Finding Carter (2014) s02e18 Episode Script

She's Come Undone

(Carter) Previously on "Finding Carter" I was helping out a friend.
She looked like a little more than a friend.
(Taylor) If you hadn't have been there - (Max) But I was.
- Taylor! There's nothing I wouldn't do for you, Taylor.
Can you please not tell Max about what happened? Carter, work at the bar.
It means the world to me that you're letting me keep it.
I need to know that I can trust you.
As for you and me, I give up.
You're my kryptonite.
- Olivia, can you hear me? - Hey! - Olivia! - Is she breathing? What did she take? I don't know, okay! Then what should we do? Okay, I'm gonna splash water on her.
Ben, she's not waking up! - Olivia, wake up! - Come on! Wake up! We need to get her to a hospital.
- No, we can't go to a hospital, okay? - Why? 'Cause we just can't.
What are you talking about? Put her back down, put her back down.
Get me a towel! Olivia.
- Olivia, wake up! - My God, what's happening? She's not breathing.
There you go There you stay Keeping low Never wanna play You've been up and down, down You've been low, low, low Pretending to not feel alone Pretending to not feel alone _ Here you go.
- Thanks.
- What's so funny? Jared just sent me this hilarious Uh, we're just working out our schedule for the week.
He's funny.
How old is he? Who, Jared? I don't know, like 22? Carter, I feel, um I feel like we need to have a talk.
Okay, if this is any way related to the talk, I think we're a little late for that.
Ugh, way late.
Uh, this is a different part of the talk.
I think mixing work and pleasure is a bad idea.
Mom, we're not mixing anything.
- Except drinks.
- Except drinks.
This is the thing.
Older men, they have different expectations.
About what? About everything.
About dating, relationships, intimacy.
They might not take things as seriously as you do.
Well, I'm glad you think I take it so seriously, but it's really not an issue.
It's just Carter, once you're out of school and have real responsibilities in the world, everything is different.
Well, thank you, Mom, from my future self.
I'm just trying to keep you from making a mistake and getting your feelings hurt.
Mom, that is really not my situation.
And even if it were, you're making love sound like a disease that needs a vaccination.
Just be careful.
There's nothing between me and Jared.
Do you think she knew I was lying? No, but the part about Jared being 22 is a bit farfetched.
He looks older.
I hate lying to her, but I just don't want her in my business.
Yeah, me either.
Hey, you promise you're not gonna say anything, right? Oh.
No, not if you don't want me to.
Just please don't tell Mom.
No, I promise.
Or Max.
Tay, I really think he would want to know.
Look, I just want to forget it, okay? I mean it.
If that's what you want.
Okay, let's talk about something else.
Like, tonight, your first overnighter with Jared.
What are you guys gonna do? Um I don't know.
He's He's got this friend playing MacDougall's later, so maybe we'll do that.
And probably grab dinner somewhere, too.
Oh, and I think I'm finally gonna get to see his apartment.
Are you nervous? Yeah, but, like, good nervous, you know? Yeah, I remember that feeling.
Just, butterflies.
Every time I think about him, I start smiling.
Like an idiot.
So, the official story is I am with you all night - at the house concert.
- Right.
It's a bummer you're not gonna get to meet Ben's foster sister.
Ben's foster sister? Yeah, he's bringing her tonight.
That's why I said that he could use our car.
What, did he not tell you? No, but I guess we're not exactly BFFs right now.
What happened? Nothing.
I'll get over it.
Anyway, I am not gonna let it ruin my night with Jared.
(doorbell chimes) E equals MC squared.
- You are gonna ace that test.
- You better believe it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What are you guys up to? - Just the usual.
Drinking and drugging.
No, we're going to study.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
- House concert right after? - Yeah, of course.
Is that it? Yes, that is it.
Sorry what I said before.
About the drinking and drugging.
Didn't bother me.
You don't want to talk about it? What is there to talk about? We reported him.
You know, when my dad died, and everyone was asking me how I was doing every ten seconds, I would just get angry.
But I see now, that at the time I How does this relate to me? I just don't want it to sneak up on you.
Look, I'm not in denial, if that's what you're saying.
I just want to leave it behind me, and it would really help me if you did the same.
I'll follow your lead.
Whatever you want, I want.
Um, I don't understand.
Where does everyone sleep? In the backyard? People sleep everywhere.
Well, I've heard of house concerts, but never overnight.
Okay, look, here is the information.
It's a pretty big deal we even got on the list.
- How did that happen? - Uh, Bird's boyfriend knows a lot of people in the music industry.
Mom, come on, take the night off.
We're completely fine, it is totally safe.
I promise.
Yeah, everyone's vetted.
And the host is, like, 30, or something.
Maybe even 40.
Yeah, it's just a bunch of music geeks.
Yeah, serious ones.
But, there's only one number.
- What if I can't - Mom, we love you.
- Can't get a hold of - Bye.
All right, all right.
Have fun, enjoy the music.
- Geeks.
- Nice one, Mom.
(sighs) Holding on to everything you do Lovers ride is ghost for you? (knocking) Yeah? Uh, hey, it's Ben.
Oh, he's borrowing my car.
- Hey.
- Oh, uh Sorry to bother you guys.
No, it's no bother.
I'll just get my keys.
So I'm gonna have some stuff for you to do soon.
You wanted me because I took you high Thanks.
So how come you never told me that your foster sister was here? I didn't realize I was supposed to.
Well, you told Taylor.
Well, Taylor didn't throw me under the bus.
Ben, you told my mom I was working in a bar and almost got me fired.
So then we should both be sorry.
Look, why don't you, um, let your sister use my name for the concert tonight? I'm on the list.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I owe you one.
So you guys cool? Yeah.
We're all good.
So you want to start from where we left off or start again from the beginning? Beginning.
Oh, God, this is great.
Music all night, that's so cool.
And the night is still young.
You guys hungry? Let's get something to eat.
So I was thinking maybe that Thai place, Lilly's? Or we could do Italian.
But not pizza, I can't do pizza again.
Babe, I work tonight.
What? I've always had to work tonight.
Well, what about our date? I'm sorry, a missed signal? I guess, I just thought we were gonna do our usual thing, you know, maybe chill together.
Oh, I guess, I misunderstood.
No, I'm sorry, I guess, I thought you were gonna hang out here.
No, no, it's fine.
Just a misunderstanding.
Maybe I'll see you later.
Yeah, sure, if you want? Yeah, okay.
Well, people to see, places to go.
Um text me later? You bet.
(crowd chattering) Hey, guys, come sit.
Hey, guys.
This is This is Olivia.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, friends of Ben.
Foster sister, right? Real sister, right? Yep, still trying to mentally get on board with that.
- No offense, Ben.
- None taken.
All right, enough Brady Bunch, let's all thank Seth for getting us in here.
(all) Thank you, Seth! It was my pleasure, just sharing the wealth.
Let's drink my latest house concert cocktail.
Gluten-free, vegan, and heaps of vitamins and minerals.
He means vodka with a splash of juice.
Uh, yeah, actually, she's designated driver, so.
- Sorry.
- Well, a girl can dream.
- Any soda? - Yeah, in the kitchen.
You want me to get you one? - Will you get me one too? - Yeah.
You can get a drink if you want.
We're gonna be here all night.
No, I know, I'm just not in the mood.
You know what? No worries, I got it.
- You wanna come? - Yeah.
Everything okay? Everything's great.
I'm fine.
Hey, um, I didn't mean to put on you before but you've only been sober for, like, 22 days or something, right? Look, seriously.
I'm really glad you're watching out for me.
I don't want to mess things up again.
And I'm not going to.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, mind if I steal this little flower for a walk around? We can check out all the cute boys.
Uh, you already have a cute boy.
Yeah, but you don't.
Yeah, sure, go.
Have fun.
Oh, hey.
I was just texting your dad.
He sends a big hello.
Oh, well, hello back.
Regan's coming over in a little bit and we were gonna go watch a movie.
Max is almost done with the first part of the basement.
I thought we were gonna paint it together.
Oh, shoot, yeah, that's right.
Totally forgot, sorry.
It's okay, I can start it myself.
So, uh, how's Dad doing? Oh, he's good.
He's good.
We were just texting about how fast you guys are growing up.
That's what you guys are texting? Yeah, it's a parent thing.
You know, kids grow up, mom and dads get sad.
Time flies.
Oh, um maybe Regan and I can help in the basement for a while before the movie.
Yeah! That would be great.
I can pick up a pizza.
What movie are you guys watching? Oh, uh, some old movie.
Edward - Scissorhands, yes.
- Yeah.
Old movie.
That came out when I was in high school.
Well, like you said, Mom.
Time flies.
Um uh, Carter Wilson, should be on the list.
That's weird.
It says here that you're already checked in.
Oh, yeah, that's my That's my brother's foster sister.
Huh? He and I and my twin sister share the same biological parents.
My mom was the egg donor, but my dad had no idea that my brother was born because by that point, he had broken up with my donor mom, he was with the mom who carried me, who I actually think of as my real mom, even though my original donor mom had me for 13 years before I found out that she actually kidnapped me.
Oh, and my brother went into foster care, so I didn't really find out about him until recently.
You know what? Just just go.
(man) Now, please give a big cheer for the Knocks! (applause) Come to me baby Don't be shy, don't be shy, don't be shy Come to me baby, don't be shy It was the summertime Oh, that summer high Oh what a masterpiece The way your eyes met mine What are you doing here? Jared bailed.
Okay, come on.
The future came to me I see He said he had to work tonight.
What, like last minute? No, I misunderstood, he never had the night off.
- That sucks.
- I know.
He said he felt bad, but I What, you don't believe him? No, I do believe him.
That's the problem.
I feel like this was a way bigger deal to me than it was to him.
This was supposed to be our first night, like, together.
So what'd you say? Nothing, I acted like it wasn't a big deal.
I'm sure he wants to be with you.
Work is work, right? Yeah.
No, I know.
I just keep hearing Mom's voice.
Don't date older guys, you'll get hurt, never mix work and pleasure.
Coming from the woman who had an affair with her partner.
- Right.
- Hey.
I thought you had plans tonight.
Yeah, I did.
They changed.
So where's your mystery sister? Uh That's her? Yep.
I saw her that day.
You told me she was just a friend.
Yeah, it wasn't the best moment for family introductions.
Liv! Carter, this is my little sister Olivia.
- Hi.
- Hey, I'm so psyched to meet you.
Yeah, you too.
Yeah, Ben's told me tons about you.
Oh, really? Well, I'm sure you know by now not to believe everything Ben says.
Yes, that I know.
Hey, thanks for letting me have your name tonight.
Oh, yeah, I guess you got in okay.
Yeah, I distracted them with the unabridged version of our biological origins.
Very resourceful.
Yeah, you've been a good influence.
Glad I could help.
So I'm I'm really happy to meet you.
(man) Please give a big welcome to Vinyl Theater.
(applause) I had a dream, I had a dream That you were calling me Caught in between, caught in between And floating downstream I won't drop you if you won't drop me Can I talk to you for a second? I won't drop you if you won't drop me What's up? Nothing, I'm just really excited about being here and meeting everyone.
Won't leave you downtown, won't leave you downtown Have you been drinking? No.
Okay, are you high? No, all right? Just back off.
Liv, you have got to stay sober, okay? I am.
Look, you don't need to tell me how to live, okay? You have a great thing going right now, the whole family, new life.
Look, I can take care of myself.
And you're here with me, okay? You're good, everything is going your way.
Yeah, everything is great.
Hey, Ben! Come meet our host.
Uh, yeah, just a second, man.
(cheering) Oh, hey, Max.
Wanna hear the first four chords of "Stairway to Heaven"? Not really.
Good, because I don't really know how to play it anyway.
You were on that trip with Taylor and Gabe, right? Yeah.
How did that go? Taylor like it? I guess.
Why? She's, um She's been a little I don't know.
Okay, you should talk to her about it.
What does that mean? Nothing.
It's really none of my business.
What's none of your business? Seriously, you should talk to her.
(Ben) Olivia? Olivia.
Hey, Olivia, come on.
Liv, get up.
Okay, you gotta get up.
Don't do this, Olivia, please, you gotta get up.
(groans) Whoa, what happened? I don't know, I found her like this.
Can you help me get her out of here? - You have her? - What is yeah.
(groans) - You got her? - Yeah, come on.
- You have her? - Yeah.
We should have taken her to the ER.
She's just drunk.
She needs to throw up and then lay down.
I don't want to throw up.
Are you sure Lori's not gonna be here? Yeah, I'm sure.
Let's get her inside.
I don't want her getting busted again.
I feel sick.
There you go.
All right.
Oh! I'm sorry, I'll clean these up.
That's okay.
"Losing London".
This is your dad's first book, right? Yeah.
Wow, a bestseller.
Yeah, it did pretty well.
I bet the new one will be even bigger.
Let's hope.
Here you go.
My mom said that woman lives here now.
Is that true? Yeah.
She she does.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, it's okay, it's okay.
We should all be able to talk about this, right? Or we could just paint.
Yeah, let's paint.
You know, there are days I don't even think about it.
You know why? Because I have three amazing children, a great husband, a job that I love, we're all together.
Well, most of the time.
Life is good.
I think you should write a book, Miss Wilson.
Well, how about I order us pizza first? Wow, your mom is pretty amazing.
Yeah, she is.
(vomiting) Ugh.
I'm so embarrassed.
Oh, come on, it happens.
I just I don't know what happened, you know? You should drink some water.
Hey, wait, where's Ben? He's, uh, in the living room.
Wanted to give you some privacy.
He's not calling my foster parents, is he? - What? - Because they'll send me back to juvie - and I can't - No, no, no, he's not calling, he's not calling your foster parents.
Calm down, it's fine.
Drink some more water.
Come on.
Ben said you were cool.
- Did he? - Yeah.
He really likes you.
You know, I was so nervous about meeting you.
You know, that's why I had a couple drinks.
It was just It's just for my nerves, you know? I get it.
(chuckling) I'm glad we're sisters.
Sort of.
- (sighs) - You okay? No, I I feel kind of sick again.
Would you mind? Uh, no.
Just call me if you need anything, okay? Yeah, yeah, I'll be fine.
Follow me Follow me Won't you follow me? Follow me - Can we talk? - Hey.
So won't you follow me? (applause) They are amazing.
- I told you.
- You were right.
Look, I'm gonna hit the bar.
You guys want anything? - No.
- I'm good.
You know I got you, I know you got me What happened when you went on the college tour? Nothing happened.
Why? Damon said something happened.
No, nothing happened.
- Why did he say that? - I don't know.
We can count the stars Just give us the time Lights lost in the air So that was more than just a couple of drinks.
How long has she had a drug problem? Too long.
That's why I've been doing my thing.
You know, gather up some extra cash - to get her in rehab.
- Did you tell Jared that? No, I didn't give him any details, he just he told me to keep my business out of his business.
You know, he he told me he really likes you.
Really? No, I just made that up.
But I really want it to be true.
Look, um I know I've been a jerk.
So, I'm sorry that I told Elizabeth.
I'll take that as an apology.
It is.
Thank you for helping me tonight.
We should probably go check on her.
Olivia? Liv, come on, open up.
(knocking) Olivia, open the door.
Wait a sec.
- Why is it locked? - Did she lock it? Olivia, open the door! (knocking) Will you open up, please? Hey, wait! Get her head up.
Get her up! Olivia! Olivia! Olivia can you hear me? Hey! Is she breathing? What did she take? I don't know, okay? What should we do? - I'm gonna get water.
- Olivia, wake up.
Olivia, wake up! She's not waking up.
Wake up! Wake up! We need to get her to a hospital.
No, we can't go to a hospital, okay? - Why?! - Because we just can't.
What are you talking about? Put her back down, put her back down.
Get me a towel.
Olivia! - Olivia, wake up.
- My God, what's happening? She's not breathing.
Lori, I don't know what to do.
She's been throwing up all evening.
Make sure her tongue's not up blocking her airway.
Ben, go to the store, get activated charcoal.
Take my car.
Go, Ben, now! Shouldn't we be calling an ambulance? She just needs to breathe.
Gotta get her breathing, she gotta breathe.
You should breathe too, sweetie.
(coughing) Okay, good girl, there you go.
There you go.
Cough it up, there you go.
You're gonna be okay.
Help me stand her up.
Come on, we're gonna stand up.
There you go.
There you go, sweetie.
We're gonna get you in the shower.
Everything is gonna be fine.
- (crying) - Other leg, there you go.
Shh, shh, shh.
You're not gonna like this.
But when Ben gets back with your medicine, this will be the easy part, okay? - (sobbing) - Here we go.
(sobbing) It's okay, honey, it's okay.
You're gonna be just fine, keep breathing, okay? There you go, keep breathing.
Good girl.
You're doing great, doing great, baby.
Ben's with her.
He's a good brother.
You were really great in there.
So were you.
You seen my phone? Um, no.
Did you leave it at the party? No, I don't think so.
Are you expecting a call? Uh, yeah, I am, actually.
From your mom? Wow.
I never heard you call her that before.
Does she know where you are? No, and I'm gonna keep it that way.
Well, you should at least let her know that you're safe.
She thinks I'm with Max and Taylor.
She knows I'm safe.
So, who are you waiting to hear from? Uh no one.
Hey, thank Thanks for helping out.
My mom's really jumping to get this done.
I don't mind.
Just happy you and I get to hang out.
Yeah, yeah, me me too.
Turn the photos upside down Like the memories fading out It's the last thing you And it's been years since you were here And I'm all alone and can't stand here (sighs) Who is he? - Who? - The guy.
(scoffs) How do you know there's a guy? I can tell.
Who is he? He's - He's pretty great.
- I can see that.
But, we have a few strikes against us.
Like what? - He's my boss.
- That happens.
A lot of people meet at work.
Okay, he's older than me.
How old is old? Like 25.
- Does Elizabeth know? - Are you kidding? No, she already gave me her take on dating older men, and suffice it to say, she's not taking the romantic view.
Well, she's right to be concerned.
That is quite an age difference.
Yeah, but I don't know.
When we're together, I never notice it.
Anyway, so tonight, we were supposed to have our first real, like, date night.
But he thought we were just gonna hang out after work like we always do.
Sounds like a miscommunication.
Either that or I'm just in this way deeper than he is.
How deep? I really like him.
What do you like about him? I don't know, like, his sense of humor.
How passionate he gets when he talks about work.
The way he talks to people.
If you like him and you want him, listen to your heart and follow it.
Right, okay, simple as that.
Simple is not the same as easy.
Doesn't mean you're not gonna get your heart crushed, but you know, you'll cross that bridge when you come to it.
So you don't think I'm making a huge mistake? I think you need to trust yourself.
Exactly the thing my mom doesn't think I should do.
Every mother in the world wants to protect her child from being hurt.
So you agree with her? No.
But I understand her.
You're strong, Carter.
Whatever happens, you can handle it.
You're more grown up than most grown-ups.
I found, I found my gold Reach down, reach down my soul We love, we learn, we fight We live, we die, reach on I can feel it in my bones So much left unknown We continue to grow old At least I found my gold I can feel it in my bones So much left unknown We continue to grow old At least I have found my gold Jared? Hey, I've been trying to get a hold of you.
Oh, sorry, I forgot my phone.
Say that you love me back Say it 'cause it's your turn Say it 'til your heart beats It's really beautiful.
It's not Thai, it's not Italian, but, hey, it's not pizza.
Say that you love me back I have to say something.
Yeah? I really like you.
I really like you, too.
And whatever happens next, we will just deal with it.
That's usually how this works.
One stare Mm, I love this song.
Closer to the light No matter where we go And I'll be by your side And everything we used to know Crashed into the great unknown One step closer We're gonna be all right 'Cause even underneath the waves I'll be holding onto you And even if you slip away I'll be there falling through the dark to chase your heart No distance could ever tear us apart Good pizza.
Great pizza.
There's nothing that I wouldn't do I find my way back to you Wow.
Nice couch.
Thank you.
It's Craigslist.
You play? I do.
All that and you mix a mean mojito.
I'm just a man of many talents.
Can I get you a drink or something? Uh, yeah.
Sure, whatever you're have.
Proved too much for the man So he's leaving Why didn't you tell me? 'Cause I I didn't want you to worry.
I knew it would upset you.
This isn't about how I feel.
This is about what you are dealing with.
I'm fine, really.
Taylor, I know you're not.
(sighs) I was drinking and he put the drugs in my cup.
So, it kind of felt like my fault.
That's not true.
You didn't do anything wrong.
I know.
It's just I didn't even know anything terrible happened until afterwards.
And that that kind of made it worse.
I'm sorry, I should have told you.
Stop, this isn't about me.
This is about you and you can tell me anything.
You know that.
I know.
You know how much I love you, right? I do.
But you can always tell me again.
I love you again.
(phone ringing) Oh, it's Carter.
Hey, are you okay? - What happened? - Taylor? - Mom? - Yeah, it's me.
Carter left her phone at home.
I'm calling you to tell her.
Where is Carter? Uh she's around here somewhere.
Well, why did you ask her if she's okay? Did something happen? No, nothing.
No, it's just that It's a big place and I thought she might be calling from inside.
Taylor, where is your sister? Taylor? Okay, Ben's friend got sick, and she took him home.
Home? To Lori's.
Carter's at Lori's.
I'm wide-eyed and it's midnight Morning.
It has soy in it.
You remembered.
A man of many talents, like I once said.
I don't think I got more than half an hour of sleep last night.
Mm, well, maybe I can help you bounce back.
Maybe you can.
You should stay out all night more often.
Maybe I will.
And all I see is you All the heads keep turning, and my mind like parachutes My heart's still burning for you (vocalizing) This was fun.
I like sleeping under the stars.
What about the music? It was good, too.
Do you want me to go get us some food? Yeah.
I'll eat everything.
I know you will.
Aw, Gabe, you need to eat more.
Yeah, you know, this whole low-cal thing is just not working out for me.
- Morning, Max.
- Morning.
Taylor told me what happened.
She did? Thank you for being there.
Of course.
You know I'd do anything for Taylor.
So I'm learning.
(loud clattering) Morning.
Good afternoon.
Oh, yeah, I guess it is kind of late, isn't it? How was the all-night concert? Uh, good.
Yeah, really special.
Thanks for thanks for letting us go.
Oh, I did do one dumb thing, though.
I left my phone here.
Otherwise, I would have called to check in.
It's okay, Taylor checked in for you.
Oh, cool.
Okay, I'm gonna go back to my room, see if I can sleep a little while longer.
(knocking) I'll get it.
How are you? Good, um - So I'm taking Liv to rehab.
- Hey.
I wanted to stop by and let you know.
She agreed to go, so it's a start.
- That's really great, Ben.
- Yeah.
How long do you think you're gonna be gone for? I don't know.
Um, but I've been thinking maybe I need to get out of Dodge, myself.
You know, I think I just kind of need a break.
(Carter) Okay, I get it.
(Ben) Cool.
Um, thank you for helping me last night.
You know, everybody makes Lori out to be this monster, but she's actually not so bad.
Yeah, she's good in a crisis, used to be a nurse.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
I didn't know that.
I guess we're lucky she got home when she did.
I haven't seen her like that in a really long time.
- And? - It was good.
I'm really glad I was there.
Thanks again.
With brevity