Finding Carter (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

The Heat

Previously on "Finding Carter" What, you've never heard of a girl who came home safe and sound after being abducted 13 years ago? I'm Ophie by the way.
I'm Bird.
Bird, I thought you were my friend.
I thought you were mine.
It's over with David.
Fingers crossed she can leave all of this behind like the nightmare, I'm sure it's been.
I love you more.
What do you think? It's pretty cool, right? I get free slushies, and I get all the microwave burritos that I can eat.
That turns out to be fewer than I thought.
Well, I'm really happy you're here.
Not as happy as me.
What I don't understand, really, is why you moved here.
Well, the free burritos, as I mentioned.
Max, you moved here from a different state.
You got a new job, new apartment.
That's a lot of change for somebody who only owns one t-shirt.
I own more than one t-shirt.
They're just all the same as each other.
Did something happen? You can tell me if it did.
Actually, I think you're the one person in the world that I cannot tell.
Okay, well, now you have to tell me.
No, I promised I wouldn't.
Max you're never gonna win this.
We can either go back and forth for as long as it takes for you to tell me, or we can save us both a lot of time, and you can just tell me now.
I moved because I'm worried about you.
Why? Is it because of that crash guy? No, no, no.
I'm not worried about him.
Okay, then what? I think it that it's bad enough that you lost everything in your life once, and I just I don't think you should have to go through that again.
Why would I have to go through that again? If Lori showed up.
What? Max, you saw her? Where? At the gas station off the interstate.
That's why I came back.
You know, I your mom is here.
I thought she left.
She wants to.
And she wants you to go with her, but I wasn't sure if that's what you wanted.
Is that what you really want? There you go There you stay Keeping low Never wanna play You've been up and down, down You've been low, low, low Pretending to not feel alone Pretending to not feel alone So, just be clear this is your truck? It's not stolen? Why would I steal a piece of crap like this? Why would you steal anything? Look, I've apologized.
I thought when you asked to see me, that we were moving on.
Well, we're not moving on.
I just I just need a favor.
I can't yes or no until I know what the favor is.
Okay, look, I just found out my mom is well, I-I don't know where exactly, but, um, possibly close.
That's great.
I'm happy for you, really.
Is there anything I can do to help? Well, I was thinking she's probably using a different identity now, and that maybe you knew people who help with that? You don't like that I'm a criminal, until you need a criminal.
No, look Look, I just wanna find my mom, okay? I know you know what that feels like.
Send me a picture of her.
I'll ask around.
Thank you.
But, listen, you wanna find a criminal, ask a cop.
They know all of them, and you've got one at home.
Yeah, like Elizabeth's really gonna help me with this.
She would if you didn't treat her like the enemy.
Stop pushing her away.
Let her get close, and she'll drop her guard.
You'll get a lot more out of her if you start acting like a friend.
Or even her daughter.
Be careful You're starting to think like a criminal.
No, no, no, no, no.
You're wrong, you're wrong, you're just insane.
What? You're wrong, you're just embarrassing yourself.
You're embarrassing yourself.
Grant? My sister's here, let's ask her.
Who are you talking to? Jordan Belfort or Travis Bickle? What? Jordan Belfort or Travis Bickle? Or Jake LaMotta.
Honestly, the worst DeNiro is still better than the best DiCaprio.
Hello, you're forgetting "The Departed.
" No, I'm not.
What does your sister think? - Me? - Yeah.
Aren't you kinda young for those movies? Hey, I'm Carter.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, you didn't tell me you had a girlfriend.
What? - Why would you - What? I gotta go.
Grant, it's okay.
- See ya.
- Don't.
Why would you do that? What, what did I say? You called her my girlfriend.
What do I do now? What do I say? Calm down, this is not a big deal.
What's a bigger deal than calling someone your girlfriend, I'm sorry.
This is so cute.
Look at you freaking out.
No, but, seriously, we can fix this.
Um, okay, who is she? She's a fellow film geek I met online.
We have this sorta informal movie club.
We have discussions that turn into debates.
She's super smart.
She notices a lot of the stuff I miss.
She makes me angry, but then she makes me laugh.
I can talk to her for hours.
I hate to break it to you, but she's your girlfriend.
Really? Yeah.
You're up.
Looks like we're both working late.
Yeah, I caught a call on my way out the you don't care.
No, I do.
You do, since when? I don't know.
Since since you made me come down to the police station and apologize to everyone, and I realized that there aren't a lot of women there, are there? That's true, there aren't.
And, from what I could tell, you're pretty high-ranking.
Well, yes.
And you're above Gabe's dad, right? Yes, she is.
They used to be partners, but you've been above him for a while now, right? You're up, too.
See, I thought everyone was going to be asleep.
I waited up.
You've been coming in late every night, it seems.
Well, things keep coming up at work.
I just got back from a crime scene, in fact.
You know, I'd, um I'd actually really love to come with you to a crime scene one day.
Maybe on, "take your daughter to work" day.
Well, if you're serious, I could bring you on a ride-along, but that entails being in a squad car all day with me.
Okay, when? Tomorrow is my day off.
You're taking a day off.
That's great.
You've been working such long hours lately.
Yeah, I feel grimy.
I'm just gonna jump in the shower.
We'll talk later? Something going on with you two? Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Wait here, I'm just gonna sign out some equipment.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I didn't expect to see you today.
I'm taking Carter on a ride-along.
I'll call you later.
Hey, I think it's, great to see you spending some time with your mom.
What? I was just saying, um, I think it's great to see you spending some time with your mom.
Right, she told me that's what you call her.
That that's what I call her.
Hey I just wanna say I know we got off on the wrong foot, but maybe Now, would that be the one where you're a creepy predator who stalks teenage girls? Hey, look, I only did Or the one where you prepare to arrest my mom right in front of me.
I thought you were trying to put all that behind you.
I am, I just when I look at your face, I have a really hard time not picturing it in the side-view mirror of your car watching me.
Somebody wants you over there.
Who? Me.
Okay, yeah.
Where are we? This is a tactical training facility.
This is where the magic happens.
I thought we'd be able to go over a few basics, just in case we were called to a crime scene.
This is a battering ram.
Wow, you should keep one of those in the house in case you wanna get into my room.
I do.
The most important thing is momentum.
How'd you do that? My secret is I just imagine someone's face on the door.
Bet I can imagine whose face that was.
Listen, Carter, I'm off the clock today.
Maybe you can be, too.
Yeah, okay, sorry.
I'll put this back.
Um, can I can I try? Yeah.
You know I'm thrilled that we're doing this together.
I was hoping that we'd have some Well now we're both off the clock.
So, you sure this is okay? Toby, relax.
Elizabeth's not here.
Nobody will be here for hours.
What is her issue with me? What have I ever done except shield her from the truth when your career was tanking.
Do you have to put it that way? In the past tense is how I put it.
Note to God, in my next life, I do not wanna represent writers.
Good luck with that.
Open it.
See what happiness feels like.
I have always loved your office.
Very "writerly.
" You know, if Ernest Hemingway had an office like this, he never would've killed himself.
This feels good.
This feels really good.
Yeah, and that's just the first one.
There are three more.
Not counting royalties, not counting the paperback, not counting the best-seller bonus, and not counting Hollywood.
Just trying to decide when the best time to show this to Elizabeth is.
Should I do it before or after I tell her I want a divorce? Gasp.
She's cheating on me.
Double gasp.
For the second time.
Go on.
I didn't really blame her the first time.
My career was, as you said, tanking, and she was driving around all night with her Latin lapdog.
She was this close to leaving me when we found Carter.
Then what? Then she ended it with him, for a minute.
Then we had a big fight about money, and next thing I know she's "working late" and taking showers as soon as she gets home.
I just can't stand sleeping in the same bed with her and him.
But, now, I have this.
Except you don't.
Toby, what are you doing? I'm protecting you.
But the check she has to see the check.
That's how she knows how wrong she is about me.
And then she gets to take half of it.
I'm sorry, David, you can't have this check until you and Elizabeth are legally separated.
So, behind this door, there are cardboard cut-outs.
Some are good guys and some are bad guys.
You don't wanna hit the good guys.
Just the bad guys.
You ready? Born ready.
How'd I do? Well, let's see.
You didn't hurt any of the good guys or the bad guys.
However, you did maim that lamp, you injured that painting, and you killed this potted plant.
You All right, you better run little girl.
I'll give you a three-second head start.
One! This could be permanent you know Two.
Doubt either one of us can let the other go This isn't fair, you're trained in this.
What? I can see you.
I hope everybody knows I see you.
Just what you do to my soul Wait, I'm out of bullets! I'm out of bullets.
No, you can't.
No, it's not fair.
It's a sorry day for you, young lady.
You can't shoot me now.
Hold on.
Saved by the bell.
Detective Wilson.
What's the address? I'm leaving now.
Let's go.
What? Just throw it in, let's go.
No, I need you to stay in the car.
What, but I wanna see.
You think you wanna see, but there are some things that you can't unsee.
Please, stay in the car.
Hey, Bird, it's me.
What are you doing? Well, I'm at a crime scene.
No, but this time it wasn't me.
Listen, what are you doing later? Will Crash be there? No, we're not hooking up.
I just wanna speak to him.
My God, there's a dead body.
Bird, I have to go.
I'm looking at a dead body.
You're up late In your empty home You're surrounded But you're all alone Every night You lay awake in bed Thinking of what you should've done instead Look at me! Look at me! Put your faith in your heart Let it lead you from the start You will always find your way Now if we could only Let love My God.
Let love guide us home Wait.
I asked you to wait in the car.
Wait, that that was a dead body under the sheet? Yes.
And his wife was just right there watching him? My God, that was horrible.
I know.
Can you find out who killed him? I already know.
She did.
What? Her husband was abusing her.
She wanted to leave, he was coming after her, and she stabbed him.
My God.
And she continued to stab him even after he was dead.
Wait, so you knew the whole time you were hugging her that she was a killer? There's not always a black and white, good guys and bad guys.
She did what she did because she was scared.
That's really compassionate.
Well, like, how do you decide, you know, which criminals you treat like human beings and which you pursue like animals? What do you mean, when did I ever Well, say, for example, I wanted to get someone on the list of felons who get to see your warm and fuzzy side.
Like, how would I go about that? Lori.
You hate her so much, but maybe you wouldn't if you understood the reasons why she did what she did.
I would.
Why? How can you show that woman over there, who murdered her husband so much compassion, but yet you can't show the same compassion to the woman who raised me? I am who I am because of that woman.
No, that's not true, Carter.
I knew you for three years, and I can tell you this is the person you would've been no matter what.
I just wanted one day, one day without her.
That's impossible.
It's never gonna happen.
But for a moment there, it was just you and me, and we made each other laugh something that I thought was impossible to happen, and I loved it.
I loved it.
Thank you for a part of the day that was mine.
Hey, how'd it go? It was good.
Then it went bad.
I don't think I moved the needle.
Didn't stay late at the office tonight? I wanted a nice night at home.
That looks good.
Can I have one? Sure.
No mustard, though, right? Right.
How was your day? Uneventful.
Just sitting and writing, and then deleting what I wrote 'cause it sucked.
I'm sure it didn't.
Well, if you'd read it, you'd agree.
I used to read your stuff.
You said that you valued my opinion.
Because back then it was positive.
Well, my opinion of this sandwich is that, it is fantastic.
I'll take it.
I'll take whatever I can get these days.
David, come on.
You're the one that shuts himself up in his office all day and into the night and doesn't tell me what he's doing.
Do you tell me what you do in your office? Ask me anything.
I'll tell you anything you wanna know.
Somehow I doubt it.
David! What did I say tell me what I said.
Tay Hey.
Didn't know you were here.
I'm quizzing Taylor on SAT vocabulary flash cards.
I'm really uncomfortable.
You guys are moving way too fast.
We're only on the "C's"" Okay.
Did you want something? Um, no.
I just came to tell you I need the car tonight.
Okay, bye.
All right, I'm leaving.
Remember one foot on the floor at all times.
Cal caligin caliginos Caliginous? Hey, I'm not done yet.
Cal What you said but with the "osity" at the end of it.
You'd probably rather go out than do this.
This is the worst way to spend a Saturday night.
I mean, yeah, it's up there.
It's fi I'm used to doing these on my own.
You're coming.
No I Well, I just have to Can I just grab No! - Give me those.
- Hey! Hey.
Sorry I hung up on you last night.
It's okay.
You wanna finish our Martin Scorsese movie club? Do you think it's weird that all we do is talk about movies? Something else you wanna talk about? No, but I think we have to.
I hate those conversations.
So you've had them before? You haven't? This is your first time? Yeah.
But now that I know you're experienced, I, um I don't think I'm ready.
I can wait.
You should only have it when you're ready.
I will get back to you.
I'll be here.
Listen, that guy Crash might be there tonight.
You said you weren't seeing him.
I'm not, really, really not.
I just he's just advising me on something, but I'd rather Elizabeth didn't know about it.
I'm not your watchdog.
I don't care what you do.
Okay, nice.
You're being "tough" Taylor tonight.
I like her.
She's like the United States of Taylor.
Th at joke wasn't funny the first "Tough" Taylor.
There are actually many different varieties of Taylor that you might come across.
For example, "tame" Taylor, who never drinks, never gets high, never even cuts class.
Am I right? You're right.
My God! My God! This is "terrified" Taylor.
It smells like someone's having a bake sale.
- Yeah! - Hey.
Really, Max, that's the first thing you noticed? Yeah.
Did you find anything? Just that you won't be able to find your mom by looking for her identity.
You can buy them on the internet now.
She probably has a lot of different ones.
I'm sorry.
You have no idea how much I wanted to come through for you.
No, that's okay.
It's probably safer if I don't find her.
She's obviously gotten really good at hiding.
I know she'll come for me.
I just I just have to be patient.
And you know you can always get a message to her.
How? Through Max.
She's put him play.
He's your carrier pigeon.
Give him a message, I guarantee she'll get it.
No, I wouldn't feel right using him like that.
Carter, he'll do it for you.
He'll do anything for you.
Look at him.
He's like your own personal St.
Put a barrel around his neck, and he's good to go.
I'm kinda jealous of him, actually.
That smells so good.
Sorry, last bag.
You don't wanna share any? I thought you were mad at me.
No, I told ya, tough day at the keyboard.
I was just gonna watch a movie.
Which one? I haven't decided.
"biggest day of my life.
The biggest day of my life" Do you remember the first time we saw this movie? Of course, I remember the first time.
It was our first date.
No matter how big of a bitch I become, I am never gonna forget our first date.
Come 'ere.
Come 'ere.
Come 'ere.
See, this is how we used to watch movies.
I remember.
You always did have a crush on Sandra Bullock.
I still do.
You did like the girls with the long, dark hair.
I can't believe I married a blonde.
Well, you had to.
No, I would've married you, even if you weren't pregnant and the size of a beach ball.
What? What? Nothing.
I just wanted to say your name.
Course you're gonna fall asleep.
I'm not gonna fall asleep.
You your eyes are probably closed.
I'm just resting I'm resting them.
And this is what always happens when we watched movies.
Hey! Are you coming back? Okay, does anybody want more wine? Taylor, you're not having any? No, thank you.
Good, 'cause I don't have any left.
Empty bottle.
You ever played "Seven Minutes in Heaven"? Seven minutes in what? Okay, I take that as a "no.
" You ready, I'm gonna spin for you.
Taylor? Okay, I'm ready.
I don't think I've played "Seven Minutes in Heaven" since I was in middle school.
Yeah, okay, I get it, I'm a dweeb, you don't have to keep rubbing it in.
I know you haven't played before, but please tell me this isn't gonna be your first kiss.
I want you to know I do not take this responsibility lightly.
Well, I don't know who looks more terrified.
I think that would be me.
Ophie, Ophie, Ophie, Ophie We have several options here the first of which we don't even have to kiss if you don't want to.
I can set the timer.
Shut up! Yeah, really, Gabe.
What? I said I didn't play this since middle school, and that's what we did in middle school.
As I was saying, the timer's set.
I can tell you seven minutes of knock-knock jokes.
No, it's I just wanna get it over with.
Keep in mind it is your first kiss, and this is the type of event we recount to our children and grandchildren.
I'm like the oldest person in the world who's never been kissed.
Can we, please? Sure, okay.
Well, here goes.
I'm I'm just gonna do what I normally do.
S-Something like like that.
How was that? I don't have anything to compare it to.
You know what? Let's try it again.
But this time unclench your jaw.
Yeah, unclench you jaw.
Make your make your mouth a little softer.
- Softer.
- Softer.
I like that.
You're a fast learner.
Yeah, I know you did it, too.
Act cool.
Hey, so I'm trying to rig the game so that it always lands on Taylor.
If you see it's spin there.
We're just gonna stop it.
Yeah, cool.
Hey, no fixing the game.
I want him just as much as you do.
Well, he's all yours.
Taylor, Taylor, Taylor! Ophie, Ophie, Ophie! Now it's okay.
Taylor, Taylor, Taylor! Ophie, Ophie! So, how was it? I like kissing.
Okay, good to know.
- Ready? - Yah.
Okay, I saw that.
Saw what? - You gonna make out with yourself? - Let's spin it again.
- I got this.
- Wow.
Taylor, Taylor! Look, I this is just your second time, so I see them eyes meet across the room Listening to my favorite song I'm just fine without you Dancing for loco to the radio Okay, your time's up.
Could you save some oxygen for the rest of us, please? What happened in there, guys? I don't know.
I don't know what that was.
I taught her everything she knows.
I owe you.
That's the one, that's the one.
What okay, that spin doesn't count.
This game is rigged.
Yes, it does.
Look, I get that we're all trying to initiate Taylor, here, but speaking from personal experience, I wouldn't put her in a closet with Crash.
I'm not stepping on any toes here, am I? No, like I said, all good.
You hear that? Carter says you're all mine.
Yeah, I heard.
I wish I could've been your first.
No, I'm glad you weren't.
I would've been scared.
It wouldn't have been good.
I still wish it.
Underneath the universe Nothin' on but cashmere Livin' day to day 'Til we disappear Underneath the universe Nothing more we need Do you want to get out of here? I think we still have four minutes.
No, no, I mean like out of this so-called sanctuary.
Yes, I would like that.
Me, too.
You two weren't in there long.
Yeah, well, this has been kind of a lot tonight, so I think I'm just gonna head home.
I'll get a ride home from Gabe.
Hey, I'll call you.
What? Okay.
Hey, guys, I'm I'm turning into a bit of a pumpkin myself, so I I'm gonna go.
Thank you for hosting, I appreciate it.
Wait, you're you're leaving, too? Yeah, I got a big carton of meat snacks.
I gotta wrangle 'em in the morning.
Well, um Listen, if you see my mom again, will you tell her something for me? Yeah.
Yeah, hey, don't even worry about that 'cause I got it all worked out.
I'm I'm gonna say, "Lori, you are putting me in a very" "uncomfortable position, and and you are making me "an accessory after the fact "which she is, I looked it up and I'm not having it, so do whatever you have to do, but do it without me.
" Does that sound good? Okay.
I'll polish it.
Yeah, okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
We could, actually Sorry, you were taking so long we decided to do a round without you.
No, we didn't.
It's my bottle, my closet, so Don't leave, okay? There's something that I wanna tell you.
Gabe, seriously, Taylor took the car.
I can't get home without you.
I get that, but I just think it's rude to leave someone's home without thanking them and, you know, saying goodbye.
Gabe, come on! Finally, probably get dressed.
Look, I really, really don't wanna be here.
Can we please leave? Tell Taylor to text me.
Wait, you're texting Taylor? I know, she's probably freaking out right now, but if you just tell her that Gabe says he's totally serious, and that Yeah, yeah, yeah, I will tell her as soon as I get home, but that completely depends on you giving me a ride.
I think they're coming out.
No, I think it's time to leave.
My God! My God sorry, sorry! Taylor and Max.
Taylor is with Max.
Yeah, I heard you the first time.
Okay, well, can I come in? No, I'm talking to Regan.
What? This conversation is between her and me.
It's hard enough already, but I don't wanna make it a three-way.
Closing up shop And locking doors Turning up lost In some unknown Don't make me say they've gone home You sleep with the lights on when you're alone Hey.
I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about what happened tonight.
Who told you about that? I meant between you and me.
God, I think seeing a dead body turned out to be the least traumatic part of my day.
What else happened? Nothing.
Well, stupid stuff not life and death.
Not what you have to deal with every day.
Hey, you have to deal with a lot, none of which is stupid.
Huge things that no one should have to deal with, especially not a 16-year-old.
And I don't want to be one of those things.
I wanna help you with those things.
What are you saying? Carter, I'm gonna stop looking for your mom.
For five minutes today you liked me.
I know you did and I want that, that's all.
I just want more of that.
Also, I'm really dying to know what possibly could've been more traumatic than seeing your first dead body.
No, but we're not there yet, no.
Um, let's take it five minutes at a time.
Okay, that's what we're doing.
We're doing that.
It feels like the end It feels like the end Hey.
This is weird, you know that? Okay, you're in front of their house.
Where else can I go, Max? My child is in there.
She's my heart, walking around outside my body.
Except she's not your child.
Yes, she is.
Don't you ever say that to me again.
She's my child.
Lori, I had this really long speech that I wanted to say to you.
But, really, I think at this point, the only thing that I can do is walk back in there and tell them that you're here.
You never actually know how much time you've got left with someone.
Next Tuesday.
After Carter falls hard for Crash.
So you are in to me.
Will she run away from her new life with him? - Let's go.
- Crash.
Or someone else? Carter.
My God.
Finding Carter.
All new episode next Tuesday at 10.