Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e55 Episode Script

The Japan Featherweight Title Match

All right, that's the distance!
Give me one more!
Okay, strike!
Are you all right, sir?
You needn't worry about that.
That's all for today.
-But we've only just started
-You fool!
The match is tomorrow.
You don't want to be tired out.
Now get the heck home
and prep for tomorrow.
Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
Hey, you're working hard.
Good afternoon, Ippo-kun.
-Aren't you that nurse?
-The name's Tomiko.
You see, she said
she wanted to see my gym, so
Oh, you! You're the one
who said I should see it, Masaru.
-That's right.
You think so?
-Yeah, that's right.
Well, I have to go shower.
Hold up a bit, Ippo.
When you're done changing,
stop by the storage room.
Huh? Why?
There's something cool I wanna show you.
What's this? It's just
your usual fortune-telling.
Don't get my hopes up.
So, you tell fortunes?
This is lame. Is she actually accurate?
Don't underestimate her.
Tomiko's predictions are nothing
like your ordinary fortuneteller's.
Do you mean you want to tell my fortune?
Bingo! That goes without saying!
No, thanks, Aoki-san.
Don't sweat it. She's real accurate.
If she's accurate,
then I really would rather not.
I don't want anything I'm told
before the match to jinx me.
So, if it's all the same to you
This sounds interesting.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Okay, let's get this party started!
What are you doing to me?
-I will begin.
-Let me go!
Whoa, tarot cards!
That looks really authentic.
There's a lot of mood to this.
Tomiko's fortune-telling
uses her sixth sense,
so she needs to concentrate.
Be quiet while she's working.
Sixth sense, huh?
I don't care if she's inaccurate,
as long as I can laugh at the result.
I have it.
Tomorrow's fortune
for Ippo-kun is
What are you thugs doing?
That is an imprudent thing
to do on the eve of a title match,
you fools!
-I'm sorry!
-I'm sorry!
See you later.
Yeah, do your best tomorrow.
-We'll be there to cheer you on.
He's more relaxed than I thought he'd be.
They are the only fools
I know who are stupid enough
to get their fortunes told before a match.
It's better than being so jittery
he can't fight his best.
The ability to enjoy boxing
is the strong point of those kids.
It's enough to make me
lose tension as well.
It's already unreal enough with
the kid facing a Japan title match.
That's true. Ippo-kun
still gives the same impression.
Ever since he first joined the gym
as a timid young boy.
But he really has gotten stronger.
Every time he gets a match,
my stomach hurts.
It's hard on the heart
to be his cornerman.
I can't think of a boxer
that needs more looking after.
My lifespan is going to
be shortened again tomorrow.
For all that, he's always responded
to your expectations.
Let's believe in him again this time,
that he will win,
and that Ippo-kun will
become Japan's champion.
For some reason, I was able to relax
thanks to that kerfuffle.
I think I sparred with Date-san
the same day I had burgers
with Yamada-kun.
I got knocked down six times
in our first sparring session.
I was hopeless against him.
I'm sure that by now he's much stronger
than he was then.
But I'm also different
from how I was then.
We'll see how far
my current power takes me.
I'm going to crash into you
with everything I've got.
What do you think, Doctor?
Have my scores dropped?
No, it's superb. Your scores
are almost completely unchanged
since before your World title match
six years ago.
I'm amazed you can maintain
this much physical strength.
Your muscular strength has increased,
and your eyesight is fine.
The speed of your optical nerve
reflexes deserve special mention.
That's absolutely indispensable
to a boxer.
Undoubtedly you are
in your best condition.
I almost pity tomorrow's opponent.
That's not funny.
He's still young.
He still has time to recover
from a couple of setbacks.
But I can't take the long way around.
There's no sense continuing if
I can't make it to the World title fight.
If I lose, I retire. I resigned myself
to that a long time ago.
I'm afraid I'm gonna
have to pulverize you!
I'm home!
I passed the weigh-in the first time. Huh?
Did she already go out for work?
Fried pork chops and red snapper
with the head attached.
It's what she made me for my debut match.
Thank you for the food.
It's already been two years since then.
I have trouble believing it myself
that I got this far.
I was always being bullied
and Takamura-san saved me.
It all began with ten leaves.
All right, time to go!
It's time for my match
with the strongest man in Japan.
So, this is Makunouchi's place of work.
Teacher, stop posturing
and get into line over here.
Still, look at all of us.
It's like a class reunion.
This is quite a turnout of people.
Are they all here to see Makunouchi?
This has turned into something big.
Yeah, our Ippo.
You idiots! What good
is there in us getting nervous?
Ippo's going in there to fight
for the title of best in Japan.
Everyone in former
class Third Year Division B!
Today's match is special!
Make sure to cheer hard!
Maybe it's the colder weather.
My old wound is really stinging.
Once the match is over, you'll also know.
Makunouchi, we're ready.
From the Blue Corner,
the challenger enters!
Ooh, it's Ippo! Ippo!
There is a great burst
of cheering for Makunouchi
the moment he comes into sight.
He slowly makes his way towards the ring.
And from the Red Corner,
the champion enters!
He also receives a great cheer!
He strides in almost like a great general.
Eiji Date makes a dignified entrance.
The Champion Carnival
Japan Featherweight Class
title match of ten rounds
will begin momentarily.
In the Red Corner, from Nakadai Gym,
weighing 125 and 1/4 pounds,
the Japan Featherweight champion
Eiji Date!
In the Blue Corner, from Kamogawa Gym,
weighing 124 and 1/2 pounds,
ranked first in
the Japan Featherweight class
Ippo Makunouchi!
Now, it's finally time for the hottest
match in the Champion Carnival.
The Featherweight Japan
title match begins!
Will the strongest man be Date?
Or will it be Makunouchi?
The all-important bell is now
Now, Makunouchi weaves
and approaches his opponent.
Meanwhile, the champ quietly waits
to intercept an attack.
Both boxers are now within reach!
He came hammering at me when we sparred.
How about in a real fight?
His left is folded up close to him.
Perhaps to prevent a corkscrew.
Well, let's have a look at his progress.
I'll have to feel it
with my flesh for starters.
He's fast! There's almost
no wasted movement.
And by stepping in, he's telling me
to exchange blows with him.
He's fast. He's already stepping in.
That's a flawless shift of weight.
His dodging movement
is directly connected to his attack.
That right punch
was clearly a warning shot.
As if to say, "I'm different now."
The kid got clever
and spoke with his fists.
Have you finished saying hello?
Then go! The challenger
will go forward first!
All right. Here goes!
Poke him left and go around!
Don't take him up on it!
The challenger is coming for an exchange.
No champion would back off from that.
Guess it takes more than a scrape
to stop him.
Ippo's come out well.
The old guy's gonna
have trouble taking him.
In a high speed close fight,
he won't be able to use good punches
like the corkscrew.
He can't use the corkscrew at this range!
Left-right barrage!
He upped his revolutions!
What a guy! Date can't evade them all
by swaying anymore.
Don't aim at me from below,
you cheeky bastard!
Show your face!
An uppercut! Miss!
This is bad! I left my liver open!
My guard!
I won't make it in time!
I'll take one punch!
You finally showed your face!
He waited for me to finish hitting.
Can't dodge! Brace for impact!
I didn't take that hit for nothing,
you know.
Makunouchi doesn't flinch.
He keeps forging forward.
This is a feel-good fight
worthy of a challenger.
Go, Ippo! Sock it to him!
Umezawa, Umezawa!
What do you want now?
That champion is powerful, isn't he?
Of course he is! He's the champion!
You can do it, Ippo!
I can't believe how boldly he's fighting.
My only impression of him
was of a timid student.
Do your best, Makunouchi!
What impressive spirit!
It's impossible to deal
with this kind of fearless youth.
However, I bet you still
can't do something like this!
A right hook! Block it!
The challenger has stopped moving!
What the He kept it
from hitting his temple.
It's a punch that rocks
the semicircular canals under the ear.
Date one-twos!
Gotta guard!
You rushed it. That's a tulip guard.
Offense and defense switch!
Date takes the offensive!
Makunouchi stands stock-still!
I have to force back the tide!
Oh! A left from the champion!
Makunouchi falters!
Guess I'll take it all the way.
No! A big one is coming!
The corkscrew!
That was close. I can't let him
distance himself after all.
I gotta stick close,
even if it means getting pushy.
Makunouchi throws himself in
to prevent further attack.
Too soon for the corkscrew.
Looks like I'll have to weaken him more
before he'll let me score.
Hey, are you gonna punch at this range?
It won't be an effective hit.
Makunouchi scores
a super-close range shot.
Date's back gives!
All right!
Don't end it in one shot!
I felt an impact.
I'm gonna use it to get back my stride.
I'm surprised. Punches are normally
smothered at that range.
Offense and defense switch again!
The challenger delivers a fast barrage!!
That's the way, Ippo!
I can't use clinches
if he's got stuff like that!
In that case
We'll duke it out!
It's a rope-side exchange of blows.
The champion counters
the challenger with numbers.
Is it a champion's tenacity?
It's a full frontal challenge.
The challenger also forges on!
He can't be stopped! He's unstoppable!
And there's the bell!
The first round where neither fighter
seemed to pay any attention to points,
is now over.
The point total from
the media seats is ten to ten.
The fighters are totally matched.
Your performance wasn't bad.
You're boldly going forward.
You are an ideal challenger.
What's wrong? Have you taken damage?
I'm okay.
But I'm having difficulty
grasping his pace.
Yes. He's doing his best
not to let you get your best punch in.
And he's taking you up on exchanges
with superior strength head-on.
He's very proud, gutsy, and clever.
He's strong.
I can't even guess what he'll use
in the next instant.
Every time I attack
with something powerful,
he ruins it with a well-placed punch.
It's finally starting to feel real to me
That I'm actually fighting the champion.
Those body blows really hurt.
The stuff I had for lunch
tried to come back out.
He didn't have any ten cm punches
when I fought him.
It means that he's improved again
since the Volg fight.
My expectations
were definitely insufficient.
I forgot to shake off the "fresh" image
from when we sparred.
I'll have to reevaluate my opinion.
Without a doubt,
the guy in the Blue Corner
is my most powerful challenger ever.
Seconds out!
Look at that. That's the face
of a guy who's ready to rumble.
The best thing to do
with opponents like this
is to hit 'em with left hooks
and spin 'em around.
But they'd laugh at me!
If I'm not able to out-punch this guy,
I have no business taking on the world.
Early in Round Two,
they plant their feet and exchange blows.
The champ widens his stance
and intercepts the challenger.
Makunouchi returns the favor.
It's a heated punching battle!
They're really taking it up a notch.
Of course they are.
It's so fierce,
either one could fall at any time.
However, that's Ippo's range.
If they keep this up,
the tide will turn in Ippo's favor.
I understand how you feel, old guy.
You want to force back the challenger
to get the title of strongest
in Japan, don't ya?
However, too much greed
will make you see stars.
Has the balance started to shift?
Power Makunouchi really is
the king of close-range combat.
My guard is slowing down!
This'll work! I'll take my chance
and cut deep in one swoop.
The liver blow?
A feint! I look like a fool
for falling for it.
This will work! A right from below!
A right!
Date's head spins on his shoulders.
Makunouchi charges in!
He's poised to rush!
Three clean blows!
Another shot that scores!
And there's the bell.
A fast three minutes
of offense and defense.
The one with the most hits
in Round Two is Makunouchi.
Scores from the media seat
are ten to nine.
The challenger takes this round.
If only we had another ten seconds
But I'm sure it's having an effect.
The next round will be good.
-What's wrong?
-It's having no effect.
-What did you say?
Date-san has no damage.
I hit him with a full swing
But my fist
felt no impact whatsoever.
The accumulated experience gained
from repeated matches.
Cunning direction of a match
and excellent technique
easily suppress power and speed.
They are connecting,
but none of them are decisive blows.
I still have to continue.
I can't beat him technically,
so I have to punch faster.
I'm sure that if I keep hitting,
an opportunity will come my way.
Next time, "The Power that Stands
in the Way."
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