Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e27 Episode Script

Death Match

His body's wide open!
That sounded awfully good.
An elbow block!
This is my chance.
I have to be aggressive!
I'll get him this time!
It happened again.
What's the matter?
He used an elbow block!
So that's how he maintained
the hitman stance
without raising his left guard!
Although it is a legitimate defense,
it's still nasty.
Ippo's punches are powerful enough
to shatter his own fist.
Mashiba's elbow block
severs Makunouchi's momentum!
Makunouchi is not stepping forward.
A deadlock?
What do you mean?!
We have a way to attack.
Kid! Throw sporadic jabs,
and don't let him rest!
There will be an unguarded moment.
Seize it!
He's right! I got him against the rope,
so I have to try!
Mashiba is a level or two superior
at left punching.
What's wrong? Aren't you going to hit
from the right anymore?
Or is your fist shattered
after only two punches?!
This time, Makunouchi
is against the ropes!
Offense trades for defense!
All right, this is the perfect scenario.
Though you're the opponent,
I pity you, Makunouchi.
It's not working!
I can't fight him from the left!
Lash out, Ippo!
But he has no way to attack!
Damn! What should I do?!
Makunouchi throws a right!
He went for another body blow!
Why, you
This is all This is all I can do!
I believed I could win
if I practiced this.
This is the only way I can fight!
Learn another trick, fool!
As you wish,
I'll shatter your fist into pieces!
Makunouchi throws another right!
He doesn't care
if it lands on a block anymore!
You idiot! You're being too reckless!
If he keeps punching like that,
he'll seriously hurt his bones!
That idiot! I knew he would.
His pea-brain is full
of the image of Miyata
dragging his feet but still fighting.
No one would be able to stop him now.
Even if it means ruining his fists.
You bastard! Give up already!
Son of a
Makunouchi throws another right!
Mashiba counters!
This is turning into a fierce cross-fight!
Damn it! His rights are all blocked
even though he turned it
into an infighting match!
Mashiba is making less lefts
and it's easier to step in deep.
Technically, the match
is at the kid's pace, but
What's wrong, Mashiba?!
Push him away with your flickers!
Did he let Makunouchi in too far,
making it hard to use his left?
My right fist is getting numb.
You persistent bastard!
Mashiba makes a chopping right!
Is it hopeless?
I'm not finished yet!
Makunouchi throws another right!
And it was explosive!
Mashiba is losing his balance!
Oh, my! Makunouchi also took damage!
He can't move!
Ippo-kun! Damn, and this is his chance!
Is he at his limit?
What's this?
Mashiba's left arm is, uh
is staying down!
What's wrong with Mashiba?
The kid did it!
Hey, what's going on?
Could it be?
He didn't show it on his face,
but the guy must've been bearing
it for quite some time.
He planned on shattering Ippo's fist
to make it easy for himself,
but instead, his elbow
got taken out first.
It's a left-killer that only Ippo can do.
Kid! This is your chance!
What are you doing?! Go for it!
Oh, yeah! I have to go now!
That brat!
But I still have one arm left!
I I did it!
-All right!
-It's a good one!
Good job! That's the combination!
Makunouchi launches a barrage!
And it's powerful!
It's taking its toll on Mashiba!
His legs are shaking!
This is Makunouchi's opportunity!
Makunouchi is also reeling
from his previous damage!
He's stuck!
You idiot! Shake off
that damage with willpower!
Finish him already!
He's right. This chance
finally came my way!
I must finish him now!
It didn't hurt.
It didn't hurt, you hear me?!
What's the matter?!
Go for it, Makunouchi!
Knock him down!
What a fight!
After all those body blows,
Mashiba still won't fall.
What tenacity!
They say it's hard to use body blows
to fell a boxer with strong willpower.
To knock down Mashiba, he may have to
His chin! Aim at his chin!
Keep punching just like that!
He'll lower his chin for sure!
What a guy! He's still taking it!
Damn it! If only
I could raise my left arm,
I'd fend off those wimpy body blows!
Makunouchi connects another right!
This is it!
Man! He's clinching!
Push him away, Ippo!
Argh! The bell signals
the end of round two!
Mashiba corners him,
but Makunouchi regains the upper hand!
-This is a battle worthy of a final match!
It seems inevitable
that the winner will be decided by KO!
Who will win this death match?
Mashiba or Makunouchi?!
Your ligaments are shot.
The veins around
the area are all busted, too.
His destructive power is not normal.
You did a great job!
You recovered lost points.
Keep it up
is what I wish I could say,
but is your right fist all right?
Yes, sir! It's okay. I can still punch!
Why are you hiding pain from me?!
You idiot!
In what way is this okay?!
You reckless fool!
You're bleeding through
the thickly bound bandage.
If it was just some scraped skin,
it wouldn't look like this!
Your shattered bones are already
poking out of the back of your hand.
If you keep punching the way you have,
you know what'll happen.
In a worst-case scenario,
you'll be finished and retired!
The rookie title is a mere stopover
for those aiming at higher titles.
Do you want to dwell on this crap forever
and ruin your future?!
Argh! I'm asking you
who'd be stupid enough
to risk one's boxing career
just for a freaking rookie title?!
I've never seen such a
I guess I can't stop you.
We have no choice!
This boxer is determined to go
all the way.
All we can do is
minimize the injury to his fist
and give him pointers
on how to win this match.
That is a cornerman's job.
Listen, don't use your right fist
for hard punches.
Clench it lightly and use it for feints
and sacrifice punches.
That should work on Mashiba to
some extent in his current condition.
But Mashiba-san is overwhelming.
My left won't be enough!
You'll use your right hand
at the very end!
Keep giving him body blows with your left.
He'll lower his chin for sure.
That's when you sink in your right! But
That single punch must knock him down!
With your fist like that,
there is no second chance!
You got it? Use outboxing.
Use your feet to stay away from him.
Hey, Mashiba
Seconds out!
Oops, I'm late!
Dang, that Nishimura doesn't know
when to stop talking.
You idiot! I told you to use your feet!
This is absolutely amazing!
They've been going at it non-stop
since the bell rang!
Mashiba's right and Makunouchi's left!
It's a ferocious battle!
If I get passive and use my feet,
he'll be all over me!
Even if I'm down to one arm,
I must charge forward and fight!
As long as the flickers stay away,
I can get inside!
A close-range fight
is exactly what I want!
What's the matter, Kumi-chan?
He's still fighting, isn't he?
I've had enough.
I can't bear to watch it anymore.
If he's fighting for me
I want him to stop!
Please stop.
Oh? Is the punching
balance gradually getting tipped?
Left from Makunouchi!
The length of Mashiba's arms makes
his infight turning that much slower!
The current distance is perfect for Ippo!
Kumi-chan, let's go watch anyway.
Your brother is in a pinch, right?
If you don't root for him, who will?
It's working! Just a little more!
Just a little more
and he'll lower his chin!
Damn! If only I could use my left,
I'd wipe the floor with him!
My legs!
Makunouchi scores a left!
Mashiba changes his position.
Right! It grazes him!
Mashiba leans forward!
Makunouchi shakes free!
Mashiba keeps his distance
and Makunouchi chases!
Left! He dodges!
Makunouchi ducks and dodges!
It doesn't connect!
Kumi-chan, hurry!
Mashiba suffers! Makunouchi's left!
It's a barrage of lefts!
Mashiba is at his mercy!
Two three punches! More hit home!
Mashiba has lost all function in his legs!
However, Mashiba is still standing!
Mashiba is standing in the ring
at his full height!
That little shit!
I'll give him kudos
on his fighting spirit!
But he's at his limit.
One more punch,
and his huge frame will droop like a daisy
and his chin will fall!
One more punch, and he'll fall!
I can't afford to lose!
I got him! Did it work?!
His chin dropped!
All right! Go, kid!
All right, now for a right!
I I can't lose in a place like this.
Welcome back, Ryo!
You must be tired.
What, are you still awake?
What about you?
You just got home from work.
That must be rough.
I got canned again.
Hey, don't let it get you down,
and find another job!
I'm working part-time
and we're making ends meet,
so don't worry.
So, let's hang in there.
Let's hang in there.
I can't lose!
You're kidding!
Hitman flicker?!
He's bluffing! I don't have
to worry about flickers!
Makunouchi has fallen!
A moment ago, his condition was dire,
but Mashiba pulls both a flicker
and a chopping right out of the fire!
Mashiba has literally
laid Makunouchi out to dry!
What a guy.
What horrific tenacity!
What horrific endless strength!
Lie there forever!
Oh, come on. Get up, Ippo!
This is bad! He took a flicker
and a chopping right.
He fell for Mashiba's typical KO pattern!
I can't I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, Miyata-kun!
This guy is amazing!
How could he move his dead left arm
to make such an amazing punch?!
This guy is too much for me!
Mashiba-san's legs are shaking.
Oh, I see. I'm the one who's shaky.
No, it isn't me!
It's having an effect.
His last attack used up
his final shred of strength!
But he still managed to
squeeze out that much power.
Even Miyata-kun fought way past his limit!
I can't cop out just
because my right fist hurts!
How can I expect to defeat this guy
if I'm that weak?!
Makunouchi grasps the rope!
He has not given up!
I have to do better!
I can't possibly beat this guy
if I'm that weak!
He's up! Makunouchi has risen to his feet!
Mashiba, you can do it!
You bastard! You should've stayed down.
I was naïve to believe
I could fight fully without my right fist!
There's no way
I could defeat him like that!
I cannot afford to lose.
I will win! I'll beat you down
as many times as it takes!
I don't care if it costs me my right fist!
I'm fighting against an incredible boxer!
I'm going to fight until I'm satisfied!
The body blow.
An attack aimed at the body
below the neck and above the belt line.
It deprives the opponent's stamina,
causing excruciating pain,
which forces him to lower his guard.
However, it is difficult to get a KO
out of a seasoned boxer
using only body blows.
But I'll keep punching.
Which will shatter first?
His fighting spirit or my fist?
This is a battle of wills
using everything we've got!
Next time, "Victory or Defeat."
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