Fool Me Once (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[tense music plays]
Judith, we need to talk.
Caroline seems to be having a hard time.
Caroline can't cope
if a shampoo she likes is discontinued.
A dead brother
- Why didn't you let her see his body?
- Excuse me?
She said you wouldn't
let her see Joe's body
or Andrew's back then.
It's made it hard for her to move on.
She's highly sensitive.
You know this, Maya.
She couldn't handle seeing them like that.
- Well, she wishes she did. For closure.
- What are you trying to do here, Maya?
I just want to figure out why she said
you've been sending
Detective Kierce thousands of pounds.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Where is this coming from?
Hey, Maya.
Could I have a word?
Jesus Christ, she's a grieving mother.
Caroline told me you've been sending
Detective Kierce money.
- [scoffs] Come on.
- Is that true?
Caroline's a fucking loon.
Did you see your brothers' bodies
after they died?
- What kind of question is that?
- Humor me.
I get you're having a
hard time,
but I think it's best you leave now.
[tense music building]
[music crescendoes]
- ["Inside" by Chris Avantgarde plays]
- I can hear your voice ♪
I can feel you cry ♪
No matter what you do now ♪
Don't dare to close your eyes ♪
The end is drawing near ♪
I'll tell them that you tried ♪
Shed a single tear now ♪
Time to say goodbye ♪
Time to say goodbye ♪
[song ends]
Okay, so we've got you
booked in for blood tests
and blood pressure checks today.
We will make appointments
for an EEG and an MRI scan soon.
These will test for epilepsy,
tumors, and neurological causes.
We'll also arrange an ECG to see
if you have any underlying heart problems.
If you wait here,
I'll be back in a moment for you.
[uneasy music plays]
Thank you.
[clears throat]
[birds chirping]
[Daniel] So, Mum was with someone
before Dad and got pregnant?
Who's this guy?
[Abby] I don't know.
[Daniel] Oh my God, look.
Sunflowers. Like on Mum's grave.
[dramatic music plays]
[dramatic sting]
- And that note with them.
- What note?
No name on it.
It was in French. It was like,
"You have my heart for my whole life."
What? Dan, why didn't you tell me?
I just thought it could have been
from anyone in the family. Or friends.
Mum had loads of friends.
Do you think he's the one
that left her flowers?
Do you think he's the one she had
a secret phone for? I have an idea.
I bet I know how to find out who he is.
Who's Alexander Dosman?
God, that's scary. How did you do that?
Invasive and dystopian
recognition software.
You're not smart, you know?
Leaving sunflowers,
they're probably Facebook friends.
Ugh, why choose such an ugly photo of me?
It's not the photo's fault.
- Oi!
- Ow, Abby.
[clicks mouse]
What's that mean?
Maybe that Mum blocked him,
or he blocked her.
[types, clicks mouse]
He works at Bimbal.
One of those huge tech companies.
He He transferred right here
eight months ago.
And that's right before Mum died.
Should we tell Dad? Or the police?
We can't tell Dad. He's a wreck right now.
And what're we gonna tell the police?
Our evidence is a bunch of photos
from a million years ago
and some flowers on a grave.
We don't know anything yet.
[intriguing music playing]
I have football practice now.
Let's go after that. See what we can find.
[music fading]
Okay, so we have Joe Burkett
and his sister-in-law, Claire Walker,
both killed in supposed
robberies gone wrong,
which is feeling less likely
now that we know it was by the same gun.
Any updates on the bikes Maya Burkett
described her husband's assailants riding?
Right, yeah, the bikes.
Okay, so we spoke to the city council
about accessing CCTV footage,
but, well, turns out
there are no cameras in the park.
That's convenient.
But Richard is still going through
the doorbell camera footage in the area,
so something could still turn up.
Right. We need to go through Joe Burkett
and Claire Walker's mutual connections.
Okay. Well, one, Maya Burkett.
Who was overseas for Claire's murder
and was attacked alongside her husband.
Two, their co-workers at Burkett Global's
pharmaceutical division.
Yeah, well, all of which have solid alibis
at the time of Joe's murder.
Oh, wait, three.
What about the, uh the sister's
sad, strange husband, Eddie?
Eddie Walker.
I know his alibi
checked out for Claire's murder,
but we should really get
a statement on Joe's.
- Yeah. Yes.
- That's very good.
Thank you.
[inhales, clears throat]
You ready?
Ready for Eddie!
[chuckles] It's
Yeah, now. Yes, I am ready.
Here. Can you drive?
I've got some emails
I need to send on the way.
Mm, I'd love to, yeah.
I'm a fantastic driver, actually.
You know, I was voted best
behind the wheel in college.
Oh God, sorry.
I, uh I didn't mean to flex.
I heard about your accident.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah, what happened?
- You crashed into a fence?
- Ugh.
- A cat ran onto the road.
- [elevator beeps]
Want to hear a a fun fact
that the feline folks hate, huh?
Do I?
Okay, so under UK law, a driver doesn't
have to swerve in order to avoid a cat.
It's not deemed a valid contributory
factor in a road traffic accident.
But a dog, however, right?
That's considered valid. Hmm!
- [chuckles] It's crazy, right?
- Yeah.
So because it was legal,
I should have killed the cat?
Oh, no, so it's not I was
I just thought it was interesting.
Yeah, it's fascinating. Fascinating.
[pushing button impatiently]
- [elevator dings]
- Ah, sorry. Excuse me.
- Hi, John.
- You all right?
I found that burner phone of Claire's.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mm.
So, uh, was she cheating on Eddie?
I don't know.
There were no texts, just a load of calls
to this nerdy video game club
called Player One.
- Video games?
- Mm.
That's not Claire's thing at all.
[ominous music plays]
All calls were made in the morning.
Before they were open.
So, whoever she was talking to
hangs out there early.
Yeah. Well, this time,
I'm going to go back before it opens.
[dramatic music playing]
[music continues]
[music fades]
[dramatic sting]
[ominous music plays]
What are you doing back here again?
[tense music plays]
- Do you know whose car this is?
- Why are you asking?
Well, I'd love to speak with them.
My current lease is almost up,
and it's between one of these
and, uh, another model.
We're closed,
and I don't know whose car it is.
I think you do.
- Why won't you tell me?
- Because why would I?
Now, please, you've got to leave.
We don't open for another hour.
Sorry to bother you.
[clicks tongue]
[gentle music plays]
[chuckles softly]
Little shithead.
[car door opens]
[dramatic music plays]
[music building]
[music softens]
Oh shit.
[softly] Fuck.
[disorienting music plays]
[music stops]
[door slams closed]
[groans, sniffles]
[doorbell melody plays]
Hello. DS Kierce and DC McGreggor.
Do you mind if we come in
and ask you a few questions?
Yeah, all right.
[Eddie] Anything to drink?
[Kierce] Just a glass of water
will be great, thanks.
[Eddie sighs] Water? Yeah, of course.
Sorry, I need to straighten up.
These are the only clean ones.
[water pouring]
Claire was the organized one, so
No, these are these are perfect, thanks.
Makes me feel young again, you know.
[chuckles] Good.
[Maya] Hi.
A car chase? Seriously, Maya?
Yeah. A failure of a car chase.
- So you didn't see who it was?
- No. The cap hid the face.
They're average height.
That's all I got. But
I did put a tracker on the car.
[sighs] Maya.
Could you log on
and keep an eye on it for me?
- I've got lessons soon.
- What the hell is going on?
Joe's sister says that the family
have been paying off
the detective working on his case.
Detective Kierce.
Why? To make him try harder?
Well, she thinks it's to cover up
Joe still being alive.
- I can check out Kierce if you want.
- Yeah. Would you?
Not a problem.
Look, I'll fill you in later.
I'll send you over the tracker details.
Yeah, Maya. I'll keep
an eye on your stalker car for you.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
Claire loved Joe. Like a brother, I mean.
- It's a real tragedy.
- Just one more question.
Where were you on the night of April 12th,
the night Joe Burkett was killed?
You don't think I killed him, do you?
It's just a routine inquiry.
[mysterious music playing]
April the 12th, um
Uh Let me think, um
Can't remember where you were
the night your brother-in-law got shot?
My wife's dead. I don't know
where I am half the time. Okay?
We just need an alibi so we can
check off all our boxes, that's all.
- I was at the gym.
- What gym?
The one on Howsden Street, um,
Novastar Fitness
or Top Star Fitness or whatever.
Right. We'll check up on that,
and that's us.
Thank you.
Well, that was a mood killer.
I don't believe for one second
that man was at a gym anytime recent.
[muffled] Right? I mean, he could
really benefit from a runner's high.
[disorienting whooshing]
- Whoa, Kierce!
- Oh shit.
- [whooshing stops]
- [phone ringing]
It's just It's just a head rush. Sorry.
- [sighs] Come on.
- [phone beeps]
[alarm beeping]
Uh, Ms. Stern.
How many times have I told you? It's Maya.
Just pull back gently on the cyclic.
Like that?
Yeah, that's it.
Nice and gently. Bit more.
- [beeping stops]
- That's it.
Ah, yeah.
- There you go. Perfect. See?
- Yes, Miss Stern.
- [tuts]
- Yes, Maya.
Thank you.
[phone ringing]
I I need to get this, okay?
- Yeah, Shane?
- Hey. So, your tracker's disappeared.
It was heading north a minute ago,
and then just blipped off.
- [sighs]
- I'll send you it's last location. Okay?
Alright, just send it through.
You got it?
[Maya] Yeah, I got it.
That's less than a mile from me now.
Maya, please be careful.
Right, Shane, this creep
knows something about Claire.
- All right.
- Okay, bye. Bye.
Okay, I'm ready to take control.
Hands and feet clear.
- You have control.
- Thank you.
[dramatic music playing]
[suspenseful music plays]
I've got you.
I've lost him.
Gonna have to land.
- Right, you wait here. I'll be back soon.
- Wait. What?
I have a dentist appointment in an hour.
What am I supposed to do?!
[sighs in frustration]
[tense music plays]
[dramatic sting]
[dramatic sting]
[tense music continues]
[grunts, groans]
- [man] What're you doing here?
- [panting]
Is that your car? Is that your
- On your feet.
- [yelps in pain]
[all grunting]
Guys, it's fine. I'll talk to her.
[disconcerting music plays]
[dramatic sting]
Hi, Maya Burkett.
- Great to meet you in person.
- Corey the Whistle.
You're the one Claire's been calling?
Go and talk inside, shall we?
[ominous music plays]
Well, come on. You track me down
in a helicopter and then stop at the door?
- [music fades]
- [beeping]
[beeps rapidly]
- Someone's paranoid.
- [Corey] Yeah, for good reason.
Like today, for example, a trigger-happy
war criminal tracked me down.
Fuck you.
[chuckles] I'll take that
over a missile strike.
[locks door]
Tell me about Claire.
Why were you calling her from the arcade?
It's a cool place, isn't it?
Oh yeah, as a hideout for a grown man
who makes a living
off being a life-ruining rat.
- Very cool.
- Is that really what you think I do?
How do you know Claire?
- [slams thermos]
- First of all, I'm not a rat.
Actually, that hurt my feelings.
It's investigative journalism.
I reveal facts.
You took my life away from me.
I lost my job. I lost friends.
How did you know my sister?
Okay, can I just say that, actually,
I am completely heartbroken.
Claire and I didn't know
each other very long, but
she and I grew very close.
She contacted me.
About you.
Claire didn't want me
to release the rest of the tape.
The audio. You know what
I'm talking about, don't you, Maya?
- [helicopter whirring]
- [disorienting music plays]
Clear to engage.
So, what?
[ominous music plays]
You didn't release the audio
because my sister asked you not to?
Well, she was convincing.
I had done enough to you.
What did you get out of it?
Claire worked
for a big corrupt corporation.
She had access to the inner sanctum.
You forced her to leak insider information
on Burkett Global to you?
- She believed in the cause.
- Claire wanted to protect me.
You took advantage.
- We scratched each other's backs.
- Yeah, and now she's dead.
She got killed
over some bullshit for your blog.
You're not seeing the big picture, Maya.
Claire wasn't the only one
who was killed, was she?
She worked with your husband, Joe.
There's no way Joe
would turn on his own family.
Well, your sister
apparently thought otherwise.
Think about it. Claire looks into it.
She ends up dead.
And then Joe looks into it.
I think the two of them
stumbled upon something big.
What did they find out?
Okay, a little before Claire was killed,
she called me.
She said that she'd found out
that the Burketts
had personally been paying
a guy called Tommy Dark for 26 years.
Uh, I backdoored my way
into the Burketts' database,
but I couldn't find a thing.
According to his website,
Tommy Dark runs a security firm
for a shipping company, but there's
nothing linked to the Burketts on there.
I didn't think anything of it
until Claire's death.
And then Joe's
right after he reached out.
My husband contacted you?
Joe wanted to meet up in person.
And then a few days
before we were supposed to
He was killed.
Um, Claire tried talking
to Dark in his office,
but that didn't go anywhere.
The guy's sketchy as fuck.
Why should I believe you and any of this?
How do I know it's not a trap?
What would I be trapping you into?
I want justice for Claire's murder,
just like you do.
I didn't have any luck with Dark,
but maybe you will.
Uh, keep an eye on your phone.
If you get a missed call from the arcade,
that's me saying we need to meet, pronto.
[dramatic music playing]
[metal clanks]
[ominous music plays]
[music fading]
[woman] Come in.
Hi. Uh, I have an appointment
with Mr. Dark.
Mm, no, you don't.
Mr. Dark has no appointments scheduled.
Okay, well, maybe you can help me.
Do you know her?
[chuckles softly] She didn't have
an appointment either.
- So she did come here.
- Isn't that just what I said?
- When will Mr. Dark be back?
- No idea. He's taken time off.
Okay, well, do you have
a phone number or an address?
- I'd love to speak to him.
- You know what?
[suspenseful music plays]
Here's his home address.
Go tell him that I'm owed two months' pay
that I quit. [scoffs]
[music fades]
- All right, Sami?
- All right, John? Just the, uh, usual.
But a granary bread today,
and just the one cheese slice because I'm
[John chuckles] No problem. Coming up.
Detective Kierce, right?
Shane Tessier, military police, obviously.
- Also a cop. Can I get the special?
- [John] Yeah, sure.
Hey, you you're working
the Burkett murder, right?
- Yeah.
- [chuckles] Yeah.
Yeah, my partner worked a case
with that family a few years back.
Said they're a bit of a handful.
A bit, yeah, but if I lost a kid,
I'd probably be several handfuls.
Oh, you've got kids?
- Yeah. Well, not yet.
- Sami.
Yeah. Uh, due in four months.
No way. Wow, man.
Congratulations. That's amazing.
Uh, thank you.
My wife and I, we think about
having kids all the time, you know?
But, I don't know, they're just
so expensive nowadays, you know?
Mm. It'd be nice to have money
like the Burketts, though, right?
- Maybe.
- Really? Just maybe?
Sure, it makes some things easier,
but you realize it's true
it can't truly buy happiness.
I mean, look at Joe Burkett.
Would he have been mugged and murdered
if he wasn't wearing a £3,000 watch?
I don't know.
Fair point.
You know Maya Burkett?
Hmm? Uh, yep. Yeah, I do a bit.
Yeah, well, you'll know money
hasn't protected her either.
I mean, I don't think the human brain
is equipped to deal with that much grief
in that short a time.
Thinking you're seeing your dead husband
on the nanny cam, and attacking her nanny.
[tense music plays]
Anyway Sean Shane.
- Shane.
- Shane.
- Shane Tessier. Shane Tessier.
- Right. Yeah.
- It's lovely to meet you.
- Likewise.
And send Maya my love.
See you around.
[coach] That's it. Stay on your toes.
Keep moving. Don't just stand there.
It should be game tempo, yeah?
Look, Kasselton is gonna laugh
in all your goddamn faces
at Saturday's match,
unless you get it the fuck together!
Come on, let's pick up the pace.
We can do this.
I hate him.
Maybe he's still mad about Auntie Maya
showing everyone his weird willy.
Toby said it looked like
a tiny gray croissant.
Ew, Daniel!
Let's go find Mum's old boyfriend.
[pleasant music playing faintly
over speakers]
- Look at this place.
- Shh.
Hello, welcome to Bimbal.
What is the purpose of your visit
and your preferred pronouns?
What do I say?
What is the purpose of your visit
and your preferred pronouns?
Um, we're here to see our dad.
So you're in the Bimbal family.
Fantastic. We love you.
Please state the name
of your Bimbal family member.
Are you still there?
- [Abby whispers] Hurry up.
- Frank Montague?
It can't be that easy.
Please scan the QR code.
Welcome, family of Frank Montague.
Please accept my Bimbal blessing.
[whirs, buzzes]
- [whispering] Dan.
- [man] No spinning now.
- No, no spinning!
- [woman] What a baby.
[female voice] Doors closing.
[indistinct conversations and laughter]
[ominous music plays]
[whispering] Abby.
- Come on, let's go.
- Hey.
- Who are you?
- Please, we we're just leaving.
[Alexander] Pete, they're with me.
Yeah, I'll I'll handle it. Okay?
Come on.
You're Claire's kids. I know.
And I won't speak to you here.
Open your AirDrop
Flat 802, 7:30.
I will answer any of your questions.
I promise.
[mysterious music plays]
[car doors lock]
[ominous sting]
- [dog barking]
- [woman] Scallops! Scallops, down.
Enough, Scallops! Scallops!
- Hi. Excuse the naughty babies.
- Hi. Ah [chuckles]
Sorry, this litter's fully accounted for,
but if you're willing to wait
Oh, no, I don't want a dog.
Um, can I please speak with your husband?
Well, that's not possible. He's not in.
Well, maybe you could give me
a phone number or email?
May I ask what for?
I want to know why the Burkett family
have been paying him £9,000 a month
for the past 26 years.
I'm afraid I wouldn't know.
Does he ever talk about the Burketts?
- I really don't know anything.
- Does he work for them?
[tense music playing]
His work is confidential.
I'm sorry. I can't help you.
Okay, well, please,
if you do remember anything,
just just give me a call.
- [music fades]
- [gun firing]
[Maya] I'm here. I'm here.
They're gonna give away our tee time
if you keep showing up late.
Don't start with me today, please.
I'm not in the mood.
[buzzer sounds]
Wow, that was terrible.
What have you done with Maya Stern, huh?
[buzzer sounds]
- What's up with you?
- [buzzer sounds]
Where'd you go earlier?
I heard the Burketts
are paying somebody else off.
A guy called Tommy Dark.
But it doesn't make any sense.
Dark doesn't seem to be rich.
His house is like a small bungalow.
[disorienting music plays]
[pensive music plays]
What does
"non terra sed aquis" mean again?
With an image of a ship?
"Not by land, but by sea."
It's a sailing motto. Why?
- I told you about Joe's brother who died.
- When they were teenagers.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. The family said he fell.
- Joe said it was suicide.
- Wait, wasn't that on a boat?
I need you to do me another favor.
- Maya.
- I need you to look into Tommy Dark.
I'm wondering if there's a connection
with Andrew Burkett's death somehow.
You know, a favor for most people is,
"Can you send me the name of that song?"
Or "Can I borrow an egg?"
You do know that, right?
- [phone chiming]
- Oh, shit.
- [sniffles]
- [phone chiming]
- We really need to talk.
- [buzzer sounds]
I need to get Lily. I'm sorry.
- Brilliant. Got a whole three minutes in.
- [Maya] Bye.
[Shane] Maybe next time we can do five.
- [ominous music plays]
- [imperceptible]
[Marty] Kierce!
[ominous music continues]
[Marty mutters]
[Kierce] We got a hit on the bikes.
Looks like Maya Burkett
wasn't making it up.
[suspenseful music playing]
- Oh my God. So they do exist.
- [Kierce] Yeah.
[Marty chuckles softly]
Here's where the cam picked them up,
so they must have left the park here.
- Winslow Lane, around 9:10.
- Oh! Got a shot of their license plates.
All right. Come on.
Okay, uh, Foxtrot.
I think it's Golf. One. Four.
Kilo, X-Ray, Lima.
- The Yamaha's a fake plate. Next?
- Two secs.
Okay. Lima, Juliet. One. One.
- Alpha, Oscar, Charlie.
- [clicks mouse]
[Kierce] All right, we got an address
for the registered keeper
of the black Ducati.
All right, come on.
You've been drinking
a lot of water today. Here.
Do you want some?
Try it.
- [gasps]
- [giggles]
[gentle music playing]
Beautiful. Beautiful.
- [giggles]
- Mwah!
[music continues]
[ominous music plays]
- [elevator dings]
- [suspenseful music playing]
[Abby] Dan. Can you wait here?
- I'll go in by myself.
- But
I don't think we both need to go in.
Just stay here and keep watch.
Keep watch?
Just stay here, okay?
I'm sure I won't be long.
[keypad trills]
[Kierce] This is the address
the motorbike is registered to.
- [Marty] Okay. Not what I expected.
- [doorbell rings]
- [dramatic sting]
- [Kierce] Mr. Phillip Dawson?
[suspenseful music continues]
[eerie, suspenseful music plays]
[dramatic sting]
[music continues]
- [Maya] Joe! Joe!
- [gun shots echoing]
- [helicopter whirring]
- No!
[Maya screaming]
[frantic knocking at door]
[Lily crying]
[dramatic music plays]
[knocking continues]
[Maya] Lily? Lily?
[dramatic sting]
[Lily crying]
[Maya] Lily?!
[tense music playing]
- [Lily wailing]
- [suspenseful music plays]
[lock trills]
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
[intriguing synth music plays]
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