Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s05e12 Episode Script

Ner Tamid

1 MORGAN: After we made contact with a few people, we knew that there were more out there.
So we picked up more trucks so we could cover more ground.
JUNE: We'll find a place to call home.
We seem to have run out of gas.
Tell me where the damn oil fields are.
- You with, uh, Logan? - Look at that.
Look, whatever you came here for, you're not gonna find.
Had a feelin' you'd say that.
- We're in.
Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu Melekh ha-olam Borei peri ha-gafen Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu Melekh ha-olam Borei minei v'samin Barukh ata Adonai - Eloheinu Melekh ha-ola - [BANGING ON DOOR.]
If you were alive, I'd let you in, but we don't have anything to talk about, now, do we, me and you? [BANGING AND GROWLING CONTINUE.]
And I'm sure you're not so good at conversation.
Barukh ata Adonai, Elohei [BANGING AND GROWLING CONTINUE.]
You wanna talk? Let's talk.
You okay, young lady? [SIGHS.]
W-What's your name? Charlie.
Pleased to meet ya, Charlie.
I'm Rabbi Jacob Kessner.
And, uh, [GROANS.]
welcome to Temple B'nai Israel.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I saw the light.
Don't be sorry, and, uh, it's not a light.
It's ner tamid.
The flame of truth, the, uh, presence of God.
She led you here.
I like to think of God as, uh Well, seems God needs new batteries.
So, uh, why don't we get you something to eat and maybe a towel? [FENCE RATTLING, WALKERS GROWLING.]
Let's get these puppies fueled up.
Locked up tighter than fireman's sphincter on the Fourth of July.
DORIE: We're runnin' 'em ragged, June-bug.
Took twice as long to set up camp as yesterday.
Well, we've got 12 hours until sunset.
Travelin' by night, keepin' watch by day it's really takin' its toll.
Logan's out there.
And it's gonna take Morgan, Al, Alicia, and Strand a couple days to get to us.
So we just keep moving until then.
How's the reserves? About 1,000 gals of unleaded is all that separates us from stumblin' around like the skinbags.
So we'll do another run.
This isn't just about the gas.
I know.
Why won't you just stop and take a breath? This isn't the right place to do it.
Chow down and rest up, baby face.
Headin' for tank town at 0800.
We're gonna have to wait.
Uh, the headcount's off.
No, everyone was accounted for when we packed up.
Look, I don't know what to tell you.
Uh, someone's missin'.
Who? [SIGHS.]
I can help.
Oh, she's awake.
Don't worry.
You're not the first person to fall asleep in my schul.
I've been mostly sleeping in cars lately.
Oh, hard to rest without a proper roof over your head.
Yeah, well, I'm used to it.
Why are all these dead ones following you? [GRUNTS.]
I was looking for something last night, and I got separated from my group.
Walkers found me first.
- You have a group? We have to get you back to them.
Do you really think that God led me here? Come here.
You don't? Why would he? Why wouldn't he? Do you answer every question with a question? Do I? In two minutes, you figured out the secret it took me eight years at Yeshiva to understand.
Maybe there's something you need here.
Maybe you're here because you're finally going to find it.
Excuse me.
Hashem calls.
What happened to all your people? Uh, same thing that happened to most people.
I used to talk to my congregation about a thing called t'chayth hameitim, that the souls of the dead would rise and be reunited with their bodies at the end of this world.
I suppose I got it half right.
Why do you still do that if no one's here? It works for me.
And because of tradition.
Tradition is very important, more now than ever.
Again? No, no, no.
This is the last battery.
It can't go dark.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Right now.
I need to find some batteries.
I know where we can get some.
It's Charlie.
Does anybody copy? Charlie, are you alright? Yeah, I'm o I'm okay.
I'm so sorry this happened.
We thought everyone was accounted for when we left last night.
It's not your fault, June.
You didn't leave without me.
I ran away.
Why would you do that? I can't keep living the way we have.
I just wanted to find someplace that we could settle down.
- I checked some places last night.
- None of them were right, but now now I think I may have found a place that we could call home.
Where are you, Charlie? We'll come get you, bring you back to the convoy.
You need to come see this place for yourself.
Oh, and bring some car batteries with you.
Where are they coming from? [SIGHS.]
Must be a gap in the fence somewhere.
I'll find it.
My friends are coming with your batteries.
They can help.
Keeping the flame lit is a mitzvah unto itself.
I can take care of the fence.
Wait inside.
Make yourself at home.
Yiskadal, v'yis kadash sh'may raboh B'alma di v'ra chirutei, v'yamlich malchutei.
Behayekhon uvyomekhon.
That should do it.
I can't tell you how much this means to me.
Well, you kept Charlie safe here.
That's the least we could do.
So, this convoy of yours, how many people are there? Uh, we're up to 36 now.
Tzadikim Nitsarim.
The mystics believe that there are 36 righteous people in the world at any given time.
Maybe I've come across three of them today.
Well, we do what we can.
Um We really should be getting back to the rest of our people.
The rabbi I told him that we would stay and help him fix his fence.
Oh, I you've done more than enough already.
You helped me.
Let us help you.
I'll go with her.
Oh, hey, I got somethin' for ya.
- Here.
It's tasty.
I'm just checking.
Oh, I have something for you, too.
Put it on.
Not for me.
For Hashem.
Hashem? Ah.
How do I look? Goyish.
- Kinda like the pope.
- Oh.
But not bad.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
We should pull the van inside.
We try, it might bring the whole thing down.
Charlie, I know you wanna find a place to settle down.
We all do.
But I'm not sure that this is it.
Why not? 'Cause it's not big enough.
There's not a water source for miles.
- The fence isn't strong enough.
- We can fix it.
- Charlie.
- I know it may not be perfect, but it's better than stopping in a different place every day.
It's better than going out on a run and not even knowing if your home is still gonna be there when you get back.
I've lived like that before, June.
We both have.
I don't wanna go back to that.
Is that what this is about? Who we used to be? Is it really that different? We're different.
We may have been in a caravan, but that was that went bad.
This won't.
I thought the same thing then.
That tanker truck is unprotected.
This place, I know what you want it to be, but it just isn't.
We need to get back to the convoy.
That's not bad.
Seriously? I think Dan the Man mighta nicked your taste buds when he was trimmin' up your face pubes.
Any sign of ol' Swatty? No, not yet.
He'll be back.
Here's to the road.
Hard to remember anything but.
I hear that.
Wen and I have been poundin' the pavement since before munchers started munchin'.
At least you had each other.
How long you been hoofin' it solo? I don't know.
I, uh I just s-sorta lost track of time.
I think I'd have gone off the deep end.
That long, nobody to talk to? I almost did.
But your gal kept you goin', the idea of her? Yeah.
And the walkers, too.
Yeah, I remember just watchin' 'em, you know, when I was sleepin' in cars or whatever, just sorta wanderin' around.
You know, who knows how far they came from or where they're goin'? They're just wanderin', you know? It's a life on the road forever.
I say to hell with that.
Yeah, I did.
What? Logan's guys.
They found us.
CHARLIE: Did you make that yourself? Mogen David's not so easy to come by anymore, so I started keeping a small vineyard in the back garden.
Always had a bit of a green thumb.
You said that God led me here for a reason.
I think you may be right.
Well, you do look better than when you got here, and the eternal flame is looking better, so I think she left us with a win/win.
I wanna live here.
We all can.
I don't think that's a good idea.
What? - [DOOR OPENS.]
- Why not? - [DOOR CLOSES.]
- Charlie we really need to get going.
You can go, but I'm staying.
No, Charlie, you should be with your people.
But this place, you're all alone here.
So we could stay and live with you and help make sure the lamp always stays lit.
I appreciate everything you've done for me, really, but I think you should probably SARAH: June, John, you copy? She's breaking radio silence.
Sarah, what's wrong? Dick squad tracked us down.
What? How did they find us? I got no Goddamn clue.
Sent everybody else to the rendezvous, but we gotta get the hell outta here, and we're gonna need that Swatty pronto.
We're on our way.
The fence.
Get back inside.
I don't understand.
Did we do something? How did they get in here? They're not here because of you.
They're here because of me.
What are you talking about? Who are they? My congregation.
JACOB: When the world started to change, my congregants came here for help.
We put up fences.
We gathered all the food and water we could.
We managed in here for weeks, but we started to run low on supplies.
I left to go find some, and when I came back You found them like this? - Sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
You're only here because you're helping me.
And we ain't done yet.
We go inside, and we'll stay quiet.
They'll go away.
It could take days.
I'm afraid we're on a tighter timetable than that.
I got an idea.
You ready? Ready.
You say a prayer for us? [GROWLING CONTINUES.]
I think it's good.
JUNE: Okay.
Got it? Okay.
Good job.
- Slow and steady.
- Okay.
Good job.
Alright, we can do this.
Alright, I'm gonna give it a try.
- Alright, yep, got you.
- You comin'? Alright.
I got you.
Everybody, stay ahead.
We'll meet up at the rendezvous.
They just want what we got in the tank, so we'll make sure they don't get it.
MAN: Easier said than done, sweetheart.
Who the hell is this? Ask your copilot.
He'll tell ya.
Shoulda taken the shot when he had the chance.
You know this dick? I had him, and I, uh I let him go.
Thought I was doin' a good thing.
No good deed, right? How we doin' on the Swatty? Could really use the assist right about now.
Workin' on it.
Got it.
- Got it? - Come on over.
Come on.
You're almost there.
CHARLIE: What's wrong? What happened? JUNE: We're not gonna make it.
Sarah, it's gonna take longer than you think.
They might be on their own.
How'd you know this was gonna happen? I didn't.
You knew this wasn't the right place.
If I could explain it [GROWLING CONTINUES.]
I suppose you probably would.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We can pick them off one by one.
How many bullets do you have? No, I can't use bullets, not on them.
I'm sorry.
DORIE: No, Charlie, I don't think there's enough time, and I think it's just gonna draw more of them past.
Charlie, you know how we fix this.
How? Same as we used to.
I'm not giving this place up.
Charlie, it's okay.
No, it's not okay.
It's not okay.
This is where I'll be safe.
I saw that light, and you even said that God led me here for a reason.
I should never have told you that.
- Why? - Because I don't believe it.
I don't understand.
I don't believe in God.
I haven't in a long time.
Is it because of what happened to them? When I left the synagogue, when I left them [GUNSHOT.]
it wasn't to get supplies like I said.
It was because I'd already started to lose faith.
I saw what was happening to the world.
I saw what people were doing to each other.
So, then, why did you go? How could I lead them if I didn't believe? I wandered around for weeks on my own, looking for something to change my mind.
I didn't find it.
So you came back? They were already dead [GUNSHOT.]
already locked inside that building.
Whatever happened to them while I was gone, it wasn't pleasant.
But that doesn't mean It does.
I'm alive because I left.
I'm alive because I didn't believe in God.
If that isn't a clear message, I don't know what is.
So the prayers, the lamp, the It's all I have left the rhythms of a life I'm trying to hold on to.
And now now I've put you and your friends at great risk because I couldn't even let go of that.
Don't do the same, Charlie.
Don't lose your people because you can't let go of what you thought this place could be.
Yeah, Charlie? You're right.
We can fix this.
Do you have anything that makes a lot of noise? [WALKERS GROWLING.]
John, this may not be it, but some of the others? Maybe they were.
Maybe we already missed it.
Hey, don't go gettin' all introspective on me at a time like this.
I'm the one that's kept us on the move this long.
Thought it was the right thing.
Maybe just every time I settle down Yeah, just just didn't turn out the way you hoped.
Well, unfortunately, that just may be the world we live in, whether we're on the move or stationary.
Current circumstances exhibit "A".
I'm sorry it didn't end up being a place that you could call home.
It's okay.
Hashem calls.
Turd in a toilet bowl.
- What? - [SCOFFS.]
I'm running' outta gas.
We're drivin' the tanker.
What This ain't bottomless mimosas, chief.
Tank's not connected.
Ugh! Shit.
We go down, we go down with the ship.
Even if we end up crispy critters.
Yeah, it's been fun ridin' with ya.
You, too, baby face.
Where the hell are they goin'? Somethin' scared 'em off.
Good ol' Swatty.
Oh! [SIGHS.]
JUNE: We're lucky you ran into the rabbi and not someone else.
I'm sorry.
If I hadn't run away, then - No.
You don't need to apologize.
Think I've just been pushing everyone too hard.
I know I keep saying we're gonna find the right place, but maybe I'm just holding on to an idea that isn't out there.
JACOB: Can I ask you a question? - Rabbi? - Um what makes you think it's out there? I don't know.
I just feel it.
That's faith.
Don't underestimate it.
I don't know about you, but I'm gonna start looking again for what I need to find, and I won't stop till I find it.
DORIE: Well, we got gas.
As much as we need after a run to the oil fields.
- So we'll keep driving - Mm-hmm.
we'll keep helping, and we'll find the place we're meant to be.
Yeah, we will.
We haven't yet had the pleasure.
I'm Sarah.
Rabbi Jacob Kessner.
Good to have you with us, Rabbi.
Say, you wouldn't happen to know how far out we are from Yom Kippur, would ya? I got a few things to atone for.
You've got some time yet.
DWIGHT: You're Jewish? Rabinowitz.
Card-carrying member of the tribe.
JACOB: I was about to do the Ma'ariv.
Care to join me? You ever say kiddush with a Saison? No need.
I make my own wine.
My kinda rabbi.
- Come on.
Well, at least we got Logan's crew off our backs.
For the time bein' anyway.
Yeah? Um, burned through a lot of gas just to turn and drive away.
I imagine they didn't count on the cavalry showin' up when it did, yeah? Maybe.
From what I've seen of Logan so far I mean, these guys, they don't they don't do anything by accident.
Go for Desert Fox.
Those assholes and their panzer are as far away from you as possible.
You're all clear.
That's what I like to hear.
We're almost outta gas.
No, we're not.
We're lookin' for oil, not rocks.
Well, Polar Bear always did have a sense of humor.
Hang on to your hat, Doris.
We're about to buy ourselves a ticket to the promised land.
- What're you doing here? You really have to ask? [FIRE FLARES.]
We hit a roadblock.
Some fellas will do anything to avoid asking for directions.
You said this will be the ticket to the promised land.
We help people.
- Excuse me.
- Survival of the fittest.

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