Finding Carter (2014) s02e07 Episode Script

Something to Talk About

Previously on "Finding Carter" Your father and I are separating.
If you want to see other people, just say so.
Maybe seeing other people isn't the worst idea.
This stuff with mom, is it bothering you? What, her dating, or her and dad lying to us about Dad's affair with Lori? How could mom, not be my mom? One thing we do know, we are sisters.
Half a dozen little study buddies.
We're just having fun.
- I just didn't think of you as that - As what? Well, as the kind of person that would do something like that with someone you don't really care about.
Why am I even having this conversation? I couldn't help but notice you were flying solo at the fair.
No boyfriend? I am not discussing my personal life.
- Why? - I'm your guidance counselor.
People don't just get dizzy and faint out of nowhere.
Taylor! I think that it was just a weird reaction to the study buddies.
Taylor, this is not you.
What do you even know about me? You're not my boyfriend.
You sure about this? Getting sure.
- Where's Crash? - He's gone.
I am so sorry, honey.
Come on, come on, come on.
Go! What's wrong? I told Abby I'd be there on time.
You're ten minutes late, Tay, you're fine.
She put me in charge.
Laura's doing this thing for the whole region.
I have to be on my a-game.
Yeah, and get there in one piece, Taylor.
Well, if you hadn't stopped to take in the mail.
Mom asked me to.
What is that, anyway? Another letter from Lori.
Why does she keep writing when you never answer? Can't she take a hint? I guess not.
I'm so late.
Taylor! There you go There you stay Keeping low Never want to play You've been up and down, down You've been low, low, low Pretending to not feel alone Pretending to not feel alone Oh, God.
Oh my God.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
I went ahead and called the police, they should be here soon.
Okay, thank you.
Maybe you should text Abby, tell her what happened.
Are you okay? You don't think the cops will test me, do you? For what? Just, you know, for like anything in my system.
Why, are you drunk? No, I I took something this morning.
What? A pill.
It was to help me concentrate.
Hey, is everyone all right here? - Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
Do you need an ambulance? - No, no, we're good.
- No, no, we're good.
I'm gonna have to file a report.
So who was driving? I was.
Sorry, totally my fault.
Don't know where my brain was.
Hey, I thought you caught a ride with Carter and Taylor.
Oh, no, they rushed out early.
You know I like to take my time in the mornings.
Long shower, full breakfast.
Read the paper with some coffee.
- Exactly.
- Uh-huh.
Just don't miss the bus.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, hey, Grant, what's up? Nothing.
- Important? - Okay, you know what? We'll talk about it later.
- How's school for you? - Wouldn't know.
Haven't made it there yet.
He was just about to catch the bus.
Hey, I got the squad car today.
How cool would it be pulling up in a police car? What, am I five? Uh, Kyle, why don't we just take off? I have a pile of paperwork at my desk.
- See you later, Grant.
- Okay, bye, hon.
And don't miss the bus.
Sorry, Kyle.
Wait, what are we gonna do about the car? Taylor, it's just a dent, we can get it fixed.
When? I don't want mom and dad to see it.
Okay, well, then we'll figure something out.
I'll call Max or something.
Yeah, he'll know what to do.
And I have money, I can pay for it.
Taylor, stop worrying about this.
You've got so much other stuff going on.
You're right.
I'm so late.
Thank you.
For what you did.
Okay, no problem.
For things I cannot do Hey, Max, it's me.
Listen, are you free this morning? I kind of need your help with something.
Hey, Taylor.
Hey, I'm so sorry I'm late.
No problem, are you okay? - I got your text.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I'm just - No, I'm fine.
- Okay.
I brought reinforcements.
- Abby said you could use some help.
- We're at your service.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I guess I could use them for something.
Yeah, take advantage of them.
Because I want you as calm as possible for when you meet with Yale tomorrow.
- Really? - Yup.
I talked you up to the recruiter.
Welcome to the club.
He wants to meet you first thing.
Thank you so much, Abby.
No problem.
Gabe, why don't you help me hang that banner at the entrance? Yeah.
And, Damon, why don't you help Taylor fold these pamphlets? That may be under utilizing my rather impressive intellectual abilities.
Maybe you can cure cancer while you're folding.
That's a distinct possibility.
Something is wrong with her and I can't figure out what it is.
She's got a lot going on.
Yeah, but she always does.
She's like the poster child for staying cool.
Not lately.
Do you think maybe you could talk to her? I feel like it's kind of none of my business anymore.
Please? I don't want it to seem like I'm lecturing her and I'm pretty sure she's gonna stop listening if it's always coming from me.
I'll give it a go.
Don't worry about the car, though, I got that.
Get to class.
Hey, Damon.
Hey, Tay.
Hey, Bird.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Have you guys seen Abby? She's supposed to help me write - my letters of recommendation.
- Abby? Oh, yeah, yeah, she's She's around here, somewhere.
You know, I don't see her now, though.
Okay, then.
No worries.
Did you see that? She looked right through me.
Oh no, she She looked around you.
- Around? - Yeah.
Okay, I call that progress.
That's great, you're meeting the Yale guy.
I'm meeting him tomorrow, too.
What are you gonna talk about? I guess the essay I'm working on for their summer econ program.
Oh, you applied for that? Yeah, anything to get out of here for the summer.
Yeah, I feel you.
I applied, too.
My parents were pushing the whole European family nightmare.
That'd be great, right? - If we both got in? - Yeah, it'd be fun.
Can I read yours? Not yet.
It's an outline.
You know they're due tomorrow, right? No, Friday.
Tay, seriously? I'm pretty sure Oh my God.
No, no, no, no, no, how could this happen? I put this in my calendar.
Why don't you talk to the recruiter, see if he can give you an extension? No, are you kidding? How is it gonna sound when I tell him I forgot a simple thing like an application deadline? Oh my God, I am so irresponsible.
Damn it.
LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA Don't worry, I already finished my homework.
How am I going to explain that? I'm sure you will.
He hangs on to your every word.
- Excuse me? - Seriously.
He's setting up shop like he lives here.
A few days ago, he deleted "The Walking Dead" off the DVR.
That's why you're mad? "The Walking Dead," mom.
That doesn't justify destroying his phone, Grant.
Are you trying to embarrass me? Well, you and dad are dating other people while you're still married, so I'd say you're doing a great job embarrassing yourself.
I didn't have any idea that it was bothering you so much, Grant.
You and dad don't listen to anything I say.
I'm the result of a Rejecting, neglecting parenting style.
Rejecting, neglecting? Where did you get that term? - My shrink.
- Your shrink.
Grandma's friend? She's been taking you to see her all this time? Hey.
I'm gonna head home, you coming? No, I can't.
I'm barely ready for tomorrow and I still have to finish that application.
- What application? - The Yale summer program.
Also due tomorrow.
Taylor, I could do all of this for you.
What? Yeah, you go home, get your application done and I'll stay here and finish all of this stuff.
There is really a lot to get done.
It's fine, honestly.
You have a ton of stuff going on right now and I actually don't, for once in my life.
Plus, I have these, uh, hidden organizational talents that nobody knows about Because I've hidden them, but I swear I have them and I really want to help.
Please let me help.
Come on.
- Okay.
- Great.
Tell me what I need to do.
Here is the checklist.
That's the checklist? Manual, whatever.
Yeah, okay.
I can take care of everything.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, no worries.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Da-da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da Abby, I brought my Gabe, Gabe, Gabe Hey.
- What's up? - Not much.
- What's up with you? - Guess you know.
Yeah, I guess I do.
Well, I'm just checking in, 'cause it's kind of Insane? Private.
Yeah, that too.
Okay, look, I get it, you're hot for teacher and all that, - but still - What? Okay, you know me, I'm not one to judge and we all know you're popular with the ladies, but I'm just saying.
What? She could go to jail.
You know that, right? That's not gonna happen.
Anyway, we're just having fun.
I hear that.
Let's keep this between us, right? Yeah totally.
I get it.
- No worries.
- Cool.
The music's playing loud So all the golf lessons at the club were really trips to see a shrink? No, he had some He had some lessons.
The point is you went and took Grant to see a shrink when I specifically told you not to.
Well, what is the harm here? The harm is that you crossed a line, again.
It's because he is struggling, and you have this nesting, birdhouse new age crap that you and David are doing is not working! At least, it isn't for the kids.
There it is, there it is, mom.
You have to judge everything thing that I do, every decision.
I am not judging.
I am using my judgment and there is a big difference.
Okay, maybe I should have consulted you, but there's no way in the world that you would have asked for my help.
You're right, mom.
Because at this point, you are the last person I would ask for help.
This thing's in Bulgarian.
Okay, so I think we need to make more room.
Damon, do you think you could push back the bleachers? Yeah, for sure.
- I've got some people.
- Thank you.
But she can't just let go And everybody feel No need to fear, your savior is here.
Oh my God, thank you for coming.
I'm so glad to see you.
You call, you whine, I come.
Well, I appreciate it.
Oh God, I've got to go help him.
Um, thank you.
Go help Gabe.
Very drab.
Hey, Abby.
You come to hang out? I actually work here.
Right, work.
I forgot.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah.
Everything is good.
Yeah, totally cool.
Okay, well, I'm just gonna head home then.
That's fine.
Cool, I got this.
Really? Hey, Damon.
Carter, nice to see you helping out.
Oh, yeah, it's no problem.
Where's Taylor? Uh, she'll be right back.
She just went to get some more flyers.
Tell her I said thanks.
I'm gonna head out.
I'll see you guys tomorrow.
I thought you said you were gonna be cool.
Yeah, I'm totally cool, okay? But, um, let me just ask you something.
If it were me and Abby was a guy, you'd be okay with that? Yeah, of course, 'cause you're a grown person, I know that you know what you're doing.
Okay, then.
I was just wondering.
So I'm gonna go now.
I dropped your car off in my buddy's shop.
They're gonna fix it up for you.
And I'm done with this essay, so I'm golden.
What's up? I just wanted to make sure you're okay after the accident.
It sucks, right? Carter told me that she had to say she was driving.
She told you that? She was worried.
She's unbelievable.
We both care about you, Taylor.
I have to get back to school and help.
I don't want her thinking that she saved me Yet again.
Wanna give me a ride? 'Cause I'm such a pathetic loser and I don't have a car.
You know that's not what I'm saying here.
Do you want to give me a ride or not? Sure.
Let's go.
Liz, this can't be a surprise.
No, it's not, David.
It's just, you know, it bugs me when she gets me thinking that she's right.
All those years that Carter was missing Do you think that I focused enough on Taylor and Grant? Do you think I was a bad mother? No.
You were and are a great mom.
I'm just worried about Grant.
I don't want him to spend years in therapy because of me.
What kid isn't in therapy because of their parents? Your mom doesn't know what it was like when Carter went missing and she doesn't know what it's like now.
We're doing the best we can.
Maybe we need to do better.
Did anyone see you? No, it's fine.
Are you sure? - Absolutely.
- What did you say to Bird? 'Cause she was acting really weird.
I know that you don't know her, but we talked about it.
She has her issues with it, but she's not gonna say anything.
Are you sure? I know her.
She wouldn't do that to me.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
It's a promise.
I told her it was just a casual thing.
All I know is You're the only one uh huh Uh huh Think I was lying.
17 on the scene bleached blonde You're sweet.
Let's get out of here.
Give me five minutes.
Meet me at my car.
Make sure no one sees you.
Uh huh Okay, so Duke goes at five.
Carolina at 30.
Wells Welles Wellesley at ten.
All righty.
A bit of refreshments for the laborers.
Please tell me this isn't water.
Dance party! Bird, that is really loud.
Whoa-oh-ah-oh whoa-oh-ah-oh-oh oh-oh-oh-oh-oh so you said What is going on? You just got to do it you got to do it from the start to the end you gotta do it again and again Really? A party? That's your way of helping me? Okay, it's not a party, Taylor.
It doesn't even matter.
If you could just get everybody out so I can finish this myself.
Taylor, you don't have to do it by yourself.
All these people came here to help.
What a big help.
That's just your thing, right? - What? - Your need to save the day? Poor Taylor.
Oh, so pathetic.
You had to save my ass with the cops and now you're taking over the expo because I'm, what, just some lame druggie? That is so not what I was doing.
And then you get Max to pull this secret mission and try and fix me.
I wasn't trying to fix you, Taylor.
Taylor! What do you think? About what? My mural.
- You don't want to know.
- Yeah, I do.
I think it sucks, Bird.
It has nothing to do with the expo.
You know what? Thank you all so much for your hard work, I really, really appreciate it, uh, but you can go home, 'cause I'm gonna take it from here.
Taylor None of these people have anywhere else they need to be tonight.
Carter, I need to do this now, by myself.
Thank you.
Um, I'm sorry.
My year's allowance will go towards buying you a new phone.
You know Don't worry about it.
I was due for an upgrade.
All right, Kyle's gonna drive me to work and you might see me after school, but it's your dad's night tonight, okay? All right, so will you be at Kyle's place or our house? - What? - Mom.
Was this not public knowledge? That you've been sleeping at his place? Maybe I'll go wait in the car.
Grant, I am sorry.
I was going to tell you.
You have to understand how hard this whole situation is.
I'm taking the bus.
Ooh We're on top of the world On top of the world Ooh Wake up there's no time to waste We can do anything we want today Carter.
Everything looks great.
I didn't do it.
It was all Taylor.
And she did a really great job.
And she always does.
Do you know where she is? Uh, she's around here somewhere.
Okay, I'll find her.
On top of the world Ooh Ooh Ooh Hey.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah yeah.
Did you work all night, Taylor? Pretty much, yeah.
Well, everything looks great.
Seriously, it's incredible.
Did you get your application in? I emailed it this morning.
Have you spoken to the Yale guy yet? In a few minutes, yeah.
Okay, well, those are good things, aren't they? I guess.
- What do you mean? - You're right.
Everything looks great.
It all worked out.
I got my essay in, meeting with Yale.
Done with those stupid pills.
I have a sister Who will step up and protect me no matter what I do.
So why don't I feel any better? What is wrong with me? Taylor.
There is nothing wrong with you.
- Okay? - You're wrong.
Everything's fine, but I feel worse Every day.
Detective Wilson.
Oh, hey.
Grant's not sick.
But but he He got on the bus.
Well, please call me if he shows up.
I've got to go.
David, Grant's missing.
Take your time Hey.
Is the coast clear? Yeah.
I'm sorry, Bird.
It I wasn't feeling like myself.
Anyway, I'm sorry.
Sisterhood of the traveling hormones.
What are you talking about? What's going on? Why is your dad What's up with the 5-0? I just heard.
She's been sleeping with a student.
- Did you tell? - What? Did you tell anybody about Abby and me? Did you report her to the police? - Be serious.
- Hey, I am.
It's quite the coincidence that yesterday you find out and then today she's getting arrested? Gabe, I'm your friend, okay? I would never do something like that.
She knew it.
She had you pegged.
I could swear I saw him get on that bus this morning, but Now I'm not so sure.
I'm still just getting his voice-mail.
Maybe I should drive around and look for him.
Have you talked to the girls? No, I don't want to scare them.
Now I'm getting nervous.
Do you think he would try and go see that shrink? No, but you should have called me if he had.
Just hate the fact that we left on such bad terms this morning.
What happened? Maybe I'll try and find Grant.
He found out that I'd been sleeping over at Kyle's.
Mom, we've been calling all day.
There's no answer.
Hi, hi, honey, this is grandma.
See? I told you, voice-mail.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, where are you? Okay, well, there'll be someone there to get you in just a few.
He's fine.
He was at the arcade at the mall.
I'll go pick him up.
He was at the mall all this time?! Well, why didn't he answer when I called him? Oh, honey.
Honey, children have waged war against their mothers for centuries.
You can't take it personally.
She completed melted down.
She's been under a lot of stress.
She said herself, everything's going her way now.
She is not okay, Max.
I'm really starting to worry about her and I have absolutely no idea what I can do to help.
Oh, God.
All these years, I wanted to be someone's sister, now that it actually happened, I'm realizing how much I suck at it.
You're a great sister.
Thank you.
I just wish I knew what I could do to help.
Past few months have been rough.
People deal with these things differently.
You can't expect her to handle it the same way that you would.
Hey, son.
What happened with Abby, the counselor? Oh, she's being held.
It's no petty crime, sleeping with a student.
- Who was it, do you know? - No, we don't know.
We're still investigating it, but her fiancée swore Her fiancée? Yeah, that's who turned her in.
He thought she was just having an affair, then he realized it was a student.
Did you question her? Oh, yeah.
She's just denying it.
Laughing at the idea that she'd be in a relationship with a teenager.
So you don't know who she was sleeping with? No.
Well, her fiancée claims he saw a bunch of texts, but without a witness, I'm gonna have to cut her loose.
I'm gonna go finish some homework.
Hey, Gabe.
You want to grab a bite to eat later? Yeah, maybe.
You know, we haven't hung out in a while.
I've been busy at work.
- Dad, it's okay.
- No.
I've I've dropped the ball.
I just want you to know I'm here.
The insurance company called.
It was an accident, I'm sorry.
I thought Carter was driving.
I was driving.
Why didn't you call me? Because it wasn't a big deal, no one was hurt.
Yeah, and Max is gonna fix the car.
I don't care about the car.
I care about you two.
What happened? I got distracted for like a second.
You got distracted? By what? Were you on the phone? No.
Were you texting? Were you? It wasn't her fault.
How many times have we told you not to use the phone in the car?! I know.
You could have been killed, Carter, or your sister could have been killed.
Mom, we're fine.
No, you're lucky, that's what you are.
I'm sorry.
No, that's not gonna cut it.
You're grounded.
Home and school and that's it.
- What?! - Mom, that is so unfair.
What is so unfair about it? She knew the rules and she chose to ignore them.
End of discussion.
Movie night.
Oh, uh, wait.
Before you do that.
We have something that we want to talk to you about.
You really scared us.
You can't just skip school and disappear like that.
But I needed to just get away.
No, I get it.
We understand that you're frustrated and you have every right to be.
I, um I haven't been doing a very good job lately.
I know that it was hard to learn that I was staying at Kyle's, and I'm sorry.
But we are going to make sure, going forward, that things are better for you.
All right.
So do you have anything you'd like to talk about? Patricia always says that I should Be open and honest with you guys.
I want to live with grandma and grandpa.
I want to move out.
Tried to keep You close to me Can I come in? Seems like you're already in.
Between Try to square Look I screwed up.
Uh, yeah.
I know you didn't rat-out Abby.
Of course I didn't.
I'm really sorry.
Don't worry about it.
I've been accused of worse.
So Who turned her in? Her fiancée.
Oh, really? I did not see that coming.
I feel like a complete idiot.
You didn't know.
I really liked her.
I know you did.
And that's what makes you a great guy.
I think this calls for a drink.
All right.
To Gabe and the ladies, and may there always be plenty.
Preferably my own age.
Who appreciate him for all that he is.
But with the skills and enthusiasm of experience.
Okay, seriously.
You have to give me some details.
- Really? - What? Suddenly you're shy? - Thanks, by the way.
- For what? Being a friend.
Well, thanks for calling me one.
Lonely water Won't you let us wander? Let us hold each other Lonely water Won't you let us wander? Let us hold each other Can I come in? Look, I didn't know mom was gonna freak out that much about the accident, so I'm just gonna tell her that I was driving.
No, it's fine, Tay, I don't want you to.
I've been thinking about something.
About why you're not feeling any better.
I think it's about Lori.
About her being our biological mother.
I think that's where this all started.
Lori told us the truth and then Things just started to fall apart.
Like with Max and with mom and dad.
Look, I know you don't like talking about it, or her But that was a huge deal, Taylor.
That kind of news has the potential to make even the most secure and together person on the planet Feel completely lost.
I hate that she's my mother.
That she's Somehow A part of me.
I don't want to think about it.
I just want it to go away.
I hate her for what she's done to you.
To all of us.
But please, don't shut us out.
It just feels kind of lonely.
I'm here.
You're always gonna have me.
I am always gonna have your back, okay? You're pretty much stuck with me.
Come here.
It's okay.
I have an idea.
Oh no.
I think we need to dance.
What? Yeah, we definitely do.
Come on.
Come on, it's fine, trust me.
I don't know about this, Carter.
Put me on the shelf discipline myself To let the sparks die out Shattering anything That has reflections of you You What the hell are you doing here? Maximiliano! Lori said you'd forgive me.
You've been talking to her?