For All Mankind (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

Don't Be Cruel

- [PAINE] He said it with a straight face.
- [ELLEN] No.
Oh. You want one anot
No. I think two is my limit.
With that attitude, the Koreans
are gonna eat us alive.
Are we negotiating
an East Asian space alliance,
or is this gonna be a drinking contest?
Can't have one without
the other. Not in Seoul.
You thought the UN delegates
were party animals. Just wait.
- I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
- You're gonna be great.
You were born to do this job.
You know, Tom, I've been meaning
to talk to you about something.
I think I might
- You're pregnant.
No. [CHUCKLES] It's not that.
Uh, I, uh
[WOMAN] Excuse me,
Ellen Wilson? Room 147?
- Yes, thank you.
- Phone for you. Mm-hmm.
This is Ellen Wilson.
Okay. Thank you.
Uh my father had a heart attack.
It doesn't sound good.
I'm so sorry.
Um, he's in he's
in Connecticut, right?
Use the limo. I'll take
a taxi to the airport
- No, I can't do that. The Korean
- You You can't not do that.
This is family.
Go. Uh
I'll call you.
Thank you.
[MARGO] Poor thing. She was
so excited about going to Korea.
[PAINE] Hopefully her
father will recover,
and she can join me in a day or two.
[MARGO] Must have been
a rough night for her.
How about you? Did you get any sleep?
[SCOFFS] Of course not.
You know I can't sleep on planes.
It's a 14-hour flight.
Martini, sir.
These long international flights
are the only time I can really focus.
No distractions.
Just me, my martini and the
Apollo-Soyuz budget requests.
Some light reading, huh?
You should try reading
a novel once in a while.
It'd be good for your mind
to just tune out.
I just finished this one
called Christine,
about this 1958 homicidal Plymouth.
[PAINE] Yeah. My new electric car's
tried to kill me a few times.
[SIGHS] How are Poole
and Morrison doing?
Everything going okay in Russia?
By all accounts the
training's going smoothly.
Still can't quite believe
it's happening.
Our astronauts in Star City,
their engineers in Houston.
I know.
I was calling to check in on
one point on the negotiations
for the EASA before we land.
Uh, check away.
For this proposed space
station, are we real
Tom, you there?
If you'd like to make a call,
please hang up and try
I'm sorry you missed
your flight for nothing.
I blame your mother for overreacting.
It's not nothing, Dad.
You had a heart attack.
A minor incident. I feel fine.
A wake-up call.
You heard the doctor. No more
red meat, no more smoking.
And you have to slow down.
Though we all know that'll never happen.
I'm running
a half-a-billion-dollar company.
We just extended into Asia.
Got a new hub in Europe and another
Uh-huh. I know.
You want me to slow down,
I'm gonna need your help.
And obviously that's not
gonna happen right now.
Well, maybe you're being
a little shortsighted.
What are you saying?
I'm thinking about leaving NASA.
I'm serious.
I wanna get to Mars,
and I'm starting to think
that private spaceflight
is the only way to get there.
What does Larry have to say
about you changing course?
Larry wants me to be happy.
Wherever I am.
One thing I don't have to worry about,
you'll always have a
solid man by your side.
Not that I wouldn't mind
a grandchild or two.
Sorry to interrupt, ma'am, but, uh,
the White House is calling for you.
- The White House?
- That's what they said.
This is Ellen Wilson.
Special report. Here is Dan Rather.
[RATHER] President Reagan
arriving at this moment
at Point Mugu Naval Air Station
in California,
taking him from his California vacation
back to work in Washington.
A vacation cut short
by the shooting down
of Korean Air Lines
flight 7 by the Soviets,
with the apparent loss
of as many as 269,
all of the persons aboard.
President Reagan is expected
to deliver a statement shortly.
From Moscow, still no official
confirmation of the plane's downing.
Just that there was,
quote, "an accident",
but not even what kind of
accident from the Soviets
and nothing in the way of an apology.
In the wake of the barbaric act
committed yesterday by the Soviet regime
against a commercial jetliner,
the United States and many
other countries of the world
made clear and compelling statements
that expressed not only our outrage
but also our demand for a
truthful accounting of the facts.
What can we think of a regime
that so broadly trumpets its vision
of peace and global disarmament
and yet so callously and quickly
commits a terrorist act
to sacrifice the lives of
innocent human beings?
And what are we to make of a regime
which establishes one
set of standards for itself
and another for the rest of humankind?
To the families of Congressman
Lawrence McDonald,
NASA Administrator Thomas Paine
and all those on the ill-fated aircraft,
we send our deepest sympathy.
And I hope they know
our prayers are with them all.
What the hell was that airliner
doing flying over Sakhalin?
It's not even on its flight path.
Could have been a navigational error.
Flight computer could have caused
the plane to deviate from its route.
400 miles?
Maybe something was wrong
with the autopilot.
Poor bastard probably never even
knew he'd entered Soviet airspace.
So the pilot accidentally wanders
into a protected area.
Why shoot down the plane?
It's a commercial airliner,
for God's sake.
It doesn't make any sense.
We've got spy planes flying
over Sakhalin all the time.
It's a secret air base.
They're paranoid.
I'm sorry. It is beyond inconceivable
that any pilot could mistake
an American reconnaissance plane
with a Korean passenger jumbo jet.
I don't buy that for a second.
It's more likely they suspected KAL 7
was being used as a spy plane.
Was it?
[SCOFFS] Don't be ridiculous.
Why would the United States use
another nation's passenger plane to spy?
We are wasting time here.
All that matters is I haven't been able
to reach Poole and
Morrison in Star City.
I have tried every line.
It's radio silence.
The FBI shut down access
to all Soviet officials in the US,
including the Apollo-Soyuz engineers,
so they're probably responding to that.
They are holding our people
hostage. That's not okay.
[ELLEN] She's right.
- Ellen.
I've spoken with Jim Baker
at the White House.
Until the president appoints
a permanent replacement,
I'll be fulfilling Tom's duties
as acting administrator.
Now, uh, reestablishing communication
with our astronauts
is our top priority at this point.
Maybe I should get in touch
with Sergei Nikulov,
see if he could help us get in
touch with our people, and
We just got attacked by the Soviets.
You're gonna reach out
to 'em and ask for help?
Sergei will listen to reason.
They have shown time and again
that they can't be trusted.
This should all run through the NSC.
Well, I think we need to pursue
all available options
before this turns into
an even bigger incident.
Go talk to him. Hopefully he knows
of a way to reach Star City.
Thank you.
Your call.
[SIGHS] Damn it!
Let me out!
What can I do for you?
I'm Margo Madison.
I need to see Sergei Nikulov.
No one goes in, no one goes out.
Those are my orders.
I'm the director, Johnson Space Center.
I'm sure you are, honey,
but you're not getting in.
- What's your name?
- Sergeant John Perkins.
Okay, Sergeant John Perkins,
I know you have a job
to do, but so do I.
I'm gonna give you 15 seconds
to get in touch with
your superior officer,
12 seconds to explain
the situation to him,
45 seconds for him to reach
General Nelson Bradford
and confirm I am who I say I am.
Another 15 seconds for
your boss to get back to you
and ten for you to open this door.
That puts you 97 seconds away
from either a cold beer
at the end of your shift
or an open-ended transfer
to Thule, Greenland.
Your time starts now.
I brought borscht.
Come in.
Did you try the embassy?
Radio silence.
I don't think anything will
happen to your astronauts.
Somehow that's not
making me feel any better.
I know it's a lot to ask,
considering the situation
but do you have a way
to get in touch with Star City?
A secret line, or,
I don't know, something
that might put us
closer to making contact
with our people?
What can I do? I'm trapped
here with no phone.
See? Dead?
- What if I could arrange a call?
Astronauts Poole and Morrison,
they're not a part of all this.
Nor am I. And yet here I am.
Also being held against my will,
unable to call home.
Thomas Paine was killed, Sergei.
Along with 268 others.
That's why we're here.
I'm sorry about your colleague.
Tom was a good man.
Frustrating at times,
I didn't always agree with his methods,
but he gave everything to his job,
and I respected the hell out of him.
Hmm. In my religion, when someone dies,
it is custom to make the first meal
you eat after the funeral
a bowl of how you might
call memorial borscht.
It is believed that the steam will
carry the soul of the departed
to heaven.
Mm. Maybe it's true.
When you get me the telephone,
I will call Moscow and tell them
that I'm not being tortured.
Other than weak borscht.
You know, maybe they will
get in touch with your astronauts,
but I cannot promise.
Thank you, Sergei.
It was another day of
dramatic developments
in the case of the plane
shot from the sky.
The shooting down of
Korean Air Lines flight 007.
The Soviets admitted for the first time
one of their fighters
shot down the jumbo jet
and the 269 people on board.
But the Russians insisted
they didn't know that
it was a civilian airliner.
The United States reacts
with revulsion to this attack.
Loss of life appears to be heavy.
We can see no excuse whatsoever
for this appalling act.
There is no possible legitimate excuse
that the Soviet government
could put forward for this, uh,
despicable action.
People throughout the free world
are continuing to react
No, I understand, Senator.
We're doing everything we
can to get through to them.
Yep. Mm-hmm.
- President Chun Doo Hwan of South Korea
- Thank you. Yep.
accused the Soviet Union of
committing an act of indescribable
Can you put a little sugar in there?
A-Ask him about the UN.
Yes. No Yes, of course
we are, Senator.
Has anyone spoken
to Ambassador Kirkpatrick?
Hey. Is it a bad time?
Yes. Yes, Senator, I'm still here.
- It's nice to see you, Pam.
- You too, Larry.
How's she holding up?
Ah, she's a machine. The phone
hasn't stopped ringing all day.
She keeps going and going.
[ELLEN] Hey, is, uh, Tower
on the Ways and Means?
Yes. And, Senator,
in the wake of this crisis,
NASA is going to need some
additional funding for security.
Can I count on your support?
- That's excellent news.
- Uh, ask ask for ten.
Is, uh, ten too much to expect?
Wonderful, Senator. Thank Thank you.
Um, we can talk more
more about that, of course.
No, understood. We'll have to let him
know first thing in the morning.
I'll call Guam and relay the message.
Oh, yeah. Try to get some sleep, Clark.
I know. We'll get through this.
Okay. Yeah. Bye.
Sorry, I [SIGHS]
I don't think I've spent this
much time on the phone
in my entire life.
Don't apologize for doing your job.
Pretty fucking amazing at it.
Is it obvious that I have
no idea what I'm doing?
[CHUCKLES] Stop it.
You're brilliant. You know that.
Come on. Okay?
Oh. That feels really good.
How are you?
I'm fine.
I am, I am. I mean, I'm
exhausted. [SIGHS]
- And overwhelmed.
- Mm-hmm.
And, I don't know, I just
keep playing it over
and over in my head.
What if my dad didn't
have a heart attack?
I would have been on that plane.
I would have been sitting
right next to Tom. The two of us.
He would have been
the last person I ever saw.
Stop thinking that.
It didn't happen, okay?
If you were meant to be on that plane,
you would have been on it.
What Tom was meant
to be on that plane?
No. I
Right, Tom was meant to die.
I'm saying
sometimes we don't understand
the way the universe works.
He was such a good man. [SNIFFLES]
So misunderstood.
And now he's just
floating somewhere in the Sea of Japan.
All of those people,
they're just floating
somewhere in the Sea of Japan.
Stop it.
You're here. Alive. With me.
And I'm so damn grateful that you are.
Come here.
- [SIGHS] I'm sorry.
- No. It's fine.
This is Ellen Wilson.
This is the White House operator.
Please hold for the president.
[REAGAN] Hello? Ellen?
Hello, Mr. President.
It's an honor to speak with you.
Well, I'm sorry it's under
these circumstances.
So am I.
- Tom was a great American.
I considered him a friend.
And I'll miss him very much,
as I'm sure you will too.
I will.
And I have every confidence you'll
do a wonderful job for me, Ellen.
Tom was a big fan of yours.
I'll try not to let you down.
Are you a Christian, Ellen?
Yes. Yes, I am, sir.
Prayer sustains me in times of crisis.
I hope it does the same for you.
Yes, sir. It does.
I'm glad.
'Cause I'll need everyone on my team
clear-eyed for what's ahead.
We have to show strength in the shadow
of catastrophe, or all is lost.
I understand.
Thank you, Ellen.
Thank you, Mr. President.
Good night.
- [BRADFORD] Got a minute?
- [MARGO] You know I don't.
Were you able to get Nikulov
to help out with our situation?
He said he'd do his best,
but we still haven't heard
from Poole and Morrison.
I expected as much.
I still had to try, Nelson.
Well, maybe this will help you see
what they're really about.
The Pentagon just received
these reconnaissance photographs.
It appears that the Soviets have
put their Buran shuttle
on the launchpad.
[MARGO] I didn't think
it was that close to launch-ready.
Neither did we.
- This doesn't look like Baikonur.
- That's because it isn't.
It's Sakhalin Island. They have
a secret military facility there.
The same secret military facility
that KAL was flying over
when it was shot down?
- These weren't taken by
- Of course not.
These photos were taken by
an SR-71 Blackbird.
The KAL was a commercial airliner.
You're telling me KAL was flying over
the same island Buran
is being launched from,
and these two events are not connected?
That's not why I'm here.
I need you to take a look
at these and tell us
if the Buran can be armed.
After KAL and after what's
going on in Panama, we're
concerned that they might be trying
to introduce a new weapon.
[MARGO] Where did you get these?
It's confidential, I know.
This is so bizarre.
It's like I'm looking
at plans for our shuttle.
The orbiters are exactly alike.
That's what happens when the KGB
steals the plans for our shuttle
right out from under us.
It's the same, down to the payload bay.
So it can certainly be armed,
just like ours can.
Hang on. Look at this.
The solid rocket boosters.
They're an exact replica of ours
but from two years ago.
That's where we found the
O-ring problem on Challenger.
And Sakhalin gets a whole
lot colder than Florida.
So if they copied our boosters
to that extent,
it's just a matter of time
until this thing blows up.
We've gotta warn them.
Margo, they've got
smart people over there.
We caught the O-ring. I'm
sure they caught the problem.
You don't know that. Not for sure.
You're right, I don't.
But I do know that this
thing has the potential
to be armed for use against us.
Now, they can drop munitions
on any point on Earth
with no warning.
And don't tell me they don't
have that potential. Not after KAL.
Yes, I understand.
But if they decide to use Buran
as a weapon at some point in the future,
that's their choice.
We have a choice right now
to save human lives.
Dozens of civilians, engineers,
scientists, they could be killed.
We have the power to prevent that.
I'm not gonna take that risk. I'm sorry.
The answer's no.
And this remains classified.
officials have denied
that his country intentionally shot down
a Korean Air Lines 747.
The United States government,
in cooperation with the
government of Japan,
has decided to spread the evidence
before this council and the world.
It is available on the videotape,
which will be played.
I'm closing in on the target.
I'm in lock-on.
[TRANSLATOR] I've executed the launch.
The target is destroyed.
At approximately 1600 hours,
the Soviet pilot reported
that he fired a missile,
and the target was destroyed.
- [MAN ON TV] Japanese radar operators
had tracked the progress
of the Korean plane
[DANNY] Chardonnay and two
Shirley Temples for table three.
- Oh. Looks like you got a leak.
- Yeah. Damn it.
And the toilet in the men's bathroom
is clogged again, so
Want me to take a look at it?
Would you please? That'd be great.
I should have just replaced
the whole system when I remodeled,
but I was trying to save a buck, so
- Howdy, Miss Karen.
- Hi, Sam.
Hey, boys, why don't you
find a seat right there.
He sure has been coming in a lot
since your mom's been gone.
Mm. Maybe he misses her.
Probably more like a good way
to remind potential investors
that he's married to an astronaut.
Or that.
I need three Scotch and sodas.
But one, only do a splash of Scotch in,
'cause Sam only likes to look like
he's pounding them back.
No problem.
Thank you.
[SAM] I hope this kid's not
giving you too much grief.
Oh, of course not.
He's doing a great job.
Well, I'm sure. He is a good kid.
Yeah, he is. How's Trace?
I haven't spoken to her
in a couple days.
Apparently, uh, the moon
is a very busy place.
Yeah, tell me about it. [SIGHS]
- How's business?
- We've had the best month yet.
Putting those trinkets in that case,
now that was a great idea.
Yeah, believe it or not,
those things earn almost as much
profit as anything else in here.
Well, I believe it.
So, you ready to sell me this place yet?
Mm, the answer's still no.
- All right, that's too bad.
- Mm-hmm?
'Cause with just a little push,
this place is about ready to explode.
Could franchise it. Go national.
Oh, well. Maybe next time.
Or maybe today.
What's that?
I said maybe I'm ready
to sell you the bar today.
Are you serious?
Well, depends on what you're offering.
- 250.
300 then.
350. This is the Outpost, not the Ritz.
With the trinkets in the case,
it's worth at least that much.
Plus, it's only gonna
appreciate over time.
- 390.
- Sold.
I'm I'm so I'm sorry.
Did I just sell you the Outpost
for $390,000?
Not until you shake my hand, you didn't.
That's all it takes?
Well, this is Texas, darling.
A handshake means more than a notary.
All right.
We'll get that paperwork
signed next week.
May I come in?
Who are you?
I am engineer. Come. Sit down.
I've been locked up in this room
for almost 48 hours with no explanation.
Sit down.
I need to talk to my people.
Sit down. Let's have
a drink. Slice of meat.
I don't wanna sit down.
I wanna get the hell out of here.
Do you like vodka?
Do I have a choice?
I have never met American astronaut.
Tell me, how did you get in program?
Are you parachutist?
No. I'm a pilot.
An engineer. Like you.
And did you always want to go to space
ever since you were a little girl?
When I was a little girl, women
weren't allowed to go to space.
When I was little boy
no rockets had ever left to space.
Still I dreamed of reaching stars.
Well, here we are.
Are you gonna tell me
why I'm held prisoner here?
This is not a prison.
Sure as hell feels like one.
You have never been to Soviet prison.
Being in gulag
is like worst dream.
Torture. Starvation. Cold.
So cold.
Men frozen to death.
Forced to betray their comrades
in order to survive.
Every day
you wonder, will you be next,
lined up against wall?
- To fallen comrades.
- Mm.
You know our customs.
I had a good teacher.
Do you know these people?
What people?
The names on the door.
I didn't realize those were names.
Yuri Gagarin.
Valentina Tereshkova. Aleksei Leonov.
Anastasia Belikova.
Yuri Gagarin slept in this room?
We leave them there
as symbols to remember.
Soviet flag on the moon.
This is symbol too.
I remember in planning,
we had calculation, how
close should flag be to lander.
If only a meter too close,
when lander takes off, it will
Fourteen years later, Soviet
flag still stands on the moon.
I know grown man who
weep in Soviet Union at that.
Powerful symbol.
When I first heard about Soyuz-Apollo
I thought [EXHALES]
Ronald Reagan,
he is clever man.
Symbol of astronaut and
cosmonaut together in space.
Of course, I knew we had
no choice but to agree,
because we would look
cynical if we did not.
But also
because maybe
maybe it could change the world.
It can't be anything
if I don't ever leave this room.
When you finally go out this door
do it with your head up.
[SIGHS] Oh, Molly. Thank God.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's me. It's me.
No, no, no. I'm okay, I'm okay.
Yeah. I'm alone.
What the hell is going on?
[MARGO] Try a little negative pressure.
Nice trick.
You want something to wash that down?
We got some good news.
Finally reached our astronauts
in Star City. They're okay.
That's great.
Come on.
Before I change my mind.
It's brandy.
I know.
Oh, you do?
I mean, I've never had it
before, but [CHUCKLES]
Asbach Uralt. Prewar.
The best.
It's strong. [CHUCKLES]
I don't think I've ever
seen you this happy.
Yeah, I am. Sometimes
people can surprise you.
Restore your faith in humanity.
Tell that to Bill Strausser.
What's going on?
He's the biggest jerk of all time.
He's harmless.
A lot of these guys are
lacking in social skills.
Good at the work, bad with the people.
Why is he like that?
He can definitely be condescending
at times and stuck in his ways, but
he's a very good engineer.
And committed to his work
like no one else.
Too committed sometimes. [LAUGHING]
- What's that mean?
- No, nothing.
There was just an
an incident a long time ago.
Probably shouldn't have mentioned it.
Oh, come on. Now you have to tell me.
There was a night when he'd
been at his console for 23 hours,
and he refused to leave it. Refused.
I guess he got caught up
in all the excitement, and he
[CHUCKLES] He peed his pants.
All over himself. Everything.
Just wet.
- Oh. [LAUGHS]
After that, people started
calling him Mr. Peanut.
Why Peanut?
I have no idea,
but that was his nickname
from that day on,
and it followed him for years.
People would leave peanuts
on his console, peanut butter.
Even a doll with a a diaper on it.
I almost feel bad for him.
I know. But listen.
If I can find a way to get
along with Bill, so can you.
You need to find a way
to work this out with him.
He's not gonna be
the last difficult person
you come across in your career.
You're probably right.
Soviet Union continues
to mobilize their Pacific fleet,
harassing vessels that stray
near the theorized crash site
and blocking attempts to search
for the remains of flight KAL 007.
The United States responded
by dispatching warships
from the Seventh Fleet
and has put Air Command on 24-hour alert
as tensions continue to rise
in the North Pacific.
[LARRY] You have to push the button.
- Let me do it.
Bless you.
I couldn't sleep.
Me neither.
How you holding up?
[SIGHS] I don't know.
I don't really know which, uh
which way is up.
- Mm.
- Everything's just so
And I can see what's coming.
Bradford's already pushing for
the military to have a stronger hand.
And that's how this slippery slope
becomes an avalanche,
and we suddenly look around,
and we're a part of the
Department of Defense.
It happens all the time.
There's a crisis, and
then the military swoops
in, and they take control.
It'll be the end of NASA as we know it.
You can kiss Mars goodbye.
For a decade, at least.
I I can't let that happen.
what are you gonna do about it?
I don't know. [EXHALES]
- Can I just point out one thing?
- Sure. Please.
You're the fucking
administrator of NASA.
Acting administrator.
So start acting like it.
You're not watching from
the sidelines anymore.
You're in the game, for Christ's sake.
What exactly do you expect me to do?
You have to prove to them that
you've got things under control.
Show them how tough you are.
How far you're willing to go.
Then you'll have their trust.
We all play different roles
with different people.
Something Tom once told me.
You know what this is about?
The president has decided
to arm Pathfinder.
- Wow.
- Just like that?
We're putting missiles on a shuttle?
Well, at this point
he really has no choice.
The Soviets are being very provocative.
It's a defensive measure.
Until it's not.
We're also moving up the retaking
of lunar claim site 357 Bravo.
It will happen within 48 hours.
[MOLLY] But What?
It's still daylight up there.
The whole idea was to use
the cover of lunar night
to maintain the element of surprise.
Not to mention, these guys
haven't finished their training.
The president has been fully briefed
on where we're at with the mission
- and is comfortable moving forward.
Ellen, can't you talk to him?
Get him to listen to reason?
He needs to understand, this is
These were my recommendations, Margo.
Hello, Sergei.
I'm going back to Soviet Union
while it is decided whether
Soyuz-Apollo still is to continue.
I've heard.
I just wanted to say
thank you for your help.
You're welcome. [CHUCKLES]
I'm glad to do it.
as soon as all this gets resolved,
which I'm sure it will,
I hope to see you again and continue
planning this mission together.
Yes. I as well hope this.
It might be a good thing
to take a step back actually.
Look at things with fresh eyes.
See if we're missing anything
with these docking module specs.
Missing anything? What do you mean?
I just keep wondering
if we've overlooked something.
For instance, about a year ago,
we discovered a defective component
in our shuttle design.
A flaw with the O-ring
seals in the boosters.
What flaw?
One of our engineers discovered that
the ring would harden in cold weather
and fail to seal the joints.
I mean, temperatures at Merritt
Island rarely drop below 40.
So you can understand
how we initially missed it.
Yes, I can understand this.
Thank God we found it.
Because if temperatures
were to dip unexpectedly,
there would be a substantial
risk of failure.
I just wonder what, if anything,
we're missing with these docking specs.
Yes, I wonder too.
I would take a look at it
while you're away.
Well I have to go. I have a meeting.
But I hope to see you again.
Yes. I hope so too.
[ED] Hey, Kel.
You hungry?
I'm making bean sandwiches.
Your favorite.
Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.
All right.
Did Ashley leave?
Oh, yeah. She took off, but
she said she'd see you tomorrow.
Or I guess that's technically
today. [CHUCKLES]
Want a beer?
[CHUCKLES] I shouldn't, but yes, please.
Are you really outta here next week?
Oh, I can't believe that
the summer's already over.
I'm gonna miss you around here.
To a great summer.
Aw, and an even better school year.
- And to you, Mrs. Baldwin.
- Danny!
- Karen. Karen.
- Thank you.
how you feeling about everything?
I mean, with selling this place.
I feel ready to move on.
You know, ready for a new chapter.
Truth is, the place isn't mine.
It never really was.
then we should celebrate.
Well isn't that what
we're already doing?
In honor of my last week,
I decided to donate something
to the Outpost jukebox.
[CHUCKLES] Really? Well,
that was very thoughtful.
- What is this?
- Billy Swan.
- The country singer.
- Yeah.
You recognize that?
No. Hold on. [CHUCKLES]
- Oh, my goodness.
Danny. [CHUCKLES] Oh, no.
- Isn't it great?
- [LAUGHS] Yeah, it's it's different.
Come on.
- Have you been drinking?
[ED] Mm.
How soon can you prep and fuel the LSAM?
I suppose in a few hours. Why?
What's going on?
The president wants us to retake
the claim at 0800 tomorrow.
Jesus. Why Why are
you telling me this?
You think Charles is ready
to pilot the LSAM?
No. No. Not yet.
If I If I knew he needed to be
ready so soon, I would've, uh
[HELENA] Can you do it?
You've flown with us before.
You know the mission better than anyone.
I can't order you to do it.
It's dangerous.
We don't know for sure they don't
have weapons, and if they do
I'm in.
Okay then. Prep the LSAM for launch.
We gotta load our gear and
get ready to roll out in 17 hours.
Yeah, let's do it.
[REAGAN] Thank you very much.
Ladies and gentlemen,
today I'm proud to announce
that we have reestablished contact
with two American heroes.
Astronauts Danielle Poole
and Nate Morrison,
who were being held in the Soviet Union
after the Korean Air Line 007 disaster.
Like the Americans who
began this country,
history has asked much of
the Americans of our own time.
Much we have already given.
Much more we must be prepared to give.
But we also must remember
the future does not belong
to the fainthearted.
It belongs to the brave.
One of these brave Americans,
Acting NASA Administrator Ellen Wilson,
has led the effort
to bring our astronauts home.
And I'm proud to announce
they are currently on their way
to free soil in West Germany.
Let us have faith
in Abraham Lincoln's words,
"That right makes might.
And in that faith, let us, to the end,
dare to do our duty
as we understand it".
Thank you. God bless you,
and God bless America.
[CHARLES] Fuel at 60%.
[TRACY] Copy 60.
[TRACY] Beginning descent
to avoid radar.
[CHARLES] Forty meters.
[CHARLES] Down at seven.
Dropping like a stone.
[TRACY] Canyon in sight.
[TRACY] Final approach to canyon.
Ninety seconds to drop point.
[CHARLES] Holding at five meters.
Steady at five meters.
[TRACY] We have canyon entrance.
Hang on out there. Some
tight turns coming up.
- All right, commencing final run.
Sixty seconds to drop point.
[TRACY] Approaching
final turn. Ten seconds out.
Landing site's not clear.
[CHARLES] That drilling rig
wasn't on the sat map.
- [CHARLES] Should we abort?
- [TRACY] Negative. Going downrange.
Drop point located. Begin descent.
[CHARLES] Ten meters. Down at eight.
[VANCE] Just like the drills, folks.
Immediate dismount, clear
the vehicle and form up on me.
[ALL] Oorah!
[VANCE] Let's do this. Weapons free.
[TRACY] Two meters.
Kicking up a lot of dust.
Hold on.
- Tracy Stevens, you are a badass.
[VANCE] We have the site.
I repeat, we have the site.
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