Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e64 Episode Script

Hot Rod Era

He's in here?
Yeah. I read it in this magazine.
Oh, there he is!
What are you gonna do?
-I have no choice but to march in.
When you enter the gym,
you say, "Good afternoon!"
What's with this old geezer?
You want to join up?
I suppose I'll let you off this time.
However, what's with that hair?
-Smarten yourselves up!
Boxing is more than winning or losing.
It elevates you
both physically and spiritually.
It begins and ends with manners.
It is akin to a martial art.
-What the
-Lose the hair and come back!
Hey, aren't those the same guys
It's so clean and breezy that it's gross.
Damn it, this was the only thing
that could conceal the buzz cut.
If we stay in his gym,
our day to pulverize him will come.
We only gotta be patient until then.
You're saying you're gonna teach us
how to box?
That's right. I'm trainer Shinoda.
Pleased to meet you.
Let's get right down to it
Punches? We're doing punches, right?
Punches deadly enough to knock down
Takamura with a single blow.
What? Punches?
Is it something else?
Then we're guarding!
Defense is more important than offense.
That's not quite it, either.
Then what are we doing?
Spit it out already.
For starters
Go running!
When you can run this course
in under 40 minutes,
I'll teach you how to punch and guard.
This far in 40 minutes?
That's gotta be impossible.
What? Do you think so?
It might be impossible
for the likes of you.
But, wow, Shinoda-san sure
is being easy on you.
When he was training me he told me
to get my butt back here in 35 minutes.
That's fine by me.
One hour, three minutes, 48 seconds?
This is out of the question.
Damn it!
I'll show you!
Aoki! Kimura!
I'm thirsty. I'll have a sports drink.
Me, too!
Get some for us, too.
Damn! Why the heck are we the gophers?
Patience, patience!
You in the rear! Don't run in baby steps!
Damn it!
I'm toast. My hams hurt so bad
I can't move.
Same here.
Kimura, gimme a smoke.
I haven't got any.
Hanging around with those guys
knocks the wind out of me.
I can't afford to smoke.
Damn! Look how damned healthy
we've become.
Run around like a carriage horse,
cussed out by old geezers,
used as a gopher by every guy around.
It all sucks.
It pisses me off!
My hams hurt!
Well, you're sure
starting to look the part.
What? You think so?
Hey, what are you up to?
I'll tell you. This is a right straight.
What? All I've been taught is the jab.
Shinoda-san, that's not fair.
Teach me that, too.
Left hook!
Right uppercut!
Your step-in is too soft!
It doesn't sound good!
Shut up! I know that already.
Hitting it with all you got won't cut it.
Your motion is too obvious.
I'm sayin' you go like this! This!
Geez, don't blubber on
like you're hooked on it.
You're the moron
who was doin' the talking.
Anyway, I'm sort of
starting to get the gist of it.
Maybe we could pull it off now.
You know, give Takamura a whupping.
Hey, you guys get into the ring.
You're ready to start sparring, right?
I'll be your partner.
We've been waiting for this.
Don't be shy and hit me
with everything you got.
I ain't the same guy
I was four months ago, buddy.
The look on Takamura's face changed.
This just might do it.
I don't think so!
Kill me. Have the mercy to finish me off.
All right, next!
You're pathetic! I'll give you an example!
Both of you still have a long way to go.
See you tomorrow.
Damn it all
You'll pay for this!
Come on! What's wrong?
You need to do more
than throw out your left.
Quit harping, you bastard!
Utilize that competitive spirit!
Put out the most punches and exchange.
Why, you
Don't lose your cool!
You have speed.
Don't force it into an exchange.
Take me with your rhythm.
Damn it.
More punches! I need to throw
more punches or I won't score.
I gotta move around more, more.
I want to see more punches.
I told you to use your feet.
Damn! Hit him, hit him, hit him!
Don't stop moving!
Move all over the place to confuse him.
You guys never improve.
See me again tomorrow!
Damn it, how come I can't hit him?
Yeah, and this is the first time
I've ever devoted myself to one thing.
I'm starting to feel like a fool.
Here, Takamura-san.
Oh, thanks.
They've really started
to make you sweat a lot.
Tell me about it!
It's difficult to babysit gimps like them.
The guy who always dodged us
like it was nothing
is actually out of breath!
We're almost there.
Almost there.
Just a little more and we'll reach him.
We'll reach that bastard!
I just felt a slight impact.
The lucky bastard grazed him.
All right!
You see that?
Step in a little harder
and you'd have clobbered him.
Don't make such a big deal
over grazing me.
Don't make such a big deal.
Shut up! To us, this is huge!
Tag me, Kimura! This time, I'll nail him!
All right, get in there!
In the end he got us both.
But I grazed him.
I've definitely made headway.
This is the first time this has felt real.
We've never really done
anything like this, huh?
It may be out of my character to say this,
but this feels kind of
exciting, doesn't it?
A match?
We have an opening for curtain raisers.
The chief says you're ready for it.
Champs and curtain raisers
are all the same in the ring.
Give it a shot and take the spotlight.
This was sort of unexpected.
It's not like we were aiming to go pro,
and the crash diets suck.
I'm gonna give it a try.
We've been at this for over eight months.
It wouldn't be so bad to give it
a try just once.
My opponent will have
the same build as me,
and I doubt I'll lose.
Think of it as fighting mano a mano.
Yeah, we've never lost
to anyone except Takamura.
Guess I'll try it out.
That settles it.
Are they up after this match?
As if they've already debuted.
I'm tougher than they are.
Children have to wait their turn.
So, how do you think they'll do?
They're used to fighting.
None of these guys look so tough.
I've got nothing to worry about.
I'll win easy.
But, still
What the hell is this?
I can't stop shaking.
Damn it!
Kimura, are you doing all right or what?
Hey, your name was called! Greet them!
This isn't like street fighting.
The bell's rung!
What do I do now?
What's this? What happened?
What's all the commotion?
What the heck's going on here?
-Can you go on?
Anyway, calm down. Observe your opponent.
Just use everything you learned.
Looks like he can't hear you.
What am I doing?
I'm in Korakuen Hall, aren't I?
It doesn't feel real.
He's really scary-looking.
What should I do?
What's going on?
Is Kimura losing or something?
He's not on solid ground.
It's like he can't hear anything.
-Move it!
What are you doing, you idiot?
What happened to your guts
from when you attacked me?
Don't bother!
He isn't absorbing any of it.
Hey! Have you reverted to the pathetic
loser who'd play with his dick?
What in the world?
He plays with his junk?
Die for shame!
I'm not the guy who played with his junk!
That's Aoki!
Don't shout out my name so loud!
Look out! Face forward!
You have speed! Don't exchange!
Oppose me with your rhythm.
He dodges pretty well.
Go for it, debutante!
Way to go! Keep it up!
Looks like that triggered him
to fight back.
Now that I got a good look at him,
he's already out of breath.
Come to think of it,
it's his debut match as well.
He probably trained plenty for today,
but I bet he's never fought
a monster like him.
Once I look at it that way
I've got nothing to be scared of.
Nice jab!
Aw, you idiot! You gotta guard!
That was nothing.
His fists hurt more and they're faster.
You're too slow!
The winner is Kimura!
It's a turnaround KO!
Not bad!
You really showed guts!
Do your best in the next one, too!
Well done. Thank them
and we'll get out of here.
Yes, sir.
Thank you!
Thank you!
How long has it been since I bowed
my head to others and really meant it?
I tried so hard to look cool,
I looked down on people,
thinking it was okay that way.
I never thought I'd graduate properly,
but I might have met up
with old pals after growing up
and said something anti-climactic
like, "I also settled down,"
and I could have turned out pretty boring.
If I'd stayed that way,
that's what would've become of me.
That's it.
I was probably going nuts
because I'd given up
on ever becoming something big.
Right, Aoki?
That's it! Keep it up, Aoki!
Good! He got a boost
from Kimura's victory.
Try harder, you thug!
Intimidate him and hit back!
The winner is Aoki!
We're hooked now, right?
Whoa! I did it!
We can't give up boxing now, right?
I never thought I would get
so much praise for hitting a guy.
Yeah. Shinoda-san was happy with us, too.
Anyway you look at it,
it feels real when you receive praise.
It really feels like you won.
That's right! We won!
Yeah! We can forget the pain!
The applause fell on us like rain!
It's totally different
from winning a street fight.
I never felt so good after a brawl!
I was scared big time at first.
I seriously thought I would lose.
I wonder what would have happened
if I hadn't heard Takamura call out?
Actually, if we hadn't met him,
and we never started boxing,
what would have happened to us?
So you're saying
we owe it all to Takamura?
I didn't say that! But
His voice made me remember the sparring,
and it's like the fear left me,
like it gave me courage.
The same happened to you, right?
I won't admit that!
Don't piss on my parade, moron!
Ah, you haven't gone home yet?
Are you guys wallowing in emotion here?
Damn it.
I can't look him in the eye.
God, you guys are hopeless.
Aren't you the least bit embarrassed?
I'm plenty aware of it now.
If we hadn't met you,
and we hadn't started boxing,
we wouldn't have felt
that emotional our entire lives.
Being hit by you made us strong.
But how are we supposed to look you
in the face and say that now?
I'll never admit it! Never!
I'll never say thank you.
Hey, you guys.
Uh, listen
Just thought I'd mention it,
but don't get swelled heads
over beating up other small fry.
I'm ashamed you had a hard time
against puny opponents like that.
Think about my position.
I sparred with you personally.
You guys are the proverbial frogs
in the well. Well?
Shut up, you!
Who the hell do you think you are?
I'm me!
You bastard!
You don't care how others feel!
Why would I care about how you feel!
One day, I'm gonna pop
that swelled head of yours!
I won't rest until I land a shot
on your snotty cheek!
I won't quit boxing until that happens
Get your burial plot picked out
But that was over five years ago.
It's a little embarrassing
to talk about it now.
Wow, I never knew
you had a history like that.
So, when was it
that you realized your dreams
of hitting Takamura-san in the face?
I still haven't scored
a clean hit to this day.
Figure that out for yourself!
I'm sorry!
I see. I didn't know
you guys were so obsessed about that.
I failed to realize.
No, I should have made it my job
to realize that as your senior.
That's all right.
Please don't worry about it.
If that's the case,
do you want to try it out right now?
See? Here's my cheekie-poo!
Fulfill your little dreams. Don't be shy.
I won't get back at you, don't worry.
Don't bring up embarrassing topics!
I'm sorry!
What the heck?
Are you gonna play dumb?
The fish!
Reiko! Reiko is alive again!
Oh, so she was merely unconscious.
Hey, lucky you.
Thank goodness.
Dempsey Roll.
A barrage while moving forward
and escaping the opponent's punches.
Exchanging punches while weaving
and counterattacking with hooks
for offense and defense.
It's a move I came up with
out of sheer desperation.
But this technique is not all-powerful.
For that I need even more training.
So I can fight him again.
Next time, "The Summer
of the Kamogawa Corps."
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