Finding Carter (2014) s02e15 Episode Script

Rabbit, Run

Previously on "Finding Carter" - What the hell are you doing here? - We're living here.
I do know Lori, and trust me, she is not a good person for you to be living with.
Look, I'm just trying to stay out of the system, and all of this between you guys, it's your drama, it's not mine.
If you need anything, ever, I'm around.
Don't worry, I won't.
It's for Ben! He's my son, I want to help support him.
We want to help support him.
Sorry I didn't tell you.
You should write your book, Dad.
It would definitely help pay for expenses.
Taylor, I've fantasized about this.
Do you think that he might have feelings for you? No.
It's a crazy idea, me thinking that you want to go.
No, Crash.
You're on your own path.
I still have to figure out what mine is.
It's good to have you back.
Good to be back.
We need to talk.
- Did you follow me here? - I'm sorry, Carter.
I will get a restraining order, Lori, I'm serious.
You don't have to.
I know I promised to stay away and I'm trying, but I really need to talk to you.
It's about Ben.
What about him? I think he may be in serious trouble.
And what makes you think that? He won't talk to me.
He stays in his room, comes and goes at all hours.
Yeah, he's a teenager, that's what we do.
I found things when I was cleaning his room.
You went through his stuff.
I know it's not right.
No, it's a great way to get him to trust you.
I was worried.
I found nearly 100 IDs.
Some with his name, some with other people's.
Yeah, he makes fake IDs.
Yeah, and there were flash drives, too, a ton of them.
And cash.
Carter, he has over $7,000 in a backpack.
Look, if you're so worried about it, why don't you just ask him? - He's not gonna tell me.
- Can you blame him? Maybe you could talk to him.
And tell him what? Lori went through your stuff and sent me here to bust you? Something is wrong, Carter.
I know it.
In my gut.
There you go There you stay Keeping low Never want to play You've been up and down, down You've been low, low, low Pretending to not feel alone Pretending to not feel alone Wake up To the strong brew Hey, this is Ben.
Leave a message.
Hey, Ben, it's, uh, it's Carter again.
Um, just checking in, seeing how you are.
Call me back.
What's up? Lori came to see me.
She thinks Ben's acting strange.
She's one to talk.
Have you hung out with him much? Like at school or anything? A little.
He pretty much keeps to himself.
Yeah, I think that's what she's worried about.
Maybe he's smart.
- Not sharing with her.
- No, it's more than that.
Have you ever noticed he never really answers a direct question? Like he's just telling people what he thinks they want to hear? That's foster kid syndrome.
Anyway, he was great the other night.
He helped me get Gabe to bed when he was wasted.
- Really? - Yeah.
He was cool.
He thinks Gabe has a thing for me.
So he's also pretty observant.
I talked to God Your portal into the wonderful world of alcohol and general debauchery.
I'm not gonna ask how you did this.
If you don't want it, I'll just take it back.
No, I want it.
"Olivia Bromsted"? What? It's a great name.
Look, it's got your same birthday, just four years earlier.
It looks totally real.
Yeah, where'd you get the picture? You ever Googled yourself? No.
I'm impressed.
But why are you giving me this gift? You've been cool, helping me out around here.
It's just kind of like a thank you for not being up in my face all the time.
You mean like Carter? She's a a little intense.
Well, everyone has their own way of coping.
Whatever, I just I thought you should have it.
Well, thanks.
Hey, do you want to come to dinner tonight? I'm doing Northern Italian.
You're the house chef? Since I was 13.
Now I'm impressed.
I would, but I can't tonight.
I got stuff to do.
Okay, maybe next time.
Yeah, maybe.
Hi, I'm Olivia Bromsted.
Hi, I'm Olivia.
But you can just call me Olivia.
A little something to help you through the phone call.
Thank you.
You put anything else in there? I might need more than just coffee.
It's gonna be fine.
I'm sure they loved your new pages.
Mmm, I hope so.
Aren't they already talking about a release date? Yeah, they mentioned a Christmas release.
You know, uplifting holiday story.
Daughter return.
Well, she wasn't really returned.
She came back to us.
- That's the important thing.
- Yeah.
I feel the floorboard shake I watch the sky turn to gray I don't see the sun rising I don't see the sun rising I don't see the sun rising I don't see the sun rising It's all gone Nice of you to show up.
Did Coach notice? You're usually the first one here, so Yeah, he noticed.
Well, I had to give the new German exchange student a spin in the car.
There's a language barrier, but we overcame it.
I'm glad you're feeling better.
Yeah, I was pretty gone the other night.
I hope I didn't cause too much trouble.
No, Ben and I just put you to bed.
You didn't have to do that, you know.
I can take care of myself.
I know, I wanted to.
Well, well.
- Glad you could join us, Medeiros.
- Coach.
Being late gets you one penalty lap around the track.
Get on it.
I was helping Mrs.
Romanski to her car.
You know, she's having problems with her cataracts again.
She can't see a thing.
That's very funny.
Too bad that doesn't win this team's state championships.
One lap, now.
You know what else doesn't win state championships? You guys without me, so - Gabe.
- You smarting off, Medeiros? I'm the best runner you have.
Give me a break.
All right, now you give me five laps.
I don't think so.
You give me five laps or you get your ass out of here.
I don't run on command, so I guess my ass is out of here.
Hogtied Feel my heart is racing This time I'll be ready waiting Outside So close that I can taste it This time I will bring you down You've got nowhere to go Won't stop I'm in automatic Unlocked Now the chains are severed I'll watch While you're tarred and feathered This time I will bring you down You can run you can hide I will bring you down You won't get out alive You've got nowhere to go You looking for H? No, I'm not looking for H.
What you want? Grass, weed? Nothing, thanks.
I'm just waiting for someone.
Who you waiting for? Just a friend.
You know, people around here don't like being watched.
I'm not watching anyone, I'm just What? Huh? You just what? Man, you better get your little ass out of here quick, before somebody decides that it's theirs.
Someone's lost in space.
Is it that obvious? Yeah.
Everything is so crazy right now.
Gabe is totally losing it.
Carter's not around anymore and I can't believe our parents just let her drop out.
Our girl is a force of nature.
- Fighting her is just a losing battle.
- True.
And it's not like she's vanished off the face of the earth, she's just not in school.
Well, it just means we'll have to make more time to party in the real world.
Sounds like a plan.
Let's just leave Gabe out of it.
Yeah, he's been hitting it a bit too hard.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Just keep hanging out with him.
I think the last thing he wants is me hovering over him right now.
He's not a fan of the protective female vibe.
I do know one thing that might get through to him, though.
What? The positive stylings of a mellow Zen master.
If only we knew one.
What are you doing down here? Well, cleaning up ten years of our stuff.
I'm thinking media room.
- You with me? - I like it.
Oh, hey, how did the phone call go? It went surprisingly well, actually.
You were right, they liked the new pages.
They want to book the tour.
Wow, that's huge.
Right away? They're talking about two months cross-country, potentially the UK for another month.
What about your teaching job? University offered me an early sabbatical.
Starting when? They're finalizing the dates, but it could be as early as the end of the month.
And what What did you tell them? I said I was ready to go whenever they say.
That's That's great.
Is it? I don't know.
David, do you think that this is really the best time for you to leave? I mean, we're all still a little unsettled about everything that happened.
The kids need you.
I need you.
I know, it's not gonna be easy on you guys, but the publisher is really getting behind this book.
They're paying for a book tour.
That almost never happens.
And if the book is successful, that means an easier life, for all of us.
Us, who? All of us, you, me, the kids.
Ben, too.
And Lori.
- Yes.
- I don't know.
When did that woman's needs become part of our equation? This is not about her.
You know, it doesn't matter how far we get.
She always just pulls us back in.
It's like she's some weird puppet master.
David, it's just I'm afraid that you don't see that.
I do see it, Liz.
I'm just trying to do what's right.
You know when someone's kind of all over the place and they don't really know what they're doing and you want to say something, but you can't because they're not ready to hear it? You trying to tell me something? No, not you, Gabe.
He's a mess.
Makes sense, he's going through a really rough time.
What if you went out with him? Why? What's your angle? Well, he won't talk to me, Max, and he needs to talk to someone.
Maybe a guy.
He has a lot of friends, doesn't he? Yeah, drunk cheerleaders.
Besides there's no one as smart or wise as you.
Come on, what could be so bad about that? Just go out with him, man to man.
Like a man date? I'm just we haven't really hung out before, the two of us, but Yeah, I know, but he just needs someone to show him a good time that isn't about throwing his money around, getting high and having meaningless sex.
You know, like like a ballgame.
More original than a ballgame.
Oh, okay.
Like what? I don't know, like dinner? And a pool game.
That is so original.
How'd you think of that? This means I'm gonna miss your risotto tonight.
That's okay.
I'll save you some.
Right here, I'm telling you.
Yeah, right there, man.
- How much does she owe you? - Let me go! - Nearly three grand! - Okay, okay.
Freaking take your hands off her! All right, I'll give you the money, now let her go! Here! I gave you 1,500 last time! That's exactly what you asked for! - No! - Go back to the suburbs where you came from! How many times have I told you Olivia, come on, please, stop! Olivia.
Olivia, I'm sorry, please! Hey, uh I've been thinking about Ben.
No, no, no, listen, listen.
Maybe he'd be better off living with us.
What? Well, he would have more stability.
You're probably right.
But do you really want a custody battle with Lori? No, no, of course not.
I appreciate the thought.
I would want him here, very much.
But I don't know if this is the time to bring it up.
I get it.
I, um, I was just thinking about Ben and you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I think I would want to know how Ben feels about it before I push Lori into a corner.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Isn't it your day off? Oh, yeah, I know, I just came to check my shifts.
Stevie can't work Wednesday, so I had to swap you in.
Oh, yeah, that's fine.
You okay? You want a drink? Um, yeah, I could use one, actually.
- Do you mind? - No.
I mean, it is a bar.
You want to talk about it? And ruin the mystery that is Carter Wilson? You don't have to give it all away at this very minute.
Okay, I, um I kind of have this brother.
I have three, so I'm already three steps ahead of you.
I just met mine.
Half-brother? Stepbrother? Uh, that's a long story.
Anyway I'm kind of worried about him.
I think he's up to something.
I can't figure out what it is.
What do you think he's up to? I'm not sure.
'Cause there are degrees, right? Are we talking serial killer? No, I'm not thinking serial killer.
- Hey, it's a start.
- That's the line? Serial killer? - No.
- Okay.
What exactly did you see? He gave this guy an envelope full of cash, and then he was arguing with this girl.
You think he's dealing? I mean, I hope not.
I can't think what else he would be doing in such a sketchy area.
Can't you just ask him? No, we're not quite there yet.
Hey, you know, in the end, people show you who they really are.
When they do, you just You know, you gotta pay attention.
Sounds like you've been burned once or twice.
Yeah, I have.
But you know what my experience tells me about you? What's that? You're smart and you're cute and you have a ton of baggage, but you haven't let it ruin you.
Not yet anyway.
Ah, something about you.
Never is my guess.
You know that girl Sarah? She was cool, but she couldn't eat sugar or gluten or drink caffeine.
- It's very limiting.
- Right? And then that girl Zoey.
Total Snapchat addict.
I see them a few times, then they end up doing something annoying, and I end up ghosting them.
That sucks.
You're lucky you got Taylor.
Yeah, she's pretty great.
She's not like any girl.
Shoot, she's not like anyone.
You kidding me? This game is weak.
- Princess, though, is hot.
- Right.
This is why I always race with her, I'm distracting you.
That's pretty diabolical, bro.
Let's get out of here.
Where to? I don't know, somewhere that will help me forget about girls that don't eat sugar.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay? Yeah, just tired.
Had a weird day.
Hey, what happened with Ben? - Did you talk to him? - Not exactly.
I hope I'm not too late.
Late? You're right on time.
Come in.
Yeah, come in.
- These are for you.
- Thank you.
I'll, um, I'll put 'em in some water.
- Join us.
- Thanks.
It's very cool of you to come.
Good to see you again.
I ended up kind of stowing away and becoming their roadie.
- No way, you were on the road with Jim Tyson? - Yeah.
At the age of 14? Jim Tyson.
Should I know who this is? Jim Tyson Band, Mom.
Look it up.
So what exactly did you do for them? Everything.
Mostly fetched and carried.
Man, how long were you with him? About a week until they realized how old I was.
So it was fun while it lasted.
Now, a stowaway, that would be David's dream.
What, to be a 14-year-old stowaway? More like a 40-year-old stowaway.
It's true.
Except it'd be Neil Young, not Jim Tyson.
He's cool, actually I just read something about the whole lyrical feud between him and Skynyrd.
It's like totally fiction, apparently.
Van Zant was answering "Southern Man," but they actually had a lot of respect for each other.
Yeah, that's what it said.
It's interesting, I would have pegged you as more of a classical music kinda guy.
Oh, snap.
No, I'm into classical music myself.
Yeah? Yeah, I can dig a little Mozart here and there.
Where'd you go when you got kicked off the road? - Delaware.
- Delaware? I thought you said you lived in New Jersey.
Yeah, Delaware, New Jersey.
It's all kind of the same.
Did Carter tell you we saw each other today? No, where? Um, at the mall.
Yeah, the mall.
I was job hunting.
How's that going? The whole job hunt? Uh, good.
Any luck today, hon? Uh, no, not really.
Any interviews? - Just one.
- Oh, how'd it go? I don't know, just okay.
I guess I'm not very good at showing people who don't know me that they can trust me.
I'm sure once they meet you, they realize that they can trust you.
Thanks, but I don't know about that.
You're pretty reliable, it's true.
Trust takes time.
What kind of job are you applying for? A secret agent? I'm gonna clear.
Ben, would you help me? I would love to.
You're helping clean up? There's no way we're related.
What are you doing? Well, Taylor invited me to dinner and since you were clearly following me today, I thought I'd stop by and find out why.
Okay, fine, I was following you.
I was trying to get a hold of you all day and I saw you reject my call at school.
Okay, so you decided to follow me? That's so messed up.
Ben, Lori found your business stuff, okay? - Including the cash.
- Wait, she went through my stuff? I know she shouldn't have, but she was worried about you and after today, so am I.
What the hell were you doing in that place? I was helping out a friend.
- A friend? - Yeah.
She looked like a little more than a friend.
Okay, so what? So what exactly was going on? Why did you have to pay off that guy? That's none of your business.
Look, I am not gonna judge you or tell anyone, I just want to help.
Yeah, I know you think it's your mission to save me, but I don't need your help.
Ben, I have been in your position, okay? I got thrown into this family when I really wasn't ready to have anything to do with them either.
I've been taking care of myself my whole life, all right? Okay, but now you don't have to.
You have a whole family.
Hey, sorry to interrupt.
Carter, could I borrow Ben for a minute? Sure.
I want to show him around.
Honest man One more shot Lyndon? That was Carter's name? Yeah.
We named her after Elizabeth's grandmother.
And what's the next book called? "Finding Carter.
" Well, I'm sensing a theme.
Very clever.
I am looking forward to writing some fiction after this, anything that has nothing to do with my family.
So there won't be a "Before Ben"? I hadn't planned on it, but if you feel strongly.
Just that it never happens.
You got it.
Where was this? Family trip.
Delaware Water Gap a few months ago.
They have rapids? Nothing too intense, but it was fun.
You ever been? No, I never really had the opportunity to do the whole outdoors thing.
- You've never been camping? - Mm-mm.
Although I think I'd like it, you know, sleeping outside and making a fire.
Well, maybe you and I could go sometime.
Yeah, maybe.
It's my publisher.
I should take this.
Yeah, no worries.
Feel free to look around.
Hello? Yes.
The strongest man alive So kind of on probation, buddy, after your little escapade the other night.
Look, I'm sorry about that.
Won't happen again.
That's good to know.
All right, care to make things interesting? Not for $100.
Somebody's doubting their skills.
Somebody's poor.
- Right.
- We can play for pride, though.
- I can do that.
- All right.
- And beers? - And beers.
I like that even better.
Thank you.
Hey, thanks for inviting me to hang.
Any time, man.
At first, I was like, is this weird? Just me and Max? - 'Cause this is a first for us, right? - Mm-hmm.
But it's cool.
No, it is cool.
I'm glad.
My dad and I used to play.
Really? Yeah.
You think about him a lot? Yeah, I do.
Well, how are you doing for real? Um, I haven't been sleeping that well.
It's weird, when there's no one there to make sure you get out of bed in the morning.
I mean, I can stay in bed until noon if I wanted.
But sometimes I think, too.
I mean, what if I died? What if I choked on a grape or something? Who would know? Shoot, I would know.
We'd all know, man.
You know, just don't forget to chew.
I gave you grace it's in the peace Glasses go on the top row.
What's up with you? I don't get it.
He wouldn't even let me apologize.
For what? Okay, I kind of followed him today.
Oh, you followed him? Where? - Culmore.
- Culmore? That's not the best neighborhood.
What was he doing there? I don't know, I never found out.
I don't get it.
Everything I do rubs him the wrong way.
You don't? It's so obvious.
What is? Well, you're both exactly alike.
So you're butting heads.
We are nothing alike, Tay.
Seriously? How are we alike? Uh, okay.
You're both relatively smart, independent, self-defensive to the point of obnoxiousness.
I'm not self-defensive.
Right, you're not.
Yeah, maybe you should just lay off him, just a little.
You know, we're getting along because I'm not all over him.
What are you, the in-house Ben expert? No.
I'm just saying.
He seems to like the hands-off approach.
We need to talk.
What's wrong? I just saw something I totally didn't want to see.
I just saw Ben steal Dad's watch.
What? - Are you sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
He was going through stuff in Dad's office and he stole Dad's watch.
Sorry about that.
No problem.
So my publisher said my tour dates are locked.
Thank you.
Hey, I'm gonna wash up.
Oh, it's out the door to the left.
Again?! Best of five? I didn't know you liked losing so much.
I like this balls-out side of you.
I'm not all fluff and fold, despite what some might think.
This time, though, nice or not, I'm gonna have to kick your ass.
I should have taken your hundred dollars? _ What does Taylor mean, "How's he doing, is he okay?" Nothing.
Did she send you here to babysit me? No, dude, it's nothing like that.
I'm such an idiot.
I should have known something was up.
Dude, there's nothing up.
She's just watching out for you.
Watching out for me? Like I'm a little kid or something? No, like you are a friend she really cares about.
Whatever, Max.
Thanks for a fake-ass night.
You okay? This has been a surprising night.
Yeah, it has.
I saw you and Ben talking with each other.
You know, you both lean a little to the left when you get excited about something.
- We do? - Yeah.
It's weird.
And sweet.
You're right.
I think things are gonna be okay.
I hope so, Liz.
God knows we deserve a break.
Down with me I'm down with you my love Ooh Hey.
What are you doing in here all alone? I was actually wondering the same thing myself.
Have you had an okay evening? Yeah, it's been great, thank you.
See? We're not so bad, are we? No.
Not that anyone said you were.
Really? She doesn't trash-talk.
I mean, we don't really talk at all, to be honest.
It can't be easy.
You know, Ben, I I I, um I know this might sound presumptuous, but, um what would you think about moving in here with us? Are you serious? I am.
I get it.
You want to take me away from Lori the way she took Carter away from you.
No, no, no, no, that's not it.
Honestly, Ben.
I just think that you would have a better life here with us.
You'd be more comfortable.
Look, if I were in your shoes, I would spend the rest of my life trying to stick it back to her for what she did.
But it's like what I told Carter when I got here I don't want to play.
Can I talk to you for a second? Yeah.
What were you doing in my dad's office? Um, talking to your dad.
No, after that, when he left.
I was waiting for him.
So you didn't go through his stuff? Yeah, I did.
So what? Did you take anything? - What? - Did you? Like what, for instance? I don't know, you tell me.
No, you tell me.
Doesn't it mean anything to you? That this whole family has been nothing but nice to you? I have no idea what you're talking about.
How could you sit there and eat dinner with them and tell stories and then steal from my dad? Well, excuse me.
What is it that I'm supposed to have stolen? Please just give it to me.
You're unbelievable, you know that? You come on all sincere and determined to be my friend and I actually almost bought into it, too.
And now you wonder why I'm not into the whole family thing.
Please just give me the watch.
I'm not gonna say anything, we'll just call it even.
Screw you.
Hey, thank you for everything, Mr.
and Mrs.
Wilson, I had a great time.
Hey, we didn't even get dessert.
Yeah, is everything okay? Um, yeah, I just I've got a big test tomorrow, so But, hey, congrats on the new book and thanks for sharing all your writing stuff with me.
Maybe we'll get to do that camping thing someday.
Boy, he couldn't wait to get out.
Yeah, weird.
He took your watch with him.
You talking about this watch? Grant saw him take it.
He must have been confused.
Everything's fine, I have my watch.
I'll talk to Grant.
It was a big day.
I gotta get to work.
Is Taylor here? Um, yeah, she's in her room.
If you ever lose your way And your heart's about to break Know there's always Hey.
to get it right You okay? When you think you've gone too far Um, no, not really.
How about another drink? Just look up to the stars high above Oh There's no telling what the future holds Grant? Hey, did Carter tell you what happened? Yeah, but it's okay, I have my watch.
No, that doesn't make any sense.
I saw him take it.
Maybe he picked it up and you didn't see him return it.
Now I feel like crap.
No, we all make mistakes.
How you doing with all this? I know it's a lot.
Well, the way I see it, I'm the only sibling in this family who's totally you and totally Mom.
So I guess I'm kinda special.
True? So true.
While I'm away, would you keep this for me? It don't matter what you choose There's no way that you can lose Well, it's a little big on me.
That doesn't mean I don't want it.
Thanks, Dad.
I'll take good care of it.
I know you will.
Oh-oh-oh Of all people, you send Max to babysit me.
- Max.
- So what? We care about you.
It's humiliating, Taylor.
It's not humiliating.
He likes you.
He wants to be your friend.
I don't need you finding me friends.
I'm just worried about you, okay? That's not a crime.
- I'm trying to help you.
- Stop.
Please? Just stop.
I'm scared for you, Gabe.
I don't want to lose you.
It's too late.
Three, two, one.
- Feel any better? - Yeah.
Getting there.
So you were wrong.
It's not the end of the world.
Just the end of any shot I ever had at getting him to trust me.
So what are you gonna do? I guess I am going to go and take care of business.
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh Hi.
Um, is Ben here? No.
He came home so upset, said you told him I went through his things.
He was really angry.
Okay, look, I'm sorry I told him but you shouldn't have done it in the first place and I was really worried about him.
Did he say when he was gonna be home? After we fought, he packed up his things and left.
I have no idea where he is.