Felicity s03e05 Episode Script


Previously on "Felicity.
" How I could've let her daughter go and how I could be living with her and not notice - there was a problem.
- What happened with Julie is not your fault.
We're going out with you to have fun.
Jello shots.
I lost Felicity.
Oh, my God.
Do you know how many sites there are under "Texas barbecue"? - But we gotta get them for the party.
- You're aware that's tomorrow? She's crazy about those ribs.
We stayed an extra day in Laredo so she could have them again.
Wait, you know the name of the town? Yeah, I do.
It's Laredo, Texas.
- Yeah, so, that helps, right? - Yeah, that narrows it down.
- Can I talk to you about something? - Yeah.
I'm not the kind of person who just sleeps with people or has unprotected sex.
I mean, I don't even know if I had sex last night at all.
Have you guys ever had, like, an achiness like down under? Do you mean like in Australia? Seriously, guys, I seriously have a dull ache in my testicle.
Can you not say that word? What's wrong with the word "testicle"? It just It sounds It's like whenever a woman says labia.
It should be neutral, but it's not.
You are the ones with the problem.
It's called hatred of your genitalia.
This is a high dosage of the same steroid found in birth-control pills.
They'll inhibit or delay ovulation, which will prevent you from getting pregnant.
Of course, they'll do nothing to protect you against STDs.
Oh, and need I say it? This is not to be your usual form of birth control.
Emergency contraception means emergency.
I know about the morning-after pill.
So, take 2 now and another 2 in 12 hours.
Tomorrow's your birthday.
Have a happy one.
All right, 48.
- Right, 48 ribs.
- So, the party's at 5:00? - Yes.
Oh, look, my first tech-support call.
Look at that.
That's great, man.
Okay, so, this is for real.
They're gonna be here? Yeah.
Just put your credit-card number in and heat and serve, and then there you go.
- Okay, thank you.
- Uh-huh.
I really think it's swollen.
- I really do.
- What? - Can you just check it? - What? No way.
- No way.
No way! - Please.
- No.
- Come on, just feel my nut.
- What? No, go to a doctor that feels nuts.
- Please! - Yeah, like a urologist.
- Yes, go to one of them.
- Urologist.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Okay? * Can you become * * Can you become * * A new version of you? * * New wallpaper * * New shoe leather * * A new way home * * I don't remember * * New version of you * * I need a new version of me * * New version of you * * I need a new version of me * I always thought I'd celebrate turning 20 in some really grown-up way.
Like going out with my best friends and driving to some really fancy restaurant in San Francisco.
We'd be all dressed up, and I don't know, order things like escargot and drink cocktails.
Happy birthday.
- You know what? - What? - I have to go to epistemology.
- Skip it.
Oh, I can't.
I have a test today.
- I think you should drop epistemology.
- Yeah? - You know why? - Why? 'Cause it's got a really stupid name.
Yeah, but it's a good class.
- I'm sorry.
I have to go.
- I shouldn't drop my shift anyway.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Ben, you didn't have to get Hi, this is Beta Theta Xi, right? Yeah, is Randy there? Do you know when he will be there? Okay.
No, that's okay.
I left a message yesterday.
Yeah, this is Felicity.
You want to make it a good morning? I've really got a lot on my mind.
I really do.
What do you mean? It's just the documentary.
Just, the network wants all this footage.
And they're giving me notes.
It's a lot of pressure.
Where are you going? I gotta get dressed.
I gotta go to the video rental place.
The camera broke.
I told you that.
- No.
- Yeah.
Drop your pants, please.
First I'm holding the healthy testicle, pressing very gently around the periphery.
Nothing unusual here.
- It tickles a little bit.
- That's perfectly normal.
Now let's move on to the affected testicle.
Also pressing gently.
Gentle pressure.
Gentle pressure.
You can get dressed.
Okay, so, what is it? What I'm feeling in that left testicle may just be an infection.
For that, I'm prescribing a course of antibiotics.
Great, great.
I'll stop by the pharmacy on my way home.
However, it is also possible that this is not just an infection.
So I'd like to do an ultrasound.
Really? Why? What for? To rule things out.
What things? What do you mean? Sean, we have to be certain that it's not something more.
Okay, you know what? The antibiotics will work.
- I strongly recommend we do the ultrasound.
- It's a waste of time.
It's an infection.
So I'll stop by the drugstore, I'll get my medicine.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you.
So, the senior exhibition is coming up, as you know.
And I was talking to Professor Morton about you.
And I suggested that she might want to, like, open it up a little, include some other good stuff.
And she's gonna give you a spot.
Thank you.
That's Yeah.
Do you want to know a big downside to smoking? Dry-cleaning bills.
If somebody had told me when I was 18 that I was going to have to spend all this money getting the stink of tobacco out of my clothes So, are you going to tell me, or do I have to ask? I got really drunk the other night and woke up in someone's bed.
I don't know how I got there or what happened between us.
I'm guessing you understand how moronic Yes, please, I understand.
Is it possible that somebody slipped a roofie into your drink? God, I - It happens.
- I had a lot of drinks that night.
It could have been something.
I'm just trying to find out what happened.
Just how I mean How do you How do I tell Ben that? You don't.
As long as you don't have sex till you know something, there's no reason to tell him.
I have to tell him.
Ben deserves to know the truth about this.
Why? Do you think he tells you everything? You can't have a relationship without honesty.
Let me tell you something.
Honesty is not the most important thing in a relationship.
The most important thing is to be kind.
Honesty, in some cases, like this one, is unkind.
Yeah, but I can't It feels horrible hanging out with Ben and just pretending like everything's fine.
And that is the most honest thing that you've said about this whole mess.
What? That's what this whole honesty reflex is about.
It's not for Ben's sake.
It's to make you feel better so you don't have to carry the burden by yourself.
You know, if you think of the history of the world as one hour, do you know how long human beings have been around? Like seven seconds.
- I'm so glad you're liking that class.
- Yeah.
Geology is pretty great, actually.
- Do you want a refill? - Yeah, but I'll go get it.
No, no, no.
It's your birthday.
I'll get it.
Heard you were looking for me.
Yeah, I was.
I was thinking.
You probably think I lost the Ping-Pong game Listen, I need to know exactly how we got from the Ping-Pong table to your bedroom and what happened.
- You don't remember dancing in Marcus' room? - What? No.
What happened? - After the bathroom? - I don't know.
Just, I mean You know what? We gotta stop talking about this.
- Why? - Just, please.
Hey, this is my boyfriend Ben.
How you doing? Jeez.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, I'll get it.
- I'm sorry.
- That's all right.
- This is Randy.
- Hey, Randy.
We know each other from a class.
Oh, yeah? How did it go for you this morning? It was okay.
Oh, good, good.
So, listen, I got to get back to my table.
- It was nice to meet you, Ben.
- Yeah, see you later.
See ya.
I'm sorry.
Please, tell me you're here to save me from computer hell.
Yeah, what's the problem? So, what? You're a composer? Supposedly.
Until this thing just decided to eat my entire chamber piece, which, hello, does anybody write chamber music anymore? Well, don't worry.
There's no such thing as a truly deleted file.
I mean, unless you reformatted your drive, it's in there.
Well, if you can fix this, you're a miracle worker.
That's weird.
Looks like you got some kind of virus.
- Great.
- No, it's okay.
I'll run Norton, and usually everything's retrievable.
You know, you always hear about viruses.
You don't actually get them.
I know.
Did you use to have blond streaks in your hair? Yeah.
Yeah, it was something I was trying out.
Well, it looks a lot better now.
Okay, okay.
Here's an e-mail that went out to the entire university.
Mass e-mails are usually suspicious.
So just click "run" and then "open" and Let's see.
There you go.
It's one of those stupid fraternity e-mails.
Hey, how you doing? Hello, ladies.
Please, take one.
- "Free pizza and town-hall meeting on Friday.
" - Sad, isn't it? No, this is a brilliant Democratic strategy.
- Mass appeal for mass politics.
- Hey.
You hear that? Hi, I'm Richard.
Mastermind behind the brilliance.
Oh, hello.
I'm Molly.
I'm Elena's new housemate.
You're the redcoat that drove Julie away.
- Richard! - All I'm saying is she's here, Julie's gone.
I'm gonna run.
I don't want to be late for my American rhetoric class.
- Meet you back at home.
- Okay.
Nice to meet ya.
Hey, come on Friday, would ya? Maybe.
- Now, that is a woman.
- As if you would know.
Buxom, fashionably attired, passionate about politics.
- Can you make it happen? - Make what happen? - Me and the Brit.
- Richard, no! Hey, you don't think I can handle her? You don't think a chick like that would dig a guy like me? Well, you're wrong.
One date.
That's all I need.
Make it happen.
Hi, I'm looking for Randy again.
Okay, this is important.
Please, just tell him that I need to talk to him as soon as possible.
Yes, this is Felicity.
From the party, right.
Okay, thanks.
How's it going? Great.
- What is that? - It's a cake.
In theory, it's a cake.
I took too many shortcuts, though.
How did that doctor go? Well, I have an infection, and I gotta take antibiotics.
That sucks.
You know what I'm thinking about doing? Man-on-the-street stuff.
You know, for the documentary.
Like vox populi.
- Oh, yeah.
Vox populi? - Yeah.
- I don't know what that is.
- I didn't think so.
Hey, listen.
Meghan came by Dean & Deluca today to talk.
- What? - Yeah, she thinks you not having sex had something to do with her.
Are you gonna tell her about the infection? No.
No, I'm not gonna tell my girlfriend that my testicle's inflamed.
Why not? Because it's embarrassing.
Because there's some things you want to keep to yourself.
All right.
I mean, the last thing a girl wants to hear is that her boyfriend's got problems with his package.
Trust me.
Oh, my God! How can they do that?! Is that legal to do that?! Apparently, fraternities do this kind of stuff all the time.
You really don't remember anything that happened? No! That's what I've been trying to find out.
How am I gonna tell Ben that I can try to delete it from his e-mail.
I mean, it's not that hard.
I'm just gonna have to tell him.
I have to tell him now.
I'm just gonna tell him about everything.
The STD tests, the morning-after pill.
Okay, you're gonna tell him now? No, you can't tell him now.
- Why? Why not? - Because.
I mean, you don't even know what happened.
And besides, it's your birthday.
You know, happy birthday, if I haven't said it already.
And he's got this whole thing planned, and you wouldn't want to ruin that.
You know, I know you.
I mean, so And there's no way he's gonna see it tonight.
So you have to wait.
Yeah, at least until tomorrow.
I don't think I can wait all night.
Look, I know I haven't been myself this year, and I'm sure my advice-giving license has probably been revoked, but I'm pretty sure that I'm right about this one.
I have the champagne! Everything looks good.
Ben's checking the cake.
Ladies pouring drinks.
All right.
So, Molly, what do you want to say to Felicity on her 20th birthday? Happy birthday, Felicity.
You are living proof that not all Scorpios are manipulative, vengeful, and obsessive.
- It's not me.
It's Sean, isn't it? - What do you mean? Well, it just occurred to me that this is how I acted when I got crabs from that performance artist.
- Yeah, I don't need those details.
- Is Sean cheating on me? What?! No! No way.
He's never been happier since he's been with you.
Really? I guess I am kind of a mold breaker for most guys.
Hey! How's it look? Not like birthday cake.
Those are my ribs.
That's my ribs.
Let me get this.
- Hello! - Hey.
- Hi! Hello.
- How are you doing? I'm like Santa Claus.
I never come empty-handed.
- What is this? - That is the birthday tiramisu.
Oh, Javier, that's amazing.
I know, I have like a sixth sense for cooking disasters.
Yeah, that's great, man.
Hey, my God! Okay.
- Excuse me.
- All right.
- Where are the ribs? - They're gonna be here.
That's gotta be them.
- Hey! - Hey.
- That's a nice welcome.
- Sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't feel bad.
We were hoping you were ribs.
That's gotta be the ribs.
That's the ribs! Moment of truth! I got a rush delivery for a Ben Covington.
- Yes, it's me.
- Sign there.
- That's all you got? - That's it.
There you go.
There's nothing more down in the truck? That's it.
Bon appetit.
Oh, Benjamin.
My sixth sense is tingling.
Oh, you're screwed! - What is this? - No, I don't know.
I clicked "ribs.
" Not book, ribs.
I thought I clicked "ribs.
" I gotta go.
I gotta go meet Felicity.
Okay, this is called a What I need is a list of ingredients that are available to me to use, okay? And, please, clear off all this clutter.
Too much knickknacky stuff, okay? And please put on some music.
Nothing like classic rock.
No B.
- Hey! - Hi.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- What? - I haven't opened your present yet.
- I'm sort of saving it.
- That's all right.
Come on.
You know what? I think I forgot my wallet.
Do you mind if we go back to the loft for 2 seconds? - Sure.
- Come on.
Okay, folks, we are at "T" minus 10 minutes.
Come on.
Hold on! What are you doing? - No, no.
Don't we have real tomatoes? - No.
It's all we got.
Use the can.
Are you kidding me? I love "Doctor Who.
" I even went to the convention in Surrey.
Yeah, but I bet you're a John Pertwee chick.
Oh, please.
Is there any other doctor apart from Tom Baker? - Tom Baker? - Oh, yeah.
I have his autograph.
- No way! - Way.
- I can't believe they're getting along.
- I know.
And I thought she was just being polite.
Okay, enough with the stirring, okay? It's not a witch's brew.
It's pasta! So, Meghan, what do you want to say to Felicity on her 20th birthday? I don't want to say anything.
I want to talk to you.
- Can you turn that thing off? - No.
No, I'm working.
Come on.
- You know, we don't have to go out tonight.
- What are you talking about? This place is amazing.
You're gonna love it.
We have arrival.
Let's move! I'm so excited! You see that? She's into me.
it's not because of my political clout, either.
Move it! Move it! - Ben, I need to tell you something.
- Well, sure.
What is it? - Surprise! - Surprise! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe this.
Happy birthday! Come on, come sit down.
Take your jacket off.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Sit right here in the special chair.
- I can't believe this.
- Happy birthday, sweetheart! I can't Oh, my God.
Thank you.
- Hey, anybody feel like dancing? - Thank you.
- I'm gonna take you for your dinner tomorrow.
- Sure.
Okay, I have to insist that we eat now, because cold pasta, you might as well recycle, you know? Come get some food.
- Be right there.
- You didn't tell him? - No.
- I'm really sorry.
- That's okay.
Here you go.
- Thank you, Javier.
- Aw, you're so welcome.
Oh, my gosh.
So, you're 20 now.
How does it feel? Great! It feels great.
Happy birthday.
Oh, under.
Oh! We're all good.
- Do you have crabs? - I got the pasta.
Do you have an STD and that's why you won't have sex? Meghan, no, I don't have an STD.
Why are you making such a big deal out of this? A guy's allowed to not be in the mood, right? - Do you want another drink? - No, thanks.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
- You want to come sit down? - Yeah.
My buddy in Ann Arbor will settle this once and for all.
I'm sorry.
I know for a fact that Sarah Jane is the only sidekick Tom Baker ever had.
- You're so wrong.
- I'm so right.
- What are you guys doing? Molly, here, thinks the BBC is her birthright, and I have an e-mail that's about to prove her wrong.
Do you really think that now's the best time to check your e-mail? Yes.
It'll only take a few seconds.
And then Molly will know who the Whomaster really is.
- I'll be back in a second, okay? - Okay.
Don't open that one 'cause I know there's a virus.
I'm not one of your clueless clientele.
I know how to work a computer.
All right, I'm gonna give a little toast.
Okay, man.
This will only take a few seconds.
Holy crap! Ben.
Oh, that's not real, is it? - Can I talk to you? - No, no, no, no, no.
What the hell is that? Can we just go talk outside for a second? That's that guy, right? The guy we saw at Epstein Bar.
What's his name? Randy.
Yeah, I know.
I should have told you this when we saw him.
Tell me now.
What happened? There were these drinks, - and I don't know what was in them.
- Who gave you those drinks? Did Randy? I don't know.
I can't remember.
And Ben, wait.
Ben! What do I do? Okay, I can handle this, okay? I think we all need to take a moment and have some tiramisu.
- Hey, where's Randy? - Unless you live here, you should knock.
- Where's Randy?! - Is there some problem? - Yeah.
Where the hell is he? - Randy's not here.
What's up? Which one of you guys sent out that e-mail? - Dude, what's the issue? - Who sent the picture of my girlfriend naked? - Who did that? - Do you mean Felicity? - Did you send that picture? - You just better back off.
- Just tell me who sent out the picture! - Is that your girlfriend? - Yes! - Because she slept with Randy.
What? I'm sorry, man, but that's what happened.
Yeah, and she wasn't exactly acting like she had any other commitments.
Well, that was a memorable evening.
It gives me a psychic chill.
It gives me physical disgust.
Felicity and that frat guy? Some people.
Some people are just stains.
You know what I think? I think you're a Puritan.
Really? Yeah.
You know, like Arthur Dimmesdale.
Maybe I should play Hester Prynne.
You know? Hey, wait.
Whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
In case it slipped your mind, I happen to be student-body president.
- So? - So, I Uh, um I can't I can't be involved with a sex scandal.
It would ruin me.
Oh, no.
No, we can be really discreet, okay? Hey, wait a minute.
You don't know anything about me.
You don't know where I'm from.
You don't know what my mom does for a living.
You don't know my middle name.
You can't just Is it Christopher? Who tipped you off? Did I get it right? My enemies are everywhere.
Just Listen, I know that you've been wondering what's up.
And I didn't want to tell you this, but I don't know.
After seeing what happened with Felicity and Ben I don't think we should have secrets between us.
Yeah, that would be interesting.
I have a sore nut.
- Huh? - Testicle.
They call them testicles, but whatever.
I went and I saw a urologist about it.
And he thinks that, you know, it might be infected, and so, I'm taking antibiotics.
That's it? You freak, that's why you've been shutting me out? Yeah, pretty much.
What else did the doctor say? Nothing.
He said that he might want to do an ultrasound just to rule out any The Emperor.
- The Emperor.
- What? It showed up earlier tonight, upside down, which means weak character.
It's the kind of guy who covers the window with a blanket so he doesn't see the approaching army.
The guy who doesn't want to face facts.
Okay, you know what, I'm still here on Earth.
- You can't ignore something that could be serious.
- I'm not.
- No, it's nothing.
- Then why don't you get the ultrasound? - I'm on antibiotics! - Are they helping? - Sean! - I'm not taking the damn ultrasound.
Will you do it if I ask you to? No.
Then you're an idiot.
First, for not telling me what's going on and now for not doing the only smart thing.
I'm going home.
Okay, so, that's great.
You're going home.
Because of some stupid cards? Hey.
A Scotch, please.
Straight up.
Never ordered that before.
So, what's up? What are you doing here? Thank you.
You know, regardless of whether we like to admit it or not, you and I have actually become friends.
I take that silence as a confirmation.
As your friend, I don't want to see you make the same mistake that I did.
So, what, you think you know something about me and Felicity 'cause you dated her two years ago? Look, we've both had our share of nights.
You know? What does that mean? What are you talking about? I mean, dumb, drunken nights where we did some boneheaded thing that we'd never do if we were sober.
Thank you.
That's what this is.
It has nothing to do with you.
There are some things you don't know about.
Is that it? Mnh-mnh.
I have one more thing to say.
If you push her away because of this, you're gonna regret it later.
And that I know for sure.
* What I do * * Going under * * Getting over you * * Anything * * Is better than this sorrow * We should talk about what happened.
I know.
- Where did you go? - I went to the frat house.
Ben, I'm so sorry.
- I know I should have told you.
- But you didn't.
You should have, but you didn't tell me.
I got so drunk at that party.
- I can't.
I can't.
- No, Ben.
- I know that's not an excuse.
- Then don't say it then! Don't do that! - I completely blacked out.
- That's what you should tell me! Don't lie! Don't pretend that guy you slept with was some guy from some class! All I know is that I slept in his room.
I don't even remember what happened.
You want to know what happened? You slept with him.
You had sex with him.
I didn't see you there.
The door was unlocked, so I We need to talk.
Yeah, your boyfriend came by.
How could you send those pictures to everyone? I just introduced you to my boyfriend.
Did you do that on purpose? Hey, I swear to God I didn't send those things out.
- I mean, it wasn't my decision.
- Randall! What's up, man? Well, well, well.
Look who's back.
The Ping-Pong Queen.
So, you coming back for the championship? No, no.
I don't think so.
Dude, where's the coffee at, man? Could you give us a minute? You got it, player.
Look, I just want to ask you something, and then I'll go.
Were we at least safe? Yeah, we were as safe as you can get.
I mean we didn't have sex at all.
What? Yeah, you were really sick, so I just put you to bed.
I mean, yeah, I wanted something to happen.
It's just But you were a train wreck.
Wait a second.
We just slept? Sadly, for me.
The next morning, the guys, my brothers, they just assumed, you know, so I thought, "Who cares?" I mean, no one will get hurt, and they'll think I'm a wicked stud.
We just slept.
I gotta start locking that door.
Okay, why when I wanted you to take care of my nose, did you tell me I was this big baby? - But now that I'm dealing with this on my own - No, no, no.
Let's get something straight.
Pretending something doesn't exist does not qualify as dealing with it.
And you know it.
You know what? I'm sorry about last night.
I'm just having some trouble with the idea that, you know, I might actually have some kind of problem.
But I made an appointment this morning with that doctor.
I'm gonna do that ultrasound.
And I'm asking if you'll come with me.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
I'm getting a new tattoo.
What? Oh, Sean.
I'm kidding.
Of course I'll go with you.
Yeah? Yeah, you do.
Thanks, man.
You do get to see an unusual side of student life.
I mean, that's what I like about it, the diversity.
What about that music major? Oh, yeah, Jason.
Well, he He's not really unusual so much.
He just likes me, which is annoying.
You know, there is one weird thing about him.
It's like his dorm room is this zone of disturbing imagery, you know? I don't know.
The first time I was there, I saw that disturbing frat e-mail.
- Right.
- Right? The last time I was there, I saw something else.
It's actually illegal to burn candles in your dorm room.
Oh, God! Yeah.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I just Forget it.
I used to be an R.
, so I Right! Yeah.
- This is Bach.
- Oh, wow.
Yeah, the "Fourth Cantata.
" It's nice.
I have two tickets to the Philharmonic Bach Festival Friday at 7:00.
Do you want to go with me? Do you have a crush on me? Yes.
See, I'm flattered.
I am, but I'm also straight.
Don't worry about it.
And My computer is fine.
Yeah, I kind of figured that I was You take care.
You too.
You see this here? This darker area? Yeah.
Is that bad? Well, that definitely means it's an inter-testicular mass.
Mass? You mean, like a lump? Some sort of growth, yes.
At this point, I recommend a surgical procedure to determine whether or not the mass is a carcinoma.
You might want to get a second opinion.
That's fine.
But do it quickly.
If it is malignant, we need to take it out as soon as possible.
Can you ask Meghan to come in for a second? Yeah.
Of course.
What the hell's going on with you? You keep looking at me like I have hair implants.
No, no.
I'm sorry.
So, hey, how'd it go with Molly last night? - Thanks.
- Thank you.
That chick kind of freaks me out.
Yeah, she was trying to work some voodoo on me.
It wasn't happening.
Yeah, well, I guess you're either susceptible to voodoo or you're not.
Yeah, don't get me wrong.
She's one hot babe, you know.
I'm not into the ultra-aggressive thing.
I get it.
I understand.
There you go again.
What? No, I'm not staring at you.
I'm not.
Just now.
Your eyes went - Weird.
- It's not.
No! We're talking.
No, come on.
Here we go.
I do not care.
Now, I can't just sit there, you know, and just watch you throw out the bathwater with the baby.
- Javier.
- No.
No, no, no.
Just listen to me.
Both of you.
Okay, now you got me all emotional.
You two have such a rare and special love.
And I can't stand to watch you just blow it in the wind.
So, Felicity, I'm going to punch you in, and I'm going to pay you both to stand here and talk until you make it up.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to call my Samuel.
You can go out the back.
I'm not gonna tell Javier.
- Can I just talk to you for a second? - No.
I don't want to talk now.
Ben, you never talked to Randy.
You only heard from those guys.
- I don't want to talk, okay? - I finally talked to him today.
He said it wasn't true, that we did nothing.
- Nothing happened.
- And you believe him? You said you were so drunk you don't remember anything.
I do.
Ben, I believe him.
I mean, I didn't think anything happened.
I went to that clinic.
I took all the tests.
Everything came back negative.
You got wasted, you woke up in some guy's bed, and then you lied to me.
All right? You lied to me.
Just let me explain.
Okay, one of us is gonna go.
Is it gonna be you or me? Fine.
I'll go.
* It really is a miracle * * That I have come this far * * Without a hope, without a prayer * * Without a guiding star * * In spite of my nativity * * And many dreams betrayed * * I know I would not be here now * * But for mistakes I made * * But for mistakes I made * * Who knows who I might be * * Some other heart, some other soul * * Some other destiny * * But for the times I took * * A wrong turn unafraid * * I might have missed it all * * But for mistakes I made * * I might have missed it all * * But for mistakes I made * * I made * * I made *