Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e69 Episode Script

The Trap of the Southpaw

Sendo must be pretty confident
if he's sending tickets
to his next challenger.
I can't wait to see how he'll fight
Southpaw Shigeta-san.
What's your prediction?
I do think Sendo-san has the advantage.
He's grown even more powerful
since he took the title.
I think he might take it by force
in the end.
It's just that Shigeta-san
has an awfully powerful right.
It's hard enough fighting a Southpaw,
but he spoils your start
with powerful right jabs,
making it doubly difficult.
Sendo-san and I
are the same kind of fighter,
so it will probably be a hard fight.
You are not the same.
You and Sendo
are a different type of fighter.
You're actually a better match
for Shigeta.
I fear it will be hard going
for Sendo this time.
For the time being,
resign yourself to fighting either one.
The champion takes another hit.
His usual brilliance in slugfests is gone.
The challenger's right lead blows
are landing with regularity.
Powerful Sendo-san is losing one-sidedly.
He's in good condition.
His punches are sharp.
However, he can't gauge
the range to fight a Southpaw.
A hair-raising swing!
But it doesn't score!
He's swinging blanks
just like I did the other day.
If it were you, how would you fight him?
The challenger's lead blows glide through.
That's the punch!
That punch destroys your entire rhythm.
It's difficult to time the jabs
from a Southpaw
I would step in fully.
I would throw myself, go into an exchange,
and render his technique
and left stance useless.
You and Sendo are both in-fighters,
but your fighting range is different.
You dive in towards your opponent
at close range,
and Sendo stands firm
and exchanges at middle range.
To paraphrase, it's arm strength
versus leg strength.
Which is better is not the issue at hand.
However, the middle range he's using
is the most dangerous range
to use against a Southpaw.
The champion's power punch
swings into thin air.
The challenger is taking control
of the pace.
But Sendo-san's charging power
is formidable,
and he has incredible power
above all else.
This snotty brat is pushing his luck.
Besides, he has the one punch
to end all fights.
A smash explodes!
It connected!
He diverted it?
What the
He swatted it aside like it was nothing!
Diverted my smash?
The challenger launches
an attack as Sendo loses posture.
My smash isn't some wimpy punch
that changes trajectory easily.
And he diverted it with his right arm
even though he's a lefty?
I won't accept that!
And there's the bell! Round One is over!
I can't believe that the powerful Sendo
Yeah, he was pinned
with his back to the ropes.
How could he divert Sendo-san's
guard-destroying smash so easily?
I think this Shigeta character
may be a real sneaky one.
If Sendo continues to be taken in
like this, he could lose by KO.
Taken in?
That damn
Sit down, Sendo. Calm yourself.
I am calm!
That bastard! He's studied me big time.
I didn't know my smash
could be blocked like that.
You are the champion.
Of course they're going to study you.
I won't keep quiet after
being put to shame on my home turf.
I'll nail him down in the next round.
It's okay. He'll settle it
in the next round.
This is nothing for him!
I still hear a lot of white noise.
It'll die down soon.
Yeah, but he definitely throws
a mean punch.
I can't relax just yet.
That's true.
Use your current rhythm
to win the middle stage.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, his punches are incredible.
But that's all there is to Makunouchi
and this guy.
That's all there is to them.
The champion goes in!
He's after a KO and nothing else!
-Punch him around!
-Go for it!
That was close.
How dare you act so confident!
Another right! It stops the champion!
Even Sendo-san is having trouble with it!
It's not just the timing.
That right jab is powerful.
You're pissing me off!
The champ doesn't dodge, either!
It is just a jab.
I can take a lot, no problem.
The fool. That's no ordinary jab.
The champion is bounced back!
What the heck is this?
It goes deep to my core.
Got you!
You fool!
This time the challenger is bounced back.
What a punch!
I thought it would open a hole
in my stomach.
You pushed your luck, buddy!
That hurt! The champion's knees
are shaking.
I screwed up. This is no joke.
Now, Shigeta! Finish him!
Whoa, a clinch!
Ah, damn it! He got away!
A clinch? Sendo-san is resorting to that?
Break! Break it up!
I don't believe it!
Is this all you've got?
The contenders have been separated.
The match resumes!
The champion launches an attack
as though he wants to brawl.
I won't let you get away with it.
That's all I've got?
Did you say that's all I've got?
Calm down! You're all over the place!
Damn it, I bet that brat Shigeta
said something to him.
I can't hit him!
Why do I have to be toyed with
by a loser like him?
Another right!
The champion reels from the jab!
He's fighting windmills!
Why is this loser
getting the better of me?
He's taking too many rights.
The strength of them isn't jab level.
Of course they're strong.
He's right-handed.
Jabs with force.
Defense that can match
a power battle with smashes.
A right hook that can rattle
the legs with one blow.
Shigeta is originally right-handed.
He's a right-handed Southpaw.
Forcing the original right posture
into a left posture
to produce attacks not in theory.
Of course it's powerful.
He's been using his strong arm
to his heart's content.
Then the right punch
we believed was a jab
A right!
It was actually a straight.
The champion has nowhere left to go.
Whoops, it's the bell! Round Two is over!
The champion is saved
from a desperate situation.
Hey, it's a victory pose.
This is a brazen performance
in the champ's home territory.
Return to your corner!
The challenger withdraws leisurely.
The champion hangs his head.
Their positions appear
to be completely reversed.
Sendo-san looks so bitter.
He's a proud man.
He's upset with himself for being helpless
in his home territory.
That little fool.
That behavior is inexcusable.
You have things to do before losing
yourself in bitterness and embarrassment.
Just meet the crowd's expectations
to the best of your ability.
You must put everything
unnecessary out of your mind
and do your best to the end.
How's your damage?
You bastard
It's getting to him mentally.
He's never been dissed
with a victory pose to his face.
I'm also in shock.
I just realized for certain
that Shigeta is originally right-handed.
But telling that to Sendo
won't get us anywhere.
It doesn't change his left stance.
Which means it's up to Sendo.
All right, good going!
We have full control of the pace!
Yes, I'll keep it up.
What's wrong, boxing fans?
Where are the cheers for your champion?
The champion goes in with the bell!
Please, Sendo. You have nothing
holding you back now.
The champion retaliates!
But it doesn't reach!
The bastard evades as he stops my punches.
I can't catch him unless I slip inside.
Keep your eyes on Shigeta's right.
If you can grasp the timing,
you can jump in in one swoop.
What are you talking about? That's not
Observe before you speak.
Shigeta is already halfway to the belt.
Sendo-san will do something!
I know it!
Damn, by the time I throw
after a stopped punch, it's too late.
I need speed.
I need the speed
to bridge the gap in one swoop.
Poor Sendo is struggling.
He's completely fallen
for the methods of Shigeta's team.
The champion's chin goes way up!
The challenger goes in to finish it!
He goes to work on demolishing
the champion's stronghold.
There is no escape from the ropes!
A heartless right hook!
His back gives way!
I'm takin' the belt!
Yet another clinch!
Don't let go! Stay on him
until you've recuperated!
Break it up, Sendo! Let go of him!
Is this all you've got?
Makunouchi sucked, too.
There isn't much
to Japan's cream of the crop.
He shakes free!
And now he's target-hitting
from long range!
An overhand right!
Sendo-san, stick close to him!
He doesn't have
the dart-and-dash power to
His arm strength is undoubtedly
the best in Japan.
However, boxing is not a street brawl.
This is the limit of arm strength alone.
He dodges it!
Damn! Stay put. I'll come for you again.
Get away from me!
It connected.
This is what we were waiting for!
Serves you right!
The challenger is down!
A body blow from the champion
tears through him!
The match has been turned on its ear
in one move.
That one punch. That's what Sendo-san has.
No, the springing power
of that step-in was more incredible.
The speed to allow him
to dodge while he dives.
There's no doubt.
Sendo has been training his lower body.
It's probably the skill of his trainer.
He scared me for nothing.
It looks like he finally realized
how to use his feet.
Shigeta! Get up, get up!
The challenger is up!
It looks like one punch
will not finish him!
I can't let it end like this.
There's still life in his eyes.
He's got guts.
Good, he's calm.
We still have our trump card.
The Tiger is angry!
He attacks with fangs bared!
He trained hellishly for the deadly blow
to turn Sendo's power punch
against himself.
I'll destroy his left with a right.
A right cross!
A Southpaw's right cross is faster
because the right hand is in front.
Sendo-san, watch out!
I got you!
That's fast!
Again! He's mastered full use of his legs.
Shigeta! The next one is coming!
Watch out!
A right! This one also scores bang-on!
What are you doing, Shigeta?
Meet the punches like we practiced!
A left! The challenger is hung out
to dry on the ropes!
The Tiger's wrath is still unabated!
Dull sounds reverberate
throughout the hall!
Could this be a tad dangerous?
He can't take any more!
Shigeta-san is unconscious!
It's a smash! He is not allowed to fall!
He's gonna kill him.
Throw in the towel, Blue Corner!
Save your boxer, will you?
Damn! But you practiced so hard for this!
Sendo-san, don't!
The champ's arm is raised
without a countdown!
The match is over!
A life-or-death KO victory
in the third round!
Takeshi Sendo,
Featherweight Champion of Japan,
successfully defends his title
for the second time.
He's ruined.
He had Sendo driven into a corner.
He was a man of talent without a doubt.
But his cornerman abandoned him.
It's safe to assume his life
as a boxer is over.
The champ approaches out of concern
for the challenger's safety.
Despite his behavior in mid-bout,
he now behaves like a gentleman.
Perhaps he is thanking him
for a good fight.
I doubt I'll ever meet you
in the ring again.
So I'll mention one thing.
This is what I've got.
And now for an interview with the victor
who flawlessly defended his title, Sendo.
I'm sorry about the lousy match
I gave you today.
But I still hope
you will all gather again for me.
In November, in Tokyo's Korakuen Hall
I'll have an explosive showdown
against Makunouchi.
This is big news!
It's a return match!
This will get interesting!
You go do that, Sendo!
Korakuen Hall?
Yes. The point decision
with Volg was highly criticized.
Why don't you say something, Makunouchi?
-It's Makunouchi!
-He's come to spy on us!
How dare you come to watch him?
Remember how Sendo forced
that microphone act on you?
-Get him back!
-Oh, he's getting up!
-He's gonna say something!
You're in Osaka now!
Once you have the mic,
you gotta accept the challenge.
That's ridiculous.
Hurry it up, would you?
Damn, you're irritating!
Be a man!
Good evening, everyone!
You're boring!
Who asked you to say hi?
Uh, no, I
The match is on November 20th.
But actually, my birthday
is on the 23rd, you see
So what?
-Don't expect us to throw you a party!
-I'm sorry!
So you see
I would like to win the title match
to celebrate my birthday in high spirits.
Well said, Makunouchi!
Show us a good fight!
Although Sendo will win this time around.
I guess this means
you've achieved a level of respect
as the rival of their local hero.
That's a relief.
So you're the Makunouchi
I've heard so much about.
-Takeshi talks about you all the time.
Are you
Yes, he's my grandson.
Oh, hello.
So, you have a fight with him coming up?
Please put the fear of God
into that idiot.
I'm counting on you.
Thank you for your support.
So, how is Shigeta holding up?
He's conscious, but he's in no shape
to be moved right now.
I think the ambulance will be here soon.
I should have thrown in the towel
to end it sooner.
I'm responsible for this.
Nobody will blame you.
Right now, you should say something
to thank your boxer.
I lost, didn't I?
I have no idea what's going on.
What happened to me?
Well, you drove him to a corner.
I see. I cornered him, huh?
Shigeta, your towel.
-What's wrong?
-Uh, nothing.
Chief, fix me up with another match.
I'll do it! I'll definitely do it
the next time.
That's a relief.
If he's talking that clearly,
I guess there aren't any aftereffects.
If his health is okay,
he can always challenge again.
But will there be a next time?
He is definitely scarred
by the experience.
"Punch Eye."
An extreme reaction
causing your body to freeze up
and eyes to avert just from the sight
of a punching-like motion.
It's a condition that occurs in boxers
imprinted with fear.
To imprint a memory of fear
into an opponent's brain
Sendo is becoming quite a monster.
I also felt it again
that he's practically
a different person now.
You've changed, too.
Your fierce fights
since the Sendo fight and training camp
have also changed you.
Of that I am certain.
To step in to get inside punching range.
The leg strength to instantaneously
step in all the way to an opponent.
The power to go forward.
That is a valuable weapon
in close-range fighting.
The new powerfully-trained lower body.
That is the terrifying weapon
he refined in order to defeat me.
Next time, "The Young Punk."
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