Forever Knight (1992) s01e01 Episode Script

Dark Knight (1)

Preyed on humans for their blood.
Now he wants to be mortal again To repay society for his sins To emerge from his world of darkness From his endless forever night.
[GROWLS] Is this another vampire murder? Oh, come on.
You're not gonna call them that, are you? We hear there's no blood in the corpse.
Is that true? Inquiring minds want to know.
Knight, you're stonewalling.
Knight! Go home.
I think I'll go home now.
What's up? Hey, Dietrich.
Give me this thing.
Give me this thing.
You've got to get real low, right up the honker.
Nice low angle like this.
Bing, bang, boom.
Bing, bang, work with me, work with me.
Like that, right? Don't be afraid.
It's just a dead body.
Hey, wonderboy, what kept you? I thought you were working old town tonight, Schanke? I thought you might need some experienced help.
Your experience tells you we should be looking at nasal hairs? It's the fourth one in two weeks.
You haven't been doing too good.
We're working on it.
Is there any blood left in the body? Not much.
Looks like just all the others.
Can you believe they put a guy like this in Homicide? Falls apart when he sees a little salsa picante? Dietrich Who found the body? The assistant curator.
She's over there.
I was working downstairs when I heard the crash.
The first thing that occurred to me was that one of the exhibits had fallen.
Chuck was already dead when I got there.
And the killer? I don't see how he escaped so quickly especially with What could he want with their blood? SCHANKE: A museum for crying out loud [SCHANKE CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY] These are from Altun Kinal, aren't they? How would you know that? The green in the pigments and the glyphs of Schocmoor.
Do you know the really scary thing is the first four digits up there match my alarm code.
You can read it? Ah, I've done a little amateur grave robbing in my time.
We were going to announce it.
No one's excavated that site in a hundred years.
The curse.
Not many amateurs know about that.
The jade cup, the one that was stolen from the case, was that from Kinal? It was used in sacrifice ceremonies.
We unearthed it last month.
Do you have a drawing? It was extremely rare.
Maybe the only one of its type in existence.
Do you know what that cup was used for? Yes, of course.
It was a practice unique to the area.
It was used to drink the sacrifice victim's blood.
Here, drink this.
What is it? Grasshopper buns, eye of newt.
What the hell do you care? Drink it.
Have you ever noticed how you can take a simple little thing, like, oh, say, drinking tea, and turn it into this gigantic theatrical production? Oh, sure.
It's easy enough for you to say.
Come on.
Good boy.
Well, that's enough for today.
I'm trying to help you.
It's good for you.
I don't see you drinking any.
How's your tan coming? Well, I'm up to about 10 minutes in the sun bed.
Oh, a regular George Hamilton.
Are we dissecting me here or the corpse? Well the cause of death is similar to that of the first three victims: Broken neck, body almost completely drained of blood, again, type O.
But this one has a new twist.
Now, the first three victims all had their throats slashed.
The average length of the cut was almost 10 centimeters.
I want you to look at this.
These are the only points of entry.
Wounds of this size are not consistent with the amount of blood that he lost.
Two neat little holes.
Nick Is this something that I should worry about? [TELEPHONE RINGING] When the mayor calls, naturally, I listen.
Look, we have an agreement.
I work alone, right? He's got a point.
We've got four bloodless bodies sitting over in the morgue, and we got nothing on them.
Look, we're making progress here.
All the victims were type O, three were homeless-- But the last one wasn't, so that puts a great big hole in your parachute.
I mean, put yourself in the mayor's shoes.
He's sitting over there, everybody's coming over to him and asking him, "What's all these fang marks on the victims' neck?" And did you know what they're saying the Mayans used that cup for, the one that was stolen? Yeah, yeah.
I know what it was used for.
Nick, Captain.
Who ordered the three cheeseburgers? Me.
Thanks, Bobby.
Skinny guy.
Eats like a pig.
I had the, uh Chinese chicken salad, hold the chicken.
Look, I've been doing you a lot of favors.
You tell me you're allergic to sunlight, so I put you on the night shift, then you want to work alone.
My instincts are kicking me in the face, but I say, "Okay.
Why not? Let him work alone.
" But I am not going to stop this investigation when the sun comes up.
Who's it going to be, captain? Well, he's a day guy.
Who? You'll like him.
He's got a different experience.
His name? You only have to work with him on the shift change.
Now, come on, captain.
Well, howdy partner.
Will somebody shoot me? Please? The news says he got another one, a security guard in the museum.
No idea how he got in.
Like a ghost.
Morning, Jeannie.
Hey, Dr.
The radio says he got another one.
Sucked him dry.
Got extra ketchup for the fries.
Now look, my offer still stands.
You guys should be sleeping inside till we catch this guy.
We don't want to sleep in your garage, Nick.
We're fine.
Air's fresh, and the sun thaws us up real good.
Yeah, I bet it does.
I'll see you guys when I get up tonight.
I'm going to be doing some research on that jade cup tonight at the museum.
If you want to call or drop by later, maybe I'll have something on it.
My number is 555-6077.
Have you checked yourself in the mirror? Is it working? Now, your favorite medical examiner wants you to eat something this evening, understand? Cold turkey on the hemoglobin.
Eat anything, anything you want.
I'm sure you have something yummy at home, and don't worry, you won't be graded on your table manners.
If you're a good boy, I might even let you take me to dinner sometime.
Tell me you understand.
[MACHINE BEEPING] So, type O blood, that's the universal donor, right? Yeah, anybody can take type O, but type O's can't take anything else.
It's got to be type O? Right.
So am I O? A-negative.
I told you.
With what's been going on, that is a major relief.
I just wanted to hear it again.
Garlic? Yeah.
My wife says it builds the blood, but you've got to eat it raw.
Hey, watch this, watch this, watch this.
Hey, hey, partner, partner.
How are you? SCHANKE: What's the matter, my breath still bothering you? I'll smoke a ciggie.
Not in my Caddy.
You know, why don't you drive a nice, clean city car, huh? A regular beater.
I mean, we all know you're Joe Cool, but-- Trunk space.
Trunk space? Mm.
The 1962 Cadillac has more trunk space than any car made in the last 30 years.
Trunk space? Uh-huh.
I knew that.
It's probably better for me, anyway.
My wife has tried 50,000 times to get me to quit.
Nag, nag, nag.
It's tough.
It's an addiction, you know.
Addictions are hard to give up.
Tell me about it.
Look, Stonetree said we've only got to drive a couple of shifts together.
How bad can that be? Besides, you could stand to learn a couple things from me, my experience.
I've been around the block, Knight.
Dahmers, Mansons, serial killings, ritual killings.
The one thing I always keep an eye out for? Common links.
And what do we have here? Type O blood, the homeless-- The guard wasn't homeless.
He was type O.
Okay, he could have been killed by somebody else.
All right, maybe that's stupid, but, you know, take it from one who's been there, Kojak.
You're not gonna solve this thing by the book.
You gotta follow your instincts.
[TIRES SQUEALING] What the hell are you doing? Three words, Schanke: In-tu-ition.
Okay, listen, I want it now! [SCREAMING] Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! [SPEAKING CHINESE] [SPEAKING CHINESE] Okay, we've got some wacko with a full automatic and a hostage.
Shut down the elevator and get someone on the exits.
He's up top.
It's just a little plasma, Knight.
Don't get worked up about it.
[WOMAN AND INFANT CRYING] MAN: Shut up! Shut up! Metro Police.
Release the girl and respond.
MAN: I'm gonna kill her.
No! I'm gonna kill her! [GIRL CRYING] Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! It's got to be a Mac-10 or an Uzi.
Back wall near the window.
He's got the girl in front of him.
Don't shoot.
You can see in there? Try to get him to talk.
I'm going around.
Around? What the hell's around? If you won't tell me what you want, how do I know what to give you, all right? Damn it! You know I'm gonna kill her.
I have to do this.
You son of a bitch.
You know it.
You lied to me.
I know you have it.
I know you do! I have it, I have it.
Just cool out, all right? I know you do! No! [MAN SCREAMING] No! [GROWLING] We've got enough for a candy bar and a video game? Yeah.
Too bad we have to play "Rocky Mountain High" That's life.
How about a pouch of tobacco? How about no lunch? You know, Jeannie-- [FOOTSTEPS] It would be a lot warmer in Nick's garage.
Top, I told you, I don't want to owe anyone anything.
I thought Dr.
Dave was gonna meet us here? Yeah, well, you know Dave.
Doctor's never in.
Do you want an extra blanket? You're gonna get cold.
Topper? Top! Topper! HUNTER: The bodies of the Indian workers would be found the next morning completely drained of blood.
It was only natural that the Indians believed there were vampires in their midst.
[CLATTERING] Harry? Harry, is that you? [SCREAMS] Easy.
You scared the living hell out of me.
I'm sorry.
Hold me.
I don't know what got into me.
It's a bad joke.
I'm sorry.
A vampire, that's what he said.
No kidding? I heard him.
A vampire swooped out of the sky and knocked him out.
That's what he said.
Of course, the perp had been smoking crack for 72 hours.
But you saw Knight pull the perpetrator out the window, right? Well, yeah, captain, I did.
And you weren't on crack? Me? No.
I had a souvlaki with onions, but no crack.
Have you ever been bit by a scorpion? No.
They're poisonous.
I've seen them on the TV, but, uh, they're scary things.
A lot of them are deadly.
Where I used to live, they were all over the place.
There's a legend.
If you ever catch a scorpion, don't ever burn it.
Why, they smell bad when they're fried? If you burn it, the scorpions come from miles around to where you are-- Don't tell me.
Don't tell me.
Don't tell me.
You get all covered with scorpions, right? Is that true? No.
It's just a legend Like vampires.
But what about what-- The media and a lot of people are going bananas about this vampire thing.
I don't want you to be one of them, okay? Right.
They say that everything in our future can be found in our past.
"The past is the only dead thing that smells sweet.
" Edward Thomas.
Do you feel that way too? No.
It's too easy a place to hide.
Is that what you think I'm doing? Oh, come on, aren't you? Burying your head into old books and artifacts, digging in dusty soil, working alone in here at night? Mm.
I like the night.
No people, no present, no future, just the past.
I'm comfortable with it.
Don't be.
Dwell on yesterday, and you have no today, no tomorrow.
Another quote? No.
The voice of experience.
You haven't lived that long.
I'm working on it.
[THUD ECHOES] Hold me.
[SIGHS] You know I was really scared tonight before you came.
It was that book.
Altun Kinal.
It scared me.
The first dig was abandoned because the Indian laborers were being killed at night.
They said it was vampires.
[HEARTBEAT PULSING] Sucked their blood.
It sounds incredible, but apparently they were searching for a pair of cups like the one we had stolen, and they found one, but they abandoned the dig before they found the other.
That was ours.
Don't you see? The murderer might have had one cup already, and stole ours to make the pair.
No, I can't.
[PULSING STOPS] Nick? Elise, I MAN: Dr.
Hunter? Harry? Are you okay over there? I'm not sure.
Nick? [ECHOING] Nick? Yeah, I figured he might come back here, so I drove the Caddy.
You still have the keys? You know, I forgot the way those things used to ride.
I'm talking smooth.
A rolling condominium.
Do you think you can find him? What time's sunrise? Oh, 5:30, 6:00.
What's that got to do with anything? [SENTIMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING FROM TELEVISION] [INDISTINCT VOICES ON TELEVISION] [CLANK] What are you doing, Nat? You weren't picking up the phone.
I didn't want to talk to anyone.
You know, you create a lot of tension when you disappear like this.
Stonetree starts eating Kleenex.
Have you ever seen him do that? I think he does it for the roughage.
Close the blinds, Nat.
You have got to stop drinking this stuff.
Give me that! [SHARP EXHALE] Is this the same guy who came begging to me to help him change so he could see a sunrise? Screw the sunrise.
Give me the bottle.
Look, everything I do for you, everything that can help you regain your mortality, is wasted when you drink this stuff.
It is the blood that keeps you from coming over.
I am what I am And I don't think Betty Ford takes vampires.
You can be human.
Human? What's more human, to drink a little cow blood now and then, or commit cold-blooded murder? You've done both.
I caught a killer tonight.
I'm paying my debt.
And you couldn't have caught him without the vampire? Who cares how I did it? You do.
Close the blinds and get out of here.
Well I guess this is a major change in attitude.
Excuse me.
You don't want help, hey, I'm a dot on the horizon.
Give me a break.
Here, I'll just close the blinds, and you can go back to your Bela Lugosi film.
Maybe he can give you a few tips.
You know, you could go public with this, and do quite well.
"Blood-suckers as public servants, next, on Geraldo.
" Excuse me.
He's probably already exhausted that subject.
I'm either in bed or incommunicado.
[MACHINE BEEPING] HUNTER: Nick I'm sorry to keep calling, but after what happened tonight, I think we ought to talk.
Will you call me, please? [MACHINE BEEPING] Is this the curator from the museum? What happened last night? I kissed her.
And? And then I nearly killed her.
Nick Don't you think it's time we talked about the others? HUNTER: Adding to the problem of keeping the Indians at work were the mystical properties said to be possessed by the jade cups themselves.
Many European occultists believe that the Mayan ceremony where the blood of the sacrificed victim was poured from cup to cup and then swallowed by the high priest could, in fact, be the cure for vampirism.
So it was this Lacroix who was killing the Indians at Altun Kinal? He didn't want me to have the other cup.
He didn't then.
He doesn't now.
Lacroix was my master.
The vampire who brought me over.
It's hard to explain.
He's like a father or a brother, but he'll do anything to keep me this way, Including killing a guard and stealing it from the museum.
The skylight was the only way in.
I did it tonight.
It's him.
And he believes that if you perform this ceremony, you can become mortal again? We both do.
[SIGHS] Break! [COUGHING] MAN: See you soon.
Hey, Doc, what's going down? Hey.
Not much.
Have you seen Jeannie or Topper? No, man, not today.
All right.
All right, come on, here we go.
[OVERLAPPING YELLING] Whoa! Hey, hey, hey! All right, grab it! Aw, Jesus, man! Come on, relax.
I was right there.
Aw, come on.
Nice one, man! Yours.
Your ball.
It's ours? Your ball.
Come on, man.
My ball.
Give me the ball, man.
Whatis it? He was hit in the head with a blunt object.
He was probably knocked unconscious before the jugular incision.
Were there two puncture marks this time? One incision, singular.
Where the hell is she? Nick! Jeannie never left Topper alone.
Maybe she was with him.
All right, who was the last person to see her? I was.
At the Dome, yesterday around noontime.
Usually find something to eat around the hot-dog stand.
They were together, right? You know they were never apart.
I knew something was wrong when they didn't show up for the bloodmobile.
Wait a minute.
There was a bloodmobile here today? Yeah.
Every Thursday.
Give a little, get a little.
It's our way of making a meaningful contribution to society.
You hear that, Knight? I should have made them stay with me.
Oh, what? You gonna put up every person who's out in the streets? You have got to stop blaming yourself.
This is not your fault.
It is my fault, Nat.
It's my fault, all of this.
Okay, okay, listen, listen.
We've got the bloodmobile, the homeless.
If this guy was type O, we have got a hat trick.
You work the day shift, right? Yeah.
What's that got to-- Do it on your own time.
What is his problem? I don't think you want to know.
[ROCK MUSIC BLARING] I had heard you were in town.
For years.
Do I still call you Jeanette? If you like.
Wasn't it Chicago before? It was time to move on.
The Dorian Gray syndrome.
Although, if I knew they were gonna install lights at Wrigley Field Oof.
I hate baseball And slow games make eternity seem so much longer.
The night's dark.
I am the owner And I find I'm able to mix it with a little wine.
My bartender thinks I'm a lush.
Would you like some? No.
Oh, that's right, yes.
You're probably on duty.
He's here.
I know so many people.
What is your name this time, hmm? Nicky something? I want to know where he is, Jeanette.
He hasn't been making these kills, if that's what you think.
Nowadays, nobody is that stupid.
Where is he? MAN: Is there a problem? Always the gentleman, huh? Filthy habit, hmm? At least I know it can't kill me.
I'd be careful if I were you.
He's very disappointed.
[DOOR OPENS] [INDISTINCT VOICES ON RADIO] [HITTING BUTTONS] RADIO: The Nightcrawler bringing you a little lead on CERK, metal for the ages.
Three weeks in this town, and I still haven't seen my old friend.
This next song is dedicated to you, Nicholas, my brother, my child.
[ ] NARRATOR: Tomorrow on Forever Knight: I want the cup.
Then come and get it.
What's it going to take to get a rise out of you? [SCREAMING] Is something going on between you and her? Dr.
Hunter and I? No, no, no.
I mean Alyce and you.
[ ]