Final Space (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

The Happy Place

We need to get this ship out of Clarence's clutches once and for all.
- Any ideas? - Chookity pok.
- Chookity.
- Ugh! That might be the most disgusting thing I have ever heard.
Your incivility is only exceeded by your buffoonery.
Got him.
Give me a blaster and five minutes, and I'll assassinate that slimy little hobgoblin.
- I got it.
- Ooh.
What's the plan? - They say the ship belongs to them.
- Yes.
- We know it's ours.
- Yeah? Time to reclaim this property the Ventrexian way.
[Knuckles crack.]
- And how is that done? - Trust.
What did I just agree to? - Mission accomplished.
- Mission accom Oh! [Sniffs.]
Oh! It smells like Oh! Did you just piss all over the ship? That's how you claim territory where I come from.
By pissing everywhere? [Chuckles.]
You brilliant rascal.
Ugh! Your Ventrexian just pissed all over my ship.
That's right, he did.
The Crimson Light is ours, yo.
We reclaimed it, the all-natural way.
Pardon me, but did you say you claimed my ship? It's been reclaimed.
- Reclaimed! - Reclaimed! That's Ventrexian Piss Etiquette 101.
Once the piss hits stuff, it's ours.
- Yes, father? - Piss it up.
It's time to reclaim our territory.
[Zipper unzips.]
Oh, no.
Spider Cat, they're double pumping.
I think I got some more in me, Thunder Bandit.
[Zippers unzip.]
Ju Juice it.
Juice it out.
Don't cross the streams, little buddy! Aah! Oh! It's in my It's in my mouth.
They got it in my mouth.
KVN's pissing, too.
In the place of a dark lord, you will have a queen! - Behold, pi - Chookity! - Gary, I'm scared.
- We got to re-juice.
[All gulping.]
- Aah! - Ahh! Yah! Aah! Aah! Mah! AVA: A vessel is approaching our location.
- And, Ash, you now have a UTI.
- Yes! I've never seen a ship like this before.
These guys do not look friendly.
AVA, spool out the lightfold engines.
All right, lightfold.
Okay, this is great.
Getting pulled in to the big ship while we're all smelling like piss.
[Title music.]
2x02 - The Happy Place Nightfall: It's a big ship.
Could be Raiders.
- Could be the Burner Tribe.
- Oh, Raiders.
Ooh, yeah.
Okay, Burner Tribe.
Could have been a little bit of Burner Tribe.
Let's just hope it's not the Chomper Club - The Chomper Club.
- or half of us will be killed, skinned, - and eaten alive.
- Skinned and eaten alive.
That's the whole the whole gamut there.
Well, you got a real sunny disposition.
I have a partly cloudy disposition with a high in the mid-60s.
Ooh, that sounds like a perfect day.
I'm ready to blow things up with these! They're going downtown, y'all.
All right, when the door opens, [Music.]
we rain a hell-storm of laser fire, killing everything in sight.
On three one two three! Hello! Hello! Hello! Welcome to the Happy Place! [Laughs.]
It's where we harness the power of your happiness and use it to light up the entire world! - What? - Uh That's so freakin' beautiful.
I like it.
I like you.
You're weird, and I especially like those freaks in the hover canoe.
- Yo, freaks! - Hey! I'm Hushfluffles! [Laughs.]
And these are my Fluffles! And we are going to be your best friends ever! No, you won't.
This one's off-limits.
He's mine.
All mine.
- A huggle for you.
- Thank you.
And another huggle for you.
- You want a huggle? - You wanna die?! Who wants a Chewy Mind-Bendy or a Super-Smile Gooey Ball? - What flavor? - Lemon.
- I'm good.
- Clarence: I have a brilliant idea.
I'm going to sell this place to some sucker.
[Knuckles crack.]
It doesn't even belong to you, Clarence.
Yes, but the sucker buying it doesn't know that.
Ash, Fox, don't let my "property" get away.
No one would know.
Now, who wants to go to their happy place?! It's the most fun, dreamlike world where all your inner fantasies come to life! - Right here.
- I want to go in the hover canoe! Well, I choose Gary Goodspeed.
Oh, hey, you know my name.
Sure! It's not every day somebody loses a planet! - You're famous.
- I am? [Laughing.]
Yes! My greatest day just got better.
Something's off about this place.
Get ready, Gary.
Your journey's about to begin.
My God, that's a big needle.
Okay, are you sure about this? - What are you injecting me with? - Hyper 7-6.
We're gonna take you to your most special happy place! Yeah, of course.
Okay, yeah, totally.
- I could use a day off.
- Have fun! It's going to get wild! [Laughs.]
You're going to your happy place.
Happy place! Ha-ha-ha-happy place! Ahh! I forgot how much I love chopping wood! [Chuckling.]
The Overlord and his army of Frost Bears are destroying everything in sight! We need you.
You're the one, Gary.
Sorry, Hushfluffles.
I'm retired.
Got kids, a family, this wood.
- Pop Pop! - Pop Pop! Gary, go.
Become the hero you were born to be.
But first, give me some smooches.
Oh, hell yeah, Cookie Wife.
Get in here.
Oh, put those chocolate chips in my mouth.
Oh, hell yeah.
These Frost Bears, they have a weakness? Yes.
Super-good dancing.
And super-good dancing is what makes you happiest! Wait, how do you know that? Because happiness is our business! Pop Pop, are you gonna dance them to death? I'll see what I can do.
Nightfall: This all seems too perfect.
Nightfall, look at this.
This place just got a lot less happy.
[Normal voice.]
Unless you like floating dead bodies.
In which case, this place is pretty terrific.
We've got to find Gary.
Where's Gary, and what have you done with him?! He's having a dream in his happy bubble.
: Hmm.
Suddenly, I'm less relaxed.
Oh! [Dramatic music.]
[Water drips.]
Aah! [Whirring.]
What kind of Frost Bear would murder rainbow cookies in cold blood?! You think you're gonna stop us? Unlucky for you, [Spits.]
I'm here - to dance.
- Don't let him dance! Get him! [Lasers firing.]
[Disco music.]
Zenbar 9 is free.
Tell the Overlord his reign of terror is over.
Over? You're over! A dance wound.
It won't stop me.
- I have a date with the Overlord.
- [Laughs.]
Good luck.
While you were here, he captured your wife and kids.
[Laughs evilly.]
Cookie wife.
Cookie kids! - Wah! - Aah! I'm coming.
Wah! [Music.]
Help me.
You have to get me out of here.
- What is this place? - Ohh, it's a power plant.
They harvest the energy you generate from your happy place to power everything in the galaxy.
- Oh.
- Even toasters? - Oh, yes.
- What about radios? Oh, I'm sure of it.
- Electric toothbrushes? - I suppose.
- Paper towels? - Oh, that's not electric.
- Uh, electric paper towels? - Oh! Those are not real.
- But what if they were? - Uh yes.
- He's dead.
- He's dead?! I had so many more questions! They're sucking the life out of Gary.
Tagaleechi: You have any sugar water? - You really own this place? - Oh, dear, sweet, Tagaleechi.
This property has been in my family since Sector RX-532 was but a glimmer in the Vernubla Nebula.
- That has been a while.
- Oh, yes, it has.
Now make me an offer on this amazing place - that I absolutely do own.
- Clarence! Fraskenhaur, you're just in time.
- What is this? - A bidding war.
He's up there somewhere.
- Go, Mooncake.
Find Gary.
- Chookity pok pok! Come on, Ashy.
We're gonna get Dad's Gary back.
Whoo! This one's coming with me.
Get over here! - I'm not a pet.
- Says you.
I like you because you're all fluffy.
I think he's fluffy, too! Hooray! Gary, where are you? In case you're interested, H.
is right here.
How long have they been siphoning these people? Look, pets don't think.
They just sit there and look cute, like you.
Got it?! - Uh - Great.
Keep doing that, and you might get a snack from my pop pop.
Right, Mr.
Yumsters? [Gasps.]
- Tribore? - Um who's that? One of us.
One sun sets while the other rises.
Why is there a big letter "R" on that second sun? Does it stand for what I think it does? Yes.
The Resistance.
And I'm its leader, Tribore, the guardian of hope.
Dream with me and live.
All: Hooray! Whoa! - Ha.
How did you get here? - How the hell do I know? The last thing I knew, I was saving the world, and I've been making inspirational speeches to the youth camps ever since.
- Were they well-received? - Very! So, why are we standing around here twiddling our wieners? You know why? We're saving my best friend.
If he's caught in one of these things, he only has until his "happy" runs out.
Incoming question.
How did you survive this long? I'm a very jovial person.
Okay, let's rock it to it.
Overlord, Gary's here! Overlord! I've just got one thing I need to know.
Where's cookie wife? Where's cookie kids? [Thud.]
Alive, but you'll never see them again unless you out-dance me.
Hushfluffles, play the good stuff.
[Tape clicks.]
Aah! [Laughs.]
This is a move.
I laughing at you.
Dance, Gary! Dance! [Music.]
Aah! Ahh! You messed with the wrong guy.
Man, can he dance.
Cookie kids! Cookie wife! Cookie Kids: Papa Gary, you saved us.
Hushfluffles: No he didn't.
Aah! Cookie kids! Cookie wife! Noooo! You killed my cookie family.
Now you know how I feel.
[Alarm blaring.]
Gar Gar Gar Gar! [Grunting.]
Hushfluffles: No, no, no, no! Nooo! [Gasps.]
- Gary! - I had the strangest dream.
Hushfluffles: You will not get away from me.
Oh, no, it was real.
Gary, it must be nice to have the people you love around you.
I would know because you killed all my loved ones! And now I'm going to kill yours.
Who are you? You don't know me.
I'm Todd H.
Watson, and I know you.
You see, you stole something from me when you lost the Earth! Holly! Jed! Are you okay? Talk to me! Aah! That was my family! And then I intercepted your transmission.
Quinn: We've lost the Earth, but I can still save you.
Goodbye, Gary.
I was trying to save the Earth.
I have nobody to blame but you.
Will this fix anything? Let's give it a go.
Is there any reason why I'm not running for my life? Oh, boy! - Two million dropnoids! - Four million! - Five million! - Six million! Seven quadtillion dropnoids.
- Is that actually a number? - No.
- Get the hell out of here, Raymond.
- Clarence, a property like this comes on the market once in a lifetime.
You want to make sure that it goes into the proper hands.
Seventy million dropnoids.
I'm Clarence, I'm old, and that baby's sold.
Clarence, we're gentlemen.
- We shake deals with handshakes.
- Congratulations.
Oh, no, Clarence, no.
That's just one of my hands.
You have to shake all of them.
[Firing lasers.]
This garbage bot gets rid of garbage.
Pop Pop! Daddy! Get on the ship! Sir! As soon as I finish shaking this monster's hands.
- Here's one.
- Okay.
I've got another one right over here.
- Yes.
There seems to be no end of them.
- Oh.
Firm one.
I forgot about that one.
- Ah.
- Oh, I have so many hands.
Here we go.
Run! H.
! Faster! - Will you run faster? - I'm already at maximum speed.
- KVN is saving H.
- This puts the H.
in humiliation.
- Oh - KVN: You are super welcome.
One more.
That one's my favorite.
- You've got to be joking.
- Okay! Quick! Go! Leave! Take off without him! Wait! I'm coming! For God's sakes, hold on.
[Electricity crackling.]
This doesn't end here.
Anytime, Clarence! [Music.]
I'm not coming back.
Goodbye, Gary.
Little Cato: Hey.
- What's up? - What are you doing? Well, you know, just kind of feel like being alone, - if that's okay.
- Yeah.
All right, not really what I had in mind, but sure.
I guess I guess it's a party now.
Did someone say "party"? 'Cause I think they did.
You did not lose the Earth, Gary.
Well, I sure as hell didn't save it, either, did I? - You tried your best.
- My dad once told me that.
It was good enough for him.
Thing is, it's not good enough for me.
Worst party ever.
Gary, in every timeline, the Earth gets pulled into the breach.
- There was nothing you could do.
- Yeah, I suppose so.
But why did all this horribleness have to happen through me? You said something that helped me when I was at my lowest point.
We'll get through it together as a team.
Gah! As a squad.
As a team squad.
Except for him.
I don't want to be on your stupid team squad.
And I'm still making my mind up about them.
Guys? I know you're new here and you're just getting to know us, so I made you something out of Little Cato's hair.
You better love it.
Oh, my It's terrifying.
- So, what happened in your happy place? - [Laughing.]
Oh, man! Well, you know, I had a cookie wife and some cookie kids, and then they got kidnapped by a Spanish dance giant.
And there were some Frost Bears there, too, with some big guns, and they were murdering rainbow cookies