For All Mankind (2019) s04e07 Episode Script

Crossing the Line

[PALMER] You're all in violation
of your Helios contract!
Every penny lost will be
docked from your pay.
It is right here in black and white.
That is such bullshit, Palmer.
Helios is a nonunion shop.
Any strike is grounds
for immediate termination.
Then fire us.
See how easy it is to do literally
anything up here without us.
[ED] Fair is fair.
These guys put their asses
on the line every single day.
- That's rich coming from you, Ed.
- They deserve
I can still hear you whining
about how most of these
people aren't even qualified
to be up here in the first place.
But now you're all what?
Down with the common man?
Don't try to make this about me, Dani.
You know as well as I do that
Helios, NASA, Roscosmos
and all the other M-7 countries,
they don't give two shits
about these workers.
Commander Poole, we are the
ones who transformed this base
from a couple of habs
into a viable mining colony.
And all we are asking is
for you to honor the deal.
If we let that rock go to Earth's orbit,
most of our jobs are gone within a year.
What if Helios offered
you some kind of
[STAMMERS] guaranteed retraining?
- Right?
- More education, an opportunity for you
Forgive us. Forgive us.
We've heard that one before.
It's never anything but bullshit.
Listen, if you want your cryo center
to start making the fuel
you need to launch for Goldilocks,
if you want your cargo to get
unloaded from Phoenix,
if you want your habitation units
to be constructed or your
food prepared, we
I have gone out of my way
to address your concerns.
Yes, there is some uncertainty
about the future.
Yes, this asteroid is forcing us
to do things quick, fast and in a hurry.
But we have got to restart
that cryo center ASAP.
We need to pump 125 tons of liquid argon
to get Ranger out to Goldilocks
and push her onto the right path.
And so far, we've only got 44 tons.
We are running out of time.
And every day you keep
dragging your feet
is another day closer to letting
Goldilocks get away for good.
And then we all lose.
Is that what you want?
No, what we want is
We want for you to get off
your goddamn throne
and give us what's fair.
Just how far are you willing
to take this, Ed?
The question is how much
are you willing to lose?
These strikers are as driven
as any I've seen.
And I've seen my share.
We cannot allow the progress we
made in Leningrad to go to waste
because of this this tantrum.
You're preaching to the choir, Irina.
I got the president asking every hour
if this damn thing's been resolved yet.
Korzhenko is the same.
We must bring this to resolution.
Well, they're not budging,
especially on their biggest demand.
This insane idea that
they want Goldilocks
to wind up in Mars orbit,
which is non-negotiable for us.
And for us.
There's only one way I see forward.
We go around them.
Order our cosmonauts, your astronauts
to restart the fuel
generators immediately.
Well, they're not exactly trained
on that equipment.
They're engineers. This is the only way.
If Helios will not help us,
we'll have to help ourselves.
You said they'd cave
in a couple of sols.
- And it's been a week.
- Shut up, you pussy.
You thought this would be easy?
Gotta hold our ground, man.
He's right. Our power
is in sticking together.
They start peeling us off,
this whole thing crumbles.
Look, I came up here to earn.
And all I know is right now,
I'm not earning nothing.
Yeah, well, neither are they.
And they're starting to panic.
We have to hold the course here.
[SAM] Right. You gotta be strong.
[WORKER 1] You heard what Palmer said.
They're gonna shitcan all of us.
[WORKER 2] They can't. There's no time.
Listen up. I just heard
they're gonna try to start
the fuel gennies themselves.
Yeah, they're trying to fuck us.
Are we gonna let that happen?
- [WORKER 3] Hell no!
- [WORKERS] No! No!
Where are all the suits?
Guys, look at this.
[DANIELLE] So you're telling me
there are no other accessible suits
on this entire base?
Yes, ma'am. And they used the rovers
to block the air locks at the fuel plant.
It's a clever move.
You gotta give it to 'em.
We gotta get creative. Right?
How are we gonna solve this?
We have to get back over
to that cryo center
or we're not gonna have enough fuel
when it comes time to get Goldilocks.
It's just too far a distance for any
sort of improvised pressure suit.
And it's gonna take too long to
make a new one from scratch.
[DANIELLE] Just stop.
Here we are on the cusp
of grabbing something
that could change everything
for a lot of people,
and we just can't get out
of our own goddamn way.
All right. Well, what if we
went under instead of over?
Smells nice.
That'd be the gray water
from the composting tanks.
Well, it's a little tight,
but I think it can work.
You sure they don't know about this?
Uh, it wouldn't even occur to them
that we'd drain the water feed
pipe to the cryo center
and then belly crawl people over there.
[PALMER] But it's gonna take at least
12 hours to fully drain it.
[DANIELLE] Well, then
we better get started.
[IN RUSSIAN] Good morning, Miss Madison.
Good morning, Pasha.
[IRINA] We are working with the Americans
to resolve the issues with
the transgressing workers.
not trust the Americans.
Helios pretends to be
an international company
but it is based in Houston,
right next to NASA.
They serve the interests
of Gore and his lackeys.
What is so funny?
I have met Dev Ayesa and I promise you
he cares more about his own
interests than America's.
Margo is right. Our intelligence
conveys the same.
Now, while the strike
is brought to a close,
all efforts must continue to ensure
the safe capture of this asteroid
and its return to Earth's orbit
under Margo Madison's direction.
Thank you, Director Morozova.
We have updated
2003LC's projected trajectory,
and Tatyana has now calculated
the optimal intercept for Ranger.
She's done some brilliant work.
[IRINA] Very good.
That will be all.
The meeting is adjourned.
Everyone is dismissed.
Margo Madison stay behind, please.
one way or another.
And we have reached the point where
interfacing directly and in person
with the American capture
team is necessary.
A representative of Roscosmos
must go to Houston
to finalize the negotiations.
I agree. And I'll do everything I can
to help prepare them for the trip. So
President Korzhenko has requested
for you to do this.
Uh, I'm sorry?
We have negotiated diplomatic immunity
for you for entire time you're there.
They cannot touch you.
They cannot arrest you.
I don't [STAMMERS] No, no.
I I can't go back. That was
not part of our agreement.
The agreement has changed.
It is imperative to the president
that we send our most
capable representative.
Oh, come on.
The only reason Korzhenko
wants me to go back
is so he can stick a finger
in Gore's eye.
But still it would be wise
to accept the request.
[CHASE] Uh, now, we're gonna do
a deep dive on this. This stuff with
Do I need to say 2003LC?
Let's just go with Goldilocks.
Very interested to hear your POV,
and honestly, just what you were
thinking when you saw her.
Uh, saw who?
- Moscow Margo.
Back from commercial
in ten, nine, eight
I'm not here to talk
about Margo Madison.
- six, five
- You'll be great.
four, three
[MOUTHING] one, and
Good evening. Welcome to
America Now. I'm Zoey Chase.
Later tonight, a car bomb explodes
at the Kingdom Center tower in Riyadh
as the civil war in Saudi
Arabia continues to rage.
But first, joining me now in
an exclusive interview is Aleida Rosales
from Helios Aerospace who worked
side by side with Margo Madison,
the woman majority leader
Feinstein has called
the worst traitor in American history.
Aleida, welcome.
[CLEARS THROAT] Thank you, Zoey.
Uh, I look forward to discussing
the asteroid 2003LC and
We'll get to that. First,
tell me about Margo Madison.
For so long she'd been listed amongst
the dead of the Johnson
Space Center bombing.
Did you know that she was alive?
[STAMMERING] No, of-of course not.
She fucking sandbagged me. Barely
even asked me about the asteroid.
[ALEIDA] Seven other
people were never found.
Do you think they're
hiding in Russia too?
And how are you feeling about
her proposed return to Houston?
I'm sorry?
Our source at the State
Department is saying
she'll be granted diplomatic
immunity while she's here.
I thought she wouldn't be allowed
back into the country.
[CHASE] No one did. But you
came up under her at NASA.
Her defection couldn't
have come out of nowhere.
I mean, I had
Did you have a sense
that she was working
for the Soviets behind the scenes?
You know what I get a sense of?
That you're a [BLEEP]
hack of a reporter.
- Okay. Give me that.
- You're [BLEEP] not doing this, okay
Mom, I
- It was just starting to get good.
How you doing?
[ALEIDA] I'm fine.
The interview wasn't that bad.
In fact, my brother texted me
saying how much he loved it
when you flipped her off as
you were leaving. [LAUGHS]
- I did?
- Yeah.
I mean, he said it was
all fuzzed out, but, uh
This will all blow over in no time.
I don't care about the interview, Vic.
It's her. Margo.
When I first saw her
I was so happy she was alive. You know?
I couldn't believe it.
But now that she's
coming back, I just
I wish she was still dead
but she's not.
She's coming back.
She's coming back here.
I know. It's insane.
You gotta do something.
- What can I do?
- Oh, I don't know.
Maybe take a cue from
the folks up on Mars.
Push back.
[MARS FIDO 1] Hopper 3, Phoenix,
you're clear to disengage.
[MARS FIDO 2] Clearing clean separation.
You are clear of docking zone.
We have a good transponder mark
and you are clear to maneuver.
[MARS FIDO 1] Happy
Valley flight control
has your landing at beacon 1-5.
[PILOT] Phoenix, Hopper 3
reading you five by five.
Board is green and we're on track
for nominal entry at 0217.
Zero down range. EDL surge on.
Almost through the chop, folks.
[MARS FIDO 1] You've got
a good acceleration profile
and excellent engine performance.
Squeeze my hand. You're doing so good.
Hey, little man. What you're
feeling now is just turbulence
as we enter Mars's atmosphere.
Same as on an airplane.
[PILOT] Looks like we're
through the rough patch.
Smooth sailing from here on in.
We'll be on the surface
in a few minutes, folks.
You see that canyon down there?
That's Valles Marineris.
It is four times bigger
than the Grand Canyon,
and our new home is at the bottom of it.
[MARS FIDO 1] Hopper 3, you're clear
for final approach on beacon 1-5.
[PILOT] Roger that. Hopper 3 is clear
for final approach on beacon 1-5.
Welcome to Happy Valley.
- Danielle.
And you must be the
young Luke Skywalker.
[ALEX] It's Alex, Mrs. Poole.
And you may be our youngest crew member,
but that doesn't mean we don't
have high expectations for you.
grown so much
since the last time I saw you.
I cannot begin to tell you how
happy I am to have you here.
I, uh, wish there was a little
bit more of a welcome,
but, uh, with the strike
It's fine. I prefer it this way.
[PALMER] We haven't quite figured out
[DANIELLE] Give me a sec, Kel.
how to get everyone's
stowed gear off the transport.
If you'd like to come with me,
I can show you your quarters,
maybe give you a tour
- around the facilities
- Belay that, XO.
You and me, we need to talk.
There have been some new developments.
This way.
[PALMER] Welcome.
Palmer here will, uh,
get you anything you need
and show you to your quarters.
Here. Let me get that for you.
- Thank you.
- [STRAINS] Here we go.
All right. Follow me.
Mommy. Where's Poppy?
Oh, I'm sure he just
got a little delayed
[ED] Kel!
- Dad.
Sorry, I'm a little late.
There's my grandson.
- Alex, it's Poppy.
- [ED] Hey.
You wanna give Poppy a hug, kiddo?
He gets like this sometimes.
Probably just a little overwhelmed.
Yeah, well, that makes sense.
That's okay, buddy.
Come on, you two.
Let's get you settled then.
- [ED] Ah, Palmer. Finally useful.
[DEV] That's quite the view.
Look, I know this is all
new and exciting for you,
but right now we're working on a way
to get over to the cryo center.
We've got a crisis on our hands.
And it's not just a NASA problem
or an M-7 problem.
These are your workers.
They've got legitimate grievances
against your company.
So I'd like to know how
you plan to proceed.
I am considering my options.
You've had plenty of time
to consider your options.
We gotta get this thing resolved now.
Or that asteroid becomes
a distant memory.
Thank you for showing me to
my quarters, Commander Poole.
Much appreciated.
Dev, I know you're
used to being in charge,
but when you're up here on my base,
what I say goes. Clear?
- Out.
Good. Now other side.
Mm-hmm. Good.
I'd like to run some blood work.
Don't worry. Not today.
Did you know I worked with your father
for two and a half years?
Even right here.
Did you like him?
I liked him very much.
He loved playing games,
and he would always beat me.
He would find anything around,
nuts, bolts, candy for the queen,
and use them as chess pieces.
I know chess.
I thought you might.
Maybe we could play? [CHUCKLES]
He's doing quite well.
Low gravity suits him.
Comparing his charts from Houston,
both his blood pressure and respiration
are actually stronger.
He's more at home here than on Earth.
Thank you, Dima.
So good to see you again.
Both of you.
You too.
[PALMER] Keep moving. Stay together.
[ASTRONAUT 1] Christ. This feels like
the longest 800 meters on Mars.
[PALMER] If you'd rather walk out there
without a suit on, be my guest.
[ASTRONAUT 2] It's okay, Jennings.
You get scared, I'll hold your hand.
Fuck off, Bishop.
[PALMER] Quit yakking and keep moving.
Ops-Com, Entry Team 1,
we have reached the main
fuel generator control.
Mr. Howard.
Run a systems check
and have them bring
everything back up online.
Entry Team 1, Ops-Com,
you are good to proceed with
reactivation of argon liquefaction
and methane generation.
Time to start making some of that
sweet, sweet galactic go-juice.
How is it?
- Good.
- Yeah?
Real good.
I don't know. I feel like it's, um,
it's missing something.
Can't quite put my finger on it.
[ED] Oh, wow.
Oh, you done good, kiddo.
- Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
- You want some of this, buddy?
- No, thank you.
[ED] Oh. It's the best. You're
gonna love it. You gotta try this.
Oh, there you go. Yeah.
Now mix it up.
You gotta mix it.
Why'd you do that?
It was cheese.
I'm trying to broaden
his horizons a little bit.
Well, maybe before you do that,
you can actually try to get
to know him a little bit,
instead of playing Norma Rae.
- I'm trying here. Okay?
- Are you?
[STAMMERS] Cut me some
slack here, kiddo.
I'm-I'm-I'm fighting for something here.
I'm Helios too.
So come fight with us.
With me.
You're being so myopic.
There's more than one way to see this.
Aleida Rosales, she worked
a miracle in Leningrad.
Okay. She came up with something
that will change our planet forever.
Yeah. And it'll end everything
we worked for on this one.
There will still be a robust
research presence here.
They're not just gonna
fold up and go home.
That's my point exactly.
It'll end up being some scientific
backwater like McMurdo.
What's wrong with McMurdo?
Nothing. But this place could
just be so much more
than 10 white-coats and a cleaning lady.
It can be a real colony.
A home.
- You already have a home.
- Huh?
- Skipper, we got a problem.
[WORKER] Fuck. We get nothing.
Why is it that you're the only one
- who doesn't get it?
- All right.
Well, we are fucked now, man.
All our leverage is in that fuel plant.
- How'd they get to it?
- We don't know.
Well, they'll have a tough time
starting those gennies
back up without this guy.
[ED] The primary gas flow regulator?
Grabbed it when we were
clearing out just in case.
[ASTRONAUT] All right,
the voltage limiter is back online.
- [PALMER] Copy that. Here we go.
No joy. The intake pipes don't seem
to be flowing atmo into the chamber.
All right. Hold.
Jennings, check the condenser.
Take a look.
They took out the primary
gas flow regulator.
I'm gonna try rerouting the flow
through the secondary.
You can't just bypass a regulator.
Relax. Where I grew up, missing
parts were all in a day's work.
All we did was find work-arounds.
- Okay. Try now.
Bingo party.
The argon generators
are coming back online.
[CONTROLLER] Commander, some of
these readings are starting to tip red.
- What the hell?
Shut it down. Tell him to shut it down.
- Hit the emergency cut-off breaker!
Ms. Rosales, did we have a meeting
scheduled with Administrator Hobson?
We need to talk.
All right. Uh, let me just sign this.
I'll tell you, at NASA, the
Do not give Margo Madison
diplomatic immunity.
- Just jumping right in. Okay.
- You need to call
the Department of Defense
or the White House or
whoever you have to call,
- whatever you have to do. Just do it.
- It's not up to me.
Do not let her come here.
Not to Houston, not to this building.
If she steps foot on American soil,
she should be arrested, and you know it.
I understand your anger,
but Moscow is insisting
Margo co-chair these working
sessions on engine fabrication,
attachment, slingshot
and earthbound escort.
You know, they're just
doing this to embarrass us.
Probably, but my hands
are tied here, Aleida.
- According to the M-7 charter
- Oh, fuck the M-7 charter.
How would they like it if we had
Arkady Shevchenko representing Helios?
Might as well if this is gonna
be a big pissing match.
Aleida, I hear you. I do.
But the fact remains she is the head
of their asteroid capture program,
and an incredibly skilled
engineer to boot.
If we're gonna pull this off,
we need the best people
from all over the world.
- Well, I can't work with her.
- Well, before you start
There's been an accident
at Happy Valley.
[AIDE] Doctor, we have multiple wounded
patients coming in from the explosion.
[DIMITRI] I need an IV.
- Stabilize him.
Burns are full thickness.
Muscles are in contracture.
You! Arterial line kit in that cabinet.
[DIMITRI] Push left over here.
Keep an eye on Jennings.
Vitals are starting to stabilize.
We need to protect her airway.
Get her on O2.
Third degree, but we can debride.
Start an IV.
Need three liters lactated Ringer's.
Cover those wounds in gauze.
- [AIDE] Doctor, he's bradying down.
- Jennings?
- Get a line in.
[AIDE] Coming through. Move it. Move it.
How many casualties?
We have one fatality so far.
Four more badly injured.
Two in critical condition.
Dima is doing his best
to keep them alive,
but it's it's not looking good.
Oh, goddamn it.
They have dramatically escalated
things up there, Eli.
And we need to respond.
What we need to do is
get Poole some help.
I agree. Things are
getting out of control.
Sir, Central Intelligence
knows for a fact
that Moscow has at least
one KGB asset in Happy Valley.
Of course they do.
You're not saying they were involved?
No. We don't believe so.
The thing is there are options
at NASA's disposal
to get things under control
that you may not be aware of.
Are you saying we have
assets up there too?
- We do.
- How are we just now hearing about this?
There are 12 North Koreans sitting
a couple hundred feet from Ops-Com.
Uh Can you blame us?
Are there any weapons on the base
I should know about?
Our man has access to standard
attenuated energy projectile systems,
high pressure, nitrogen weapons,
firing non lethal rounds
and they can't pierce
the walls of the habs.
- And skin?
- It doesn't tickle.
So you're suggesting what?
That we have the CIA and the
KGB take control of the base?
We just thought you should know.
I In case things did escalate.
Oh, I hear you, Bob.
But I am not gonna be the guy
that authorizes the CIA
to implement martial law on Mars.
We need to reestablish
firm control of this base
and stop these terrorist
attacks from happening.
Terrorism? Really?
Well, what would you call it, Eli?
I mean, it's happened before.
- In fact, it's happened right here.
- Enough.
End of conversation.
We need to find another solution here.
Uh, maybe maybe we send up
a security detail like in '83.
because that went so well.
They stopped World War III.
Well, you could argue
that it almost caused it.
We don't have enough time anyway.
Between training and travel,
it would take months.
Unless we didn't need to send them up.
We could deputize people
on Happy Valley,
people with adequate military training.
Well, how many people are
there like that up there?
Between us and the Soviets,
uh, it must be at least
a dozen, if not more.
All right
let's do that.
[DANIELLE] This isn't why
any of us came up here,
but it's our duty now to ensure
the security of this base
and the safety of this crew.
We need to find those responsible
for this explosion.
So keep your eyes open
for anything suspect.
We have got to make certain
that a tragedy like this
never happens again.
[RESIDENT 1] Shit, man.
Put my stuff down!
[RESIDENT 2] Hey. Watch it.
That's personal property.
- Hey, stop touching my [GRUNTS]
- Back off!
What are What the fuck?
Get your hands off him.
Nothing changes. We
keep the pressure on.
The pressure? Jennings is dead.
This has gone too far.
Listen up! Listen up!
You guys negotiated with
clarity and with force.
I respect that.
And you stood your ground.
I respect that even more.
But the truth is unless we
resolve this today, right now,
and get that fuel plant repaired
and pumping liquid argon
so we can capture the most valuable
known object in our solar system,
then we've failed.
All of us.
Okay, so, then give us
what we're asking for.
- Send Goldilocks to Mars.
Look, I wish I could tell you that
were a possibility, but the truth is
the nations of Earth will never,
never send this asteroid to Mars.
You know why?
Because it's not
in their financial interest
and space is a business.
It's about resources.
It's about the bottom line.
It's about profit.
[WORKER 1] Fuck your profit!
[DEV] You know, go ahead
and scoff all you want to,
but I mean, that's what this
strike is all about, isn't it?
- You want your cut,
- [WORKER 2] Damn right!
- your slice of the pie.
- I want my cut!
You came here to make a living.
But what you're asking, changing
the destination of this asteroid,
that is never going to happen.
But I'm gonna tell you what can happen.
NASA and Roscosmos have agreed
to your workplace safety concerns.
And as CEO of Helios,
I'm ready to offer you a 40% increase
in your pension contributions
a more generous health plan
and shares of Helios stock to everybody.
Don't believe a goddamn word
this man says, he's
a snake oil salesman.
I'll also make sure that
everybody involved in this strike
gets amnesty for any and all actions
conducted during the negotiations
of the last few days.
And the first 100 people
to cross this line
will receive a quadruple payday bonus
which will put you just north of
a million dollars each.
Don't listen to him.
Can't you see what he's trying to do?
He's trying to buy us off
and undercut our solidarity.
We can still win this
if we stick together.
That's right.
[DEV] Okay, yeah. Sure.
You can try to do that.
But you have to ask yourself,
"What's more important?"
Some abstract notion of togetherness,
or is it your families back home?
Is it your kids, your your nieces,
your nephews,
your parents, your grandparents,
or is it some rock that
is floating out in space?
Sorry, Sam.
I rep 12 at the fuel plant.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
I've got 88 more.
Come on!
- Hey, hey. Don't do this. Don't do this.
- What are you doing?
Cowards. Quitters.
Must stand strong.
Y'all make me sick.
Immunity, Skip. Sorry.
I rep all 18 in fab, weld and finish.
Luka. Luka!
Well done, Dev.
You just killed Mars.
[NEWS REPORTER] and former
director of NASA, Margo Madison,
has returned to the United States
nearly a decade after
defecting to the Soviet Union.
Her arrival in Houston today
was met with massive protests.
Many calling for her
arrest though Madison
is protected by a diplomatic immunity
while she is here in her role
as the head of Roscosmos as
Margo Madison, I'm Eli Hobson.
Welcome to the Molly Cobb Space Center.
Thank you.
Shall we?
- What the hell?
[SIGHS] You got some nerve coming
in here after what you just did.
Admittedly so, but, uh,
I need your help.
Why the fuck would I help you?
Because we both want the same
thing To never go back.
You don't know [SCOFFS]
You're still here, aren't you?
After all these years?
You and I both know
that Mars has the potential
to become a living, breathing society.
Something that lasts
well beyond the two of us
and we can make that happen.
[SCOFFS] You just ruined
any chance of that.
I know that was painful.
Believe me. I know.
To see how driven they all were
by self-interest, by greed.
It would be funny
if it wasn't so predictable.
But the strike, for all
its inconveniences,
it wound up being a blessing,
because a few of you,
you showed just how much
you believe in your cause,
how much that you would sacrifice
for something greater than yourselves.
And we're gonna need as
much of that as we can get.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I'm talking about the future, Ed.
About taking what is rightfully ours.
You can't be serious.
Do you want to help me
steal an asteroid?
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