Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e13 Episode Script

The Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament Begins

Wow, is this your treat?
To celebrate your first anniversary
with the gym.
Oh, thank you!
Go ahead and eat up!
You're not the guy paying for it.
Come on. Go ahead and eat!
Okay, I will!
Has it really been a year already?
Uh, yeah.
It's almost time for
the Rookie King Championship Tournament.
You're probably dying to find out
who your first match opponent is.
Actually, you're right.
I've been a nervous wreck.
The Rookie Championship, huh?
It didn't leave much of an impression
on me because I won it so easily.
He overwhelmed them, that's why.
Kimura-san, Aoki-san, how did you do?
I believe Kimura got dumped by a chick
and developed a life-threatening fever.
That's not true.
I had a high fever from a cold
before I got dumped.
There isn't much of a difference.
Uh, how about you, Aoki-san?
Did I ask something I shouldn't have?
I'll have you know
that I lost in the first match,
but my opponent was said
to be the champion hopeful!
I went all four rounds with him
on equal footing, but he won by decision.
You don't have to be so depressed!
You did great against a champion hopeful!
Do you really think so?
That "hopeful" lost easily
in the second match, though.
Yeah, but even the strongest boxer
can get hit by a lucky punch.
The dude who won against the hopeful lost
in the third match hands-down.
And the guy who beat that guy
flopped in the fourth match.
Damn it!
I'm sorry! I never should have asked
such a stupid question!
Damn it! Hey
Wait! Hold on!
Damn, the kid is way too fired up.
Kimura, tag.
Man, that's pathetic.
And you call yourself a six-rounder?
Shut up!
When he gets in your range,
he's impossible to handle.
Ippo is getting his in-fighting
down to an art.
He's gotten so tough it makes me mad.
All right, I guess
I'll go rough him up a bit.
We received the fax regarding
the Rookie King Tournament.
Uh, right!
Let's see Where's Ippo?
He's in Block A.
Miyata and Mashiba
are both seeded in Block B.
They would be!
Ippo's lucky those two
will have to eliminate each other.
Still, he has to defeat
everyone seeded in Block A.
According to this, he can't fight
Miyata unless he gets to the final match.
This is pretty tough.
Uh, yeah. But I'm more curious
about my first match opponent.
What is his name?
Jason Otsuma?
Is that how it's pronounced?
That's an unusual last name.
Maybe it's common in Hachinohe region.
Yagi-chan, we need to start scavenging
for reference.
At any rate,
"Jason" certainly is a bold ring name.
Yeah. It makes you conjure up
a gruesome image.
In contrast, we've got "Makunouchi."
-His name is lacking punch.
What do you say we come up
with a ring name for Ippo?
What? A ring name for me?
Why don't we counter
his Jason with "Freddy Ippo"?
Hmm It lacks something.
Then how about "Puma Ippo"?
It doesn't fit his image.
All right, I have just the thing!
"Big Mutha' Ippo."
Hey, that sounds kind of cool!
I know what "big" means,
but what does "Mutha" mean?
This is what Mutha' means!
I'll be out doing roadwork.
-Wait a minute, Ippo!
How about "Papa Ippo Third Leg"?
I don't want a ring name anymore!
-Hey there.
What? It's not a ring name?
Oh, come on! No Japanese person
has a name like that.
-Exactly. He's not Japanese.
His real name is Jason Ozuma.
He's an American soldier stationed
at Misawa Base in Aomori Prefecture.
Is this possible?!
He's a puncher boxer
with an orthodox style.
His record so far is
three out of three, all KOs.
Huh? Is that all you have on him?
Well, he's fought only
in the Tohoku Region up north,
so we don't have much info on him here.
I've already contacted our branch office
in Aomori Prefecture
and they're gathering more intel,
but according to rumors,
he's quite powerful.
What are you going to do, Ippo?
What am I going to do?
I have to fight him.
That's right!
At this point,
instead of adjusting to his style,
you must refine your own style.
Uh Yes, sir!
Hey, Ozuma! Finish him!
-Hey, are you all right?
Okay, that's perfect. Nice hook!
Oh, no! You're bleeding!
Are you all right?
I'm fine. This is nothing!
Oh, really? I was very worried!
Thank you for helping me practice!
At any rate,
his hook is as fierce as ever!
Yeah, it is Ozuma's finishing blow.
Are you all right?
Yeah, but if I hadn't been
wearing headgear,
my head would have flown off!
Ozuma, you're going to Tokyo today.
Call it a day and go get changed.
Oh, okay!
Amazing. Not only is he talented,
he's very diligent about training.
I told him to take it easy
for the day of his departure, though.
No wonder you ran out of things to teach
after the third match since his debut.
The upcoming
Rookie King Championship Tournament
is the perfect stage for a local boxer
like Ozuma to become famous.
I desperately want him to be a success!
Oh, Mama-san!
What is it? You're training today too?
I am always training.
Anyway, it takes strength to fix
the sandbag leather.
I'll do it for you.
Oh, don't worry about it.
You're a boxer,
so just focus on your training.
No! I'm the one who wrecks the sandbags.
I should be the one to fix it.
If you get hurt doing stuff like this,
my husband will get mad at me.
Mama-san, I'll get stronger.
I'll get stronger and become a champion
so I can buy everything,
gloves and sandbags.
Then you won't have to go through
any difficulties.
Oh, what are you talking about?
Don't worry about something trivial
like this and just fight for yourself.
No. I want to fight for my family.
I've already spoken to the president
of the Nerima Boxing Group.
I'll join you as soon as I can.
Japanese people are all so kind.
I'll be fine. I have no worries
about going by myself.
I just wish I could help you
with your fine tuning.
You all stuck with me
until you were all exhausted.
Thanks to you, I got strong!
Aw, cut it out.
We know that you didn't use even half
your real power sparring with us.
We don't want to admit it, but we're
no longer good enough to fine-tune you.
Oh, come on!
You have a long face
for someone who's leaving to fight!
But you're all saying such sad things.
Become the rookie champ, Ozuma!
You can overcome the disadvantages
of training in a rural gym.
We'll be at your match to cheer you on!
Ozuma, take this with you.
Everything is expensive in Tokyo.
It's not much, but here's something.
I have my own spending money!
-I don't need it.
-Just take it.
Mama-san Everyone
Good luck, Ozuma!
-You can do it!
-We'll be there to cheer for you!
Good luck!
Don't lose, Ozuma!
You'll see, guys.
I will win!
Ippo looks more fired up than usual.
What do you think would happen
if you had to fight a Black boxer?
Well, to be honest,
I wouldn't be able to exert
even half my power.
Most boxers who represent the USA,
the boxing kingdom, are Black.
But what do you think
of Ippo's tough stance?
Maybe he isn't as freaked out
as he should be.
Maybe he'll be able to
keep his cool under pressure.
Jason Ozuma-san.
I bet he's tough.
Fujii-san said he was tough.
No! I'll lose heart!
If I keep winning,
I'll eventually be matched against
someone very strong.
So, it's happening sooner than later,
that's all!
-He's full of spirit.
I can only fight Miyata-kun
in the final match!
I have to keep winning until then!
Those are great sounds. Who is he?
He's Ozuma. He's under our care
while he's in Tokyo.
Ah, so that's him.
At any rate, he's got great spring.
-Hey, Ohta!
Aren't you both entered in the Rookie
Tournament in the featherweight class?
You're the hope of our gym,
but you're going to have it rough, huh?
You're lucky you're in different blocks.
-Hey, Ozuma-san!
Don't train in that little corner.
Want to step into the ring?
Didn't you come here
to find a sparring partner?
Since we're here,
want to have a sparring session?
Sure! But is that okay?
We are both entered in the same
Rookie King Tournament.
Oh, don't worry about that.
Let's just box light,
like in preliminary practice.
Hey, Ohta and Ozuma are going to spar.
I wouldn't want to miss this!
Yeah, because Ohta's also tough.
Ohta-san, what about your headgear?
I don't need that junk!
Come on! What's wrong with you?!
Ohta-san, please put on your headgear!
Oh, is that all?
I guess he's not as strong.
Hey, you're fragile.
Is it true you
can't find a sparring partner?
Go show them what you've got
and give it your best!
You can do it!
I can't believe you had the nerve
to tell me to put on headgear.
H Hey, Ohta. Ohta!
Get a stretcher! Call an ambulance!
Yes. With a single hook, he sent
his sparring partner to the hospital.
Apparently, Ohta has withdrawn
from the Rookie King Tournament.
Jason Ozuma is far stronger
than we initially thought.
So, his finishing blow is a hook.
For Ippo, whose asset
is close proximity fighting,
that's the worst type of punch.
Takamura! Come here a second.
Huh? What is it, old guy?
-Uh Yes, sir!
Put on your gloves and get into the ring!
-Hop to it!
Um I'm sorry, but I need to use the ring.
Rejoice! I'll be your sparring partner!
What are you screaming about?
Takamura-san can't be my partner!
He's seven classes higher than me!
If I take a punch, I'll die!
What did you say?!
It's hopeless. He'll make me do it anyway.
Listen! You must dodge Takamura's hook.
Wow! This is a great way
to relieve stress.
You idiot! Don't punch him out of nowhere!
I was in the middle of my explanation!
Jeez! Get to the point.
If I hadn't been wearing headgear,
I might have been killed!
Which means you would've
just been killed by Ozuma.
That hook was a simulation
of Ozuma's finishing blow.
-You're kidding!
Takamura-san's punches
are more destructive
than featherweight level punches,
even with those 16-ounce gloves on.
Are you saying that Ozuma's hook
is on the same level in power and speed?
No. In speed alone,
Ozuma's hook may be
comparatively superior to Takamura's.
Black people are better at producing
instantaneous bursts of muscle power.
However, in the event
his hook swings and misses,
he will temporarily be thrown
into a vulnerable state.
If you can slip through Takamura's
hooks and return even one punch,
you will be given that moment!
What? I have to dodge those?
There's only ten days to the match.
Can I do it?
If you can't, your first match
of the Rookie King Championship
will also be your last!
The final match of
the Eastern Japan Tournament!
That's the only place I'll wait for you.
I have no choice.
I understand, sir. Please instruct me!
All right, start with ducking.
Refine your ducking technique
as much as humanly possible!
Yes, sir!
I got to do better than this.
There's no way I can compete
with Ozuma-san.
I understand the theory, though.
It's about this height.
This is hard!
But if I practice it over and over
I practiced lots
with those horizontal bars.
I'll dodge his hooks today for sure!
Good afternoon!
Oh, you're here!
I wasn't totally up-to-snuff yesterday,
so I warmed up in advance for you today.
Now, let's start your fun,
intensive training.
Thanks for your help in advance.
I guess one day of practice wasn't enough.
I'll clear them all today!
Mustn't get sidetracked! Practice!
I'm ready!
-All right!
An upper?
To prepare you to react to
unexpected timing of hooks,
I'll be mixing
in all kinds of punches, all right?
What? That's mean!
No! I won't make it in time!
No! I have to keep trying!
If I give up, it's over!
You're finally wakey-wakes.
Your face
While you were sleeping,
he said he didn't want to lose his rhythm,
so I got pulp-faced.
I'm so sorry.
Say that to Kimura, too, okay?
Why is this happening to me?!
What's the matter?
Oh, you're awake.
-I'm sorry I kept you waiting!
-Hey, slow down.
-But we'll miss it! Hurry!
Family I never had a family
to begin with.
When I was relocated to the base in Japan,
no one came to see me off.
My life was filled with loneliness.
I thought working out would distract me,
so I started boxing.
The people in Japan were very kind to me.
Now, everyone at the gym is family to me,
and I will work hard for my family.
That is the only reason I fight!
No matter who my opponent is,
I cannot lose.
I can't afford to lose!
I can take more!
Shut up! It's no fun
to flatten a flounder!
By the time I see it,
it's too late to react!
Your face is back to normal.
Yeah. I'm taking fewer punches
directly in the face now.
Aw, that's no fun.
Yeah, but lately I've been taking
a pounding to the back of the skull,
and it makes me feel light-headed.
Moron! It's your fault
for not dodging them.
If you stay like that,
you'll get beat up in the real match.
Uh, right! I'll keep working on it!
He just doesn't give up, does he?
Yeah, he's a real stickler.
If it were me, I would have half-given up
when I found out my sparring partner
was "King Unreasonable."
Like I said, why is
this happening to me too?
I feel like I'm so close
to grasping the timing.
Left Right Left!
I did it! If I can slip through this fast
No, it's no good.
I need to completely avoid contact.
I I did it.
-All right, Ippo! Go for it!
-Punch that bastard!
Ippo, are you alive?
it's not fair to use your elbow.
What? Oh, shut up!
At any rate, it looks like
he did it in the nick of time.
The hook. You bend your elbow,
and punch from the side,
dragging your whole body with it.
It has bad chemistry with boxers
who tend to charge forward.
But if I can dodge that hook,
it will create a window of opportunity!
I've done everything I can.
All I can do now is do my best.
The opening bell of the
Rookie King Championship is about to ring!
Next time, "Powerful Arms!
Hook vs. Uppercut!"
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