Firefly Lane (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Dancing Queens

People always talk about Ey-o, ey-o, ey-o All the things they're on about Ey-o, ey-o, ey-o Write it on a piece of paper - [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
- Got a feeling I'll see you later There's something 'bout this Let's keep it moving And if it's good Let's just get something cooking [TULLY MOANS.]
I don't know what it is That makes me feel like this I don't know who you are But you must be some kind of superstar 'Cause you got all eyes on you No matter where you are [SYNTH-POP PLAYING.]
The home workout video is the latest phenomenon, catering to all you fitness wannabes who can't afford to join an expensive gym.
But is the home workout video [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
as easy as they say? [EXHALES, COUGHS.]
Let's try it! [CHUCKLES.]
She sure as shit isn't making it look easy.
- Play nice, Tully.
You're gonna feel guilty if she drops dead.
Keep going, Carol.
That's the way.
- Looking good.
I think she might be really sick.
Feel the burn! [SNEEZES.]
Oh! - Cut! - [CAROL GROANS.]
- Clean-up on aisle seven.
- Okay.
Yeah, she needs a, um - Fluff.
I'm on it.
- Thanks, Kate.
You're glowing, Carol.
You're absolutely glowing.
Jane Fonda's people called and want to offer you your own video deal.
- Is that what I look like? - Hey.
No, no, no, no.
I can't be seen on camera looking like, like Rudolph's alcoholic uncle.
Oh, no.
Carol, wait.
- [CAROL.]
- Oh, Carol.
Come on.
We can get rid of that red in post, Carol.
I need that segment for tonight! [BLOWS NOSE.]
- Well, merry Christmas to me.
Looks like we're digging up a Classic Carol.
Carol Tries Karaoke? Perfect.
She hates that one.
I'll set it up.
You are an evil genius, Kate Mularkey.
That is why you keep me around.
Or or, hey, wait, hold on.
I have a better idea.
- Don't say it, Tully.
- You don't know what I was gonna say.
You're gonna say, "Put me in, Coach," but longer.
You could run some tired segment where Carol's butchering the theme to Xanadu, or you could let me and Kate produce something fresh.
If we run a "Tully Tries It," Carol will murder you in your sleep.
I don't wanna try shit except a real news story.
We don't have time for a real story We don't feed till five.
We totally have time to build a new segment.
You're gonna write it? Of course she's gonna write it! Okay, then.
- Wait, did he just say yes? - I'm so confused.
Yes, even a producer of insipid evening features has his rock bottom.
Go on, come up with something better.
You have one hour to pitch it to me.
And if I don't like it, we're going Classic Carol.
Thank you.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God! - [LAUGHING.]
We're going Classic Tully! [BOTH.]
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair and that's because He used Barely There Hair.
Smooth as silk.
Smooth as silk.
- Smooth as silk.
Okay, come here.
It burns.
And it smells like rotten eggs.
Oh, you're fine.
- Holy Cousin Itt, Batman! - Shut up! Now that your legs don't look like Bigfoot, boys are gonna go nuts.
Yeah, except it's like I slipped on the One Ring when it comes to boys.
Like from The Hobbit? I'm invisible.
- Eighth grade boys are idiots.
- Yeah.
High school boys too.
You don't want them to notice you.
Trust me.
Unless wait, do you have a crush on a high school boy? - No.
- Who? Yes you do.
Look, your face is turning all red Okay.
My brother's friend Robbie If I had a crush on a guy, someday, it would be someone like Robbie.
Someone like him.
But it doesn't matter because I am invisible.
Maybe you're just not his type? Why? 'Cause I'm not pretty like you? [TULLY.]
You are totally pretty.
I don't even think that he'd like me either.
Uh just once I want a boy to look at me.
You know, like, really look at me.
Make my stomach drop out like a roller coaster as he, like, slowly leans in to kiss me and Boys don't want that romantic shit, Kate.
They want something else.
I didn't mean to make you think about Pat.
I wasn't.
I don't think about him.
Ever? At night, I guess.
God, sometimes I close my eyes and I see his stupid face and I want to punch it.
I wish I could punch him for you.
There's no need to be nervous.
Why would I be nervous? Because it's your first weekend away from Marah since we got separated.
And you always overpack when you're nervous.
It's only one night.
It's fine.
I'm glad we're doing it this way.
I mean, it's very healthy and very progressive and very today.
I forgot to tell you, we're doing a birdnesting piece at the magazine, off of my pitch.
Kimber loved it.
"Splitting up in the modern age.
" You're writing about our custody arrangement in Seattle Digest? Nora Ephron said, "Everything's copy.
" Although I'm not actually writing the copy.
Kimber gave it to a 26-year-old blogger who's never been married and isn't a mother.
But I'm not bitter.
I should grab some Neosporin in case I get a wound.
What? I'm not nervous.
It's not even a whole weekend.
And I'll be back tomorrow before Marah's recital.
Plus this whole birdnesting thing was your idea.
Well, I mean, we both agreed that Marah shouldn't have to shuttle back and forth to some sad apartment with a stinky futon just because we're splitting up.
Technically, we both agreed.
Although it's not a sad apartment.
For a short-term rental it's actually it's, um It's a little bit sad, but there's no futon.
It's a pull-out couch, which is, uh, different.
So you don't think this is a good idea? I didn't say that.
You just said, "Technically, we both agreed.
" As if you agreed somehow in word but not in spirit.
- What? - As if I strong-armed you - into going with my plan.
- No.
Um This is nuts.
I don't know why you're getting upset.
Yeah, sure.
No, right, of course you don't.
What is that supposed to mean? It means you always do that.
You drop a bomb and when I point it out you're like, "Huh.
Where did that bomb come from?" I wasn't aware the word "technically" was a bomb.
You're a news producer, you are perfectly aware that words matter.
You know what? Forget it.
I am not going to get pulled into a fight.
Okay, who's pulling who into the fight? Huh? [KATE EXHALES DEEPLY.]
Can we just reset? Please.
And for the record, I am so glad that you brought up birdnesting.
And not just technically.
Um And don't forget Marah also has to take antibiotics with her food and a probiotic at bedtime.
Don't those cancel each other out? No.
The anti wipes out the good and then the pro replenishes it.
- Wait.
- Oh.
Maybe this is not the right weekend to start birdnesting.
Okay, I know as the dad I'm basically sub-mom status, but I didn't mean it like that And I know all about the time your mom went away and Bud fed you guys expired meat or whatever.
But this isn't 1974, I'm a modern dad, and I can take care of a bit of strep throat.
Okay, yeah, great.
You know, I could always just stay on the couch, you guys wouldn't even know I'm there.
Except you'd be on the couch.
- Yeah, the couch in the basement.
- Do you hear yourself? If any of this is going to work we need to establish clear boundaries, okay? Otherwise, everyone's confused.
Okay, that sounded very divorce-y.
A good divorce is still a divorce, Kate.
We can't pretend it isn't.
Got it.
I can smell them already.
They're already going to be so much better.
You have no idea.
- [TULLY.]
- [KATE.]
Hey, Robbie.
Hey, hey.
- Hey, save some for us.
- [SEAN.]
There's plenty more and milk.
The cookies are just a vehicle driving you to the milk.
- [TULLY.]
Thank you.
- Sorry.
My mom is obsessed with milk.
It is my job to keep you healthy and to help you grow.
There you go.
- Thanks, Mom.
- You know, I didn't even know that you could make cookies from oatmeal.
Isn't there a school dance this weekend? Yeah, we're probably just gonna go stag.
- Yeah.
- Together.
Are you going, Tully? Eighth graders aren't allowed at the high school dance.
I mean, they can go if they're asked.
Hey, I heard you and Pat were all over each other at some party in the woods last weekend.
Uh yeah, he He wishes.
Let's I mean, look at her.
Yeah, well, you weren't there.
Pat Richmond? Isn't he a senior? Actually, I should go.
My mom's probably gonna start to worry.
Oh, uh, I'll walk you over, honey.
I made a Thermos of ginger tea.
It helps with the nausea.
No, you didn't have to.
She wouldn't want you to go through all the trouble.
Well, no, it's really nothing.
This is what neighbors do.
Come on.
I didn't know Tully's mom was sick.
Yeah, it's 'cause you only think you know everything, Sean.
Meanwhile, her mom is dying from cancer.
You're such a knob.
What did I say? I don't know why you're friends with him.
You know, she's probably resting, actually.
The treatments, they can really wear her out.
You know, you could just give me the Thermos.
- I could give it to her.
- Hey, honey, it's okay.
My sister had cancer.
I know what to expect.
Tallulah? Is it morning? - It's 4:30 in the afternoon.
- Mmm.
Who are you? I'm Kate's mother.
Oh, who the hell is Kate? She's my friend, Mom.
You've met her.
We just live across the street.
I brought you some tea.
And I wanted to let you know that I'm home most days, so I am more than happy to drive you to doctor's appointments or run errands.
I know how chemo can make you feel.
Who has cancer? Tully, show this nice neighbor Maggie with the tea where the kitchen is.
Nice to meet you, Maggie.
My Kate has been praying for your mother to recover from her cancer.
You think lying to your friends is okay? No, ma'am.
You know, my dad was a fall-down drunk too.
Every night my sister had to go down to the bar and drag him home.
He would be smacking her and calling her names.
She started running with the fast crowd and drinking too much herself, because Because she didn't want people to look at her like she was pitiful.
Yeah, she hated that look.
What matters, though, isn't other people.
You are a strong girl with a bright light, Tully Hart.
And cream, it rises.
You can be anything you want.
You could be the next Jean Enersen.
The newscaster? Seattle's first female anchor.
A woman who gets to a place like that in her life, she knows how to go after what she wants.
Well, how do I know what I want? You keep your eyes open and you do the right thing.
You can start by telling Kate the truth.
- What if I just promise to never - One of us is gonna tell her.
She would rather hear it from you.
Remember, undersell, okay? Johnny, prepare to have your mind blown.
We have the most amazing story.
Ready to be amazed.
Okay, so we got a lead from a friend in our jazzercise class, who's a page at the mayor's office.
The mayor is putting a stop to building nuclear fallout shelters in Seattle.
Really? They've been building those shelters since the '40s.
Yeah, well, the mayor's taking action to put Seattle on the map as the nation's center for anti-nuclear proliferation.
Is he making an announcement? [KATE.]
No, he's holding off on going public because contractors for the shelters aren't happy.
And these are not the kind of people that you want to make not happy.
This is good.
This is a real story.
Of course, your jazzercise source isn't exactly a slam-dunk.
Well, we're working to get Mayor Royer to the studio for a sit-down.
How? Got no time.
Oh ye of little faith.
We already have a one o'clock meeting set with the mayor's press secretary to discuss a potential interview.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'm impressed.
It's not an actual meeting.
We heard he likes to play racquetball on Tuesdays, so we're gonna ambush him at the club.
You were not supposed to tell him that.
I like the way you think, Tully.
Oh, actually it's Kate's idea.
You're starting to scare me a bit, Mularkey.
Anything for the get, huh? You remind me of myself.
I felt like I was channeling you.
Like you were inside me, and Okay, then.
Go get that story.
Let's - Don't.
- Ho-Ho? [KATE.]
Yeah, sorry.
Hey, why haven't you come over to my house in such a long time? - Because Sean's such a dipstick? - No.
I like Sean.
And you should be nicer to him.
He's super mean to me.
He doesn't mean it.
Things are hard for people like Sean.
Assholes? You're lucky that you have a brother.
You sound like my mom.
"Treasure each other, kids.
" - "You'll be glad when you're older.
" - She's not that bad.
She treats me like I'm 11.
I mean, it's way worse for you, though, with your mom being sick and everything.
I can't even imagine.
Um, look, about that - Oh my God.
Is she worse? - No.
I just I mean, I don't know if you can smell all the pot Duh.
I'm not stupid.
But it's good for cancer, I know that.
I'm I don't mind.
- Right.
Look, like I was saying - [CLOUD.]
Okay, brats.
Which one of you bogarted my Ho-Ho's? A-ha! [SILLY VOICE.]
Give me one of those or I will put you in the oven.
- Ah I have the evil munchies.
Damn it.
We're out of milk.
Bet this never happens in your house, does it, Kate? Oh, we have a milkman.
Of course you do.
Your mommy's so together.
At least we got tunes in this old hippie shack.
I'm gonna play me some no-milk blues.
I'll pass.
You used to love to dance with me when you were young.
You mean when I lived with Gran and you lived on that commune in Oregon - and I was alone for six years? - Oh, she's mad.
She's so mad.
But we're together now.
And now is all that matters.
All we have is the infinite, ecstatic now.
What about you, Kim? I um - [TULLY.]
- Do you want to dance with me? I don't know how to dance like that.
You don't know how to dance like that in your head.
But you do in your hips.
Come on.
Close your eyes.
Making love with you Mm-hmm.
There you go, little groove mama! Now spin.
Whoo! [LAUGHS.]
What more could I ask? There's nothing left to be desired Sometimes [WHOOPING.]
All I need is the air that I breathe And to love you - [INDISTINCT CHATTERING.]
- All I need is the air that I breathe Yes, to love you All I need is the air that I breathe Whoo! [PANTING.]
I need to go poop.
She's such a freak! - Are you kidding? She's amazing.
She's so free.
My mom could never dance like that.
Her and my dad still do the twist.
And with everything that Cloud's going through? I mean, she's incredible.
She's so brave.
- You get it from her.
- I'm not brave.
I wish I could help you.
Help me what? Help your mom get better.
Help you get revenge on Pat.
Yeah, I mean, you said that, but how? I don't know, I wish that we could go to the dance and then kick him in the balls.
Or put Barely There Hair on his head, then kick him in the balls.
Okay, Mularkey.
Okay, what? Let's go to the dance and put Barely There Hair on his head and kick him in the balls.
Get revenge.
Make him pay.
Are you serious? - I thought you were serious.
- I was serious.
- I think it may be a bit - You didn't mean it.
- I mean, if you're too scared - I meant it but I I won't be scared if we're together.
Me either.
Do I look sweaty enough? You look like you doused yourself with sink water in order to look sweaty.
Well, I feel like Woodward and Bernstein.
As played by Redford and Hoffman.
If they were chicks working in local news as glorified office assistants.
Hey, mellow.
Mularkey, this is our first real story.
It all starts now.
We are living our dream! As a team! [LAUGHS.]
- What are you doing? - [HUFFING.]
Just trying to fit in.
I don't know.
Come on, say you're excited too.
I'm excited too.
Is that him? No.
Okay, look Look at his picture.
He's got dark hair and he's short.
How can you tell he's short? - That's a head shot.
- I just can.
Is that him? That's him.
That's him right there.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
David Hirshey? Tully Hart, KPOC, can we have a minute? Well, I am on my lunch hour, so you can call the office and make an appointment.
We've been calling the office, but we're on a deadline and we'd love Mayor Royer to address the city's change in policy on nuclear fallout shelters.
We have nothing to say on that.
We know the mayor has the city's best interest at heart.
But it's gonna piss off a lot of people.
We're giving him a chance to explain what he's doing on air before his opponents get a hold of it.
What do you know? Tom Cairns at The Seattle Times never misses an opportunity to paint the mayor as a Commie lover.
So the way we see it, he can either offer us the exclusive now or he can come in later to do damage control.
How did you get in here? It's a private club.
We said we were marketing reps giving away free copies of Jane Fonda's workout video.
I got my start as a reporter.
Anything for the get, eh? So you'll bring us the mayor? I will talk to him.
He's a busy man, and so am I.
Nice try, girls.
I cannot believe that worked.
Wait, it worked? He said, "Nice try.
" He said he'll talk to him.
- We did it, babe! - We did it? We did it.
We got our story.
We're going on air! We're going on air! [MAN.]
The bottle's on the house.
Don't drive your Maserati home after you finish.
- I'll take it for you.
Grazie, Torcoletti.
You spoil me.
Ah! Ooh.
- That's like a $200 bottle of wine.
- I know.
It's so wrong how rich celebrities get everything for free.
- Oh, should I send it back? - Hell no.
For the record, I always leave a very generous tip.
Speaking of generous tips I don't even know what that means, but gross.
It's a penis joke, Kate.
Don't tell me it's been that long.
It's not even the penis that I miss, it's the kissing.
I think Johnny and I stopped kissing sometime after 9/11.
We both got too depressed.
- Kissing's for teenagers anyway.
- What? It's the best part.
'Cause if they're no good at it, you pretty much can't come back from that.
And if they're too good, you might start thinking you're in love.
And that's a problem.
Although I am kind of seeing this kid.
- Kid? - He's 29.
Oh, my God.
He's an EMT.
Sometimes he wears his uniform with the sleeves rolled up.
And his forearms Oh, my God.
Best kisser I've had since the '80s.
Chad Wiley.
Chad Wiley was the worst.
Chad was the best.
So, wait, are you saying you're in love with the kid? What? God, no.
You just said if they're good kissers you fall in love.
- I did not say that.
- You did just say that.
I said if they're too good you might think you're in love.
So, is he too good? Holy shit.
No one's in love.
We have nothing in common.
He's too earnest.
So not my type.
But it's like a pint of ice cream at midnight.
You know you shouldn't be eating it, but that's what makes it taste so good.
And then when you run out, you throw it away.
I ate all the Frusen Glädjé.
And I would do it again.
He's my Frusen Glädjé.
But you're talking about him.
You never talk about your flings.
- I'm not talking about him.
- You're blushing.
- I'm not blushing.
I am a grown adult.
Tully and What's-his-name sitting in a tree.
- [TULLY.]
Real mature.
- K Oh, shit.
One sec.
What's up? Well, it's in the cabinet where we keep all the vitamins.
Well, did you check? Gimme.
Yo, Johnny.
I have custody of Kate tonight, so stop distracting my wingwoman.
Dad up and figure it out.
- He can't find her antibiotics.
- So? She has strep throat.
She has to take them.
He'll figure it out.
- I have to go home.
- You are insane.
Uh If I'm not there, it just all falls apart.
- Oh, shit.
Don't look, but Gideon Vega at two o'clock.
Talk about a pint of ice cream.
Oh, my God.
Unsubtle much.
Look, he's smiling.
I think he recognizes me.
Or maybe he recognizes me 'cause we work together.
Look, he's waving.
Because you're waving at him.
What are you doing? Trust me, I'm an excellent wingwoman.
Yeah, I don't need a wingwom Mm-hmm Kate, hi.
Gideon, hey, so nice to see you.
- How are you? - I'm good.
I'm Kate's best friend.
Sit your ass down, have a glass of wine with us.
- I can't believe we're doing this.
- Believe it.
- I lied to my mom.
I never lie.
- Never ever? I hate liars.
Hey, have you driven before? Oh, it can't be that hard.
We are going to crash this dance and become legends.
- You got the ammo? - Check.
- Okay.
- Okay, let's practice.
Okay, you be him and I'll be you.
Well, shouldn't I be me? Right, that makes more sense.
Hey, Tully.
Fancy seeing you here at the high school dance.
I've been thinking about you a lot, Pat.
Have you now? You're not gonna make me ask you to dance, are you? And you waited for a slow song.
I guess you are into me.
- Into seeing all your hair fall out! - On the dance floor! [SQUEALS.]
- This is going to be epic.
Firefly Foxes live for the night! [BOTH.]
Three laps and still no sign of him.
Maybe he's not coming.
What a rip.
You know this is a high school party.
No jailbait allowed.
So? It's a free country.
We're great dancers.
Oh, you are, huh? You bet your sweet ass.
Kate is the best dancer here.
Well, prove it then, disco doll, or we're gonna have to turn you in to the chaperones.
Should we get out there? No, I don't dance.
Come on, we can't let them have all the fun.
Uh Care to get some fresh air? I'm a mother.
I don't smoke.
Nothing much.
What are you up to? [LAUGHS.]
Okay, sounds good.
- Was that him? The kid? - Yeah.
Look at you.
You are so smitten.
- You are.
You're a smitten kitten.
- I'm a horny kitten.
I'm out.
What? Wait, you're You're leaving? You should get some fresh air with Gideon.
I am gonna grab some Frusen Glädjé.
No, they they stopped making that.
- Gideon.
- Yeah.
Promise me that you will keep my girl out of trouble.
That I can do.
Have fun, Katie Kate.
She was my wingwoman.
Well, the secret to every great wingwoman is knowing when to fly.
Is it true, Mr.
Mayor, that by canceling building plans, you are in effect challenging FEMA? Okay, then the mayor answers.
Mayor, mayor, mayor Forty-five seconds, you nod, then Shit.
This is so good.
I am so happy that my first time on air I am saying your words.
This is everything we ever dreamed of.
- You're the next Jean Enersen, baby.
I just mic'd up the mayor.
He's here.
- The mayor's here.
- He came? This is happening? This is happening! Ha-ha! Oh, my God! [GIGGLES.]
What is it? What? Hey, now.
I heard you all were cooking up an interview with the mayor.
And I couldn't just lay in my sick bed knowing you would need my help, so I rose from the dead.
Mainlined a Dimetapp and hustled to the studio to give you a hand.
Tully, can you grab a fresh sponge? I need a touch up.
My family deserted me When I was just a little child Until I met you, baby - [DOOR OPENS.]
Oh my God.
It is, like, a thousand million degrees in there.
Oh, can I have one of those? I thought you said moms didn't smoke.
It's my night off.
- [SIGHS.]
- Here.
I knew there was something about you the first time we met.
Something what? What? You knew there was something "what" about me? Oh.
Something rare and wild.
Oh, no.
Common and sensible.
Uh, sensible girls do not dance on tables and smoke cigarettes with strange men in alleys.
You're not a strange man.
We work together, so It's okay.
Even less sensible.
I won't tell HR if you won't.
You know, I think I'm a little more afraid of Kimber.
She'd be fine, so long as I fetch some lattes.
It's a little bit too hot for lattes.
Oh, God, I miss banter.
I used to banter all the time.
I never banter anymore.
You know, you are quite endearing.
- I'm really not.
- No, you really are.
It's okay, I have one.
- One what? [GIDEON.]
Oh, I wasn't Um, we're not I mean, maybe eventually at some point.
But I was just looking for a hairband 'cause I'm really sweaty.
- I like it.
So salty.
Seriously, there's like a river running down the back of my neck.
One sec.
- Please don't say the word "outbreak.
" - Shit.
These are my daughter's antibiotics.
I must have packed them accidentally into my bag.
I just thought my ex was being a bonehead, but I have to bring these to her.
I'm so sorry, Gideon.
I have to go.
You're a really good kisser, you know that? - And you kiss too much.
- What? I thought you liked it.
Hey, where are you going? Here.
I like the bed better.
- Come back.
- Oh! Someone is bossy tonight.
On your knees.
Really? Please.
Just a second.
Wait, just, here, hold up.
Just come here.
Turn around.
What are you doing? Just look at me.
Does somebody want a lap dance? No.
I just want to look at your face.
What is going on with you tonight? Nothing.
I just I just feel like I'm always looking at the back of your head or the leg of a chair or a 20-story view of Seattle.
I just - I just want to look in your eyes.
- Okay.
So, are we doing this now? - Okay, I'm sorry, what happened? - [SIGHS.]
I let you into my bedroom and you take that as a sign that I'm looking for some kind of phony romance? It's not phony, okay? It's not.
Look, I can't stop thinking about you, Tully, okay? You're like a damn song stuck in my head.
And, uh you think that that somehow entitles you to make demands of me? How is wanting to look you in the eyes a demand? I think it'd be best if you leave.
Look, hold on.
Can we just pump the brakes? I don't owe you anything.
Okay, I'm sorry.
You're right.
Okay, just listen.
I I didn't mean I just think it's weird you never want to look at me when we're having sex.
So now you think I'm weird.
My God, that's not what I said.
I don't think you understand what this is.
Okay, what is it? One booty call too many.
You're serious? Okay, fine.
Did you see me? Did you see him? His hands were in my pockets.
He touched my butt.
He touched my butt, Tully.
Hey, foxy.
Hey, look, I've been meaning to call you.
Did you crash the dance, bad girl? No.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Hey, where you going, sweet thing? Look, I want to meet your friend.
- Ignore them.
- [PAT.]
Is she a troublemaker too? - I'd give her some trouble.
- Where the fuck is she going? - Who cares? Skanky little nobody.
- [BOY 1.]
I heard you're easy.
- [PAT.]
- [BOY 2.]
Grow some hooters.
- Are you okay? [BOY 2.]
Hey, come on, come back.
We just want to talk.
- Come on.
Let's just go home.
[BOY 2.]
Look at that van! It was like lightning Everybody was fighting [ENGINE STARTS.]
And the man in the back Said everyone attack And it turned into a ballroom blitz [ENGINE REVS.]
Boy, I want to warn you It'll turn into a ballroom blitz Ballroom blitz [PAT.]
What are you doing? - Whoa! Let's go.
- Let's get out of here.
Tully! Tully, stop! It's, it's a ballroom blitz [PAT PANTS.]
Tully, stop! Tully, no! [BRAKES SCREECH.]
What the hell, you crazy bitch! [KATE.]
Jesus Christ! - Are you okay? You're bleeding.
Even if I kill him, it won't fix it.
- Nothing will ever fix this.
- Don't say that.
But I'm not gonna let him beat me.
I'm gonna be the next Jean Enersen.
All right, fellas, let's go! I'm so sorry Carol screwed up your big break.
You wrote an awesome interview.
Best one we ever aired.
Well, Carol didn't do it justice.
Tully would have been so much better.
Nah, don't sweat it, Katie.
I'm not bumming.
I came this close.
Jean Enersen, watch your back.
Well, I'm so glad that you're not upset.
No way.
Everyone's always coming up with reasons why you can't have what you want.
It's on you to just keep coming up with better ones for why you can.
That's what it takes to make it in the '80s.
Girl in the corner is everyone's woman She'll kill you with a wink of her eye ["I GO WILD" BY THE THREE O'CLOCK PLAYING.]
When I go wild, when I go wild Johnny.
So, um, good job today, Mularkey.
You have the makings of a real producer.
You think? People underestimate you at their peril.
You're formidable.
Plus, I think you're the only one in the office who actually believes in what they're doing.
I'd forgotten what that was like.
Tully believes in what she's doing too.
She believes in herself.
I'm not sure what she believes beyond that.
I hope she's not too demoralized.
Are you kidding? She's thrilled.
She's over there practicing her signature for autographs right now.
She's like a storm, isn't she? And we're all just floating in her wake.
Such a lovely home Some of us more than others.
Giant TV screens Silver windowpanes Lovely things can never be the same When I go wild When I go wild When I go wild Can't you see I'm wild? Who the hell's that? That's Chad Wiley.
She asleep? [SIGHS.]
Fever's down.
I am so, so sorry I forgot the pills.
And I'm really sorry that I was so clingy before.
I get I think I just kind of felt pushed out of our family.
You're right.
I mean, we need to have boundaries.
It's not about keeping you out.
I don't know how to do this.
You know? [KATE.]
Like, right now, I can't stop staring at that giant hickey on your neck.
What? No? Oh, my God, that is so tacky.
- Mm-hmm.
- Um, I - I really wasn't - You know what? - I don't need to know.
Maybe I should just make a break for it while the boundaries are working in my favor.
Or Just stay.
I'll sleep on the couch.
It's late.
You know, there's a difference between boundaries and crazy.
And the funny things you say Be, just be yourself And nothing else Will push you away And I fell in so much love When soul meets town It wraps itself around me Star, we knew you well Yeah, all too well And there's nothing left to hide Don't hide And I fell in so much love When soul meets town [DOOR SHUTS.]
It wraps itself around Tull? Tull? Tully, are you here? Oh, my Oh, my! Tully.
Oh, my God.
Tully? Holy shit.
Tully? Tully? Don't go away Find what you already are Where it's not too close Never too far Don't go too far, too far
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