Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e59 Episode Script

A Determined Gaze

I'm home.
Hey, welcome back.
Supper's ready.
Thanks. I already ate.
He's not too cheerful, is he?
I guess I lost.
You're awfully enthused.
I thought I'd start getting ready
for my return match.
I see.
Still, you know, the atmosphere in here
is different without Ippo around.
That's true.
When he's here I feel like
I'm being prodded into training harder.
The first week.
It's the roughest time of all.
Yeah. The reality of losing
gradually begins to dawn on you.
It must be nice to be able
to understand each other.
I don't get it at all,
'cause I have no experience losing.
It's lonely to be left out!
I sure am worried.
What if he drops out and never comes back?
Like you guys!
I hope you lose once, you bastard!
I don't think there's any need
to worry about that.
He's doing what he can
to take his mind off it.
Excuse me?
Well, I heard it from Tomiko.
Good after
Why, you! You've got a lot of guts
to spend your recovery period
messing around with a girl.
It's nothing like that!
No excuses!
Oh. You just went to an amusement park
and had dinner?
I told you, but you wouldn't listen!
Damn. That's boring.
He's insufferable!
So what brings you here today?
You're not here to practice, right?
Well, I wanted to know
if anybody taped that last match.
I want to see it
so I can correct my faults.
I taped it.
It's still in the machine,
so watch it if you want to.
His room is as disgusting as ever.
I'm not in! Leave a message at the beep.
Got it?
Hey, he got an answering machine.
This is Sachi.
You did something to me
after we had a drink.
Take responsibility, you bastard. Bye!
Not again!
This is Taeko.
I won't forget what you did.
Call me, or I'll tell everybody I know.
Hello? It's Satomi.
You'll pay for this. I'll sue you!
The video. Gotta watch the video.
I'll put a hex on you!
Makunouchi doesn't flinch!
He keeps forging forward!
This is a feel-good fight
worthy of a challenger!
A left from Makunouchi!
He stabs the body cleanly!
It's the first round.
The challenger has stopped moving!
Under-the-ear, huh? That's impressive.
He's clearly aiming when he punches.
The champ widens his stance
and intercepts the challenger.
-I remember this part.
-Makunouchi fights back!
-It's a barrage of punches!
-I'm doing it just like we practiced.
It's not bad.
I felt the impact from this.
I was sure he'd fall from it.
Your punches are light.
You'll need to do better to defeat me.
That's a lie! They're hurting you, see?
Damn it, how did he withstand them?
The champion scores a full left hit.
It's this part!
My memory stops at this point.
I'm hitting back?
Why, I'm doing everything properly!
Date-san also has a lot of damage.
I got him to where he was vulnerable.
Aw, that's so close!
If that right punch had connected
Damn it! If only I'd followed
that up with a left
That's no good! You have to make
that punch swing wide.
He falls the same time
the towel is thrown in!
The towel has been thrown into the ring!
The match is over!
The challenger has finally exhausted
his strength!
Unable to break down
the champion's stronghold,
his KO count stops at ten!
The Japan Featherweight title match
lasted five rounds,
two minutes, 32 seconds!
The champion Eiji Date has triumphed!
This is the spot.
It was this right punch.
This completely knocked me senseless.
It was a powerful right punch.
From a spectator's perspective,
Date-san also took the same sort of punch.
It's not because he's good at taking hits.
His legs were affected, too.
How can you withstand it?
How can you stay on your feet?
It was definitely such a great fist fight.
It was a real crowd-pleaser.
I also wanted to make it a good fight.
I tried hard, but
That's all there was to it!
Date-san is different.
He swore he would win.
He swore he would win no matter what.
I can see the sheer determination
in his eyes.
The determination to get in there and win.
That was the huge difference between us.
The point of it wasn't
that I was far outclassed in ability.
I believed that my passion for boxing
was second to none.
But I was completely beaten
at the single most important thing.
It's a stain.
God, this is a filthy apartment.
It's not coming out.
What could it be?
I hate this!
Back when I was being bullied,
it never felt like this.
I found something I truly loved
for the very first time
and I gained confidence in myself.
I thought that nobody
could beat me at that passion
But for all that
Damn it!
Looks like he's still watching it.
He's probably rewinding it
and watching it over and over.
Hey! Let's go to the arcade or something.
Hey, you do have a little sensitivity.
Heh! I ain't going back to an apartment
haunted by the living dead.
Well, I'll let you leave it at that.
Welcome back.
You're still awake?
I'm deciding how much inventory to order.
When it gets this cold,
there aren't many customers.
Perhaps I'll reduce
the amount of bait, too.
You certainly have
the look of a young man.
When I see the expressions
of upset and shame on your face,
it makes me realize
that you're definitely a fine young man.
Back when you were in grade school
and you got bullied on the way home,
you'd just laugh and disguise it.
You must really love boxing.
At first, it wasn't
about winning or losing.
I was happy if I got a good punch
into the sandbag
and I was so happy
to just put on the gloves.
It's because a title match
seemed like something from a dream.
I thought I would be satisfied whether
I won or lost if I fought a good match.
And you weren't?
To be honest, I can't laugh this off.
I started it because I liked it,
continued it for the same reason,
and I still love it
So I can't hide it. It's really upsetting!
I don't want it to end like this!
Uh So, uh
I'm sure I'll give you more worries, but
Oh, that's okay.
I think I know what it's like
once men set their mind on something.
Do it until you're satisfied.
I guess kids really do take
after their parents.
It's getting really packed.
Here's to Takeshi Sendo's victory!
-Sendo is the victor!
-The belt belongs to Osaka!
Yikes, they're all Sendo fans.
-Run him ragged and kill him!
-Sendo's the best!
Hey, isn't that
-It's Makunouchi!
-What are you doing here?
We'll never forgive you!
I'm sorry!
Our Sendo is gonna take the belt,
and you're next!
Excuse me, could I please get through?
Hey! Why don't you say something back?
The man asked to be let through.
I wouldn't get him angry if I were you.
Without a doubt,
he's stronger than you.
Let's go.
He's so cool!
You coming or not?
What are you doing here, Miyata-kun?
I thought I should see the title holder
for my own weight class.
But you're really amazing!
Your overseas record is ten wins,
one draw, with eight KOs, right?
You went over the nationals
to reach third ranking in the OPBF.
You returned triumphant.
You seem to know a lot about me.
Of course! I never miss any info
about you, Miyata-kun.
I have you all checked out!
Hey, wait! Miyata-kun, what's wrong?
Miyata-kun? Miyata-kun!
This is amazing.
Volg-san will probably have a hard time
with this much organized cheering
against him.
I'll admit that Sendo's charisma
is very impressive.
With this much patriotism for Japan,
this is enemy ground for Volg.
-Although it doesn't excuse it.
Oh, yeah. Miyata-kun
also went through this.
What's your prediction?
Sendo has the best power.
Volg has the best technique.
But I'm sure they've changed
since they fought me.
I don't think it will fall to points.
That makes sense.
Both fighters are full of spirit!
Who will be the one
to take Eiji Date's returned belt,
the Nordic Wolf or the Tiger of Naniwa?
It will be passed on to one of them.
Date-san's belt.
The title I couldn't win.
Now, the Japan Featherweight
championship face-off has begun.
Who'll be the first to step forward?
Sendo or Volg?
Their reach is almost the same.
The tension is incredible!
The atmosphere in the stadium
is surprisingly calm.
You go, Sendo!
Pin him to the wall!
Judging from the way
they're accustomed to crouching style,
they're both infighters.
I'd start by coming out hitting
to gauge the reaction
Sendo suddenly comes out hitting!
What an unbelievably fast step-in.
It's a threat. He flaunted his power.
Then it was effective.
Anyone would freeze in their tracks
after seeing that.
This time Volg goes for an uppercut!
What were you saying about freezing?
That's the former amateur
world champ for you.
He's really proud. That's fine by me!
I know your destructive power and punches.
He'll get annoyed if they get forward.
Stand back and behave yourself.
Volg lands the first punch!
He attacks with small punches
in the blink of an eye!
Volg has versatile punches.
You can't stop the blocks like that.
You brat!
Clean to the liver!
He returns with a hit to the face!
He staggers! His guard is dropping!
That tough Sendo-san is being
It's from the sharp punches.
Heavy punches rob physical strength,
but sharp punches sever the spirit.
You brat!
Another right connects!
Oh, my! He delivers a left during impact!
It's a smash! This is bad!
He took it head-on!
He's not looking at his opponent.
He made it hit through sheer intuition.
Volg keels over!
And Sendo strides forward
full of confidence.
That was a smash?
I couldn't tell where it came from.
This time Sendo charges in!
His force is impressive.
When he hammers at my guard,
I keep falling into his rhythm.
Don't fall into his pace!
Make him go wide!
Why, you!
You're not getting away!
Another smash! That hurt!
No! He can't withstand that twice.
He took it!
Haven't you had enough?
The White Fang!
But he won't fall, either.
But that move made me fall flat
on my face.
I don't know why,
but watching them reminds me
of how Date-san looked when we fought.
Anyway, they're evenly matched.
It's really amazing.
They're both taking hits
that could knock them down no problem.
Knock them down no problem?
I get it!
What is it?
Their eyes look exactly
like Date-san's did.
They aren't wasting
a single thought on losing.
They're convinced they'll win!
It's that look of determination.
Determination. In other words,
"firm resolve."
Determination supports the body.
They won't get knocked down that easily.
I'm sort of amazed you beat these guys.
Well, I
It's impossible!
I could never beat them
the way they are now.
At least if I haven't changed
from my fight with Date-san.
What's wrong? You got damage?
Hey, I outboxed him! Take a look at him!
He's bleeding from the mouth.
I'm totally ahead.
That was close!
Those are horribly sharp punches.
I'm still seeing sparks.
I haven't experienced this kind of tension
since the Makunouchi fight.
He has good intuition.
He's strong!
His destructive power might
actually exceed Makunouchi's.
If one of those knocked me down,
I probably wouldn't get up again.
Our fighting styles mesh too much.
It's impossible to dodge everything.
Don't get discouraged!
If you take one, give back three!
I will persevere! I will be victorious!
Seconds out!
Well, catch you later!
Volg launches a quick attack!
Volg-san went first!
Wise decision.
Also a preventative measure.
But Sendo-san is way better
at rough fighting.
I didn't think you'd start it.
I couldn't have asked for more.
Sendo throws rough punches!
But they don't connect!
I guess those don't stand up
to refined boxing.
Small, tight, accurate!
Volg's barrage slowly swallows up Sendo!
He's throwing me off my stride!
-That one hurts!
I won't fall with body blows.
As long as I don't get hit in the head
until I'm unconscious, I'm fine.
I will win in the end!
Round Two is over!
The terrifying ferocious attack
of the Wolf!
Sendo was trapped in his corner
for the full three minutes.
He's strong.
Good pace.
I can't treat him lightly.
If I keep taking those body blows,
my mind may still work, but my body won't.
Fast rounds are the key!
What are you doing?
Don't let him control the pace.
That's what I wanted to do, too,
but I can't hit him.
It's unbelievably vexing,
but he has me outclassed technically.
Damn. This is a losing battle
However, this
is the only method of fighting I have.
Round Six!
I can still do this.
I'm gonna win this fight.
I'm gonna win and fight Makunouchi again.
I want to fight Makunouchi again.
-It looks hopeless for Sendo!
-To your neutral corner!
Get up, Sendo!
I saw that.
Full rounds. To fight a match
for its full rounds.
A Japan title match is ten rounds.
The fighters are stronger
than I've ever seen them,
and they face the final round
after a hard match.
It was a level of fighting
I had never experienced.
A world of people who never stay
in the same spot even for a day.
That world is the ring
where I want to keep standing!
Next time, "Rival."
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