Felicity s02e15 Episode Script

Things Change

Previously on Felicity Do I still want to go through with this knowing that it's not yours? Yes.
It's part of me.
I can't not have this baby.
I'm hoping that we can still make this work.
- So, you and Ben going out? - No.
Uh, we're just friends.
- He apologized.
- But that doesn't mean you have to forgive him.
I work with him almost every day.
What do you want me to do not accept his apology? I wouldn't.
He's such a loser.
He's such an arrogant loser.
What do you think about liposuction? My friend Shaka got all the fat sucked out of her knees you know, a few months ago, and now she looks fantastic.
Javier, you do not need liposuction.
You'll never believe who's here.
What, who's that? She was in yesterday, talking to Benjamin.
I think she has a little crunch on him.
Really? Hey, Javier.
Uh, is this enough? Yes.
Perfect as usual.
Your girlfriend's here.
What? - Pam? No.
I barely know her.
She's in one of my classes.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, oh.
- She keeps looking over here.
- Give me a break.
No, she doesn't.
- Hi.
- Yeah.
How are you? Hey.
Dad, hey.
What's going on? Dr.
Porter, OK.
What do you think about liposuction? It's good, right? Safe? Uh, plastic surgery really isn't my specialty.
I'm thinking maybe a little over here.
OK? And she's fighting me, but some right here.
OK? Get rid of this.
You know what I mean? What do you think? Hold that thought.
Norma's back-talking the customers again.
No, no.
I don't think so.
Guess what? It's free.
Thank you.
I just stopped by for a quick cup of coffee.
I haven't seen you in a while.
- Yeah.
- How's everything at school? It's good.
School's good.
I had a meeting this evening that was canceled.
You wanna grab a bite later? Um, tonight I'm gonna be at the health center but maybe next week.
Dad, I'm sorry my schedule's been so crazy.
No big deal.
Things are crazy for me, too.
But I'd love to see you.
When you get a chance give me a call.
And we'll catch up.
Dad, this is Ben.
You remember.
- Yes.
How are you, Ben? - Good.
Nice to see you.
- So, she gave you her number? - Yeah.
- Benjamin! I need you.
- Yeah.
I'll see you.
So, are you and Ben still No, no, no.
That's way over.
That's good you two have stayed friends.
- Yeah.
- So, back to the lipo.
Samuel, that's my guy has started calling me "Javier has no hair "have another chocolate eclair.
" And it stings.
*** It's crazy in here today, huh? Another one of our doctors dropped out of the rotation so now we're stuck with just one and an overload of patients.
I'm making phone calls trying to find a doctor who can sub in for a few days until we can get another regular.
Does this happen a lot, doctors dropping out? No.
We get a lot of turnover but it doesn't usually happen all at once.
It's just bad timing.
The review's in a couple of days.
If we don't pass, they can shut us down.
- Anything I can do to help? - It'd be great if you had your medical license.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Meghan, what are you doing here? Doctor, my throat's kind of sore.
- You seemed fine this morning.
- Well, I'm not fine now.
Do you think you could check and see if I have swollen glands? - Oh, my God.
- Um Well, they seem fine to me but if you want to be sure, we can take a culture.
Um, yeah.
I think we should.
Uh, Felicity do you wanna go ahead and make an appointment with one of the doctors for Meghan? God.
Oh, he is so my flavor.
You keep your grubby little mitts off him.
- Benjamin.
- Yeah? So, hold on.
We have some business to attend to here, OK? Could you work an additional shift on Wednesdays? On Wednesdays? Ah, yes.
Say yes.
I'm your boss, OK? You know what? I can't on Wednesday.
I got class.
I'm sorry.
Is it an important class? Yes, it's an important class.
Why not ask Felicity? 'Cause she's the one who canceled on me.
- Why? - She wants to work at the health center.
- The health center? - Yeah.
I know.
Can you believe that? I guess some people consider health more important than muffins.
I don't know.
- Are you drinking the profits? - I'll tell you why she wants to work at the health center.
It's Greg Stenson.
He's this pompous-ass guy that runs the place.
He's like this guy I'm telling you Yeah.
She mentioned him.
- She mentioned him? - Oh, yeah.
- What did she say? - I don't remember exactly.
Oh, I forgot to take my gingko bilblobla.
- What'd she say? Something about how fantastic he is and inspiring because he helps all these people.
But I do remember she was very excited not to work here on Wednesdays.
- Benjamin.
- What? - You're staring at me.
- I'm not staring at you.
- Do I look fat? - No, you don't.
Would I look better like this? - No.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
- Tighter, though? OK.
If I get Norma to work on Wednesdays instead - could you work on Thursday? - Yes.
I love you and your whole look.
- OK.
Go away.
- Franklin.
Uh, is Pam there? Yeah, Donna.
It's Ben.
What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack? The answer's carboxylic acid.
You're fifteen minutes late.
Where have you been? Well, I was walking to the library.
But now that I'm here, where are we? We? I'm in the middle of chapter four.
Nucleophilic substitution reactions.
- You've already read it? - I may have skimmed through it.
Well, skim through it some more.
The exam is in two days.
Not to worry.
I'm like a boy scout.
I'm always prepared.
You're wearing that perfume again.
How are you? Fine.
She's, um, she's waiting for me to tell her what I want to do.
What are you gonna do? Uh, I don't know.
Well, I'm gonna go play basketball if you wanna come.
No, thanks.
Guess I didn't really get Tocqueville, huh? - Yeah.
Well, it wasn't the worst in the class.
- Yeah.
Dear Sally I've sort of been overloading myself lately with work and school the health center.
Just keeping really busy.
It's kind of easier "than thinking about what's happened with my family how things fell apart.
But I guess the truth is you can't avoid that stuff for very long.
It always catches up with you.
" Hey.
I, um, I got off early and so I thought maybe we could go grab some dinner.
Um, but I should've called.
I No.
That's OK.
That sounds great.
- Is everything OK? - Of course.
Come in.
Let me grab a jacket.
The university apartments were all full so this was the best I could do on such short notice.
Apparently, the housing market's pretty tough.
Are you gonna unpack your stuff.
Or Oh.
Um, maybe this week.
I just I haven't gotten around to it.
I'll be right back.
I'm just gonna grab my jacket.
That was one of his prescriptions.
It says here it's a sleeping pill.
Well, that's not so bad.
Lots of people take sleeping pills.
What's the other one? Um, flurazepam.
It's for anxiety and panic attacks.
Oh, my God.
I'm the worst daughter.
I mean, this morning at Dean and DeLuca I was so preoccupied I barely paid attention to what he was saying.
I haven't called him once in the last two weeks.
Everybody goes through hard times.
He's gonna be OK.
I don't know.
So, listen.
I have a big favor to ask.
I know that you're really busy.
What is it? You know I've been volunteering at the health center.
Yeah, which is great.
The doctors there work on a volunteer basis as well and there's a real shortage right now.
We desperately need a hand and even if you could pick up one or two shifts in the next couple of weeks, it would be so great.
Plus, it would - give us a chance to hang out a little more.
- Yes.
Of course.
- Really? - Yes.
- Great.
- Absolutely.
Is everything OK? Class doesn't start for twenty minutes.
I'm fine.
That's good.
Any morning sickness? No.
I feel good.
That's good.
You look good.
So do you.
Can you sign this for me? You want a transfer? I think it's obviously really awkward me being in your section.
We can't keep pretending we don't see each other.
I see you.
Believe me.
I think it's better for the both of us.
I'll turn this in today.
Are you serious? Your dad's a doctor? What kind of medicine does he practice? He's a cardiac surgeon.
But he he wants to help out.
He used to volunteer at the Stanford student clinic.
And he can be here tomorrow if you want him.
That's incredible.
That would be a great help.
Um, OK.
Well, I'll see you tomorrow, then.
- Yeah.
Well, here.
I'll walk out with you.
- OK.
How about the two of us sell fruit together? - Hey, where you going? - Stupid date.
Nice attitude.
It's with this girl I don't even know who's gonna end up being boring and lame.
I don't why I'm going.
So, why are you going? - I don't know.
What are you doing? - Raking in enormous quantities of cash.
I sent a letter to the Independent Film Channel on that docuventary thing that I did last year and they want to see it, so I'm sending a copy.
The thing I was in? Please don't send that.
Oh, I'm sending it.
Have a nice stupid date.
I know.
I eat a lot.
That's OK.
I eat a lot, too.
This Italian girl I worked with in Bosnia was always like, "Relentamento di relentamento.
" Which, translated, means I eat like a pig.
What were you doing in Bosnia? Oh, yeah.
I was, um I was there for six months as a volunteer for the Red Cross.
I took a whole semester off to do it.
Um which I thought would cost me my scholarship but the university was really cool about it.
You're here on a scholarship? I'd never be able to afford college otherwise.
I've got five brothers.
My mom's a mom.
My dad's the pulp processing engineer at the paper mill.
The paper mill.
Really? Yeah.
See, when you live in Bishop, Oregon that's where you work.
That's funny.
I thought you were from New York.
- You did.
Why? - I don't know.
I just did.
Because I was so forward and gave you my number.
I don't know what it was.
All right.
Can I just say I don't know who that person was I mean, who forced my number on you.
I never do that.
That's so, like "Cosmo" girl.
- Which is a magazine.
- I actually canceled my subscription.
That's too bad.
You missed a great piece on how to zap zits.
- Yeah.
I wrote that.
- Really? - Yeah.
- It's beautifully written.
- Thanks.
I'm very proud of that.
We're gonna need an E.
and thyroid function tests on the patient in one.
All right.
- What's his complaint? - Palpitations.
And let's send him home with a holter monitor.
- I don't know if that's such a good idea.
- Excuse me? Well, that's just not normally what we do.
Greg is just careful about how many tests we order.
He just wants to make sure that it's necessary.
It is.
So take care of it, OK? - You know, he could just be having panic attacks - Are you a doctor? - No, but - Because I am, so leave the medical decisions to me.
It's just that our resources are fairly limited You call ruling out a cardiac arrhythmia a waste? In a 20-year-old who's probably popping No-Doze all night - yeah, maybe.
- Greg, my dad may be right.
I've been working here over a year.
We get patients like this all the time.
You've worked here a year? I've been practicing medicine for twenty.
- I want those tests done, OK - I'll make sure they're taken care of.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
At least we have a doctor.
- What? - Nothing.
I'm I'm trying to think of something to say to try to explain this.
I'm really sorry.
It's just I guess my head's somewhere else.
With someone else? Um, yeah.
Sort of.
if things don't work out with, uh whoever it is - you have the number I forced on you.
- Yes.
Listen, l l I really am sorry.
Don't be.
I had fun.
So did I.
I I really did.
What are you doing? I'm gonna finish taking your wallpaper down.
What about this chapter? Well, when you're done, we can quiz each other.
I meant, what about you finishing this chapter? - I'm ready.
- Really? - I got it down.
- OK.
What happens when an amide undergoes hydrolysis? That's too easy.
Ask me something else.
You get a carboxylic acid and an amine.
Lucky guess.
How about the Cannizzaro reaction? Cannizzaro he was an Egyptian king.
Very funny.
It occurs when an aldehyde undergoes oxidation and reduction in the presence OK, OK.
You know the answer.
Um when cyclohexanon is treated, you Adipic acid.
You didn't even let me finish the question.
And how do you already know chapter seven? I read it last night.
Could you leave? - What? - I want you to leave.
- You're kidding.
- No, I'm not.
You're scraping too loudly and I can't study in here with you and your snide attitude.
I've never met anyone as competitive as you are.
Me? I'm not competitive.
Yeah, right.
Are the exam rooms ready? Uh, yeah.
You can go ahead back.
They're open.
Do you have any idea where you might be able to reach your dad? He's a half hour late.
The appointments are already backed up.
The reviewers are gonna be here for another hour.
I'm just gonna try the hospital.
Maybe he got tied up in an emergency or something.
Well, let me know.
I'll be in my office sweating a lot.
Doctor's office - Hi.
Yeah - Please hold.
Hello, Felicity.
I got a haircut.
You know we've got a lot of big shots hanging around today so we should probably keep our voices down.
But it looks good.
Thanks for holding Um, hi.
Is, um is Dr.
Porter there? No.
I'm sorry.
He's not.
Um, do you know what time he left? Actually.
Porter's no longer working here at the hospital What? N- no, I meant, um I'm talking about Dr.
Edward Porter.
He just started there in January.
I know who you're speaking of but Dr.
Porter left a few weeks ago.
He might be back in California.
I can give you that number if you'd like to try him there.
Oh, no.
No, that's OK.
You're welcome.
Good luck.
So, how was your big date? Was it fantastic? No, it wasn't.
Benjamin, what happened? Nothing.
It just didn't go very well.
It ended early.
What? She wasn't nice? What? No.
She was she was beautiful and she was brilliant and she was funny.
She was great.
I don't know.
Benjamin, we need to talk.
- What? - Man-to-man, heart-to-heart.
Why? Trust me.
* If I put my own dreams on the side * * I can make my own dreams die * Sorry.
I'm sorry.
Benjamin, every day you come into work, and I I see you, I watch you and I think, that poor guy.
Look at that poor guy.
Just look at him.
Over here.
You have everything to live for, and you are crumbling.
- I can see it.
- You think I'm crumbling? Benjamin, I never told you this about me but I dated a girl once when I was fifteen years old.
Her name was Lola.
She was a show girl.
No, she wasn't.
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
You got that, OK.
She wasn't a show girl but her name was Lola, actually.
And she was oh, Ben, she was fantastic.
I always knew, you know that I was attracted to men, you know.
Even when I was little, before I got glasses but I wasn't dating anyone at the time, you know and Lola, she wanted me so bad.
And she would say things like "Javier, right here, right now.
" And we were in church, and she would say this to me Javier, what are you telling me? OK.
I'll skip the big tear-jerker ending but I just wanted you to understand that I've been exactly where you are right now left asunder by a woman.
And you can't keep moping around and sabotaging dates.
You have to get over it.
It's never gonna work out with her.
- You don't think it can work? - No.
It's impossible.
Why is it impossible? Because she's married, Ben.
What? Maggie is a married woman, OK? So grow up, get over it, and snap into it.
You think I'm all asunder because of Maggie? Poor thing.
You're in denial.
Javier, it's not Maggie.
It's not Maggie.
Who is it? It's nobody.
I just gotta get over it.
You're right.
But I do have to go.
I got a class to go to.
So, thank you for the drink.
You're welcome.
Do you have any, like, sourdough sticks or a basket of mixed things like wasabi peas or something like that? That Japanese snacking thing you have? No? You don't have none of that? Nothing? A lichee nut, something for me to snack upon? - Dad.
Sorry about that.
I got stuck at the hospital too long.
And I rushed out of there so quickly I didn't have time to call and tell you I was on my way.
- You still got a whole line of students waiting.
- OK.
I'll get set up.
I'll be right back.
I am so sorry, honey.
It was just crazy at the hospital.
- I called there.
- Oh? They didn't tell me.
The secretary told me you don't work there anymore - that you quit weeks ago.
- What? That's ridiculous.
She must have got me confused with somebody else.
I'm sorry.
I thought this room was empty.
We'll be out in just a minute.
Dad, where were you? I, uh I just slept through the alarm.
I'm sorry.
But you wake up at 6:00 every morning.
Everything's fine.
Dad, I saw the sleeping pills.
I know that you're taking anxiety medicine.
I will not stand here and be grilled by my own daughter.
I'm not gr I'm fine, and I can take care of myself.
It just doesn't seem like you.
I don't understand why you would quit your job and not tell anyone about it.
Look, I've accepted all of your decisions dropping premed, taking art classes.
Now you have to accept mine.
- Hey there.
- Oh, hi.
So, uh, how'd you do? Actually, pretty well.
So, what'd you get? So, will you go out to dinner with me or what? Fine.
Wanna hear something funny? Sure.
I miss her.
Of course you do.
No, I mean I really miss her.
Can you believe that? Well, I'm sure you can, 'cause I'm one of those guys.
Now, this self-pity stuff is not gonna fly.
I know you much better than that.
When you were with Fellcity you were the one who dumped her and ran off with Hannah.
You're not always the victim.
Thank you for your support.
Of course I support you.
Everything is just it's so crazy, and it's not I mean, it's not only about me, obviously.
Ruby's going through this huge thing.
But part of me wishes that I could be that person who could just put it all behind me, you know and and move on.
Who wouldn't think about how scared she must be or worry that she's getting morning sickness or that she's Ionely.
That's because you care about her.
Of course I do.
I mean it's just a little hard to reconcile that with the fact that she slept with another guy and she's having his baby.
And I'm sitting here missing her like an idiot.
Look, you know I'd hoped this had ended up differently but but you think that I should forgive Ruby.
That's what makes you special, Noel.
That's what sets you apart is that you're able to forgive.
That doesn't make you weak.
It makes you strong.
Mom, I know.
I've been busy.
I have six classes.
I miss you, too.
Can I call you back? OK.
Tell dad l I love him.
OK, bye.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You haven't told your parents? No.
I don't think that you should switch sections.
I spent the past week thinking about what you said how you want us to be together, be a couple but I can't forget that this isn't my child.
It took me a while but I understand why you choose to do this, to take this path.
I hope that you can understand that it's impossible for me to take it with you.
But I'm here for you as your friend.
I might need that.
Yeah, I know.
* Will this be enough? * * It is really late now * * Can I sleep? * * Right on the inside * * I'm glad it's over * - Hi.
- Hi.
Come on in.
* Can you see the shadows * * On the wall? * Is everything OK at the health center? Yeah.
They find out the results of the review today but I haven't talked to Greg yet.
Well, I hope everything turns out OK.
I'm sorry about what I said.
When I found out you weren't at the hospital anymore I just got this horrible feeling in my stomach.
Why didn't you tell me you'd quit? I didn't want you to worry.
I'm OK.
But, Dad, that's what scares me when you say that you're OK.
It feels like you're saying that just so I don't worry.
And I don't want you to do that for me.
I want you to tell me the truth.
I want you to trust me.
I guess I just thought that all this would just be temporary.
That I'd work here at the hospital for a few months, and your mom would call and say she wanted me to come home.
I could get back to Palo Alto, back to my life there.
But that hasn't happened.
I really miss your mother.
Have you told her that? Yes.
Dad, I'm so sorry.
* If I had a magic wand * - Hey! - Hey.
- Call Felicity.
- She called? Yeah.
She wants you to take over another one of her shifts at Dean and DeLuca.
Or you could hang that up.
What's your problem? She's into this guy Greg.
He's a total dick.
I'm telling you.
He's a total dick.
Now she's working at Dean and DeLuca less and less and with this guy more and more.
- And I think she's being an idiot.
- Oh, she's being an idiot? Yes, that's my opinion.
I think she's being an idiot.
Why do you even have an opinion? I don't know.
I just do, all right? Why haven't you told Julie, you know, that you love her? I mean.
You haven't done that yet.
Have you? No.
Well, why? Because let's be honest.
We both see it coming.
You know, the second that I say, "Julie, I love you" She's gonna smile awkwardly at me and say that she wants to be my dear friend she likes me and respects me and that she's flattered and I'll just want to kill myself.
I'd rather say nothing and keep alive the idea of it than get shot down by the girl I live with and adore.
But, uh, this isn't about me and Julie, is it? No.
I don't know.
I just I see the way that she looks at Greg.
She she admires him.
She admires that whole premed running the health center thing, and I don't have that.
Then I think about what you said about how Felicity and I shouldn't be together how I'm not ready.
But-- I really think you were wrong.
I think I'm ready.
I really do.
Then you gotta get out of here.
Tell her how you feel.
I think you're right.
I'm the smartest guy you know.
* Couldn't see much through the window splattered rain * * At a station somewhere you were sitting there * Hey.
I just wanted to find out how the review went.
- We passed.
- That's great.
Do you want to hang out for a little bit? Um yeah.
Uh you know what? One of the students we helped out last week brought this in as a little bit of a thanks.
He, uh, thought he had an S.
It turned out to be chicken pox.
He was pretty thrilled.
What is it? It's, uh, not exactly champagne, but, uh it's.
Uh just a sparkling cider.
Sure, why not? OK.
I was actually gonna call you today.
- You were? - Yeah.
It turns out your dad was right.
The guy ended up having an arrhythmia.
So I guess I owe him an apology.
Well, then I guess I won't say I told you so.
That's, uh - impressive stuff.
- Yeah.
It's very fancy, what you have there.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
* I can't help myself * * There's always been a spark * * I can't help myself * * You need me in the dark * * I can't help myself * * I love you.
Pure and plain *