Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e50 Episode Script

Something to Convey

My word! He carried over
the Gazelle Punch into a body blow.
The first to connect with the big gun
is Makunouchi!
He widened his stance and forced it
into a low altitude punch.
It's the worst punch
to take without stamina!
The darned kid pulled a neat trick!
Chief, he did it!
Makunouchi whales into him!
It's his usual reversal pattern!
Also, this rush is Makunouchi's pattern
of certain victory!
Ah, Volg goes under!
-He's down!
-To your neutral corner!
Makunouchi has finally turned
the match on its ear.
-He did it!
He did it! He really did it!
I had full faith in my boxer
and my boxer responded to it 100%.
Nothing is more gratifying than this.
Ramuda, Volg is a superb boxer.
However, dazzling talent can sometimes
blind the eyes of an excellent trainer.
It wasn't arrogance that blinded you
to the status of his stamina.
In the light, anyone can lose sight
of the shadow.
The boxer's ability was far superior.
It's a trainer's mistake.
My arrogance gave rise to this accident.
I haven't taught him
what to do after this.
Volg doesn't know how to regain
his footing in such a predicament.
Will he lose? Will my boxer lose?
This is a rare exchange of knockdowns!
The count is five so far!
Will this become the decisive knockdown?
Volg-san's movements
suddenly became heavy.
The Chief knew it would come to this.
This is what he was aiming for.
Well done, kid! That's a flawless barrage!
He connected a beautiful combination
from body to face
when his opponent
was physically exhausted.
That was a finishing blow
with change to spare!
He won't rise again. We won!
Hold on! Volg has raised
his chest off the mat!
Will he get up? Can he get up?
It's no good! He collapses!
Don't get up!
That hurt. My field of vision
It's no good. I don't think I can stand.
Mom, what's wrong? Are you coughing again?
Wait here. I'll go get a doctor!
Wait for me, Mom. Wait for me.
I feel so heavy I can't move.
I can't believe how powerless I am!
I wish I were as strong as that wolf.
Then I would be able to protect Mom.
I wish I were as strong as a wolf
I was so impressed by the wolf
howling nobly with a high-pitched cry
in the wasteland of snow that day
That's why I grasped the boxing gloves.
If I allow myself to be buried
If I don't get up on my feet
I'll still be the same
as that day when I was so powerless!
Strong like a wolf!
I started boxing
because I wanted to be strong
I have to stand up.
I'm not weak like I was back then!
No matter how much snow buries me,
I can get to my feet and fight.
Mom, I'm
I'm strong now, aren't I?
Volg is on his feet!
My word
Can you go on?
Now, this time Volg's in trouble!
He has incredible fighting spirit.
The dark horse
won't come out on top so easily.
Settle it! Whale into him
and knock him down!
I have to go.
This chance finally came my way.
-Go, go, Makunouchi!
-You can get him!
-Knock him down!
-Volg doesn't punch back!
It may be only a matter of time
before he collapses.
Makunouchi's power blows
are effective through his guard.
He looks like he would fall
if it weren't for the rope.
A clinch! Makunouchi also staggers!
The attacker is also exhausted!
Break! Step back! Break it up! Volg!
It's a hold!
You're the amateur champ of the world!
They've finally broken it up!
The pride of the Amateur World Champ
means nothing now.
He's nothing but desperate!
Don't leave an interval!
You can't let him rest! Lash out!
I have to keep going.
The kid's stamina
is also approaching rock bottom.
He has to knock him down in this round.
Volg makes the first move!
However, his lightning-fast jabs
now appear slow.
Volg, your tenacity is incredible!
Keep fighting, Volg!
That's good. That's the way.
I pray that you can last this round
and come back to me.
There's something I must tell you.
Punch him, Makunouchi!
It'll all be for nothing!
Lash out!
A right! It bounces off his guard!
There! Go for it!
He was beginning to go
through the motions of the White Fang.
Good. Good job recovering!
If he's tired, he can't shoot his big gun.
There's nothing to fear.
Go knock him down in the next round!
Yes, sir.
But his wolf fangs
are still very much alive.
I'm positive he'll try to use
the White Fang again.
What a sorry sight he is.
I overlooked this possibility
and made him proceed into
a dangerous fight with Makunouchi?
please instruct me.
Instruct me how to fight the next round.
There was something I had to tell you.
But after looking into your eyes,
I realize that isn't necessary.
That's good willpower!
Seconds out!
Go, Volg! Put your strength of spirit
into your fists, and throw them
against Makunouchi!
Get in there, kid!
I won't feed you any more theories.
This round is it!
Now, this may be the important round.
Will Makunouchi overcome the opposition?
But there's still room
for another reversal!
You impress me, Chief!
You predicted it would develop into this.
You were right on target.
-I missed.
According to my prediction,
it should have ended in Round Four.
Not for a second did I believe
Volg would get up from that knockdown.
It was a miscalculation.
-Hand me the towel.
The kid's at his limit
of strength and damage.
Any more could be life threatening.
Keep going, kid.
This decrepit old man
is watching over you!
I never imagined myself vocalizing
anything to do with spirituality.
I intended to have taught him
everything in that ten years,
but in retrospect,
I should have conveyed that to him first.
Volg! When you are suffering,
your opponent is also suffering!
Use every bit of your strength of mind!
You can do it, Volg!
Both contenders widen their stance
and plant their feet
in the middle of the ring!
I don't think that's a stance
for attacking.
That's to brace the legs.
A stance to prevent them
from falling over.
Like Eolas. It'll be settled this round.
They intend to duke it out
until one of them falls.
This is going to be
a mind-boggling test of endurance.
We're thinking the same thing.
"I won't let you beat me!"
I will be the winner.
I challenge you, Makunouchi!
They stick their heads together
and exchange blows!
Both use their specialty, in-fighting,
believing it's the only thing to do!
How much time has elapsed?
It feels like I've been punching
for hours!
I'm starting to feel faint.
I no longer know what I'm hitting
or what's hitting me.
Have two minutes gone by?
Or has it only been a few seconds?
I'm not finished yet!
Volg-san's drive hasn't changed.
I'm positive he'll bare his fangs
and come at me.
He's starting to run out of oxygen.
Persevere, kid!
The one with superior
cardiopulmonary functions will win.
Keep going, Volg!
I can't breathe!
I'm suffocating.
A right! It's a hit to Makunouchi's face!
And he goes into
the motions of the White Fang!
This is the last of my strength!
The lightning-fast combination
is a mere shadow of its former glory!
It's no good.
I can't hold my breath any longer.
Gazelle Punch!
He's down!
The Gazelle Punch explodes! Volg is down!
Now, the countdown begins!
Will this decide the match?
Volg sits motionless on one knee!
I can barely keep myself propped up.
I can't fight any more.
Will he get up? Will he still fight?
He's up! Volg is back on his feet!
Now, the question is
will he take a fighting pose?
If I raise my hands,
I can still fight the match.
I couldn't possibly
have any strength left,
but I don't want it to end.
Oh, I see.
It just came to me.
Mom, I think
I like boxing!
Ten count! The match is over!
The fight to the death has come to an end!
Volg finally exhausts all his strength!
It's a miraculous colossal reversal KO!
The victor of the A-Class Boxer
Prize Tournament is
Ippo Makunouchi!
I did it!
Chief, I did it! I did it!
Yeah, way to go! You did good!
Chief Kamogawa proudly lifts up
his prized pupil!
This is a commotion worthy
of a world title match!
That's how joyous this win is!
Good job.
Volg, don't move!
A stretcher is on its way.
I'm okay.
I can walk.
Good job!
You're strong.
You got me.
That's the way, Volg!
I wish you could both win!
It feels as though
you and I have exchanged thousands
of words in this one day.
And I learned a lesson
from every one of them.
Results are just good fortune
in the moment. It was a good match.
Volg-kun is a good fighter.
Oh, my! Makunouchi ends up
being the one to keel over!
The victor leaves the ring
on a stretcher, of all things.
That's how fierce a fight it was.
Enormous applause rains down
on these two brilliant fighters!
Here we go, here we go! My dark horse!
Old geezer! I won the bet!
Now pay up in full!
Where'd you go, old man?
He's finally come
to take my belt away from me
as my most powerful challenger ever.
I won't let you have it.
You ain't getting the belt.
That belt is mine.
Thank goodness.
His fever seems to be gone.
It was an incredible fight!
Right now, Ippo's a bit of a hero
among boxing fans.
So, you're a hero, huh?
It would make your mother happier
if you came home
looking a little more human.
Good afternoon.
Um, I came to visit Makunouchi.
I heard he was in the hospital.
Are you Makunouchi's mother?
Uh I'm sorry.
I'm the one who did this. I'm sorry!
Oh, my. Don't worry about it.
It was a fight, after all.
And look at you, all banged up.
You're Volg-san, aren't you?
Please have a seat. He's sleeping, but
Uh, no
I'll peel you a fruit.
Sorry it's a leftover from a gift.
-Is an apple okay?
He looks like a child when he sleeps, huh?
He hasn't changed one bit.
Here you go.
Oh, thank you.
This is good!
My, you're a smooth one.
Smooth? The way I eat?
No, not that.
It tastes like something I remember.
You worry about him, don't you?
Well, yes.
I'd love to tell him that he worries me.
But to see the child
who always used to come home bullied
find something he likes
and become serious about it
When I see how happy he looks,
I can't complain anymore.
I think that the sight
of a son working his hardest
is good for a mother.
I'm going now.
Please give Makunouchi my regards.
Oh. Ippo? Volg-san is leaving. Ippo!
No, it's okay. Let him sleep.
I'm so sorry.
If you like, take this with you.
Thank you, ma'am.
All this time I worried
how I would report this to my mom.
When I tell her I lost,
what will be the look on her face?
How much will she worry?
I'll write her a letter.
I have a lot to write about.
I had many experiences.
I met many people.
I have so much to say,
I don't know where to begin.
But I know what to write at the end.
Mom, your son
is working hard!
Low blow.
An illegal move targeted
below the boxing trunk belt line.
That's right. Boxers are strictly
prohibited from lower body attacks.
So how could you monkey around
with my lower body while I'm asleep?
I can't be used by these people,
and then let them put me through hell!
Even if it's my first time bowling,
I cannot miss this shot!
I'll grasp heaven with my own two hands!
Next time, "The Group Date."
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