Forever Knight (1992) s02e07 Episode Script

Father's Day

[] MAN: There is no prouder day in a father's life than the day he can pass on to his child the things that matter most to him.
[CAR DOOR CLOSES] MAN: Today is that day.
David? Johnny L.
's here.
MAN: I'm a very old man.
I have lived longer than I should have.
I've buried two sons.
And two grandsons.
[COUGHING] Are you all right, sir? [CLEARS THROAT] I've waited and at last, that day has come when my great-grandson can step in and take my place.
It's today? They're sending Carey in a car to get you.
They'll be here any minute.
You think he's too young? I was less than 20 when my father, God rest his soul, put all this in my hands.
Now it's David's turn.
He may be young, but don't think he's weak.
No, he's strong, as strong as I was then.
He's a Constantine.
The last.
Get his coat.
Leave him here.
It'll be safer.
My great-grandfather will send people.
David, they want you, not them.
You don't know where we're going, you don't know anything.
David, this is-- You can send for them later, okay? [CAR APPROACHING] The back.
Go out the back! Go, let's go! You stay here.
[DOORBELL CHIMES] [DOORS SLAMMING] What's that? They're getting away.
Let's go.
There is no harder day in a father's life than the day he must discipline a child.
But love demands sacrifices from us all.
The family must be protected.
[] NARRATOR: He was brought across in 1228.
Preyed on humans for their blood.
Now, he wants to be mortal again To repay society for his sins To emerge from his world of darkness From his endless forever night.
[GROWLS] [SIREN WAILING] SCHANKE: Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You-- You owe me, Carter.
CARTER: I can't, Schanke.
Family stuff, man.
What "family stuff"? I covered you on your birthday.
All right, all right, I'm sorry.
Maybe next time, all right? Yeah, well, maybe not.
[SIGHS] Hey, Rosin.
What are you doing Sunday? Do you want to talk a trade? Yeah, well, see if I lend you my electric lumbar pillow again.
Oh, man, do I look like a soft touch? I help these guys out all the time.
I spotted Carter on his birthday.
Now, when I ask him to do me a favor, it's like I don't exist.
I just want to go to the cottage, spend time at the lake for Father's Day with my wife and kid, but no.
We're off Sunday.
No, no, no.
You're off Sunday.
Cohen saw my time card, said I was six hours late in the last three months, so she added an extra shift.
I miss enough of my daughter's life as it is, you know, working nights.
Now I've got to miss her special chocolate pudding cake.
I'll cover for you.
I'll cover for you.
You-- You'd do that? Yeah.
Oh, man.
No strings? No strings.
Why not? Go on, be with your family.
I owe you bigtime, Nick.
Just not the electric lumbar pillow, okay? Are you expecting a call from Johnny Lamar, detective? Uh, no.
Well, he called.
He said he's bringing in David Constantine tonight.
David Constantine's turning on the family? You mean he's talking? Apparently, your partner set it up.
Let's not get too excited here, captain.
Because, you know, Johnny Lamar talks a good game, but he doesn't always deliver.
He says he's gonna deliver him into protective custody if you meet him at Bleecker and Bridge in half an hour.
David Constantine is next in line for the throne.
If this is for real-- His testimony could put his family's business out of business.
The old man'll be spending his few remaining days in a prison hospital, which would make me very happy.
I suggest you go meet the man.
Anything to keep a smile on your face, captain.
Just try to be on time.
SCHANKE: What is that word? It-- It means "generous," but it starts with an A.
"Altruistic"? "Altruistic.
" Good word.
What is that? Oh, it's some kind of questionnaire.
It's for Jenny's school project.
"What is a father?" Oh, it sounds really Silly? Well, it is silly, but you know, it's Jenny's And? What is a father? A sucker for doing this silly form.
[ENGINE IDLING] [CUTS OFF ENGINE] I don't think this is gonna put that smile on the captain's face.
Two in the back, one in the head, from about 25 or 30 feet away.
Nice marksmanship.
I'd say they were professionals.
KNIGHT: Any sign of a passenger? Well, if he was here, he got away clean.
He was here.
It's all over town now.
David Constantine ran out on the family, and the old man has every available soldier out looking for him.
Maybe they took him.
Just because he isn't lying here clammy doesn't mean he got away.
COHEN: All I know is David Constantine was supposed to be a witness for the Crown.
Instead, he's a missing person.
If he's still alive, we have to find him fast.
If little David gave him the slip, I don't like the odds.
I mean, where the hell would he go? The Constantines aren't exactly the type of family you just leave.
Not alive, anyway.
[BUOY CLANGING] [SEAGULLS SQUAWKING] Hey! That hasn't been inspected.
I-- I'm sorry, sir.
I didn't realize you were Go right ahead, sir.
I appreciate the kindness.
Welcome to the New World.
Don Constantine.
At your humble service.
I have an arrangement at the hospital.
Ah I had to leave Paris in a hurry.
I didn't get the chance to bring much.
This will be enough.
Will you be followed? The West Coast, I think, will be safest.
Do you have a preference? Los Angeles, then.
And a new name.
No? Los Angeles will be fine.
You're not what I expected.
You thought I'd be older.
I could say the same of you, sir.
My father died last year.
I run this family now.
I assure you, whatever you need will be taken care of.
Whatever you need.
CONSTANTINE: Is there a? Has something happened? We're trying to locate your husband, ma'am.
Now, do you have any idea where he might have gone? Uh, he's in New York.
On business.
Is there a problem? Oh, you could say that.
When was the last time you saw Johnny Lamar, Mrs.
Uh, it must be two weeks ago.
He wasn't here earlier tonight? What's this all about? What's happened? Johnny Lamar is dead, Mrs.
Now your husband could be next if we don't find him before his great-grandfather does.
Don't be ridiculous.
David's great-grandfather? He's family.
He looks out for us.
Why on earth would he want to hurt David? To keep him from talking to us.
My husband would have no reason to talk to you, detective.
And I don't think I do, either.
David could be in real danger.
I think you know that.
You all could be in danger.
We'll be fine.
Thank you very much.
Good night.
Listen, if you, um If you change your mind, you know who to call, and if you hear from your husband-- Good night, detective.
What do you have to say to get through to some people? What? Nothing.
WOMAN: See you.
MAN: Good night.
SCHANKE: Cohen is gonna become a little drill sergeant after this development.
[CHUCKLES] Hello? You coming? Uh, you go ahead.
There's something I need to check out.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
There's something you gotta check out? And you want me to tell the captain we've got nothing? No way.
No, no, no.
I'm not letting you off this one.
You come with me.
You owe me one, remember? For Sunday.
So it's question time on Night Watch, gentle listeners.
I see by the old clock on the wall that it's very nearly Father's Day.
So tonight's question is "What isa father?" [MIMICS PHONE RINGING] We have a caller.
And the caller says that a father is "altruistic.
" [MIMICS BUZZER] Too bad.
Thanks for playing, though.
Every parent wants something in return.
Nothing is free.
And so, boys and girls, the Night Crawler wants to know what did your father promise you? Did he promise to take care of you? [GATE CREAKS] Did he keep his promise? [] Police.
David Constantine, I presume.
Are you a real cop? Nick Knight, Metro Homicide.
A lot of people are looking for you.
I didn't kill Johnny.
I didn't say you did.
Why don't I just take you downtown.
You can give your statement to to the prosecutor.
Look, detective, I know you're doing your job, but I got to ask you, walk away like you never saw me.
I know what you're used to, Mr.
I'm not for sale.
I'm not offering.
I'm begging.
I'm putting my life in your hands.
My family If they think that I betrayed them, I'm a dead man.
Anywhere you take me, I'm a dead man.
Once you testify against your great-grandfather, he'll be in jail, and he can't hurt you anymore.
He can never hurt you again.
I can't testify against him.
He's my family.
It was never about taking him down.
Johnny Lamar thought it was.
He thought that was a way for me to get out.
But that's not who I want to be.
I don't want to turn against my family.
I just want to start over again.
Somewhere far away.
I grew up with killing, but I don't want to be a killer.
[BUOY CLANGING] [SPEAKING FRENCH] Where have you been? What is that? I will not ask you again.
[CHUCKLES] Ancient medicinal herbs.
Rare Chinese elixirs.
Nicholas still searches for a cure.
[BAG THUMPS] Why didn't you just tell me that you'd been to the apothecary? There's no need for secrets between us.
Is that how you thank me? Is this how you repay me? This has nothing to do with you.
Of course it's to do with me! I gave you life.
I gave you power! I gave you my eternal protection.
And you want to go back.
Can you imagine how that makes me feel? You will stop this pathetic search for a cure.
You make a fool of yourself, and a fool of me.
You're my creature, Nicholas! Made in my image.
Then I am a monster.
[GROWLS] Why are you doing this to me? I've done nothing to you, Lacroix.
You did this.
Perhaps there is no cure.
But that won't stop me from leaving you.
Kill me if you wish.
Either way I will leave you.
DAVID: I gotta get away.
The police can't protect me.
You must know that.
[SIGHS] I should never have come back here.
I just wanted to make sure they were all right.
I wanted to give them a different kind of life.
I don't want my son to grow up the way I did.
COHEN: You had him and you didn't bring him in? KNIGHT: He didn't want to come.
He just wants to walk away.
Do I look like I care what he wants? He could be the key to bringing down the Constantine family once and for all.
He could be dead before we even get him to courtroom.
Captain, we can't absolutely guarantee his safety here.
The Constantines have got to people on death row, let alone a police precinct.
He's not going to testify.
He's not wanted for anything.
There are no warrants.
Thanks for the legal briefing, detective.
He won't last a day without our protection.
[SIGHS] Ooh, she took that well, I thought.
You still have your gun and your badge, don't you? You know, she is right.
He's not safe out there.
He wouldn't be any safer in here.
Are you still doing that questionnaire on fatherhood? Shh.
Yeah, why? A father is someone who will sacrifice everything to give his child a better life than he had.
That is great.
"A father is someone who will" Now, what's the rest of it? "Sacrifice anything" Nick! What's? LAMBERT: Oh, come on, Nick.
What did you expect? You knew she wasn't gonna like it.
She's been trying to salt Thomas Constantine's tail ever since I was an intern.
Getting David killed isn't going to help.
No, and you did what you thought was right.
You cut him loose.
Well, not exactly.
What do you mean, not exact-- Where is he? My place.
Nick, you're a cop! You can't get involved in-- Okay.
All right, all right.
Why? Because I know how powerful his family is.
The captain's right.
He's not gonna get away without some help.
It's dangerous.
It's not that easy.
Even when they're trying to kill you, they're still your family.
That sounds like an epitaph.
Was it really that hard for you? Leaving them? Parts of it.
Did Lacroix find you? He was so angry.
Yes, he found me.
I have to leave.
He'll never let me live as long as I'm searching for a cure.
But you can never find one.
Forget about it.
I can't.
I can't live as we do anymore! I'll leave Paris tonight, before he can find me again.
Come with me.
And do what? This is my home.
I'm sorry.
[SIGHS] You will go to Don Constantine in America.
He knows about us, about our kind.
He helps us when we need to travel.
He can help you disappear.
I'll make the arrangements immediately, and you'll sail within the hour.
You'll need this.
CONSTANTINE: It can't be true.
David would never want to leave.
He loves his family.
He's always taken good care of his family.
That is how he was raised.
He wants what's best for you and your son, even if it means crossing Thomas Constantine.
Don't be silly.
David's great-grandfather wants what's best for us too.
He has always taken good care of us.
Did you know that Constantine was planning on turning over the business to your husband? Yeah, everyone knew, from the day David was born.
Well, that's why he's doing this.
Take a look at the old man.
Take a look at the world he lives in.
That's not the kind of life David wants for you.
DAVID: Why doesn't she call? Why doesn't she come? It's a big decision for her, David, giving up everything she knows.
They're my family, for God's sake.
Doesn't she know I'm trying to help them? [DOOR SLAMS] There she is.
I thought you said she'd have to buzz to get up.
Get down! [FOOTSTEPS RECEDING] [DOOR SLAMS] What are you? The only thing that can protect you.
DAVID: My, uh, great-grandfather told me that there were creatures in this world that nobody knows about today.
KNIGHT: Your great-grandfather's fortune was built on deals that can't face the light of day.
Men with secrets will always pay men like Constantine to help them hide.
You know him? I knew him.
I know what it's like not wanting to be what you are.
MAN: I know it sounds hard to believe, sir, but he really was that strong.
It was like the bullets didn't even faze him.
Did he change? "Change"? His eyes.
You know him? I know his kind.
[ROCK MUSIC BLARING] Who is your friend? Oh, no.
No, no, no, get him out of here.
You can't just keep dragging people in here every time you don't know what else to do with them.
Go get yourself a drink.
It's just until I can set up his disappearance.
He won't be staying long.
He's not staying at all.
I have to do business in this town, Nicholas, with Constantine.
Liquor license, health inspections.
I cannot afford trouble.
I didn't realize you were afraid of Constantine.
After all, he's just a man.
He's a fanatic.
He would kill anyone, betray anyone, to protect his family.
Wouldn't we all? [JANETTE SPEAKING FRENCH] We can get a new one.
I don't want a new one.
I like that one! [SPEAKING FRENCH] Nonsense.
He will always be part of us.
You know that.
JANETTE: That was different.
You were confused and you needed us.
I needed to get away and you led him right to me.
You know I was trying to help you.
I'm sure you were.
Stay out of it this time.
And don't call his daddy to come and get him.
It's his funeral.
Excuse me.
David, you'll be okay here for a couple of hours.
I'll go and arrange for you to, uh, get lost.
Last I heard, you were in Chicago.
I moved.
So I see.
And you're the man who has my grandson, hmm? The policeman.
Vampire, Homicide cop.
[CHUCKLING] That's certainly one for the record book [COUGHING] Well, I I remember you, Nicholas whatever you're calling yourself.
The man who ran out on his family Who put himself before the ones he owed his life to.
Well, this is my family you're interfering with now.
I don't allow interference.
Don't send your people after David again.
You don't want the kind of trouble I can make for you.
Oh, I'll go after him, all right, and I'll keep going until I find him.
There's no way to hide in this world.
Oh, that's right.
Someone will always betray you.
Yeah, you see, I remember you too.
You met me when I was a young man, remember that? I've raised two sons and two grandsons, and I lost them all.
But you wouldn't understand.
You'll be young forever.
[CHUCKLES] For me, family is all that's left.
My version of immortality.
[LAUGHING] [COUGHS] David's like another son to me.
It's my last chance to pass on what I've built, what I am.
He doesn't want it.
All right? He does not want it.
If he really is like a son to you, why don't you be like a good father and let him do what he wants, not what you want.
What he wants doesn't matter.
He's a Constantine.
A prince can only be a prince, not a pauper.
I don't believe it.
You never did.
LACROIX: It's a beautiful night out there, isn't it, boys and girls? I haven't seen a night quite like this in a hundred years.
In fact, this is no night to be inside.
Let's turn off our radios, go out, and play.
[CHUCKLING] You don't look well, Don Constantine.
Time's a bitch, isn't it? I'm here for the favor that you owe me.
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
I haven't seen him.
I gave this to him.
He was to keep it until the day he died.
So either you helped him, with this as payment, or you killed him.
I would be most unhappy if it were the latter.
I assure you, he's fine.
But where? He probably told you that his life was in danger.
I can't imagine where he got that idea.
I am simply trying to keep my family together, Don Constantine.
Surely you can understand that.
I would be eternally grateful for your help in this matter.
DON CONSTANTINE: I won't have David leaving the family.
It can't be allowed.
I did the favor you asked me.
One man to another.
One father to another.
Now I want that favor returned.
I have an excellent memory for old accounts.
You would have brought me his head on a platter if I'd asked you to.
Is that what you'd like me to do for you? Ah-ah, now, be careful.
I do tend to take things literally.
I don't know what you're doing here, detective.
This really has nothing to do with you.
It's a family matter.
I just have one question to ask you.
Did you think you were helping David when you told Constantine where he was? I-I don't know what you're talking about.
You knew David was staying in my house.
Did you know that Constantine sent two of his men to kill him? N-no, they were supposed to bring him back.
I just want to put everything back the way it was before.
Well, that's not going to happen.
Constantine kills anyone who betrays his family, even David.
But I thought if he came back, he'd be safe.
If he came back? If he came back to be just like his great-grandfather? Is that what you want for him? Is that what you want for your son? All that I want for my son right now is his father, but I don't know where he is! I mean, is this how David takes care of us? By running out, by not being here on Father's Day? I have to go.
David wants you to go with him.
That's what this is all about.
You have to decide which is more important to you.
Constantine's family or your own.
Hi, Nat.
Hey, you.
Hey, have you seen Schanke? The captain wants to see him.
I'm him.
Of course you are.
Actually, I'm subbing in so he could be with his family.
Oh, please.
You're making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Speaking of which, I have a hungry cat at home, evidence to deliver, and, since no one volunteered to sub for me [SIGHS] Next time.
[COUPLE CONVERSING INDISTINCTLY] LACROIX: I must say, I commend your choice, Nicholas.
Los Angeles has such possibilities, Although rather too much sun for my liking.
Let us not make a scene, shall we? How did you find me? I shall always find you, Nicholas.
Let's just forget all about this little episode, shall we? I wouldn't like to hold it against you.
What do you want? Do I have to want anything? Let's talk about families, Nicholas.
That seems to be what's on everyone's mind.
What is a father? A father is the man who made you what you are.
And like it or not, Nicholas, I am the only father that you've got.
And, as a father, I must say I'm very disappointed in you-- Sticking your nose in where it's not wanted.
Constantine came to you.
It's a matter of an old debt.
I want you to stay out of this.
I think a child owes his father that much courtesy.
And what about what a father owes his child? It works both ways, you know.
Let's see what your friend Schanke has to say about that, shall we? "A father provides love, discipline, guidance, protection and support.
" That's not bad.
He left out "freedom.
" So would I.
Well, let's stop beating about the bush.
If David Constantine does not return to his family, I will find him and kill him.
You're not strong enough to stop me, Nicholas.
Why do you care, anyway? I think you understand.
Maybe I do.
Well, then, why don't you do for David what you would never do for me? Let him go.
[DOOR OPENS] Is it done? And if I said it was? What do you mean? There's only one way that this can end.
You know how stubborn children are.
The boy wants to leave.
That isn't going to change.
He thinks there's some better life out there than what I can give him.
It's always about what they want, isn't it? They can be so thoughtless.
Do you want him killed? Is that what you want? DON CONSTANTINE: They were supposed to take my place.
David's grandfather, Dimitri, my oldest.
He looked just like me.
He's the one who should be standing here today.
Ah Well, this isn't an easy business.
You take some casualties.
Dimitri was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
We lost his brother, Stephan, in the big war.
I remember thinking I'd never make it another 25 years until Dimitri's boys were old enough to take over, and then another 25 until David was ready! David's uncle died in Vietnam.
His father made it back.
Well he didn't really come back.
He didn't last five years.
I'm an oldtired man just hanging on.
Without David, it all ends.
The family, the business, everything we are.
He and his son are the last of the Constantines.
When I die, everything I built will have disappeared.
But that doesn't mean anything to you, does it? But it means everything to me.
You owe me.
I don't know if she's coming, David.
Why don't you get in the truck? No.
Y-- You don't understand.
I can't leave without them.
I didn't do this for me.
There's no point in leaving if I have to leave them behind.
She's got to make her own decision.
Otherwise, you might as well have stayed.
DAVID: Oh, thank God you're here.
Hey! Oh Where are we going? It's all right.
Don't worry.
The truck will take us to the Hamilton Airport.
Nicktook care of everything.
Go, quickly.
[CAR DOOR CLOSES] We both know how that would end, Nicholas.
Take your family, David, and go.
I'll try to hold him off.
What do you mean? You're stronger than-- [QUIETLY] Oh.
Karin and Adam are leaving.
[SIGHS] I'll run the family, if you want me to run the family.
Or you can shoot me, if you want to shoot me.
But my son is not gonna be raised like this.
Well, that noble streak is endearing.
You get it from your Uncle Stephan.
A wise old man once told me that love demands sacrifices from us all.
Well, it's my turn to let go.
Are you telling me that--? I've buried enough sons for a lifetime.
That's not the legacy I want to leave.
I hear that Los Angeles is a place to start over.
They need persons like you, with your energy, to help them rebuild.
What did you say to him? Oh, the old man was simply concerned to have someone to run the business after he died.
Personally, I don't think he's ever looked fitter.
He could live for another hundred years.
I owed him a favor.
You're gonna wind up with an extra shift, you know.
Yeah, with any luck, it'll be on my daughter's birthday.
[SIGHS] Listen.
I-I want to thank you for standing in for me.
Before you say it was nothing, it was something.
It was really important to me, and well, it just meant a lot to me, and I want to thank you.
You're welcome.
So did I miss anything? Not really.
Where's my questionnaire? LACROIX: Good evening, Toronto.
As all the night creatures come out of their dens, the Night Crawler is on the air and whose little ears are listening tonight? It's a school night, so how about a little education? "I am thy father's spirit, "doomed for a certain term "to walk the night "And in the porches of mine ear did pour the leperous dist--" What's this, gentle listeners? A visitor? Happy Father's Day.
I'm not coming back to you.
I just wanted to say thank you.
[INHALES DEEPLY] They say, "If you love someone, "let them go.
"If they're really yours, "they will learn their lessons and return.
" You willcome back, Nicholas.
I can wait.
I have all the time in the world.