Flashpoint s02e01 Episode Script

Eagle Two

Where is he? What do you want from Joel Graves, Stan? I want him in here.
You know what I think you really want? What you really want, you know he can't give it to you.
You've got ten seconds.
This isn't the way, Stan.
Nine! It's not the way! Your friends know that.
Eight Your friends know when it's time to stop.
You get him in here.
Or this ends right now.
Just don't do it, Stan.
Just don't do it.
No! JULES: Okay, explain this to me.
Flowers in a hospital.
Wow, thanks so much.
They're so pretty.
Now, you get to leave and I get to sit here and watch them die.
It's a gesture.
It's the thought.
Short-term thought.
That's why I got you the plant.
I'm thinking long-term.
Yeah, how long you thinking? As long as it takes, I'll be here.
Well, I don't plan on staying here for very long.
That's good.
We're missing you bad.
Oh, yeah? How bad? Really bad.
Yeah? Not so bad that the team's not looking for somebody to fill my spot.
Final round of recruiting is today.
Anybody good? They're down to six.
(whistles): From? From 300, so, yeah, they're good.
(tongue clicks) (guns firing) .
308 round projectile traveling at 2,750 feet per second.
Projectile weighs 168 grains.
Eyes on the target! The gun is zeroed at 100 yards.
Standard atmospheric conditions at sea level.
What's the drop at 200 yards? Drop at 200 yards, Double the weight of the projectile.
What's the drop? The drop is constant.
Donna Sabine, you looking for a change in scenery or what? Change of wardrobe.
Trying to get into cool pants a long time.
Nice to meet you, Donna.
Nice to meet you, sir.
I'm not spying.
Yeah, he's taking digital pictures with a zoom lens.
Personally, if I got a gun to my neck, your promise comes from your heart.
Right? Right.
So you see where I'm going with this? You gotta put the gun down so he can think straight.
Right down.
MAN: I'm telling you, you can't just walk in here like this! you're trespassing.
Look, I'm working I'm working on it.
Three registered letters have been delivered to this address.
I'm on top of it.
I've been telling you for weeks Technically, you're trespassing.
that if you just give me a little bit more time.
And just out of the blue?! It's not my call, Mr.
It's not my call.
Look, you might want to look into some storage options.
The weather's not looking good.
Lorne! Kira, I don't want the kids to see any more of this.
Why don't you go upstairs and get your things? You're going to stay at Nana's.
That's a good boy.
I'll call you tonight.
We'll turn it around.
(phone flips open) (dialing) (line ringing) (phone ringing) (phone beeps on) Lorne.
Hey, Brian? Lorne.
I'll call Stan and I'll call you back.
(phone beeps off) STAN: Yeah.
I'll see you there.
Ready? (sighs) Yeah.
Stan? All the way.
Let's go.
(sighs) SECURITY GUARD: Can I help you? Excuse me, can I help you? Morning.
Hey, cover me.
I'm going to check this out.
WOMAN: Meanwhile, some retail giants are suffering as a result of debt-funded stock buybacks.
Now, having to deal with I'll take that again.
Excuse me, sir? Hey, how're you doing? I'm-I'm going to have to ask you guys to leave.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Uh, really, I don't want to inconvenience you, but, uh We'll be out of your hair, but first, we want to talk to Joel Graves.
This guy.
CEO of the Year.
You'd be doing us a big favor if you'd just radio that request upstairs for us, all right? You got it? Right, right.
Sector Two, I'm going to need some assistance in the Media Center.
That's not code for you want to kick me and my friends out of here, is it? No-no, no.
'Cause we're account holders.
Excuse me, I'm Celia Westfall.
I'm with CWGT Money Report.
Do I understand you want to talk to Joel Graves? Yeah, I do.
Can you turn that camera off, please? No, keep it rolling.
We're going to push back on your print proposal, John.
We're going to go exclusively digital, lower costs.
And research shows the Internet is one of the last give-ups of the consumer.
Slogan stays the same: "Your future first.
" Sorry to interrupt, Joel.
Yeah, Howie? You might want to hear this.
There's a situation at the Stock Exchange Media Center.
Some kind of protest.
Okay, so? They say they're Grayson Kearns account holders.
They want you to come down and talk.
(groans) "Homeless, thanks to Grayson Kearns.
" Thoughts? Well You could go down, put in some face time before this turns into something.
I could you know, you want to gift wrap me before you send me down there to be a scapegoat, Howie? They're calling your bluff on live TV, and they've got a head start.
I'll go down there, but what am I supposed to say to these guys? "Listen, fellas, I'm really sorry.
This is just the price you pay for not planning ahead.
" Yeah, they're gonna enjoy hearing me say that, right? Look, all I'm saying is Ooh, or maybe I'll go down there and tell them that we're in a mental recession, that, uh, we're all turning into a nation of whiners, and we all have to stand beside the choices we make, like, for example, the choice not to rent.
Howie, I'm joking.
Go down there, give them my personal regrets, tell them I'm tied up for a little bit.
Which is the truth.
Okay? Listen, Howie, there's gonna be cameras, so, you know, be nice.
I'm always nice.
So, moving on I see.
So we're free to access the customer relations section of your Web site.
(laughs) Come on.
That could be a problem, 'cause I don't have a computer.
Or a house to put one in.
Mister? You really care what my name is? I'm sure Mr.
Graves would consider a written request for a private meeting.
As I'm sure you can appreciate, these are busy and challenging times for us all.
We look forward to you getting in touch.
Thanks so much.
We'll remove them.
No, let them stay.
We don't want to see that on TV.
LORNE: That's not supposed to happen.
It's the same old brush-off.
I thought Joel Graves was a lush for the media, couldn't resist the spotlight.
BRIAN: Yeah.
Well, it's fine.
Plan B.
We have a Plan B? Yeah.
I'm going up.
Then what? Then you'll see.
Come on up.
I'll tell you on the way.
Right here.
Stay tight.
Stay tight.
(elevator bell dings) (elevator door opening) Okay, go, go, go, go! Code 113, elevator one.
(elevator whirs) (Brian pants, coughs) It's not gonna work.
Yes, it is.
He won't come down.
Let's call it off.
This is Plan B.
All those nights we spent talking about this I'm not walking away.
You do this, and we're in deep! Someone is gonna sit down and listen.
Someone is gonna do this right.
I'd like to speak to Joel Graves.
Make the call.
Do it now.
Probably the same as you.
There's no place like this.
No work like this.
Your skills, you could work any number of different places.
You did well in undercover.
(sighs): Yeah.
I've done my time behind enemy lines.
Enemy? Sorry.
I don't mean Now, you know, the whole war zone imagery doesn't really fly around here.
You know what I mean.
Do I? It's an expression.
Come on.
Oh, yeah.
It's a pretty revealing expression.
You're mirroring me.
What Your body language.
You're showing me me now.
Do you know you're doing that or is that just reflex by now, from all your time among the enemy? (sighs) Constable Sabine, you got the bonding moves down belonging, being what someone wants to see and that's all very, very useful.
But it concerns me a little when your psych eval shows inconsistencies on self-reporting.
It's like you can't keep your story straight about who you are.
This job, connecting to people, I need to know you've got something to draw from.
KIRA (over P.
): Team One, suit up.
Hot call, hot call.
Okay, hold on.
Gunman at large in the Commerce Tower.
Someone to draw from.
We'll pick this up later.
Awesome, yeah.
(alarm blaring) Kira, how many gunmen? We have multiple witnesses reporting a single gunman or pair of gunmen at different areas on the 11th floor.
Could be one suspect, could be a team.
What are they carrying? Handgun, rifle, shotgun take your pick.
Joel Graves, need a minute of your time.
MAN (over P.
): Your attention, please.
We're experiencing an emergency situation Joel Graves do you know where his office is? Commerce Tower will be under lockdown until the security issues We're not here to hurt anyone.
We just want to talk to your boss.
Do you know where his office is? Do not attempt to leave the building.
We just want to talk to your boss.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Where's his office?! Once again Graves? Commerce Tower will be under lockdown.
Thank you for your patience as we deal with this situation.
Executive floor.
Let's go.
She rappels like a spider.
Thinks on her feet.
Is it time for a vote yet or what? I'm thinking I need to think some more.
She's a no-brainer.
She's got the chops, no question about it.
But? Boss needs to think.
Copy that.
Boss needs to think.
Let's go.
(sirens wailing) I'm gonna just, uh I'm going to call security, see what the deal is.
Joel, it's the men that wanted to see you.
One of them's got a gun.
MAN (over P.
): Your attention, please.
We're currently experiencing an emergency situation in the building.
Commerce Tower will be under lockdown until the security issues Hey.
Come here.
Please remain calm and do not, Hey, hey.
I repeat, do not attempt to leave the building.
Get out of my way! Thank you for your cooperation.
Once again, (grunting) Commerce Tower will be under lockdown.
Thank you for your patience as we deal with this situation.
I don't know how this could happen.
How anything like this could happen.
I think you'll find out everything you need to know about it when he gets down here.
If I were you, I'd stand back.
(panicked murmuring) Go on, get out of here! Stand back! PARKER: Number of suspects? Two guys split off from the older one in the Media Center, demanding to see the Grayson Kearns CEO.
PARKER: Media Center what's that? It's down the escalator off the trading floor.
It's where the reporters do all their stand-and-talks.
Lots of big screens, tickers.
It's like they're right there.
ED: The subject in the Media Center, is he armed? No, no visible weapons.
My guys are holding him there.
Cops just showed.
I've got CCTV tapes.
Eddie, I'll take the guy in the Media Center.
Spike, you're my second.
Set up command post at the security desk.
Where were the gunmen last seen? Grayson Kearns Head Office, 11th floor.
Lou, Sam, Wordy, with me.
We need one of those elevators unlocked.
Keep the rest of them shut down tight.
He what? The guy's spilling gasoline everywhere.
PARKER: Hey, buddy, what's going on? What are you doing? Don't touch the camera.
The camera stays on.
I'm not going to touch anything.
What are you doing that for? Come on, just put that down.
Stay back! Stay back! Okay, okay.
But why don't we just go outside, we can talk about this.
I warned you.
Stay back.
Nobody comes any closer.
Okay, okay.
All right, let's all just move back.
Let's give this man some space.
Give him some space.
Sergeant Gregory Parker initiates negotiation.
Subject is level red, threatening self-immolation.
All right, my name's Greg Parker.
I'm with the Police Strategic Response Unit.
And I'm here to listen to whatever you have to say, sir.
I'm here to help you.
I'm not going anywhere.
No one's going to force you to do anything.
(whispering): Spike, let's get the fire department on standby, but no entry.
Repeat, no entry until my command.
And let's get ambulances in the area on standby as well.
Copy that.
Let's evacuate the area, and then I need you in the security room with my guy, all right? Yeah.
Miss, did you talk to him? I want you to stay right there, okay? All right.
(clears throat) Spike, we've got a gentleman here releasing gasoline into an enclosed room without any ventilation.
The, uh, concentration of vapors is high and growing, and he's holding a lighter.
Well, it's not just the lighter I'm worried about.
Anything sets off a spark, you got a fireball.
Firearms for instance? All firearms lethal, nonlethal.
A muzzle flash would be all it takes.
All right, copy that.
See if you can get some airflow going in here, too, okay? Sir it's Greg again.
What's your name? If you don't want to tell me, that's fine.
If you don't want to talk to me, that's not a problem.
No pressure.
In fact, I'll tell you what, I'll give you one less thing to worry about, okay? I want everyone with a firearm to leave this room.
Everyone with a firearm.
Fast is good.
Right now.
(low, indistinct talking) MAN: Sergeant, got everybody.
Okay, all done.
All right? Got CCTV of our subjects.
Portraits of the gunmen coming at you.
I'll be right here.
Can we cut the video? We can't reach our cameras from here.
And I don't think he's going to want us to turn them off.
That's sort of why he's here.
Oh, yeah? What'd he tell you? Well, he and two others have been trying to get Joel Graves' attention for a long time.
Joel Graves he's the guy who collects a fat bonus while Rome burns, right? This is the guy.
Okay, I want you to tell me about his company, Grayson Kearns.
(elevator bell dings) ED: SRU.
Which way did they go? LEWIS: Clear.
Everyone stay calm.
We're with the SRU.
Stay calm please, everyone.
Stay calm.
Hands where we can see them, folks.
Stay calm.
Thank you.
Hands where we can see them.
ED: Folks, need to see your hands, please.
LEWIS: We're with the SRU.
ED: Let's see some hands.
SAM: Clear.
Which way did the gunman go? WORDY: SRU.
Please stay calm.
SAM: Clear.
(softly): All right, let me get this.
Grayson Kearns gives away mortgages like it's candy.
When the market slides, they dump their high-risk clients to the highest bidder, right? Who re-offer at rates these guys can't afford.
You know, they seemed like regular guys.
They probably just want their houses back.
Yeah, I think our friend wants more than that.
He tell you his name? Stan Matthews.
Okay, thanks.
You can get out of here.
Thank you very much.
Fire department's on standby, boss, waiting for permission to deploy.
If he sees fire hoses, he just needs a split second to beat them to the punch and spark an explosion.
Copy that.
They got to stay out of the line of sight.
Gotta keep thinking outside the toolbox.
It's all right, sir.
I understand you're looking for some information from Joel Graves.
He's been in the spotlight quite a bit these days, huh? He's doing okay for himself.
You're talking about the $22 million his bonus? Yeah, yeah, something like that.
Here's a guy who's got four houses already.
Books a five-star Caribbean resort with his buddies, to brainstorm about how to "make the most of these troubled times.
" What can you do? What do you want from him? I want him down here.
Okay, all right.
Let's work on that.
Spike, let's get a 20 on Joel Graves.
It's not too late.
What do you mean? Maybe we walk away before the cops find us.
Lorne I'm just saying, all the times we talked about it, we never talked about it happening like this.
LEWIS: Hands please let me see your hands.
Sit down.
Take a seat.
Thank you.
Let us see your hands, please.
Let's see your hands.
Take a seat.
We have I.
on one of our guys.
Stan Matthews.
He's a Grayson Kearns account holder.
They all are.
I've narrowed the national list by city, male account holders there's still a lot.
Might want to try recent foreclosures.
Foreclosures Here he is, Stan Matthews.
Here's another one who lives on the same street, a Lorne Wilkes.
Good see any other connections? Hold on.
There's a Brian Baumann same employer as Lorne Wilkes.
They were both recently laid off from the auto plant.
Copy that.
You know what'd be really great, Kira? Some cell numbers for these guys.
Copy, copy.
You need to send someone now! Right now! Think of Stan.
You remember that night, right? Yeah.
Yeah? You with me? Yeah.
(door opens) Hey, hey.
I'm going to need your keys.
Elevator You'll need this one for the elevator.
I'm telling you, they're at my door.
Okay Mr.
Uh what can I do for you guys? You're coming with us downstairs.
You're going to go on camera.
Uh, and then what? Oh, we'll talk about trust, some promises you didn't keep.
"Your Future First.
" You don't care about our future.
His family's on the street.
I'm living out of the car the past few weeks.
So, whose future's coming first here? No, no, we're going downstairs.
Okay, listen to me.
I'm sorry to hear about your losses, I am, but I've been juggling thousands of losses, guys.
It's my job.
I'm just doing my job.
(scoffs) You know what your job is now? It's to own up, take responsibility.
Huh? (grunting) Let go.
Get Let go! Let go! Okay, okay.
We need to end this, huh? We need to end this.
Brian? It's right there.
Thank you.
We're going to need your pass key.
Those guys took it.
So how is that fair? Can you explain that to me? I don't know.
Tell me, Stan.
Just me and Carol.
I hated math, she hated power tools, so we had a deal.
She managed the books, I worked.
We scraped together everything we had, and we found this little mutt of a fixer-upper.
Didn't look like much, but we knew what it could be.
And I'll never I'll never understand why she would do something like that.
What do you mean? What-what happened, Stan? I loved that woman.
I loved her.
I'm so fed up.
Stan, Stan, it's okay, it's okay.
It really is okay.
Why don't we take a break? Huh? Tell you the truth, I'm getting a headache from all the fumes.
Why don't we just step outside and just get some air? No! No! Okay, you don't have to do that, Stan.
No! It's locked.
Police! Don't move! Don't move! Police! Don't move! Police! Police! Clear.
Ed, we got a hallway.
Ed, elevators are locked down, right? Affirmative.
Well, elevator three's on the move floor 12, going down.
Hang on.
Where are the other elevators? Ground floor.
Stairs are faster.
All right, heads up, guys.
Subjects are on the move.
They probably have security cards and keys.
Spike, get me uniforms on all the elevator exits in case they step out before they reach bottom.
Security has reported two men entering the elevator.
Just two? Where's Graves? Kira's got cell numbers.
You want to give it a try? Negative.
You make the call, Spike.
I need full attention on my subject here.
SPIKE: Not responding on the phone.
They stopped the elevator between floors: floor seven, floor six.
Sam and Lou, cover the sixth floor exit.
We'll go above.
Copy that.
Bravo team proceeding on foot.
(grunting) (tools clanging) (grunting) (tools clanging) Bravo team in position.
Still no response on the phone.
What can you tell me about overriding manual controls? Listen up, guys.
We got a window of opportunity.
There's a trap in the ceiling.
I don't feel like dropping in without a distraction.
I hear ya.
CS gas standing by.
No 555's.
There's 90 cubic feet of air in there.
What about 517's? Still overkill in that space.
Ditto flashbangs.
Serious risk of eye and ear damage.
Hey, hey, how about this, training flashbang? Used them on the recruits this morning.
You got trainee flashbangs? Sure.
Just open the doors a little first.
Reduce the concussive effect.
I like it.
Let's do it.
Okay, the elevator has two emergency override patterns: the ground floor and the nearest-floor cycle pattern.
Drop them down a floor.
We'll deploy from above.
Sam, Lou, meet and greet when the doors open.
Got it.
Boss, you good with this? (quietly): Just go careful.
These guys don't have records.
Just sounds like they've been pushed too hard.
Copy that.
Distraction standing by.
Standing by.
Standing by.
Spike, countdown override procedure.
Override in five, four, three, two, one.
Triggering override.
Distraction on my go.
Back off.
Back off! Hold.
Hold, Eddie.
He's got Graves.
with hostage in elevator.
We have one subject in the elevator with Joel Graves; he's armed with a snub-nosed .
Fall back.
New deal.
Hostage situation.
Decrease pressure.
Copy that.
Wordy, I'm coming up.
Spike, keep trying the phone.
Maybe they're ready to talk now.
No, no, no.
See if we can get the ventilation going in here, and keep your guys out of sight.
(sighs, clears throat) All right, change of plan.
Spike, go for the ground-floor override sequence.
A lot more tac options in the open lobby than one of these hallways.
Freeze! Freeze! I'm giving up.
Put your hands on your head! Hands on your head! Stay right there.
Stay right where you are! Come here.
Come here.
We got a subject who has surrendered.
Copy that, Sam.
You're Sierra.
Lou, let's bring the guy down here.
Got him.
What's he gonna do? That depends on your friend.
Please, don't hurt him.
We don't want to.
Why don't you help us out? (sniffs) What's that smell? What's going on? We're trying to help your friend.
What happened? You don't know? He soaked the room with gas, including himself, and now he's threatening to light it up.
Oh, my God.
No, no, none of this was supposed to go like this.
Let me talk to him.
No, I can't let you do that.
Lou, I got him.
It's okay.
You want to help your friend? You need to keep talking to me.
Spike the gas in the media room, I think we got another option.
Talk to me, Lou.
How close can we get to the subject? (phone ringing) You gonna answer that? (phone beeps off) You know, you don't seem like the kind of guy.
What kind of guy? The kind of guy who makes his point with a gun.
What would you know about that? In my line of work, you meet a lot of people.
You get a sense.
You know, I got two kids.
My buddy Lorne has two kids.
They went out for a drive today, cross-country, go live in a house that smells like other people.
They got to watch their dad sell everything that they own for less than what you'd pay for a business brunch.
So you think about what kind of guy Lorne was before you sold out his family's future? No one's accountable.
We're all just pieces of paper crossing his desk.
He sells a piece of paper, and we lose everything.
That's what happened to Stan, too? Brian and me worked at the plant 11 years till it closed five months ago.
Stan lives on Brian's street.
We've all been buddies a long time.
Brian thought he was doing us a favor.
Here's these amazing mortgage deals He talked you and Stan into it? Me and Carol.
Carol, Stan's wife? Late wife.
And Stan Stan fixed his place up with this own hands.
Did it for Carol.
Did it to give her the home she always dreamed about.
LORNE: Then, one day, they get a letter in the mail.
Her payments have been tripled, and there's no way they can pay.
Their pension's already decimated.
What are they going to give up? Heating? Groceries? She sees it coming, right? All they put into it.
All he did for her.
It's all gonna be gone.
But she can't bring herself to tell him, so she hides it, right? And hides it.
One day, she's out of time.
Makes no sense.
I mean, you love someone, you stick around and you fight, but she couldn't.
He comes home after work one day, and he finds her he finds his wife That wasn't a great day.
You really think Graves is gonna care, or you just want him to see what he's done? We want him to see the people he's wrecked up close.
We want his face on camera saying, "I made this choice.
"I sold out a thousand families "for the price of my $22 million bonus.
"I knew what I was doing and I did it anyway and I'm sorry.
" Okay.
Eddie, I need to stay here with Stan.
That's all it'll take! I need you to meet the elevator and start negotiating.
You catch that conversation I had with my friend Lorne? Yeah, I copied.
Spike, start the override procedure.
(elevator whirs) Okay, listen to me, please.
No, you listen to me.
You're gonna do this, you understand me? You're gonna do this, or you're not walking out of here.
You're not going home, you understand? Okay.
I can't hold the elevator doors open when they hit the lobby.
It'll cycle open automatically.
And we're five, four, three, two, one.
(elevator bell dings) Move away.
Move away! My name's Ed Lane.
I'm with the Police Strategic Response Unit.
How you doing? Get out of the way.
It's Brian, right? Brian? We're coming through.
What's going on? Have you got him? Is he coming?! Just try and understand where we're at, Stan.
Boss, me and Lou are working on Option B.
Big reno on the main floor.
Big paint job.
We may be able to neutralize it later.
Could buy you a few seconds.
Yeah, I hear you.
That's good.
You'd better get him here! I'm done waiting! Just calm, just calm, Stan.
Just stay with me.
Lou's got uniforms moving on it.
Okay, but move fast.
Move real fast and give Ed whatever background you can on Brian Baumann.
Still working on it.
We're still working on it.
Five more minutes.
Five more minutes.
I got the solution.
Copy that.
He's going to talk.
You're going to talk, right? I know what's going on here, Brian, okay? And I gotta tell you right out of the gate, I'm sympathetic.
Laid off from the auto plant five months ago.
Lost his house to foreclosure.
No listed address.
No family.
We got a lot of people here, Brian, who are very sympathetic.
They understand exactly what it is you're going through.
No, they don't.
They don't.
Yeah, they do.
No, they don't.
That's why we're going in there with the cameras, and he's going to say what he's done.
That's what we're here for.
I get that, Brian.
Okay, I get that.
When I was a kid, I saw my folks go through the very same thing.
You feel helpless.
You get it? Then you get why this guy has to go in there and own up to what he's done.
Where is he? What do you want, Stan? Why aren't you letting him through? Brian and Lorne, they want to make things right again.
Lorne wants a house for his family.
I get that, but what do you want from Joel Graves? I want him in here.
You know, what I think you really want, what you really want, you know he can't give it to you.
You know he can't bring it back.
Lou, you got to hurry.
You got to hurry, Lou.
On our way.
Don't try to stop me.
I owe this.
I owe this to Carol.
To Carol? Stan's wife recession suicide.
He found her in the garage.
She had her good coat on.
Her good coat, like she was going somewhere.
She left a note on the hood of the car, 'cause she couldn't tell him.
She thought she let him down.
I hear you.
That's not right.
That's not right.
Yeah, it's not right.
It's not right.
You hear me? You get it? Then you let me through.
Now listen to me, Brian.
In this job, I hear a lot of people asking for a lot of crazy things, and what you're asking for, it's not crazy.
It's not.
It's just not something It's not something that we can do, okay? We can't do it like this.
No, I get it.
I get it.
You just you just want to do right by your friends.
You just want to do right by Stan.
Brian, Stan is down there right now, doused in gasoline, with a lighter, and he's going to light himself on fire.
Now, I know you've lost a lot, but you don't want to lose Stan, too.
So I'm asking you, show him that this isn't the way.
Just show him that there is another way to end this.
Okay? Please? Please.
Thank you.
WORDY: Weapon's down.
Weapon's down.
Thank you.
(handcuffs clicking) And I know, and I know how hard it is to lose someone, to lose someone you love, to lose something that's so important to you and have it ripped out of your life.
I know.
You got ten seconds.
This isn't the way, Stan.
Nine! It's not the way.
Your friends know that.
Eight Your friends know when it's time to stop.
You get him in here, or this ends right now.
Just don't do it, Stan.
Just don't do it.
(handcuffs clicking) Thank you.
You did the right thing.
You did the right thing.
What do you have to tell us about today? Hi, uh, I'm Joel Graves, and in response to today's events, I'd just like to say a few words.
Um I'm moved by the losses of these men.
(camera shutters clicking) And I understand the need to turn to someone for an explanation.
What these men lost was more than four walls and a roof.
But that's the part that I took from them.
It made sense on paper, but up close, it's a different story.
All right.
Let's go.
And up close, it's not the same.
I'm sorry.
Stan, I'm sorry.
If there is anything I can do to help Thank you.
(reporters clamoring) Well, he got up there.
Came clean, said he was sorry.
That's what you wanted, right? It's not enough.
I know.
I know nothing's going to take that pain away.
Now he wants to help.
How's he going to do that? Being sorry gets him off the hook? "I want to help," makes things better? What's he gonna do? Is he in the business of giving back lives? What about my wife? Just don't do it, Stan.
Just don't.
Ready, Sarge.
(sobbing) Carol.
(sobbing) Carol.
third subject, Stan Matthews, contained.
(computer beeps) You know what? She blew by everybody in there.
Nobody could touch her, Greg, nobody.
So, what's the problem? You don't think she'll work? You don't want to let Jules go? (sighs) (chuckling) Constable Sabine.
Sit down.
Good call today? Well, no one died.
This guy wanted to die today, but he didn't get to.
This other guy, he's got a family that's going to go without a father for a while.
This guy's going to jail, 'cause all he wanted to do was help out his two friends.
I get it.
Yeah? It's not black-and-white.
Everyone's a constable here.
There's no rising up in the ranks.
You don't make more money 'cause you risk your life every day.
You make less.
I know.
You're not going to be out in the field alone.
You're going to be in it with a team.
I'm not going to lie to you.
If Jules makes it back, she's got a place here.
But that doesn't mean I won't put my faith in you.
I'm not going to let you down.
Yeah? Okay? Yeah, let's keep the peace.
Okay, let's do that.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Are you waiting for a miracle? Are you waiting for a lightning bolt? Are you waiting like a paranoid Little boy? Are you ever gonna come back home? We're gonna get through this.
Do you believe that the sky is falling? How you ever gonna pick up the pieces? Do you really think that anybody will listen? Do you really think that anybody will notice?
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