Finding Carter (2014) s02e22 Episode Script

The Corrections

Previously on Finding Carter You're stuffing handfuls of cash in your bag and you're living with your 25-year-old boyfriend.
Just trust me.
Trust is something that you earn.
I'm driving up to see my mom.
How is she handling your dad being out? Hi, son.
You are still the same old goddamn loser! No! No! Wow, Carter, I'm impressed, the security.
They found my molly.
We'll find some.
Vacation's over, time to get back to work.
I'm in.
Carter, something's wrong with Seth.
No-no-no, come on, call 911! He obviously OD'd.
Come on! He's dead.
If we get him off the property, at least we're protected.
Grab his legs.
What're you talking about? Help me with this! All right, fine, I'll do it myself.
This is so screwed up.
All right, babe, you gotta relax, okay? We did everything we could.
He was already dead, I moved the body to protect you, to protect us.
- Yeah, you said that.
- Because it's true.
And now the cops have one less reason to put this on us.
This is on us, Jared.
No, it isn't, Carter, it was an accident.
It was an accident.
Then why do I feel like this? Because you're a good person.
Yeah, I'm the patron saint of helping our friends overdose, apparently.
No, you had nothing to do with that, okay? We had nothing to do with that.
Seth took those drugs himself.
That's not the point, Jared.
It is the point, people party.
It is not on us.
Just hey, you just gotta take a breath.
All right, we need to make a plan for what to say if the cops have questions.
Well, I was thinking we would just tell the truth.
Or we stick as close to the truth as possible.
All right, first they're gonna ask - if we had permits and security.
- Which we did.
Then they're probably gonna wanna know if we knew how Seth got the drugs.
And? Do we wanna tell him that we knew he was dealing at the party? I can't turn him in, Jared.
All right, then we won't.
I'll spread the word, okay? No one is gonna mention his name.
You would do that? Of course.
He's your brother.
We got into this together.
We'll get out of it together, too.
Here, do you want some water? Here.
Are you hungry? Do you want what do you have? Um, bar food.
Like what? Chips and guac.
Pizza bites.
Any fruit? Olives? Although I'm pretty sure they're stuffed with blue cheese.
How is she? Standard issue shell of a person.
Which is actually an improvement considering where she was two hours ago.
Yeah, coming down off molly.
Aspirin, water, repeat.
Anything else we can do? I don't know, what do you think? Well, Pink Floyd and Diane Banks got me through my darkest hours.
But I think sleep's probably better for Bird.
Sleep, right.
You okay? It doesn't look good.
You should see the other guy.
Don't joke, Max, it's not funny.
Don't worry about me.
What can I do to help? Thanks, um Taylor's taking care of Bird.
Jared's taking care of the other stuff.
Who's knocking some sense into your idiot brother? No one else knows other than Jared.
- Why are you protecting him? - He's my brother, Max.
Your mom doesn't know about this? We're barely speaking.
This can't be the first thing I talk to her about in weeks.
It's fine, I'll handle it.
Jared and I have a plan.
Hey, Bird's ready to head out.
Not gonna outrun this.
Yeah, they're for you.
They're so much better with vodka.
You know anything that isn't? Why did this happen? Oh don't, no.
Let's get you out of here.
What, you don't answer texts anymore? I'm sorry.
I just didn't know what to say.
What happened? I don't know, Ben.
You tell me.
Tell you what? The cops came last night when everything went down.
Yeah, I'm sure, did they look for the guy who tried to sell to him? Yeah, they were.
Okay, well, did they find him? Ben, I know it was you, I saw you.
All right, well, you saw wrong.
Oh, please, Ben, you were with him at the party, and you were dealing.
Yeah, but I didn't sell to Seth.
I didn't! You know what, forget it what's the point? You always assume the worst about me anyway.
- That's not true.
- Yeah, it is.
You thought that I stole your dad's watch.
Okay, yes, I did think that very briefly.
But I apologized.
Ben, look, I'm doing this to help you.
Is that what this is? Yes, that's what this is.
Maybe you're just here 'cause you need someone else to blame, somebody other than yourself.
- What? - You threw the party, Carter.
You know what goes down.
This is on you as much as anyone.
Yeah, so he's 20, male, and we're definitely sure it came from the same batch.
All right, well, thanks for calling me.
I'll add it to my file.
Yeah, right.
Purple pills strike again, huh? Mm-hmm, Loudoun County this time.
Loudoun County? I thought Loudoun County was all cows and people who tip cows.
Who on Earth does that? People who have nothing better to do.
Probably people who take purple pills.
So you think that I should be looking for cow-tippers? Oh, hey, you know what they say.
Always follow the "moo" -ney.
That's "udder" -ly hysterical.
Hah, that's that's that was I think that was good.
It's a lousy thing to say.
It's not your fault, he's deflecting.
Really, Jared? I mean, we throw the parties.
Remember what I taught you about over-serving? How we can be held responsible if someone drinks too much here.
If I serve a guy ten drinks, and he crashes on his way home, I'm responsible.
Right, and you could lose the bar.
But if he sneaks in a flask and then crashes on the way home, I'm not responsible.
I'll feel bad like I do now, but I'm not at fault.
Look, Carter, if it didn't happen at one of our parties, it was bound to happen at another one.
I've been there.
Don't go down that road.
Sorry, we're closed Uh, Jared Peters, Carter Wilson? Yeah? Hi.
Detective Dougherty.
We're investigating the death of Seth Blazer.
Did you know him? Yeah, we know him.
Knew him.
Would you mind coming down to the station with us? We'd like to ask you a few questions.
Yeah, of course, anything we can do to help.
We'll wait.
If we're just here to give statements, why do you have to separate us? Oh, it's for your protection.
So we don't get confused about who said what.
So how long have you been running these parties? Um, a couple of months? And in that time, you've done, like, five or six of 'em? Any other drug-related incidents? No, not that I know about.
So there weren't any, or you just didn't wanna know? I don't understand what the question is.
Let's go back to last night.
Did you know that drugs were present at the party? No, not until the incident.
You think your friend in the next room will confirm that? Yeah, I know he will.
We hired security.
Five guys from a service.
Then how did Seth Blazer get drugs into the party? I wish I knew.
Well your friend says he knows some things.
He said the party was your idea, and that you knew drugs were being sold.
I don't believe you, where is he? He's obviously saving his own skin.
Don't you wanna do the same? We can start over.
And if you wanna change any part of your story.
Oh, I need to make a phone call.
Hi, it's me.
I'm, uh I'm Carter, is everything okay? I'm at Loudoun County Police Station.
Do you think you could come and meet me? Of course, I'm on my way.
Carter's in trouble.
- Oh - What? This is my favorite show right here.
Okay, you know what, it's my turn.
Gabe, just pick a channel.
I'm working on it.
I think you have a problem.
Find something.
Not "Real Housewives.
" - Are you serious? - Shh.
Guys, Bird is asleep.
Yeah, you're making me dizzy.
Here, I'll find something.
Oh, yeah.
- What? - It's part of my grieving process.
To be fair, it was another thing that helped me when my dad died.
Guys, guys, come on, keep it down.
Oh, see, you woke her up.
No, you didn't.
I can't sleep.
Look, I was thinking, we should have a memorial for him.
That's a really nice idea.
But isn't his family doing something? Yeah, well, back in Missouri.
He had so many friends here, I think we should do something.
Maybe you should get some rest first.
You know what, it's gonna be the best funeral anyone's ever thrown there's gonna be music, dancing, a disco ball.
And hot dogs.
Seth really liked hot dogs, which was gross.
But yeah, hot dogs.
What do we do? Help her I mean, what's the harm? I think they call it an Irish wake.
So is your friend's story making you rethink your statement? No, I just don't have anything more to say.
Isn't that how statements work? This interview is over.
Excuse me You are illegally interrogating a minor.
What are you doing here? Carter, don't say another word.
- Lori, can you take her outside please? - Carter I specifically asked you not to call her.
Carter Fine.
Are you her lawyer? No, her mother.
Detective Wilson, Fairfax County Police.
- Detective - Dougherty.
Detective Dougherty, you wanna tell me how my daughter ended up in this room without legal representation? I found her in a bar.
I didn't know she was a minor.
Well, that's interesting, maybe you should've checked.
Any more policing advice, Detective? Because I have some parenting tips for you.
Why did you call her? It was the right thing to do.
Yeah, but we're not talking.
That's why I specifically asked for you.
- And I'm glad you did.
- No, you don't understand Carter, listen to me.
Whatever is going on between you and Elizabeth, it's time to let it go.
Detective, you know you wanna find out who's actually responsible for this.
We know who's responsible for this.
That's why your daughter is here.
No, tainted drugs killed Seth Blazer.
And it comes from the same supply that's already killed five people in Fairfax County.
What's your point? We need to work together.
Pool our resources.
I've been tracking these drug dealers for a month.
Okay, got it, uh, so do you want me to call your supervisor and explain your conflict of interest, or will you? You know what, we don't have to play these games.
We are on the same team.
Look, Detective Wilson, I know who you are.
Okay, you're the cop whose kid got kidnapped.
Okay, okay, you know who I am.
Then you should understand how much Carter has been through already.
Yeah, it's a terrible thing.
And when bad things like that happen, kids never recover, do they? Never really.
I mean, next thing you know, it's underage drinking.
And a dead friend that she helped put in the grave.
I need you to dig around, see what you can find out on Dougherty.
Well, ask everyone.
As soon as possible, thanks.
I wasn't the one who gave him those drugs.
I believe you, but you could still get in a lot of trouble for this.
If the Loudoun police make it look like you allowed those drugs through the door, you could be charged.
- With what? - Manslaughter.
And the fact that five other people died using the same tainted drugs, Carter, the charges could be even more serious.
They could put that all on me? They could try, and you're almost 18.
Which means I could be charged as an adult.
Okay, what do we do? You stay here.
You go nowhere.
You talk to no one.
Carter, this is important.
I know that, um, things have been hard between us lately, but you're in way over your head.
You've got to let me handle this, okay? Okay.
- Where are you going? - First things first.
We need to talk to a lawyer.
We are gonna fix this.
Lori, we need to go.
Carter there you are.
Did you tell the cops I knew there were drugs at the party? - What? - Please, just tell me the truth.
Is that what they told you? - Did you, Jared? - No, of course not.
Why would I say that? Don't you get it? They told me the same thing.
- Really? - Yeah.
The only difference is you believed 'em.
I never did.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, I don't know what to think.
Look, it's it's not your fault.
All right, they're trying to get us to turn on each other.
We can't let them, okay, it's gonna be okay.
Is it? Jared, the cops are out to get someone.
- It won't be us.
- How do you know that? Because if they get someone, it's gonna be the guy who sold Seth the drugs, and we know who that is.
No, Ben said he didn't do it.
I admire your loyalty, but he's lied to us before.
Your brother put a credit card reader in the bar to steal from our customers and from us.
I guess I didn't want to believe that it might be true.
Ben might not wanna lie, but after everything that's gone down, he may feel like he has no choice.
What're you doing I thought we were gonna go see a lawyer.
- No, I'm dropping you off.
- Why? Because I can handle everything from here.
But I thought that Look, I appreciate you coming to me, but now you need to go.
Carter called me this morning me.
You wouldn't've even known she was in trouble if it weren't for me.
And even though I desperately wanted to be her mom today, I called you.
If you wanted what was best for Carter, you wouldn't've taken her in the first place.
I know you don't want me in your life, Elizabeth, I get it.
But, look, if what you say is true, Carter is in a lot of trouble, and she's gonna need all the help she can get.
From anyone who truly cares about her.
Hey, man, is Bird here? Uh, yeah, she's here.
Okay, uh I just wanna see her, is it cool if I come in? I don't think that's a good idea.
Why is that? Well, her boyfriend OD'd last night.
But maybe you hadn't heard that.
Yeah, you know, I didn't actually sell him the drugs, right? I just wanna make sure she's doing okay.
She has plenty of friends for that.
All right.
Actually, you know what, man? I know you always think you know which end is up, but sometimes everything is upside-down.
No, thanks, Bobby, I appreciate it.
Uh, I owe you one right.
So what'd he say? Dougherty is ambitious, will do anything to get promoted, apparently.
Worst nightmare, basically.
Yeah, well, the worst part about it is this is exactly the kind of case that cops build their careers on.
Especially now that he knows who we are.
- So what do we do? - We need to talk to Carter.
Carter? Carter, could you come down here please? Did she leave? Of course, she did.
Damn it, why is she so impulsive? She's been that way since she was a little girl.
I'm so sorry, I shouldn't've Why don't you call her? Who knows, maybe she'll actually pick up the phone.
So, where's everybody else? Running around, getting stuff for the memorial.
Sorry I couldn't come over sooner.
Well, you're here now, and I'm gonna put you to work.
Don't you worry.
Okay, so am I looking for particular ones or just, like, good pictures? Look at the face on that man.
They're all good photos.
But no-no, we need the great ones.
All right.
Three amigos? That was our third date.
We both got food poisoning.
Put it in the maybes.
No definitely not.
Okay, maybe.
Bird you know, it's okay to be upset.
I'll have all the time in the world to cry after the memorial.
Where's this one from? That was your first party.
It was an hour after we met, and the generators went off.
And he kissed me in the dark.
I'm so sorry, I feel like this is all my fault.
That's crazy, it was an accident.
No, but if I hadn't started throwing all these parties Then I never would've met him.
Okay, well, if I hadn't brought Ben into the group What does Ben have anything to do with this? Okay.
I'm sorry I never told you this before.
I didn't know how.
Tell me what? I caught Ben dealing at the party.
He was the one that sold Seth the bad pills.
No, sweetie, he didn't.
Yes, he did, Bird, I wish it wasn't true.
I was with Seth when he got them.
Jared sold Seth the drugs.
- What? - The security confiscated the stuff he brought to the party.
Jared sold us stuff when we got inside.
Did you tell Carter that I sold Seth those pills? What are you doing? Get in here.
All right, look, I'm taking the blame for something we both know I didn't do.
But maybe you know who did, Jared.
Watch yourself, Ben.
Rest of the stash is in there.
What the hell I'm out.
I don't want anything to do with those pills, and I don't want anything to do with you.
Hey, you're the one who wanted to sell, remember? You practically begged me, now what? Huh? You suddenly found Jesus? Look, this is so screwed up.
You need to tell Carter that you were the one who was dealing.
Hey, Carter knows exactly what she needs to.
Keep telling yourself that, Jared.
You're not gonna say a word to her.
She'd never believe you, anyway.
Hey, this is Carter, leave a message.
Voicemail, again.
Where the hell is she? Maybe it's time for a little break.
She could be getting herself into even more trouble.
Why don't I make you a sandwich or something? - That'll calm you down - No, I'm not hungry.
Elizabeth, you really need to No, thank you.
My daughter, she's missing.
And given how much experience I have with this situation, I think I know what I need.
Look, I can't change what I did.
But I am sorry.
I'm sorry I took Carter, that you missed all those years with her.
You're a great mom, clearly.
Better than I am.
You didn't deserve any of what happened to you.
Hey, Mom whoa, uh, I'm not even gonna ask.
I can't think of a joke right now.
That's probably for the best.
Yeah, right, uh I'm I'm gonna go.
What're you doing here? Can I come in? Yeah, what's going on? - Where are you going? - Away.
Look, Carter, I know you're not gonna believe Ben, I know you didn't sell Seth those drugs.
You do? Yeah, Jared did.
Bird just told me.
Wait, you didn't do it, why are you leaving? Because the cops don't give a crap about a little detail like I didn't actually do it, and honestly neither does anybody else, apparently.
Ben, I'm sorry I doubted you, okay? All right, well, you know what, maybe you should've doubted me.
You know, you know what the worst part is is I actually could've dealt Seth those drugs, I would have.
Yeah, but it was a one-time thing, right? Wasn't it? All right, look, I didn't have a choice.
Someone made you sell drugs? Okay, Seth isn't your fault, but maybe it's time you start taking a little bit of responsibility - for your - Jared.
What? All right, you know what, nevermind.
- I can't get into it.
- What? Ben, tell me.
He blackmailed me.
I didn't have a choice.
He he made you deal? Yeah, or he said he was gonna turn me in for the card reader.
All right, that's when it started.
I feel sick.
All right, look, I'm sorry.
Why didn't you tell me? Why do you think? I gotta go.
Hey, you can't tell him you know.
I have to do something! No, you don't! Not for me, I can take care of myself.
Okay, well then, for Seth, Ben.
I have to prove that Jared was the one who sold him the pills.
What? Do you know something that's gonna help me? Ben? Tell me.
All right, I know where his stash is.
I gave it back to him, he had it at the bar an hour ago.
Don't go there alone.
I won't, okay, just don't go anywhere.
All right? There's nothing in the office.
Does he keep a wrench around here? Uh, yeah, under the sink why, what're you gonna do? Stuff collects in the trap.
So if he dumped the pills, maybe there's some stuck in there.
You know, if we don't find these, why couldn't Bird just tell the cops about Jared? Oh, come on, any decent lawyer is gonna say she was in a drug haze that night and couldn't prove it was Jared.
Could've just as easily been Bird who took the bad pill.
Sorry, I don't know why I said that.
Okay, I got it.
Here we go.
Empty, no pills.
Wait Damn.
They dissolved.
We need to call the cops.
Here, put it back, quickly! Give me that.
What're you two doing here? I thought you were at Bird's.
Uh, yeah, I was.
She wanted to see if you'd donate some booze for the memorial.
Yeah, she wants to make it, like, a real celebration.
Kind of an Irish wake and bake So it takes two of you to ask me to contribute to the delinquency of minors? No, I brought Max 'cause I thought he could help with the bottles.
I have a couple of cases of IPA and cab in the back.
You could start with those.
Babe, is everything okay? I'm better.
Are you? You know how hard today has been.
Yeah, for both of us.
Did anything come up? No, just sticking as close to the truth as possible, like you said.
Is it wrong that I think you're even more beautiful when you're sad? Hey, come here.
Carter, can you unlock the car? Um yeah, sure.
We should probably get back to Bird.
Yeah, of course.
Call me later.
Yeah, of course.
- Wow, there's a dynamic duo.
- What're you doing? If you're looking for Carter, she's not here.
No, we came to talk to you.
There's nothing left to talk about, especially not to a cop.
So what, you're just gonna run? That's your big plan? Worked for you, didn't it? Ben, let us help you.
No, you can't help me, all right? You don't know that.
Yeah, I do.
If you knew what I've done, you'd Hey, we all make mistakes.
I gotta go, all right, it's just best for everybody.
Ben, please, just take it from someone who knows a thing or two about disappearing kids.
It's not best for anyone.
I don't know exactly what happened with you.
And you're right, I am a cop.
And as a cop, I can help you.
If you let me.
All you have to do is trust us.
You okay? Yeah.
Feel like I need to take a shower.
After you talk to your mom.
Right can't wait.
All that matters is you guys are okay.
We had to leave the bar without any proof.
And the Loudoun County cops still don't know about it? Did you tell them anything that you haven't told us? No, I don't think so.
Anything about Ben? Nope.
Well, not from me, anyway.
How do we know Jared's not just trying to cover his own ass? Well, I did make him promise to keep your name out of it.
But that was when I thought his promises still meant something.
Wait, this is my friend from Loudoun.
Oh, man.
- Okay, keep me posted.
- What happened? Dougherty got an arrest warrant.
Great, so he did screw me.
It's not for you, it's for Carter.
- What? - A new witness came forward and said that you knew about the drugs all along.
What witness? Jared.
He must've known what you guys were up to at the bar.
All right, you know what, call that Dougherty guy.
I'll tell him Jared blackmailed me and that he organized the drug sales.
Ben, using a credit card reader is a felony.
Yeah, a felony that I committed, and I'm willing to take that responsibility.
I'm not letting Carter go down for this.
Thank you, but I'm not gonna let you do that.
And the cops aren't gonna listen to you anyway.
No-no-no, let's just slow down.
There's gotta be a better way.
Let's think.
I wanna kill that guy.
Hello, Jared.
Can I help you? Yeah, you can listen to me.
No, you can leave.
Or I can call the cops.
Oh, you don't need to do that, I already did that.
- They're on their way.
- Excuse me? So what you're gonna do is you're gonna give a statement when the Loudoun County police get here, and you're gonna confess that you sold the drugs to Seth Blazer, and that Carter had nothing to do with it.
And why would I do that? 'Cause the drugs that you sold Seth come from a ring that's been implicated with five other deaths.
And I can make sure that your name is plastered all over that case.
The only proof you have of my connection to anything is that I attended those parties.
No, because Carter can testify otherwise.
So it's the word of a taxpaying business-owner against a high school dropout, yeah, I'll take my chances.
Plus, you're law enforcement.
Your own kid's involved.
You wouldn't take the chance lying to the DA.
Did Carter ever tell you I kidnapped her? Twice.
Yeah, she did.
So you're insane so what? So I get that you're not afraid of Elizabeth because you think she has boundaries she can't cross, but you're right.
I am insane.
Boundaries mean nothing to me.
Yeah, the whole good cop, crazy lady routine's not gonna work on me.
- No? - No.
Hey, Lori! Lori.
Back away, I mean it.
Drop the gun.
In case you doubted it, there is nothing I wouldn't do to protect my daughter.
Lori! Don't! Now give me one reason not to kill you.
Because Carter's not gonna go down for this.
Why not? Besides the fact that she's underage, she didn't know anything about the drugs.
Then why'd you tell the cops what she did? I didn't know what to do, because I got a lot more to lose.
My kid.
This bar.
You really think I care about your problems right now? - I'm just saying.
- Hey.
All right.
I admit it, Carter had nothing to do with it.
Okay? I panicked because I could see that they were on to me.
That's it, we got it.
You're one scary lady.
Back at ya.
Uh, don't forget your pockets.
I'll be right back.
Here you go, Detective.
Thank you.
- Get everything you need? - I got enough.
You know, this is a win for you too.
It will be, if I nail the suppliers.
You just let me know if you wanna join forces on that.
I don't know when you guys started playing Rizzoli & Isles, but, uh, I like to work alone.
Do I even wanna know how you guys did it? Your mom's a badass, that's how.
That's cryptic.
It's only half the story, but let's keep it on a need-to-know basis.
Well, I know enough to say thank you.
Both of you.
We're both just glad that you're safe.
Thanks, this is so weird.
Yeah, on that note, it's been a long night.
I'm gonna head on out.
Hey, um, thank you.
Seriously, for everything.
Anything for you, sweetie.
I'm sorry.
I just I thought I had it all under control.
I know you did.
I guess I didn't want to need anyone.
Carter, I understand you wanting to take care of yourself after everything you've been through.
It's really tough to need people.
But I do.
And I do, too.
I will always be there for you.
Thank you.
It's your dad.
What're you gonna tell him? That's a good question.
Sorry, Father, I don't need a sermon today.
No sermons.
I just wanted to say that I misjudged you.
And I don't think you're a bad guy.
But you have done some sketchy stuff.
Yeah, well, I guess mistakes were made all around.
You're lucky you have a sister who really cares about you.
Yeah, I am.
- Are we cool? - Yeah, we're cool.
You wanna give me a lift to Bird's? I can bless that union.
- Okay, cool, give me a sec.
- All right.
So he's going to prison? Yep.
For a few years, at least.
Well, what did he say to you? Nothing, we didn't talk.
Never even saw him.
Doesn't matter.
Are you okay? You haven't said anything in a while.
Yeah, no, I just Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't've told you all that stuff.
No, it's not that.
Well, what is it, then? Bird? Hey, come on, you can tell us, okay? Please don't hate me.
What are you talking about? We would never hate you.
No matter what.
I'm pregnant.
Really? Yeah.
We're gonna figure this out.
We love you.
We're here for you.
Okay? And we are not going anywhere.
I don't know what I would do without you guys.
So sorry, I have to go.
Thanks for staying with me.
Of course.
Can I get you anything? You want some coffee? No, I'm good, I'm just call me later, okay? Okay, I'll call you right now if you want.
All right.
Gabe's right next door if you need him.
- Love you.
- Love you.
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