Felicity s03e01 Episode Script

The Christening

* Can you become * * Can you become * * A new version of you? * * New wallpaper * * New shoe leather * * A new way home * * I don't remember * * New version of you * * I need a new version of me * * New version of you * * I need a new version of me * I hadn't seen him in three months.
Of course I was excited.
And he called me from his cellphone when he was a block away so I guess he was excited, too.
My little angel! Oh, how are you, doll?! How are you? Let me look at you.
You look adorable, as always.
Come here.
Oh! A little sugar! Oh! Be careful with those.
So, how are all your little friends? I think everyone's good, but I haven't seen anyone yet.
I'm gonna meet Julie and Elena today.
We're gonna go check out our new dorm.
And Noel? - It's weird.
I haven't talked to Noel all summer.
- What? The last time I saw him was at your wedding when he left early with your cousin.
- What do you mean, my cousin? - Natalie.
Okay, nobody told me Noel and Natalie were a thing, okay? I did not know that.
Noel has to stay away from Natalie, okay? I mean, she is a man destroyer.
She leaves behind her a trail of former men.
I'm sure he's fine.
Oh, I hope so, so much.
So, you excited about your new place? Oh, my gosh, yeah! It's a student apartment.
It's supposed to be amazing.
Okay, well, if you need any furniture, then you give me a hoot.
- Furniture? - Mm-hmm.
So the best part was Javier has this friend Mitchell, who was moving from Brooklyn to Chicago and needed to get rid of all this furniture.
I mean, this guy was using a whole studio apartment as a storage room.
Can you believe that? Mitchell said anything without a blue tag.
Oh, this one has a blue tag.
Oh, too bad.
- Javier, don't.
- Don't worry about Mitchell.
He's got a huge job at a "dot-comb.
" At a what? A dot-com, you know.
The Internet.
So, what time does Benjamin get in? I'm going crazy.
Excuse me.
I'm the manager.
We're putting this place up for rent next week, and I gotta get some measurements.
Oh, that's okay.
We were just leeching off my friend.
Excuse me.
I'm just curious.
Do you have someone lined up to rent the place? Not yet.
Is it gonna be expensive? So, tell us where you're going? Do we have to do this now? The Independent Film Channel wants to do "Docuventary," like a weekly thing, so I need your help.
Right now is not the best time, okay? It is the best time.
I need a hook for every episode.
Okay, fine.
I'm gonna meet Elena and Julie, and we're gonna look at our new apartment.
Why are you so flustered? - Sean! - Why are you so flustered Because I got to talk to them about something.
- Share that with the camera.
- I don't want to share.
I'll give you a piece of the profit.
No! Sean.
This is pretty nice.
This is a dorm? Welcome to college, Mrs.
How are you? - How was your summer? - Oh, my God.
Tracy - Sean! - What? Forget it.
I'm not here.
Just keep reunionizing.
Do it.
Keep going.
- You making another "Docuventary"? - Yes.
This is gonna be the new reality-based series.
- How are you doing? - I'm okay.
I'm good.
- Sean! - What?! Julie.
Put the damn camera down! The Independent Film Channel wants it as a series now.
I'll be shooting you for the next couple of months.
That's beautiful! That was perfect! - The other girl isn't coming for two weeks.
- She's from England.
That's all we know.
Transfer student.
This is the second-largest apartment on campus.
You have to see the guys across the hall.
Oh my God.
I've only seen one.
- Look at the size of this place.
- Oh, my God.
Is this the best place for a party, or what? You guys are gonna kill me.
What happened? I might not be living here.
- What? - I saw this apartment.
It's this tiny place in Brooklyn.
You're ditching us? When I saw this place, I had this vision of what it would be like to live there with Ben.
I took the place.
I didn't know you guys wanted to live together.
I mean, he doesn't know about it yet.
You took it without telling him? Well, I mean, yeah.
But I can get rid of it if he doesn't want to live there.
You guys, don't look at me like I'm crazy.
I just miss him, and when I saw this apartment, I couldn't think of anything more romantic than staying there with him.
Reality check.
I just spent the whole summer with Tracy, and I can tell you, what you think it's gonna be like, it's not.
Well, he might not even want to do it.
But I just had to warn you guys that maybe there's, you know, a chance that I might be living in Brooklyn this year.
I'm sorry, guys.
Okay, so if you're leaving us, who's gonna take your place? - Meghan's looking - No.
I'm just saying that's a person who needs a place.
I brought you a plant for your place.
Tell us about your amazing summer.
I spent the summer with my new boyfriend who's amazing in bed.
That's very funny.
Seriously, tell us where you've been.
I spent the summer with the maker of this documentary, in Tuscany, - and it was a mostly good time.
- Okay.
What do you mean, "good"? "Good time"? What happened to "the most amazing summer of my life"? - I think that was you.
- No, that wasn't me.
So, how was your summer? I don't want to talk about it.
Oh, come on, man.
What happened? I ended up working in Orlando.
At a certain theme park.
Oh, really? How was that? Let's just say not every female rodent character is played by a female park employee.
You're kidding.
Not so much.
We spent the summer volunteering at the Children's Hospital of Buffalo.
- It was intense.
I loved it.
- You should have seen him.
He's gonna be an amazing doctor.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I was gonna say the same thing about you.
Okay, wait.
Last spring, you guys hadn't had sex because of Tracy's religious beliefs.
No, and we still haven't slept together, which is fine.
Because it's not an issue with us anymore.
Excuse me.
We're gonna have a kegger, if you guys want to come party.
Maybe later.
So, now that you're back, are you guys worried about other students? I mean, you know, temptation.
So, tell me, are you excited to be a freshman? Oh, yeah.
I preregistered and everything.
And you know what? I can't wait to rush.
Oh, you're gonna rush? Well Okay, I don't know what it is, really.
It's, you know I just heard it's something that freshman people do.
Should I not do it? The worst part was when I started to look for Noel.
I mean, I miss the guy.
He disappeared last year with Javier's cousin.
And then it turns out he left some cryptic message on his brother's machine in June, and that's all anybody knows.
What? Are you serious? Yeah, yeah.
Remember that girl, looks like the Doritos chick? Wait a minute.
This is our hook.
What? There's no hook here.
This is my friend.
Every reality-based show needs a theme.
This is our theme, man.
This is it.
It's a mystery.
It's fantastic.
Yeah, I like how you're using Noel's abduction for selfish reasons.
What?! No, no, no, no, no.
- Richard! No, I'm not! - Just don't, Sean.
- Hey, it's a show.
- I'm going home.
I'm so mad at Noel.
I don't care where he is.
That's how mad I am.
I just I hope he's all right.
No one's heard from Noel? Nope.
No one.
- Not even Richard? - No.
You're kidding.
I was in Maine all summer.
But, you know, I expected to hear from him, at least get an e-mail or something, but no.
God, what is he gonna do, miss his senior year? What do you think of that graphic? - I don't like it.
- Why not? Because it's hokey.
And it's not funny.
What if something really happened to him? - Hey! - Hey! How are you? - I have something to ask you.
Can I just ask you? - Yeah.
I saw this apartment.
It's just the sweetest little place.
It was a storage room for someone before, and now they're gonna rent it out.
- And I just thought that - What? What? Do you want to live together? Is that a stupid idea? I mean Or is it You already took the place, didn't you? You did.
Sort of, but it will be so easy to get rid of.
The manager said there were a lot of people that wanted it.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, let's do it.
Oh, this is gonna be so much fun.
Oh, I missed you.
Yeah, I missed you, too.
This is so heavy.
Impossibly heavy! Okay.
Put it up here.
Just don't puss out on me.
We just got one more.
- Oh, my God.
Look, I know you guys don't want me staying here.
That's not true.
Like crap it's not true.
Listen, I was supposed to stay with Earl.
You remember Earl? But his parents rented the apartment to some jerk.
I don't know, my point is, that I know Sean put you up to this.
I know you're doing it more for the free furniture.
I just want to say that You know, that - You're welcome.
- Great.
You know what I mean.
- Yeah, we do.
- Okay.
Let's go get the last heavy trunk.
- So, who's this new girl? - She's from England.
That's all we know.
She'll be here in a couple weeks.
It's great, isn't it? And look at this over here.
Oh, what is that? The breakfast nook.
Oh, the breakfast nook.
Yeah, it's sort of a hellhole.
I mean, it definitely needs a good cleaning.
It's an actual hellhole.
It's just so Dirty.
It's filthy.
It's so romantic.
The electrical sockets don't work.
They surge.
Has Ben said anything to you? I care too much about her feelings to tell her what I really think.
- Do you think he likes it? - I hate it.
Yeah, he loves it.
- Really? Yeah, I hate it.
Look, the interview's over.
- Okay, here's the latest.
Noel's mother gets a phone call in mid-July wishing her a happy birthday.
But the connection's so staticky when she asks him where he was, she couldn't hear what he said.
- Oh, this is so good.
- No, it's not good.
It's scary.
Three weeks ago, Ryan, brother, gets a postcard in the mail of baseball legend Nolan Ryan with a handwritten note that says, "Saw this and thought of you, love, Noel.
" It was postmarked from Manhattan.
Oh, I get it.
Noel and Ryan.
Nolan Ryan.
Okay, I go to the housing office.
Student body president, and I have a little clout.
Turns out Noel hasn't registered for housing and hasn't submitted his first tuition check, which can only indicate that he's somewhere in the city.
And he has no intention of returning to college.
So, what are you gonna do about it? I'm gonna find him.
As God as my witness, I'm gonna find him.
Oh, no, no.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, no.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, no.
I know, I know.
You said "yes" to this? Well, I hadn't seen it yet.
- This is where she wants to live? - There it is.
What, the nook? Yeah, that's the breakfast nook.
- Okay, you got big problems.
- I know.
And I got to find a new roommate.
- What is that? - That'll probably go away.
Let's say it does go away, still, what am I gonna do? Give me a second, okay? Genius takes time.
Look at this.
Look at this water.
There's activity in the water.
All right.
This is bad.
I know, and she loves this place.
Okay, I got one really good idea.
When is Felicity getting back? She's in a seminar, so a couple hours.
Ever since I was a little kid, my mama used to say to me.
- She'd say, "Jota.
" - Jota? Yeah, that's her little "nickel" name for me.
She'd say, "Jota, study real hard, okay? Study, study, study, you know, so one day you can, you know, grow up and go to university.
" It was like a big issue with her.
Like huge deal, you know? Because no one's ever gone to college in my family.
But the thing was, I didn't want to go.
- Why's that? - Well, you know, I was young.
I wanted to party and be wild, and, you know, be experimental and stuff like that, you know.
And, you know, I This is back in the day when I had hair, you know? So, the day I'm supposed to take the Spanish equivalent of the S.
's here, I went to the beach instead with Guillermo, yeah.
It broke my mama's heart.
So that's why I want to go now.
- Your mother must be very proud.
- Well, she doesn't even know.
She doesn't know I'm going to college.
I haven't told her that I'm a freshman.
Jota, why? In December is her 65th birthday.
And for her present, I'm gonna give her one of my report cards.
Assuming that my grades are okay.
- Maybe I should go study.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Well, I'll call you later.
- Okay.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait a sec, wait a sec.
Hey, I got our first major appliance.
- Is it a coffee machine? We need one.
- Hold on a second.
What are you doing? Okay.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Apparently, the picture on this thing is unbelievable.
And as soon as we get cable, we're gonna have our own home-theater system.
And if you want, we can hook up speakers all around the room, then we can have, like, surround sound.
I think it will be great, you know what I mean? That must have been pretty expensive, right? It was.
- Sean knew a guy.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
What did you get? The, you know, just You know, shampoo and cleaning stuff, like that, you know? I'm glad I saw you.
I'm on my Could you - Could you be careful? - Sorry.
It's okay.
There was no other place to put it.
Every other socket I plugged it into sparked.
You don't think it's too big, do you? Do you? No.
You sure? - Yeah.
- All right, then.
We'll watch really romantic movies on it.
All right, I got to go.
I'll be back in a couple hours.
So we hear footsteps outside the door.
And we both freeze.
Oh, stop! It's my parents.
They're stunned, and Sean looks up, and he goes, "Mr.
And Mrs.
Rotundi, you have a really comfortable bed.
" Hello.
Hey, how's it going with Meghan? Do you hate me? No.
We're having fun.
We're painting the kitchen.
It's gonna look great.
Well, good.
- So, how's it going over there? - Really good.
Hey, you know theater five at the Angelika? Yeah.
We have a TV here that's bigger than that screen.
I thought you said your place was tiny.
Yeah, I did.
Hey, so I might need to borrow your VCR.
Have you guys christened the apartment yet? Tonight.
We're gonna have a romant Hello? What? Sorry.
I just thought I saw a bug.
But it couldn't have been a bug.
That big.
Let me see, please.
Ooh, that's pretty.
Nice and plain, right there.
That one in there.
Yes, that one.
So, no one of my relatives knows where Natalie is.
Not even Norma, and she's like the NexisLexis of the family.
Wherever Noel is has become like this unsubstantiated mystery, and I don't like it one bit.
This is pretty.
But you're not upset enough to not go shopping? Well, I forgot to get my mother a gift, so I gotta get her something.
Could we, like, inscribe in here "Made in Espana"? Can we do that please? What? - Oh, my God! - What? There's a bug.
A giant bug.
Oh, man.
You gave me a heart attack.
It's so huge.
It's under the TV.
- So what? - Not "so what.
" You got to go - Please just go get it.
- It's way over there.
- The apartment isn't big enough for "way over there.
" Please, will you just go get it? You're gonna need a little more than that napkin.
The bug can't be that big.
- Ben, the bug.
- Forget the bug.
What are they doing down there? Who cares? Let's kill the mutant roach.
And then the sound will go away.
See, the sound doesn't go away.
It went on this afternoon for, like, an hour.
Excuse me! Excuse me.
Could you cut that out, please?! I'll get the bug myself.
Excuse me.
You want to cut that out down there?! - Could you turn it off? - Ben, it's probably the pipes.
We'll call the manager.
If they keep this up, I'm gonna kick someone's ass.
I live downstairs.
I'm really sorry, but when I turn on my bathtub, what happens It's the pipes go bang.
Well, don't worry about it.
There's nothing you can do.
I'll call the manager again and tell him to fix it.
No pressure.
I mean, do it whenever you can, okay? All right.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
What? - Nice ass-kicking.
- What was I gonna do? I told you it was the pipes.
I said we could call the manager in the morning.
All of a sudden Oh, my God! - Jesus, that's a big bug.
- Oh, my God.
Okay, did you get any bug spray? The cleaning stuff.
I just got cleaning stuff.
Yeah, but that's not gonna do anything to it.
It'll disorient him and then he's gonna get the shoe.
I can hear him breathing.
Could you grab me the lamp, please? Oh! Oh, my God! Whoa! Jeez, okay.
Unplug the lamp.
- I am, I am, I am.
- Great.
Now we got a fire.
I've been through this before.
We need a fire extinguisher.
Under the sink.
Oh, my God! - I know, I know.
I'm putting it out.
- No, there's more bugs down here.
We got a fire.
I think this gets priority.
Okay, watch out.
- Now what do we do? - I don't know.
Hi, guess who came to Fire! Ay! Ooh, I don't like that TV.
Clear, clear! Down, down! Down! I hear yelling.
Is everything okay? Yeah, just a little fire.
Fire and bugs.
Okay, please tell me she doesn't live in the building.
Drop it.
Elena and I both wanted this one class, "Introduction to Emergency Medicine Research Methodology.
" It's an elective limited to 25 students.
You get in through lottery.
What they do is you get a number sealed in an envelope, 1 through 25 get the class.
The rest? Sorry for you.
We both were being real competitive about getting into the class.
So I said, "Let's wait to open the envelopes, let's go to dinner, and open the envelopes at the restaurant.
" So I agreed.
But, you know, there's too much pressure.
You know, and I got enough pressure going on as it is.
So, I opened the envelopes and got all sneaky with it.
It had the little gummy seals.
What I saw was that I got in, and Elena didn't, so The plan was if both of us got in or if neither one of us got in, we would split the dinner.
But if one of us got in, that person would pay.
So I switched the numbers.
I gave her my number because I know she really, really wanted that class.
So we ordered way too much food sort of as a joke, and then we opened the envelopes.
So, when I look at the numbers, I see I got my old number back.
She switched the numbers, see? My baby switched the numbers.
It just gave me chills, you know.
He really wanted that class.
I mean, it meant a lot to him.
I mean, he got all teary-eyed and everything.
But don't tell him I told you.
It was the best free dinner I ever had.
He punched the glass and cut his hand open.
We spent three hours at the University Hospital emergency room.
Oh, my God.
Six stitches.
Six stitches is nothing.
I got 15 in my right ass cheek.
What happened? None of your business.
Maybe living together so soon was a mistake.
Hey, don't think you're moving back in here and kicking me out.
No, I'm just wondering.
I mean, it's only been one day and already there's there's just so much stuff to deal with.
Not to mention this woman who lives downstairs.
She's so God, she's so beautiful, and Ben was like A guy.
Such a guy.
- You should have seen this rat.
- I thought you said it was a bug.
No, there is a bug, too.
So, we barely sleep all night, right? And then this morning, we wake up and we're just so cranky.
And it's just not what I thought it was gonna be, I guess.
You guys haven't gotten it on yet, huh? There have been too many distractions to get anything on.
Just like I was saying to Sean, domestication is the enemy of romance.
That is so not true.
Okay, who wants to take a relationship I.
test and compare notes? - I agree with Julie.
- What are you gonna do? I'm not gonna give up.
- Well, remember you can always move back in here.
- Thank you.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Don't bully me.
Do you mind if I lie here for a little bit? Reminisce about what it used to be like to live in this perfect environment? Sorry it's not working out.
There's just so much crap to deal with.
I mean, it's not like living here or in the dorm where everything is taken care of.
- There's just so much crap.
- Yeah, that's true.
An "apartment" is really the wrong word.
It should be called a hassle.
That way if someone says, "Hey, you want to get a hassle together," you're like, "No.
" The TV really didn't help at all because it's become this fort for all the animals and insects.
- You got to get an exterminator.
- I did that.
One came this morning.
But you know what? It's weird living with somebody.
I mean, it's not like staying in a motel where, again, everything's there and taken care of.
I mean, we had a 20-minute conversation about where to put the forks.
The forks? Yeah, the forks.
I mean, it's like, "You want the forks here?" "Wherever you want them.
Do you want them here?" "Here's good.
" Do you know what I mean? It was like nuts.
Okay, Ben.
It's been one night.
I know, but that's my point.
So, you know what? Get a new place.
I can't.
I don't have the time or the money.
The place is dirt cheap, which is appropriate.
You got to approach it the same way I do business ventures.
One step at a time.
Seriously, you can't just do it all at once.
Like with me, step one, get a great idea.
Step two, build the prototype.
And step three, testing, - which, by the way, is the crucial phase.
- So, one step at a time.
Well, the sink is leaking.
- I could fix the sink.
- There you go.
Yeah, I'm gonna go fix the sink.
I'm gonna lie down for five more minutes, okay? Okay? Yeah, lie down, Ben.
My birth father was sick.
He needed a kidney transplant.
So I tested to see if I was a match.
And I wasn't.
I got to know him a little bit, though.
He was a totally amazing guy.
He died on July 7 th.
You know, I'm just really glad I got to know him as well as I did.
I'm making rosemary chicken.
It's my mom's recipe.
Hey, how are your parents doing? They're They're getting divorced, so But, hey, let's talk about rosemary chicken.
That sounds delicious.
Ben's gonna love it.
Excuse me to bother you, but I spoke with the manager, and he told me I could not use my bathtub because the pipes might explode.
But I'm a dancer, and I really need to take a bath for my back.
Is there any way I can take your bathtub? Oh, you want to use my bathtub? Okay? Look, look, my girlfriend's on her way home.
I don't really think so.
- Please.
I'll be very soon.
- No.
Can I just see if it works? Okay.
Hey, what is that? What? That light.
That red light.
Are you videotaping us? No.
What? No, no, no, no.
You son of a bitch.
Come on, I thought it'd be fun.
That's not a good place for it.
It's such a limited angle.
You want it over here on the side, you idiot.
You know what? Don't call me an idiot, okay? I'm a documentarian.
I have a little camera savvy.
Blumberg Productions.
She's in the bathtub.
Hello? I can't hear you.
Hello? I said, "She's in the bathtub.
" Who's in the bathtub? The supermodel.
Your neighbor? Hey, is that Ben? I heard about that neighbor.
She's in the bathtub? What the hell's she doing in the bathtub? I don't know.
She just asked to use it.
Let me talk to him.
Hey, Ben.
If that girl is in your bathtub, your ass is grass.
Can you put Sean back on? I don't know what to do.
She just came in and started using it.
I could't stop her.
Okay, I guarantee that excuse is not gonna hold up.
Oh, my God, she's home.
Okay, I gotta go.
I'm Brigette Posterchek.
- Can I talk to you for a second? - Yeah.
What is she doing in our living-room bathtub? I know.
The manager didn't want her to use hers.
- That's actually your answer? - I know, I know.
She's gonna be out of here in a couple minutes.
I'm sorry.
I was planning on making you a romantic dinner, but where would you two like it? In here or out there? - I'm really sorry.
- No, it'll be fun.
I think I saw a TV out there, too.
Wait a second.
I didn't even want to be here.
The only reason I said "yes" to this is because you wanted it, not me.
You never even asked me if living together was something I'd ever thought about.
I did ask you.
You could have said "no.
" How am I supposed to say "no" after you already took it? There was no saying "no" to moving in with you.
Is that what you wish, that you would have said "no"? Well, I absolutely never would have taken this place.
Well, that's a problem that shouldn't be too hard to fix.
Look, I was trying to make this place work for me.
- Yeah, I saw the bathtub.
- I was trying to fix the pipes.
You know, I bought a coffee machine.
They found Noel? All right, so what do you got? Okay, so, I went around with these pictures, asking what people knew.
I finally found a girl who works at the Skippy Club who says she knows a guy who heard that Natalie was hanging out with a guy named Leon.
Apparently some wild guy.
So, I'm kind of nervous about going there by myself, so, you know, that's why I'm calling everybody.
The manager didn't want her to use hers.
I cannot believe that is what he said.
- Then he walked out with that girl still in the bathtub? - Yeah.
I saw that woman, okay? And she remind me a lot of my cousin.
That girl can get anything she wants, no matter what.
- He could have said "no.
" - Just don't be mad at him.
He wasn't into that girl.
He was freaked out.
He wasn't happy about it.
Okay, here we are.
My private-dick work has taken us here.
We'll hear about your dick work later.
Yeah? Yeah, is this Leon? Yeah.
Could we talk to you for a minute about a friend of ours? Guys! Oh, it is so good to see you.
Wow, you smell good.
What the hell is with this "Leon" crap? Look at your hair.
Man, who are you? Leon.
It's "Noel" spelled backwards.
It's a joke with a circle of people.
Come in.
Come on, come on.
Yeah, I'm sorry it's such a mess.
We're packing.
We're going away for the weekend.
Noel, what's going on? We've all been worried about you.
Me? Yeah? Huh.
Why? You haven't called anyone all summer.
Because we're all back in school and you're not.
Yeah, I meant to call you, I did.
Everything's just It's been so crazy.
It's been crazy?! You haven't called me all summer? You just took off.
You left me in the apartment.
I had to pack and move out by myself.
Hey, where'd you go, man? Cuba.
Yeah, how crazy is that? I mean, we went through Canada.
We were there for, like, a month, so it was Oh, hi! - Hey.
- Hey, Javier.
- Don't you "hey" me.
Are you crazy messing around with my friend's little head? We should go if we're gonna make that plane.
We'll be back Monday, probably.
Can we get together then? Just wait a second.
What about college? - I mean, I don't understand.
- Yeah, I'm not going back.
I decided this summer to let the good times roll.
I mean, I think I see what he's trying to do.
I mean, Noel's trying to be impulsive and fun.
That's what I was trying to do with the apartment.
But, God, you saw how different he looked.
Yeah, I don't know what we should do.
What did I tell you? That Natalie is trouble.
I'm telling you.
It's like the dude's been hypnotized or something.
I mean, that is not the guy I met last year.
What's a Leon, yo? I'm thinking of calling the police.
I don't really know what to say.
But I'm going back to my buddy, you know.
It's like Nam.
I'm going back in for my friend.
So, I think I'm gonna give up your friend's place.
No! Don't give up on it so fast.
There's always things you will need to fix in a new place.
Samuel and I, we had to get our whole place re-piped up.
No, I know we could, you know, fix it up eventually, but I can just tell, I mean, even after one night.
There's this pressure living together.
Not just, you know, all the stuff in the apartment, but I don't know.
It's just going through all of it together.
Yeah, well, that I cannot argue.
Whatever place you get, it's tough no matter what.
Well, I'll see you at Dean & Deluca.
Oh, no.
You are not taking the subway.
Javier, I'm fine.
I will not hear that.
No, here, please.
Thank you.
I love you.
Ooh, there's a cab for you.
Come here! Hey.
- You okay? - Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Thinking about your dad? You know what? I would really like to be alone right now, okay? Okay, well, if you want to talk So you walked out on her? Yes.
I know I shouldn't have taken off on her.
But I just I get so frustrated with that stupid apartment, you know.
I mean, I don't get it.
Somehow through all the vermin and the filth, she sees something beautiful in that place.
Well, I got news for you, pal.
Felicity looks at you through those same eyes.
Wait, wait.
Wait, wait.
- Can I come? - No.
Come on! Hey.
What are you doing? Just finishing up.
One second.
I'm really sorry about the bath thing.
I I wanted to say "no," and I should have said "no.
" And I really didn't even look when she got in.
And, anyway, it doesn't matter.
There's no excuses.
I'm just I'm sorry.
I mean, yes, there are things about this apartment I hate, but we're gonna fix those things and make this work.
We're getting rid of the cineplex.
We're gonna tell Brigette Posterchek that she has to use her own bathroom.
And we're gonna fix this, and we're gonna make this great.
I already gave up the apartment.
What? What do you mean? Yeah, I saw the manager in the hall, and it's gone.
So you can move back in with Sean, and I'll go back to the dorm.
Are you serious? You really gave it up? I was just thinking, you know, that I mean, the first two years of college were rough enough.
I mean, this year I want to have fun.
You know? Living together was a romantic idea, but just a lot of work.
Yeah, it was a lot.
A little - A little much.
- Yeah, it's a little much.
We still have the apartment for tonight, though, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
* We get it on most every night * * When that moon is big and bright * * It's a supernatural delight * You know, I was thinking that you know, maybe one day when we're out of college and all mature and ready Yeah.
You know, that it would be fun to get a place together.
You really want that? You know I would.
* They keep things loose, they keep it tight * * Everybody's dancing in the moonlight * * Dancing in the moonlight * * Everybody's feeling warm and bright * Except we'd get a really bright, sunny place with no bugs.
Yeah, and a basketball court on the roof.
And a huge art studio.
Yeah, and a TV bigger than that one.
Ah, that's impossible.
* We like our fun, and we never fight * Something big is going to happen with Noel.
And whatever it is, it's gonna be a lot of trouble.
I know this, okay.
I'm psychic.
Oh, wait! Okay, watch my head.
You all right? Don't drop me! I would never drop you.
Oh, Mr.
* Dancing in the moonlight *