For the People (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

The Boxer

You're not supposed to have that in the ring.
You're not supposed to have me out of bed at 5:45.
Can't have it both ways.
I need someone to spar with.
His name is Ted.
I don't want boxing to just be a Ted thing.
Mm, then how about making Ted a Ted thing? Don't tell me you're down for the count.
No, I get it.
Drink plenty of fluids, read trashy magazines, I'll hand off as many of your cases as I can.
- What? - Just because you like "Rocky" doesn't mean you are Rocky.
Rocky would never put kale in his raw eggs.
- This is brain food.
- Just saying, donuts exist.
And I'm sad you don't let yourself enjoy life.
What?! I can't hear you over all these antioxidants! You know, you don't have to leave just because I'm gonna live, like, 20 years longer than you.
I have three lawyers out with a cold.
I need to get to work.
Which means I need to get home.
So I can get to work.
- It's an odd route.
- I need clothes.
Well, you could leave some more clothes here.
You could bring some things to my place.
And put them where? Your kitchen pantry is in your bedroom.
But it's also filled with saturated fats.
- Mmmmmm.
- The true story of two strangers picked to live in a house - What? - "The Real World.
" Stop being polite, and start getting real? I'm so sorry.
I don't understand.
It's 'cause we're roommates now never mind.
Why are you completely dressed super-early? I have my first press conference today.
- Just a little anxious.
- Ah.
I'm sure you'll be fine.
I mean, I'm not sure.
How could I be sure? Things could go terribly, terribly wrong.
Is that what you're wearing? - Yeah, why? - Nothing.
Just keeping it real.
Do you have a suit in your office? - Yes.
- Then this is for you.
Sarah, Brad, and Sunil all called in sick.
Sunil high-fived me yesterday.
- You're fine.
- This place is a Petri dish.
- We're all going down.
- Just tell yourself, you're not gonna get sick and you won't.
That's what I do.
I haven't been sick since 2009.
That's not science, Sandra.
I need Oregano.
Who has Oregano? - Let me know if you have any questions.
- You want me to do a plea negotiation before meeting the client? It's trespassing and fishing without a license.
Your client was squatting up at the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge.
You can negotiate now.
The government won't want to drag this out.
Your negotiation is with Leonard Knox? So the government will want to drag this out as long as humanly possible.
- Good luck.
- Do my tonsils look inflamed? Don't look in there.
Don't even touch that.
What's with the bowtie? - I'm camera-ready.
- Mm.
Is the camera in a saloon? What the? 31 kilos of coke, $146,000 in cash from that stash house in the Bronx.
That's incredible.
Is it a clip-on? It's for the press conference Are you announcing the arrest of the outlaw Jesse James? - The DEA raid - In Tombstone? Didn't you ever wear a bowtie? At my bar mitzvah.
Is it for your bar mitzvah? It wasn't my idea exactly.
Not sure how that helps you, but, uh, anyway, the press conference is postponed.
The good news, though, is that you now have time to sing with your barbershop quartet.
Thanks, guys.
You can take all this back.
Except the paper evidence you can leave that in my office.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
George Clooney wears a bowtie.
Clooney! Have a seat.
And then what? We mail each other letters? That cold that's going around your office? I plan to keep it there.
- I don't get sick.
- Neither do I.
Because I'm over here.
Three months' probation, no fine.
Maybe it's the football field between us, but I think you just said Three months' probation, no fine.
You're that desperate to avoid a cold? Your client's indigent.
He was looking for food and shelter.
He didn't mean any harm.
- No prison time.
- Nope.
No fine at all.
How's a homeless guy gonna pay a fine? I was supposed to be meeting Leonard Knox.
Let me know how it goes.
I touched that door.
Thank you.
This was nice! I'm sure he'll be grateful! So, what does it mean? It means no prison time.
No fine for both the trespassing and the fishing charges.
It's a good deal, Braden.
I wasn't trying to bother anyone.
Yes, of course.
Been up there two weeks.
Just keeping to myself.
Like I always do.
This is just about getting the right paperwork together.
You really don't need to worry.
When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it's attached to the rest of the world.
You know? No, I'm I'm not sure I follow.
Give you an example.
When we catch a salmon, we do it at the end of its life cycle.
Just before it's about to spawn.
Humans, grizzly bears, eagles.
We all find that salmon tastes best when it's fighting its way up the river it was born in.
So we kill it.
Right before it can make a new generation.
I mean, sure, it's sad.
But we nourish our generation.
It's all connected.
It's It's It's all one.
And th-that's why I love Wallkill.
You can go back to Wallkill.
You just need a license.
If someone threatens me, if s-someone tugs at me, someone someone challenges my rights, I-I-I-I would have to defend myself.
By force, if necessary.
I would have no choice.
What are you talking about? I didn't want it to end like that.
You didn't want what to end like what? Jesus will save him.
- "Jesus will save him?" - What do we know about him? Braden Walsh.
No family.
No job.
No friends.
No car.
Some history of mental illness.
Multiple citations of trespassing And panhandling.
Nothing particularly violent.
How long has he been in custody? Seven hours.
Do you think there might be someone hurt out there? I don't know.
I can call Fish and Wildlife.
And say what, exactly? What if he killed someone and they find the body because we reported it? Then he gets charged with murder.
No, he's our client.
We have a duty of confidentiality.
If you think someone might be hurt - Doesn't matter.
- It does matter.
New York Rule of Professional Conduct 1.
6 allows me to reveal confidential information to prevent reasonably certain death or substantial bodily harm, and I'm not reasonably certain of anything other than I have very little appetite for salmon now.
Good by me, then.
At the very least, I would need to investigate it further before disclosing anything We can look into it.
I'm not gonna investigate my own client.
- Or we can leave it alone.
- Unless I was really concerned.
And I'm not.
So that's it.
Let's go.
You? Nothing.
There's a turtle down there.
- Bog turtle.
- Really? I don't know.
I think so.
I saw a sign back there.
You box this morning? Yes.
It was early.
Allison wanted to spar.
It's cool.
Glad you got out there.
Where exactly was he arrested? Behind those trees.
He made a little camp, but I circled that entire perimeter.
No clothes.
No blood.
No drag marks.
Can you not say "drag marks," please? There's nothing there.
We looked.
That is what we did.
- Mm-hmm.
- We looked.
Not exactly a, uh, professional search.
What would they have done differently? Well, for example, they might not have just stood at the edge of the lake and stared at bog turtles.
No, I covered that entire area.
I'm just saying if you want to have confidence - that there's no one here - No one's here.
I am confident.
Hello! Hello! What was that? An echo.
I think.
No one's here.
We looked.
There's nothing here.
Braden is a messed-up guy.
He was talking about grizzly bears.
You good? Yeah, I'm good.
Let's go enter that plea.
You know what? It's good that Roger postponed my press conference.
I've been digging deeper into the DEA report, and there are at least four additional charges I can bring against Boo-Boo! - Yogi Bear's little sidekick.
- What? That's who you remind me of.
With the bowtie.
It's been bothering me all day.
I take that as a compliment.
Up to you.
I'm gonna work from home.
I'll let everyone know.
"Up to you.
" "I'll let everyone know.
" This woman I work with No.
Her name is Kate.
Oh Ha, ha, ha.
- Big mistake.
- What? The tie.
I know you want me to be polite - We have to get off this train.
- Yeah, in, like, six stops.
No, like, now.
Just take it off.
The tie is not the problem.
- The tie is the problem.
- Listen to me I get it.
Everybody has his own style I have a brick of cocaine in my bag! You have a brick of cocaine in your bag! Quiet! You have a brick of cocaine in your bag! The DEA must've mixed up the evidence I asked for.
They're gonna think I stole it.
If it makes you feel any better, this happens all the time.
- Really? - Of course not.
Nobody accidentally leaves work with a brick of cocaine.
Except drug lords.
My career is over.
I'm going to prison.
I'm never gonna see my family again.
I'm never gonna see the ocean again.
I'll never go to a movie theater or the theater theater I'm gonna get scurvy.
There's no fruit in jail, Jay.
It's going to be okay.
How often do you actually go to the ocean? - I have a brick of cocaine in my bag! - Quiet! I have a brick of cocaine in my bag! Calm down.
Nobody's gonna believe you stole it, especially if you walk it back to the DEA right now.
You really think it's gonna be fine? Yes.
Now, can I say for sure? How can I say for sure? - Stop! - It's gonna be fine! I'll even walk with you.
Thanks, man.
We're roommates.
This isn't your problem.
It's our problem.
Uh Dude, you've got a problem.
- Did you get a good look at him? - I didn't see anything.
Except the back of his head.
And your career.
And your life.
Circling a toilet bowl.
I'm going to prison.
I'm never gonna see my family again.
- I'm never gonna see the ocean again.
- Stop it.
Do not go there.
There's nowhere else to go.
If I tell Roger, I'm fired, and then I'm arrested.
If I tell the DEA, I'm arrested, and then I'm fired.
Are we rooting for one over the other? There's no way the government buys this story.
I'm in it, and I don't buy it.
Look, I was there.
I'm a very credible witness.
You'll tell them it was stolen? Right in front of my eyes.
And I took the cocaine home by accident.
Well I wasn't there for that part.
I don't know if that's true.
I was supposed to be on TV today.
Now I'm basically a fugitive.
The person who stole your bag had no idea he was stealing a kilo of DEA-tagged cocaine.
And probably wants no part of it.
Odds are he'll try to offload it quickly, all at once, which means there's bound to be talk on the streets.
Let's get out there and hit the cocaine streets.
No, not you.
Not me.
Who? Hey, man.
- Hey.
- How's it going? Good.
Can I help you with something? No.
Just dropping by to say hey.
But as long as I'm here, quick question for you: have you heard anything about someone stealing a DEA-tagged brick of cocaine? What case is this for? No case.
Just asking for a friend.
- Your friend stole DEA cocaine? - Not exactly Someone stole your friend's DEA cocaine.
"Friend" is too strong a word.
- It's your word.
- It's too strong.
I know him.
I met him.
I don't even really remember what he looks like, except I think he wears a bowtie.
Anyway, I figure an amount that big, and tagged by the government, if there's any "chatter" or "static," talk on the streets? Dude, anyone who chatters on the street about a distribution quantity of missing coke is looking to get his throat slit.
So, unless you got a Kevlar body suit and a tactical squad ten men strong, I would stop asking questions.
Anything else I can help you with? No.
Mainly I was just coming by to say hey.
The Judge is going to ask you if you understand the charges and your rights.
Okay? Just answer his questions "yes" or "no.
" Not one more word.
Got it? Yes.
All rise.
Is your client ready to begin? - Yes, Your Honor.
- Mr.
Walsh, I understand you're ready to plead guilty to one count of criminal trespass and one count of fishing without a permit up at the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge.
- Is that correct? - Yes.
Do you understand that by pleading guilty today, you give up your right to a trial by a jury of your peers, as well as your right to have the government prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt? Yes.
Why don't you tell me in your own words what you did.
Judge, I-I made a camp up at Wallkill.
Did some fishing there.
I like to fish.
I like to hunt, too.
Y-You can go on, sir.
If I catch a salmon before it can spawn, - and as sad as that may be - Your Honor Is there a problem, Ms.
Bell? No, Your Honor, if I could have just a minute Braden, it is important that you only talk about what happened with the fishing.
Walsh, I just need to hear in your own words what you're pleading guilty to.
- I don't need anything else.
- Yes.
I spent some time up at Wallkill.
Where were you in the refuge? Where was I, or where is he? What? I do believe that if you tug at a single thing in nature, you find it's attached to the rest - Your Honor - Ms.
Bell, if there's no factual basis for a guilty plea, then I have to reject this deal, and we'll have to proceed to set a trial date.
I understand, Your Honor.
I do.
I think we're prepared to go forward.
If I could just have a few more minutes, and we could discuss - Ms.
Bell? - I'm sorry.
I am sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Enough, sir.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Has he said anything more specific? - No.
- A name? - No.
How certain do you feel that someone is in danger? - I don't know.
- Sandra I don't know! I-I-I don't know if any of it is real, if it means anything.
If you do know anything else, you can report this, Sandra.
I know, but - What? - Federal Wildlife Officer John Brower was just reported missing at Wallkill.
Hasn't been seen since the night of Braden's arrest.
- How long has that been? - 26 hours.
How did you hear about this? Fish and Wildlife Service.
But FBI is on it now, too.
Which means they'll put this together across the street.
I think they already have.
- We want to work this out cooperatively.
- You're in our office.
- Time is of the essence.
- You could've called.
You want to work what out cooperatively? - What do you want? - Does Braden Walsh know anything about the disappearance of John Brower? She can't answer that.
You know she can't answer that.
She can if she thinks he's alive.
What makes you think she thinks he's alive? Braden spoke about him in the present tense You don't know who he was speaking about He's been gone for 27 hours.
If he's alive, and if she knows anything She doesn't have anything to say.
You probably should've just called.
Saved yourself a trip.
No, because then I couldn't have given you this.
- You're subpoenaing Sandra? - Yes.
- Roger - I don't have a choice.
- Of course you have a choice.
- This guy could die.
You don't even know if he's alive.
You don't know if his disappearance has anything to do with Braden Walsh.
- She knows.
- You don't know that.
Well, the only way we're gonna find out is by getting her to talk Any communication between Braden Walsh and Sandra is privileged.
Not if it's part of a crime, or a fraud You have no evidence of that none.
Look, Sandra can choose to divulge whatever she knows if she's reasonably certain his life is in danger.
But that's her choice.
For you to try and force it out of her on the flimsy and, frankly, offensive allegation that she might be complicit - I didn't say that.
- That's what the crime-fraud exception to the attorney-client privilege is Your parents fight growing up? My mom died when I was 8.
I'm sorry.
You? Never met my dad.
I'm sorry.
I'm told I didn't miss much.
Definitely getting sick now.
No way around it.
Let's go.
- They're subpoenaing you.
- What? The U.
Attorney's Office wants all the notes and records from your conversations with Braden Walsh.
- I can't do that.
- We'll move to quash it.
Right now.
But it doesn't matter.
You don't know anything anyway.
That's not true.
What are you talking about? I have a map.
He drew me a map.
- You're in serious trouble.
- Dude.
- What did he say? - Okay.
I just want to make sure I get this right.
Anyone who asks about that much missing coke could get his throat slit.
Repeating it back now, it doesn't seem super helpful.
It's not! You know the street value of that brick of cocaine? $25,000.
Oh! You probably don't want that on your search history right now.
What is our plan? Other than breaking rocks in the hot sun for possession.
Or non-possession.
Or whatever this is.
Breaking rocks that's not really a thing anymore.
There's actually a lot of arts and crafts now.
We don't have a plan.
This is your problem.
I've gotten way too involved in this already.
The word is "accomplice" Because I talked to a guy in my office? It's not the crime, it's the coverup.
That's messed up.
I'm sorry.
I can't be part of this.
I'm out.
- We're roommates.
- Yeah, roommates not cellmates.
Your Honor, Ms.
Bell has knowledge of a crime that is happening now a Federal Wildlife Officer who is missing now There is no evidence that there is even a crime right now, nor is there any evidence that Ms.
Bell has any knowledge of the purported crime.
Even if there were evidence of those things, that would not be enough to order Ms.
Bell to comply with the subpoena and break attorney-client privilege You're arguing that this falls under the crime-fraud exception.
- We are, Your Honor.
- Well, that would mean that Mr.
Walsh intended to further this alleged crime by communicating with Ms.
What evidence do you have of that? We can't say for certain.
You don't need to say for certain.
But you need probable cause.
Because we don't know the substance of the communications, we can't say, but what we do know is that a Federal Wildlife Officer is missing, that Mr.
Walsh was arrested in the exact same place the Officer was last seen, and that Mr.
Walsh has been referring to someone we believe to be the missing Officer in the present tense as if he may be alive.
Under Zolin, the court only needs a reasonable good-faith belief that a review of the evidence in chambers could decide the matter.
We're just asking for you to give us that.
Look at what she has.
He drew this.
When? During the hearing? Here.
In the courtroom.
Has he said whether he believes the Officer's alive? No.
Do you believe that he is? I don't know.
I'm not going to order you to turn this over.
I don't see any evidence in anything you've said, or anything I've seen here, that this information was given to you with the intent to further any crime or fraud.
The crime-fraud exception to the attorney-client privilege does not apply.
Now you still have the option to turn this over.
But that is your call, Ms.
I know.
I would not want to be you right now.
You could start for the Knicks.
What are you doing? Just had my hearing.
- Getting ready to head home.
- Really? 'Cause you look like you're actively not heading home.
What? No.
See? Here I am.
Packing up.
Heading home.
Home, sweet home.
How's the new living situation? Fine? Weird.
There's issues.
It's hard living with other people's messes.
Floss in the sink? Towels on the floor? Kinda messier than that.
I'm honestly not sure it's working out.
I moved out of my parents' house when I was 17.
Got a job waiting tables in a Greek place owned by, I am still sure, the oldest man to ever walk upright.
He set me up with his great-grand-daughter, who had an extra room, so she was my first roommate.
Daphne was nuts.
She tap danced.
In the apartment! At 3:00 A.
She brought home every stray she found, dogs, cats, two raccoons.
She drove me crazy.
But she's the one that got me to start night school.
She paid my rent more times than I can count.
She slept in my bed with me the night my mother died.
Two raccoons? When you're young in New York, roommates are your family.
They drive you crazy.
They share every moment of your life with you.
But if you do it right, they'll have your back forever.
So go home.
Do it right.
I was wrong.
This isn't your problem.
It's our problem.
You and me.
I'm calling Roger and telling him everything.
Everything? Including my name? - Want to know the real problem? - That Roger barely knows my name, and this is the absolute worst way for him to learn it? The real problem is that I didn't want to man up and tell Roger on day one.
My mom always said, If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember a thing.
That's actually Mark Twain.
The point is That your mom lied about the truth? It doesn't matter who said it.
I used to believe it.
I used to live it.
I got upset when vending machines gave me too much change.
Then I became a lawyer.
A professional withholder.
A full-time tactician who has to remember everything.
Is that who I want to be? Do I ever get to be me again? You do.
When you call Roger Gunn.
And he will buy your story.
Our story.
I got you.
Hi, this is Seth Oliver for Roger.
Thank you.
- Yes.
- Your address was on a piece of mail.
- What? - In your bag, dude.
I snaked your bag.
Can you open the door, please? Do you want me to leave the coke on the mat, or do you want to let me in? Aight.
Feel like I know you, man.
Anyways, I'm not a drug dealer.
I've taken some stuff, but I'm not a drug dealer.
- Who is that? - No one.
Jay Simmons.
If I give you this bag back, we good? - You're gonna give me the bag back? - If you forget it ever went missing Yes.
This never happened.
I've forgotten it already.
I promise.
- Holy - Unbelievable! Check it! Check it! - Yes! - Whoo! Yes! Yeah! - Whoo! - Come on.
Yes! Ooh! Oliver? Oliver? Oliver? Oliver? Anything? No.
You're her best friend.
Should we talk to her? - It depends on what we'd say.
- What would you say? I would turn it over.
Even if it means your client goes to prison? I couldn't live with myself otherwise.
Maybe it's selfish Not selfish.
Prison is hell.
I wouldn't wish it on anybody.
But no one should die before their time.
I got into this job because I wanted to protect the most vulnerable people in our society.
And no matter what their alleged crimes, those are the people facing the power of the state.
If it turns out the Braden is charged with murder, or anything, I'd happily defend him.
But right now, the most vulnerable person is that Officer.
Thanks for meeting me.
I came for the pretzel.
I need advice.
- From me? - Yes.
Kind of.
It's a hypothetical situation.
So you need hypothetical advice? - Yes.
- Should I be taking notes? No.
Definitely not.
What is it? Let's say I have a client who might have harmed someone.
And that person might still be at risk.
Do I break confidentiality and report it if I know it could harm my client? - Hypothetically? - Hypothetically.
It's your call.
Everybody keeps telling me that.
I know that.
I-I don't know what call to make.
You know what? Give me my pretzel back.
I mean it's your call, Sandra.
D-Did you ever play board games as a kid? - Yes.
- We probably played the same ones.
Mouse Trap.
I would memorize the rules.
I would internalize them.
I would become the rules.
I could be greedy.
I could be aggressive.
I could be ruthlessly competitive.
I could be everything I wasn't in life because it wasn't really me.
I was just playing by the rules.
I haven't heard of Mouse Trap, but I could totally beat you at Monopoly.
And Clue.
I would destroy you.
Anyway, we all have such distinct roles in this system prosecutors, defenders, judges, Tina.
And every role has such a distinct set of rules.
Those roles are so narrowly drawn, it can take morality out of the equation.
It can take humanity out of the equation.
And that is a good thing.
We focus on the facts.
On the law.
Not on flawed, fragile emotions.
But there are rare situations hypothetical situations where you don't have to be Sandra the ferocious and unyielding defender.
You can be Sandra the person.
If you think someone is at risk, you are allowed to step outside your role.
You are allowed to stop playing by the rules.
There is a rule that allows us not to play by the rules.
Only lawyers could come up with something like that.
Forget about Sandra the defender.
What about Sandra the person? It's your call.
You been here all night? - Yes.
- Sandra I couldn't leave.
They're out there right now.
Middle of the night impulse purchase.
Hard to play by myself, though.
Press conference is back on.
The DEA is coming up to deliver the evidence.
I'll be here.
They said some was missing.
You know anything about that? - No.
- Where are the files? Right there.
Oh, my God.
Is that cocaine? Yes.
That is a huge screwup, isn't it? Has this been here the whole time? No.
No? What are you talking about? Okay.
This is crazy.
I know.
But the day we were supposed to have You know what? Actually, I don't care.
It's here now.
You called me last me last night.
I heard a bunch of hollering.
It sounded like animals.
It was my roommate.
It's a better look.
I feel more myself now.
Colonel Mustard available? - Any word? - Nothing yet.
The FBI are searching Bear Mountain Park.
50 miles from Wallkill.
Never would've looked there without the map.
How did you convince her? I didn't.
We just ate a pretzel.
What would you have done? Who knows until you've been there.
I can't work.
You have any LEGOs in there? First Order Star Destroyer, Shanghai skyline, or Old Fishing Store? Never been to Shanghai.
Colonel Mustard.
With the revolver.
In the study.
John Brower was badly beaten.
With a tree branch.
It looks like Braden drove him to Bear Mountain Park in the Officer's own truck.
He's dead.
- For how long? - They don't know.
But all indications are that he was probably dead by the time that Braden left him.
You did the right thing.
Everybody wants to tell me that, but - I don't think I did.
- You did.
I turned on a client.
You tried to save someone's life, Sandra.
I know how much you care.
But this is a job.
We do our best.
It's not just a job.
It's not.
It's not a role.
It is who I am.
I am loyal.
I am the person you can trust your life with.
I am the person who never gives up.
Never turns on you.
No matter what you did.
I was not that today.
I love you, Sandy.
I'll be at home.
I tried something a little risky, but I hope you'll cut me some slack.
For subpoenaing my lawyer? Ah.
Not that.
We don't talk about work, but if you want to talk about it Anyone in your seat calls anyone in my seat when they're going to subpoena a Federal Public Defender.
And you didn't call me.
Just showed up in our office.
And that subpoena assumed so much, about Sandra, about me.
It was a character judgement.
You thought I'd let someone under my supervision conspire to commit a federal crime? It was incredibly aggressive.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I overcorrected No.
You fought as hard as you possibly could for what you thought was right.
You gave no quarter.
That's what this has to be.
I didn't like it.
But I'd like the opposite even less.
What is that? Don't tell me it's clothes.
What? - Of course not.
- It's clothes.
One shirt.
Come on.
Let me see the shirt.
I don't know if maybe in public is the right choice.
Should we stop by the store to return it right now? I want to see what you got me.
I want to see what kind of taste you have.
It's the first thing you bought me.