For All Mankind (2019) s02e09 Episode Script


No exit.
Chest needle.
Right now, goddamn it.
What the hell are you doing?
His lung collapsed.
I'm relieving the pressure.
[EXHALES] We bought him some time.
Get him to med bay and cut
this goddamn suit off him
so I can see what I'm dealing with.
- Did we lose anybody?
- Negative, Commander.
Commander Rossi? Houston's on
the horn. They're plenty riled.
Yeah, so am I. On me.
The other Russian?
Didn't make it. Jason's
bringing his remains in now.
Lopez and Bernitz are
still out at the site.
What the hell happened out there?
We were giving them the warning
when they went for a crate that
could have had weapons in it.
So we took them under fire.
What do you mean,
"could have had weapons"?
Did they grab guns or not?
It happened fast.
We perceived a hostile
intent, and we reacted.
They didn't have weapons, sir.
Turns out one of them was going
for their translation card when I
when I shot him.
[ELLEN] Colonel Paulson, Major Webster,
are you sure there were no
Russian weapons on-site?
Before I take this to the president,
I need to know just how bad it is.
We're sure, ma'am.
I see.
And the cosmonaut, will he survive?
We don't know.
Okay. Keep us informed.
Will do.
Houston out.
This isn't good.
Wars have started over a lot less.
World War I started with a gunshot
and killed 20 million people.
Well, if this turns into World War III,
20 million is gonna seem
like a car accident.
You good, Trace?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Just, uh [EXHALES]
How do you make it stop?
Just give it time.
violent acts on the moon
have been perpetrated by the
United States of America.
US Marines, armed with
automatic weapons
took one of our mining sites by force
and shot two of our
cosmonauts in cold blood.
[INTERPRETER] But the Soviet
Union will not be intimidated.
We have reliable intelligence
that the next American Sea Dragon rocket
plans to deliver nuclear
weapons to the moon.
We will not allow this.
If it attempts to do so,
it will be destroyed.
Just how the hell do
they intend to do that?
Shoot Sea Dragon down during the launch?
I don't think they have the
ability to pull that off.
If they break our COMSEC,
they could veer it off course,
sending it crashing into the ocean.
[MAN] Sir.
A recon satellite just detected
a launch from Sakhalin Island.
A missile?
No. It's their shuttle, Buran.
Guess the Soviets
either fixed the problem
or waited for warmer weather.
CIA says it's armed.
To the teeth.
[ELLEN] If Buran's overhead, they
could bomb Sea Dragon 17 from orbit,
and we'd never see it coming.
[BRADFORD] And that's
not all they can hit.
Let's go. They're tracking it at DODCOM.
[ELLEN] Three hours and all Buran's done
is dock with their space station.
Maybe we're overreacting.
It's their first shuttle flight.
It could have nothing
to do with Sea Dragon.
Buran could just be
running a docking test,
like we do with Skylab.
[BRADFORD] I'd like to believe that.
But air force intel says they've been
stockpiling fuel on that station.
And you didn't tell me?
Not relevant to NASA operations.
[ELLEN] Our shuttles need to refuel
before they burn for the moon,
- so they're maybe not testing anything.
- [MAN] General
Buran's separated from Mir.
They're picking up substantial
delta-V in the TLI window.
They're headed for the moon.
[BRADFORD] Buran could
shoot down Sea Dragon
before it enters lunar orbit.
The Russians are blockading the moon.
Come in.
Well, well, well, look who's
got a new pair of spectacles.
- Oh
- Told you it would happen to you too.
Sit your ass down.
[LAUGHS] Just one of the
many wonderful experiences
you're gonna enjoy in your golden years.
Hair loss, kidney stones,
colostomy bags.
You done, Ed?
What do you want to talk to me about?
DOD is taking over your mission.
Apparently the Soviets have sent Buran
to the moon to stop Sea Dragon.
I can't believe they're
trying to pull this shit.
Do they really think we're
sending nukes up there?
This entire blockade is just an excuse
to cut off our people on the moon.
And we can't let that happen.
What else can you tell me?
Not much. DOD has locked
this one down pretty tight.
What I do know is that they've moved
your launch date up to
the day after tomorrow.
Holy shit.
General Bradford will
brief you on the details.
- Okay.
- Godspeed, Ed.
Be safe up there.
We're taking Pathfinder to the moon?
That's the word from up on high.
We're going up against Buran.
Hell of a test flight.
I mean, look, our nuclear
engines are solid,
but there are still plenty
of things that can go wrong.
I know, it's risky.
But we need to make
the Russians think twice
about stopping Sea Dragon
17 from reaching the moon.
Pathfinder is the
only ship that can do it.
So we're riding shotgun.
We'll rendezvous with Sea
Dragon in Earth's orbit
and then escort her to Jamestown.
And if the Russians don't back down?
Then we will intercede.
[SALLY] Intercede. Right.
With radar-guided missiles,
each carrying over a hundred
pounds of high explosives.
Pretty convincing intercession.
And our missiles have a longer range.
No. Okay, so, just to clarify,
is the plan for us to shoot down
Buran before they fire at Sea Dragon?
[ED] Well, if anyone
fires, we've failed.
Our job is to discourage
them from doing so.
So we're playing a game
of chicken with missiles.
[ED] It's like LBJ said,
whoever controls the high ground
of space controls the world.
Now if you choose to
remain on this mission,
we're wheels up to the Cape
in four hours. Launch in 48.
- [GARY] That's fast.
- Yeah.
What are these for?
Well, if our return to Earth
ends up in hostile territory,
we may need to defend ourselves.
You can't be serious.
The Russians do it.
They have since the '60s.
[GARY] Jesus.
And we can't let Pathfinder
end up in their hands,
so we'd need to destroy her.
Look, I realize this isn't what
either of you came to NASA to do.
If you choose to drop out
I won't hold it against you.
I'm not gonna let you
two face the Soviets
with a subpar NERVA technician.
Just one thing, Ed.
What the Russians are saying about
nuclear weapons aboard Sea Dragon 17.
Are there?
Look, I honestly don't know.
What you got, Nick?
A demand from the Russian
commander of Zvezda.
He wants to send a team
to recover his people.
Both of 'em.
He sounds pretty cranky.
Yeah, that's an understatement.
What should I tell him?
That his injured cosmonaut
remains unconscious,
and I will consult my superiors
concerning his request.
That's all? You sure?
Russians understand deferring to
chain of command. It'll buy us time.
Be polite. But not too polite.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey.
We should get going.
That nurse said it would be
good if we got there early.
- You read the materials?
- I did.
Pretty mind-blowing, don't you think?
That it is.
Okay. Out with it.
Oh, I don't know, just that injecting
antioxidants into your eyes
seems a bit extreme.
Well, so is my glaucoma.
This is the first doctor
who said he can help me.
- Not true. The others said
- No, no.
The others said they could slow it
down, not stop it. This guy is
Is telling you exactly
what you want to hear.
Okay, Wayne. Did you
read the case histories?
Ninety-two percent of
his patients recover
their sight after just three treatments.
Molly, those are all anecdotal, okay?
He doesn't provide any
supporting research,
no clinical trials, no peer-reviewed
analysis by certified specialists
Because the medical establishment
is opposed to what he's doing.
And why do you suppose that is?
Because they don't want the competition?
Because all they think
about is money? Uh
As opposed to this guy,
who wants ten grand
up front and 15 after that
- and whatever the hell
- Wayne, this is my first ray of hope.
You are not gonna piss all over it!
Molly, this guy is a charlatan.
- You don't know that!
- I do. My father
Your father was part of
the medical establishment!
Okay. Just stop and listen to me
for one moment, please. All right?
Look, I know you're scared,
but if you go down to this
guy's clip joint in Juárez
It's not Juárez.
It's Guadalajara, okay?
It's not some sleazy border town.
It's a state-of-the-art medical
facility. Did you look at the pictures?
I don't give a damn
about the pictures, Molly!
They wanna stick needles in your eyes!
Okay? Who knows what
shit they put in there!
You could go blind right then,
or or get an infection,
or even die.
I'm sorry, but it's just too risky.
I don't know, Wayne.
All I know is I gotta fly.
Okay? And if I don't, then
I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know.
No. All right. Come
on, Molly. I'll drive.
You will not. I'm not blind yet.
At a news briefing this morning,
White House press
secretary Larry Speakes
revealed elements of the Soviet
Northern Fleet have been spotted
a hundred miles off
the coast of Colombia,
headed for the Panama Canal.
- The provocative move comes on the heels
of the Soviet Union's lunar blockade.
All leave has been canceled
for US military personnel,
and Secretary of Defense
Caspar Weinberger announced
American forces have
been moved to DEFCON 3.
That must be why the USS Carl
Vinson and the Third Fleet
left the Philippines last week.
I bet they'll be reaching
the canal anytime now.
What? You're not interested?
Your father just got home.
Dinner's almost ready.
- Make sure there's water on the table.
- [ED] I can't stay.
[KELLY] Why not?
Pathfinder's launch got
moved up. Day after tomorrow.
I'm on my way to Ellington now,
but I didn't wanna leave
without seeing you both.
[KELLY] That's so rad.
Why'd they move it up?
Well, that's classified.
Wait, it's not something
to do with Panama, is it?
Are you gonna use the Pathfinder
against the Soviet fleet?
Kelly, he just said he can't tell you.
Are you gonna be okay?
[KAREN] No, he can't promise you that.
He can't.
You wanna be in the navy,
Kelly, this is part of the gig.
Sometimes you get deployed
without any warning,
and the one thing you can never do is
promise the people you leave behind
that you're going to be okay.
'Cause they will hang on to that
promise like it's a lifeline.
And it's not real. Right, Ed?
Look, she's right. I can't promise
that nothing's gonna happen, but
I feel very confident. Okay?
Any luck, I'll be back the
week after you start school.
[ED] Mm.
- I love you, Dad.
- I love you too, kiddo.
[EXHALES] More than you'll ever know.
Walk me to the car?
[ED] You okay?
[SIGHS] I'm fine. I'm just tired.
Is it about the mission?
Then what?
[EXHALES] Ed, we'll talk about
it when you get back, okay?
That doesn't sound good.
Yeah. Well, now's not really the time.
You have to focus on Pathfinder.
That's right. And I won't be able to
if you don't tell me what's going on.
Um, Ed, I I need I need
to sit with it. I don't
Sit with what? What
are you talking about?
Let it go. We'll talk about
it when you get home.
- Okay?
- No, no, no. No.
No, we made a pact, remember?
- Yeah, I know. I
- We made a pact.
You and me, we don't keep any
secrets from each other anymore.
I'd never go out on some mission without
knowing what was going on back home.
- Ed. I know.
- No. You need to tell me the truth.
- We wouldn't keep any more secrets.
- Yes, Ed. I know
Just tell me. Tell me, Karen!
I slept with someone.
You what?
I did.
And I wasn't drunk or crazy or
didn't know what I was doing. I
It was a decision that I made.
D-Doesn't matter who.
The hell it doesn't.
- Who? Who?
- It was a onetime thing.
It's not gonna happen again, Ed, okay?
What the hell, Karen?
What is this? You want out?
- This is your way of asking for a divorce?
- I don't know. I don't know!
You don't know if you wanna
stay in our marriage?
I don't. I really, really don't anymore.
I think that we need counseling.
To To fix things, or blow 'em up?
To figure this out.
We need to figure this out, okay?
When you get back, that's what we'll do.
- We'll go to counseling and figure it out.
- No, no.
You don't get to just drop a bomb
in the middle of our lives
and then just say that "yeah,
we'll we'll figure it out".
No, no. You need to decide.
You need to decide
wh-whether this marriage
us, us
is something that you're
interested in saving.
Really, Ed? Life's a little
more complicated than that.
Don't give me that bullshit.
It's not complicated.
- You're either in or you're out.
- No, it's not that simple, Ed.
You just don't like to live in the gray.
The gray.
I don't like to live in the gray.
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
You like it simple, Ed.
You want up or down,
in or out, yes or no.
You live in a perfect binary world
that the rest of us don't live in.
We live in the I
live in the gray, Ed,
where everything is complicated
and nothing is simple.
Ed. E
Webster, it's time.
How many Russians did
they say are coming?
The State Department agreed to two.
- What if they bring more?
- They wait outside.
They'll be here in three hours.
All right, I want eyes
on both these assholes
every moment they're here.
If one of them has to drop a deuce,
I want a marine in the head with him
to make sure he doesn't dump
Semtex in the plumbing. Am I clear?
- Aye, aye, sir.
- Aye, aye, sir.
The middle of the road ♪
Around the globe,
thousands are protesting
the United States' recent
shooting of two cosmonauts
in a dispute over lunar mining claims.
In Panama the protesters cheered
at the arrival of the
Soviet Northern Fleet.
In a related story, musician John Lennon
will hold his concert for peace
in Madison Square Garden Friday night.
Tickets sold out in mere minutes.
During the rising friction
of the last few months,
Lennon has been an outspoken critic
of both the Americans and the Soviets
- Oh, come on now ♪
In the middle of the road, yeah ♪
[BARTENDER] Ready for another one?
You see the darndest things ♪
- Here we are.
- Like fat guys driving 'round ♪
In jeeps through the city ♪
Wearing big diamond
rings and silk suits ♪
- Past corrugated tin shacks full up with kids ♪
Oh, man I don't mean
a Hampstead nursery ♪
When you own a big chunk
of the bloody Third World ♪
The babies just come
with the scenery ♪
Oh, come on baby ♪
Get in the road ♪
Oh, come on now ♪
In the middle of the road, yeah ♪
Are you okay?
I just need to slow down a little.
Okay, we'll just slow down a little bit.
Sorry, uh
[WOMAN] Okay.
[EXHALES] It's okay.
Just, uh
How long you been divorced?
Mm What makes you think
- Tan lines on your ring finger.
- Mm.
Takes a while for that to go away.
So how long has it been?
It's kinda hard to say.
Divorce hasn't gone through yet.
That is a bad time.
Caught between one world and the next.
Best thing to do is not
think about it. [KISSES]
It's okay.
Don't think about anything.
[KISSES] Just be here.
Just be right here.
I'm married.
I'm not divorced or separated.
I'm just going through a rough spot.
I don't wanna know.
- Yeah, uh [SIGHS]
Jesus Christ.
I'm sorry. I
Little advice,
make up your mind before
you buy somebody
a drink and turn on the charm.
Welcome to Jamestown, Colonel Tsukanov.
Dr. Mayakovsky.
I'm Colonel Rossi,
commander of Jamestown.
Where is our comrade?
Your doctor may examine the
patient. You will wait here.
No. I will go with him.
That wasn't the agreement.
You are to wait here.
I can get you a cup
of coffee, if you like.
[ROSSI] This way, Doctor.
You keep your medical bay sealed off?
It's routine for a
nonambulatory patient.
And the room can double
as a hyperbaric chamber.
Does not seem to have helped
the cosmonaut you shot.
It was a mistake. I
It was an unprovoked act of aggression.
You should be charged and tried
before an international court.
All of you.
For the moment, let's keep
this to the medical issues.
[MAN] Pathfinder standing
by. We have a green light.
Standing by for Sea Dragon launch.
[MAN] All systems green.
Sea Dragon launch confirmed
at 4:36 local time.
[MAN 2] Pathfinder, Houston.
Just got word from Guam.
Sea Dragon 17 has launched.
Roger that, Houston.
IMU alignment matches FRED's.
RTB window still good.
Uh, say again, Gary?
I said we have good IMU
and RTB window, skipper.
Copy good IMU and RTB window.
Y'all ready for the inaugural flight
of the most badass nuclear rocket
ever to grace God's green Earth?
Roger that.
Houston, we are configured
for NERVA flight.
[MAN 2] Looking good here, Pathfinder.
FRED PLV, Houston is go
for pushover and sep.
rogers go for pushover.
Altitude 25,000, speed 270.
Pushover in three, two, one, pushover.
[MAN 2] Houston is go for separation.
[FRED PILOT] Altitude 22,000,
speed 270. Launch ready.
Roger, FRED.
Sep in three, two, one.
I show good sep.
[FRED PILOT] Pathfinder, FRED
is clear for NERVA start.
- Roger, FRED.
Let's light 'em up.
- It's all you, Sally.
- All right.
I show green on the
control drum actuator.
Throttle control is all yours, skip.
- Whoo!
Thought you'd like that.
Houston, we are under
nuclear power and hauling ass.
Engine cutoff in five, four,
three, two, one, cutoff.
Pathfinder is in orbit.
How nice of them to keep us in the loop.
Pathfinder's on track for rendezvous.
Copy that. Sea Dragon
rendezvous burn in 20 minutes.
[MAN 2] MEC confirmed.
Pathfinder, you're right smack-dab
on trajectory and go for orbit.
Expect Sea Dragon rendezvous
burn in 19 minutes.
[ED] Roger, Houston.
Fly a ship into space.
Not launch.
Not blast.
That's what we dreamed
about in flight test.
The X-15 could fly so close
to space that we could see it.
Always just out of reach.
Limited penetration.
No bone damage. Good.
Bullet must have hit something before.
Do you have theory as to
why he remains unconscious?
Hypoxia. And possibly DCS from loss
of suit pressure could
have knocked him out.
Might have caused brain damage.
We will not know unless he wakes.
I want this to happen
under my supervision.
Please prepare him for travel.
Doctor, you know he
won't survive the trip.
That is your opinion.
He is my countryman.
We are taking him home.
Not while I command Jamestown.
I will protest to my government.
Feel free to do so.
Let me see Ilya Yozhkin.
We suspect the bullet made a
spark when it entered his suit.
Like ours, your suits
contain pure oxygen.
[ROSSI] We can help you carry
No, you will not touch him! None of you.
We will take care of him.
[MOLLY'S VOICE] You know what to do
when you hear the beep, so do it.
Hey, it's me. I have to head to, uh
Oh. Was just leaving you a message.
Uh, I gotta get to the Cape.
Help prep with the launch of Apollo 75.
Yeah, you need ten grand to do that?
I saw you took the money
out of our savings.
You're going to Guadalajara, aren't you?
Well, congratulations, Columbo.
You cracked the case.
Yeah, so you're just gonna let some tent
show huckster blind you, or worse?
What do you want from me, Wayne?
Can you imagine me with
a white cane? Can you?
Helping me up and down those
stairs, driving me around,
wiping my ass because
I can't find it anymore?
No. No way.
You do this and I won't be
here when you get back.
Oh, don't be so melodramatic.
No, I've put up with a
lot of shit, Molly. A lot.
Because I love you desperately, right?
But this is as far as I can go.
I I won't watch you do this.
Free at last.
Any idea what a burden
you've been all these years?
Tiptoeing around your phobias
You wanna talk about fears, Molly?
This right here is cowardice.
- This, cowardice?
- Yes.
Man, I have clung to
the back of rockets!
I have been to the moon
more times than I can count!
You can barely watch it on
the TV, but I'm the coward?
No, no, no! Don't do that.
My wheelchair-bound mother in assisted
living has more guts than you do.
Then go live with her.
Oh, thank God.
Hey. Hey, get the doc in here.
Easy, buddy. Doc will be here soon.
[HELENA] Zvezda?
Oh, no. No. Um nyet.
This is, uh, Jamestown Base.
The Americans?
Yes. Yes, we, uh we are Americans.
I'm, uh, Major Helena Webster.
I wish to defect to United States.
Jamestown is American soil.
The cosmonaut has requested asylum,
and we're going to grant it.
The president told Ambassador
Dobrynin a half hour ago.
His response?
Well, he thinks we're lying.
Holding their man against his will.
They're convinced
we're interrogating him.
I find it a bit hard to swallow myself.
I mean, we did shoot the man,
and now he wants to defect.
You ever eaten the food
in the Soviet Union?
Rossi's moved him out of critical care.
So the plan is to transport
him down here
on the next shuttle trip
later this month.
Okay. Thank you.
You talk to the president
about Apollo-Soyuz?
Not yet. But if he asks my opinion,
I'm gonna recommend that he cancel it.
Don't you think
that's a little premature?
With everything happening?
I just don't see how it
makes sense anymore.
Why don't we wait to see
what the Russians do?
If they launch Soyuz, it'd be a sign
that they don't want to escalate.
And if they cancel it, then we'll know
we're in for some real trouble.
All right. [SIGHS] Let's
see how this plays out.
Think you guys will
actually go up today?
With all the shit going down with
Russia, don't hold your breath.
Sorry, all jewelry's gotta
come off for launch.
Sorry, I I forgot to
leave it with the CAO.
Thanks, Liz.
[MAN] Apollo, this is Launch Control.
We've reached the scheduled hold.
We will resume the count
when we have confirmation
that Soyuz has launched.
Roger that, Control. We'll sit tight.
I see.
Yes, we will.
Thank you.
Any word?
"We're human beings with the blood
of a million savage years on our hands.
But we can stop it.
We can admit that we're killers.
But we're not going to kill today.
That's all it takes.
Knowing that we're not
going to kill today".
That's from Star Trek, isn't it?
"A Taste of Armageddon".
Season 1, episode 23.
First aired February 23rd, 1967.
Hello, Margo.
Hello, Mr. Nikulov.
What's the word?
Soyuz has launched.
Our cosmonauts look forward to
meeting the Apollo crew in space.
Thank you.
Apollo 75, this is Houston.
We got some good news for ya.
Hear ya loud and clear, Houston.
Mr. Sulu, set course for Earth orbit.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Roll complete, Houston.
We're on our way.
Hope you got a thing
for old blind ladies.
Are you kidding? White canes
and dark glasses turn me on.
I'm dead serious, Lar.
The old man, he thinks
the world of Ellen.
And with Calhoun retiring,
it's the perfect time.
The Grand Old Party
needs some fresh faces.
[SIGHS] The 22nd District?
She'd be tarred as a
a carpetbagger, a
an East Coast elitist who
eats quiche from a can.
And Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood actor
from hippie-dippie California.
But he claimed the South as the new
bastion of the Republican Party.
I did that for him.
And I can do it for her.
No offense, Lee, but your
tactics are a bit, uh
Are you and Ellen wrestling fans, Lar?
We, um don't really follow it.
You should start.
Wrestling is the only
honest sport there is.
Do you know why?
Because it's so obviously dishonest.
I don't know what in the hell
that's supposed to mean.
It means people crave
drama more than truth.
Give the public a villain
and a hero to vanquish 'em,
they'll vote for the hero every time.
And Ellen Wilson? She's a genuine
hero if there ever was one.
I mean, hell, she's the girl
who caught the tank.
Congress, it's just the first step.
She could be the first woman
president, for Christ's sake.
I'm sorry, I hope I didn't
interrupt anything.
- Hey, Pam.
- Hi.
This is, uh, Lee Atwater.
- Pam's an old friend of Ellen's
- Hi.
from the Apollo days.
Um, she's staying with
us while she's in town.
Well, nice to meet you, Pam.
Well, think it over, Lar.
I'll be in Houston in a couple of weeks.
Love to get dinner with you and Ellen.
That'd be great. I'll show you out.
- Don't bother. I can find my way.
- Okay.
What was that about?
- Um
Lee is the
special assistant to Ronald
Reagan for Political Affairs.
They want Ellen to run for Congress.
Yeah, I heard. That's amazing.
Did he really mean
what he said? About
It sounds It sounds crazy,
I know. Right? But
he's the man that could put her there.
Says she's the perfect candidate.
Well, except for me.
- Oh, Pam, that's that's not
- It's true, and you know it.
[PAM] Dear Ellen,
I'm sorry. You deserve to
hear this from me in person,
but I don't have the courage for that.
You and I owe each other the truth,
and the truth is I still love Elise.
She and I shared a life together,
a life I turned away from
because seeing you brought back
a rush of old and wonderful feelings.
But my heart still belongs to her.
I hope you understand.
Love, Pam.
I thought I heard something.
What are you doing home?
It's from Pam.
She's gone back to Elise.
Oh, Christ.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry, El.
I don't
I don't understand.
- [SOBS] I don't understand.
- It's okay.
Oh, geez. It's okay.
- And what I'm gonna tell you now ♪
- Gordo?
Won't be easy to say ♪
Before I left you ♪
H-How long have you
been behind the curtain?
I was a happy man ♪
Now I've been so lonely ♪
- Since I've been away ♪
- Oh. You went for the high note. Okay.
And, girl, I've tried and I know ♪
I can't make it alone
It's such a long way to go ♪
- I just can't make it alone ♪
- Please be quiet.
And there's something in my soul ♪
- This is juvenile.
- That's the
- Stop. Stop.
You cannot seduce me like one
of your 19-year-old space bimbos.
No, no, no. Hey. No expectations.
It's just just feelings.
You should try the wine.
Nothing else like it for 240,000 miles.
Smuggled it in a mouthwash bottle.
Oh, God.
That is That's terrible.
Maybe it is mouthwash.
- Mmm?
Oh, God.
I know you, Tracy.
From the first flight in that old
Cessna, you had to be in control.
And from the very first moment
I saw you, I felt out of control.
And it scared the living shit
out of me. And I'm still scared.
I'm just not running from it anymore.
Well, that's one hell of a
routine just to bum a smoke.
You coming?
- I think I'm about to.
- Oh, God.
Jon, I've got four through six
to minimums. What do you see?
Temperature is still in the
green. Steady as a rock, Nat.
Even the black box still looks good.
Maybe one day the spooks
will tell us what it does.
Okay, bring up seven through ten.
[JON] Seven through ten, coming up.
- Green board.
Nat, how much longer before
we're back on nuclear power?
We're there now. New fuel rods are in.
We're calibrating the actuators.
Awesome. We can finally quit
the power-saving protocols.
The old man awake?
Your guess is as good as mine.
What the hell is he doing out there?
We're gonna breach!
Depress! Depress!
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