Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e36 Episode Script

The Champ and I

How's your right fist, Makunouchi-kun?
You're the hopeful who's
been blowing away the competition.
Of course I know about you.
This is the Featherweight Champion
of Japan
Eiji Date-san!
Oops, I forgot
you can't use your right hand.
Excuse me?
Don't be so stiff, boy!
Uh, I
Hey! It's you, old guy.
Hey, Takamura! Don't call me old!
I'm only 28.
Don't act like a big shot
after teasing one of our boxers.
Well, I didn't mean to,
but he got so nervous,
I couldn't help myself.
This little guy sure is cute.
Anyway, what brings you here today?
Oh, I was called in
as a guest commentator.
Guest?! Like you're such a hot commodity.
I don't think I fit the role, either.
That explains the disgusting tie.
Don't mock my wife's fashion sense!
More importantly, they say
your opponent is tough stuff.
Yeah. Don't say that.
I'm nervous to a degree.
You idiot! Would a nervous guy
be loitering around in a place like this?
I haven't decided how to
slaughter him yet, that's all!
Um, I didn't know you were acquainted.
Yeah. I bumped into him at
last year's commissioner sponsor party.
I wanted to know
who the old guy with the evil eyes was.
Stop calling me old!
In the first place,
your glare is worse than mine!
Now, now. Champion, we should be going.
Oops, it's that time already.
Make any sloppy moves, I'll give
a commentary you'll never live down.
Oh, yeah. Old guy!
A little while ago,
you called this guy cute, didn't you?
The punches he throws aren't so cute.
Don't say stuff like that, Takamura-san.
Being Rookie of the Year
puts you in 10th place in the rankings.
If you rise in the ranks without a hitch,
it's possible we could fight.
However, I know I put up a front,
but a 28-year-old boxer
is way past his peak.
I don't know if I can wait
that long for you.
I know! I wanted to do
my fine-tuning with someone
who would test my mettle
before my next title match!
Once your right fist heals,
drop by my gym to see me.
Humph. That was a good sob story.
It means that old guy isn't
the type to give up the belt easily.
Is that true?
He's one of the few boxers in Japan
capable of tackling the world title.
The world
Fight against the champion? Me?
You're in the way!
Make way for the number one batter
of Kamogawa Gym!
-Don't disgrace yourself in there.
-You got it.
-Do your best!
Aw, no way! It's the last round,
It connected! Hey
This is no time to get sick!
We have to cheer for him!
Oh, it's come down to judge's decision.
He did it!
I won! Keep it up.
Leave it to me!
-Can you go on?
-I can.
Hit him you!
Hey, it hit him.
He did it! Now we have two wins in a row!
Now it's up to Takamura-san.
All right! That's Takamura-san for you!
I'm really glad all three of them won.
Congratulations, everyone!
Did you see my KO reversal?!
That was obviously a lucky punch.
I won, so lay off.
You saw my spectacular form too,
didn't you, Barf-michi?
Huh? What's the matter?
I think the match was too much for him.
I see. I guess he's not used to seeing
our faces like this.
How can I describe it?
Lumps are like medals to a boxer.
If you continue boxing,
you'll learn that for yourself.
You were really cool.
Thanks for the support.
I don't think having a swollen face
is anything to be proud of.
Since we won today, that means
our ranking will get higher too.
If I'm now ranked 5th
All we have to do is beat four more,
and we'll be champions too!
Yeah! The belt is
finally coming into view!
Oh, yeah. They're all fighting
with their eyes on the belt.
You take up our momentum and follow, Ippo!
Uh, no. There are still nine boxers
ahead of me.
You only have nine boxers ahead of you!
You could have a title match
on your hands within the year!
-Have a little ambition, would you?!
-Yes, sir.
Title match?
It still sounds unreal.
He has a presence
and really looks like a champion.
He totally outranks me
after how I struggled
in the Rookie of the Year fight.
Sendo-san's punches were intense.
And to be honest,
I couldn't see Mashiba-san's flicker jabs.
And Miyata-kun's speed is
something to be reckoned with.
But a champion probably
has to rise above all those things.
Rise above? Surely there aren't
many featherweight boxers
who can punch like Sendo-san.
And as for speed,
I know that I'm totally outranked,
but I wonder just how much
of a gap in skill
lies between me and this man?
The most important thing in jumping rope
is rhythm.
Just jumping isn't enough.
-Watch me.
Give it a try.
Yeah, that's the way!
Are you all right?!
I I'm all right!
I'm sorry. I made trouble for you.
It's no trouble.
Sempai, please do your own training.
Don't waste your time on me.
Don't worry about it.
I can't put on a glove
because of my fist injury.
It's a good opportunity for me
to work on lots of basics with you.
But I I think I really can't
Can't? You really can't what?
You've gotten a lot better. Keep trying!
What do you mean, keep trying?
Like you're so big.
Well, I can't say anything bad.
You were just as bad
when you first joined the gym.
That's not the problem here!
What are you doing, laughing at him
when he's doing his best?!
Whoa, he defended him!
I knew it, they're gay!
You and your nonsense!
He got mad, boss!
See? Just like I said, right?
That's suspicious.
They're just horsing around.
It'll slow us down, so ignore them.
Uh, what was it again?
Uh, Yamada-kun?
I see. He was clumsy in the beginning too.
You were very patient.
It's all right now.
Your fist is 100% fully healed.
It's okay now.
I can spar too?
I told you, it's okay!
I see.
I see!
All right!
-What the?
-Hey, Ippo?
Way to go, Ippo!
You're back in the saddle!
-One, two!
-Yes, sir!
-Right punch!
Left-right barrage!
Yes. Those were pretty solid impacts
for such a long absence.
Thank you, sir!
I just got through
with the bad boys' matches,
but it's going to get busy again.
-Yes, sir!
You just got a sparring offer
from Nakadai Gym.
It was a direct request from Eiji Date
to borrow Ippo Makunouchi.
Direct request
Your sparring session is in three days.
Go use his services
to your heart's content!
I spar with Date-san in three days.
Don't be so nervous.
The old guy had sudden business
to attend to,
but with me as your escort,
you've nothing to fear.
Yes, it's very encouraging.
All right, let's go show him who's boss!
What day is today?
The 30th.
-Oh, no!
-What's wrong?
-I have a date today.
-Let's hurry.
-Do your best!
-Wait a minute!
Uh, Takamura-san!
What'll I do?
Thank you for coming.
I'm the chief, Nakadai.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm looking forward to sparring.
Couldn't Kamogawa-san come as your escort?
He always did have a hands-off policy.
-Well, why don't you start getting ready?
I'm so nervous.
You're getting a lot of attention, sempai.
Please don't tell me things like that.
I'm sorry.
I need to concentrate.
I see why Date
would personally request him.
Hey, you're here!
Yes, pleased to be of service to you, sir.
Well, let's get to it, then.
That's unusual shadow boxing.
He's using his elbows an awful lot.
He only moved them lightly,
but his shoulders,
elbows, and even
his wrists are perfectly fluid.
Date-san is a master of
the corkscrew blow.
Corkscrew blow?
You spar for three rounds.
For Date, this will be
his final adjustment before the match.
Take him full-on for
the full nine minutes.
Yes, sir. Um, what about headgear?
Oh, that. Don't worry.
I prefer not to wear it.
I mentioned it before.
I'm growing old. I have no more time.
If I act the slightest bit weak,
I can't maintain my tension.
Come on, don't be so standoffish.
-Hit me without holding back.
How should I go about fighting him?
I could really use
Takamura-san's help right now.
Strategy or not,
there is no variation to the way I fight.
I'll stick close
and exchange punches as usual!
Okay, ring the bell!
All right.
I've never felt this kind
of pressure before.
It's different from
Mashiba-san or Sendo-san.
The pressure is heavier.
What the heck was
I just standing there for?!
He's fast! I can't miss
his movement even for a second!
I got it backwards! A right is coming!
I controlled it! Return a left!
He shook it off by force!
I thought that the boxing of a champion
would be smarter!
I never expected it to be this rough!
Date-san set a trap for him.
He's completely leading the match.
He never gives up the pace,
even in a sparring match.
That's from experience.
I have to lash out!
He's within striking distance!
I have to lash out!
His engine finally turned over.
I see. That's a good punch.
Even when he's hit, he punches right back.
He's got a good heart too.
Whoa, Date lost his balance!
He had his guard up just now.
Oh, no! He won't be able to dodge that!
Whoa there, break time.
The bell already?
I was so absorbed, I couldn't tell.
Damn, it's hell taking on a young guy!
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
What's wrong? Sure he didn't get
the upper hand?
Nah, he's just so spunky.
I'm jealous of the young.
He probably has power to spare.
Yeah, it's really something.
His speed isn't average, either.
With some experience,
he would make a fine boxer.
That's true. If I'm not careful,
he'll knock me off my feet.
For sure.
Want to test it?
He has punches, he has speed.
He never runs out of energy.
He's a type very similar
to my next opponent.
He's the perfect test candidate. Yeah.
He's holding back something, I know it.
That was so close.
You're probably going to KO him
at this rate.
What are you talking about?!
Date-san isn't seriously fighting yet.
He hasn't used his corkscrew.
What? Really?
Yeah. And that smile he made
Didn't he get the upper hand on Date-san?
Yeah. Makunouchi isn't someone
to be trifled with.
Hey, where are your eyes?
Date-san lets his opponents attack
to observe their moves.
It's his usual trick.
Okita's really uptight.
He's in the same weight class as Date-san,
waiting for his shot at the title.
If the guy he's trying to beat
has a hard time fighting a rookie
Interesting. The side-to-side move
he used in the Mashiba fight.
Good weaving. The corkscrew
doesn't work for barrages.
If he moves around that fast,
he'll be a hard target.
He's exercising
an abnormal amount of caution!
I shouldn't have let him see me shadowbox.
Still, it wouldn't be much of a test
if I didn't use it!
For all that movement,
he still cornered me easily!
See that? This is the difference
in your careers.
He's taking aim.
I have to get out of the corner.
I don't think so!
Oh, no!
Got you!
It's the corkscrew!
I got hit!
His left follow-up is coming!
I have to raise my guard!
I must raise my guard!
What am I doing? I have to raise my guard!
What? What happened?
It's almost like
I'm frozen in time.
What happened?
The corkscrew blow.
By striking out while twisting your fist,
this punch produces
definitive destructive and piercing power.
However, it takes a high degree of
technical skill and training to do this.
No matter how many times I fall,
I don't want it to end.
I want to know more of the strengths
the champion has in his arsenal!
Next time, "A Thing to Strive For."
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