Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s05e02 Episode Script

The Hurt That Will Happen

1 - [GRUNTS.]
AL: Strand, there's a tape.
Watch it.
The guy on it has a small plane.
We need you to come get us.
- [GASPS.]
- Stay with me.
- It's okay.
- Oh, God.
Saw some signs back at the crash site.
ANNIE: You have no idea where you landed.
AL: There's a story here.
I was right.
I got the tape Al was talking about.
Daniel Salazar.
If you're watching this, it means I probably didn't make it.
It's onto you to do what I couldn't.
Just know that I tried.
Hey, kitty.
Can we just take a breath, Daniel? I'm aware I have a distinctive timbre hearing it now, seeing my face, removing all doubt, you may be inclined to instantly pull the trigger.
Perhaps involuntarily.
A Pavlovian response of self-defense.
So, can we just take a breath before we begin? DANIEL: You still talk too much, Victor.
Turn around.
I'm unarmed.
Skidmark likes you.
- He has good taste.
- He licks his own ass.
You knew I was here? - Yes.
- Then why are you here? I understand that we parted under difficult circumstances, but things have changed.
- I'm a - [GUNSHOT.]
Sometimes they don't trip.
Come inside.
It's not safe to talk out here.
Skidmark, Skidmark! Get in there.
Fear the Walking Dead 5x02 The Hurt That Will Happen Oh.
Well, whatever it was she came to check out it's gone.
What do you mean "gone"? You said she pinned it to the ground.
Well, the rain turned the ground to mush.
Must've slipped free.
I don't know.
Maybe she followed it.
Maybe she's just chasing the story like she does, you know.
You really believe that? I mean, with everything we've seen since the crash? I guess I want to.
But if I'm being honest no.
No, I don't.
MORGAN: John, Alicia, over here.
ALICIA: So, whoever took Al took all the weapons and the ammo.
I saw what you packed in there, too.
You were ready for D-Day.
There's a road back there.
If somebody took her, took all of this, they probably had a vehicle.
- Okay, so we'll check it out.
- All right.
Grab whatever's worth keeping, - and take it back to the truck.
- All right.
- Walkie if you get into trouble.
- Mm-hmm.
But be careful we don't know who's listening.
I should've stopped her.
Hey, we're not gonna go to regrets just yet.
- We can't.
- It's Al.
I should've known.
I got it.
- Let me help.
- No, it's fine.
Okay, you know what? Here's your next dose.
All right, that'll help take the edge off.
I can't feel my fingers.
Yeah, that's normal.
The bar it was close to the brachial plexus.
It's gonna take a while for this to heal.
When will I be able to play the accordion? You play the accordion? I was thinking of learning.
Yeah, you need to rest.
You push it You're gonna need something a lot stronger than this.
- Anything? [CLEARS THROAT.]
No sign of Al.
I scavenged what I could.
Some bits of food.
First-aid supplies.
And I found these.
Thought Polar Bear might have a route or two in there.
I also found this out there.
Figure any book that can survive a hurricane and a plane crash with just a few singed pages might be worth hanging onto.
- Thank you, John.
- Sure.
Morgan and Alicia headed north, - see what they could see.
- JUNE: Yeah.
JOHN: I figured we'd just head the opposite direction.
- I can't leave her alone.
- I won't be alone.
I only need one hand to operate the radio.
It's not like I'm playing the accordion.
This is the drugs talking, right? Yeah.
Oh, well, we're running short on weapons, but if you run into trouble, this should take care of it.
I'll try and reach Strand on the CB.
See if he heard Al's message.
Follow me.
Don't touch anything.
So, where did you get this veritable bounty from? - You could say I inherit it.
- From whom? Victor, you're in no position to be asking questions.
I have a few.
What are you doing here? What do you want? Well, I was told you may have a small plane.
Who told you that? Althea.
The journalist? You know her? How do you think I found you? A small world.
Well, therefore, we have an ineluctable responsibility to those who remain.
Hey, you know them, Daniel.
Madison? [SIGHS.]
She's gone.
Nick, too.
But Alicia, she remains.
And your plane I need it to help her.
To help Al.
To help all our friends.
Why can't you be honest? It's for you.
It's for you, and no one else.
I know who you are.
You don't have to believe me.
Do you have a long-range radio amongst this treasure trove? Please.
Luciana, 31 North is blocked.
Got more of those radiation signs.
LUCIANA: Copy that.
Heard anything from Strand? Not yet, but I'll let you know when he makes contact.
- Because he will.
- What makes you so sure? I just know.
And it's not from the drugs.
The accordion stuff is from the drugs.
The what? Olvidalo.
Never mind.
Copy that.
If Al's in there She will come through this.
We don't even know what "this" is.
Alicia, this isn't all on you.
Yes, it is.
That's what we decided at the River Mill.
I'd keep everyone safe.
You'd handle the rest.
Yeah, we didn't decide that.
You did.
We all got on the plane.
We all came here.
And we're all do whatever it takes to find Al.
It's warm.
WOMAN: Take off your clothes.
All of them.
I know how this looks.
But I don't want to shoot you.
So just do as I say.
- I don't understand.
- Don't talk.
Talking's bad.
Breathing's bad.
At least right now.
Cut yourself loose and slowly back away from the body.
Toss the ropes onto the tarp, and, remember breathe as little as possible.
I'm gonna need to get that back.
It's, um It's kind of important to me.
Well, shit.
You're really a talker, aren't you? Remember what I said about talking? I don't want to have to do it this way.
Drop it.
Where is she? - Where is she? - Who? - Our friend.
- Hey, Alicia Al went back to the plane because she saw someone wearing a mask.
Where is she? I don't know.
But let me keep you from losing another friend.
Why? There are two Pressurized Water Reactors 13 miles north of here.
The cooling system failed in one.
The reactor melted down last year, killing a lot of people who were trying to keep it humming.
Including that corpse, which means his body's carrying some particularly dangerous particles.
Some of them may have gotten onto what's your name? - Morgan.
- Some of them may have gotten onto Morgan.
He needs to be decontaminated.
Exactly how do we do that? I can show you.
Back in my truck.
She could be lying.
What's your name? Grace.
Grace, you telling us the truth? Yes.
Let's let her go.
I'm holding on to this.
I'm still gonna need you to take your clothes off.
Scrub yourself down, not too hard.
Careful of those scratches.
Make sure you clean under your nails, - oh, and your wedding ring.
- What about it? Take it off.
Clean under it.
Once you're done with all that, keep the water running.
Lift your right foot, rinse it, place it on the ground.
Then do the same thing with the left.
Clothes are over there.
Sorry about the selection.
Laundry day's next week.
He should be okay.
- Can I have my gun back? - I'm gonna hang on to it.
What happened to your friend? We don't know.
She went missing last night.
I can help you look.
As soon as I take care of him.
What are those? Dosimeters.
They measure exposure to radiation.
See them on the dead run the other way.
Is it even safe to be here? As long as you stay on this side of the signs.
What about the dead tied across the road? Are you trying to scare people off? That definitely was not me.
I run away from those things.
You should, too.
That was your plane that crashed yesterday.
Bet that drew a lot of the dead.
- We handled it.
- How many'd you kill? I don't really count.
I'm gonna need you to take me to the crash site.
We don't have time for that.
You could be contaminated.
So could your friend.
JOHN: Anybody copy? We've had a bit of a hiccup.
Our truck gave out on us.
We're gonna have to hoof it from here.
ALICIA: John, be careful when killing the dead.
They could be contaminated.
Contaminated with what? Radiation.
The signs were real.
Turns out a reactor melted down nearby.
So we can't kill them? Not if they have dosimeters on their necks.
They're like small, round cylinders.
Look like pens.
Copy that.
Boy, this place just keeps getting friendlier and friendlier, don't it? That's exactly why we need to be here.
Little bit of sunshine in a dark place.
Maybe so.
Lookie here.
That was on the van the kids were driving.
If that's where they're from Maybe they went back.
Max? Dylan? Annie? They didn't want to be found yesterday.
They want to be found.
They sure got a funny way of showing it.
When I ran, I'd wake up every morning hoping it'd be the day that you'd find me.
Then why'd you keep running? Part of me was scared that you'd stopped looking you'd given up.
It's easier to keep moving than to face the possibility that you weren't out there.
I don't know if the kids are here, but someone sure called this place home.
Fought for it.
They mighta just won, too.
That fence has been repaired.
You hear that? [WALKERS GROWLING.]
STRAND: Alicia? Al? Do you copy? Morgan? John? Luciana? [GROANS.]
Signal's not strong enough.
They crashed on the other side of the mountain.
Why weren't you on that plane, Victor? The dead flooded the runway.
Someone had to clear them.
And that unselfish, heroic someone had to be you.
I did it to help my friends.
The last time I heard you say that, a dam exploded and someone shot me in the face.
I'm so sorry, Daniel.
I'm not the same man that I was in Mexico.
You do have a new haircut.
You don't think a man can change? Some men.
I know I've done things.
Terrible things.
Things that I might not be able to make up for.
But [SIGHS.]
I'm trying.
I hope you can believe that.
Let me do that.
You're missing half the upper bands.
These are clean.
I got this.
- Hey.
Hey, so, about my stick.
Am I ever gonna get that back? You can't.
The wood is porous.
There's no way of cleaning it.
It's not about it being just pointy, huh? These are all clean.
Great, let's keep moving.
You knocked down my fence.
I don't have any bird traps over here.
That was the only thing keeping them from crossing the eastern border.
We need to search the area, put up more fencing.
Okay, we need to find our friend.
We're wasting time chasing the dead.
Is that what you think this is? Al's still alive.
They're not.
That's one of mine.
- Give me my gun.
- I told you.
I'm hanging on to it.
Alicia, let her do what she does.
Get your gear.
You help her.
I'll take care of the rest of them.
- It's not safe.
- I'll do it safe.
You want to risk going terminal to get your killing in? We don't have time for this.
Let's go.
We'll get the tarp.
Come on.
Back of the truck.
Help me with my suit.
- Grab the tape.
- Okay.
I can't tell which one's which.
Get away from them.
Water tank's empty.
We gotta move.
Get the tarp.
It's got to be one of these.
Throw me my gun.
Come on.
- This one's clear.
MORGAN: Alicia, hang on.
One more.
Hurry! [CLICKING.]
- This is our guy.
You could've been exposed, and I don't have any more water in my tank.
I couldn't have decontaminated you.
I know you want to find your friend but she wouldn't want you to get sick and die, either.
Help me with the body? Yeah.
You knew them.
I worked at the plant.
Ran operations.
Once things started going south, I called in all the shifts to help keep the place running.
Once things got worse, I called in their families.
We had food, supplies, fuel to last for months.
The place was designed to keep terrorists out, so the dead weren't a problem.
I was.
Once the cities fell, they didn't need the power we were making.
I just couldn't see that things weren't going back to the way they were.
I should've evacuated the plant.
We didn't have the infrastructure to keep the place going the right way.
Well, how many of them are still left out there? I couldn't take care of them then.
So I have to take care of them now.
JOHN: Anybody copy? Repeat, anybody copy? We copy.
You all right? We are.
You know those cylinders you told us to watch out for? We just might've found a whole bunch of them.
Don't touch anything.
We're on our way.
Did you touch anything? Did you breathe any of that ash? No, ma'am, we stayed up-wind.
Burning them doesn't kill the radiation? GRACE: Just releases it into the air.
Who did this? They could be very sick.
They're not sick.
MORGAN: You don't have to do this to yourself.
They could be contaminated, too.
This is why finding the dead matters.
This is why no one else can kill them.
Those people were exposed.
They thought they were protecting themselves.
Strand? Do you copy? [RADIO CLICKS.]
Strand, are you there? [FENCE RATTLES.]
STRAND: Luciana.
Strand, I'm here.
Where are you? At the truck stop.
I got hurt really bad in the crash.
June had to operate.
I'll recover.
I don't think my jacket will.
And the others? Al is missing.
We can't find her.
We found some other people.
We're trying to help them, but this place we can't stay here for long.
You won't have to.
I got Al's message.
The man with the plane? - I found him.
- [SIGHS.]
And, Luciana, I know him.
Alicia knows him.
- He's gonna help us.
Luciana? Lucia Luciana, do you copy? - [RADIO CLICKS.]
- Strand? Are you there? [CLATTERING.]
Luciana? Luciana, do you copy? Agh.
Do you believe me now? They need help.
It's worse than I thought.
Yes, they do.
Follow me.
Someone there? [SIGHS.]
This one has keys.
And three quarters of a tank.
It's got a lot of seats room for us all.
Kids, too.
It's Luciana.
Is anybody there? Yeah, we copy.
Strand got Al's message.
He's getting the plane right now.
Luciana, you talked to him? Not for long.
The wind it took out the long-range antenna.
Are you outside right now? You shouldn't be on your feet.
It's fine.
I'm feeling much better.
Luciana, get back inside.
Lock the doors.
We're heading back to you now.
MORGAN: You okay? She was right.
Those people didn't know what they were doing.
I did.
And it's not because I didn't believe her.
I did.
I just still did it anyway.
I used to think that killing was the only thing that I could do.
It is the only thing I can do.
I haven't helped anyone.
I haven't found anyone on those tapes.
I couldn't stop Al from going missing.
Every walker I kill, that's one less dangerous thing out there.
Yeah, it used to be like that for me.
But, um it was worse.
I was lost.
I was stuck.
I didn't know it.
You don't know it until somebody tells you, so, uh I got to tell you.
I'm really sorry I didn't say this before, but, uh, these things haven't always gone the way that I would hope.
You are not locked in.
The door opens.
There is a way out.
A way out to what? There isn't any safety.
There's no way to really protect yourself.
You can't put a weapon between you and losing people, and you can't even run away from them, either.
I'm telling you that because I tried.
The way out is opening the door.
To people.
To possibility.
To the hurt that will happen.
Well, that's what I did.
I've found the way, and I opened the door, and then my life started all over again.
Yours will, too.
Hey, where you going? There's some caverns near the plant.
I bury the bodies there so this kind of thing doesn't happen.
And you've really got to take my stick.
You shouldn't stay here long.
This whole place needs to be cleaned.
You don't have to do this alone.
- You can't help me.
- ALICIA: We can.
I mean, you said there are 63 left, and we just found half of them in the ashes.
MORGAN: We could help you find the rest.
And then once we find Al, those kids, maybe you can come back with us.
We got a plane coming.
I can't go back with you.
The people who died, you tried you tried to stop something like this from happening to them.
This isn't about whether I deserve it.
After the accident, I went back into the plant for days, looking for survivors.
I was careful, but I was still exposed to more alpha emitters than most people see in a lifetime.
I'm not risking anyone else's well-being.
I'm not doing that.
How long do you have? I don't know.
Well, what you're doing for your people, we would like to help, so if you change your mind and I think you should we'll be on the other end of that walkie, channel 7.
I hope you find your friend.
You see any of my friends, I'm on the other side of this walkie, too.
You said this was gonna be hard.
Yeah, I did.
Luci? Luciana? - [GASPS.]
- Luci? Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Are you all right? Where are they? Who? The dead.
ALICIA: Somebody knows we're here.
They're trying to scare us.
I don't know what I'm seeing.
You know what I'm seeing? Whole lotta effort when they coulda just left a note.
This, the roadblocks, means we're getting close to something.
Strand's gonna get here with that plane.
We're gonna find Al.
We're gonna find those kids.
And we're gonna get home.
Where do you keep the plane? It's time for you to leave, Victor.
Hey, I don't understand.
Our friends need help.
Yes, they do.
But not from you.
What the hell are you talking about? You heard Luciana.
You told me the reason you were not on that plane was because you wanted to help your friends.
Doesn't look like it worked out that way.
Please! Alicia is resourceful like her mother.
Althea is a survivor.
They'll manage.
I'm not giving you the plane, 'cause you'll make it all worse for them.
Every time you help people, you end up hurting them.
No one knows that better than I do.
And if you come back, the next one will be in your face.

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