Forever Knight (1992) s03e11 Episode Script

Sons of Belial

WOMAN 2: Yeah, okay, let's do that.
Hey, lady, you all right? Emitte hanc mulierem! What? Hey, hey, lady? Dispatch, this is badge 1037.
Request an ambulance to Massey Lane near Dundas.
I have an unconscious female, mid-30s in a Dodge Aries.
License number: Romeo-Kilo-Papa-nine-six-eight.
Release this woman.
Release this woman! [] [SOFTLY] Release this woman.
Release this woman.
Release this woman.
Release this woman.
[] NARRATOR: He was brought across in 1228.
Preyed on humans for their blood.
Now, he wants to be mortal again to repay society for his sins to emerge from his world of darkness from his endless forever night.
[GROWLS] [] [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] [SIGHS] How's MacIssac? Oh, broken arm, probably a concussion, otherwise okay.
Shouldn't you two be on the Slater homicide? Yeah, we're waiting on the prelims.
And there could be more to this than it seems.
We picked up a squawk on the 89th.
A car went over the expressway a litte after MacIssac radioed in.
The license plates matched.
Someone in the car? Pretty badly burnt.
We have to wait on an autopsy to get positive ID, but the car was registered to a Melanie Sawchuck.
She lives over on Homewood.
Can we talk to him? I doubt you'll get anything.
Hardly knows his own name.
Hey, Brian, you feel like talking? I told you so.
Let me try.
[] [HEART BEATING] [ECHOING] Tell me what happened.
She's alive.
I've got a pulse.
The woman in the car? Emitte hanc mulierem! I can't understand what she's saying.
Try to remember the words.
Emitte hanc mulierem.
He's all yours.
Okay, let's go.
Take it easy.
Does that make any sense to you? Sounded like Latin.
Who knows? Well, look, until something moves on the Slater thing, you might as well run with this.
Come on.
Burn victims, my worst nightmare.
Here, put some of this wintergreen gel under your nose.
How you doing? That's my second jar tonight.
Anything yet? It's Melanie Sawchuck, all right.
Dental records confirm.
You had to go into her mouth? What else? Well, I'm about to start an internal, but I don't think you want to stick around for that.
It wouldn't be my first choice.
Oh, and Records called with a "next of" for you.
The only living relative is a brother.
Name is Eric Sawchuck.
There's the number.
Sawchuck? Detective Knight, Metro Homicide.
This is Detective Vetter.
I'm not interfering with any of the patrons of this establishment, sir.
Isaiah 55:7.
"Let the wicked forsake his way, "and the unrighteous man his thoughts.
For the Lord saith, there is no peace unto the wicked.
" This is about your sister Melanie.
I'm afraid she's dead.
You do have a sister named Melanie, don't you? Yes.
What happened? She drove her car off the Gardiner Expressway.
VETTER: Do you have any reason to believe Melanie was suicidal? As there is God within us all, so too must there be the devil.
And we cannot know until the very end which shall prevail.
She was a woman of sorrows and acquainted with grief.
Isaiah, chapter 53, verse three.
It's paraphrased.
Do you know of anyone that wanted to hurt Melanie? No.
I'm sorry she's dead.
God rest her soul.
But I can't help you.
Well, fanatic or flake, I'd say he definitely has his emotions under control.
You think he knows something? Possibly.
Or it could be just what it looks like another suicide.
There wasn't a whole lot to work on, but I did come up with one fascinating anomaly: She had traces of lamb's blood in her stomach.
Lamb's blood? And no traces of anything else.
My guess is that she drank it, though for the life of me, I can't figure out why.
Said we were in league with the devil.
Yet offered up no evidence? As it is with all their victims.
This God and this devil are a mere human contrivance.
And convenience.
They are for the justification for slaughter without the tricky business of accountability.
You are also a non-believer? If there is a God, he has not yet shown himself to me.
[CHUCKLES] For the sake of your souls, do not abandon your faith.
Though there may be evil within you, there is God also.
You must believe this.
It is all that will save you from the exorcism.
Will you still believe that when we are pronounced to be demons? And face the exorcism? How will your faith save you when you're made to drink the blood of the lamb and your flesh is consigned to the fire? Nick, are you in there? Yeah.
I think we should find more out about Melanie Sawchuck.
Any particular reason? Never hurts to be thorough.
Come on.
VETTER: So do you mind telling me why you're so familiar with Biblical quotes? It's always a good idea to know what the other side is up to.
So, do we have a murder here? Hey, there's blood on this glass.
Like someone went through the window.
Or was thrown.
Did you feel that? What? The lamb's blood Natalie found in Melanie Sawchuck.
In medieval times, certain Christian denominations used lamb's blood in exorcisms.
REESE: Nick's serious about this exorcism thing? That room got cold, captain.
I can't explain it.
There's gotta be a rational explanation.
Didn't you say that the window was smashed? And it is October.
KNIGHT [OVER SPEAKERS]: Thanks for coming down, Mr.
I'll get straight to the point.
We have reason to believe that your sister Melanie was undergoing an exorcism around the time she died.
Can you confirm that? Do you know if your sister Melanie underwent an exorcism recently? Mr.
Sawchuck, you'll feel better if you tell me the truth.
I know you're a spiritual man.
You don't wanna tell me lies.
I know that.
She was sick.
I tried sending her to doctors, psychiatrists.
No one could help.
But I knew.
Her sickness was one of the soul.
The goodness in it was being consumed by evil.
There is a devil, detective, and he's every bit as real as you or I.
Tell me, Sancho, how does a man of such faith as yours come to be called a demon? I own valuable land near Barcelona that I refuse to give to the Church.
That was my heresy.
Ah, yes.
None greater in the eyes of the Inquisitor.
And Ario? He is said to be marked by the beast.
I am no more a demon than you are.
[LACROIX LAUGHING] I quite agree.
Why give glory to a devil other than yourself? [GRUNTING] Satan takes hold of people, detective.
He sends forth his angels to seek out the weak, those who no longer believe the Lord's light is within them, and through his angels, Satan promises strength power and eternity.
He is a seducer.
He seduced my sister and captured her soul.
There's only one way to deal with that.
He had to be driven out.
You sent her to an exorcist? I wasn't there.
A priest? At one time he was.
Have you any idea why your sister would drive off the expressway? To free herself of the demon's influence.
Isn't it obvious? Our beliefs compel us to act against Satan.
If we do not, his darkness will continue to devour the world until the world is dead.
A name.
What is the exorcist's name? Vanderwal.
Max Vanderwal.
REESE: Do you buy a word of what Sawchuck's saying? I really don't know yet.
We'll see what Vanderwal has to say.
Do you really believe the devil exists? Well, a lot of people do.
Maybe that's all it takes.
I gotta admit.
You just look around these days, it's not hard to see the signs.
If the devil did make her do it, I'd like to see anyone try to prosecute him.
Look, just confirm Sawchuck's story.
If Vanderwal's got a solid alibi, you'll be able to put this one to bed.
Crazy-lady suicide.
All right.
[] Ah, Dr.
Yes? Detective Knight.
Detective Vetter.
I see.
May we come in? Actually, now isn't a very good time.
I'm rather busy.
This shouldn't take too long.
We've been informed that you used to be a priest.
Did you retire? Excommunicated.
The Church frowned rather considerably on my adherence to the old ways of our religion, such as using lamb's blood in exorcism.
Yes, an obscure practice now condemned as sacrilegious, but one I find very effective in instances where Satan has a particularly strong grip on a person.
So you are an exorcist.
Sounds rather frightening, doesn't it? Sometimes it is.
At any rate, I've never denied it.
I go where I can to do what must be done.
Don't you live in Toronto? If evil took up permanent residence here, then so would I.
Did you know that Melanie Sawchuck was dead? You don't seem surprised.
She was here last night for a session.
It didn't go at all well.
The demon in her was very powerful.
But I had hoped, with a few more attempts, we might succeed.
She went home.
I'm sorry.
That's all I know.
Are you suggesting that the devil killed Melanie? Isn't that what you're suggesting? Tell me how she died.
Her car went off an unfinished section of highway.
Hm, suicide, if that's what you want to call it.
How many suicides are ever fully understood? We're not sure it was a suicide.
Perhaps you never will.
I don't suppose you know what it's like to be tormented by evil, Detective Knight.
You're wondering what's in that room.
I'll show you.
You should see for yourselves what evil can do.
This is Michael.
He's in the middle of his fourth session.
To a psychologist, he exhibits all the signs of clinical depression, but I knew the moment he came to me.
You think he's possessed? If you doubt it watch.
I'm speaking to Michael.
Too bad.
Michael isn't here just now.
Then who am I speaking to? I have several names.
Take your pick.
Per auctoritatem Domini Patris curo nunc omnes daemones in hoc loco.
I seal this room with the blood of Jesus and bind all demons to return whence they came.
Stop it! You're hurting him.
You're hurting Michael.
We do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but with powers, with the rulers of darkness of this age.
In nomine Jesu impero ut iam hoc corpus vos relinquatis.
Stop it! Stop it! I command thee! Vobis iam impero! [GASPS] [PANTING] You are mine! In nomine de Patris, de Filio, et de Spiritus Sanctus.
He is clean.
The demon has been driven out.
[] Tell me that was all smoke and mirrors back there.
That it was some very elaborate put-on.
Like the Wizard said, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
" What? You know, from The Wizard of Oz? You know, I've had my eyes opened to weird things lately, stuff that I only thought happened in movies and books, butI cannot accept that what we saw at Vanderwal's was a demon being exorcised.
No, Vanderwal is a charlatan.
And a very dangerous one at that.
Look what he puts people through.
[] Nick? Nick? Are you okay? What's the matter? Nothing.
I thought there was a cat.
[GUNSHOT] Over there.
Call it in.
Dispatch, this is Police, freeze! [SCREAMING] Put your gun down then let her go.
I swear, I'll blow her head off! Let her go.
[HEART BEATING] [ECHOING] Put your gun down on the ground and let the girl go now.
Take her inside the store.
Make sure nobody else is hurt.
I've got this.
[DEEP VOICE] Put your gun down.
What are you? Stay away from me! All right.
All right, I'll do it.
Forgive me, God.
[GUNSHOT] Oh, my God! [SIRENS WAILING] REESE: Now, this guy Barnes was wanted for homicide and rape.
He did time for armed robbery too.
IA won't be a problem.
It looked like he was going to put his gun down, but I don't know, I guess he just lost it.
Well, no big surprise there either.
Suicidal tendencies.
See, while he was on the inside, he tried to kill himself on two different occasions.
Psych report says he claimed the voices told him to.
I don't know, third time lucky, I guess.
Look, the point is, you saved that woman's life tonight.
That's all anyone cares about, period.
Damn! Is it freezing in here, or is it just me? You don't look well.
Yeah, me and half the precinct.
I had to send about five guys home tonight.
VETTER: So they still haven't fixed that smell? No.
They think there's a sewer pipe ruptured in the building, that's coming through the system.
Yeah, I believe it.
No wonder everyone's sick.
This can't be healthy.
Tell me about it.
Nick? Nick, are you okay? [YELLING] VETTER: Oh, my God! Get the paramedics in here.
You're going to be fine.
Just don't move.
Here, let me in there.
He's got a pulse, he's got a pulse.
[] [PANTING] [WOMAN SCREAMS] [GLASS SHATTERING] [WHISTLE] [WOMAN SCREAMS] LACROIX: Your God as well? The same God that would allow your flesh to be incinerated? It is not for me to question.
Of course not, because once the question is asked, it must be answered.
God is in all of us.
Even you, though you serve the devil.
I serve no one.
Then you are without purpose.
Perhaps, but at least I do not deceive myself.
Please you have nothing to fear from me.
You? You cannot walk in the daylight.
The lamb's blood and crosses repel you.
Tell me you are not an angel of the devil.
Yes, Nicholas.
Do tell.
If you are the innocent that you claim to be, God will take you into his kingdom.
That is something only a demon would fear.
Bring him! No! Please, Your Grace! Both of you, back! I am innocent! In the name of God, help me! Release him! [GROWLS] Really, Nicholas.
Such crass showmanship.
I am the demon you seek.
I am the devil's servant.
This man refused to join us.
His faith has twisted his mind.
[BOTH SNARLING] [PHONE RINGING] What? Uh, Nick's not answering.
Maybe he went right to bed.
He looked like he needed some sleep.
I've never seen anyone look so pale.
You look like you could use a drink.
Care to join me? Is that a yes? [GROWLING] Why, Nicholas what a pleasant surprise to see you like this.
Get out.
For your own sake, my dear, you will breathe not a word of this.
Finallyyou have come to your senses, Nicholas.
Please help me, Lacroix.
I can't control myself.
Although a little more discretion might be in order.
Something's happened.
Something terrible.
There was an exorcism.
It wasn't mine, but I was there.
Something happened.
I think the demon came into me.
Don't be ridiculous, Nicholas.
It is merely your true nature coming to the fore.
No! Listen to me, Nicholas.
There are no such things as demons and devils.
You must take me to him.
Who? What are you talking about? Vanderwal.
He's an exorcist.
I will take you to no such man.
You must take me, or I will be destroyed.
I do not take kindly to coercion, Nicholas.
Please help me, Lacroix.
VANDERWAL: Yes, I suppose it could be possible after all.
You see, the devil doesn't just go away after he's been rejected.
He always seeks refuge, usually in the conflicted, those that wage war with themselves.
It's this inner turmoil that opens the door to let the demon enter.
You don't want to believe any of this, do you? My thoughts on the matter are irrelevant.
I'm merely indulging Nicholas.
VANDERWAL: Look, whether we speak literally or figuratively, God and the devil reside in each of us.
The question is, which one of them is motivating us.
LACROIX: Are you going to do this or not? Which one? Nicholas, look at me.
[RASPING BREATHING] Is that you, Nicholas? [DEEP VOICE] Yes.
Why don't I believe you? Who are you? What's your name? [] [BOTH SNARL] MAN: Vive dieu non nobis domine non nobis sed nomini tuo da gloriam! [DEEP VOICE] I am the son of Belial.
[ROARS] The evil in him is very powerful.
I need your help.
LACROIX: This is all nonsense.
And yet you're here.
Could it be you feel compelled to suspend disbelief? VANDERWAL: Are you responsible for his turmoil? Was it you that opened the door to let the devil into him? The devil you try so hard to dismiss? Help me help him.
VANDERWAL: Nicholas knows you and trusts you that may be the difference in the end.
Otherwise, we may lose him.
[SNARLS] He is already lost.
Nicholas belongs to me.
He is mine.
He no longer needs you.
He is my creation, my son.
I won't let you take him from me.
VANDERWAL: Little wonder you find all this so hard to believe.
To admit the devil is to admit God, and yet you see both before you.
Then help us.
His power will overcome anyearthly restraints.
Excuse me.
Nicholas! Stop this! Stop it! You are weak, Lacroix.
Nicholas is weak.
You have no power over me.
[EERIE SQUEAKING] NATALIE: Nick? Nick? [] What made you choose this one? De Brabant has been many people, all of them murderers.
They are inside, restrained by some sickening moral conscience.
They want to be unleashed.
They want to kill again.
Oh Nicholas and I will make a fine pair.
He has real potential.
Iwant to develop it.
VETTER: I'm sure he's okay, Natalie.
He probably stopped at the drugstore on the way home.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Look, when did this whatever it is, come over Nick? Mm, I don't know.
He was acting strange on the way back from Vanderwal's.
Vanderwal's? Yeah, it's a long story.
Why don't you just, uh give me the highlights? VANDERWAL [CHANTING]: Recti gaudebunt domino et eo confidantur et omnes in sinu recti gloriabuntur.
[GASPS] I take authority over this room in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
In the Lord's name, I rebuke and pray against all ancestral demons.
In nomine Jesu nunc vos expello.
[SCREAMS] I have revived, revived the vampire's taste.
I have revived the vampire's taste for death.
The goodness he has cultivated, cultivated, it has been driven, driven out.
I will be with him forever.
I will be with him forever.
Et haec signa eos comitabuntur qui Deum esse credunt.
I will be with him forever.
[ROARS] LACROIX: Now! In nomine de Patre, de Filio et de Spirito Sanctu.
In nomine Deus Hic sanguis de agno consecret hoc corpus et expellat eius infestatorem.
In God's name, I command thee! You cannot save them all.
Fight, Nicholas! This is not your fight, Lacroix.
You are one of us.
You belong to us.
Listen to me, Nicholas.
You must fight this demon.
There is goodness in you.
There is God in you.
Use it! In nomine Deo haec expellant illos daemones.
Iam vos obligo in nomine Jesu.
The life of a creature is in the blood.
Without the shedding of blood, there can be no forgiveness.
Release this man.
Release this man! The sons of Belial I cast thee out! shall not survive I cast thee out! God's wrath! I cast thee out! [YELLS] [GRUNTS] [YELLS] Nick? [SNARLING] [GASPING] Nick it's Natalie.
[PANTING] Nick, don't.
Nick? No.
[GRUNTING] [PANTING] Nicholasyou're back.
You're back.
Oh, my God, Nick, what happened? For the devil to be driven out, one must first believe that God has not abandoned the soul.
Torn as he is by good and evil, Nick does have faith.
No, Lacroix.
He saved us.
You were the hand of God.
He spared me through you.
I don't understand what you are, but there is God in you.
Your actions are proof of that.
His actions suited his needs and nothing more.
Come, Nicholas.
Thank you.
Go now.
Go in peace.
And your acceptance of that helped to save him.
I did what was necessary to reclaim him.
Yes, of course you did.
[HEART BEATING] [ECHOING] Thisnever happened.
[] Nick? I, uh, was just on my way into the office.
You booked off, right? Listen, I can stay here with you if you want.
It's no trouble, really.
I could I'm fine.
It's over, Nick.
Hey, you beat the devil.
Not bad for a day's work.
You can't imagine what it's like.
Maybe not, but we all have our demons.
Not like this.
Don't do that.
It's all right.
Don't be afraid.
[HEART BEATING] I think that what happened set me back a bit.
Set us back a bit.
I don't know how much.
But I haven't felt such a powerful need for human blood in a long time.
LACROIX: In courts and palaces He also reigns, And in luxurious cities, Where the noise Of riot ascends Above their loftiest towers, And injury and outrage, And, when night Darkens the street, Then wander forth The sons of Belial, Flown with insolence and wine.
Paradise Lost.