Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Something Bad

Tango, Echo, Echo, Foxtrot, Zulu.
Tango, Echo, Echo, Foxtrot, Zulu.
- Authenticity confirmed.
- Pressurize all tubes.
Pressurize all tubes.
Aye-aye, sir.
Set condition to 1SQ for WSRT.
Prepare to launch.
Man battle stations missile, 1SQ at DEFCON 1.
This is WSRT.
- Spin up all missiles.
- Spinning up all missiles.
Aye-aye, sir.
Second key.
Ready to launch on your command.
It's better.
Missile launch training exercise over.
Go about your business.
You just don't have the touch, Middlebrook.
It's not a joke.
We have one collective job on this ship, and we collectively failed to do it yesterday.
Why are we running weapons drills anyway? We're in the Gulf of Mexico.
Yeah, I mean, I can basically see my house from here.
It's none of your concern.
Captain gives the order to launch, we launch.
If you can't do that, you don't deserve those dolphins on your chest.
- You got it? - Aye-aye, sir.
Nub, report to the radio shack.
All shower techs to sonar.
Part, report to main berthing immediately.
You seen Pierce? Ah, electric room, maybe? Hey, heard you got a kid now.
Want me to show you how to make Mickey Mouse pancakes? Real funny.
Anything? No, man, it's quiet like a whore in church.
What the fuck? I don't know, either, man.
At ease.
We ran it twice this morning.
Won't happen again, sir.
Last week we discussed you going in XO training next leg, running a ship of your own.
That's what you want, isn't it? Yes, sir.
More than anything.
Well, based on your performance yesterday, frankly, I'm concerned.
You remind me of myself at your age coming up the ranks, new family back home.
- Thank you, sir.
- I'll tell you what my skipper told me.
He said, "Do what needs doing.
" That means making the tough calls no one wants to make, no matter what's going on around you or back on land.
Is that him? Your son.
That what happened yesterday? You get distracted thinking about them? If I'm honest, sir, I've never seen myself as much of a family man.
It's important to have someone back home waiting for you.
Helps you remember what we do it for.
I don't know if I'm cut out for it you know, fatherhood.
You'll feel different once he's smiling up at you.
The simplest things, like a dangling key magic.
When they're little, they just love you.
They don't know any better.
Speak freely.
With Friedman laid up, no word from Command, why run a drill? If an order comes down, it won't be when we're sitting around drinking hot cocoa.
We have to be ready.
Even if we're on our back foot, I need to know when I give the order, you'll turn the key and do what needs doing.
Without hesitation, sir.
It's Friedman, sir.
He's taken a turn for the worse.
- Where's that medevac? - Still no response.
Well, keep trying them, damn it.
There's no time.
They're prepping the mess now.
Park's never done an appendectomy.
He says he's reading up on it.
Reading up? We're not the sea dragon in enemy waters It's peacetime in the Gulf of goddamn Mexico.
I can't see it, there's so much pus.
More suction.
I need to clamp it off.
He's waking up.
The fentanyl's wearing off.
Hey, hey.
Calm down, Friedman.
Gonna be okay.
He's going into shock.
One, two, three, four.
Come on.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Come on.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
He went septic and by the time I got there, it was it was too late.
You did the best you could.
We don't have those antibiotics on board.
Where was the medevac? Where Look, we've been asking the same thing.
This isn't the Middle Ages.
People don't die of appendicitis anymore.
Why don't you go get cleaned up? Yeah.
You know the skipper was looking for you? He come down on you about yesterday? Yeah, he thinks I'm all hung up on some kid I never met.
I mean, you begged to be on this tour.
I'm hung up on why we were pulled off a NATO run and sent to the Gulf of goddamn Mexico.
Yeah, and we ain't heard shit since.
Something's happening out there.
We don't know anything about it.
Now this.
A man's dead.
And something's going on.
Something bad.
He had kids, too.
Kindergarten age.
50 klicks off Galveston, and they can't pick up the goddamn phone? We had everything we got out there ELF, VLF, Cold War lines.
And we ain't heard diddly.
Then not even a half hour ago, SE2 picked up something.
- What? - Yeah.
It was incomplete.
What do you mean, incomplete? I mean like they hit send without finishing the damn thing.
First word from Command in two weeks is a half-baked EAM? Yeah, but that ain't all.
That was picked up by FM broadcasts out of Houston.
Y'all get this Army's been deployed.
- Not the National Guard? - No, sir.
Something about medical incidents.
The Army is deployed on U.
soil at the same time, we get a partial EAM? That cannot be a coincidence.
I have a sister lives in Houston.
Yeah? Well, Riley's got a son he ain't never laid eyes on.
If it was me and I was this goes to shore, I'd sure enough be thinking about going for a swim.
You'd abandon ship? Your duties? I mean, we all know our duties.
Nobody's abandoning anything.
Speaking of duties, I don't know, Riley.
I can't see you changing diapers in a Chili's bathroom, you know? Yeah, you and me both.
Yeah, well, just the same, he brought a little man into this world.
What about his duty to protect him? Or protect his mother? There will be plenty of diapers to change when our leg is up in six weeks, okay? I never knew my dad.
I turned out fine.
Y'all a miserable son of a bitch.
Not 'cause I didn't know my dad.
It's 'cause I'm stuck in a metal tube with you pussies.
You know, I just I try not to think about him, you know.
I mean, what can I do from here? Attention, attention.
Ice cream sundaes in the mess.
It's melting fast, so come and get it.
That is all.
We should go.
It'll be good for them to see us all there.
Try not to act so excited.
The only reason we're getting this is 'cause they need room in the freezer.
Look, man, if it were me in there, I hope that you would enjoy it.
If it were you in there, I would.
- Captain on deck.
- As you were.
Friedman was a good sailor and a proud father.
He made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, which is all the more reason we can't let up on our mission.
Not for a second.
That dolphin on your chest represents your fortitude to keep calm and do what needs doing under any circumstances, even the death of one of your own.
It's what you signed up for.
What the ? I can think of no greater honor Get him off! Get him off me! He's still alive! Aah! No! Aaah! Aah! Look out! He's down! He's down! Thanks.
- He shot him! - Clear quarters, clear quarters.
You all right? Yeah.
Get yourself bandaged up, then tend to the rest of the men.
Aye-aye, sir.
Aye-aye, sir.
He wasn't dead? He is now.
Hey, this one's complete.
Weapons ready.
Coordinates to follow.
Yeah, yeah.
What's the target? - It's not - You don't think? First they send us here, then the Army deploys.
Who else? What the hell is going on out there? What's going on in here? Did you see Friedman? Wh-what was that? I don't know.
It's like a It's like a rabid dog or something, right? - Did you tell the captain? - I'm on my way up there now.
Is he sleepwalking? You all right, sir? Oh.
Damn, boy.
You gonna Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Don't get too close.
Whoa, shit.
Are you all right? Oh, damn! Hey, why is he biting at us? Friedman bit him.
Bit him on the arm.
Well, who the hell bit Friedman? I don't fucking know! - How do we stop him? - Shot to the head.
A shot to the head worked before.
Just do what needs doing.
I guess that works, too.
I just killed the XO.
That wasn't our XO.
You did what you had to do, all right? Yeah.
All right, go find the captain.
Meet me in the weapons room.
- Be careful.
- You too, brother.
They're attracted to sound.
Park? No.
Park, goddamn it.
Don't make me do this.
- They're right behind us.
Go! - Go where?! Get your move! Hey, hey, hey.
Come on.
Come in here.
Come on.
Now we're trapped in here.
They're eating each other! What the fuck? Shut up, Winokur! You want them all to hear you? Go easy on him.
The kid's scared enough.
We weren't trained for this.
You were trying to be calm under pressure, right? Get it together.
Am I gonna turn into one of them? Were you bit? - I don't think so.
- Then no.
Either one of you does, I'll put a bullet in your head.
You don't think this is happening on land, do you? I don't know.
Jesus Christ.
Our families.
Just try not to think about them, okay? Th-there's nothing we can do for them.
No, man.
This was an attack.
Someone must have slipped past the HVAC and slipped something in there, a nerve agent or some shit.
- We're all breathing the same air.
- So? So then why aren't we all infected then? And how do you know we're not? EAM came through.
- The protocol was - Protocol went out the window when I had to shoot my TAO in the head.
It's every man for himself.
Hey, you want to be a coward? I want to live, you son of a bitch.
Just because you don't care about seeing your family again doesn't mean the rest of us We're not gonna get out of here alive if we're fighting each other.
I have to get to the weapons room.
I'm not gonna make it alone.
All right.
Penetrate the skull.
It's the only way to stop them.
Okay? These guys are like my family.
Not anymore.
Aim for the eyes.
At least give us the gun.
Hell no.
The gun stays here with me.
All right.
You ready? Aye-aye, sir.
All right.
Let's go.
Go quick.
We stay together.
Remember, aim for the eyes.
Watch out! What the fuck?! He got bit.
He would have turned.
Get out of the way! Let's go, ladies.
The weapons rooms at the end of the passageway.
Get off! Aaaah! Aah! There's no way.
There's no fucking way.
They're drawn to noise.
Do not fire unless you absolutely must.
Alvarez? Aah! - What happened? - What did you do?! I thought oh, God.
Oh, God.
I I can't.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
We have to go now! No! No! Do not open that door! Get up.
We gotta run.
Go! Go! - All right.
- Wasn't sure you made it.
Told you it wouldn't be hot cocoa.
This way.
Show me your arms.
Do it now.
No one's been bit, sir.
I already killed six of my own men.
Sir, it wasn't them.
Alvarez, Winokur, Farley, Voss.
XO, too.
Well, at least we know why they took us off the NATO run.
And didn't send the medevac.
The world must be in chaos.
We're all that's left.
That that can't be.
We got plans in place for this sort of thing.
There are 100 men out there trying to eat each other alive.
- That doesn't matter - It matters to me! We have orders.
For all we know, this missile could stop it.
Riley's right.
Firing that missile's all that matters now.
Message is authentic.
I concur.
I concur.
That's the target.
Prepare to launch.
Did you hear me, Lieutenant? I said prepare to launch.
Are you sure about this, sir? What did I say about questioning orders? We'll be firing on our own country.
Command wouldn't have sent these coordinates if they didn't have a damn good reason.
Hey, like you said, maybe this stops it somehow.
We have an incredible responsibility.
It's an unenviable task, but one we must do.
Our own people.
That's never been done before.
I don't need a history lesson! For all we know, someone could have gone rogue.
We both know that's impossible.
We don't know what's possible anymore.
Whatever's happening on this boat is probably happening in Chicago, and these missiles can stop it.
We have orders.
And by God, we're gonna follow them.
Orders to wipe out an entire city? Who do you think you are? There's a chain of command, son.
You're at the bottom of it.
Get that key out.
That's an order.
That's an order! No.
I won't do it.
You're refusing orders? I joined up to keep this country safe.
Not to destroy it.
You swore an oath.
Not to do this.
Those nukes are meant to deter We knew this day could come and You okay, sir? You want to keep your family safe? This is how we do it.
I fire this weapon, I'm killing my own son.
More than likely they're already dead.
- I think you know that.
- No, I don't.
We don't know that.
Not for sure.
This morning you told me you didn't even want to be a father.
That doesn't mean I'm not gonna die trying to protect him.
You said yourself, we need people on land You think I'm not worried about my family? Of course I am.
But our country's at stake.
Our country's counting on us.
I'm not turning this key.
It takes two men to launch a missile.
You don't have to be one of them.
Pierce, take the key.
No, sir.
I won't.
I will not fire on my own country.
This is mutiny.
I'll have you all court-martialed for this.
It's Nuremberg.
The fellest befell.
These superior orders are cruel.
They're war crimes.
Whoa, whoa.
You okay? Sir, you I know, damn it.
Tell them I went down with the ship.
I'm sorry, sir.
Hot cocoa, right? I hope you boys are right about this.
What are you gonna do? What needs doing.
May God have mercy on us all.
So what do we do now? We get the fuck out of here.
This is Lieutenant Jason Riley.
Captain is dead.
We have a new mission get this ship topside.
Go home.
You still feel like going for that swim? Thought you'd never ask.
You know, this morning I wanted to be a captain.
And now I don't give a shit about any of that.
I just want to hold my boy, you know? Just once.
Yeah Here's what I could find.
Better than nothing.
All right, I'll go first.
Aye-aye, Captain.
Riley? Riley, are you there? - Who's this? - It's Walter.
Bunch of us made it to the bridge, but now we're stuck.
Too many of those wobbly bastards out there.
Hey, Walter, you ever pull a chicken switch? Oh, y'all better hold on tight.
Emergency blow! Emergency blow! All right, let's go.
Aaaaah! Aah! No, no, no.
Shit, shit! Pierce, come on.
Come on.
You're not gonna die here.
Get up! No, listen, sir.
God and country don't mean shit anymore.
The only thing that matters now is family.
All right? Go find your wife.
Don't do this.
Come on.
Don't do this.
We can Maybe we can - No, no, no.
- We'll cut it off.
No, no, no! Listen, this is as good place as any.
I'm sorry.
I'm not.
My brother, right? Then go ahead and get.
Pierce? - Here.
- I I don't want that.
I'll take it.
Guard it with your life.
They can never be in the same room again.
Aye-aye, sir.
It has been an honor to serve with each and every one of you.
Now we gotta go find our people.
That's all we have left.
Abandon ship.
Aye-aye, sir.
That's everyone.
Well Hi.
You've reached the Rileys.
We're not home at the mom Hello? Jason! Lucy? - Jason! - Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, thank God you're alive.
Babe, do you know what's going on? - Um - Where are you? I'm on land.
I'm coming to you.
Are you safe? How's Oliver? He's sleeping.
Oh, babe, we made a person.
He's so beautiful.
Just stay safe, okay? Stay safe.
I'm coming to you.
He has your smile.
I just wish you could see him.
I will see him.
I will see him.
Just stay where you are and I'll come to you, okay? Oh.
Babe, I'm so sorry.
I tried we tried as long as we could.
Hello? I love you.
What is Lucy? No! No.
No! No.
This ain't it, son.
Ain't what? The end.
This ain't it.
That right? Son.
This is just the beginning.