Felicity s04e21 Episode Script

Felicity Interrupted

Previously on Felicity.
You can totally say no, but I have two tickets to a concert and it's for tonight and I wondered if you'd go with me.
- Like a date? - Yeah, I guess like a date.
So you are using Julie to get back at me.
- No.
Is that what you're doing? - You wouldn't understand.
You're right.
No, I don't understand.
Whatever he did to make you break up with him wasn't enough.
You will never be over Ben.
Sorry I'm late.
That's okay.
Thanks for coming.
I actually can't stay very long.
I have to get to my new job.
You got a job? Where? I'm the new guidance counselor at UNY.
Oh, right.
- What? - I mean, congratulations.
It's just a stepping stone until something better comes along.
Something will.
I know that for a fact.
Not an actual fact, but The reason I wanted to see you Well, I wanted to give you this.
It's for your new apartment.
Thank you.
Noel, we can make this work.
I know we can.
And I know that you think I want to be with Ben, but I don't.
- He's done terrible things to me.
- He's done terrible things to you? My point is, I want to be with you.
You have no idea what I've gone through to be with you.
I never thought that I would say this to you It's just Felicity, it's not the right time.
Noel, now is the only time.
I'm sorry.
- I should go.
- Wait! Noel Okay.
Listen to me.
Noel, this is going to sound insane.
But remember when I said that you have no idea what I went through to be with you? That's because I am not here like you think I'm here.
I mean, I'm here, but I came from the future.
- Excuse me? - I traveled back in time so I could be with you.
Well, that's a long That's a long trip.
- I'm serious.
- Okay.
I came back the night before your wedding.
- My wedding? - Yeah.
You were or are or will be marrying this girl named Zoe who I know you don't know, but she works in this graphics house where you're gonna get a job.
Anyway, my point is, Meghan did this spell so I could come back here and be with you.
- You don't believe me.
- No.
I mean yes, I believe you.
- I believe you, Felicity.
- No, you don't.
I do.
Do you believe you? Yes.
Noel, I am not making this up.
I know that.
I was just checking.
I should go.
I have to get to my new job, which, you know, you knew about.
- See? - Right.
So I'm gonna think about this.
You know, about what we talked about.
And thank you for this.
It's really It's great.
* Can you become * * Can you become * * A new version of you * * New wallpaper * * New shoe leather * * A new way home * * I don't remember * * New version of you * * I need a new version of me * * New version of you * * I need a new version of me * - Borrowed your camera.
- Fine.
- It's for my photography class.
- I said fine.
What bug crawled up your butt? I just destroyed five years of friendship with Noel.
You've only known him three.
Oh, I forgot about those time travel years.
I told him I came from the future and now he thinks I'm crazy.
If I were you, I wouldn't go around blabbing that to everybody, specially someone like Noel.
- Meghan, I need to get back.
- Not this again.
Korsakoff can't be the only guy who's written a time travel spell.
There has to be something.
Even if it just gets me near the future.
All right.
- There is this one book.
- Great.
Give it to me.
Hold on.
This is hardcore Wicca.
There's blood and guts.
And not just yours.
I'm not sure you can handle it.
I used it once.
I still have a scar.
- I'm desperate.
Where should we set up? - You're on your own with that sucker.
So freshman year, when you and Felicity went cross country, what was your most favorite place? I don't know.
It was all fun.
Well, I know I'm gonna go to Dollywood.
- I'm sorry.
What's that? - Dollywood.
It's Dolly Parton's theme park.
Yeah, we must have just missed that one.
That's your loss, it's supposed to be amazing.
- I'll send you a postcard.
- Okay, thank you.
Man, that road trip was such a long time ago.
Yeah, it was.
What? No, I was just thinking Look, you can totally say no.
But maybe I could come with you.
What about school? I don't know.
This whole pre-med thing isn't really working out.
I just failed another test and my professor hates me.
- You're gonna drop out? - Well, I'm gonna come back.
But when I know what I want to do.
I don't know right now.
I would love for you to come.
My God, it would be great to have a friend to do this with.
- What you doing? - Planning a road trip.
That sounds like fun.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Yeah.
I have to go anyway because I have go see a guy about a car.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I'll see you later.
- Okay.
So, what's up? - Have you talked with Felicity lately? - No.
Why? I think that she's doing drugs.
- I'm not kidding.
- Noel, she's not doing drugs.
- Well, there's something going on.
- Like what? Like she keeps saying she traveled back in time.
- What? - She said she was at my wedding.
In the future, I marry some girl I don't even know.
- She was obviously joking.
- She wasn't.
There's something wrong.
It's open.
I'm in here.
Who died? Oh, these.
You know how it is with a new boyfriend.
They always spoil you.
- A new what? - Here.
- What's this? - It's your stuff.
Three socks, the toothbrush, a Speedstick and your Tae Bo video.
Okay, wait.
This is all I had here? No, there was more.
I threw it out.
It's time to start over.
- Wait.
Who is this new guy? - Paul.
- I call him Sweetie, he's so sweet.
- What is he, a florist? I love these.
- Would you get that? - Sure.
- Meghan Rotundi? - Look at that.
More flowers.
Just what she needs.
Thank you.
- Hold it.
- What? Hey, what are you doing? It's for my photography project.
Oh, sunflowers! God, he's so funny.
We have a joke about sunflowers.
He's so funny! Look, you want to read it? - No, I don't.
I'm gonna go.
- Okay.
- Oh.
Don't forget your stuff.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
A little easy on the cuticles, honey.
Clean them, don't butcher them.
Anybody here? Don't these fans understand I need my private time? - Hey, baby.
- Don't hey baby me.
- You told me you had rehearsal.
- I did? You said you couldn't help me with my Spanish exam because of it.
- Oh, that's right, I did.
- You were lying to me? - Not technically.
- I can't believe you! After all the favors I've done for you, you couldn't do one thing! It appears you don't understand something.
Opening night is next week and I'm the big star.
Oh, I understand.
I just hope that it's worth it.
You've already lost a husband, now you're losing a friend.
Hold that polish.
- Elena.
- What? - Did you do that? - Do what? - Take the money out of the register.
It's all gone.
- No.
- I didn't take the money.
- We've been robbed, then.
What do you expect? You're back there getting a manicure, you big star.
What ever happened to the honor system? "I in she, she in me Aphrodite of the sea Drop my blood into the potion Set this time travel spell in motion.
" - Oh, my God.
You scared me.
- I'm sorry.
- How are you feeling? - Okay.
I haven't seen you in a couple of days.
- Noel talked to you, didn't he? - Nope.
Yes, he did.
He talked to me.
He's a little Well, he's worried.
He says you're talking about time travel.
I knew he didn't believe me.
So, it's true.
You are talking about time travel.
I came from the future to be with Noel and now I'm trying to get back.
- Right.
- I've thought about this, how I can prove to you that I'm telling the truth.
- Call your dad.
- What? He's sick.
He'll be okay but he's having liver problems.
Your mum saves his life.
And there's this woman, Lauren.
He's her AA sponsor.
Just call him so that you know I'm not making this up.
I gotta get back to this, but please, don't forget to call.
I won't.
I'm gonna call him.
- Noel.
- Hey, did you talk to her? - Yeah.
- And? You were right.
There's something going on.
- I know.
Check this out.
- Okay.
- It's the criteria for psychosis.
- What are you talking about? Just listen to this.
"Criteria A.
The presence of delusions, which are fixed, false beliefs, "not shared with members of the individual's culture or religion.
" - She's got that.
- Yeah, she's got that.
"Criteria B.
Onset usually occurs before the age of 25.
" - Man, yeah.
- It least she doesn't have Criteria C.
- What's that? - "Grossly disorganized and bizarre speech and behavior.
" Actually, when I just saw her, she was pricking - her finger with a needle and she was chanting.
- What? She's trying to do a spell to get back to the future.
- So basically, she fits all the criteria.
- Yes, she does.
What do we do? I have no idea.
What's going on? Can we talk to you? Sure.
- Did you call your dad? - Yeah, I did.
He wasn't home.
But I left him a message.
Okay, before we get started, we want you to know how much we care about you.
- Yeah.
And we are on your side no matter what.
- Yes.
It's just We've been talking about this whole time travel business.
- And we're worried about you.
- Well, don't be.
I'm fine.
I'm sure you are.
But what would you think if you were us? I would think I was nuts.
I know, you guys, it sounds impossible.
But it happened.
It's real.
It's absolutely real.
- What if it just seems real? - What? We brought this for you to take a look at.
You guys think this is psychosis? We just We just want you to talk to someone.
I really I shouldn't have come here.
I just got talked into it by my friends.
Why don't you tell me what's going on? If I do, you'll just think I'm crazy too.
I mean Okay, maybe I could tell you hypothetically.
What if I thought, hypothetically that I'd traveled back in time.
What would you say to that? I would say that it must be very scary.
And then I'd ask you how it affected your life.
Well, it's affected everything.
How? At first I guess I thought it was fun, knowing what was going to happen.
But now I'm just in a panic.
- About what? About not being able to get back to my real life.
I mean, that's what I've been trying to do.
Maybe I could help you with that.
So, are you getting ready for your road trip? - Yeah.
- It's great that you're doing this.
You've been wanting to road trip since freshman year.
- Sean, are you okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm great.
Never better.
I'm gonna go put these in Ben's room.
- What do you think of this guy Paul? - Oh, Meghan's new Do you think he's rich? He's probably rich.
- I have no idea.
I haven't met him yet.
- Probably really good-looking, too.
- Don't know.
- Doesn't matter.
What am I going to do? Compete with a rich, good-looking guy? Why not? You guys had something really good together.
We did.
Till I wrecked it.
Sean, this is about him, this is about you and Meghan.
If you're lucky enough to find somebody you're great with, I wouldn't let them go.
- You're really gonna do this trip with Julie? - Yep.
How is she? She's fine, but she's gonna have to stay here for a few days so we can watch her.
- Can I see her? - Sure.
- Is that okay? - Yeah, of course.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- They think I'm crazy.
- No, they just want to watch you.
What do you think? Do you think what happened to me was real? Or I mean, am I sick? I want to believe it's real.
I really do.
- But - It's crazy.
The important thing, the only thing that really matters, is that you get better.
Yeah, maybe this is the only way.
I'm scared.
I know.
- I'm gonna need your shoes.
- What? Your shoes and your jewelry.
You'll get them back when you're discharged.
In the meantime, you should wear these.
I also need to check to see if you're wearing a belt or any strings.
No, no belt.
Thank you.
Now the rules.
Pretty simple.
No hitting, biting or spitting.
- Biting? - Some patients get out of control.
We might need to use restraints.
If you see that, just stay calm.
Meals are served three times a day.
There's a payphone down the hall.
Use your own money or call collect.
I guess that covers everything.
- Let me know if you need anything.
- Thank you.
- You locked her up? - What would you have done? I don't know, something crazy, like support her, be her friend.
She's not hurting anybody.
Meghan, she was dripping her own blood into a boiling pot.
- That is part of the spell.
- Exactly.
She's doing spells.
That's bizarre behavior.
That's a criteria for psychosis.
My God.
This is like the Salem witch trials.
I'm surprised you didn't just burn her at the stake.
- We were just trying to help her.
- Some help.
If the next time you see me, I'm not smiling, try not to hospitalize me for depression.
Zoe? What are you doing here? - I'm sorry, do I know you? - Oh, my God, it is you.
You don't know me yet.
My name is Felicity.
- Do I look familiar to you at all? - No.
- Why? Have we met? - That's a really tough question.
This is gonna sound crazy.
Well, maybe not, considering where we are but you're going to be engaged to a really great friend of mine.
- Patrick? - Noel.
I don't know any Noel.
I think you've got me confused with someone else.
You're Zoe Webb, right? Your father's Dominic Webb.
- He runs Webb Group Graphics.
- How do you know all this? It's hard to explain.
But just this, your being here, is proof that I'm not crazy.
- Look, I really have to go.
- I understand.
Thank you, though.
This really helped.
- Hello? - Zoe's Here.
- Felicity? - You don't know her but you will.
She marries Noel and her father Dominic runs Webb Group Graphics.
I wouldn't know any of that if I hadn't been in the future.
- Hello? - Yeah, I'm here.
- So it's proof.
- Okay.
- You don't believe me? - No, I do.
- But maybe this is part of the illness.
- But I saw her.
She's here.
I know, but remember the criteria.
Isn't that one of the symptoms? What, so you think I You think she was a hallucination or something? I don't know.
Maybe you should talk to the doctor.
Look, why don't you try and get some sleep? Yeah, okay.
Felicity, it's going to be all right.
No, I know.
Sorry to bother you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Yeah, this is he.
I'm sorry.
What did you say your name was? Noel, wake up.
- What? - Wake up.
What are you doing in my room? Some woman named Lauren just called me.
She said my dad is sick.
I'm sorry.
You want to talk about it? Felicity was right.
She said this was going to happen.
She said Dad would have liver failure.
How could she know that? - There's got to be an explanation.
- Like what? Maybe her parents found out.
No, Lauren didn't tell anybody.
I know you want to believe her.
Trust me, I do too.
I think I do believe her.
- Come on, are you sleepwalking? - No, I'm not sleepwalking.
You know what? Just go back to sleep.
You actually believe that Felicity traveled back in time? Come on.
Yeah, I guess I do.
Sign here.
Good luck, Zoe.
- You're going home? - Finally.
Hey l'm sorry about yesterday.
I guess I've been a little panicked lately.
Look, when I first got here, I was really scared too.
- It gets better.
- It does? Yeah.
A lot.
Your father's here.
Okay, I'll be right there.
So this guy Noel.
Is he cute? He's very cute.
And you two are happy together.
I could use some happiness.
- It was nice meeting you.
- You too.
- Oh, my God! It's so good to see you! - Sit.
- What's going on? - Look Lauren called me last night.
My dad is sick.
You were right.
- What? - I believe you.
- You do? - I mean - I can't explain but you're not crazy.
- Oh, my God.
I am so sorry for putting you in here.
I didn't know what else to do.
- What are you doing? - I'm gonna get you out of here.
- Come on.
- What? It's room 465.
Open up.
It's Nurse Gregory.
Come on.
Come on.
Open up.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Come on.
Let us in.
Come on.
- Name? - Javier Quintata.
- Age? - I am 29 years old.
Okay, I'm 33.
- And you are the manager of this store.
- Yes.
And on the day of the robbery, how long were you in the back room? Not more than a minute or two.
What are you writing? Ask me that one again.
- Everything's fine.
- I want to do over.
There are no do-overs in lie detection.
But it thinks I'm lying and you're gonna beat it out of me.
Let me save you the trouble on this, okay, Sipowitz? I'm guilty.
I was in the back getting manicure when the whole thing went down.
So arrest me.
I'm a criminal.
I'm guilty of vanity.
Throw all the books at me.
Sir, you're embarrassing yourself.
- We want to know if you took the money.
- Oh, no.
Of course I didn't.
Hey, look at that.
It didn't move.
- What the hell are those? - Silk flowers.
All these, they're all gonna die.
Okay? Not these babies.
They'll last forever.
- What's your point? - Have dinner with me.
I can't.
I have plans with Paul.
Come on.
You can't be serious about the guy.
Yeah, I am.
Really? Paul? I mean, look around.
He's clearly overcompensating for something.
Do you think the only guys I can get are one-balled losers? No.
All I'm saying is, you're on the rebound, okay? It makes you overlook certain things.
You know what? I just thought of something.
- We should go to dinner together.
- Really? Yes.
First I have to do this presentation for my photography class.
Paul was going to help me but with this whole arm thing you'd be better.
Oh, God, he's got an arm thing? That's terrible.
I'd love to help.
It's at three o'clock.
Meet me at 3:00.
It's gonna be so much better with you there.
I feel like any minute guys in white lab coats are gonna come drag me away.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
Don't worry.
So, tell me.
What What happens to us in the future? You came back for Noel.
Why? - Because you cheated on me.
- What? - It's a long story.
- Felicity, I would never cheat on you.
But you did.
After I slept with Noel, you wouldn't forgive me.
You ended up with Lauren.
So I cheated on you with Lauren? No.
I mean, not exactly.
It was with Claire.
Claire? Who's Claire? This girl that you met once we got back together in Palo Alto.
You kind of followed me there after graduation.
We were doing our last year of pre-med together.
- I was still pre-med? - Yes.
That's what I keep telling you.
That you can do this.
Anyway, that's when things started to unravel for us and one day I walked in on you and Claire.
That was pretty much the end.
I don't know what to say.
That's okay.
I mean, it's not exactly a normal situation.
No, it's not.
Felicity, I'm sorry.
But you're here now and I haven't cheated.
And I'm not going to.
Not with Claire or anyone.
Not ever.
- Really? - Really.
My project is called Retribution: When Love Curdles.
First slide, please.
This is me after my boyfriend dumped me out of the blue for another girl he hadn't seen in over a year.
Slide, please.
This is my boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend asleep alone.
Because the girl he dumped me for can't stand him.
Huh! Big surprise.
He drools.
Slide, please.
- Slide, please! - Hey.
This is my ex holding flowers given to me by my imaginary boyfriend.
- Imaginary boyfriend? - Duh.
- You can't leave yet.
There's still the Q&A.
- This is mean.
- Even for you.
- And dumping me for Julie was nice? I never set out to hurt you.
Why don't you run crying to Julie? You better hurry before she leaves on a road trip with Ben.
Have fun with your fake boyfriend.
I hope you get married and have imaginary kids and live in Never-Neverland.
I hope so too, then I'll be far away from you.
Not far enough for me.
Felicity, is that you? - Hey.
- Hi.
You look good.
- She was gone for like a day.
- I know.
I think she looks good.
Noel's called like 100 times.
He said you busted her out.
Are you some super hero? She didn't need to be there.
I could have told you that.
Oh, wait, I did tell you that.
Do you want anything? Tea or cookies or - Or would you rather lie down? - You guys, I'm fine.
Can you guys give us a minute? Oh.
If you need anything, we're here.
Boy, that Ben.
He's a sucker for a damsel in distress.
- They're just excited to see you.
- Yeah, I know.
But you do look good.
You do.
It's Noel.
I should talk to him.
- I brought you cookies just in case.
- Thank you.
Hey, it's Ben.
What are you doing? A summer of EMT training doesn't make you a doctor.
Noel, calm down.
It was the right thing to do.
The hospital doesn't agree, wants you to bring her back.
- No.
I'm not doing that.
- Let me talk to her.
- Noel, come on.
- Just put her on the phone.
- She doesn't want to talk to anybody.
- It's okay.
I can talk to him.
I don't know what's going on but it doesn't sound like a good idea.
- Noel, I didn't need to be there.
- All right.
Forgetting about us and everything, I just want to make sure you're okay.
Noel, I am okay.
Crane, I don't want to interrupt you, but - Just give me a minute.
- Is someone there? Yeah, but it's okay.
Actually, let me call you back.
- He thinks I'm crazy.
- He's just worried about you.
- I have to go back, Ben.
- To the hospital? No, to the future.
I can't stay here any more.
Everyone thinks I'm out of my mind.
I don't.
I don't think you're out of your mind.
- Ben, I gotta go back.
- Why? - Why don't you just stay here? - Ben Everything that's happened doesn't need to happen any more.
We could do senior year all over again and we could do it right.
Maybe Maybe you didn't come back for Noel.
Maybe you came back for us.
- I wondered where you'd been.
- I went to get the car.
- Is this it? - Yep.
Pretty unimpressive, huh? It's all right.
Looked a whole lot better a couple of days ago.
- Look, Julie - I was coming to say goodbye.
- You leaving? - Yeah.
A friend of mine's meeting me in Nashville.
She's a Dolly Parton fan I think, you know, you should stay here with Felicity.
Be with her.
She needs you right now.
And you would totally not appreciate Dollywood and that would drive me crazy.
- Send me a postcard, yeah? - Course.
- It's good to see you.
- Good to see you.
All right.
Yes! Bye.
I'm trying to cancel some earrings I ordered.
Is Elena here? I want them credited to my account.
I'm the sender.
Yes, and the recipient.
I know the card says Paul Korsakoff.
There is no Paul Korsakoff.
I made it up.
What? What do you mean he has an account there? Are you sure? How are you spelling Korsakoff? - What is this? - My elementary school Spanish book.
I thought it might be helpful.
Oh, just ignore the love poems from my teacher.
Senor Carlos.
So guess what.
I got fired.
- What? - D&D is bye-bye.
That is so wrong.
Those tests don't mean anything.
They measure your level of stress.
I guess my stress level is okay because I passed the test.
They fired me for getting a manicure.
They're saying I'm negligent.
I guess I have been.
Towards everyone.
That test is wrong.
I am a liar.
I lied to you, I lied to myself that success is more important than anything and now I have no job, no Samuel, and misery is my only friend.
- Oh, Javier, you still have me.
- How can I? You really forgive me? Yes.
As long as you help me with my Spanish test.
But it's been a long time since Senor Carlos.
- How long? - That is none of your business.
Do you think Noel's avoiding me? I mean, it's late.
Where is he? He's avoiding us both.
I'm gonna check my voice mail and see if he left a message.
- Are you sure I get an A in this class? - Yes.
'Cause I don't understand any of this crap.
My dad called again.
Now that I'm pre-med, I swear he has me on speed dial.
- You want something to eat? - No, I'm okay.
My name's Felicity Porter.
I got a message that an Officer Trilling wanted to speak to me.
Hi, my name is Felicity Porter.
I'm sorry.
What? That's what I thought you said.
I got you some chips just in case.
What? Noel's dead.
- What? - I just talked to the police and There was a fire in the administration building, just like before.
Except this time he died.
Are they sure it's Noel? They want us to go pick up some of his personal items.
It's okay.