Femme Fatales (2011) s02e05 Episode Script

Killer Instinct

[Bizet's Habanera from Carmen] It's a bit overwrought, don't you think? No.
You're missing the point of chiaroscuro.
Joseph Wright Derby's mastery rivaled that of Caravaggio.
The world's a dark place.
A lot critics believe he was the first artist to truly capture the spirit of the industrial revolution.
Derby's my favorite painter.
You seem to know a lot about him.
I think he and Caravaggio were two of the three great masters of light and shadow.
Now, who's the third? John Alton.
The name's Davis.
Davis Bennett.
Lauren Coleston.
I think I just found another enchanting work of art.
Are you always this direct? I know what I like.
And I know what I want.
And what, exactly, is it that you want? Ohh! Mmm.
Davis, I want to thank you for a fantastic evening.
I will never forget it as long as I live.
And I want you to know something that will probably surprise you.
You were my first.
I got my eye on you I've got my eye on you and a motive, too your fooling around is getting blood on my shoes oh whoa oh oh oh whoa oh I've set my sights on you I set my sights on you I've set my sights on you I've got an alibi too so don't look around I've got nothing to lose whoa oh oh oh whoa oh oh oh whoa oh whoa oh oh oh whoa oh Davis Bennett just discovered that lethal things often come in pretty packages.
But the lesson cost him his life.
In this case, looks really can kill.
As for Lauren Coleston, well, she's also about to learn something, which is that the life of a professional assassin is just as much about receiving pain as it is about dispensing it.
Uhh! I'm going to ask you some questions.
You'll either answer them now or after I torture you.
And I hope you refuse to cooperate.
Why? Because I so enjoy inflicting pain.
Who are you? Someone who likes to push your buttons.
You're an assassin.
Who trained you? Who do you work for? And why did you kill Davis Bennett? You've got me mixed up with somebody else.
I'm no assassin.
And I've never heard of a Davis Bennett.
For a moment there, I thought we weren't going to have any fun.
Aah! Who do you work for? Fashion photographers.
I'm a model.
Noooo! Now you're not that hard, huh? - Oh, yeah.
- Fuck with me? Ah, yeah.
Yeah, that's right.
Come on! Get her ass! Come on! Come on! Fuck with me! Come on! I told you, bitch.
Motherfucker, who the fuck you think you are, huh? Who the fuck do you think you are? Get her ass! Settle down! Aah! You fucking cunts! You fucking Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck-- Aaaah! Who trained you? I picked up tips watching the Tyra Banks show on the C.
And who ordered you to murder Bennett? I've never killed anyone.
But in your case, I'd make an exception.
That's funny.
I like a girl with a sense of gallows humor.
That's a good one.
Aaaaah! What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this, huh? Who the fuck are you? Wouldn't you like to get out of this place? That's not gonna happen for a long time.
The people that I work for, they have use for people like you.
What do you mean, "people like me"? Your IQ is off the charts.
But you can't control your violent tendencies and your personality disorders, can you? I can help you do that.
Why? Because I think that you have the killer instinct, Ms.
I've never killed anybody.
But you'd like to, though, wouldn't you? Maybe.
Your country needs you.
You either answer the call or you rot in here forever.
I don't give a shit, either way.
What's your name? Pressman.
Aaaaah! You can't take much more of this.
Trust me.
The human body can only endure so much pain.
Every time I press this button, I push your body that much closer to death.
When the masters you work for like an obedient lap dog find you, you'll either be dead or your mind will be completely fried.
You'll be a complete vegetable.
But there is a way to end this if you answer my questions.
Where did you get your training Who do you work for and why did you kill Bennett? I've got no idea what you're talking about.
In this class, you'll learn three vital skills you need to complete your missions.
Charm, persuasion, and seduction.
A woman armed with these tools can influence a man to do anything.
You understand? So I understand you have some hacking skills.
Show me what you can do.
May I have a glass of water, please? The techniques you'll be required to master include body language, manipulation, hypnotic language, and advanced flirtation.
Am I learning how to be an assassin or a call girl? Shut up! Huh! Son of a bitch.
Give me examples of these techniques of persuasion and manipulation.
Ohh! Reciprocation.
Human beings feel compulsively obligated to repay favors, gifts, or concessions.
If a dude takes you on a trip to Vegas, he expects to get laid.
That-- that's quite impressive, Lauren.
Now, would you please put the money back into my bank accounts? Contrast.
Requests of a different scope seem to be more different when presented in a sequence.
Somebody asks you to loan 'em 100 bucks.
When you say no, they say, "how 'bout 20?" Ohh! How you like me now, bitch? Consistency.
Once someone commits to a position or a belief, they'll tend to strongly defend it despite any contrary evidence.
You tell all your girlfriends your boyfriend is awesome.
And you stick with him even after you find out he's a cheating loser.
Hyuh! There's no shame in breaking, Ms.
Everybody does, eventually.
What is your area of specialization? Bikini shots.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, God damn it! Harder than that! Let's go! Wait, don't look at me.
Back, nice.
Anything lost or unavailable seems far more desirable than comparable things easily obtained.
The only guy at the party that all the bitches are hitting on is the one who already has a girlfriend.
You're very intelligent, Lauren.
You also have a hell of a lot of issues.
So? Would I be here if I didn't? You're incredibly stubborn, Lauren.
Come on.
Come on, duck.
All right, faster.
Are you really willing to die for these people? Fuck you.
You have been used and abused your entire life, haven't you? Fuck you.
Your employers are no different than all the others.
You were always a scarred, damaged creature, but they took you into their lab and they turned you into something else.
You're not the bride of Frankenstein's monster.
You are the monster! Lauren pay attention to me! Are you ready to answer my questions now? Yes.
Where did you get your training, who do you work for, and why did you kill Bennett? I was trained by fuck you.
And I work for fuck you.
Lauren, wake up! Lauren! Damn it! Lauren Coleston, habitual offender.
A woman barely female.
Ladies, we can rebuild her.
We have the technology.
We have the capability to create a true lethal femme fatale.
Lauren Coleston will be the ultimate assassin.
Finer, sexier, more alluring.
Come in.
I had a makeover.
Yeah, they did a great job.
I have to talk to you.
Well, I you know, I don't, uh, I don't-- I need to tell you something.
I don't usually have private talks, uh, with trainees.
I know.
ButI needed to tell you that I'm grateful for everything you've done for me.
You scooped me out of a gutter and gave me a life.
You're saying you don't care about me at all? No, I'm not-- I'm not saying that.
I just you don't owe me anything.
That's all.
I made a fool out of myself for coming in here like this.
No, you didn't.
Okay? Don't--don't say that.
I just really wanted you to see me after my makeover.
I thought you'd find me attractive.
Lauren, don't.
Don't cry.
Please, just-- I do find you attractive, okay? I thought you were attractive before you even had the makeover.
Really? Yeah.
I just I've gotta warn you, you know, um road ahead.
It's, uh, it's not gonna be easy.
I know.
But as long as you're there, I'm sure I'll make it.
Why are you looking at me like that? What do you mean? I think maybe you wanna kiss me? can you show me a shred of will my body wants such an easy kill well, all's fair in love and war and on the radio, ship to shore who knew you had such a mouth? I'm on fire don't make me wanna wash it out keepin' me down you know you can't keep up keepin' me down here's one more kiss for luck well, I find myself running from you all over the town but I'm drivin' myself into the ground saw it comin' like a live grenade lit up a fire like a tidal wave I saw it coming, bringing heavy down but I'll never touch down where are your boot camp buddies now? I'm on fire who's here to yell, "man down" I'd be your little army nurse man down but I might make you feel worse well, I find myself running from you all over town but I need something more from you I haven't found I can't trust or be trusted with you when you're around but I'm driving myself into the ground Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Okay, why are you grinning like the cat that just ate the canary? Because I just passed my seduction test.
Seduction test? That's right.
Agent Pam told me I had to get you into bed.
You two have slept together, right? What do you think? I even used hypnotic language on you.
"When sentences contain words that can't be pictured, "such as 'maybe' or 'might,' "the subconscious mind removes that word.
"For example, 'maybe you want to kiss me now' becomes, 'you want to kiss me now.
'" Yeah.
Okay, so you're telling me that what just happened was because of the test? No.
Not all of it.
The orgasms were real.
I hope so.
You're learnin'.
You are learning.
Wake up.
Sleeping beauty, get up.
Come with me.
I've got a really big surprise for you.
Wait, don't you want me to change? No, actually, what you're wearing will be perfect.
Come on, we gotta go.
Okay, boss.
What are we doing here? There's someone I want you to meet.
Who's that? That's Walker.
He's doing 12 consecutive life terms for murder in a super-max federal prison.
I don't understand.
He's been offered a chance to win his freedom just like you have.
But only one of you's gonna get out of here alive.
I truly hope it's you.
Aah! Ah! Special Agent Coleston I have your first assignment.
Assignment? Davis Bennett has made his fortune selling weapons to terrorists and laundering their money.
Your mission is to get through his security net and terminate the threat with extreme prejudice.
Do you understand? Yes.
Oh! Ah! This is your last chance, Lauren.
There's a man who recruited you and who trained you.
He's the reason you're in this fix right now.
Give me his name, and I'll set you free.
You have just five seconds.
Five Four Three Two One.
Fuck you.
Goodbye, Lauren.
What? Ms.
Looks like you just passed your final test.
Congratulations, Lauren Coleston.
You're now a full-fledged agent.
I'll let Raven know the good news immediately.
Welcome to the organization.
Come on, stand up.
I got you.
Pressman? Yes, Lauren? I had that coming.
You sure did.
Come on.
Put this on.
Got something I wanna show you.
Come on.
Sowhat do you think? You nearly killed me.
Now you think you can buy me off with a fancy new car? Something like that.
What model/year is it? That's next year's model.
Okay, who do you want me to kill next? I'll think of somebody.
[Habanera playing] Kill, Ubu, kill.
Good fish.