Femme Fatales (2011) s02e09 Episode Script

Crazy Mary

3 Will you marry me? Yes! I love you so much.
What could possibly make this more perfect? How about some multiple orgasms? Oh, you read my mind.
Oh, oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Oh yes! Oh yeah.
Oh, Steve.
That feels so good.
Oh yeah, oh yeah! Right there, baby.
Ooh! Ooh! Aaah! Are you happy, Mary? Yes, I'm so happy.
I love you so much.
You're the most wonderful man in the world.
How can you watch this crap every day? I was watching my show.
And what are you gonna do about it? You pathetic little bitch.
Damn right! You make me sick.
Daydreaming all the time.
You think you're better than the rest of us? No, I don't.
I didn't do it.
I'm innocent.
I don't belong here.
You're a homicidal psychopath just like everybody else in this place.
No, I'm not.
She hit me! You startin' fights again, Mason? I didn't start anything.
It was her.
- I was just-- - shut up! No, she's always picking on me.
Can't you see? Are you blind? Tell them! You saw what happened! Tell them! Clarissa? Who started the fight? Mary.
- No! She's lying! - Yeah Yeah, let's go.
I've got my eye on you I've got my eye on you and a motive too your fooling around's getting blood on my shoes ooh wha-ah-ah-oh ooh wha-ah-oh I've set my sights on you my sights on you I've set my sights on you I've got an alibi too so don't look around, I've got nothing to lose Ooh wha-ah-ah-oh-oh ooh wha-ah-ah-oh-oh ooh wha-ah-ah ooh wha-ah-ah-oh-oh ooh wha-ah-ah Poor Mary Mason.
She just can't seem to catch a break.
All she wants is her old life back.
With a happy home and a man that loves her and keeps her safe and warm.
Oh, but there is no safety when you're a lamb in a den full of wolves.
Especially when everybody thinks that you're crazy.
You may think things couldn't get any worse for our little daydreamer.
Well, that's where you'd be wrong.
Here at the Cuesta Verda Institute for the criminally insane, things are about to get, for the lack of a better word, a little nuts.
We're going to have an honest discussion today? Or continue playing games? I've never played games with you, Dr.
I can't help you if you won't tell the truth.
I do want to help you.
You believe that, Mary? Yes.
Then let's discuss the night you killed your husband.
I did not kill my husband.
He was the kindest, most wonderful man in the world.
And we loved each other.
Why won't anyone believe me? I cannot treat you until you come to terms with what happened that night.
I've told you a hundred times we were having a late dinner and we were watching TV.
And thenwe were making love.
Ah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah! Agh! I should have helped him.
But I was too afraid.
And I ran.
Mmm, I know, Mary.
I have it in my patient files.
A, uh, six-foot-six maniac came into your home, killed your husband, and vanished into thin air.
The police found no fingerprints, no DNA evidence, nothing to corroborate your story.
A story about this handsome devil, right? It's true! Why would I make that up? To avoid dealing with the truth.
You created this elaborate fantasy.
It's not a fantasy.
It's true.
And he's out there and he's gonna keep doing it again and again until he's stopped.
It's gonna be your fault for not listening to me.
You know, at first I thought you were faking your psychosis to avoid the electric chair.
But now I'm not so sure.
I think you suppressed your memories so deeply that we'll have to try other, more invasive procedures.
What are you talking about? It's a mixture of electro-convulsive therapy and a new drug treatment for schizophrenia I'm pioneering.
Shock treatment? Uh, no, please we don't use that word anymore.
It's outdated.
You're gonna do experiments on me and turn me into a vegetable? Unless you have something else you might want to tell me.
Welcome to your new home.
Four padded walls No! Gonna get lonely at night.
Too bad you won't be able to diddle yourself in that thing.
That's--that's him! That's the man that killed my husband! What crap are you psychobabbling about now, Mason? No, they finally caught him! You have to take me back to the doctor! You'd say anything to avoid what Doc's got planned.
Not that it will do you any good.
No! Tomorrow you have an appointment with Mr.
No, please listen, you have to believe me! Come here, you sexy bitch.
You know what I like.
Uh-huh No, no! Help me, somebody help me! Help me, please! Please help me! Please-- What you yappin' about now, Mason? He's here, the killer, he--I saw him! He's loose! Just calm down.
You have to listen to me.
What about you and me, we have a little fun? What kind of fun? I got some pull with the doc.
Maybe I could put in a few good words for you? How about we, uh, take this jacket off you? What do you say about that? Yeah, then we can have a little fun.
Yeah, we're gonna play a little game called hide the nightstick.
You're gonna like that.
What's wrong with you, huh? I thought we had a deal.
Look out! Get back, asshole! I said get back! No, no.
The fuck are you doing in my room? You have to help me.
He's here, he killed Wirtz and now he's after me! Who's after you? The madman that killed my husband.
He's here! You don't have to make things up.
I'm not! See, I always knew you'd come for me.
And don't worry, 'cause I'm not selfish, I can share.
So why don't you just get those pretty little lips of yours soaking wet, then I'll make you come too.
Get away from me! What are you doing, he's here-- - You are insane! - Get off me! He's coming after us all.
You get out of my room before I fucking kill you, you tease.
Get out! No! Ah, no stop! Hello? Help me! Stop! No! No! No! The most exquisite pleasure comes out of pain.
Ah, oh.
Now this is just what the doctor ordered.
Oh, yeah.
Just what I ordered.
This case doesn't look so bad How'd you get out of your cell? I'm taking you back.
Let's go.
Ah! No, no! Don't, MaryI only wanted to help you, Mary.
What did you just say? I said don't hurt me, Mary.
We're gonna play a little game called hide the nightstick.
Hide this nightstick, motherfucker! He was the kindest, most wonderful man in the world.
Shut the fuck up, bitch! What should I do with you? Do you still want to be punished? You're always nice to me.
I'll let you live.
But you're still gonna have to clean up this mess.
Looks like Crazy Mary's adventures are just beginning.
If you should ever happen to cross her path, I suggest you be very, very nice to her.
Mary, Mary, where you goin' to Mary, Mary, can I go too it's one thing, I will tell you rather die than live without you Mary, Mary where you goin' to Mary, Mary tell me truly what did I do to make you leave me whatever it was I didn't mean to know that I would never try to hurt you Mary, Mary Mary, Mary Mary, Mary Kill, Ubu! Kill! Good fish.