Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e32 Episode Script

Throw Your Right!

Next is double punches from the left!
I'll get him this time!
Hasn't his fist
healed yet?
It's healed. But he can't punch with it.
The match is coming up soon,
and since you're not
in the greatest condition,
let's call it a day.
Yeah, his step-in and left punch
are really good,
but is he really going
to take on Sendo like that?
He's probably trying to punch,
but something psychologically
is preventing him.
He's afraid of being hurt again.
The match is in two days, you know.
Chief, what are we going to do?
It won't be long now.
Very soon now, I'll be able to box
to my heart's content!
We're going nowhere
if your rhythm is shot to hell.
But maybe if I do some more
It won't change anything.
But, sir
Even his mitt-punching rhythm is off.
So, he got even more self-conscious
after finding out his right is no good.
-Pack up our stuff, Yagi-chan.
Wait a minute, please!
I said I'd decide to withdraw or proceed
based on how well your fist
had healed by the day of the fight.
And we have the result right before us.
We are withdrawing from the match.
We're getting out of here.
Please wait, Chief!
If I wait, will you be able
to use your right fist?
No, I can't say that for sure,
but when I'm actually at the match
-That's not like you, old man.
I said that's not like you.
You never throw in the towel
before even trying.
What did you say?
You know, Takamura-kun,
even the Chief wants to let him fight.
But as Ippo's supervisor
Takamura, do you have some kind of plan?
Rather than a plan, I'd call it advice.
It was the fourth match after my debut,
five days before the match.
I was just hitting the sandbag
when a horrific pain shot up my right arm!
Turns out, I had mashed up my wrist
with my own super dynamite punch.
Yeah, but your fourth match
was your fastest ever,
which you won by KO in 15 seconds
in the first round, wasn't it?
You defeated your opponent
that fast with one left punch?
No, I used my right.
I beat him with my right!
But what about the pain?
My opponent was a tough boxer,
and it would've been
hard to beat him with one left punch.
However, if I was
at my normal awesome strength,
I could never lose.
But, boy, my right hand hurt.
What should I do?!
What did you do?
I worried!
Y Yeah!
That's it!
One shot! I'd knock him down
before I could feel any pain!
I'd charge my opponent
the moment the bell rang
and let him have it
from my right while he was still gawking!
It was to make the opponent take a nap
before I could feel any pain.
If done right,
I could win in three seconds!
That's ridiculous!
One shot huh?
Hey, don't take him seriously.
That's more like a specialized attack!
Well, yes, I know I can't defeat
Sendo-san with one punch, but
What if?
Takamura resigned himself
for that match in his own fashion.
He would either nail it in one shot,
or give it up in one shot.
It was a gamble of sorts.
If there's a possibility that I can
truly fight with him even for a moment
So, what's it going to be?
Put your fist on ice.
That mitt-punching probably made it
start hurting again.
If there's any pain, you won't be able to
throw a good first punch
in tomorrow's match.
However, if you realize
that you cannot use your right,
we will withdraw on the spot.
Thank you, sir!
If only If only the pain would go away.
Sendo-san will win, of course.
I can't wait!
Hey, it's Rocky. Rocky's here!
Hey, it's our hero! It's Sendo!
Our hopes are riding on you!
Pulverize that Makunouchi guy!
The red trunks of the Eastern team!
Seeing those finally makes
All-Japan a reality.
Although we never got to wear them.
What's this? You guys
have never worn those trunks?!
That is such a shame.
Shut up.
The pain stayed with me.
I won't be able to punch
at full power like this.
But I have no choice!
Who's there?!
Dr. Yamaguchi! What are you doing here?!
Oh, please.
I'm your supervising physician, remember?
Isn't that right, Chief?
Did you ask her to come here
on my behalf, sir?
Is that Ippo's chiropractor?!
See? She's just like I said, right?!
This is amazing.
Hey, have you normalized?
No, but those knockers help!
I can believe that.
Clench your fist.
The swelling has gone down,
but there's a lot of pain left.
Is there about 30 minutes until the match?
I didn't really want to do this, but
We're going to have to anesthetize it.
I was informed of it from
the very beginning, so I'm ready.
Still, just to make sure you know,
anesthetics aren't perfect.
If you break a bone in
the same place during the match,
it will not handle that pain as well.
Also, when it wears off,
all of the pain it subdued
during that time will assault you.
Yes, I know. Please proceed!
Very well.
Yikes, I'm no good at stuff like that.
Me, neither.
-Uh, right.
-You're a man, aren't you?!
You have to try harder than that.
It'll start working soon.
Do your best out there!
That was flawless!
What an awesome feint!
I hear that Makunouchi
got knocked down by Komori
at Ishii's gym while sparring.
The injury to his fist
might not be healed yet,
but one thing for sure is
he's not in peak condition.
Don't believe everything you hear.
He's the type who's good when it counts.
I can't treat him lightly.
However, I will be the victor!
I'm not trying to act big or anything,
but I can't help feeling it's true.
I've never felt this great.
Energy is welling up from my very core!
I can't stand still.
I feel like if I don't hit something soon,
I'm going to explode!
The moment the bell rings, I'm going.
I'll have him pinned down from the get-go!
My fist feels a little heavy,
but I feel no pain.
I've lost all sensation.
It's almost time. Kid, let's get going!
Now, that's a boxer.
He finally looks like a real man.
Now, listen! We didn't come
all the way to Osaka
to get beaten by Sendo's cheering squad!
Right! Ippo's timid,
so we need to kick up a real racket
so he won't feel intimidated.
What? I didn't notice you bring that here.
You're really into it.
This'll drown out the local cheering!
The Featherweight Class
match is about to begin.
All right, let's do it!
We've been waiting for this, Sendo!
Pulverize him!
Don't send him home in one piece!
Rocky of Naniwa!
Rocky! Win and buy me
that video game system!
Go get him, Sendo!
I came for this match only!
If we try to cheer for Ippo
in the middle of this, we'll be killed.
Hey, that's impressive!
Huh? Hey, isn't that Date?
You're right, it is Date!
What's he doing here?
The Featherweight champion,
Eiji Date is in the crowd.
Has the Rookie Championship Tournament
ever received this much attention?!
Wow, the champion's
at a rookie championship.
Oh, Ippo-kun!
What, this guy is his opponent?
Get a look at his face!
He's supposed to have
a heck of a punch, but Sendo's better!
Don't fall down too quick, okay?!
Does it bother you?
Sendo-san sure is popular with the crowd.
Yes. The entire stadium is against you.
But don't forget,
you have only one opponent.
Yes, sir.
Ooh, that's a good tough look!
That's just like him.
He blanked out the audience
by focusing completely on his opponent.
In the red corner, from Kamogawa Gym
Ippo Makunouchi!
In the blue corner,
from the Naniwa Boxing Society
Takeshi Sendo!
How's your right?
-I can't tell.
The anesthetic is working,
and there isn't any pain.
But I've lost my other senses as well.
But I think I'll know
once I throw a punch.
I won't change the strategy.
I'll go at him when the gong rings.
Good! For better or for worse,
do it your way!
Yes, sir!
Seconds out!
The problem is
how much can he use his right fist?
Now, the tension rises.
The opening bell
of the Featherweight Class
All-Japan Rookie Championship
is about to ring!
I have to dash!
What's wrong with him?!
What happened to
the Takamura gong-and-dash strategy?
What's wrong, Ippo?!
Is he feeling intimidated by
the atmosphere?
That's not it.
He's intimidated by
the man in front of him!
The moment the bell rang,
he released a tidal wave of pressure
to rob his opponent of his drive.
That guy is powerful.
I'm sure the kid felt it as well.
That's why he gave up
on charging with the bell!
If he had gone, he would most definitely
have fallen victim to Sendo's hammer.
I'm at the ropes!
The pressure is intense,
not to mention that heavy jab.
There's no opening to punch!
There may not be an opening,
but I can't just guard all the time!
I have to lash out.
I should be able to reach him!
I can't stop him!
Makunouchi is blasted backwards!
No wonder Sendo's so popular.
He's cool.
You idiots! No matter
how pathetic he looks,
our buddy is fighting out there!
Root for him!
Believe me
I'd love to, but
Do something, Ippo!
We won't be able to raise
our voices for you at this rate.
He has incredible destructive power.
I will have to use my right after all!
It's something I've known all along!
There's no way I can face Sendo-san
without my right!
Oh? This is a dangerous distance!
Makunouchi has deliberately
placed himself in the danger zone!
You idiot! Don't stand directly
in front of him!
That's too risky!
He knows what he has to do.
He's going to use his right.
He's going to punch right!
Throw that thing, kid!
Even if I get a jab in, he'll reciprocate.
At this rate, I can't aim my right!
This is truly a thrilling
exchange of blows!
Exciting offensive and defensive battle!
Go for the body! Stop him from moving!
I'll stop him once, and use my right
You fool! Don't take blows
in the meantime!
Makunouchi has stopped moving!
Will Sendo take the offensive?!
Go, Sendo!
Knock that sucker down!
When it rains, it pours!
Sendo launches a barrage!
All right! That connected!
This is explosive!
Makunouchi swings a right!
All right! His head is clear!
It didn't hurt. I can do this!
He hit him without holding back, right?
That means
Run with it, Ippo!
Throw your artillery at him!
The entire stadium is dumbstruck!
That is just how powerful
Makunouchi's destructive power is!
How is Sendo holding up
after taking that full-on?!
This will work!
He guards! But that doesn't seem
to matter to Makunouchi!
It's hurting! Makunouchi is unstoppable!
His engine is on maximum drive!
Makunouchi lands a perfect left uppercut!
Sendo is in danger!
Oops! That's the bell!
Sendo is saved from disaster!
What's wrong with Rocky?
Is he sick?
It's not that. Makunouchi is too strong.
How's your right?
It's all right for now.
Good! Your destructive powers
are about 50-50.
Settle this thing
before the pain decides to come back.
Yes, sir!
He's as good a boxer as they say
if he can fight it out with you.
This is it.
This is what I've been waiting for.
He only has to face me,
and I can feel it like electricity.
I've been wanting
a fight like this forever!
Hey, it's okay to fight him head-on,
but if you keep taking those hard hits,
even you won't last the match.
That's true.
When I took his right,
I lost consciousness for a second.
When the lights came back on,
it made me think.
Maybe this is what happened
to all the guys who took a punch from me.
Seconds out!
I'm not chickening out or anything.
Quite the opposite.
My head is still spinning.
What shall I do about this?
Yes, what shall I do about this indeed?
He's calmer than I thought he'd be.
What? Uh, right.
Calm? Far from it.
The look on his face made me shudder.
No way he'll let Ippo get away with it
after he's been beaten up that much!
Now, round two has begun.
Sendo comes out of his corner slowly.
Has he recuperated? He poses at leisure.
Makunouchi faces him.
His attack at the end
of round one was superb!
How will he approach this round?!
Our firing range is about the same.
I just need to get close to him.
Now, what shall I do about this?
Not yet. I need to get closer!
I need to get all over him
or I won't be satisfied.
Sendo throws a sudden left!
Makunouchi is lifted into the air,
guard and all!
It's a hook an uppercut!
No, it's something in-between!
It's a smash!
Ooh! It's a secret weapon!
That punch is amazing!
That was close!
If I hadn't sparred with Takamura-san,
I would have taken a direct hit!
From below?!
The distance required
to make a large motion
in order to deliver a destructive punch.
A punch delivered at this range
is possibly fatal.
I have to be close.
If I take his smash full-on,
I'm sure I won't be able to keep standing!
I have to stick close to him
and continue hitting him
without giving him any leeway!
Next time, "Smash Force."
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