Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e52 Episode Script

The Challenger (Recap)

Okay, that's enough.
Those were good moves.
Your fine-tuning is perfect.
No, it's still not enough.
It'll take better punches than that
to knock him down.
I'm going running for a bit.
If Makunouchi was still the same
as when I first met him,
my current condition
would be more than sufficient.
But now he's different.
He won't fall that easily.
He's an entirely different boxer
than he was a year ago.
So, a year has already passed.
I first saw Makunouchi
in the final match
for Rookie of the Year versus Sendo.
-We've been waiting for this, Sendo!
-Pulverize him!
It was East versus West for
Rookie of the Year, both with no losses.
Sendo was known as the Tiger of Naniwa.
And his opponent,
the man who climbed the ladder
of the Eastern Japan Rookie
of the Year tournament,
through multiple turnaround KOs,
It was a clash of fighting spirits
in the match
between notorious hard punchers.
It evolved into something superb.
Sendo charged in to deliver a smash,
and Makunouchi fought back
with a short uppercut.
It was a riveting development.
Take that!
It doesn't hurt!
I'm not done yet!
The match evolved
into a terrific free-for-all
using deadly attacks
from each man's repertoire.
And then
What on earth has happened?
The referee suddenly signaled
that the match is over!
The match ended in victory for Makunouchi.
However, it was a match either
could have won without question.
Apparently, Sendo is unconscious!
Naturally, Makunouchi was still imperfect
in many ways back then,
and I never saw him as a real threat.
However, after watching that match,
Makunouchi's name was indelibly etched
into my memory.
And roughly one month after the final,
I finally met Makunouchi
face-to-face for the first time.
Oops, I forgot you can't use
your right hand.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah. Old guy!
A little while ago,
you called this guy cute, didn't you?
The punches he throws aren't so cute.
Don't say that, Takamura-san.
Being Rookie of the Year
puts you in tenth place ranking.
If you rise in the ranks without a hitch,
it's possible we could fight.
I know! I wanted to do
my fine-tuning with someone
who would test my mettle
before my next title match.
Once your right fist heals,
drop by my gym to see me.
I nominated Makunouchi
to be my sparring partner
in preparation for my next defense match.
There was the fine-tuning,
but I had a definite interest
in Makunouchi himself.
He's fast!
I can't miss his movement,
even for a second.
I got it backwards! A right is coming!
I controlled it! Return a left!
He shook it off by force!
I have to lash out!
He's within striking distance!
I have to lash out!
As I had predicted,
Makunouchi was a good boxer.
Although the power of his blow
and the speed of his dart-and-dash
were unrefined,
I sensed they had huge potential.
However, the thing
that impressed me the most
was his spirit of mind,
his fighting spirit!
A Heartbreak shot utilizing the corkscrew.
Though he took
a few too many hits in sparring,
he still got back on his feet.
What an incredible guy!
The bell rang.
Thank you for the fight.
After seeing this guy get back
on his feet again and again,
I had a premonition that I would someday
have to fight this man.
And that this fight
would definitely not come easy.
Ippo Makunouchi
Japan Featherweight class ranked tenth.
Tenth, huh?
Makunouchi next fought Okita,
who's from the same gym as me.
The fight between this
and last year's Rookies of the Year
clearly showed the difference
in their attitudes.
His right guard is wide open!
He fell for it!
The left was a feint to bring
Makunouchi around to the right.
Okita's aiming for
That was the difference between Okita,
who was trying to catch up to me,
and Makunouchi, who wanted
to defeat and overtake me.
There was only a slight difference
in power between Okita,
who had learned the corkscrew,
and Makunouchi.
However, that attitude
that difference in emotion,
determined the winner.
Makunouchi won the match.
It was the period of time
I defended the Japan title many times
in the process of setting my sights
on the World title.
I even considered returning
the Japan title.
However, I didn't like
the idea of proceeding to the World title
without having a match against him.
Now, Suzuki charges forward with
the tenacity of a second-place contender!
A right from the champion!
What's wrong, Suzuki? You're not moving!
A left without hesitation!
Three knockdowns! The match is over!
The champion flatly denies
the second-rank challenger his position!
His strength is that of a titan!
He's strong.
And now for an interview with the victor.
Champion, congratulations.
You seemed to win with ease.
There's talk of you returning
the title within the year
and re-challenging the World title.
Has this paved the way to that objective?
I will not return the title.
I still have some unfinished business
within the country.
I will settle that first.
The world can wait until afterwards!
Um, Champion?
And then, as if to respond
to my challenge,
Makunouchi was entered
in the A-Class Boxer Tournament.
It is a high-level tournament
for only the highest ranking boxers.
Those who come out on top
are given priority challenging rights
towards the Japan title.
That's right. The right to challenge me!
Makunouchi's first match
in the tournament was against Saeki,
who had gained renown as "The Speed Star."
I'm surprised!
Saeki attacked with precise footwork
and his quick hit-and-away.
He definitely has amazing punches.
However, that's only if they hit.
Not again!
Makunouchi also had the handicap
of a period with no training
and was baffled and tormented
by Saeki's speed.
One punch Just one punch
Makunouchi was completely powerless
against Saeki, who was
overwhelmingly dominant.
Even if I can't see him
he will be there!
But Makunouchi took advantage
of Saeki's perfectly-timed footwork
and finally landed one punch.
One single punch.
I see you!
However, that one punch
was enough to strike terror
into Saeki's mind.
Saeki's footwork began to fall apart.
This is ridiculous! How is he hitting me?
It was a perfect turnaround victory
by Makunouchi.
The Featherweight second match
will commence shortly.
And thus, Makunouchi advanced
to the A-Class Tournament final.
One more win and he'd be given
the right to challenge the Japan title.
Date-san! Did you watch me?
That was a totally ridiculous match.
Uh, no
Oh, well. You're still not
the opponent at hand,
so I'll congratulate you.
Thank you, sir.
It's about to start.
That is, the match starring
your opponent at hand.
And barring his way
was the boxer from Russia, Volg Zangief.
An elite among elite boxers
with 400 amateur victories, no losses.
This is powerful!
Suzuki's forward progress has been halted!
Was that a jab?
Speed, power, balance.
They're all flawless.
I'm going to win, if you don't mind!
Oh, my! Volg is hit!
Has Suzuki gained control
with his human cannonball moves?
That's a terrific way to put on pressure.
It has more effect because
he throws appearance to the wind.
Still, I don't like it.
His cornerman hasn't budged
an inch at this stage in the game.
A simultaneous hit!
That's right.
Volg wasn't confined
to amateur techniques.
Rough fighting couldn't dent
his close range combat power.
And he had the primal
fighting instinct of a wolf.
Clean hit!
Stop it!
Please stop it!
Volg, it's the towel!
I can't believe he defeated him faster
than Date-san did!
Technique, combat ability
I couldn't see a blind spot
in Volg in either aspect.
Makunouchi began training for the match
with Kamogawa, who's well known
as a great trainer.
But as powerful as he was,
he barely had any chance
of defeating Volg.
Even I believed this was the case.
We've been waiting for this, Makunouchi!
Give him a punch for us!
The match began as a slugfest.
Makunouchi managed to keep up
with Volg's speed somehow,
but he was overwhelmed
by technique at every turn.
Makunouchi throws left! Left, left!
He's getting nowhere. What's wrong?
However, surprisingly enough,
Volg was the first to go down.
He was in trouble for a minute,
but he immediately
pulled himself together.
I already saw you use this punch.
This time it's your turn to watch!
The knockdown triggered
an attack on Makunouchi
from Volg's carnivorous fangs.
The hunt has begun. The hunt of the wolf.
They attack in packs,
rip off the skin, tear through flesh,
and break the bone.
And ultimately they bring down
their prey.
It's coming from below!
I can't stop it!
The White Fang.
A fast combination blow attacking
from above and below simultaneously.
This extremely powerful counterattack
was delivered
after completely freezing out
Makunouchi's Gazelle Punch.
The overwhelming technical difference
was made painfully clear to him
while also preventing his deadly punch.
Makunouchi no longer had a weapon
to combat Volg with.
That's what everyone thought.
However, he didn't give up.
It was a dangerous
and hopeless battle of fists
with an impossibly strong opponent.
It's an exchange of blows!
He hammers a barrage, guard be damned!
His momentum is so great,
one successful punch will fell him!
The dangerous rope-side
offensive-defensive battle continues.
There it is! It's finally here!
Kid, clench your fists!
If you have the strength to clench them,
take it and throw them into him!
However, Chief Kamogawa foresaw
an even greater development.
Even Volg, with an overwhelming
amateur career
would become exhausted
in the professional boxing ring.
Makunouchi's punches assailed Volg
as he lost his stamina
and could no longer move his legs.
Makunouchi whales into him!
It's his usual reversal pattern!
Also, this rush is
Makunouchi's pattern of certain victory!
Ah, Volg sinks to the mat!
He's down!
Makunouchi has finally turned
the match on its ear!
For all that,
Volg still got back on his feet.
Mom, I'm
I'm strong now, aren't I?
The fighters were waging a death match
that exhausted them to their limits.
I don't think that's
a stance for attacking.
Bracing the legs.
It's a stance
to prevent them from falling over.
He's starting to run out of oxygen.
Persevere, kid!
The one with superior
cardiopulmonary functions will win.
Keep going, Volg!
A right! It's a hit to Makunouchi's face!
And he goes into the motions
of the White Fang!
This is the last of my strength!
The lightning-fast combination
is a mere shadow of its former glory!
It's no good.
I can't hold my breath any longer!
Gazelle Punch!
He's down!
The Gazelle Punch explodes! Volg is down!
Now the countdown begins!
Will this decide the match?
Volg sits motionless on one knee!
I can't fight anymore.
He's up!
If I raise my hands,
I can still fight the match.
I don't want it to end.
Ten count! The match is over!
I I did it!
Chief, I did it! I did it!
Makunouchi was the winner.
He had finally earned the right
to challenge the Japan title.
Okita! I want to spar. Help me out.
Makunouchi has appeared in front of me.
Undoubtedly as my most powerful
challenger ever.
But I will never give him
the champion belt.
He's ready.
I will defeat him!
That will prove that I am the champion!
The act of a boxer who retired
for any reason to resume active boxing.
It is tough to combat age,
reclaim the title,
and catch up to the competition,
maintaining peak strength.
But he came back!
All I can do is use everything I have!
I made it my goal to fight this man!
Next time, "So That I Can Be Myself."
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