For the People (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Have You Met Leonard Knox?

Previously on "For the People" You asked me out for a drink and I said no.
Because I worried about what would happen.
This is Kate Littlejohn.
It's Anya Ooms with the ATF.
I need your help.
Well, we did it.
You did it.
Yankees tickets? You're going to the game with him? We don't go together.
We meet there.
And you're gonna go a lot farther than I have.
You're gonna go all the way.
I honestly have no idea who you are but you have Roger's attention.
Nail this case, and you'll have mine.
I don't believe I can prove it.
If there's no case, there's no case.
Thank you, Mr.
Run it back? - I already owe you $100.
- $200.
- $200.
Who's counting? - He's counting.
Have you met Leonard Knox? I'm counting.
Harvard Law annual New York alumni event - We need to discuss.
- We need a speaker.
I can do it.
I was thinking about Michela Walsh.
Michela? She wasn't even on Law Review.
She's Chief Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Whit Caskell just got back from a tour in Afghanistan with a Silver Star.
David Silverman won a MacArthur for that study he did on ants.
- Are you serious? - Apparently ants have this really advanced social system Not the ants.
I'm just saying, why are we working so hard on this? The answer is right here.
I got it.
You're doing amazing stuff, Knox.
Supreme Court, AUSA in the Southern District of New York - It's awesome.
It's just not - What? The same.
You know? I'm sure you'll get a case soon that's big and splashy and really means something, but right now, I think we should run with one of those guys.
Cool? Dude.
An arrest was made this morning in the brutal slaying of 21-year-old Christine Campbell.
Campbell, the sister of an FBI agent working on a joint NYPD-FBI task force, was allegedly kidnapped and murdered by one of the targets of that task force Brad Hargrove.
Hargrove is expected to be arraigned today on charges of first-degree murder.
Hargrove's roommate and best friend, Jared Nash, who investigators say was in the apartment when Campbell was killed but did not participate in the murder, has been questioned and released.
- Insane.
- Mm.
That's a difficult defense.
No, I didn't mean that.
I meant just, like, what people say when something seems crazy.
You know, like when you see a huge line outside of a store, and you're like, "Insane.
" What store? - Insane.
- Yes.
This guy, Nash, apparently he just sat and watched the whole murder, did nothing.
Extortion, bribery, fraud, organized crime, and still I'm in a good mood? Why? Because despite this cornucopia of human depravity, today I finally got Yankees season tickets.
Do not ruin this day for me.
- What about the Campbell case? - See? You are trying to ruin this day for me, and I do not appreciate that.
New York District Attorney has the Campbell case.
- That's a federal case.
- It's also a state case, and the state has a strong interest in this case, and I have a strong interest in not talking about this anymore.
Some crimes can be tried by both the state and federal government.
- Dual sovereignty - Are you seriously lecturing me on dual sovereignty? Insane.
- Insane.
- Yes.
I don't have brakes, either.
Hey, "Premium Rush," you're on duty.
- Did you just laugh? - S-Sorry.
That movie was very important to me.
Sorry! I thought it was funny.
You win.
You'll need a sense of humor.
- Caz Murray.
- Who? Caz Murray She's a comedian.
She posted a photo of herself on Yowler last week pointing a gun at a picture of the President.
"Dear Mr.
President, is this what it's gonna take for you to finally sign a gun control bill?" I liked your joke more.
People went crazy, things escalated, eventually Caz Yowled that she's "Locked and loaded and coming for the President.
" And people took her seriously? The Secret Service took her very seriously.
She's been charged with threatening the President.
It was a joke.
The U.
Attorney's Office isn't exactly known for its sense of humor.
It's ridiculous.
This comes directly from Washington.
I'm not taking it back.
It's a goofy picture and some online ranting.
- It can't be worth our time.
- It's not my time.
And your time isn't worth very much.
Well, I think whoever is pushing this forward is completely humorless.
That's you now.
- And I agree.
- Wha - You don't think I'm funny? - No.
- I'm actually very funny.
- Okay.
Tell me a joke.
I'm not that kind of funny.
You're not that kind of funny who can tell a joke? My humor is more situational.
Okay, well, let's say you're in this situation where you told your boss you were funny, and now you need to prove it.
You're joking.
I wouldn't, not about this.
Section 116.
Row 9.
- Seats 1 and 2? - Our seats.
Wow! - So, you're in? - Are you kidding? Of course I'm in.
I'll e-mail them back right now.
- Great.
- Great.
Does this bother you? I've gotten used to it.
The Campbell murder.
Very much.
It's horrible.
We should be trying it here.
You mean you should be trying it here.
- I do mean that, but regardless - Let it go.
Roger made it pretty clear it wasn't up for discussion, and I'm sure the DA can handle it.
Yeah, you're right.
Thank you.
I'm glad you're back from the ATF stuff.
Was that a good experience? Yes.
Very good.
I learned a lot.
You know, the thing about this Campbell Let it go.
You're not Tina.
How could you tell? The eyes.
Also you didn't tell me I was walking too loud.
You were walking too loud.
I'm the FPD on duty today, and We e-mail you when cases come in.
No, I know.
I'm the FPD on duty, and I'm friends with Tina.
I just wanted to say hi.
I'm Jay.
I'm Lara.
It's a match.
Well, it's early, but, uh I think that's what they call it in tennis.
Tennis? Your next case Guy Watson.
- You're Tina.
- How could you tell? - The eyes.
- Don't you have somewhere to be? You're walking too loud.
Nice to meet you, Lara.
I enjoyed our game.
What? You called it a tennis game.
Games make up sets, sets make up a match.
- It's a match.
- Right.
Basketball guy.
You're being charged under 18 USC 224, bribery in a sporting event.
The allegation is that you threw a match to a lower-ranked player in exchange for money.
I didn't throw that match.
I wouldn't do that.
I was injured.
Your coach, John Brandon, paid you $20,000.
It was a loan, all right? I was in debt, and John bailed me out.
So you had no knowledge that he was placing bets against you - at the Pittsburgh Open? - No.
I almost even didn't play.
My ankle was messed up.
I wanted to forfeit.
But my opponent was ranked so low that John was confident that even on a bum ankle I'd still win.
And I wanted it so bad, I couldn't see he was playing me.
My whole life I've wanted to play in the U.
Open, and I qualified this year.
Is there any chance? I will do everything I can, Guy.
I want the Campbell case.
I told you The DA is prosecuting Hargrove.
I also told you I didn't want to talk about this anymore.
I don't want Hargrove.
I want the guy who was in the room with him - Jared Nash.
- Nash? He isn't charged.
I'm gonna charge him.
- With what? - Whatever I can.
He didn't do anything.
He did something.
You don't stay in that apartment that whole time and not do something.
He did something, and I'm gonna make him pay for what he did.
Why do you want this? What's the play here? There isn't one.
You understand why I'm skeptical? Christine Campbell was held in that apartment for 26 hours, chained to a radiator.
She was beaten repeatedly.
Hargrove raped her.
At the end of her life, when Hargrove couldn't choke her to death, he smashed her head against the radiator.
During that whole time, Jared Nash was in and out of the room.
He ate cereal and watched cartoons.
When Nash was asked if he felt bad about what happened to Christine after he was released this morning, do you know what he said? He said, "Why would I?" I didn't know her.
I just feel bad I'm not gonna see my best friend anymore.
" I hope you get him.
When I said "Locked and loaded," - I meant my tongue.
- Mm.
Like, my tongue is a weapon, right? My material Free speech, satire, dissent Yes, I know, and I agree with you, but you need to understand that threats are not protected speech.
It wasn't a real threat.
You have a prior record of assault against a "Zev Dickinson.
" He stole my jokes.
So I went to confront him, and it was cool.
We worked it out.
You threw a toaster oven at him.
Those things weigh, like, three pounds.
Regardless of the circumstances, the fact that it's on your record establishes a history of assault, coupled with the fact that you do own a firearm.
I only bought that gun so I could take the picture.
You purchased an assault rifle so that you could take a picture that looks like you're gonna shoot the President of the United States in the head? Yes.
Do you think there's going to be a trial? Seems like there should be a trial.
I think we might want to talk to the government about a deal.
Let me reach out to - Seth? - Your Seth.
He's not my Seth.
Your former Seth.
Just Seth.
"Seth" is fine.
How do you want me to handle this? Just I don't know.
Handle it like you'd handle any other case, I guess.
Which means you'll probably completely and totally destroy him.
- I can do that.
- And be nice.
Are you watching? Tennis.
Tennis on three screens? My client, Guy, was ranked 246th when he played the Pittsburgh Open.
Too low to make it on TV, so I'm watching all the footage from the tournament, games sorry matches, interviews, anything to see if I can find Guy in the background somewhere.
If I can show he was in pain before the match limping, icing his ankle then I can prove that he was injured.
He's got to kick that serve to the backhand.
Get out of no man's land! I've been playing tennis since I was 4.
Want an extra pair of eyes? Out! Shake it off.
There's this girl in Tina's office - Lara? - Yes.
You should totally ask her out.
- You know her? - No.
I just think you should ask her out.
Why? Because you've written her name down here, like, 14 times.
Cross-court! He's reading you down the line every time! Whoa! There it is.
Guy limping in the back there, leaning on his coach for support two whole days before the match he allegedly threw.
This is it.
I can prove that he was injured.
Down the line! You arrested Hargrove and took statements from him and Nash, right? That's right.
I interviewed them both very thoroughly.
Hargrove confessed.
What about Nash? I couldn't get anything on him.
There was no physical evidence All I need to prove conspiracy is some indication Nash knew beforehand.
And I don't have that.
What about accessory after the fact? I just need to show Nash helped cover up the murder - in some way.
- He didn't.
What about the body itself? You'd have to talk to the Medical Examiner about that.
- Nothing.
- Nothing? I didn't find any of Nash's DNA on the body and not a single fiber from the clothes Nash was wearing.
There's no chance Nash helped hold her down, helped with the crime itself, or helped move her after the murder? Look, I just didn't see it.
And if you look at the pattern of the bruises, the choke marks on her neck, all the wounds are from one angle.
And, again, there was only one foreign set of DNA on her neck skin.
- Didn't I tell you not to do this? - At least twice.
- I need Hargrove.
- The murderer? He was the only who was there.
If he turns on Nash If he turns on Nash, he's useless, because he's a murderer.
This is the third time.
District Attorney.
It's been a long time.
- How's your mom? - Uh, she's doing well.
- She's busy.
- What's going on with you? - What can I do for you? - I need your help with the case I'm building against Jared Nash.
You're building a case against Jared Nash? For what? Accessory.
Whatever we can get.
Well, if we could get those things, we would have gotten them.
I need Hargrove to testify against Nash.
Hargrove doesn't have anything to say about Nash.
Well, maybe he hasn't been properly incentivized.
I can't remember the last time I heard a United States Attorney talk dirty like that.
And I like it.
I really do.
But there's nothing to be done here.
We tried.
I don't have anywhere else to turn here.
You can always turn around.
It's the hardest thing to do.
There isn't a prosecutor in the world who hasn't been in the same position you're in right now, Leonard.
I'm sorry.
He's a murderer.
He can't testify against anybody.
- I didn't have a choice.
- To go and embarrass the United States Attorney's Office in front of the locals? You had a choice.
I have a new idea.
I don't want to hear it.
I supported you, - you took a shot, it's over.
Misprision of a felony.
What? I can charge him with misprision of a felony.
If Nash did anything to try to conceal the crime That's not a real charge.
It's been a crime in this country since 1790.
That's probably the last time a prosecutor charged it.
Because the sentence is only 3 years and $500 fine.
- But that is 3 years and $500 more - It's a tack-on offense.
You don't try a misprision case on its own.
- It's absurd.
- Well, this is what I'm gonna do.
No! You're not gonna do that! I'm saying "No.
" I'm saying you cannot, will not, must not! No! You hear me? No!! The answer is no.
You look chipper.
You win something? In there? Of course not.
But I did win Yankees tickets, so this will now be my baseline mood.
I don't love it, and I hate the Yankees.
But I do respect a single woman getting herself season tickets.
That's how I enjoy watching my Mets alone.
Well, Roger and I are going in on tickets.
Together? Yes, that's what that means.
What does that mean? Hmm.
You don't like Roger.
I don't like the Yankees.
Roger's fine.
You were married, right? I'm feeling less chipper.
Going in on baseball season tickets is like marriage, just more intense and way more permanent same amount of sex, though.
I went in on season tickets with a good friend back in '86.
Mets won the whole damn thing that year.
By the time they finally went back to the World Series in 2000, we weren't speaking, and I'm pretty sure he commissioned a voodoo doll of me.
My shoulder hasn't been the same since.
And I was still on the hook for tickets.
But if you're happy, I'm happy.
Great chat.
It's weird, right? It's going to be weird.
- Maybe we should just - Yes.
So Look, that photo was a joke.
It was a threat.
Under Watts, crude political humor isn't a threat if in context it's meant to be humorous.
She's using a gun to argue for gun control.
The ironic absurdity is precisely what makes it humorous.
You know the old saying, if you need to explain a joke I'm just trying to explain it to you.
She has a criminal history.
She purchased a firearm - To use as prop.
- Fake guns are props.
Very real assault rifles are threats.
Do you seriously think a jury's going to believe little Caz Murray was an actual threat to the President? You're the scariest person I know, and you're little.
And we're done.
It was a joke.
I'm sure you could explain it, but why don't we save that for a jury.
- Sandra - Don't with that.
It was bound to be weird.
It didn't need to be personal.
I'm sorry.
You're saying that? You? Sandra Bell? The person who makes everything personal? You attacked me the night we met because I said I didn't like California.
That was stupid! It's California! And I don't like it! It's too long and narrow and hot and wet in other places, and I don't understand it.
And that should have been okay, but you didn't like it because I was with Allison, and you didn't like that.
No, I just didn't like you.
As you can see here, Mr.
Watson was in so much pain two days before the match in question that he could barely put weight on his ankle.
The limping is consistent with the notes from his visit to the first aid tent the morning of the match where he complained of ankle pain and swelling.
You don't seem super impressed.
I'm not, because I have multiple witnesses who will testify that they saw Guy Watson at a charity event the morning of the match where he was running, jumping, and throwing children into the air, all pain-free with a smile on his face.
I'll produce that discovery today.
Multiple witnesses? - More than two.
- Jumping? Up and down.
How big were the children? You know, pretty big.
They were big.
It took me a long time to find that video.
I'm sorry.
I heard.
Everyone heard.
You okay? No.
I'm not.
I could use your help.
Tell me what I can do.
Talk to him.
- Roger? - Yes.
- About this? - Yes.
He respects you more than anyone.
Nash is already a pariah.
He's all over the news saying insane and offensive things.
He'll live with this for the rest of his life, and he should.
He should.
But if you try him and you lose and you will lose you'll have absolved him in a small way.
Public humiliation isn't justice.
Well, it might be as close as you get.
I'm not gonna settle for that.
Why is this so important to you? I don't know because it is.
Why? Why? Because you think people think of you this way, like Nash selfish, unfeeling, amoral? Do you realize how totally offensive that is? I'm just trying to understand.
What are you trying to understand? - Why I care about something? - Why you care about this.
Because he sat by and watched someone being killed and did nothing.
Does there need to be another reason? Do I really need to explain why I'm haunted by this? Why doesn't Nash bother you more? You, all of you That's what I'd like to know.
This person who could have done something and did nothing? Isn't that exactly what you are now? I-I really wish you wouldn't do that.
You should let Leonard go forward with this case.
Leonard has an agent now? What he's doing? It's worth a shot.
He took a shot.
He missed.
He's reloaded.
What's with all the shooting talking? Is this 'cause of your ATF case? Yes.
Listen, I'm not here to make an emotional appeal.
I think that's playing to your strengths.
Think about this practically.
If Leonard pulls this off, you've opened up a whole new front of criminal liability you because you approved it.
And if he doesn't pull it off? Think about that practically, too.
Take the emotion out of it.
You might not trust him.
You might question his motives.
But how much money do you think anyone ever made betting against Leonard Knox.
Zimmerman, you live next door to Mr.
Hargrove and Mr.
Nash, correct? That's right.
The night Ms.
Campbell was murdered, - did you go to their apartment? - Yes.
- Why? - The noise music.
It was incredibly loud.
So I went over, knocked on the door.
- Did you talk to anybody.
- I talked to Mr.
Did Mr.
Nash open the door? Barely.
A few inches.
Were you able to see into the apartment when you were talking to Mr.
I'd like counsel to approach.
Where are you going with this, Mr.
Knox? I'm not up on misprision of a felony.
Misprision requires a showing of active concealment.
I believe the way Mr.
Nash stood at the door constitutes an affirmative effort by Mr.
Nash to prevent the discovery of Mr.
Hargrove's crime.
I'll allow it.
Zimmerman, you may answer the question.
I couldn't see into the apartment.
Nash was blocking my view.
I want to be sure I understand your testimony, Mr.
Nash opened his door? Yes.
To an angry neighbor, after midnight, in New York City? He opened it? Yes.
He could've just looked in the peephole, spoken to you through the door, right? Yes.
If Mr.
Nash was trying to prevent you from seeing something in the apartment, do you think it would have been better to have door opened or closed? Closed.
It was a fundraiser for a charity that teaches tennis to underprivileged kids.
I had to go.
I took a handful of Advil.
And you didn't take anything before the match? If I would have taken more, I would've wound up in the emergency room.
Maybe that would've been better.
This was supposed to be my moment.
My name was about to be in the main draw of the U.
Everything in my life has been building to this one thing, and I can't reach out and grab it.
We might have one more move.
What are these? They're contracts.
I'm a lawyer.
I know that.
Why am I looking at them, and why are there so many? This one outlines how we'll divvy up the games.
The Red Sox tickets were divided evenly, but I'm happy to swap any others if you prefer.
This one discusses the terms of a buyout should either one of us choose How long did this take you? I'm a lawyer.
Are you serious, Jill? This is a huge commitment.
- It's just baseball.
- No.
What we were doing before? That? That was just baseball.
This is something else.
This this is baseball.
It's the Yankees.
It's personal and emotional.
I know you feel that way, but for some reason, you're suddenly treating this like a business transaction.
I mean, we've been waiting for these seats to open up for eight years.
Why are you ruining something that could be so great? Listen, I'm just trying to protect us so we can enjoy these tickets without any weirdness.
Well, that's going well.
I understand where you're coming from, I do.
But if you can't bring yourself to sign these, you'll have to find someone else to take the tickets.
I made something with noodles if you want any.
How'd it go today? - How'd it go with Seth? - We're going to trial.
Really? Is that a surprise? It's Seth.
He was unreasonable, insulting, and condescending, too, and not funny.
That doesn't sound like Seth.
That doesn't sound like the guy who walked out on you? That was complicated, Sandy.
It didn't seem that complicated.
It seemed like he left.
It's just I'm trying to move beyond it.
I want you to move beyond it.
I'm loyal.
And you demand loyalty, absolute loyalty.
Sometimes that's hard.
You're serious right now? Yes.
I was always good to Seth.
You don't believe that, and I know he doesn't feel that way.
Look, there's no beef here for anyone.
You don't need to defend my honor, and you have a client to consider.
Don't let this get in the way.
The trial of Jared Nash, the Bad Samaritan, continues in Federal Court today, as the government tries to recover from what legal analysts say has been a rough showing in an unprecedented prosecution for bystander responsibility.
charged federal crime that requires prove Nash actively concealed the murder of Christine Campbell.
observers were surprised when the United States Attorney's office in the Southern District of New York You testified that on the night of Ms.
Campbell's murder, you heard music coming from Nash's apartment.
- Was that unusual? - Music? No.
But this was unusual.
- Why? - Because it was so loud.
I had never heard anything like it before.
Do you remember the approximate time? I remember the exact time 1:13 a.
, 'cause I had an early morning meeting.
I was losing my mind.
- Yes.
Womack, how did Christine Campbell die? Blunt force trauma.
She was also asphyxiated.
Is it possible to estimate - an approximate time of death.
- Yes.
Based on body changes, blood on the scene, and other factors, I'd estimate the time of death as somewhere between 1:30 and 2:30 a.
In your professional opinion, when would you say the injuries that caused her death - were inflicted? - 15 to 30 minutes before death.
Around 1:15? Yes.
So, Ms.
Campbell was being killed at the exact time Mr.
Nash was turning up his music? - Objection.
- I have nothing further, Your Honor.
I think I made a mistake.
By interrupting me? Who's gonna believe a comedian would try to kill the President? An actor did kill a president.
So did a steelworker, a Marine, even a lawyer.
Threats should be taken seriously.
I think I let it get personal.
I always felt like Sandra disapproved of me.
Oh, dear lord.
She thought I was boring, square, and no sense of humor.
Oh, stop, you're turning me on.
She was wrong.
Look, I see the argument on both sides.
Let's focus on your case, though, because that's what gets you out of my office.
Do you have any proof Caz Murray had plans to go to D.
- to get near the President? - No.
She was heading out on tour Ithaca, Buffalo, Ann Arbor Oh, my God.
That's it.
The Auto Summit! That's probably something I'm never gonna hear again in my life.
On the 15th of next month, Caz Murray is scheduled to perform at the Laugh Barn in Ann Arbor.
On the 16th, the President will be speaking at the Michigan Convention Center as part of the Auto Summit.
My dad used to go to the Auto Summit.
- He met Gerald Ford there.
- Cool.
Anyway, this is a coincidence.
Yeah, you might have been able to convince a jury of that, were it not for the fact that Caz booked a hotel in Detroit for both nights, as well as entered a lottery through the local Republican headquarters for front row tickets to the President's speech, 47 times.
What are you offering? No jail time, three years probation, Caz can no longer tag the President on social media, and she'll be subject to travel restrictions.
If she goes within five miles of the President, she'll be intercepted by the Secret Service.
I'm sorry.
What I said wasn't true.
It wasn't you.
I'm not sure I ever really gave you a fair chance, to be honest.
You love her.
And she loves you.
And I liked you because she loves you.
And kind of a little bit anyway.
Where were you when? You can fill in the blank.
A big moment in history.
A small moment on the playground.
In a bar.
On the subway.
A time when someone needed help needed your help, needed you to stand up.
Did you? Did you stand up? Did you do something? Did you say something? You don't have to.
You can look away Put your head down, cross the street.
You can stay home and lock your doors.
There is no law that says you have to do anything to prevent a crime, and if Jared Nash hadn't sat there eating cereal and watching the light die from Christine Campbell's eyes then we wouldn't be here today.
You don't have to help the victim, but you cannot help the perpetrator.
That is what you cannot do, and that is why we're here, because that is what Mr.
Nash did do.
Misprision of a Felony is a crime as old as this court, and it requires that the Government prove four essential elements One, that the principle committed and completed the felony alleged.
Well, we know that.
Brad Hargrove has pleaded guilty to murdering Christine Campbell.
Two, that the defendant had full knowledge of that fact.
That also is not in question.
Jared Nash has admitted he knew, and the defense does not contest that he knew Brad Hargrove killed Christine Campbell.
Three, that the defendant failed to notify the authorities.
This, too, is not in dispute.
Jared Nash proudly did not notify authorities.
And, four, that he took an affirmative step or steps to conceal the crime of the principal.
We're here on that question, and that question alone.
And on that question, the evidence is clear.
At the exact time Hargrove was beating Ms.
Campbell to death, Jared Nash turned up his music so loud you could hear nothing else in that building.
He did this to conceal the screams of Christine Campbell.
He did this to conceal this crime.
Where were you when Christine Campbell was dying? Most of you were at home, asleep.
Some of you may have been working or out.
You didn't know her.
You couldn't see her.
You couldn't hear her.
You couldn't help her.
But you can now.
You are here now, and she needs you.
Five miles? When the President is in Manhattan, you'll have to temporarily relocate.
I know that's an inconvenience This is fantastic.
E-Excuse me? The photo was ill-advised, I'll admit, and then I got drunk, let myself get baited by trolls it's a problem sometimes, my temper The toaster oven was a tip-off.
The only reason I wanted to go to that rally was to hold up a sign, maybe get some publicity.
- For yourself or for gun control? - Both.
But this this is better than I could have dreamed.
I'm not sure I'm following you.
The President of the United States of America has effectively taken out a restraining order against me.
I can't believe how lucky it was I got arrested.
I might even get a cable special out of this.
How many cases did you win last year? - What? - Your percentage You can't be the only prosecutor in this building who doesn't know her percentage.
And that likely won't change, which is my point.
Here me out.
Guy Watson was 246th when he lost the match in question.
His win percentage? 65%.
His opponent Marco Basile was ranked 398th, yet his win percentage was almost 74% 9 points higher.
That make a lick of sense to you? Because it doesn't to me.
The tennis ranking formula is a complicated equation that you need several degrees that we don't have - and neither will our jury to understand.
You and I both know a jury won't be able to say beyond a reasonable doubt that my client took a bribe and fixed this match.
I'm happy to play this thing out and go to trial if you want, but I don't think either of us likes the odds on this one.
Three months is as low as I can go.
One condition.
Congratulations, you're playing in the U.
You have three weeks from the start of the tournament.
After that, we'll enter the plea, and you'll serve your sentence.
I hope you go far.
Thank you.
For everything.
Well, one down, one to go.
What? Lara.
I can't.
- Why? - Tina.
She's not gonna like me asking out one of her employees.
- So that's it? - Pretty much.
- You're just going to give up? - Yeah.
I think so.
Did you learn nothing from all this? I finally figured out the scoring.
Still don't understand the use of the word "Love," but Never quit.
That's the point.
There you are.
It's not like I'm hiding.
I am hiding.
Why do you like this courtroom so much? Because nobody can find me here.
I like Lara.
You don't know her.
I like her enough to want to know her more.
Why, is something wrong with her? Probably.
I don't know.
There's something wrong with everybody.
- I want to ask her out.
- I don't approve.
I didn't think you would, but I still want to.
I still don't approve.
You met Larry at work.
That was different.
That was me.
I understand you want to protect your employees This isn't about protecting my employees.
This is about protecting you.
- Me? From what? - Distraction.
From adding obstacles to your success when you already have so many.
You're a brown man without an Ivy League degree, which means you have two strikes against you.
Hear what I'm saying? You can't be distracted because you can't just be good.
You have to be the best.
Is staying up all night walking around Central Park with Lara gonna make you your best? Who says I'm gonna do that? That's what I used to do with Larry.
That was before phones and Internet and stuff, though.
We were lost a lot of the time.
I'm going to go and find a new hiding place.
Luke, buddy.
Listen, uh, it looks like I might have lined up Yankees season tickets for next year, great seats uh, was wondering if you might be interested in splitting with me.
I know you've been in the market for a while.
So, uh, hit me back, you know, if you're interested.
I'm gonna close the door.
I'm not fighting about this not at work, not anywhere, ever.
It isn't a fight.
It's just the way it has to be.
You signed.
It's been my dream to have season tickets to the Yankees.
With you.
I want to go to games with you.
Thank you.
April 2nd, 7:05 P.
Opening day.
See you there.
You're not Tina.
How could you tell? The eyes.
Also, she's standing right behind you.
- I think it's a match.
- I hope so.
That's what these tickets say a tennis match.
There are two of them.
In the matter of the United States v.
Jared Nash, how do you find the defendant on count one of the indictment, misprision of a felony, guilty or not guilty? Guilty.
Leonard, what's good? Just saw the news.
I know it's last minute, but if there's any way you can speak at the event tonight, I'd bump Ant Man.
Call me back when you get a minute.
I heard! I'm not sure what Caz cared about more the First Amendment or her Yowler followers.
Think of it this way without the First Amendment, she'd have no publicity.
Seth's good.
He's a good lawyer.
I know.
He almost beat me.
Do you miss him.
I don't have a Seth.
I-I mean, I have you, of course, and my dad.
But I don't really have anyone else who knows me well.
Sometimes I think that's my fault.
Sometimes I worry when I do have someone that I could lose them.
So, I hold on.
I get scared.
I don't let anyone else get between us because it's scary to lose a person when you don't have any to lose.
You never have to worry about losing me to Seth, to anyone.
I'm yours.
You're mine.
I don't celebrate people going to jail, but I'd make an exception for this.
Do you want to? I do.
I-I would.
I have to be somewhere tonight.
Don't feel bad about the publicity.
You deserve it, so take it.
I really don't know why.
This I don't know.
It I have this image of her sitting there just looking at him.
Then you do know.
You said between 124th and 125th? It's actually just up here.
- $32.
- Right.
You know, can you just keep it running? Where to? It doesn't matter.