Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

The Next Generation

1 [engine roaring.]
Formula One is a very dangerous sport, and it will always be.
Incredibly, both drivers were okay.
Safety is always on the agenda in Formula One.
A lot of work has been done behind the scenes.
But you see a lot of accidents now where you don't necessarily expect drivers to walk away.
Prior to twenty years ago, they wouldn't necessarily have done so.
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the Scot got out relatively unscathed.
Amazingly, no one is seriously injured.
I'm okay, but, yeah, it was, it was quite-- quite a big one.
Ayrton Senna was widely regarded as one of, if not the greatest racing driver that ever lived.
And when he was killed, we hoped it would be the last fatality we ever saw in Formula One.
But in 2014, we lost Jules Bianchi.
Formula One driver, Jules Bianchi, has died.
He left such a mark in the sport and will be remembered forever.
He was very close to Ferrari.
Maybe he should drive for Ferrari one day [Buxton.]
This year, his godson, Charles Leclerc, made his Formula One debut.
What Charles is doing is a continuation of Jules' legacy.
Charles has a mission a mission to do what Jules should have done.
[pneumatic tools whirring.]
[engine roars.]
My name is Beat Zehnder.
I'm the team manager of Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 team.
We are based in Switzerland.
We're very punctual, very precise.
We're very honest, sometimes too honest.
Pretty sure if we would be a little more dishonest, probably we could have more success.
We are talent spotters.
Very successful drivers started with Sauber.
Michael Schumacher.
Sebastian Vettel.
Then we had Kimi RäikkÃnen.
He's won the championship with Ferrari.
In total we've got something, like, 12 World Championship titles from a driver which came from Sauber.
But last year we finished bottom in the Constructors' Championship.
Over the last year, we have improved a lot.
The difference is the involvement of Fred, who restructured the company.
Fred is the boss.
He looks a bit grumpy from time to time, but he's a very funny guy.
I am Frederic Vasseur.
I am the CEO and Team Principal of Sauber.
Two years ago, Sauber was in big trouble.
We have a fantastic wind tunnel, which we didn't use for two consecutive years because we didn't even have the money to pay the power.
And now we're back to good times again.
I think the last six or eight months, we are improving.
But the next races will be very important for Sauber.
And then we will see what are the driver option for '19.
This year, we've got two great drivers.
I think the potential was there, but it was just, uh unfortunate.
Marcus is five years in Formula One.
He's a very hard worker and he has improved a lot.
But yeah, our race pace was quite strong, actually.
Charles, very young, very motivated.
One of the biggest talents I've ever worked with.
He's 20 years old.
Probably one of the best newcomers in the last two decades.
At the moment, Charles is achieving better results.
Of course, for Marcus, it's a little hard to take.
I drove there in 2010.
You drove there? You were probably in go-karts or something.
-A kid.
What were you, ten years old? No, I was twelve.
My name is Charles Leclerc and I'm driving for Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 team.
[indistinct chatter.]
I'm driving in Formula One for the first time this year.
I am from Monaco.
I remember watching the Grand Prix at four years old in my best friend's apartment, in the exit of the first corner.
And, yeah, I was always searching for the Ferrari cars, to be honest.
It's-- It's a childhood dream.
I've always dreamed to be a part of Ferrari.
I mean, Ferrari is such a big thing.
You can't imagine to be one of the two drivers that is in this team.
It's a team that is so mythical.
[tires squealing.]
This will be the target next year.
Whether I will achieve it or not, I don't know.
I always think the thing that I just need to do the best job possible in the car and then the rest will come.
[engine revving.]
[tires squealing.]
[man on loudspeaker.]
 Kimi RäikkÃnen! [cheering.]
Kimi! Kimi! Kimi RäikkÃnen's had a glittering and glorious career here at Ferrari.
But, of course, he's no longer the spring chicken he once was.
Kimi, coming to you.
When will we know more about your future? It's not up to me.
Uh that's about it.
Not my decision in the end so [Buxton.]
For a long time, people have expected Kimi to move on.
If Kimi is on his way out that frees up one of the most coveted seats in Formula One.
Can Charles Leclerc be a Ferrari driver after just one year in Formula One? Um it's not normally a decision Ferrari makes, to go for youth, and so it's pretty unlikely.
I think we've had an incredible first part of the season.
Leclerc is driving a brilliant race with so little experience in Formula One.
The thing that's been really impressive about Charles Leclerc is that he went into a car that wasn't all that competitive at the start of the year.
And he's been getting the best out of it so regularly.
Yes, yes, yes! [engineer.]
Great race, Charles.
P-6 at the end.
Fantastic drive.
Good job.
Charles Leclerc around the outside! Wow, look at that! And he's still so young.
Ah, fuck! Sorry.
Sorry for the bad word.
One moment stands out for me, which was in Formula Two when he got to Baku, and he'd lost his father earlier in the week.
And we're talking literally 48 hours later, he was in the car.
He then went out, fell to last place, fought his way through, and won the race.
This was a kid who'd just lost his father.
And he was a kid at the time.
He's a teenager.
To have that kind of mental strength, I'd never seen anything like it.
Welcome to Round 13 of the Formula One world championship.
It is the Belgian Grand Prix.
Radio check.
Radio check, Charles.
Loud and clear.
And it's locking up and a crash! And Fernando Alonso goes over the top there of Charles Leclerc's Sauber! [all gasp.]
An aerial accident there! And Charles Leclerc makes his way back to the pit.
He was an innocent bystander in that.
Leclerc, very well protected from what could've been a very nasty incident.
Formula One is a very dangerous sport, and it will always be.
Crashes happen, and they will always happen.
[in French.]
Glad it's nice weather.
It wouldn't have been the same otherwise.
[LeClerc in English.]
In Spa, it was quite impressive from the outside, from the images.
But inside the car, it wasn't that big of a shock.
I just don't think about it once I'm in the car.
Everything that is danger I forget it.
A bit more difficult to put than a Formula One suit.
At least we are warm.
The situation I was in, in the last three years with the loss of my father and my godfather, Jules, it was very difficult to take, and I think it has made me a lot stronger as a person.
I remember Jules coming to my first international race.
He gave me a lot of advice through the years.
I've had some very good times with him.
He had proved himself, and I think it was just a matter of time of him being in Ferrari.
I can remember at the moment of the crash of Jules.
And I could see in my father's eyes that there was something wrong.
[rain pattering.]
Towards the end of the race, the conditions were very wet.
Lap 42, Sutil lost control on turn seven.
A recovery vehicle was dispatched.
Bianchi lost control of his car and hit the back of the tractor.
[tires screeching.]
I went to see Jules at the hospital.
And saw how serious it was.
At that moment, we all had the hope to see him back at one point, but unfortunately, this moment didn't happen.
[church bells tolling.]
When Jules and my father passed away, there's not one race going by without me thinking of them.
They made me the guy that I am now and also the driver that I am now.
Jules deserves that Ferrari seat.
So that's why I really want to achieve that.
To just thank him for everything he has done for me.
Where is it? -[woman.]
The car is in the truck.
-Really? -Yes.
Really cool.
I'm Pierre Gasly.
I'm 22 years old from France.
I'm driving for Toro Rosso Honda.
It's my first full season in Formula One.
[engine revving.]
A number of the bigger teams are now putting their faith in younger drivers.
I think the example of Max Verstappen has really convinced teams that drivers are good enough at a much younger age than perhaps in the past.
Pierre Gasly is Red Bull's choice of driver to replace Daniel Ricciardo.
He's been so impressive for Toro Rosso this year.
Pierre Gasly doing a sensational job for Toro Rosso.
His first full season with the team.
Gasly going past Leclerc.
Okay, Pierre.
Whoo hoo! Yes! Yes! Bahrain stands as, I think, one of the biggest shocks of the season.
This is amazing.
Unbelievable! Unbelievable.
Stand up and applaud the Frenchman! [reporter.]
Pierre, you'll be promoted to Red Bull next year.
Can you believe the progress and how quick it's been for you? Yeah.
I'm just super excited about it.
It's a massive step.
There's a sort of moment you get only once in your life, and, um, it was really, really something crazy.
I'm extremely happy for Pierre.
And I think he deserves a Red Bull seat.
And this is very good to see that the big teams trust the young drivers.
I know Pierre since such a long time.
We started our karting careers together.
We go in holidays together, and I think he's probably one of the only drivers that I can call a good friend out of racing, which is very rare in this sport.
Our first race with Charles was probably 2005, when we were really small, sort of eight, nine years old, racing together.
And I remember, like, we got on really well straight away.
In my opinion, you can have good friends in Formula One.
You just need to know how to separate what happens on track and off track.
It's something we dreamed about, and finally ten, twelve years later, everything is happening and we are there.
Highest level in motorsport in Formula One.
[cameras clicking.]
My name is Marcus Ericsson, and I'm a driver of Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 team.
I'm from Sweden.
I've just turned 28.
I see myself in my prime of my career, to be honest.
[cheering and applause.]
But I don't have a contract for next year yet.
It's no secret I want to stay in Sauber.
I think that's been part of that team for a long time now, and we've made some great progress this year.
It feels like I'm continuing to prove myself, what I can do.
Super performance by Marcus Ericsson.
Here we go.
Ericsson against Hartley, up the inside And Ericsson is back in the points.
Top ten Marcus Ericsson.
Good session for him.
Whoo hoo.
Well bloody well done.
And I can't wait to get in the car again and have a strong weekend.
Welcome along then on a Friday afternoon in this glorious part of Italy.
We have arrived in Monza.
We have come for the Italian Grand Prix.
It is the temple of speed.
It is time for second practice.
[engines roaring.]
A lot of drivers have sorted out their future.
I don't think Marcus Ericsson is one of them at the moment.
Okay, Marcus, we should have the green light in five seconds.
And green light, green light.
Straight out.
Okay, Marcus.
Radio check.
Right here.
Okay, that's plus seven all around.
You have nobody behind at the moment.
Go for it.
[tires squealing.]
Something's off.
That's a big crash.
[crowd gasps.]
And that's the Sauber of Marcus Ericcson.
That's massive.
You okay? [Zehnder.]
If you see a car spinning and turning like he did and him travelling at 340 kph the first thought you have is obviously the safety of the driver.
Marcus Ericsson's Sauber lying by the side of the track.
You okay? [Ericsson.]
No idea what happened.
Are you okay? -[Ericsson.]
Yeah, I am okay.
Marcus is okay.
He went to the medical center.
For sure he was, first, a bit disappointed and also bit shocked.
The accident was a technical problem on the car.
He was a victim, nothing he could do to avoid the crash.
In the end of the day, you know, it was incredible to be able to walk away from an accident like that.
Ten, fifteen years ago a similar incident could have been fatal.
Monza, I was feeling confident going there.
I was feeling confident in the car, and then I had that massive crash.
It's obviously quite a scary thing to have, you know? It came out of nowhere, doing 200 miles an hour.
And I was a passenger.
[tires squealing.]
It happened so fast.
But whilst the crash was happening, the time went a bit slower.
I remember just thinking, "What's going on?" I was so confused why I was flying around in the air My confidence level and everything goes down when you have a crash like that.
And you have to sort of start building yourself up again.
Going to Singapore now and [trainer.]
-On top.
 That's all.
Singapore is, in my opinion, the toughest race of the year.
It's key for my future in Formula One.
Significant changes are afoot at Ferrari for next season.
After five years, in his second stint with Ferrari, Kimi RäikkÃnen is leaving.
RäikkÃnen will stay in Formula One though but with Sauber.
[cameras clicking.]
Well, Kimi, if we could start with you, please.
You say it wasn't your decision to leave Ferrari, but it was your decision to go back to Sauber.
So just talk us through why you're doing that.
Why not? [scattered laughter.]
Because I want to go.
And you're still passionate about racing? The fire is still-- -No, I-- I'm not, actually, you know? -[reporters laugh.]
I'm just by pure, uh head games for you guys out there, yeah.
Well, Kimi, thanks for the insight.
-Let's move on.
-No worries.
When we had the chance to get Kimi onboard, we did everything to make it happen.
Kimi RäikkÃnen coming next year, probably another driver, which is gonna give Kimi a really hard time.
Any news on who that might be? For sure, we have to sit down next week, -and we'll take a decision quite soon.
But, uh for sure, it's important, the lineup.
So, strategy at Singapore um, is dominated by two things, safety cars and track position.
We haven't made a decision of the second seat.
It is important for the team to make sure that we have the best driver alongside Kimi.
When he comes to this side of the driver lineup, there is always one party who is not happy with the decision.
Fred deals with such situations in the best possible way.
Kimi going to Sauber, it's big, big news.
Didn't really see that coming.
[elevator dings.]
It means that, you know, it's one seat less in Sauber, so I know there's a lot of drivers that want that final seat, including myself.
So in Singapore, I need to deliver for sure.
It's my last chance to do it.
We have the best view in Singapore.
You can see about 70 percent of the track.
I don't know Singapore at all.
It will be my first time here and my first night race in Formula One.
It's a very important weekend.
So, I can't wait to discover the track.
So, Singapore is gonna be a first for me.
Only driven this track in the simulator and on my Playstation, so So the target is that next year, I'm the one in the middle.
I'll be good.
I'm not gonna take the Red Bull yet.
No, actually, I'm gonna take it.
Fuck it.
I always take it.
Looks like a really exciting, challenging track.
Very technical, so exactly the sort of track I like.
That was a nice one.
Everyone's talking about 2019, but I still have races to go with Toro Rosso, and really want to make the best out of them.
The 15th round of the 2018 Formula One World Championship.
Arguably the most spectacular, it's the Singapore Grand Prix.
This spectacular city is taken over by a 3.
14 mile circuit on the city streets.
There are 23 corners to make up a lap, more than any other race on the current calendar.
One thousand seven hundred and seventy-one light projectors make sure the drivers can see where they're going at night.
It's a very special event.
Singapore, because of being at the equator, is very hot.
It's very humid.
The humidity is 85 plus percent.
So it's very demanding for the whole team.
For the pit stop crew, they're wearing their race suit.
[pneumatic tools whirring.]
[engine roaring.]
And, obviously, especially for the drivers.
It's physically the hardest they'll push all year.
So when they're training at the start of the season to be fit, the race they're thinking of that they have to hit the level is the Singapore Grand Prix.
If we were to work out the difference of balance in the short run It's really hot in the cockpit, up to sixty degrees in the race.
One of the longest races of the season as well, two hours.
Let's go for bath.
During the weekend, we have this ice bath, as well, after each session.
It might look a bit silly, you know, on camera, but.
I just know it's good for my body -It's so cold in the thing.
-[crew member laughs.]
Just like Sweden, winter ice bath.
Jumping in the frozen lake.
And when I go up from the bath, make sure the cameras are focusing on the right, uh, areas, yeah? [laughs.]
I'll keep it here.
The weapon is not very big at the moment.
[in Swedish.]
The race is going to be tough on everyone.
Everyone will overheat, cars and bodies.
[in English.]
I think I started the weekend two kilos heavier than I am now already.
So, I will lose quite a bit again for the race.
Find the limit, stay at the limit, you can do it.
I think before you jump in the car, there's a lot of things spinning around in your head.
Charles Leclerc will need to show that he's worthy of a Ferrari seat.
Charles has added pressure in that sense.
You want to perform.
You want to do well for yourself, for your team.
Marcus needs to make sure he's scoring points and finishing in the top ten if he wants to be in Formula One next year.
Singapore is a race that could make or break Marcus' Formula One career.
There's all these emotions, and then you sort of jump in the car and all that sort of just goes away.
Then you just go into your bubble and you just focus on the job.
[countdown timer beeping.]
[engines roaring.]
And they all thread their way through the first three corners.
Esteban Ocon going into the wall! [all gasp.]
That's what teammates are about.
We have another first lap accident.
Wheel to wheel, Sebastian Vettel ahead of Max Verstappen.
Yeah, I got overtaken.
Yeah, Gasly ahead.
Good job, Pierre.
Good job.
Keep going.
Behind you, there is Leclerc and Ericsson.
Okay, Marcus, you're doing good.
 Keep pushing.
Push more if you can, put some pressure on Gasly ahead.
Great battle here.
Charles Leclerc, trying to get past the Toro Rosso of Pierre Gasly.
We are really good friends, but, of course, you race each single guy on track the same way.
We've raced since we were kids in mini karts against each other.
Gasly ahead seems to struggle with the tires.
We had some exciting and tight battles.
Struggling so much, guys.
Push, Pierre.
[tire screeching.]
Big lock-up for Pierre Gasly there.
And that's gonna cost him a little bit.
Charles Leclerc is right on his tail now.
Of course, when I finish in front of him, I'm happy, like he is when he's finishing in front of me.
Charles Leclerc almost shoving him around the corners as they go over the Anderson Bridge.
Leclerc does the old switch-a-roo.
The rivalry's there.
We both wanna be the best.
Come on! [Gasly.]
Winning races, fighting for the championship.
Come on! [Brundle.]
That puts Charles Leclerc ahead of Pierre Gasly.
Well done, Charles, good job.
Tires are completely gone.
Box, box, Pierre.
[tools whirring.]
The race is super, super tough.
Pure pain, you know, you're dehydrated, getting headaches, you're really, really tired, you're struggling with concentration.
Feels like an eternity.
You're a bit like in a tunnel.
It's extremely intense.
Okay, Marcus, you're doing well.
We are P-8 at the moment.
Keep pushing.
Marcus Ericsson still is the only driver out there who hasn't pitted.
Ericsson must have all the grip of an eel swimming in olive oil.
[tires squealing.]
And Sainz gets past Ericsson.
My tires are gone.
Box, box, box.
[tools whirring.]
Okay, Marcus, the situation, you are P-11.
Ahead of you is Hülkenberg.
Hülkenberg is now ten seconds ahead.
Sixteen laps to go.
Go for it.
Go, Marcus! [Simon-Chautemps.]
That's eight seconds to Hülkenberg, eight seconds.
Okay, Marcus, Hülkenberg is now seven seconds ahead.
You are a second a lap quicker than Hülkenberg.
You can do it.
Hülkenberg is now six second ahead.
-We're on him.
-Ah, we catch him.
Okay, Hülkenberg, five seconds ahead.
Seven laps to go.
Push, push, push.
Five laps to go.
Four laps to go.
Three laps to go.
Two laps to go.
Keep pushing.
Last lap, last lap.
Maximum attack now.
Lewis Hamilton, wins the Singapore Grand Prix! [Simon-Chautemps.]
Okay, Marcus, that's it.
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you, buddy.
Ericsson once again finishes just outside the points.
Okay, Charles, that's it.
P-9 at the end.
Excellent race again.
Thank you.
Very good race.
Okay, Pierre.
P-13, P-13 [Gasly.]
Yeah, yeah.
You've got so much adrenaline and concentration when you drive.
And suddenly, your body feels completely different.
You really feel exhausted at that time.
I think that was the toughest eleventh place of my career.
You work so hard for two hours to not get rewarded with points when you're so close.
It was very hard to accept.
[speaking French.]
Marcus? Hey? How do you feel? -Pretty good.
-Yeah? -It's a pity, huh? -Yeah.
It was close.
It was close.
So close.
So far away.
I do deserve a sandwich, though.
And maybe a drink later, but don't tell anyone.
The big news this week, where have you been if you've missed it, Charles Leclerc will be joining Ferrari next season.
[in French.]
So, yeah, I cannot believe it.
It's incredible.
[in English.]
Selfie, selfie.
Ferrari driver.
Ferrari driver.
I was really believing it.
-I know.
-All right.
Well done, mate.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Charles Leclerc will be the second youngest Ferrari driver in history.
Yeah, it feels incredible.
They just told me that we have chosen you as the race driver for Scuderia Ferrari next year.
And I was just, "Are you joking or" And he was like, "No, no.
Of course, not.
We have chosen you.
" And it just felt unbelievable.
-Hey, man, congrats.
-Thank you, man.
Jules probably deserved this place more than I do, and I'm extremely happy to be the one.
And I'll try to honor him the way he deserves, and bring him the success he deserves to have.
Are you okay, Nico? [Hülkenberg.]
Get me out.
There's fire.
There's fire.
[opera music playing.]

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