Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e76 Episode Script

Boxer's Fist

That first swing
That was more than enough.
I saw it clear as day in that punch.
The world championship belt.
Thank you very much for today.
This will be a great feature.
I'll look forward to it.
I'll send you the draft via fax soon,
so please take a look.
I was wondering
if I could talk to Takamura next.
Eavesdropping? Is that something
a champion should be doing?
I was just worried you might
try something with the reporter lady.
I'm not you, King of Perverts!
You haven't changed a damn bit
since you joined this gym.
I only joined because you scouted me.
I'm telling you to act like a champ.
The humble beginnings
of the ultimate champion.
That sounds fascinating!
It's not!
First of all, this fool
What's the big idea?
Shut it! It's my interview now!
The time you scouted me, right?
Don't worry, I'll give her the deets.
Wow, that takes me back.
What? You still remember?
Of course, I do!
Takamura-kun was basically our savior.
Don't even try to suggest that
the King of Perverts was our savior.
Well, this gym was a bit down
in the dumps back then.
I truly think something changed
when Takamura-kun came to the gym.
Oh, I was hoping
you'd tell me this story, too.
How Takamura-san joined.
Stop worrying about that and complete
your damn regimen for the day.
Yes, sir!
Savior, eh?
At first, I just thought
it was a couple of punks fighting.
His punch was already
at a professional level.
No, it was powerful enough
to surpass some pros.
That's enough.
Or do you want to become a murderer?
Mind your own business, old man.
Let's see
The hell are you doing?
-Pardon. I wanted to confirm something.
He has naturally soft muscles.
He was born to be a boxer.
I want to see him up in that ring.
That's all for today.
You're not even worth my time.
-Now, hang on.
What should I do?
Asking a punk like this to box
will just end in rejection.
If you're done, I'm gonna go.
I could've destroyed his ass.
You want to wail on someone that badly?
And what if I do?
Then I'll show you a place
where you can wail on someone officially.
A place where you'll be praised
for knocking someone down.
The boxing ring!
I don't do well with rules.
But sure. Why not?
It'll probably kill some time.
In that case, follow me.
Last one!
Right. I'm pretty warmed up now.
But you know
This gym seems pretty gloomy.
Couldn't you liven up the place a bit?
I can't really get into it.
Boxing improves the body and soul.
Nothing else matters.
Hey, old guy.
Why don't we do a round
in the ring together?
-A round?
There's no need.
I can tell how strong you are
without you sparring.
Give me a break!
-Punching that stupid thing won't
Go kill some time.
This isn't what we agreed on!
I thought I was gonna box!
You'll be boxing soon enough.
Now, take the next left.
I'm coming back tomorrow!
You better let me punch someone then.
-So you're coming back. But before that
Morning and night.
Do three laps of that course each day.
Drop dead!
How long did his run take?
About 30 minutes.
Maybe he's played sports before.
His punch and his physical capabilities
He definitely has potential,
but do you really think
he'll be back tomorrow?
Cut the racket! Do you know what time
What do you want?
-Roadwork time!
-I told you yesterday.
-Give me a break.
I said I'd box, not run a marathon.
Ah, running away, eh?
I was going to show you
how to punch after your roadwork.
Guess you're all talk.
Who do you think you're talking to, huh?
I get to punch when we're done, right?
You better let me punch something.
Hit it like you mean it.
Hey. I don't need to use my right?
Just keep doing your left jabs.
-For how long?
-Until I say so.
-And how long is that?
-Who knows?
Don't give me that shit!
What was that?
See? It's just not boxing
unless you use your right, too.
You stupid old man
I've got something planned
when you're done.
-It'll feel great.
-Can I use my right?
Run, boy, run!
Damn it!
Just my left again today?
It's all coming together.
Pfft. I'd rather go all out
and punch with my right.
Left, left, left!
It'll improve your non-dominant arm.
It worked fine to begin with.
-Yes, sir.
I've got somewhere to go.
-Keep an eye on him.
-Yes, sir.
Don't hurry back.
Quit slacking!
Stop that, Takamura!
How's that?
A little more towards the right.
-That's hot.
Now this gym also has some class.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Hey, back already?
I brightened up the place.
Looks like we need to add to your regimen.
Ooh, a new regimen?
Do I get to use my right?
A one-two? An uppercut?
Oh, it's even more fun.
Well? Isn't this fun and new?
The hell it is!
But it's great for killing time, isn't it?
Damn it!
You keep waiting outside
my damn house every day.
Are you a stalker?
Guess you can finally talk and run.
No shit!
I went with you
since you said I could box,
but you just have me running
like some livestock.
Of course, I'm used to running.
Good! Boxers who can't run
can't aim for the world.
-Shinoda-san, if you would.
Not yet!
And finish!
It's so damn dark in here.
Wait, did you lose some weight,
Hm? Well, that geezer
has me runnin' every day.
I mean, I was pretty ripped before.
But now I'm perfection!
Speaking of being ripped,
the chief is still ripped despite his age.
Don't compare me to that geezer! Behold!
No old man could pull this off!
Chief, you look a bit pale.
Well, I was out in the rain a while.
But I'll be fine.
I think you might have a slight fever.
Huh? You don't need to worry about m
-Now, don't push yourself.
I'm fine!
I knew it! He's not here today.
Now, to actually enjoy some sleep.
I can't sleep!
All right. You can go now.
Hey, took you long enough.
I thought you might've croaked.
It's just a cold. My fever's gone down.
I heard you did your roadwork.
Of course I did.
You haven't used your right, have you?
I kept my promise.
Good! Keep that up!
Finish 'er off!
I guess you've matured
since you continued practicing
while I wasn't around.
Matured? You mean I evolved.
Stop treating me like a kid.
Hmph. Okay, hotshot.
You dare defile my sacred gym again.
-Get those off the wall and practice!
-Go take a nap, you geezer!
Who are you calling a geezer?
Shut up!
I'm gonna practice
whether you're here or not.
Come back when you've fully recovered
from your cold.
How many times
do I have to tell you? Get in there!
Fight back!
How's he have
that much energy at that age?
He's been even more lively lately.
It's probably because of you,
He's more motivated
when he's got a worthy pupil.
There you go! Good, good, good!
Well, it's a pain.
I'm gonna go for another run.
Yes. Yes, of course.
Thank you very much.
So it's been settled?
Yes. It'll be in three months.
I see.
But I'm not sure about this opponent.
No, they're perfect.
And just so you all know
What? Sparring?
Hey, I didn't agree to this!
Yagi-chan, explain it to him
one more time. Open your ears.
Your opponent Sakura has had
four matches, four wins, one KO.
He went from Inter-High champ to pro
and is currently undefeated.
He's known for his speedy,
alternating straights, and light footwork.
I don't care about the opponent.
All I've done are jabs, roadwork,
and pulling that damn scooter.
-You've got this, Takamura-kun!
-We believe in you!
Looks like even Takamura-kun's worried.
It could all be an act.
You seem calm. Aren't you worried?
Oh, I'm definitely worried.
Maybe we should've had him spar
at least a little bit.
-No, I'm worried about his opponent.
I'm going to be
the world champion someday.
Seconds out!
But I've never underestimated boxing.
If I lose here,
I'm gonna quit this stupid gym!
I hope he'll last a round.
Or at least a minute.
Ugh, whatever!
He's fast!
So this is a pro? He's so fast!
A one-two!
I can't dodge it!
But I did?
He runs away fast, too!
How the hell am I supposed to hit
Huh? He's not fast!
Or wait. Maybe I'm just
I see
I see!
I understand now!
He didn't even last a minute.
So that's how it is!
To your neutral corner!
The winner is Takamura!
Way to go, rookie!
You've got it all!
-Way to go, Takamura-kun!
-It was over in an instant!
A KO in the first 25 seconds of Round One.
That was amazing, Takamura-kun!
Don't get a big head just yet.
Things worked out this time,
but you'll continue to grow.
You'll eventually have to deal
with dieting.
Heh. My road to becoming
the champ starts here.
I'll take you all the way
to the world stage.
How'd you like that?
This is a bad idea, Takamura-kun.
You've gone too far!
It's fine!
You guys will feel better
once I brighten up the place.
-I'm going for a run!
-Me, too!
-Me, three!
What? Not your color?
-Go run.
I'm telling you to go run!
I'm so sorry, Chief.
-It's a nice color.
Find out how long it'd take to repaint
the whole gym this color.
As cheap as possible.
Yes, sir!
What's wrong?
Um, there're strange noises
coming from inside.
Hey, come on, baby.
Absolutely not.
Don't make me say it again.
You say that,
but your top's already off.
What the hell are you doing?
Perfect timing.
I wanted to talk to you
about my plan to take on the world.
You? The world?
Not even in a hundred years!
You bastard! You plan
on living another hundred years?
You monster!
I'll stay alive
until I knock all the perv out of you.
Give it a rest!
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