Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s04e15 Episode Script

I Lose People...

1 Previously on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" You're stuck.
I was, too.
The roof.
We'll find a way down.
Come on, come on! Get in! - Come on! Get in! Come on! We gotta go! - [WALKERS GROWLING.]
So what's next? You're asking me? Can you get us out? Jim.
What? You didn't get cut by glass.
Al, do you copy? I repeat, do you copy? The battery could have died.
Or she did.
Shut it, Jimbo.
What the hell is Mo-Mo doing over there? I don't know what the hell you're waiting for him to do.
He got us into this.
You're on your own now.
I see that bite really brought out the best in you.
Can I do the honors when he become a skin-muncher? Jesus.
Really? Nice bedside, asshole.
Anyhow, the way things are looking right now, I'm not the only one who's gonna have to get put down.
We are going to find Al.
We are going to find our way down from here.
But I don't know how.
I'm sorry, but I really don't.
You don't want to lead the way, that's fine.
But you can help.
You know you can.
Al, are you there? Do you copy? [BIRD CAWS.]
ALICIA: Hey! Over here! Hey! Strand! John.
How the hell did they find us? Perhaps you were right.
Perhaps we just needed to believe.
JUNE: Al, do you copy? I repeat, do you copy? June? Alicia, is that you? Yeah.
I'm I'm with Charlie.
And you're not gonna believe it.
We just found John and Strand.
He can't hear you.
We see them, but they're cut off by the flooding.
We're gonna get them, though.
Can I? Alicia? Morgan.
Where are you? Can't tell you over the walkie.
It's not safe.
Are you all right? Are you hurt? Uh, we got stuck.
I, um I got us stuck.
Don't know if there's a way out.
I did what you told me.
I tried to be there for someone when they needed.
I-I tried, and that's how I found John and Strand.
So I'm gonna get them to safety, and then I'm gonna come find you.
So just hang in there.
We just have to find Al first.
We should do that.
Alicia, you be careful.
And when you get John and Strand, you walkie us, please.
Got it.
So, how exactly are we getting down off this roof? Maybe the same way we came up.
She's hungry today.
They ain't coming back.
They can't find a way to get to us.
I doubted if anyone would show up in the first place.
But it appears my doubts were unfounded.
As well as these.
Is that why you're drowning your sorrows? - I'm saving it.
- For what? For when we get off this water-logged piece of dirt.
I want to get back to June more than you can know.
What makes you think that Alicia and Charlie can do what we couldn't? I said things would get worse, and they did.
And I'm afraid that you're in the place where I was unable to see the promise of what lies ahead even as it presents itself as clear as day across these fetid waters.
Who I was the way I looked at life I mighta used all that up I mighta.
Maybe not.
I put myself on an island before.
Well, not an actual, but away apart, for things I did.
I know I'd been living on the brighter side, but that's just 'cause someone helped me see it.
Someone else took me off that island.
Someone's gonna help you get off this one.
You know what Charlie did to Alicia, what she took from her, who she took? And now they're out there working together.
And if that doesn't make you think anything is possible, I don't know what else will.
How 'bout that? ALICIA: He said there were gators in the water.
And we need something that'll float a boat, a canoe.
Come on.
You think I'm gonna jump? Then what is it you're doin' up there? You ever see one of these meat puppets trying to walk around with a bunch of broken bones? Not how I plan on spending however long it takes some a-hole to push a sharp, pointy object through my skull.
I figure I can't go down there, kill any of those goddamn things.
Pissing on 'em's the only F-U I got here.
Anything else, or you just comin' over to make yourself feel better about what you did to me? We're gonna try to get to Al and then find a way out of here.
You asking me to help? I know I don't have the right to ask.
I just wanted to say that you can't do anything about the fact you're gonna die, Jim.
But you can decide exactly how you go.
You're right.
I can.
You might want to take a little step to the left.
The wind's changing direction.
He's not coming.
JUNE: Really, Jimbo? Tell Morgan I'm not going.
Not why I'm here.
Your beer recipe hand it over.
Look, we go down there, we may never see you again.
At least not like this.
Go to hell, Sarah.
You are a class-A asshole an unpleasant jagoff who fills every room he steps into with a philosophical fart.
But your beer man.
It's poetry in a bottle.
That's you, too.
That can live on.
You're right.
It is an exceptional brew.
Packs a nutritional punch, prevents water-borne disease, extremely refreshing and it contains a high enough alcohol content to provide a welcome buzz.
It's exactly what this shithole needs.
Hell, it even brought comfort to a dying man.
You know what would bring comfort to this dying man? You turning around and leaving me the hell alone.
And if you trip and break your neck, well, we'll just call that a bonus.
Nice knowing ya, Jimbo.
That's what we need.
- Charlie, can you - [GUNSHOT, GLASS SHATTERS.]
Charlie! Go! MARTHA: I heard you! - Get down! Get un - You shouldn't be helping them! They broke my chain, but I'm going to fix it! I am going to make you strong! You're hurt.
We can help you.
- I don't need any help! - [GUNSHOT.]
I am not weak! - We can help you! - [GUNSHOT.]
I said I don't need any help! I don't [GUN CLATTERS.]
It's the woman on the walkie.
Where are they? You really want to know? [STAFF TAPPING.]
MORGAN: Let's stay close.
Find Al, and then we circle back to here, okay? [WATER DRIPPING.]
At least we know where all the jerkymen went.
Didn't come down long ago We got to be careful.
Generator's this way.
Looks like Al's been busy.
Al? LUCIANA: She left a message.
SARAH: "Hope you're alive.
Damn walkie died and I don't know if you did, so I'm gonna go for the freight elevator.
If you read this and I'm dead in the hallway, find my goddamn tapes and keep them safe.
Make copies, leave a stash somewhere if you can.
If I make it, that's what I'm gonna do.
And if you find that C-word, settle her shit.
" She didn't use the "C-word.
" She went for the full quesadilla.
Hey Gennie got a little bit of juice left.
These elevators won't be running for long.
We're gonna find that freight elevator.
It's gonna get infected from being in that muck.
Come on! Maybe not.
You hear that? What, that damn grackle? Nah.
It appears to be the cocktail hour.
We were looking for a boat.
We found this instead.
Hey, kid.
Thank you.
We talkin' now? You okay? You? And who might our fellow passenger be? [DOOR OPENS.]
MORGAN: There's another way to the freight elevator the hall doubles back just before the collapsed ceiling.
We should go.
Come on.
What is it? Outside still surrounded.
Even if you get down there, you're never gonna get away unless somebody distracts 'em.
- No.
- No, Mo-Mo.
Come on.
- No, you just can't stay.
- I got you in here.
I have got to get you out.
So I'm j I just got to I just got to do something to, um, draw them away from the front.
That's it.
We can figure something else out.
- You don't have to stay.
- I do.
I have to.
And you have to let me, June.
And you're gonna get out? You got to go.
You get all them killed, too? Come on.
We got work to do.
Morgan, it's safe to talk now.
That person you were worried might be listening she ain't.
JUNE: John, is that you? June? John.
Thank God.
Are you okay? Uh I-I-I opened up my side a little bit, but, uh, boy, to hear your voice yeah, I'm pretty good now.
Are you and Al okay? I am.
I think Al is.
I wasn't sure if I was gonna talk to you again.
Boy boy, I'm being honest, I wasn't sure, either.
Uh I had a blackjack for you, but I ate it.
Well, you had to build up your strength.
Where are you? Hospital.
Luke's in the city.
We're headed for you now.
Stay in contact.
We'll meet in the outskirts.
The city's full of the dead, and we can't miss each other again.
Yes, ma'am.
Mo-Mo, we're gonna need that distraction.
Copy that.
Here's what I need you to do You get back inside away from those things.
I just need a minute.
No! What did you do to me? STRAND: Hey, hey.
Easy there.
I'd say we were pretty cordial, considering what you did to our friends.
I wanted to leave you on the side the road.
You should have.
You would have died.
At least I wouldn't have been weak.
I remember what Morgan said on the walkie before you shot him.
He wanted to find you.
He wanted to help you.
That's why you're here.
When you see him, you can thank him.
He'll be thankin' me.
You'll see.
You come to give me a hand? 'Cause this may not just take one.
I got a pretty good reason not to.
Come on! I don't know how long that's gonna last.
You need to get going! Morgan, you get going Jim, too.
We'll wait.
Power's out, June.
Elevators are not working, and the stairwell's flooded with walkers.
You just got to go.
Morgan, if this is about leading us all into the hospital, any one of us would have made that call.
It's not about that.
It's not.
It's aboutthings things I got to make up for.
And I don't know that I can make up for all of them, but if I know that I got you all out of here, that I, uh, I got you on your way back to John, Strand, Alicia, back to Charlie, then [WALKERS GROWLING.]
I don't know, maybe that could make up for something.
Now go.
You got to get out of here.
You're off the hook at least with them.
Hey, I get it whatever you got to make up for.
It's hard because you have to give everything.
It may not work out.
Even if it does work out, you don't know what you've done really will make up for the other stuff.
So, you being up on this roof I think you got yourself an easy way out.
Take it from a class-A asshole.
Death is a certainty.
Getting out from under the shit you've done isn't.
Do me a favor.
Before I, uh Would you? [VEHICLE APPROACHING.]
JUNE: Morgan, do you copy? [BRAKES SQUEAK.]
June? What's going on? We're getting you off that roof, Morgan.
We're not leaving you behind.
No, the car alarm is dead.
You guys got out.
You got to keep going.
I will find my own way out of this place.
DORIE: Not without us, you won't.
I wasn't gonna leave you high and dry.
Look, there are too many walkers for you to get through in here.
This morning I was on an island guarded by one of the largest gators I ever saw.
Then I drive here in a SWAT van helpin' stitch up a woman who just tried to kill everyone I care about.
Seems like anything's possible.
- ALICIA: We're in position.
- Alicia? Yeah, Morgan.
You told me to help people.
That's what I'm doing.
We're all here, Mo-Mo.
She's right.
We all came back.
You know, I told you guys to go for a reason.
JUNE: We heard you, Morgan.
But you're wrong.
No matter what you think, we need you.
Well don't get off as easy as you thought.
You shouldn't be doing this.
I'm afraid it's too late for that.
We already are.
Where the hell did you get that from? SARAH: Passed it on the way out.
Engine's dead, but generator for the hydraulic still purrs like a kitten.
Ready to do this? Let's bring 'em down.
This isn't going to end well.
You should leave now.
Okay, we got to keep this area clear.
It's shy.
You're shy by a couple of stories.
Morgan, can you make it down to that level? Wait.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, I can't I'm n I'mI'm I can't leave you up here.
You can't do anything for me.
Man, I'm real sorry.
You should be.
Don't give yourself a reason to be sorry for them, too.
Come on, come on.
Morgan! [GUNSHOT.]
DORIE: Alicia, do you copy? Copy.
How we looking? We're drawing a crowd.
You were louder than expected.
We don't have much time.
I think it's time y'all got up here out of the fray.
Got it.
Oh, back up, back.
This is one hell of a predicament.
Yeah, you took the words right out of my mouth.
You all right down there? [GROWLING CONTINUES.]
I don't know if "all right" is the word I'd use, but we still tickin'.
I'm out.
We need to clear a path to the van.
Wendell, I'm hopping off and drawing them away.
They'll carry you to the van.
- Morgan - No.
I said I'm gonna get you out of here.
That's what I'm gonna do.
JIM: It's okay, Morgan.
I got this.
Jim? Morgan, you told me I get to choose how I go.
I think this beats pissing in the wind.
Sarah, are you there? Yeah, Jimbo.
Why? I want you to remember something.
What? My recipe.
Shit on a stick.
Go, Jimbo.
68% pils malt, 15% wheat malt Weyermann Wheat Malt 7% flaked oats, 10% Vienna, 40 grams Slovenian pellets, 70 grams Czech Saaz whole hops.
You getting' this? Yeah, Jimbo.
Keep going.
You need Belgian and French Saison yeast.
You're gonna want to cook the mash at 151 to 152 Fahrenheit.
Pitch the yeast at 68.
Hold for 10 days, no less.
And, Sarah.
Yeah? Hold the mike up close to your ear.
This is the most important part, so no one else can know.
That it, Jimbo? Well, there's love in there, too, if you can believe it, but, yep, that's it.
Copy that.
We should get out of here.
She's gone.
She slipped right out.
She's hurt.
We have to look for her.
No time, kiddo.
She didn't want our help to begin with.
Did he tell you enough? Can you make his beer? What are we gonna call it? I mean, when we brew it? He had a name.
Augie's Ales.
He died so we could make his beer.
I'm not calling it whatever chicken shit name some marketing company told him to give it.
We need to give it a name that means something.
James Ales? Jim's Brews, maybe? Jimbo Brews? Jimbo's Beerbos.
Jimbo's Beerbos.
Man, he would hate that.
I know.
Jimbo's Beerbos.
So, where are we going? We need to get out of the city.
There's not much out there, at least not what we've seen.
The hurricane pretty much took out whatever hadn't already been taken out.
Morgan? I told Jim about Virginia the first time I met him, just like I told all of you, that that's where I was heading.
Well, he's not gonna make it, but I think that we can.
So let's find Al, and then I say we make our way there.
You're strong now.
Let's go make him strong, too.

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