Final Space (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

The Other Side

1 We got another one.
And you know what this is, don't you? Dimensional key, y'all.
- And where did we get it? - From a snake-sucking fire serpent who got blown to space-chunks by Hellcat and Stardragon.
Kicking up the nickname intensity.
Feels like we could workshop 'em, but I like the gusto! - Huzzah! - Yeah, team squad! - Yes! Yes! - My first high five.
And it was a threesome.
No one's going to believe me.
I've got all this bottled up energy over getting one of these, and I don't know how to release it.
- Chookity? - Gross! Alright, that's a different kind of energy.
Alright, I we'll talk about that later.
But I need music.
Ear fuel! I'm taking real hard-core stuff.
- Chookity! - I need a hit of "Loggins.
" What the hell is a Loggins? Here.
Get real close to me.
- Hmm? - Come here.
- Get, like, super close.
- Hmm? Even close There you go.
There must be music on Ventrexia, that, like, when you hear it, you can't help but just explode.
- Chookity! - Where is your mind right now? No.
No! I mean dancing.
Well, maybe the ship has a bit of "Loggins.
" Pssh.
No way, it's too old.
Are you referring to the referring to the Loggins, comma, Kenneth? Because I have his entire catalog.
Loggins! No! I don't know what this is, but I like it.
What's happening? Am I dying? Oh, please say yes.
Oh, no.
It's going to get intense fast.
Been working so hard I'm punching my card Eight hours, for what? Oh, tell me what I got I've got this feeling That time's just holding me down I'll hit the ceiling - Or else I'll tear up this town - Gary! Oh! Now I gotta cut loose Footloose, kick off the Sundays shoes - Get it, H.
- Oh, I've got it bad, Gary.
Uh-oh, I'm gonna cut loose.
Jack, get back - Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
- Mnh-mnh.
- Come on.
- Mnh-mnh.
Ooh! - Oh, yes.
Everybody cut footloose Whoa-ah-oh-oh, Whoa-ah-oh-oh You're playing so cool Obeying every rule Deep way down in your heart You're burning, yearning for some, somebody to tell you Urgent.
Collision with space-time anomaly imminent.
It appears to be solid shards of time.
Avoid impact at all costs.
I got this.
Hitting any one of them can cause a disruption in time.
If you need a partner assist, just let me know.
See? Piece of cake.
It seems we have cleared the Gary! 2x04 - The Other Side Yo, you get that filament? - Yeah.
- Alright, baby.
Okay, there has to be a less sexy setting for that voice box.
What? Who is it? Hello? Will I kill you? Yes, I will! Chill, Tribore.
I got what I need.
Just passing through.
No need for the crossbow.
There's always a need for a crossbow.
Miss you, man.
Ooh! Death cookies.
I like it.
Yum! Little Cato! You're just in time for your rations.
's famous plant cakes.
You mean, infamous.
Shut up, wife! Why did I marry you? Oh, you know why.
My man H.
is nasty! That's why I can't get enough.
Little Cato, isn't this stuff that killed Fox and Ash? You can't prove that.
Yes! - Hey, son.
- What's up, Dad? Did you get it? Got the last piece.
That a boy.
I'm proud of you.
Why? We're trapped in here because of me.
It's been 60 years.
- You have to forgive yourself.
- I can't.
You were Gary's partner.
I'm just a stupid kid who steered him hard into an early grave.
You're a Cato.
They don't mope.
They do.
You made a mistake, son.
Now stop beating yourself up.
I am insane.
You'll make it up to them.
I believe in you.
Little Avo-Cato.
You gonna be talking to your dead dad all day long? Were you always this mean? 'Cause that one hurt.
I called you here for a reason.
I've been working on something in secret something big.
Well, kiss my cheeks, chums.
It's me! Not again, man.
Come on.
Clarence, take off my freaking friend.
First of all, it's Glarence.
And, second of all, come ooon! Glarence is a classic bit.
People love it when I slip this little sucker on.
Right, everyone? I told you to stop wearing my friend.
Oh, calm down.
It's not even real skin! I made it from 100 million worms I procured from the plant cake cocoons that are killing all of you slowly.
- You can't prove that.
- I like it! It reminds me of that guy who used to do stuff around here? You know, the annoying one.
- What's his name? - His name was Gary.
No, it wasn't.
It was like Adam or Steven.
Everyone, stop! Since we hit that time shard and I got us stranded here, I've been working on this distress beacon.
It'll use the ship's power, and we can shoot a message out there and if someone hears us, we could be saved.
Our power reserves are already low.
Any more will drain the oxygen supply.
So we get to slowly die of asphyxiation.
Got my buns in a hot vice, little buddy.
- Nothing? - I know it's a risk, but - is this really living? - I say we vote on it.
There's an election night sash I've been waiting to wear for 60 years now.
This time tomorrow, we vote.
I know my beacon can save us.
But I need your support.
Can I count on your vote, Tribore? You can't have it? Why? Because I'm working on something, too.
And my project's super gonna save us! Hmm and, uh, this is going to help how? - Not every detail's been worked out.
- Oh.
Has, uh, any detail been worked out? Not at this time, no.
Finally some time for me to rehearse my masterpiece I'm burning you alive tonight! Yes, I'm burning you alive tonight! While you sleep? You bet! - I could never burn you alive! - Cool.
I really think this distress beacon idea is worth the risk.
Any chance I could change your mind? Mind? No.
You can't change my mind.
'Cause I'm burning you alive tonight I'm burning you alive tonight While you sleep? You bet! I'm burning you alive tonight - Good talk.
- I'm not really gonna do it Tonight? You're going to be stuck here for the rest of your life if you can't make them understand you.
It's hard.
Keep trying.
Glarence I'm no fool.
If your plan fails, all of us suffer.
And if we don't try, we're gonna die here anyway.
- I vote against! - But why? How else am I supposed to amuse myself? Martini? Clarence, we all know that's your own piss.
- But is it really? - Yes! One precious sip? It'll make all your troubles just go away.
No! You're such a disappointment.
I know.
That's the leader I taught you to be? You couldn't even win the trust of your crew.
It's pathetic.
You failed.
I know.
Came to tell you that I'm for that crazy plan of yours.
Why? Because that's what Gary would have wanted.
- How do you know that? - I just know.
And I know your father wouldn't have said any of those things in a million years.
You got this.
Now let's go do it.
- What about the others? - Screw 'em.
I attached the beacon.
So no vote.
Well, then goodbye sash.
Rerouting power to the distress beacon.
Let this be good.
Little Cato, your device is working.
It is working.
What's happening?! I have detected a large mass approaching our location.
- Is it a ship? - It is far too big to be a ship.
- Then what is it? - I am afraid it is a Titan.
A Titan? How is that even possible? - They don't inhabit this dimension.
- Unanswerable.
Confrontation with Titan in T-minus one minute.
Prepare for imminent destruction.
Hear that, my man beast.
She is as thoughtful as she is insatiable.
Oh, no.
The Titan is jostling the ship! And not gently.
Well, it took you 60 years, but you've finally killed us.
If Gary were here, he'd know what to do.
Little Cato! Little Cato! Gary, time is progressing rapidly in there.
How rapidly?! It's already been 60 years in there.
If we do not break through, it will be the end.
Then start shooting! Uh, think! What would Gary do? The better question is, Little Cato, what would you do? That is a good question.
I want to say shopping.
But I know it's camping.
Anything to get away from this jostling.
Uh, Nightfall.
I'm over here.
You've made some mistakes, but you've also made a lot of good calls.
- But what if I screw this up, too? - We all die.
But at least you failed being you.
And that's a victory right there.
Just where in the hell do you think you're going? I'm gonna kill a Titan.
Whoa! Did anyone else just get goose - bumps all over their forks? - Y'all know I'm coming.
- I'm coming, too! - Alright.
Are we making any progress? Not enough.
Keep going! Hey, Gary.
- Keep an eye out, okay? - Yay! More death cookies! Ooh, there must be a death cookie factory.
- What's the plan? - Step one Someone's got to keep that Titan distracted.
- I can do that.
- You sure? 'Cause, you know, you're, like, a little, uh, blind.
Blind?! Well, my other sense are heightened.
Watch and find out.
Step two Mooncake finds a way into the Titan, then blasts that sucker's guts out from the inside.
I'd suggest the mouth hole, but, - you know, any orifice will do.
- It is on! Little Cato, I see no version of this where you survive.
You can't fight a Titan.
What are you trying to prove? Everything.
- Ready? - Let's do this! Come get some! Ho, ho-kay! You're gonna remember this! Yeah! That's right! - Some of this! Whoo! - Come on! Let's go! We are doin' this! - Uh! - Yeah! Go, Mooncake! Dittle his doggle! Yeah-he-he-he-ha! Nightfall, Little Cato is down.
Man down.
Man down.
- Little Cato! - Man down.
Man down.
- H.
, how bad is it? - Very bad.
He's dying.
- He deserves to die.
- Shut up, Glarence.
I don't think he's gonna pull through.
But I'm gonna put a little Band-Aid right here.
Right in this spot.
Just to show I tried.
I spent 60 years trying to save us, and nothing.
Couldn't save my friends.
I couldn't even save myself.
I wish I had appreciated our time together more.
Crimson Light.
Signal received.
Repeat, signal received.
Please respond.
That is a rescue ship.
Cato, they're here.
You did it.
Just hold on, okay? For me.
For all of us.
But also for you, too.
I don't know what I would've done without you all.
Probably gone crazy.
We did it, right? Yeah, good job, Little Cato.
Yeah, good job, Little Cato.
Thanks, but I can't take the credit.
It was all of us.
- Gary, more firepower! - I've run the numbers.
If we reverse the drop drive, Ash can harness that power and redirect it at the barrier.
It could be just enough to save Little Cato.
Sounds horrifying.
Let's give it a go.
- Are you sure it will work? - I hope so, I like the kid.
But just to make sure, let's run it past Richard.
Enough with freakin' Richard, alright? Nobody cares about your dumb friend, Richard, alright? Okay, Ash.
Give it everything you got! Engage the drop drive! Aaah! - It's really you.
- I thought you were dead.
- Oh no, are we both dead? - If you're dead, I'm dead.
And if I'm dead, I'm going to kill you.
You're not.
You're back.
And so is KVN.
Did I miss anything? I was alone for so long.
For 60 years Wait.
Are you saying you remember? - You remember what happened in there? - Ugh.
- Yeah.
All of it.
- Dang.
Loneliness is the worst, man.
I'm just glad you're okay.
You are okay, right? Thanks, everyone.
For not giving up on me.
Hey, son.
Dad, how would you feel if I kinda put this away for a while? 'Bout time.
Yeah, it's about time.