Felicity s04e10 Episode Script


Previously on Felicity - How long would I stay on it? - I don't know.
- Forever? - Maybe.
- Who's that? - She's in A.
With Ben's dad.
She's a recovering alcoholic.
And They're not dating.
Cross your fingers.
I got your message.
Um And, well, I'll be up for a little while if you wanna talk.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How you doin'? - Good.
I was on my way - To work? - Yeah.
- I haven't seen you in forever.
- I canceled all my shifts this week.
Did you ever get my message? I called you back.
Yeah, I did.
I did.
I've been meaning to call you.
I've been really busy.
I have an o-chem exam this week.
I've just been studying every night.
- Well, I'm sure you'll do great.
- I better.
I can't study any more than I have been.
- Good luck with that.
- Thanks.
I'll see you later.
- Okay.
- Okay.
* Can you become * * Can you become * * A new version of you * * New wallpaper * * New shoe leather * * A new way home * * I don't remember * * New version of you * * I need a new version of me * * New version of you * * I need a new version of me * How are the meds? Um, okay.
I mean My situation hasn't changed.
- I guess things are better.
- What's better? I don't know.
Just, uh, things, you know? It's like they're clearer.
Like, um Like before, I was looking through a dirty window, and now it's clean.
What do you see when you look out that window? That I really need to get a job.
I mean, I found one.
This place called Web Group Graphics, and it was great.
It was great until I screwed up.
Is that what you want to do graphics? I really want to start my own business.
What's been holding you back? I don't know.
I keep getting sidetracked somehow.
You don't know? Didn't you tell me that you didn't look for a job this summer, that you spent your time with Felicity? It was the summer.
- I could've looked for something, huh? - Why don't we try this? Why don't you spend less time with Felicity until you get things back on track? You mean my life minus Felicity.
You think you can? I don't know.
It's so weird.
He's such a student now.
Well, good for him 'cause he's not doing diddly-squat around here anymore.
He found something that he loves.
He set his goal, and he's doing it.
You have painting, but you didn't cancel all your shifts.
- Yeah.
Maybe I should.
- That Benjamin is such a bad influence.
Seriously, though, I told Noel six months ago about this amazing artist, this painter, Jeremy Cavallo.
All I wanted was to get into his honors program, and now I work for him.
I see him every day, and I'm not taking advantage of that.
- That's just like me and Tito Puente.
- You studied with Tito Puente? Oh, God, no.
He live in the apartment upstairs from me.
Every day I would come home, and I would think, "I should go meet Tito.
" But I never did, and then he moved, and now he's dead.
- Well, that's terrible.
- Well, it's worse for him.
I just wasted an opportunity of a lifetime.
I'm gonna go to Cavallo today, and I'm gonna show him my new stuff, and I'm not gonna give in until he lets me into that program.
Good for you.
That's fantastic.
Now that you solved that dilemma, would you be interested in taking over Benjamin's Thursday shift? Please? Okay.
I'll do it, but that's it.
No more, no more.
And Monday.
- Uh, no, Javier.
- Okay, fine.
They're the largest department store in the world, but they can't retail a couple Schmeghan shirts? - That's her.
- Maybe she'll buy a shirt.
- Hey.
- Hey, you! Hey, you, you, you! I hate you! I hate you! Bye! Happy holidays! Apartment 403.
My sister is so great.
Stop feeling rejected for five minutes.
Prepare to worship her.
Hey, you know what's gonna be great? Lila is gonna wear the sock shirt.
Then all her friends are gonna wear sock shirts.
And you and me? Millionaires.
- My sister's not wearing a sock shirt.
- Why not? Because she's cool.
- Oh, my God.
- Nice to see you, too.
Lila, are you I gained a little weight.
Thanks for noticing.
I'm Lila, and I'm addicted to doughnuts.
I'm Sean.
I'm married to your sister.
Sorry I missed you in Europe, but way to go blowing Mom and Dad's mind with that wedding.
Bathroom? The ride from New Hampshire took forever.
I feel skank-ola.
Uh, yeah.
It's right over there.
Hey! Got a great shirt for ya.
Sounds good.
Okay, is she, uh I think she is.
I was mainly focused on texture with that piece.
And there I was just trying to create a sense of movement.
I like the composition.
But? It's good.
But not great.
My advice is to just just keep at it.
I will.
Professor Cavallo.
I want to try to get into your honors thesis program again.
And, um So if you could be honest, brutally honest, I would appreciate it, I think.
You have no cohesive theme.
You have a lot of ideas, a lot of energy.
But this is a submission for a thesis.
So the work should deal with a singular idea.
You're right.
You're so right.
Thank you.
This was incredibly helpful.
Could I show you my work again when there's more of a cohesive theme? I'll look forward to it.
There's been confusion about which topics will be covered on the test.
Let me be clear.
This is a comprehensive exam, and I'm telling you now so there are no surprises.
There will be a section devoted to the chemistry of carbohydrates.
Are we dead? Particularly the Fischer proof of the structure of glucose.
My office hours are changing.
They're expanding till 9 p.
Take advantage of that.
That's an extra hour of your time and mine.
I'm available.
- I just want to pass.
- When do you want to study? - I'll see when Elena's free.
- Just you and me.
- She's our tutor, man.
- Every time we get together, you guys mess around.
- No, we don't.
- Yes, you do.
Every time.
- Okay, so next time we won't.
- We gotta focus.
Yes, okay.
When did you get so uptight? Come on.
- I'm sorry.
- You all right? I got it.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are these? Uh, just ideas.
They all say "Noel Crane Graphics.
" - Yeah.
- Noel - It's just a business I'm starting.
- Oh, my God.
It's nothing.
It's what's on these pages.
I love what's on these pages.
These are so great.
Especially this one.
- I gotta go.
I'm meeting a printer.
- Okay.
I'm applying for Cavallo's honors program again, if you can believe it.
That's great.
Maybe you could get his input I'm sorry.
You know, I mean, since you know him.
That's exactly what I did.
He said things need to be more cohesive, more like a thesis.
- I have no idea what I'm gonna choose.
- If you need help Really? Yeah.
I mean, I'm busy, but I haven't thought about it myself, but that would be great.
I might take you up on that.
Maybe you're right.
I'm saying yes to questions that she hasn't even asked yet.
- Why do you think that is? - I don't know.
I mean, I guess I want her to be happy.
Why? Because making her happy makes me happy? She's my friend.
We talked about this, Noel.
It gets you off track.
Yeah, I guess sometimes it does.
- So maybe I should stop doing that? - Sounds like a good idea to me.
You've been here awhile.
What are you doing? - My sweaters reek of pot.
- You've been getting high? My roommate does.
Not me.
My God.
You are becoming Mom.
Okay, look.
I'm your big sister, and you can tell me anything, right? - Right.
- You know I'll help you no matter what it is.
I'm here for you.
- You can't tell Mom and Dad.
- Oh, Lila! Promise me.
I swear.
I had a feeling you might be here.
Can I come in? Sure.
So what do you think about pinatas? - I like them? - Yeah.
I do, too, but I was searching the dictionary for inspiration after three hours of sketching and reading Walt Whitman poems and I came across the word "pinata," and I thought they're colorful, they're full of surprises, which you only get to once they've been knocked around.
And that's kind of how this year has felt to me, like I've been shaken up and like I'm waiting for the surprise to come out.
So is that too stupid? Pinatas as a cohesive theme? Um, no.
No, I don't.
I don't Mm-mmm.
It's good.
Ohh! You hate it! Oh, God! No.
It's just, uh Um You know, there's this stuff going on.
- Sort of emotional stuff.
- That's what I have to deal with, the emotional aspect.
The paintings would just be representational.
- Is that what you meant? - Not really.
Um I mean, it's a good idea.
It's a great idea.
But I was I was sort of talking about me this time.
I know I said that I'd help you with your stuff.
And I want to.
I do.
But Oh, God.
You're trying to start this business, and I just barged in here.
No, you didn't just barge in, you know? It's It's not just the business.
I'm trying to get my life back on track.
So you're saying I mean What are you saying? I'm not sure.
That maybe we shouldn't be spending time together.
I love spending time with you.
I do.
I mean I just can't right now.
Anyway, I should get back to work.
- Yeah, of course.
- Yeah.
- I like the pinata thing.
- Thanks.
- So? - Is there a "P"? - No, there's no "P.
" - Wait, wait! I'm not gonna give you this pen.
- I will give you a hint.
- I don' t want a hint.
- I don' t want a hint.
- Think chemistry.
I'm going to the library.
- Ben? - Just a second.
Ben, wait up.
I'm sick of being the only one that's focused.
You wanna waste your time screwing around, fine.
But don't waste mine.
- Relax.
It's just a test.
- I thought this was important to you.
It is.
But this is college.
There are other things besides studying.
- No, there's not.
Not for me.
- It was just a game of hangman.
* Underneath the milky way * * Visions of you from outer space * * Like a million shooting stars * * They disappear * * From view * * They disappear * How about Prudence Hall, M.
D? She sounds nice.
Thanks, Meg.
You're the best.
I knew you'd help me take care of this.
Take care of this? Some people think it's a sin, but I'm in high school.
I'm not gonna have a baby.
Um, Lila - What? - Have you looked in the mirror lately? You don't have any other options.
You could have this baby tomorrow.
How about instead of calling a doctor, we call Mom and Dad? I told you I don't want them to know.
But you're on their insurance.
They're gonna find out sooner or later.
- Why can't you pay the doctor? - I don't have the money.
Where are you going? - I thought you were gonna help.
- I am! By calling Mom and Dad? I don't need that kind of help.
* Don't step back * * Yesterday was so long ago * * You can't look back * * Better slow down and close your eyes * * Look inside * * Be my friend * * Every time I run does it say anything to you? * * Guess it does * * I guess it does * * That I try so hard * * Does it mean anything to you? * * I think it does * * I think it does * * Yes, it does * * I think it does * * Another night * * Tomorrow always ends up the same * * Another day * * Hurry up and break it down * * Hey, my friend * * Every time I run * Oh, God! - I didn't mean to scare you.
- No.
I had those up kind of loud.
- This looks interesting.
- It's not done yet.
It's just sort of a a study.
The theme is undiscovered contents.
The surprises that come after life's hit you around a little bit.
They're, uh, pinatas.
- Keep it up.
- Thanks.
* Every time I run * * Does it say anything to you? * * Yes, it does * * Yes, it does * * Guidance.
Noel Crane.
Uh, Mr.
Crane? I don't want to interrupt you, but - I'll talk to you later.
- There's a fire.
- What? - Yeah, a big one.
- Why aren't the alarms going off? - I called 911.
We should go.
Come on! Everybody out! Come on! Everybody, come on! I hope no one's in the studios.
All the paint and turpentine.
- The fire's in the art department? - That's where I saw smoke.
I'm gonna see if anyone's there.
You get out of here.
- You're going there? - Tell the fire departman, I'm on the - second floor, east wing.
- I don't think that's a good idea.
- Second floor.
Come on.
Felicity! Felicity! Noel! I can't open the window! No! Don't open it! It'll let oxygen in.
Get down on the ground and cover your mouth, okay? Oh, God.
I can't get out of here.
Stay calm.
I'll be right back.
Stay calm! Okay.
Take my hand.
Hey, whatever you got on tap, man.
These are soggy.
Yes, those are soggy.
So how'd you do? I don't know.
How about you? Aced it.
Yeah, yeah, I bet you did.
About before, I shouldn't have brought Elena along.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
It's me, too.
I'm stressed out right now.
Just call her, man.
- Call who? - Call Felicity.
It's not that.
It's It's this test.
I just want this o-chem test behind me.
Then why don't we see if our grades are posted? - They're not gonna be up till tomorrow.
- Let's check.
Hodges can't possibly wait all night to fail 40% of his class, can he? - All right.
Let's go.
- All right.
- Here.
Put this on.
- Thank you.
They said that the damage was contained to our floor.
I heard 'em say something about an electrical fire.
- Was anybody hurt? - I don't think so.
We should get out of here.
Ready? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Oh, my God.
Pink snow.
I swear, when you least expect it, the city's so beautiful.
You can never describe it to someone who wasn't here.
- Hey.
- Can I help you two? - We wanted to see how we did.
- Come on in.
That was some test, huh? A lot of questions, a lot of chemistry.
Yes, that's true.
Here we are, Mr.
- I got a 79? - Yes.
- That's great.
- Dude, I passed.
A 79.
I can't believe this.
You can teach, man - Professor.
- Thank you.
And Mr.
You got a 95? That's an "A," man! - You got an "A" in o-chem! - Thank you, sir.
- You're welcome.
- Ninety.
You got an "A!" - This is unbelievable.
- Yeah.
Thank you very much.
I I'll get this.
- How pregnant is she? - Very pregnant.
Five, six months.
But that's just an estimate.
This is great.
This is just lovely.
I can't wait for the Booths to find out.
The same thing happened to April in tenth grade.
The Booths will understand.
- It did not.
- Yes, it did.
Angie's a klepto.
What about the school? What are we supposed to tell them? - Definitely next semester is out.
- Mom, Lila's pregnant.
She's wandering the streets.
Are you worried about her? - I think that's a given.
- No, it isn't! All you've done is talk about how this problem Lila's problem affects you.
- What are you gonna tell your friends.
- Well, someone needs to consider her future.
- Mom, she's terrified of you.
- She is not.
That's ridiculous.
You're the first person she should've gone to.
But she came here and made me promise not to tell you.
Doesn't that tell you something? Doesn't that break your heart? It sure as hell breaks mine.
- Lila? - Hey.
Hey, you.
I'm coming down.
I'll be right back.
Oh, my God.
My bag is at the studio.
Oh, good.
I still have my keys.
Um You want to come in? Uh, you know, I should go.
I could make hot chocolate.
Maybe we could just sit and talk just a little bit.
We should both get cleaned up.
- What time is it? - It's almost 9:00.
God, this day, it just feels like a lifetime.
Are you sure you can't come in? Just for a little bit.
I'm glad you're okay.
Yeah, thanks to you.
All right.
- She's really upstairs? - Yes.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know what else to do.
If it makes you feel any better, you were right.
About what? I went to a clinic.
I don't have any options.
Lila, I'm here for you, no matter what you need: A place to stay, advice, my favorite sweater in a few months.
I mean, you have me, but what you need is a mother.
- She's gonna make this my fault.
- No, she won't.
I won't let her.
And I can't just come live here with you? - We need to talk to Mom and Dad.
- But maybe? Yeah, maybe.
- It'd be so great.
- Come on.
I'm freezing.
Come on.
It's okay.
So our first order actually sold out in a week.
And you found that people like wearing socks for sleeves.
Oh, yeah.
They love it.
Meghan's so smart.
This whole thing was her idea.
That's nice to hear.
Hi, Mom.
Oh, my God.
- I'm sorry.
- Shh.
It's okay.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I'm sorry.
The fire, I mean, it wasn't just crackling.
It was like the air made noise.
It was terrifying.
But Noel saved you.
He's your hero.
What would've happened if he hadn't been there? Oh, God, I don't even want to think about that.
It's too awful.
What are you doing? I'm throwing these out.
They're stinky from smoke.
- I want to keep them.
- Oh, really? It's just gonna remind you what happened.
Yeah, I want to keep 'em.
Put 'em in Ziploc bags.
Otherwise, your closet's gonna smell like barbecue.
That smells fantastic.
- You want one? - Yeah.
You want cheese? You want salsa? - Better have cheese.
- Yeah.
- Did you want salsa? - Whatever you got.
- What's going on? - I had that test today.
- How'd you do? - Good.
- Shut up.
Good? - No, I did.
I got an "A.
" - What? That's incredible.
- Yeah.
I mean, not that I'm surprised, but Whoa.
What happened to you? - There was a fire in the administration building.
- Are you okay? Yeah.
- Anybody get hurt? - No, but Felicity was there.
- Is she okay? - Yes.
Yeah, she's okay.
She's a little freaked out, but she's okay.
I'm gonna go get cleaned up.
- Felicity? - Hey, come in.
Is it Noel? Benjamin.
- Hello? - Hi.
It's me.
Is this too late to call? No.
It's fine.
- How are you? - I'm all right.
- Noel said you were in a fire.
- Yeah, yeah, but we're okay.
Okay, good.
I just wanted to call and make sure.
Well, thanks.
Elena said that you got an "A" on your o-chem exam.
Yeah, it's not a big deal, though.
Oh, yes, it is a big deal.
So Elena and Javier are there, right? You're not alone? No.
I'm I'm fine.
Okay, good.
But thanks for calling.
And congratulations on the "A.
" That's, you know Yeah.
All right.
Okay, bye.
I'm really sorry about your work.
I think I'm gonna need an extension.
- I really liked what you were doing.
- Thanks.
It's the kind of work that students in the honors seminar do.
I assume you're still interested.
Oh, my God.
Your pinata took another hit.
Let's see what spills out as a result.
Where are they moving you to? Just some temporary office downstairs.
- Did you make that? - No.
- 'Cause it's really realistic.
- It's for you.
- Thank you.
- Cavallo's letting me into his class.
- The honors program? - Yeah.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
I'm pretty excited about it.
But I keep thinking about what you said yesterday.
- Are we really not friends anymore? - No.
I mean yes.
Of course.
Of course we're friends.
It's just, um I just need to change some things about myself.
Why change? I love the way you are.
Well You need to get back on track.
I do.
Well, then, that's good.
So you did it.
I think so.
What happened? I don't know.
It was weird letting go of something that I thought was so important.
But it doesn't feel right for me to wait around for her anymore.