Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s04e08 Episode Script

No One's Gone

1 [Insects chirping.]
[Glass clinking.]
[Gun cocks.]
Hands where I can see 'em.
Don't turn around.
I don't know you.
But I saw your vehicle.
Gives me a pretty good idea what you're capable of.
You don't know me, either.
And you're not going to.
But that little meaningful click should give you an idea of exactly what I'm capable of.
So toss me your keys.
[Fire crackling.]
[Keys jingle.]
Here you go.
[Keys thud.]
Not tossing shit.
That was my dinner.
That wasn't an accident.
I've lost everything.
I got nothing else to lose.
You think you've been through a lot? Lady, you got no idea.
[Walkers growling.]
[Breathing heavily.]
The bleeding is stopped for now, but the bullet-- I have to get it out.
The infirmary's got clotting pads, gauze, antiseptic, forceps.
Everything I need.
Hey, kid, you know how to use one of these? Can you get us any closer, Al? Yeah, I can try.
[Engine starts.]
Keep rolling.
Get everything, no matter what happens.
Maybe this isn't the time.
One day, someone's gonna want to know what happened here.
Someone's gonna care why this went down the way it did.
These aren't the keys.
I know.
If you were gonna shoot me, you would have done it already.
Oh, I hope you're right about that.
You can just tell me where to look.
'Cause the sooner I get 'em, the sooner you can start lookin' for a new ride.
You know how many times I've been zip-tied? D-- [Sighs.]
Then tell me where the keys are.
That's not how this works.
You want something, you got to give me something.
What are these? Told you.
Not how this works.
I'm sorry, but there are people out there who need me, and this truck's gonna make finding them a hell of a lot easier.
You're looking for someone? They're interviews, people I've come across.
I move around a lot, so whoever you're looking for, maybe I've talked to them or know someone who has.
Cut me loose.
We can talk about a deal.
Your keys.
And the tapes.
I tried to do this the nice way.
Remember that.
We can't get much closer.
They'll get jammed up in the wheel wells, and we won't be able to get them out.
[Air brakes hiss.]
[Walkers growling.]
Let's clear the path.
Won't stay open long.
I only have enough ammo for one go at this.
Then I'll be fast.
Get in the far back.
Watch out for the casings.
This is gonna be loud.
Morgan, don't go out there.
I got you into all this No, you got me out of something.
And now I'm getting you out of this.
I'm coming with you.
- I know where the infirmary is.
- No.
I know what he needs.
Tell me how he's doing.
He gets worse, I'll walk you through it.
You don't have to.
I do.
I'll be right back.
Don't make me come looking for you.
- After you.
- Okay.
[Walkers growling.]
[Machine-gun fire.]
[Walkers growling.]
[Machine-gun fire stops.]
Al: Go! Hurry! [Walkers growling.]
Al: What the hell was that? Morgan, Naomi, you copy? [Groans.]
[Breathing heavily.]
Morgan! Morgan, are you there?! Hey, we're good in here.
You good out there? Al.
[Walkers growling.]
We're alright, but you need to hurry.
They're here.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
They found us.
Slim: We'd hole up in the water tower in the middle of town when things went south.
[Tape fast-forwarding.]
Al: And your wife? Madison: Come on, Nick, Alicia, please.
[Thunder rumbles.]
[Sighs deeply.]
Ryan: Ever since we ran away from the stumblers.
It's what Molly and I are calling them.
No! [Fist pounds.]
[Cries softly.]
[Walker growling.]
[Breathing heavily.]
[Walker growling.]
[Window motor whirs.]
[Knife plunges.]
[Body thuds.]
[Breathing heavily.]
Remember me? Everything better be there.
And it better be working.
It is.
'Cause you're gonna tell me your story.
Starting with who you're looking for.
[Machine-gun fire.]
[Bullets ricocheting.]
[Machine-gun fire.]
[Bullets ricocheting.]
They're here to help the cowboy! [Gunshot.]
Gotta be going for the infirmary.
Hey, Al.
You want to come with us? See how this ends? You can bring your camera.
This is not gonna go your way.
Right, but I know how much ammo you have.
I've been in that van.
It's not gonna last forever.
What happened? I thought you just wanted a story.
I got layers, Alicia.
Thought I'd mix it up today.
[Walker groans.]
- You okay? - Yeah.
[Walkers growling.]
[Walkers growling.]
Almost there.
[Walkers growling.]
[Machine-gun fire, bullets ricocheting.]
We can get to the infirmary through the service corridor.
I got a better idea.
Charlie: Al! [Walkers growling.]
It's John.
[Labored breathing.]
Al: John? [Clatters.]
He's bleeding again.
There's gauze in my pack.
Just keep applying pressure.
Come on.
[Walker growling.]
He can't loose any more blood.
[Walkers banging on vehicle.]
Charlie Charlie Shh.
Don't try to talk right now.
It's for her.
It's not gonna end like this.
It's okay.
It's okay.
[Walkers growling.]
[Sighs deeply.]
I used up my nine lives a long time ago.
If I don't make it, that's okay with me as long as you do.
You hear me? And when this is all over stop running from people.
Alright? [Breathing heavily.]
And, Morgan you help him do the same.
Or not do it.
I mean I think you know what I mean.
We got it.
Heading back your way now.
Al: Great.
Hurry back.
Told you.
I knew it wouldn't end like this.
Morgan: Al, what was that? Al, do you copy? Alicia: How'd you like that RPG? Nice try, bitch.
You're up against ballistic steel armor.
Stitch-welded plates.
Shielding layer on shielding layer.
This thing's built like a tank in a tank in a bank vault.
[Metal creaking.]
[Door thuds.]
[Walkers growling.]
You want to help me with this door? [Insects chirping.]
Al: This'll be quicker if you talk.
Otherwise I got gobs of time.
You always put guns to people's heads to get what you want? If that's what it takes.
That makes it okay? You haven't lost anyone you care about yet? You lost someone you care about? Who was it? Husband? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Sister? Brother? Kids? What happened to your kids? I didn't say anything about kids.
Didn't have to.
Somebody do something to them? Or did they do something to you? Hurt you? Run away, maybe? Why does that matter? Why does any of it matter? 'Cause it's the truth.
Just admitting that that there is one reality and that you and I share it.
That we're We're connected by this single, screwed-up world.
That's the truth.
And that can change things.
How? [Sighs.]
I've been doing this a long time.
Since before things went bad.
Well, they were always bad, but before they got a hell of a lot worse.
I was in this little village on the other side of the world.
And there was this warlord, thought he owned the place.
Called himself Twisted Round.
He kept shaking people down for food, water, things they didn't have enough of to start with.
No one on the outside gave a shit, and nobody in the village could talk about it 'cause they were too scared.
Till I talked one into talking about it.
In the end, they didn't need the peacekeepers.
They didn't need guns or air support because the truth was that Twisted Round didn't have the army he said he did.
He didn't have the guns.
He didn't have shit.
And suddenly, the villagers weren't so afraid.
They started standing up to him and his boys.
Twisted Round didn't last too much longer after that.
The only thing he had going for him was the truth wasn't coming out.
Until it did.
Look, I know I don't have the story you're looking for.
But someone might be interested in yours one day.
Tell me what happened to your kids.
I made them a promise about a place where they'd be safe.
I wasn't able to keep it.
[Walkers growling.]
Don't hurt her.
Why not? She hurt me.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
Naomi: Al, we're on the other side of the wall.
Do you copy? [Walkie-talkie clicks.]
Pick it up.
Tell her to come outside.
Tell her it's safe.
Or she dies.
Don't do this.
She killed my brother.
I'll do it.
Pick it up.
[Growling continues.]
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
It's safe.
You can come out.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
[Walkie-talkie clatters.]
[Growling continues.]
Mind if I grab my camera? Grab some footage? Don't move.
You picked a side, Al.
Oh, I'm definitely on their side.
If you would've let me get close, I would've definitely punch you in the cooch.
Save it.
It'll all be over soon.
C'mon, Alicia.
No one has to die here.
She does.
Can you see her? [Walkie-talkie clicks.]
Alicia, they're not coming.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
[Walkers banging on vehicle.]
Al: What did you promise your kids? You don't have to give me details, names.
Just the truth.
I promised them we'd find a place to live.
[Thunder rumbles.]
What kind of place? [Inhales deeply.]
Something that wasn't just walls.
We had those.
In L.
In Mexico.
Across the border.
A bunch of places in between.
What I was looking for was was different.
How? [Insects chirping.]
I was looking for a place where my kids wouldn't have to do what I did to you today.
Did you find it? I thought I did.
What happened? [Exhales sharply.]
[Both grunting.]
[Walkers growling.]
[John coughs.]
Hurry! He needs you.
I'm going.
No, no.
No, no, no.
There's no way you'd make it, and then you'll both be gone.
- Give me that.
- No, Morgan-- They do not want to kill me.
You have to tell me what I need to do for John to keep him going.
[Walkers growling.]
[Both grunting.]
[Coughing, breathing heavily.]
Where'd you get these? - What? - Where did you get these?! A semi on Route 40 in Oklahoma.
Used to have a bunch of them.
Why? Wait, wait, wait.
W-What did you do with them? I traded 'em for an interview.
[Walkers growling.]
What? Get back.
Hey! You knew her? Who? What happened there doesn't matter.
Al: What does? The fact that what I'm looking for might not be possible.
Why not? [Thunder rumbles.]
There are certain things you always remember about your kids.
No matter how old they get.
No matter how much things change.
You don't need a camera 'cause it just sticks.
We were renting this house in the mountains one summer.
Had these big windows overlooking the lake.
One morning, a bird flew right into one of 'em.
Messed up its wing.
May have been worse off inside.
They named it Wilhemina.
"Amina" for short.
They kept her in a shoe box.
Nursed her back to health.
Took turns at night setting their alarm so they could get up and check on her.
Dug up bugs and worms to feed it and gave it water from an eyedropper.
It went on for weeks.
That damn bird just seemed to get worse and worse.
But they tried to feed it.
They gave it water, anyway.
My son was such a sensitive little boy.
My daughter just decided that bird was gonna live.
Every morning, I got up just dreading what I was gonna find.
And then, one day, as I walked down the hallway, I heard something.
[Thunder rumbles.]
Amina was flying around the living room.
She lived because my kids didn't give up on her.
They gave her a chance when no one else would.
There's not a whole lot of that left anymore.
No, there's not.
That's why I need to find a place where things will be different.
Because that's still in my kids.
But that light, it's getting fainter every day we're out here.
And I can't I can't imagine that part of them dying.
I'll do whatever it takes to keep it alive.
She never told me your name.
The stadium-- this was the place she was looking for? [Walker growling.]
[Body thuds.]
I'm just trying to help my friend.
[Breathing heavily.]
You can after you step aside.
Naomi: Morgan.
I'm sorry.
-You already said that.
-You don't understand-- No, I do.
My mom's dead because of what you did.
[Walkers growling.]
Man, you've been doing this for a long time.
Thinking this is who you are what you got to do, that there isn't any other way-- I said stop.
Let me save John.
You can do whatever you want after that.
You don't get to save him.
You don't get anything.
This is not who you are.
You brought me here.
You helped me.
I'm not that person anymore.
But you can be.
You just have to decide that you want to be.
Get out of my way.
You'd die for her? You'd die for her? Well, I tried to get away.
From people, from everything and everybody.
Because I thought I had to.
And somebody told me that I would end up with people again, but I didn't believe him.
I didn't want to believe him.
So I ran halfway across the country to prove him wrong.
I'm gonna do it.
I have to.
Here I am, standing between your gun and somebody I just met.
Things can change.
It did for me, and they can for you.
-[Voice breaking.]
They can't.
-They have.
-They can't.
-They have.
'Cause, lookit-- I'm not dead.
I stepped aside for your brother.
I will not step aside for you and whatever you think you've lost.
Whatever your mother wanted for you, it is still in you.
And I see it.
Go get John.
It's okay.
Deal's a deal.
[Zip-ties clatter.]
So, where you headed? Where do you think your kids might be? No details, right? Just want to figure out how far you're going.
Why? So I know how much food to give you.
You like kimchi? We got separated a couple weeks back.
Trying to clear a big spot outside El Paso.
Thought we could live there.
Too many dead inside.
My kids escaped.
I barely got out after 'em.
Never found each other since.
What do I owe you? Said nothing's for free.
Consider it a down payment.
Tell me the rest when you find them.
I move around a lot, so maybe we meet again.
No tripwires.
No guns.
[Brakes squeal.]
[Walkie-talkie clicks three times.]
Alicia: Mom? How'd you find us? Been to every motel between here and El Paso.
Figured you had to be at one of them.
How is he? Better now that you're here.
You care to tell us where you hit the MSG jackpot? Ran into someone on the road who helped me out.
Food's not the only thing I found out there.
That's it.
Here? A baseball stadium? [Bird squawking.]
Isn't it a little big for us? It's not just for us, Victor.
I'm thinkin' that's why we haven't found a place that's worked yet.
We were thinking too small.
I don't understand.
You want to bring other people in? [Birds squawking.]
Someone helped me when she didn't have to.
I think it's time for us to do the same.
I don't get it, Al.
Why didn't Madison tell us about you? I don't think she was exactly proud of the way we met.
You mind telling me what happened to her? You want the rest of my mom's story? Pull over.
[Labored breathing.]
It's okay, John.
You're gonna be okay.
Thank you, Naomi.
My name is June.
What? I didn't tell them my real name when they found me.
Now you know.
June? Why Why, that's my favorite month.
[Insects chirping.]
Tell me about that night.
Tell me what she did.
Tell me what you remember.
My brother and I, we were in the parking lot with Mel.
We were surrounded.
[Walkers growling.]
[Breathing heavily.]
We weren't gonna leave them out there.
We fought as hard as we could.
They cleared a path for us.
We just had to get to the stadium.
But that was easier said than done.
Madison told everyone to stay inside before we left.
She told them it was safe in there.
It was safe in there.
She said the walls would hold.
But they didn't believe her.
They didn't have the same faith that she had in that place.
I don't think anyone did.
Not when they saw what they were up against.
[Walkers growling.]
Before we got back to the gate [sighs.]
they opened it.
[Walkers growling.]
They decided to run.
[Walkers growling.]
Madison tried to stop them.
[Walkers growling.]
We couldn't get back to the stadium.
We didn't have a car to escape in.
Mel took it.
Charlie: He didn't run away.
He found me in the parking lot.
They were closing in on me.
He saved me.
[Walkers growling.]
What happened to everyone in the cars? The people that were trying to get away? Strand: They didn't.
[Walkers growling.]
Alicia: All the people my mom found all the people she'd brought in they were gonna die.
[People screaming.]
Naomi: I tried to talk them out of it.
I did.
I believed the walls could hold.
Because Madison did.
But I couldn't change their mind.
When they left, I went back to get supplies.
I didn't want to leave.
But I knew they were headed for trouble.
And when I got back it was too late.
The caravan was overrun.
The dead came at me.
[Walkers growling.]
[Knife plunges.]
And I ran until I couldn't run any more.
[Indistinct shouting.]
You still ran.
You still joined them.
And we didn't see you in the caravan.
We thought you were still inside.
We thought you died.
I thought you died.
All of you.
When they found me by the side of the road I didn't think there was anywhere else to go.
You did what you thought you had to do.
None of us could get out of the parking lot.
We couldn't get back to the stadium.
There were too many dead.
We had to clear a path.
So that's what we did.
But Madison she had another idea.
[Walkers growling.]
And when I realized what she was trying to do I tried to go back.
Strand: But there were too many of the dead between her and Madison.
He kept me from running after them.
He saved my life.
We'd reinforced the walls to keep the dead out.
So she knew they were strong enough to keep them in.
They followed her inside.
More than we could count.
[Walkers growling.]
She led the dead inside so they could get away.
[Voice breaking.]
So we could get away.
She tried to go through the tunnels to double back to the gate.
But there were still too many outside the gate for her to escape.
So she locked herself in.
[Walkers growling.]
[Door creaks, closes.]
[Walkers growling.]
Alicia: [Echoing.]
Mom? Mom? [Sighs.]
[Walkers growling.]
I was afraid to lose this place because I thought you needed it to stay who you are right now.
But you know it [Walkers growling.]
[Fence rattling.]
No one's gone until they're gone.
[Inhales sharply.]
It was never about the stadium.
It was about the people.
It was about us.
That's why my mom gave up her life.
So they could live.
So we could live.
So I could live.
[Insects chirping.]
[Cassettes rustling.]
[The Mountain Goats' "Love Love Love" plays.]
King Saul fell on his sword when it all went wrong And Joseph's brothers sold him down the river for a song And Sonny Liston rubbed some Tiger Balm into his glove Some things you do for money And some you do for love, love, love Raskolnikov felt sick, but he couldn't say why When he saw his face reflected in his victim's twinkling eye Some things you'll do for money And some you'll do for fun But the things you do for love Are gonna to come back to you one by one
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