For All Mankind (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

The Weight

[TRACY] Wow.
This is beautiful.
[MAN] Shit.
I don't think it was recording.
- Really?
- Sorry. It's these gloves.
We're gonna have to do it again.
- That was great though.
- Yeah.
- Do it just like that.
- All right.
It's beautiful.
Yeah, this is she.
Christ, I can't
I can't do this again.
I can't I thought I
could, and I I can't.
Do you know, Kelly, how long I waited
when he went down in Korea?
Two weeks. Two weeks I
waited, feeling like this.
I can't.
Don't worry, Mom. It's gonna be okay.
Nothing about this is okay.
Baldwin residence.
This is his daughter.
You can talk to me.
[KELLY] Thank you.
This is what it's like, Kelly.
For the people you love.
This is what it's like,
and you should know that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Goodness, look at you.
I just got a little wet. That's all.
Look, I know it looks pretty bad,
but, uh, doc said I'm fine.
Oh, well that's great.
You know, no harm, no foul.
- Karen, I'm sorry
- Sorry for what?
It was an accident. You
know, boys will be boys.
- [ED] But where are you going?
- [KAREN] I'm gonna go to work.
It's 6:00 a.m.
Yeah, I just I'm gonna get
an early start on the day. So
Glad you're home.
Is she okay?
It was a long night.
Thank you. Hello.
Welcome to Jamestown.
Al Rossi, Commander.
Hey there. Tracy. Nice to meet you.
We've met before. Twice, actually.
Oh, God. I'm I'm so sorry. I'm
I'm just, uh I'm terrible with faces.
That's all right. You've
got the recognizable one.
Uh, this is quite the welcome
wagon y'all put together.
Uh, to be honest,
I think everybody was just
hoping to get on Carson.
- Right. Of course.
Well say hello. [CHUCKLES]
But really, we couldn't be
more excited to have you, Tracy.
Giving everyone on Earth a glimpse
of all the things we're doing up here,
well, I think it's gonna
be great for Jamestown.
I agree, sir. I'm very
excited to be here.
And if you don't mind, we have
a little Jamestown tradition
we like to do for new arrivals.
Uh, Tracy Stevens, I
hereby christen thee the new
Linus of Jamestown. Whoo-hoo.
- [TRACY] Linus?
- Uh, you know, from Peanuts.
Why am I the Linus?
You're the, uh you're the newbie.
Everybody else on your crew's
already been up here, so
Ain't that something? [CHUCKLES]
Okay, show's over. Let's get back to it.
Hey, Nick, as your first official job
now that you're not the Linus,
why don't you give the new Linus
here the standard orientation?
Sure thing, chief.
Hi. Hi. Uh
tour of our humble castle, my liege.
Stupid. Uh [CHUCKLES]
So all your power,
uh, life support, communication
systems run through here,
radiate out through the various modules.
And we continue.
[TRACY] All right.
This is where we do all
of our research projects.
Geology, biology, chemistry.
Um, eyewash station
over there on your left,
in case you get any
regolith in your eye,
which you do not want to do.
- Mmm.
- Trust me.
That stuff gets everywhere.
In your fingernails, your
mouth, your nostrils, your
you know, your nether regions.
[CHUCKLES] Don't worry. You,
uh You get used to it.
- All right. [CHUCKLES]
- Unfortunately.
Uh, Gerald is our resident chemist,
and, uh, Gerald here
makes a mean moonshine.
We allowed to have booze here?
Well, it's, uh, generally frowned upon,
but, you know, sometimes you just
need a little nip after a long day,
if you know what I mean. [CHUCKLES]
Yeah. I think I'll be all right,
but, uh but thank you.
N-Nice to meet you, Gerald.
[CHUCKLES] Okay. Great.
Yeah. Uh, don't mind him.
All the chemists are kinda weird.
I think it's 'cause they almost
never get to go outside.
And this is the brains
of the base. Ops/Comm.
Wow, this looks bigger
than I thought it would.
Yeah. Everyone says that at, uh, first.
Just, uh, wait a couple weeks.
This is Commander Rossi's
quarters, right here.
Other side is the med bay
and quartermaster.
So, if you bump your head,
need extra TP, that's your spot.
Behind me, we got our construction
and mining operations.
Tuzell and Petersen run a pretty
mean poker game on Friday nights.
[CHUCKLES] That's good to know.
I'm not too shabby myself.
I actually cleaned up
off my crew last week.
Yeah, well, uh, I'm pretty sure
Petersen's a cheat, so be careful.
Last week, he won Eric's
whole ration of lasagna.
Ooh, scary Eric. [CHUCKLES]
So, back here, we got LSAM Flight
Operations Control and EVA Ops.
As one of our LSAM pilots,
you'll be gabbing with them a lot.
This is Julie. She'll mainly be
your CAPCOM, and that's Mark.
Good to see ya. Hey, Mark.
Uh, Paul, I th I think, uh
I think we've got enough for
Mr. de Cordova. Thank you.
Sure thing.
And onward we go. [CHUCKLES]
So, uh, what is Johnny like, by the way?
[CHUCKLES] He's, uh He's the best.
I knew it. And what
about Ed? Is he really
Is he really drunk all the time?
No. That's just coffee in his cup.
- I knew it. I knew he was a good guy.
You know, I, uh
I didn't wanna admit this earlier,
but when, uh, I was a
senior in high school,
I saw you save Molly Cobb on TV.
Well, now I feel old. [CHUCKLES]
No. Please. Uh, you're
you're not. Uh it's
It changed my life.
I remember thinking to myself,
"One day, I'm I'm
I'm gonna be her".
I mean, you know, figuratively speaking,
of course, 'cause I'm not
- Of course.
- [CHUCKLES] I'm not I'm Yeah.
Thank you, Nick.
No problem. [CHUCKLES]
- Uh onward to, uh, mod 1.
Three channels on TV.
Unfortunately, the person with
the most moon time in the room
gets to pick the show.
Sorry, Linus.
Call me Tracy.
Uh, MREs are in here.
Restocked every two weeks from
the unmanned cargo launches.
The lasagna goes fast,
and I'd definitely stay away
from the lentils if I were you.
So, uh, this was the old Jamestown Base.
Yeah. It's where it all started.
Hard to believe, isn't it?
Anyway, uh, make sure
to throw out your trash
in the receptacles right here.
- Got a bit of an ant infestation problem.
- Infestation?
Yeah, you'll get used to it.
Oh! Uh, you wanna make a call,
you sign up right there,
you get 15 minutes.
That's it? When Gordo was up here,
it was a whole bureaucratic thing.
It used to drive me crazy.
Yeah, now it's just a regular old phone.
Call whoever you want.
You, uh You got Johnny's number?
- Just kidding. Uh, come on.
I'll show you where you sleep.
[NICK] You're on shift A.
That's the good one. Trust
me. In bunk three. Here.
Locker is all yours.
Normally, you'd have to share
it with your hot rack partner.
Hot rack?
Yeah, not enough beds
on base for all of us.
The eight crew that work the night shift
have to share bunks with
the most recent arrivals.
Oh, that sounds awful.
It kind of is, but you don't
have to worry about that
'cause Commander Rossi
thought it'd be better
if you had your own space.
It's good to be queen.
- Tell him I appreciate it.
- Will do.
can't smoke in here, right?
Oh, yeah. But, uh, can
still use my imagination.
- Right. [CHUCKLES] Okay.
What is that?
Oh, that's just the
air ventilation system.
Like everything else,
you'll get used to it.
Come on. Let's go meet
your LSAM crew chief.
Slippery little bastard.
Ain't gonna save you though.
[ED ON TAPE] Check
this out, cheese dick.
[GORDO ON TAPE] Oh, no, you don't.
Sorry, sailor. Saw that coming.
Time to eat your lunch. Pipper's on
Fox two.
That's all she wrote, buddy. [CHUCKLES]
[CHUCKLES] Ah, geez.
We call that a clean kill.
[ED ON TAPE] We call
that dumb luck, Gordo.
Let's make it two out of three.
Whoa. That's not good. Warning tone.
Jesus, Ed, you're on fire.
You got flames under your left engine.
[ED ON TAPE] Ah, shit!
[GORDO ON TAPE] You better
get out and walk, buddy.
[ED ON TAPE] More like go for a swim
Well, that is one hell of a show.
Whose idea was it?
- Don't look at him.
Don't look at him.
Give me one good reason why I
shouldn't pull both your tickets.
I take full responsibility for
Since when? For anything?
- Molly, listen. I
- Sit down.
[ED] I'm
Now, I decide who gets
to go up and when.
- Molly, you can't
- I can, Ed.
You were stupid. Both of you.
- Molly, I
- Fuck up one more time
Never gonna happen.
I promise you.
Then get out of here. Scram.
Yes, ma'am.
- That's it?
- What?
That was barely a slap on the wrist.
We can't just let them get away
with this kind of behavior.
I don't care if it's Ed Baldwin
or Charles goddamn Lindbergh.
Things got away from him.
Happens all the time. It's no big deal.
Not a big deal?
Those jets cost over
$2 million a pop, Cobb.
You wanna tell the president
that's no big deal?
- I'd be happy to.
- I bet you just would.
I know you and Ed are close,
but I think it would be prudent as
you're getting started in this job
to set a certain tone and, uh
I'm in charge of the Astronaut
Office now. Is that correct?
Yes. That's correct.
All right. So the way I see it,
for the next few months,
these are my people.
And I will handle them as I see fit.
They're pilots,
not desk jockeys.
Things happen. Not everything
goes according to plan.
Things happen. That's a great attitude.
Maybe that should be NASA's new slogan.
I don't have to justify
myself to either of you.
Have a great day!
[MAN ON PA] Propulsion system
training has been moved to the
Fuck ye
Pretty cool, huh?
Yeah, it's, uh it's cool.
So, um
why don't you tell me a little
bit about yourself, "Alieda"?
- Aleida.
- Aleida.
Right. Um, all right,
tell me your story.
Yeah, I, uh I don't
really have a story.
Well, um [CHUCKLES]
how did you wind up here
with us at Apollo-Soyuz?
It's not that interesting.
Over a hundred applicants and you
come out of nowhere to grab the job?
I would say that's pretty interesting.
Not much of a talker, are you?
Well, um
glad to have you on board.
Uh, the docking system design
team works out there.
You'll be here with us in Ops,
working on procedures and
timelines for the docking module.
That's Elaine, Hank, Bobby.
Most of us were on the
old Apollo missions.
Oh, and if you have any
questions, feel free to ask.
Welcome to Apollo-Soyuz.
Once a month, you take anybody
rotating back home
back up to their shuttle.
You get the new crew,
you bring 'em back with
you here to Jamestown.
Now, other than that, your job is gonna
be to retrieve unmanned cargo
from various points on the surface.
You land. You hook up the cable,
winch the containers up into the cargo
hold, you bring them back here.
Then you unload, refuel, systems check
and a whole lot of maintenance.
Yeah, I get it. I'm basically
a truck driver up here.
Yeah, we get a lot of pilots up here
always thinking they know best,
so let me just disabuse
you of that right now.
I've been doing this a long time.
I know this beast like
the back of my hand.
Now this is not some Piper Cub.
She's like a wild stallion.
You gotta have a deft touch.
Think I can handle it, Doug.
- Auto-start good.
- Keep it steady.
[DOUG] Easy.
- Shit.
Put your hand back on the ACA
and let it switch to P167 automatically.
- There you go.
- All right.
Copy that.
Now I got it. Got ya!
Whoo! All right.
[PAM] "The guy next to you on the subway
seems like Superman to me,
what they used to call a god.
How easy for him to flirt,
to make you smile,
to hear your golden laughter
and joke with you again.
'Will he have your phone number
before the last stop?'
is a game for gods.
My tongue would shatter
before I said a word
if you even looked at me".
Fragment number 16.
[PAM] Look at you.
That was, uh, great.
You were great.
Bet you were wondering how
a bartender turns into a poet.
[CHUCKLES] No, you always,
uh, thought more than you said.
Yeah. Well, some point,
it just went the other way
- and now I just talk without thinking.
You still in Texas?
Austin. Yeah.
- Of course.
- Mm.
I heard you moved to the moon.
- Yeah, I bought a condo there.
- Well, why not?
- [WOMAN] Hi.
- [PAM] Hi.
Ellen, this is Elise, my partner.
Hi, Elise.
I've heard so much about you.
We see you in the newspaper
all the time.
I'm sorry to interrupt. George wants
to introduce you to someone.
Oh, okay.
- Sorry, I I
- Oh, no, of course. Go.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, y-you too.
Thanks for coming.
Good seeing you.
Ellen. Hi. Uh sorry, I just
I wanted to, uh
Would it be weird for us
to get a drink sometime?
No. Not at all. I mean,
it would be nice.
- To catch up.
- Yeah.
Uh, I've got a reading
in Amarillo tomorrow,
but I'll be back in Houston
in a few weeks.
- Great. Okay, I'll see you then.
- Okay.
Uh, that shot of you
stepping onto the moon,
boy, that was something.
Sure wish Neil Armstrong looked
that sexy in a space suit.
- [TRACY CHUCKLES] Oh, come on, Johnny.
I thought Neil looked
pretty good myself.
So, how, um how's it been going
on your first few days at Jamestown?
Oh, everyone has just been so welcoming.
It's It's been great. It's
It's like a village up here.
Well, tell the villagers all
of us down here say hello.
Will do, Johnny.
Tracy Stevens, ladies and gentlemen.
Our first ever guest from the moon.
Thank you, everyone.
I'll see you soon, Johnny.
I bet Ron and Nancy tuned
in for that. Pretty cool.
I like Letterman.
I pulled into Nazareth, was
feelin' about half past dead ♪
- I just need some place ♪
- Approaching 42 Alpha.
- Where I can lay my head ♪
- "Hey, mister ♪
Can you tell me where
a man might find a bed?" ♪
- He just grinned and shook my hand, ♪
"No" was all he said ♪
Approaching 51 Foxtrot.
Take a load off Fanny ♪
Take a load for free ♪
- Take a load off Fanny ♪
- And you put the load right on me ♪
- I picked up my bag, ♪
I went lookin' ♪
- [DANNY] How's the food?
- Eh, it serves its purpose.
- When I saw Carmen ♪
- Hey, Gordo.
- And the Devil walkin' side by side ♪
What on earth is your father doing?
- Good question.
- I said, "Hey, Carmen ♪
- Come on let's go downtown" ♪
She said, "I gotta
go but my friend ♪
Good morning from the
south pole of the moon.
It's Tracy Stevens wishing
all you nine-to-fivers
a sunny day on 88.5,
New York's number one choice
Keep rocking to WHU FM.
Hey, y'all. It's Tracy Stevens
kicking up moondust for the listeners
of K-Billy's Sounds of the '70s.
- And you're listening to Hot 97.
- Houston's 96.7. The Brick.
Approaching 26 Yankee.
- Go down, Miss Moses ♪
Oh, with the blue-green Earth on
the horizon and Milky Way above
and stars and sun, bigger
than you can imagine.
Ah, Johnny, you can't help
but be in awe of the universe.
[JOHNNY CARSON] Wow. Astronaut Tracy
- young Anna Lee ♪
He said, "Do me a favor, son, ♪
Won'tcha stay and keep
Anna Lee company?" ♪
Take a load off Fanny ♪
Take a load for free ♪
Take a load off Fanny ♪
Approaching 85 Charlie.
[JOHNNY CARSON] Now, a moon day
is 655 hours long. Is that right?
That's correct.
what, Ed, 30 hangovers?
- Crazy Chester followed me ♪
- And he caught me in the fog ♪
He said, "I will fix your rack
if you'll take Jack, my dog" ♪
I said, "Wait a minute, Chester,
you know I'm a peaceful man" ♪
He said, "That's okay, boy,
won't you feed him when you can" ♪
Yeah, take a load off Fanny ♪
- You okay, Dad?
- [GORDO] Yeah.
It's all part of the training, Son.
Take a load off Fanny ♪
And you put the load right on me ♪
I'm Tracy Stevens live from the moon,
and you're listening to
the Morning Zoo on KQ 92.
- Catch a cannon ball now ♪
To take me down the line ♪
[TRACY] Well, it's, uh,
lots of work, lots of poker,
but, um, I'm still digging
the heck out of it.
Y'all should come up for a visit.
I could be the first man to bounce
an alimony check from the moon.
Who sent me here with
her regards for everyone ♪
Take a load off Fanny ♪
- Take a load for free ♪
Take a load off Fanny ♪
And you put the load right on me ♪
Thank fucking God.
Why are the M16s painted white?
So it doesn't melt through your gloves.
Temps get as high as 250
on the lunar surface.
Hope you packed some sunscreen, Bernitz.
- This is crazy.
- Tell me about it.
They still haven't
given us any guidelines
as to when we're allowed
to shoot these things.
[MOLLY] Well, today is your lucky day.
I have here the Rules of Engagement
for Use of Force on the moon.
Straight from the secretary of defense.
Well, it was nice of them to give
us the word before we took off.
Probably change it mid-flight.
- And again when we touch down.
- [MOLLY] Listen up.
I've walked through these with
General Bradford and the
[SIGHS] You can read this page-turner
for yourself in your spare time.
The gist of it is this:
In reclaiming site 357 Bravo,
you will not fire your weapon
unless it is in response to a
hostile act or hostile intent.
What exactly is "hostile intent"?
"Hostile intent" is what
my face will look like
if you make me read this shit to you.
Commander command.
Aye, aye, ma'am.
We had plotted the entire year
to steal the army's mascot.
- The mule?
- No, a flock of mules.
They don't have just one.
I think you mean a herd. [CHUCKLES]
We broke those guys out of
the stable. They were flying.
- Admiral Baldwin.
- As you were.
- [KELLY] Dad.
- Hey.
Sorry I'm late.
I can get you a plate.
Uh Oh, just, uh,
pull up another chair.
Oh, I'd better get going.
Me and Jimmy are supposed
to call Mom in a bit.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- Oh, tell her we said hi.
- Yeah.
Spaghetti night. [CHUCKLES]
Yeah, I didn't think you were coming.
Looks like a pretty good
crowd out there.
- Hope you're hungry.
- Oh, a feast.
Wish I could hang, Dad,
but I have to go help
Ashley with dinner service, so
- [ED] Really?
- Yeah.
Uh was driving over here,
I saw Wrath of Khan was
playing at the Alabama.
Maybe you could sneak out and
we could catch the late-night.
Kelly and I saw it last week.
- Was it good?
- Yeah.
Then Spock dies.
- What's going on?
- Grab your oxygen mask.
- What?
- Your mask.
Jesus Christ.
High carbon dioxide alarm.
- High CO2? In which module?
- Can't tell!
[ROSSI ON PA] Toxic atmosphere detected.
Everyone prepare for
possible evacuation.
This is not a drill.
I repeat, this is not a drill.
False alarm, folks.
What the hell happened?
[ROSSI] Computer read a spike in CO2.
Looks like we had a blocked
vent in crew quarters B.
Oh, God.
[TRACY] I'm sorry. I can't sleep.
I can't sleep, so I was
just, uh, trying to
Tracy, we're one month
into your tour up here.
And honestly, things aren't
going very well, are they?
No, sir.
And you've got five more months to go.
I, uh I guess I've
been having trouble
adjusting to life up here.
Let me, uh, give you some advice.
This is my second tour, and
I've learned that being
up here on Jamestown,
uh, living in the same
space day after day,
you just have to embrace the
- Have you been drinking?
- Hmm?
- You're drunk.
- No, I'm just
You're one of three LSAM
pilots on this base.
What if this had been a real emergency
and we had to evacuate?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- No, you're not fine.
This is completely unacceptable.
I'm writing you up.
- Hey. Don't do that.
If you report me to Houston,
they'll ground me.
This is my life.
Uh, could you could you please
just give me one more chance?
All right.
But the special treatment is over, okay?
- No more interviews. No more press.
- No problem.
And I'm assigning you to work
a training detail on B shift
in addition to your normal duties.
- Double shift.
- Mm-hmm.
- Which means you'll be
- Be hot racking it.
If you don't like it, you can sleep
on the floor for all I care.
That'll be all.
[TRACY] Hey, Deke.
I finally made it to the moon.
I don't know what people
see in this fucking place.
It's just a big ball of gray dirt.
I don't know. I just thought
it was gonna be, uh, somethin'.
I just feel like, uh like I'm, uh
just drifting out here
No one to talk to.
Except maybe for you.
If you could, you'd tell me
to shut the hell up, but
you can't, so
sorry you're stuck listening to me.
I miss my boys.
I miss my bed. Hell,
I even miss my bathtub.
I know.
I know. W-W-W-What do I
have to complain about?
I gotta quit my whining. I know.
I should be happy.
I got everything I ever
wanted. [CHUCKLES]
It's just that now, now that I'm here
I don't know
it's it's just so
Hey, boys.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Just training.
Like the closet?
Yeah. Like the closet.
What closet?
I found him in the closet with
his space helmet on the other day.
- Everything okay, Dad?
Yeah. You've been acting kinda weird.
Yeah. I'm okay.
I'm just getting ready to
go back up to Jamestown.
A lot to keep track of, you know?
A lot to wrap wrap your mind around.
Gotta be prepared.
- Is it working?
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
Kind of. You know, not as
not as well as I'd like, but
Is this about what happened
up there last time?
What What do you
What do you know about that?
I mean, mainly just what
was in all the reports on TV.
You had to fly Mrs. Poole back
when she broke her arm
and that things were,
um, different after.
You never went up again.
You know, you
you try to hold everything together.
Try to be strong for your family.
You know, tell 'em that you're safe
and that you're gonna be okay.
But the
truth is, boys
it's not always gonna be okay.
shit happens that you can't control.
Things can go wrong in a second.
And you realize that
I realized up there
that I was I was weak.
I was afraid.
So I'm just trying to
burn that from my head.
You know, that fear.
Before I go back up.
How's it going?
[CLICKS TONGUE] Ah not great.
- Maybe we can help.
I wish you could, bud, but
I think Jimmy has an idea.
- Whoa!
- Cannonball!
- You dick!
- I will find a way ♪
- To get to you some day. ♪
Going under.
- Oh, but I, babe, I'm so ♪
[PAM] When did this happen? [LAUGHS]
I'd say like two months ago. [CHUCKLES]
- Disco dancing?
- Mm-hmm. He loves it.
- He and Peter go every Saturday night.
And by now, they're probably
well into the hustle. [CHUCKLES]
Does he Does he wear the, um
the whole vest and collar thing?
- Oh, yeah, the whole getup.
- This round is on the house.
- Thanks, Karen.
- Karen, that's really not necessary.
Nonsense. It's so good to see you again.
Yeah, I-I have to admit,
when I heard you bought
the place I was surprised.
Yeah, so was I. Trust me. [LAUGHS]
You've done a pretty good
job of making it look
- Less like a shithole?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Baby steps though. Baby steps.
Still not sure about those.
Oh, yes, those. You and
everybody else. [CHUCKLES]
Hey, if you ever wanna get back
behind the bar, you let me know.
No, no, no. [CHUCKLES]
Thank you, but, um
I-I live in Austin now
with my girlfriend.
Oh. Uh
That's really wonderful.
You're welcome back
here anytime, all right?
- Thanks, Karen.
- Okay.
So you said Larry was
working at Boeing now?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
He likes it.
Decent hours. Not as stressful.
You've really just made a life of it.
Are you thinking of having kids or
know. [CHUCKLES] Uh
We've talked about it.
Elise definitely wants kids.
But not you?
I've had my fill of slurring,
slobbering humans.
[LAUGHS] I'm sure.
Did you, um
You ever figure out which
poem was about you?
Took me a long time to write that.
To be able to write that. It's
Well, anyway, it was
a long time ago. Um
Finally got my shit together.
Finished my master's at UT.
Might stick with teaching. Not sure.
Unless I become
the next poet laureate.
Of course. Goes without saying.
- Yeah.
I should probably be heading
back. It's getting late.
Drive all the way back
to Austin tonight. [SIGHS]
- Right. Okay.
This was nice.
Yeah. It was.
So, I guess this is goodbye then.
I guess so.
Bye, Ellen.
What do you think is in those cases?
I'll tell you one thing,
it's not sticks and stones.
Um, welcome to Jamestown.
I'm Al Rossi, commander of the base.
After you're all settled in,
we'll have a debrief in my
quarters about your, um
- your mission up here.
- Copy.
Bernitz, it's my understanding
that this is your first
time on Jamestown.
It is.
Well, we have a little tradition
we like to do for new arrivals.
Uh, Charles Bernitz,
I hereby christen thee the
new Linus of Jamestown.
- Linus?
- It's from Peanuts. [CHUCKLES]
Stevens, you'll be training Charles here
on advanced LSAM operations
for their mission.
He's SIM certified but obviously
hasn't flown it up here. Clear?
Well, aye, aye, sir.
Now, why don't you show
them to crew quarters A
and then you can give the Linus
here the standard orientation.
Copy that. Follow me, y'all.
Um, do I have to go by Linus?
You'll get used to it. [CHUCKLES]
You used to have that exact same
NASA ashtray on your coffee table.
Well, that's the actual one.
Finally just found
the right place for it.
Good night, guys. Thanks for today.
[MAN] Thank you, Karen.
See you tomorrow.
I remember this one time
me and Jimmy were at your
house for a sleepover. [SNIFFS]
[CLEARS THROAT] It was really
late. We were being really stupid,
and Admiral Baldwin was
getting really, really upset.
We were all pretty much
terrified of him.
Yeah, he can be a little
intimidating sometimes.
Well, the bedroom door comes
flying open and you come out.
Thank God it wasn't Admiral Baldwin.
- And you said, "Dang it, boys!"
- Dang it?
Yeah, even at the time I was
like what adult says "dang it"?
- Uh, me, apparently. [CHUCKLES]
And then you said, "Knock it
off and go to bed right now".
You said it real loud so that
Admiral Baldwin could hear.
And then you went like this.
And you whispered, "Just keep it down".
- That was great.
And I always thought, "Best mom ever".
Ah, you know, or at least top five.
Really? Top five?
- Mmm.
- Okay, who was better?
Mrs. Henry had those chocolate
chip cookies with walnuts.
- Wha What about my ambrosia?
- I suppressed that memory.
- Oh, come on. No, you didn't.
I do remember this other time,
uh, I was supposed to
come over early for lunch.
I'd gotten there. The door
was unlocked, so I came in.
I heard music playing.
I think it was Elvis.
- Oh, no.
- Yeah. And there you were
in the middle of the
living room just dancing.
- By yourself.
I mean, I've never seen anyone
dance by themselves before.
Psh, of course.
What kinda nut dances alone
in the middle of the day?
- Oh.
You know, I still think about Shane
pretty much every day.
Yeah, it's the dividing line in my life.
Before and after, like
BC and AD.
When he was here and
after he was gone.
Me too.
Good work today, Danny.
It's my job.
No, it's not. Your Your
job is to protect our nation.
- Okay, my summer job.
- Mm-hmm. [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
- Dang it. [CHUCKLES]
- Don't you dare. [LAUGHS]
Good night.
Good night, Mrs. Baldwin.
You know I can be found ♪
Sittin' home all alone ♪
If you can't come around ♪
At least please telephone ♪
Don't be cruel
to a heart that's true ♪
Baby, if I made you mad ♪
For something I might have said ♪
Please, let's forget the past ♪
The future looks bright ahead ♪
Don't be cruel
to a heart that's true ♪
I don't want no other love ♪
Baby, it's just you I'm thinking of ♪
Don't stop thinking of me ♪
Don't make me feel this way ♪
C'mon over here and love me ♪
You know what I want you to say ♪
Don't be cruel
to a heart that's true ♪
Why should we be apart? ♪
I really love you, baby,
cross my heart ♪
Let's walk up to the preacher ♪
And let us say "I do" ♪
Then you'll know you'll have me ♪
And I'll know that I'll have you ♪
Don't be cruel
to a heart that's true ♪
I don't want no other love ♪
Baby, it's just you I'm thinking of ♪
Don't be cruel
to a heart that's true ♪
Don't be cruel
to a heart that's true ♪
I don't want no other love ♪
Baby, it's just you I'm thinking of ♪
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