Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e47 Episode Script

The Fighting Spirit Within

Duck! And then from below!
The sandbag was lifted up vertically.
Hey, is that a vertical swaying punch?
That destructive power
isn't from arm strength alone.
It requires a "spring"
that carry the power of the body.
I see. So that's what the squats were for!
Amazing. This impact
Looks like it isn't perfect yet.
However, the destructive power
is as you just saw.
That is the lethal weapon
of Floyd Patterson,
who wore the world heavyweight belt twice.
The punch Patterson called
the Gazelle Punch.
The Gazelle Punch.
So you spring upwards like a gazelle,
thrusting your entire body upwards.
If that hit, it would knock down
the biggest giant.
But if you have to make this big
of a motion, will it actually hit?
It will!
Your fight with Volg will undoubtedly
develop into something like this.
The distance is right.
It'll be a return barrage at point blank.
You can definitely touch them
if you reach out?
However, if you get this close
you can't hope for an effective hit.
You'll need a further barrage in order
to destroy your opponent's posture.
-Give me a barrage, stopping up short.
-Yes, sir!
Don't rest, don't rest!
You're not there yet!
This is the place.
A barrage is basically
an exercise without oxygen.
It's a breath-holding test of endurance.
When he runs out of breath
and starts to flush,
sock him one with the Gazelle Punch.
A test of endurance, sir?
What happens if I lose this test?
Why are you even thinking of losing?
I'm sorry!
I'll whip your heart into great shape,
so you can hit for three minutes
straight without complaint.
To do that, you're gonna do
some intensive running.
Yes, sir!
What do you think?
The idea and viewpoint are sound, but
You think there's a problem?
Apparently, Volg means "wolf" in Russian.
-A wolf versus
-a gazelle!
No matter how you look at it
You don't get the feeling he'll win.
What's your impression of him?
He's a good athlete.
He has fighting spirit in his punches.
The most impressive thing is his ability
to improve with every match.
He becomes stronger,
like a different person.
How do you estimate
the odds of you losing?
At the present time, there are no factors
to increase my risk of losing.
However, that is not reliable.
He will likely attack me
with another improvement.
That's because he has a good trainer.
He has superb boxing theory.
He deduces the logic of willpower,
while at the same time he thoroughly
comprehends the science of boxing.
He will undoubtedly locate a means
of breakthrough for his match with you.
-Exercise caution.
-Yes, sir.
He's an athlete
who fights with incredible impact.
But to me, the most impressive thing
about him
is that great expression on his face.
He looks like he's having fun.
He must really love boxing.
Unlike myself.
All right, eight sets of 800-meter dashes.
-Do each of them in under three minutes.
-Yes, sir!
Barrage, barrage, barrage!
Don't rest, don't rest, don't rest!
What's wrong?
You won't withstand Volg's punches
with a body like that!
Push! In an infight struggle,
the one without bodily strength
will tire the fastest.
Don't be pushed back!
What are you doing, fool?
You need more intimidation! Intimidation!
Listen, you can't reach Volg
with technique alone.
Bridge the gap
with strength of mind. Intimidation!
Willpower! You can do it if you try!
That's all there is to it.
Yes, sir.
Step in faster! You aren't using
the spring from your knees.
You've finally gotten all eight sets,
each under three minutes.
How long are you going to rest?
Back to the gym for mitt-punching.
Hey, there's less than a month
until the match, right?
I know you need to train,
but aren't you being overworked?
-That's impossible.
The Chief is twice as fussy about
health maintenance than other coaches.
No, I suspect he's gotten
a little too worked up.
Remember? He was chastised
by Volg's trainer.
Be careful. There are lots of guys
who couldn't put their best foot forward
because of overwork.
Even massaging it myself
doesn't get the swelling down anymore.
I thought that it'd be okay
if I followed the Chief's instructions,
but maybe I am being overworked.
Is anybody home?
Coming, coming. I'll be right there!
Who is it?
-Ippo-kun, it's been so long!
I've been watching your fights.
You're really working hard!
Dr. Yamaguchi!
Are you home alone, Ippo-kun?
Yes. Mom went out for night fishing.
Oh, please come in.
If possible, I'd like to go
to a room with a bed.
So, what brings you here today?
Now, come here.
Let's get started.
Get started? Doing what?
I'm ready.
You silly!
Lie on your stomach.
I can't give you a massage like this.
You're going to give me a massage?
I'm sorry! I'm so tired,
I don't know what got into me.
The Chief asked me to see you.
He did?
Yes, your muscles are definitely
on the verge of becoming overworked.
800 meters in three minutes, huh?
He makes you do eight reps, so
it'll give you stamina for eight rounds.
You're developing really good muscles.
They're full of oxygen.
You won't run out of oxygen
that easily now.
Are those results from the training?
And from the squats.
You have "spring" now, right?
Yes. I believe my attack power
has increased.
At the same time,
your defense power has also increased.
"Springing power"
is able to repel and to absorb.
Your knees have incredible spring
to them now.
They are capable of smothering
destructive punches naturally.
The Chief never fails to impress me.
Each of his training techniques
is firmly based in science.
As long as we remove
your fatigue properly,
you'll be in the ring
in your best condition.
Worried about Ippo-kun?
Uh, no. I have no need to worry.
I went to a specialist.
Are you still taking
what Coach Ramuda said to heart?
There are too many things
on the technical front
I won't be able to tackle by the match.
We'll have to combat them
on the mental front.
In spite of that, I forced effort
and willpower on the kid.
And in turn, he gave me
his full confidence,
and responded fully to my training.
It would make anyone nervous.
When a trainer sees
an athlete full of natural ability,
he wants to train him.
He wants to prove his theories
through that youth.
There are countless examples of athletes
being pushed too hard and ruined.
Everyone knows that the essence of
your athletic nurturing isn't like that.
As proof, there isn't a single boxer
who does your training unwillingly.
All the kids at Kamogawa Gym love boxing.
You'll get your answer
from Ippo-kun, I know it.
Good morning!
You're so noisy from the morning.
Thanks to you, my body feels a lot better
after a good night's rest.
Isn't Dr. Yamaguchi amazing?
Skip the commercial. Are you warmed up?
Yes, I am.
I'm ready to go at any time!
-All right! We're going for dart-and-dash.
-Yes, sir!
The match is over!
Eiji Date, in seven rounds by TKO,
successfully defends his title!
He's good. He won easily.
He didn't give
the first-ranking challenger a chance.
I have to train more.
I can't possibly reach him.
May I have a moment?
I'm having trouble
I'm really having trouble.
Whew. I thought
you were Makunouchi the boxer.
Thank goodness.
-Uh, did you also come to watch the fight?
So, what's the problem?
The match ended. So many people
The person who came with me is gone.
I'm all alone.
I tried to go home alone,
but I can't read that.
I see.
What's your station called?
I'll buy you a ticket.
-You are just as I had imagined.
Will you talk with me a little?
We fight in the ring.
No problem to talk now.
I guess so.
Um, it sure has gotten cold.
Cold? Does it feel that way
to Japanese people?
Well, yes. It'll be winter soon, you see.
To me, it's warm.
The winters in my homeland
go below minus 20 degrees Celsius.
Minus 20 degrees?
My hometown is on the outskirts of Russia.
When winter comes,
there are endless giant fields of snow,
and all you can hear is the blizzard
and the distant howling of wolves.
Uh, I mean
That's not what I wanted to say.
I had something to ask you if we met.
What? Me?
I watched your videos many, many times.
The more I watched them,
the more something began to bother me.
What could it be?
Did he see a quirk in the way I punch?
Was it in the straight? The uppercut?
-It's your face.
I must know
Do you like boxing?
What? Uh, I Well, um
Yes, I do!
I love boxing!
Volg-san, don't you like boxing?
Do I have to like it to do it?
That's not what I meant, but
Our punches can deliver a fatal blow
to a man if we feel like it.
Horrifying lethal weapons.
The thought sometimes
makes me very frightened.
Then why are you boxing?
I want to drink hot soup.
In my homeland,
my mother waits for me alone.
She raised me all by herself
and ruined her health.
The winters in my homeland are very hard.
If I get my chance in this country,
I will receive lots of money.
I will be able to help my mother.
I want to have the soup
she made when she was healthy.
I see. That's why
he looked so sad before.
Oh. Don't worry about it.
We should both fight
at full power in the ring.
When I was an amateur,
I saw many kinds of boxers,
but I'm sure a type like
you will become a fine boxer.
Do you think so? Thank you so much.
We are enemies,
so this is kind of strange, isn't it?
Now that you mention it
But please be prepared
to lose the next match.
Because I will win.
I'll I'll do that.
But I'll also try my best.
For Mom.
He's an incredible guy.
He continues to win, fighting
with his loneliness in a foreign land.
Can I beat him?
That was a weird foreigner, huh?
He looked like he needed help,
but we shouldn't get too involved.
-Oh, shit!
-I'm really having trouble.
I can't read! Nobody's here!
I'm having trouble!
It's impressive how he can hit
that round mitt right on target.
The Chief says they use the round mitt
when they're practicing "it."
Hey, Volg! White Fang!
I really can't understand it.
It's an uppercut and a chopping right,
a simultaneous punch from top and bottom.
An amazing super-speed blow.
It's scary if you imagine
that mitt as someone's head.
It's like a wild animal
is chomping down on it.
The White Fang.
You're almost there! Hold your breath!
Hang on!
There! Volg's chin is up!
Do you like boxing?
I bet my love of boxing
is the only thing
that Volg-san doesn't beat me at.
However, no matter how painful it gets,
or how powerful my opponent is,
that's enough to try harder.
I'll do my best.
Mom, are you all right? Mom!
Please stay Please stay here with me.
Please wait.
I will continue to win in this country,
and I'll come home to drink your hot soup.
I swear!
The A-Class Tournament final match has
finally arrived for Featherweight Class!
It began in the summer
and now the final match is here.
Who will proceed to the title match?
Our guest commentators
are said to be our country's
most powerful active boxers.
Japan Featherweight Champion,
Eiji Date-san
Thrilled to be here.
And the Japan Middleweight Champion,
Mamoru Takamura-san.
Is that the outfit he ordered
for his TV appearance?
It doesn't have a shred of refinement.
So, what do you both predict?
It would be interesting
if Makunouchi delivers his power shot,
but they have different qualities
as boxers.
I believe it's seven to three
in Volg's favor.
You're so proper, it's boring!
As I am a gambler,
I will go with the dark horse.
So, Ippo will win by KO!
Yes, boxing certainly is unpredictable.
There is that possibility.
Hope I don't get old.
Old people only make guarded comments.
No, I'm merely attempting to
What do you say, old man?
Wanna bet?
I'll take you up on that, you bastard!
Bring it on!
Edit this out!
The A-Class Boxer
Tournament Featherweight Class
final match will commence momentarily!
We've been waiting for this, Makunouchi!
Give him a punch for us!
Don't listen to the cheers.
They'll get quiet once the match starts.
I'm going to see how far
your beloved effort and willpower
will get with my boxer.
Damn his face and its implications.
Listen, Kid! Hit him for all you're worth!
What's wrong?! The bell's about to ring!
-Get your intimidation going!
Something's wrong.
When I get nervous in the green room,
I always shake out of it
by the time I'm in the ring.
If only we met
under different circumstances,
we might have become good friends.
My mother is waiting for me
in my homeland.
Please think of this meeting
as unfortunate.
He's different from who he was before.
The pressure is so staggering,
the ring is shrinking.
Combination blow.
An attack combining different punches.
By punching in consecutively
from different angles,
it is possible to make a window
in the opponent's guard and connect.
He follows me everywhere and gets hits in.
I can't be daunted by his punches.
I mustn't back off! I have to go forward
and duke it out!
I have to dive within point-blank range
and take it into a return barrage.
Next time, "The Red Wolf."
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