your back.
If you so much squirm Well, that's what you're here for.
To keep him still while I work.
Make sure he doesn't squirm.
Me? (CLOCK TICKING) Two or three of these guys might be able to hold him down.
- I like you better.
- (KNIFE CLATTERS) Oh, I've seen one woman hold down a man that 10 men couldn't.
(CLATTERS, THUDS) (FEET CLATTERS) - (KNIFE CLINKS) - I had a kid sister almost as pretty as you.
- (INHALES) - (BIRD CALLING) (EXHALES) What's the safest place in the world you can remember? (KNIFE CLATTERING) Aunt Jane married into money.
(INHALES) Her and Uncle Dan had a bitching place up in Santa Barbara County.
- Oh.
Um, she she married shit she, uh - (CRUNCHING) - she was a hell of a woman.
- She'd have a - Yeah? (PANTING) a big heart, a huge laugh.
(KNIFE SQUISHING) When Dan first asked her out, she made him walk a block on his hands - before she'd agree.
- Did he do it? Hell yeah he did it.
(BREATHING HEAVY) I can see the tumor.
- Get it out, Eddie.
- Hey.
(GROANING) Tell me about Santa Barbara.
They had acres of grass, and they let me cut it on one of those (MOANING) - riding mowers.
- Nearly there.
- Goddamnit, Eddie.
- ALICIA: Hey.
He's not here.
I'm here, all right? (TOOLS CLATTERING) You're a tough kid.
You have no idea.
- (SCISSORS SNIPPING) - (SCREAMING) Madison, has she left? She's with that pendejo that Nick brought in here with him.
(SPRAYING) The bilge valve should be pumping water west.
Not emptying it here.
I'm sure Lola's got it in hand.
All right, so this switch, this arms the detonator.
You just flip that on and the green light means it's on and this other one Got it.
- Yeah? - NICK: We gotta get out of here.
Okay, Strand sold out Daniel and Lola to the Proctors.
- (SIGHS) No.
- We have to warn them.
- No, Victor brought this on himself.
- No, no.
- You should've come to me.
- We can't, 'cause if Daniel sees Troy, - he'll kill him.
- (BIRDS CHIRPING) Why would Daniel want to kill Troy? I led the horde to the ranch.
It wasn't right that the Indians had it.
"Indians"? We all had it, Troy.
- We all had it.
- No, not all of us.
- You exiled me.
- I let you live.
I convinced Walker to spare you.
I let you live.
After all I did.
All we did to keep the peace to make it work.
(FEET SHUFFLING) You took everything from me.
What about what you took from me? - My husband.
- My father, my - My children.
- My brother.
You got Jake killed.
You got them all killed.
- You had no right.
- I had every right.
I had every, every right.
That was my home, and you gave me that right.
You allowed me to run.
I'd do it all again.
All of it, Madison.
And you would, too, you know you would, 'cause you understand and you see things - (GRUNTS) - (HAMMER THWACKS) - (THWACK ECHOES) - (GRUNTS) (RUSTLING) (CLATTERS) (SHEET RUSTLING) How do you feel? (SIGHS) I don't know.
Wiggle your toes.
You bastard.
(MOANS) I had faith in you the whole time.
Hey, easy.
- Slowly.
- (GROANS) (SIGHS) (LID CLATTERS) - (LIQUID POURING) - Alicia from Los Angeles.
(DOOR OPENS) The news from the front? Club's moving on the tunnel pipes.
- Shouldn't be too long.
- Let's move then.
It's not a great idea, John.
I got me my angel of mercy.
Ready to hit the road? Do I have a choice? Not really.
(MOANS) DANIEL: Lola? Hey.
Lola? (CLICKS) Step away from those levers.
The pipes lead into the heart of the dam.
The entrance is unprotected.
I am so sorry.
I didn't want things to work out this way, but Nick showed up with his warning and, well.
Victor, my friend, I know who you are.
Then you know I'm not your friend.
No, but you're not a killer.
You're a con man.
You're not one to look a man in the eye and end his life.
Like you tried to do to me? - I admire you.
- (CHUCKLES) I do.
Just hand me the gun, Victor.
Just hand me the gun.
Hand me the gun, Victor.
- Hey! (WHISPERS) Daniel.
The water queen and her general are dead.
(CHUCKLES) Save it for Proctor John.
- Come on.
You son of a bitch.
Berate me later.
You've gotta hide.
- Follow me.
- For how long? - (KEYS JINGLING) - I'll be back for you - when I can.
- (DISTANT GUNSHOT) Give me the detonator.
(DISTANT GUNFIRE) I'll do everything in my power to prevent harm coming to either of you.
(KEYS JINGLING) (DOOR SLAMS) (KEYS CLATTERING) Just hear those sleigh bells jingling Ring-ting-tingling too Come on it's lovely weather For a sleigh ride together with you Outside the snow is falling And friends are calling yoo-hoo Come on it's lovely weather For a sleigh ride together with you Giddy-up giddy-up giddy-up let's go Let's look at the show We're riding in a wonderland of snow Giddy-up giddy-up giddy-up it's grand Just holding your hand We're riding along with a song Of a wintery fairyland Our cheeks are nice and rosy And comfy cozy are we We've snuggled close together Like two birds of a feather would be Let's take that road before us And sing a chorus or two Come on it's lovely weather For a sleigh ride together with you There's a birthday party at the home of Farmer Gray It'll be the perfect ending of a perfect day We'll be singing the songs we love to sing Without a single stop At the fireplace where we'll watch the chestnuts pop - (POPPING SOUND) - Pop pop pop There's a happy feeling Nothing in the world can buy When they pass around the coffee - And the pumpkin pie - (WIND WHISTLING) It'll nearly be like a picture print By Currier and Ives Nick.
(CRIES) Ring-ting-tingling too Come inside.
There'll be dinner for everyone.
(DISTANT GUNFIRE) You're good.
I got you.
- I got you.
- (STRAINS) What happened? This was meant to be a knife through butter, - No resistance, you said.
- Mea culpa.
Someone tipped off the dam that you were coming.
It is beyond my control, but all is well now.
There are corpses floating in the water we're meant to distribute and drink.
And my men casualties? Dozen brothers dead.
A dozen dead brothers.
The guards have surrendered.
Your men are executing the workers.
I told them to secure the dam, and that's what they're doing.
Meanwhile, I need my dressings changed and a rest, nurse.
(DISTANT YELLING) (WATER SLOSHING) I'll have a full accounting later of the events.
And a grand tour.
Plan to be persuasive.
(BAGS RUSTLING) My mother? Hidden.
Safe for now.
And Nick? He came to warn us, set off this shitstorm.
- What are we gonna do now? - You're gonna trust me.
I can get us out of this.
If we work together.
(SIGHS) (CLICKING) (CHAMBERING ROUND) (DISTANT YELLING) (DISTANT GUNSHOT) So where does it stop? You should be thanking me that you're alive to ask that question.
'Cause I think you might kill me if you didn't have a choice.
That's insane.
So when I was using, you never wished you'd get that call? "Mrs.
Clark, we have terrible news.
" It'd all be over.
I never wished you dead.
What kind of mother would that make me? I don't know.
Honest maybe? I mean, sometimes the burden's too much.
I saw it in your eyes when you went after Troy.
- He needed to be put down.
- And you get to make that call.
Yeah, I get to make that call for your sister, for you.
- Not for me! - It's it's the world we live in! You always lived in that world.
Now it's okay for you to be who you really are.
Fuck you.
You're what's dangerous.
- One day, you'll have no choice.
- That's the scary part.
One day, I'll have no choice.
'Cause one day, Mom, you may have no choice with me.
I would never hurt you.
Unless you had to.
Unless it was necessary.
- Stop it.
- Could you do it? Stop it! (WHISPERS) Mom.
Years of living with a white Buddhist with a sharp tongue and a yoga mat.
I hear narcissists are drawn to Buddhism.
The truth of the real self is a lie, as it is in every religion.
(DISTANT YELLING) And I detest liars.
- Above all else.
- (TOOLS CLATTERING) Strand's an excellent example.
How do you know him? Hmm? Alicia.
I've made my living holding others to the light.
Strand helped my family escape from Los Angeles.
And you didn't acknowledge him because you felt indebted to him? Yes, we've gotten to know him.
A lie of omission is still a lie, Alicia.
I thought my mother was here.
Her and Strand are friends.
What's your mother's name? Madison.
She is here.
Or was.
One of Strand's deal points for letting us in, we'd spare a woman by the name of Madison.
I hope we haven't killed her yet.
If she is alive and here, would you spare her? Your mother was a part of a larger negotiation.
And that negotiation collapsed.
- Strand's lies.
- (GUN CLICKS) I've served you well in a short time.
I can continue to do so.
You can trust me.
Spare her.
I will if you come with me to Tampico.
We'll board my ship and sail for what's left of Houston.
Will you do that? - You're testing my loyalty? - (CHUCKLES) I'm testing your wisdom.
- Yes, I'll do that.
- Good.
Hey! Hey, wait.
- Hey! Easy, Madison.
- Lola and Daniel took you in.
- They gave you sanctuary.
- Temporary sanctuary, at best.
Proctor John was coming.
I made a deal for your protection.
- You made a deal to save your own ass.
- And I told you to get Madison out of here, I told you to leave! But you had to be stubborn.
Can you please remove the gun? (PANTS) Alicia's here.
(GASPS) She's here with Proctor John.
He brought her here.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- He likes his toys.
- (DISTANT GUNFIRE) - (DISTANT CHATTER) Maybe he likes her enough to let you go, but I wouldn't bet on it.
(EXHALES) - Put these on.
- Why? It's how I move you through the dam.
I'll walk you out right under their noses.
Can you just do it? Everything's gone to hell.
Just do what I ask of you.
Please! Your time has come, hasn't it? Please, put on the damn uniforms! What did you do? Who was it? - Daniel.
- Oh, Jesus Christ! - I did it for you.
- Don't say that! But he was alive when I left him.
- You shot Daniel? - I didn't kill him.
It was the worst thing that's ever happened to me.
- And Lola? - I let her go.
You said it would be easier.
It wasn't.
I couldn't do it.
There's hope for you.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) (INHALES) (CLICKS) (DISTANT YELLING) (GUNSHOT) (SLIDING) - (LAUGHTER) - Get to the end of that bridge, cross that checkpoint, and blend in with the locals.
Lose the uniforms, walk, and keep walking.
- (FENCE CLANGING) - Proctor John wanted me to dispose of these traitors myself.
- (MAN #2 SPEAKING SPANISH) - MAN #3: Get on your feet.
- MAN: Yeah, I got him.
MAN #2: Señor, no! - How do we find Alicia? - We don't.
Take the gun and hide yourselves in town.
I find Alicia, get out of here.
We could just find her now and take her with us.
(SIGHS) I thought this out, Nick.
- This is the best I can do.
- I can't leave her.
I don't have a good feeling about this.
You don't have a choice, and I haven't had a good feeling about anything since 1997.
- MAN: Hold up.
- MAN #2: Gun! - Lola, no! - (GUNSHOTS) - (GUNSHOT) - (GASPS) - (GUNSHOT) - (GASPS) - (GUNSHOT) - (GROANS) (WIND WHISTLING) What fresh hell is this, gentlemen? (GASPS) What fresh hell? (SHUDDERS) - I am mystified.
- I can explain.
I'm sure you can, but I don't want to hear it.
I was gonna kill them myself.
(GROANING) - John.
- Shut up, darling.
I'm told the woman I dispatched was the "Water Queen," whom you were supposed to kill, and here she springs up like goddamn Whack-a-Mole.
One wonders, is soldado alive and waiting to assassinate me? - He's dead, I swear.
Oh! - (BOOT THUDS) He's telling the truth.
He confessed to me.
And I believe him.
You're Madison.
I am.
I'm Madison Clark.
Go to your mother, dear.
Let's see a joyful family reunion.
(INHALES) And what role do you play in this internecine family drama? MADISON: He's my son.
This one was with another white boy at the Bazaar asking questions.
(SNIFFS) Is your friend here, Nick? No, he's dead.
My mom killed him.
Really? You killed your son's friend? He was more threat than friend.
(SNICKERING) What a perverse family you have, Alicia from Los Angeles.
You've been a good nurse to me.
But you know what I have to do now.
- Wait, listen to me.
- Shut up, mother.
I have to kill her because I'm going to kill her brother.
I'll never be able to trust her again after that.
I'll kill you first, so you don't have to witness what follows.
But you, mother-killer, you bear witness.
Say your good-byes if you have them.
(ALICIA GRUNTS) Safe travels.
Thank you.
(GRUNTS) Enough.
(SMOOCHING) There's an endgame here, Proctor, one on which you did not plan.
You really do talk too much.
Lola and Daniel didn't have enough guns to defend the dam, so they wired it with explosives.
- Bullshit.
- Top to bottom.
C-4 to build the dam, C-4 to take it down.
Take his tongue already.
No more lies, Proctor.
(GASPS) You got a hole in your pocket? (GRUNTING) (GUNS COCKING) Says it's armed.
(GUN COCKS) Nick, don't touch the other button.
(BEEPS) What, the one that says "Detonate"? When you walk down the street And a stranger you meet Smiles a "How do you do" Oh, that smells so nice.
You can tell (CHATTERING) The Christmas Spell Every heart gets a lift When they buy that certain gift (OVER RADIO) For a somebody who Loves so well - (MOUTHING WORDS) - (WATER RIPPLING) You see frosty little noses Red as little roses Pressed on every toy store windowpane (CLAPPING) Once again you stop and mingle In the spirit of Kris Kringle Every leather jingle bell Ringing happy Noel - (CLICKS TONGUE) - (LAUGHING) Ah, thank you.
This old world couldn't fail If that feeling would prevail Every day in the year Life would be so swell (RUMBLING) In every heart would dwell The Christmas Spell - Once again you spell - (KNIFE THUDS) In the spirit of Kris Kringle Every leather jingle bell Ringing happy Noel This old world couldn't fail If that feeling would prevail Every day in the year Life would be so swell In every heart would dwell The Christmas Spell (WIND WHISTLING) (AIRPLANE RUMBLING) (FENCE RATTLING) (WIND WHOOSHING) What's your play, Nick? - Tell him to put his gun down.
- Put your gun down.
(MEN CHATTERING) (INHALES) (RECEDING FOOTSTEPS) My mom and sister are gonna take a Zodiac across the lake.
Nick, don't do this.
Just go as far upriver as you can.
- We'll pursue them.
- They'll have a head start.
Nick, just come with us.
He can't do that, nurse.
The detonator has a range.
If you go with them, you lose your leverage, right? NICK: I'm not negotiating, John.
This is my suicide note.
Certainly seems to be.
'Cause you have no choice.
If you don't go, we all die, so just go.
Mom Mom, please.
Victor, get in the boat.
- Nick.
- You wanted mercy.
Here it is.
Just take care of them, all right? It's all right.
There'll be time to find them later.
You don't survive this.
Oh, I wouldn't be so sure.
Many a slip between cup and lip.
I'm interested to see how it all plays out, though.
Not well for you either way, I'm afraid.
I'm not afraid of dying.
The bravado of the Junkie Christ.
(CHUCKLES) That detonator real? (PANTING) (MEN CHATTERING) (SPEAKING SPANISH) (GROANS) This asshole's death warmed over.
(GRUNTING) (GUNSHOTS) (GROANS) (GUNSHOT) (CLIP CLICKS) PROCTOR JOHN: This dam could be the center of a new civilization, right here, a modern Euphrates, but it needs managing, parceling.
We can't just give it away, Nick.
You're smart.
You understand.
- And you could help.
- It's bullshit.
It's just one more thing that a cruel few want to control.
- MADISON: Hurry, Alicia.
- I'm trying, I'm trying.
(ENGINE STARTS) PROCTOR JOHN: If you blow the dam, the river flows.
You think folks won't then fight over what they bottle? Come on, Nick.
Civilization's born of violence.
(ZODIAC RUMBLING) What's so amusing? I heard someone else say that.
It's a great truth.
I killed the last man who spoke that truth.
So you do understand this world.
Like mother like son.
Harness the fury or get stampeded.
I'm looking for a third way.
There isn't one! War was waiting to be realized by us.
And here we are.
- (STARTER STALLS) If you blow the dam too soon, your family won't make it.
Didn't consider that quite, did you? End of the road, Nick.
Give me that device.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Get the detonator.
I was going for a heart-lung combo.
Must be the wind.
(WIND BREEZING) New wrinkle.
No matter.
It's not a game changer.
As for you, young Nick you're bluffing.
I can see it in your eyes.
You're not a killer.
And your family's not far enough away yet.
Let's find out, shall we? Fine.
I'm bored.
Kill him.
(GUN COCKS) (GUNSHOTS) - (GROANS) - (MEN YELLING) (RAPID GUNSHOTS) PROCTOR JOHN: Go! Go! Over there near the chaparral patch! My grandmother could spot it.
Hose them goddamn down! (GUNSHOTS) (MAN GROANS) No, Nick.
They're gonna get drawn into the flood if they don't step on it.
They're full throttle.
(WATER GUSHING) (WATER GUSHING) (DANIEL PANTING) (ENGINE REVVING) - MADISON: No! - (ALICIA GROANS) (RUMBLING) (WIND WHISTLING) (BIRD CALLING) (PANTING) (GASPING) (SCREAMS) (WATER GURGLING) (DAM EXPLODING) (GASPING) - (WATER GURGLING) - (EXPLOSIONS IN DISTANCE) "Long Way Around the Sea" (GASPING) We've come so far We followed the star Herod heard Said bring me word Take the long way Around The sea (CHATTER IN SPANISH) Here for us A humble birth The Son of God - Descends - Hola.
To Earth - Take the long - Hola.
Way around The sea Take the long way Around The sea
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