Felicity s03e10 Episode Script

Final Touches (a.k.a. Let's Get It On)

Previously on Felicity: I miss you.
I hope so.
I've worked so we can be a couple.
But have you done anything? - Have you tried at all? - I lost a testicle.
We have a new roommate.
Molly's boyfriend's moving in for a little while.
Come here.
He's got a gun.
Do you know that? I want you to get help.
And that's how you're gonna help me by kicking me out.
No, Molly, wait.
What? Yes? - Professor Boyden? - Yes.
Hi, I received something, I'm sure it's a mistake from the registrar's office that said I never dropped your class.
Which class? Intro to Western Thought.
- And your name is? - Felicity Porter.
I was assigned the class at the beginning of the semester, but I took Professor Fisher's Drawing instead.
- I sent the drop class form in and everything.
- They never got it.
You're in my class and you're going to fail.
I'm gonna what? You missed three quizzes and a test.
No but I dropped the class.
I probably just need to go talk to the office again.
I'm sure this is a mistake.
It's December, it's too late to drop a class.
This is Please, this is a nightmare.
Please, tell me something I can do.
I don't know.
The final How much does the final count for? - What percent of the grade? - 50.
So if I got an A on the final I could pass the class? You've never been to class.
Students that have been to class all semester won't get an A.
- Megan? - What? Two and a half months ago you were going to the post office.
I gave you two envelopes to put in the mail box, a letter to Sally and this university form, dropping - a class that I had been assigned.
- I'm taking a shower.
Did you mail those? You didn't mail those, did you? God! This is so exactly what you think of me, isn't it? We live together, and we talk more than we used to, but when it comes down to it, you think I'm just some irresponsible Wiccan who can't be trusted with the simplest thing.
Did you mail those letters or not? - I was in there.
- I know.
- You gave me your letters.
- Did you mail them? Yes, I put them with the stuff I had to mail, including my subscription to Wiccan Press Monthly.
I put them in this drawer, my second desk drawer where I put all the stuff I have to do.
I don't understand what happened, they said they never got it.
I'm sorry.
- Are you kidding? - What? I said I was sorry.
I have to take a final now.
- You're smart, you'll pass.
- I can't believe you.
No wonder I never got any issues.
Would you mail this too? * Can you become * * Can you become * * A new version of you * * New wallpaper * * New shoe leather * * A new way home * * I don't remember * * New version of you * I need a new version of me * * New version of you * * I need a new version of me * No.
I took that class, you're not gonna fail.
Ben, I have to learn a semester's worth of philosophy in three days, - how does this happen? - Her name is Megan, that's how it happens.
Plus I have that meeting for that thing with Noel.
- So, drop the thing with Noel.
- No, I'm gonna do the thing with Noel, I've just gotta talk to someone else at the registrar's office.
It'll work out.
I'm just gonna get the rest of my stuff.
Molly, come on, you know we don't want you to leave.
You went with Ben before to get help, why don't you do that again? Mind your own business, OK? Come on, Molly, what are you doing? Don't worry about me.
It was only our first try.
We can try again.
Sean, it's not that big a deal, we just have to give it some time.
We've given it some time.
Well, we have to give it more time.
But Megan, it's been like four weeks.
OK, that's the only thing that concerned me.
Oh, hi, it's just me, the most brilliant president in student body history.
Did you guys just have sex? Are you about to? What's up? What? OK, great.
The student fund is low, right? I was just on the subway thinking, what can - I, Student Body President, do to help? - Resign? A calendar.
I'm gonna make a calendar of like the hottest, most scantily-clad chicks at the University.
- That's smart.
- The best ideas are so obvious.
- But I'm gonna need some help.
- I was kidding.
You're gonna alienate half the population, you gotta have two calendars, - one for women and one for men.
- She's right.
All right.
I have no problem picking the female gender but I can't choose the guys.
I don't know when a guy's cute.
Me still not being gay.
I'll pick the guys.
- Right, as if you know when a guy's cute.
- Thanks, Richard.
What's his problem? You can be so insensitive.
Hey, what's going on with you guys? Hey! Are you gonna help me with this thing or not? Guys? Can I come up? Oh! You know what it is? It's cute.
Which is rare for us, we're usually offensive.
- The stuff on the site, it's really funny.
- Yeah, but it's offensive.
I love our cartoons, but some of them are just really unpleasant.
- Have you seen Queer Duck? - Yes.
You know what I'm talking about.
Grab a seat here.
So, how long have you two been working as a team? We're actually just friends.
This is the first project we've ever worked on together.
You should take my classes.
Noel showed me the animation you did, - it was great.
- Thank you.
Anyway, I talked to John, he liked your thing too.
The problem is we've got one slot left for production and two other ideas competing for it.
So what do we have to do to get the slot? The other ideas are presenting on Friday that's basically just a detailed outline of the first cartoon and two or three paragraph descriptions of the next 20 episodes.
- 20? - Yeah, we record 21 episodes at a time.
And this is by Friday? I know it's a lot.
- No problem.
- Noel We can do this.
- We can totally do this.
- Good, OK.
Hope so, cause this'll be fun.
- You didn't get that one right.
- Yes I did.
- Oh, no you didn't.
- Oh, yes I did.
- Only you would put carboxylic acid.
- Mara talked about carboxylics two weeks ago.
Yeah, once, two weeks ago.
I guarantee you no one here gave that as an answer.
- No one here got it right.
- Right.
So, ah This is the part where we usually go grab a bite then go to the park and hang out for a while, then go back to your place or mine and make out till it drove us insane.
- But right now it's a mess, isn't it? - Doesn't have to be.
It's not your place to say.
- I spoke to my minister about it.
- Really? Yeah.
I had to use all types of creative language to describe the situation, but you know, I think I conveyed the general idea.
- What did he say? - She said a mouthful.
But the thing that resonates is I have to decide whether or not to let go of the past, and I have to decide whether to forgive or not.
You don't know how much I hope you do that.
We haven't had this conversation yet, so, I thought I should say it and make it officially official.
Friends? OK, well, that's a start.
Right on.
- OK, I'll see you.
- OK.
I have to learn this giant book on Western thought in three days.
- I remember, I hated that book.
- What did you get on that final? I got a C.
I sucked it up in that class.
And the guy at Ice Box needs us to come up with 21 ideas by Friday.
You gotta drop that thing with Noel, you have to.
- But it's cool, I kinda like it.
- Well - But I know you're right.
- Yeah, I am, I'm right.
I have to say "Noel, I'm sorry but I cannot do it.
" - I can't do everything.
- No, you can't do everything.
This sounds all right, right? - You are saving my life.
- What do you mean? I'm not kidding, I was half asleep the other night and I had this vision of my life, of my future apartment, you know? Like, brick walls, and a great view of the Woolworth Building.
My own little home office graphics company and there was - this schedule book on the table- Speaking of schedules.
Wait, here's the good part.
In my vision there were like half a dozen job offers and I got them all because Loser Pet Store was a phenomenon.
And you were working with me.
- Oh.
I was? - That's unbelievable.
Oh, yeah.
And we can trace it all back to the moment you and I decided to do this.
I'm not kidding, I literally think that she's making my life right now.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah.
You guys sit tight, I'm buying.
- Way to lay down the law.
- I gonna tell him, OK? I will.
Oh, hey.
Look, about this morning, I just wanted to apologize.
I was still really angry.
That's OK.
And I know it's really difficult for you to understand about me and James.
Do you wanna sit down? No, thank you.
James is actually coming in to meet me.
I wanted to say that it's not that I don't appreciate all you're trying to do, but I can't just walk away from him.
Just as long as you're taking care of yourself, too.
I know.
I will.
Hey, you.
What are you doing? Nothing.
Let's go.
Just hanging out with your friends who kicked you out of the apartment? No.
Let's go.
Yeah, you guys are really good friends.
Great friends.
What's going on? Look, it's another one of your friends.
- Just let it go, man.
- We were just talking.
She doesn't need to talk to you, OK? She doesn't need any of you.
- I'm really sorry about this, guys - Don't apologize to them.
Let's go.
Stay away from her.
Don't even talk to her.
I'm gonna explore that thing more with the parrot, the dog All right.
- We got some good stuff today.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I didn't wanna wake you up.
- That's OK.
- Go back to sleep.
- OK.
You didn't tell him, did you? You saw how important this thing is to him.
What about what's important to you? You can't work with him until 1:30 in the morning and then start studying, it's too much.
I know.
Why don't you tell him you can't do it? 'Cause it's something I really wanna do.
Then, good luck.
- What's your major? - Poli Sci.
- Not bad.
- Poli Sci.
Are these real? What do you think? Thanks for coming in.
Would you call the next guy, please? - How did he feel? - I'm just doing my job.
- You think I like looking at these guys? - No.
I think you love it.
- It's for the calendar.
- Right.
Hey, guys, moving on.
Your name and year? Veronica Temple and I'm a senior.
She's a senior.
- How bout your likes and dislikes.
- Yes, good.
- If any.
I love walking barefoot on the beach.
Who doesn't? - Cuddling.
- Cuddling.
And praying for world peace.
- And I don't like loud people.
- Who? OK! Thanks for coming in.
- Wait one second.
We have to see her in a bikini.
- Yeah.
I mean, it's for the calendar.
Right? Oh, buddy.
Pick a month.
What's your favorite month? - Name one.
- June.
That's great, June.
- Summer.
- Thanks, June.
Uh, Veronica.
Thank you.
We'll call you.
June it is.
- We have her number, right? - Yeah.
I have her number.
Well, now I know what to get you for Hanukkah.
A drool cup.
- What are you talking about? - Should've seen the way - you were staring at her boobs.
- At least I wasn't touching her boobs the way you were touching Dirk's.
Walking barefoot on the beach and praying for world peace are her likes? - Why not just say oxygen and gravity? - Ok, look, don't get mad at me just 'cause she's hot.
OK? Then sleep with her.
I need a break.
What the hell's going on with you guys? - Nothing.
Fine, don't tell me, but please try to act professional, you're creepin' out the models.
And the president.
He's dealing again.
I overheard him talking with somebody on the phone.
And he's using again, too.
Sad to say, so am I.
I know it's wrong, but when I'm with him I just I can't help myself.
Can I talk to you for a second? I can't, I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
Listen, Molly, this is getting stupid, he's dealing again.
What are you doing? Like I said, he's just doing this temporarily.
To get by.
He said he's gonna get clean, - he promised me he's gonna get clean.
- And you believe him? I have to, Ben.
I love him.
Where's the zoom on this thing? Can you see me OK? I mean, I've got a really nice body.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, we can all see that.
- Hey! Gimme the camera back.
- Excuse me, I'm talking to Joe.
- Joe? - Yeah? What is your major? Ok, you know what? - You're spending too much time talking to Joe.
No offense, Joe.
- None taken.
What do you care how long I talk to Joe? - What's going on? - Nothing.
- Thank you, we'll call you.
- OK.
No, not nothing, you're bickering.
You're like my parents.
And when you meet them you will not be flattered.
What are you guys doing together? Dropping off your keys, don't give us a hard time.
How's the calendar thing going? Good.
It'd be a lot better if it weren't for yick and yack here.
- Can I check that out, please? - Just don't check it out too much.
I gotta go to class, so I'll give you a call? Better do that.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye.
So, all these girls go to this school and want to be in your calendar? Mm-hm.
Student fund is low.
They're loyal to their school.
Plus they're hot.
- Look at that one.
- Show him that one.
- Hey.
- Look at that one.
What? - Take off your shirt.
- Meghan! Shut up.
Do it.
You're in.
Another idea I had was the arrival of the dyslexic parrot.
He's earnest, well intentioned but he gets everything wrong.
- Oh, that's good.
- And I had an idea where he goes to the dog for advice but the dog thinks he's coming onto him 'cause he's going through that sexual crisis.
- OK.
- Yeah.
How bout your ideas? OK, let's see here.
Maybe one where all the characters meet.
Yeah, I already said that one.
OK How about one where the dog gets worms.
Yeah, and they become friends.
Said that one, too.
Look, are you, uh, OK? Cause this project is really important to me.
And it just I don't know, it seems like you don't care that much.
What? Look what's wrong? I just didn't get much sleep, I just didn't sleep last night, that's all.
I'm just, whoo.
I'm sorry.
The only reason I'm being so pushy about this is - 'cause we're under such a deadline - I know! I know.
- You know what? I don't know what is wrong with you - Nothing is wrong, let's just work on Pet Store.
Let's just get this stupid thing out of the way.
This stupid thing? I'll just do it myself.
Noel, wait.
Noel, wait.
Wait a second.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Something happened.
Can I come back please? - Yeah, hang on.
- OK.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's what's the problem? - What's the problem? - Yeah.
Felicity's the problem, Or Felicity's got a problem, or her problem's become my problem, I don't know.
OK, but what happened? She's not being a very good friend is what happened.
Ok, I mean, yes, I'm grateful.
The Loser Pet Store idea was her concept, but you know what? Good ideas only get you so far, they don't get you the job.
What's going on with her? She's usually so reliable, now, it's like she's not even there.
She's just, I don't know.
She's what, overloaded? No, that's not it.
I don't have time to figure out Felicity.
You wanna know what happened? What's goin' on? She's been busting her ass trying to help you and stay on top of her own classes.
And she found out last week that she can't drop Western Thought.
Boyden's class.
So, if she wants to pass the class, she has to get an A on the final.
So on top of all of her own work, on top of helping you, she's been cramming for that test all week.
- She has to get an A on the final? - Yes.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, well, she didn't wanna abandon you.
Even though that's what I told her she should do.
- You told her she should abandon me.
- Yeah.
That was nice of you.
Hello? Really.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
I'll come over right now.
- I gotta go.
- What's going on? - I'll tell you later.
- You all right? - Yeah.
So I walked back into the hotel room where we're staying and um and he pulls a gun.
He pulled a gun on you? Are you kidding me? He had no idea it was me.
He was really, really high.
It doesn't matter.
That's not an excuse, Molly.
I know.
He doesn't even know that I've left.
I mean, he's going to be so mad.
Molly, don't worry about him.
Is it wrong of me to want to go back to the hotel? - No.
- Don't even think about the hotel.
- I shouldn't have left him like that.
- Why not? You know what, guys? I thought I was strong enough to do this, but I'm not, and I can't stand it that I cannot make this right.
All right.
Just try to think about Try to think about what Alicia was talking about last week and the week before, that you can't fix anybody but you.
All right, you gotta fix yourself here, not him.
You have no idea what this is like.
To love somebody so much, you know? To need them, to not even know whether you can breathe without them.
Molly, the guy's carrying a gun.
All right, he's got a gun.
You can't go back there.
I'm so scared.
But going back to James isn't gonna make that feeling go away.
What if something really bad happens to him? If you go back there, something bad might happen to you.
What was wrong with the last guy? The last guy, um I don't know.
He was missing a certain something.
- Um brains.
- Brains? What about Connie, who you loved.
- Connie was smart.
- Oh, my God, smart! The only thing smart about that girl was her outfit, which I admit had a certain flair.
But she, however, was a dunce.
OK, you know what? You're wrong.
- No, you're wrong! - I'm not wrong! OK, shut up! God, if I have to spend anymore time in this room with you two, I'm gonna cut off my head.
Just, guys, what the hell is going on? - It's obvious.
- Megan, this is our problem.
It's called sexual tension.
- Oh, all right.
I get it.
- Meghan.
You guys haven't had the sex since your surgery.
I don't' want to talk about this in front of Richard, OK? - Thanks a lot.
As if I brought it up.
- You don't want to talk with me either.
That's because there's nothing to talk about, OK? You know, when it's time, it's time.
I got news for you.
It's time.
OK, you know what? I'll see you guys later.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's his problem? - His penis, apparently.
Did Tracy tell you where he was going? No, but, hey, look at this.
Excuse me.
What is this? Yeah, he's gonna be in the school calendar.
Isn't that great or what? No, nuh-uh.
This is not gonna happen.
What? No, hey, he was the best chunk of hunk we saw all day.
He's a sensitive, religious man.
You can't make a mockery of that.
OK, then I'll put something really sweet underneath, like, um, "Virgin: Proud of it.
" There.
Problem solved.
Richard, please.
You can't do that.
If you do that, every girl in school will be - after him and then I won't have a chance.
- Listen, it's his call.
Go talk to him.
It's not like he'll have sex with her anyway.
- You all right? - Yeah.
I just know that he's looking for me.
Well, he's not going to show up at a rehab clinic.
I think you're safe.
Well, maybe they'll let me stay here then for like, a couple of years.
- You know what's funny? - What? Well, we do these things.
We go to the Al-Anon meetings and we come here, but, we do that but I don't really know you at all.
And you know what's ironic? The fact that somebody that doesn't know me is probably doing the nicest thing that anybody's ever done for me.
You have no idea how horrible I feel.
I'm the worst friend.
I was only thinking about myself, clearly.
- And I'm really sorry for that.
- But the truth is I should have told you.
Yes, you should have.
But look, if you're mad, I don't blame you.
Because I was sort of a jerk, so OK, OK, enough groveling.
- Apology accepted.
- Thank you.
You know, the real reason this mattered to me I was really looking forward to doing this with you.
- That's all.
- And I am, too.
Look, I don't want to just blow off Loser Pet Store.
I mean, maybe there's a way Morrison can give us an extension.
- Even if it was for a few days.
- Probably, yeah.
I mean, they can see the others first and then ours, and then make their choice.
'Cause then I could do both which you know I really want to do.
I know.
I know.
I can tell.
Hi, Professor Morrison.
Um, Howard, it's Noel Crane.
Yeah, things are going really good.
We got some really good stuff.
Yeah, we're really excited, too.
So, actually, that's the reason I'm calling, is because we have so much good stuff.
I was hoping we could get a slight um, extension.
- Like, until Monday.
- No, sorry.
Not a chance.
We need it by Friday.
Yeah, that's fine.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, OK, bye-bye.
Well, Monday it is.
- That's great.
- Yeah, yeah.
- And I'm gonna get you that A.
- What do you mean? Boyden.
I TA'd that class year.
Are you kidding me? You were the teacher? - Well, assistant.
- Oh, my God, Noel.
Thank you so much.
- Thank you so much.
- Yeah.
- Hey, what are doing here? - Waiting on a hypocrite.
- Excuse me.
- On a tease.
That's what you are.
Um, look.
You're calling me names.
Listen, after what's gone down, you don't get to do that for another 100 years.
You say that you're all about your virginity? And then you go out and flaunt yourself to the world? It's for the student treasury.
All right? - It's for a good cause.
- I don't care.
I don't like you puttin' yourself out there like that.
I can't help it.
You didn't even ask me.
You didn't ask me what I thought.
Why do I have to ask you what you thought? Elena, you are not my girlfriend.
You're my friend.
Well, I can't be that either.
OK, with extra points for the Latin, "Cogito ergo sum.
" I think, therefore I am - Descartes.
That's too easy.
Come on.
All right.
On double jeopardy.
"Two things fill the mind with ever increasing admiration and awe.
"The star and heavens above and the moral law within.
" - Yeah, I have no idea.
- Come on, you know this.
- No.
- Immanuel Kant, "Categorical lmperatives" - I'm so gonna fail.
- No, you're not.
We still have time.
- You guys need to lock your door.
- Yeah, I thought I did.
Where is she? Hello! Is she here? No.
She's not here.
- If lying to me - Don't' threaten her.
Hey James, she's not here.
James! She's really not here.
What the hell, baby? All your stuff is gone.
I know.
Um - I just need some time.
- For what? - James.
- Baby, these people don't care about you.
You know where you belong.
- James.
- I'm not talkin' to you.
- Please don't do this.
- Get your things.
- No, I - She doesn't wanna go with you! - This is not your problem.
I'm sure you're a nice guy and you just want her to go with you, I understand that, but she just wants to sleep.
OK, she just wants to sleep for a little bit.
All right? Just let her sleep.
OK, none of us wants anything ugly to happen here, OK? Yeah, OK.
You sleep or whatever.
But I'll see you later.
- Are you sure you're going to be OK here? - Yeah, I'll be fine.
Will you lock the inside of the doors, just in case? - I got it covered.
- And we'll be at the library if you need us.
Um we're gonna probably be there all night, so - I know.
Go study.
I'll be fine.
- Good.
Oh, you I'll be outside.
- I was really scared before.
- Yeah, so was I.
I really was.
I don't want this to sound stupid, but What? I'm just proud of you.
The way you handled that.
That was really You were so calm and in control.
That was really great.
Yeah, I was trying not to wet my pants.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
- If I don't see you before tomorrow good luck on your final.
- OK.
Give me six underlying concepts of existentialism.
- I want to sleep.
- Come on.
This is gonna be on the test.
Noel, seriously, what's the use? This is hopeless, I'm gonna be totally on my own.
- Good.
- Good what? - Well, that was one.
- I was talking about myself.
Well, you were right.
Man is alone in an indifferent and uncaring universe.
Jean-Paul Sartre, but he's the McDonald's of existentialism.
So, you're gonna have to do better than that if you want an A, all right? I hear words coming out of your mouth, I just have no idea what they mean.
Look at me.
You need to rally.
You need to look deep within yourself to those reserves we all have, that energy, that only comes into action when we're in the trenches.
- And you need to use it.
- I have no idea where it is.
Then find it.
All right? Because I know you can do this.
Not because you're the smartest student or the most dedicated student I am dedicated.
but because I have faith.
I have faith in you.
And I have ever since I met you, that you can do anything you want.
I can't fly.
That's just one thing.
All right.
All that sarcastic energy Hey, focus it.
OK, 'cause I'm here sacrificing what little time I have to study for my own finals.
Only because I know this isn't a lost cause.
This is not a waste of time.
A lot of people All the people would not get this from me.
But you I want this to be one of those nights we look back on when we're old.
We say remember that all-nighter that we pulled? And against all possible odds, we did it.
You passed that class.
That's what I want this to be.
Look, you're saving my ass with Loser Pet Store.
I'm gonna save yours with Western Thought.
- Yeah.
Let's do it.
- OK.
Six underlying concepts of existentialism, let me hear 'em.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You all right? Yeah.
- I need to break up with him.
- Yeah.
I just need to say the words.
And I wanna do it in person.
I think he deserves that, at least.
You really think you should see him again? James would never hurt me.
He just needs to hear that it's over.
He needs to hear me say the words.
Well, if you're gonna do it, then you should do it in a public place.
- Uh, I'll come with you.
- No.
No, I don't know what he would do if he saw you.
Well, he doesn't have to see me.
I mean, the guy's dangerous.
I'm not gonna let you go alone.
Don't I have a say? No.
I'll stay out of sight, I promise.
Hold on! I'm coming! Geez.
What's going on? You're right.
I don't think we can be friends any more.
Um yeah, you're probably right.
I probably am.
- Hey! - Hey.
So? Come on, I'm dying, how'd it go? - Amazing.
- Yeah? Yeah, I mean, I was barely awake, but somehow the answers just kept coming.
I could keep hearing your voice in my head.
- It was annoying, but it was helpful.
- Good.
You're such a good friend.
No, not really.
- Yeah, you are.
- No.
Remember how I told you that we had that extension for Loser Pet Store? Yeah, I lied.
Morrison didn't give it to us.
And he wants the stuff by tomorrow, so You know, we'll just, we'll pull another all-nighter tonight.
You mad? Felicity? You sleeping? Well, that's it then.
We got ourselves a calendar.
this school has to offer.
- Congratulations.
- Terrific, yeah.
Cheer up.
This is gonna be the greatest fund-raiser this school has ever had.
People are gonna be talking about my administration for years to come.
Yeah, it's the dawning of the Age of Richard.
You know what? It is.
And you two are a small part of that history.
You should be proud.
Yeah, something to tell the grandkids.
Grandkids? That's a bit ambitious, don't you think? Maybe we should get our little equipment problem looked at first.
- OK, you know what - I'm outty.
I have to go find a photographer.
These are the extras, if you wanna hold on to them, maybe for the fantasies? In case things don't work out? Leave.
- He's right about one thing.
- Richard's not right about anything.
I'm never gonna be one of these guys.
One of the guys that you fantasize about.
What makes you think that any of these guys are part of my fantasies? Well, with my problem, I sort of assumed that any guy but me would be part of your fantasies.
You actually thought that? Yeah, l yes.
I wanted to be with you since the day after the operation.
I've just been scared that if I don't perform that you'll find some guy who can.
All this time I thought that I thought I thought you weren't into me.
Whoa, hey, welcome home.
- You wanna get out of here? - Yeah, let's go.
- Let's go.
- Can you run with that thing? - Right now.
* In my last years with him there were bruises on my face * * It might dawn a new day * * I finally got away * * My head's all messed up * * And he knows just what to say * * No more dawn in new days * * I'm going back to stay.
So I * * Say bye-bye * * It only makes me cry * * I still light up like * * A candle burnin' when he calls me up * * I still melt down like* * A candle burnin' anytime we touch * * Oh, say what you will * * He does me wrong and I should be gone * * And I still be lovin'you, baby and it's much too much * * We are going down, 'cause you're always getting high * * And your crumbs of lovin' * * No longer get me by * * Wow! It gets better every time that we get high * * Then your crumbs of lovin' * they somehow get me by * * Why say bye-bye * * It only makes me cry * * I still light up like * * A candle burnin'when he calls me up * * I still melt down like * * A candle burnin' every time we touch * * I still light up like a candle * * Burnin' when he calls me up * I knew it would work eventually.
Oh, yeah, you were always really confident.
It was it was OK though, right? Oh, my God, it was great.
It was better than OK.
You wanna go again? - Don't push your luck.
- OK.
Honey, for your first time, all I can say is oh, my God.