Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Crossing the Line

1 [dramatic music playing.]
It's been a brilliant year.
It's passed by in an absolute blur.
We've had a lot of stories.
There's been drama.
There was action.
There's been crashes.
There's been everything going on.
It was so up and down, it was a roller-coaster.
Strap yourselves in and welcome along to the ride.
And a big crash there! [Steiner.]
In Formula One, the highs are very high [Croft.]
Magnussen and Grosjean will start fifth and sixth.
Yeah, with the big boys, yeah? [Brundle.]
That is a staggering achievement for Haas.
But the lows are very low.
What is happening down at Haas? The wheels have literally fallen off.
We fucking look like a bunch of wankers.
Romain Grosjean loses it.
Right across the track.
Oh, mate, I'm sorry.
Our drivers have been phenomenal this season.
He's gone from sixth to first.
Did it, y'all.
Did it.
Whoo! I'm tripping major nutsack right now.
Redemption day for Ricciardo.
He wins in Monaco! [Ricciardo.]
This is my time.
It's my fucking time.
Max had a difficult start to the year.
Oh, Verstappen's off! [Verstappen.]
Fuck! [Croft.]
Ricciardo desperate to get past his teammate.
Double disaster for Red Bull.
Oh, dear.
Holy shit.
- [interviewer.]
How pissed off were you? - Very.
Why have you had so many accidents? I get really tired of all the questions, so I think if I get a few more, I'll head-butt someone.
From Montreal onwards, Max has driven brilliantly.
Max Verstappen wins the Austrian Grand Prix.
Yes! Oh, this feels fucking good.
Hang on a minute, Daniel Ricciardo is going to Renault.
I just felt I needed a fresh start.
Have you got any money to spend on your engine, now you've spent it all on your driver? We've got plenty of money.
It's been a good season, but there is still a number of frustrations.
Stop the car.
You've got fire.
Sainz on the outside of the Renault But now Grosjean, once again, involved in a collision.
I fucking I don't know how long I can live like this.
Nico Hülkenberg's locking up! And there's been a crash! Fernando Alonso goes over the top of Charles Leclerc's Sauber! Wow! We are expecting to have difficulty with McLaren.
Not another problem for McLaren.
Turned out to be Haas.
Haas get their best ever finish in Formula One.
Finally, I give you what you deserve, boys.
Whoo! [Croft.]
Grosjean comes home fourth place.
Yes! [laughs.]
Right now, for us, points are very hard to come by.
Alonso and Sirotkin, wheel-to-wheel! [Alonso.]
Fucking stupid.
You take care, and they crash into you.
McLaren is Team Fernando.
When you have a driver of Fernando's caliber, you wanna keep them in your racing team.
He's making the decisions.
Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso is to retire from Formula One.
Would you have stayed if you could have had a competitive car? [Medland.]
He's one of the greatest drivers we've ever seen, so it feels like the end of an era.
We've done good steps, but we need to go faster.
Lewis Hamilton, a five-time champion of the world! [man.]
Yes! That's the double, mate.
For the fifth year in succession, Mercedes are the Constructors Champions.
That's the last race in the season, and it's still so intense.
Ericsson's off.
And there's a fire.
Get out of there.
Get out of there quick.
F1, it never stops.
Always finish the season on a high.
You're gonna see drivers and teams throwing caution to the wind and absolutely going for it.
[pneumatic tools whirring.]
One more time in 2018.
We've been around the world from Melbourne in March to here in Abu Dhabi in November.
The final round of the Formula One season was set for a dramatic night, under the lights here in Abu Dhabi, the most expensive F1 venue ever constructed.
The gloves are off.
The drivers just wanna go at it now for one more time in 2018.
Guenther, when you look back on 2018, what do you mainly see? Oh, that's a difficult question, how much time have you got? [crowd cheering.]
Next year, only two of the ten teams are keeping the same driver lineup.
Fernando Alonso, his final race, bidding farewell.
Fernando! - Sexy! - Fernando! [Croft.]
Of course, Daniel Ricciardo, leaving Red Bull after this evening.
Going to the Renault team.
End of term now, how would you give yourself a grade for this term? I'm gonna say probably an "L"  for "loser.
" - [laughs.]
- Um yeah.
L for "likeable.
" Or a "G" for "good-looking.
" I don't know.
One of those.
- Let's stick to "L" for "likeable.
" - [laughs.]
The second half of the season's been a lot of misfortune really and things out of my control.
Basically lost the power.
Fuck! It's frustrating.
And sometimes you feel betrayed by the car when it lets you down.
When it doesn't work, you just want to express a lot of anger.
[cheering and applause.]
If we could finish this weekend in a good way, it would soften a lot of the blows we've had this year.
Deep down, of course, my heart would have loved a title with Red Bull, just to complete the journey.
Right now, I'm just looking forward to finishing on a high.
It's that satisfaction of knowing that I've still got it and proving it to people that I've still got a lot of fire in me.
It's a Sunday night.
This should be fun.
Monday recovering, I guess.
Recovering from a victory, from a hangover [man.]
A victory? It's been a long time.
I know, I forgot how to say the word "victory," but [laughs.]
We're going into the final race with Daniel.
It's the last time he'll put on the Red Bull overalls.
Um but as one chapter closes, another one opens.
We're excited about Pierre Gasly.
And, you know, Daniel's leaving to go to Renault.
Is he making the right career choice? No.
The next year's one will be faster.
You reckon we will be slower? [laughing.]
Daniel's still racing  Formula One, so I won't necessarily miss him, but I'll probably wave at him when I'm gonna lap him next year.
That's the target.
One, two, three.
And again.
There's a lot riding on this last race.
For Daniel, it's his last opportunity to beat Max Verstappen as his teammate, in equal machinery.
All right, thanks very much.
Have a nice Christmas.
It's been a challenging year in the beginning.
But since Monaco, I've been driving a lot better.
I've been really strong compared to Daniel, so definitely turned around the season.
Max, he's one of the hardest racers out there.
He shows no fear.
He gives no quarter.
Max Verstappen moves over to the right hand side of Lewis Hamilton, the race leader.
And there's a Force India coming down the hill [Verstappen.]
I have the Force India behind me, pushing.
No! Verstappen's off! [Verstappen.]
What a fucking idiot! Fuck! [Croft.]
And that has cost him the lead of the race.
Max should have won in Brazil.
He was in total control of that Grand Prix until Esteban Ocon tried to unlap himself.
Verstappen is absolutely seething.
That was Esteban Ocon.
Ultimately, it robbed Max of the win.
But Max had the opportunity to have saved himself all of that strife.
Just give him a little bit more space.
I think Max still has a little bit of maturing to go, learning which fights to fight and which to let go.
Max, can you just explain what happened between you and Esteban after the race? Um I don't really have a lot to comment on that.
Except that he was being a pussy.
- [man 1.]
- [man 2.]
Next one, please? [Verstappen.]
Like, I said at one point, like, "You should understand my reaction if you could hear what he said to me on the scales.
" 'Cause he basically started laughing at me, and then he was like, "Ha, well, I was faster, and so, I wanted to overtake you.
" Like that.
He didn't even, like, apologize for the crash.
- And that triggered me to push him.
- Yeah.
What do you think about the incident between Max and Esteban? Whilst we don't condone violence in any way, emotions run high, and if they didn't, they wouldn't be Grand Prix drivers.
Thank you.
In the final race of the season, there's an opportunity for Max to move up the order by one or two places, from fifth to third in the driver's championship.
I think he's just very keen as well to rubber-stamp the form that he's shown.
Uh, well, we are closer than expected.
We'll definitely try to score a point.
Thank you.
Max Verstappen, he could really stamp his authority and say, "I'm gonna be a challenger for the championship next season.
" So I think it will be hard for Verstappen, but there's every chance.
Here we go, in Abu Dhabi.
Fernando Alonso's 311th and final start.
Daniel Ricciardo wants one more victory.
He's desperate for one more win this season.
The cars lining up on the grid for the final time.
Daniel Ricciardo in fifth.
Max Verstappen right behind him in sixth.
Daniel, just one rev check, please.
One rev check.
- All right.
- [engine revs.]
This is it, fellas.
Let's fucking have it.
Could Red Bull have a little problem on their hands this afternoon? Because Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo, they can't both be on a winning strategy.
Of course, Daniel Ricciardo leaving Red Bull, I would have thought, if there's a choice, it's obviously gonna be Max Verstappen, isn't it? [crowd cheering.]
For the final time in 2018 [engines roaring.]
we're racing! Max Verstappen, what happened to him off the line? [Verstappen.]
Engine hot.
Engine hot.
Verstappen is down in tenth place, down at turn one.
Oh, come on! [Croft.]
Going wide there is Romain Grosjean Alonso has been crowded out too.
Very low grip, but I will push the tires to the limit.
Very good start by Nico Hülkenberg in the Renault.
Doing a great job, Nico.
Push like hell.
Are you okay, Nico? Nico? [Hülkenberg.]
Holy shit.
I'm hanging here like a cow.
- [Slade.]
- Get me out.
There's fire.
There's fire.
Is he okay? [Hülkenberg.]
What happened there, anyway? [Slade.]
Main thing is you're safe, Nico.
Who was that? [Slade.]
I think it might be one of the Haases, Grosjean.
Hey, where did he think he was going? Just turned into me.
Grosjean was in the blind spot of Nico Hülkenberg.
Romain Grosjean did nothing wrong there.
The car landed on the roof.
In that moment, I thought, like, "Shit, you know That's it.
I'm out.
" I couldn't get out of the car.
I saw fire and, you know, got some smoke and fumes.
It's not so nice to breathe them.
It happens, and normally, you check, yup, everything's still there, brush it off and you move on.
- [Lambiase.]
Max, okay - [Verstappen.]
Man, engine hot.
Fuck! [Lambiase.]
Cool the car, please, Max.
Cool it.
That should help the engine.
Yeah, I'm fucked.
And Verstappen losing power with his engine overheating.
Down from sixth down to ninth.
His teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, is in fifth place.
Daniel, let's buckle down.
Build up that rhythm again.
What's going on with the engine? [Lambiase.]
Okay, you've done a good job cooling the engine, Max.
- Continue to stay out.
- Can we use more power? Yeah.
Engine is fine.
Let's chop through this traffic.
Max Verstappen in the hunt for teammate Ricciardo.
Perez ahead of Verstappen, and he might fancy a go here, and he does.
Well done, Max.
That is Ocon ahead of you.
Be sensible.
Verstappen's got the inside line! Into Esteban Ocon he goes.
So don't waste time with Verstappen.
Daniel Ricciardo third and Max Verstappen up into fourth place.
[tires squealing.]
Daniel Ricciardo needs to look at his wing mirrors.
His teammate, Max Verstappen, is closing in on him.
Daniel, that lap you went 44.
5, Verstappen, 44.
- The gap now 1.
5 behind.
- Okay.
Max is still fighting for third in the Drivers' Championship.
So box and pit it, Max.
Box, pit it.
So, Verstappen getting the early call.
Going then onto a brand-new set of tires.
[tools whirring.]
Ricciardo's ahead of Verstappen on the track, but Verstappen, he might be on the better strategy.
I don't think Red Bull are too worried about pleasing Daniel Ricciardo anymore.
He's off to Renault, isn't he? [Croft.]
Here comes Fernando Alonso on Sergei Sirotkin, down the inside.
Fernando Alonso in his final Formula One race.
There's a point here for grabs, mate.
There's a point here for grabs.
Let's go get him.
Let's go get him.
I have 1,800 points.
Well, for me, make it 1,801.
Ricciardo and Verstappen running third and fourth.
The gap between Ricciardo and Max Verstappen is twelve seconds.
Daniel, box in this lap.
Daniel, box.
Box this lap.
Daniel Ricciardo will come out behind his teammate, Max Verstappen, and the chase now is on.
Daniel, Verstappen will be about eight seconds ahead.
They've just shafted Daniel Ricciardo with that early pit-stop from Max.
- Max, Daniel has now pitted.
- Yeah.
Daniel is up 2.
7 seconds of Verstappen ahead.
He's gonna be fighting with Bottas.
You're gonna join the party quite soon at this pace.
Oh, that's clever by Verstappen.
Put Valtteri Bottas off the track as well.
He just didn't see me.
Now, Ricciardo is right on the rear wing of Bottas.
Okay, mate, you know what to do.
Let's have it.
Last of the late breakers, Daniel Ricciardo puts himself up into fourth place.
And the Red Bulls are really going for it here.
[crew cheering.]
The final few laps of 2018 And once again, the Red Bulls are right together.
Just 1.
6 seconds between them.
Daniel Ricciardo has just set the fastest lap of the race, but it's not enough.
And final lap, Max.
Final lap.
Max Verstappen finishes on the podium for Red Bull.
- [Lambiase.]
Nice end to 2018, mate.
- [Verstappen.]
Yes! Oh, yes! [laughs.]
Max has driven brilliantly.
I think what he showed this year, more than anything, was his strength of character, which, in this business, is everything.
Daniel Ricciardo, a couple of seconds adrift in his final race for the team before he moves to Renault.
Daniel, great drive today.
And yeah, we're gonna miss you.
Um we wish you all the very, very best for the future, and, uh hold very fond the memories that we have together, so enjoy this slow-down lap.
Thank you.
Thank you, Christian.
I feel I'm applying myself every race, but things keep happening out of my control, so that's been the frustrating thing.
I just wanna do well.
I wanna win.
Carlos Sainz holds off the challenge of the rest to finish sixth in this race.
Awesome job.
Whoo! Come on, boys.
That's how you finish in style.
Fernando Alonso, who drove for Ferrari and drove once alongside Lewis Hamilton, joins the number one and number two this season in a display a really nice touch.
I think the sport will miss him.
We will miss him.
 A true legend.
Well done.
 Thanks very much.
Good job.
We're third in the Constructors.
I think it's been a very solid year for us.
But it's a huge gap that we've got to bridge between ourselves and Ferrari and Mercedes.
The Renault engine, they haven't delivered.
Moving to Honda Honda have the right resources, the right commitment, the right desire and ambition to win in Formula One.
We want to win.
We were the fourth best team.
Beat all the other midfield teams.
And obviously, next year, we're looking for the next step.
Moving forward, we need to gain confidence that our ambition to become the top team and fight with the best is credible.
Daniel, we're expecting from him that he will contribute to the construction of the team.
Moving to Renault, I'm expecting more for myself.
I want to have a presence in the team, figure out the best way to really bring the team to that next level.
Yeah, hopefully it works for me in the next few years, um, but certainly, uh, yeah, I'm curious to know what else is out there and how I can keep bettering myself.
I guess searching for more from me.
- You're gonna keep entertaining us? - Absolutely.
Daniel, he arrives to a new team.
Him coming in, I wanna do well for the team, but of course, I also wanna beat my teammate.
It's a bit of a squeeze, no? [reporter.]
Christian, if we could come to you, please.
You're losing two things after this weekend.
Renault and Daniel Ricciardo.
I mean, slightly awkward, 'cause I'm sitting next to Cyril, who's taking, obviously, both elements after the weekend.
Um uh I mean, Cyril was making the tea when we first started with Renault.
And, uh - He's always nice.
- And it's had his ups and downs.
We'd like to challenge Red Bull, obviously.
That would be fun, because otherwise I'm not sure what Red Bull will be talking about, now that they can't blame the French partner anymore.
Cyril, bridging the gap to the other three big teams, what are your expectations? Your hopes? [clears throat.]
Well, you need to expect from us that we keep on progressing and completing the construction of the team, and we expect Daniel to play a key role in that.
It's in our hands to deliver the best possible result for the company.
Cyril, you know, he is also under pressure, obviously, from the Renault board to show results.
Our ambition is to be on the podium.
And now we are just so close to the podium that I'm sure that next year we can do that.
Now they're asking me to slow you slightly down.
Just walk in a more relaxed way.
Just slower.
Full McLaren pace? [laughing.]
Just a little bit slower.
I want to be fast at least once this year.
I think Formula One has been amazing to me.
But it's the right time to to move on.
To the two-times world champion, Fernando Alonso! [cheering.]
We knew the day would come that Fernando wouldn't always be in our race car.
You know, life goes on.
You know, it's been a pleasure working alongside him.
We've closed the chapter on '18, and now super excited for '19.
As soon as I saw the McLaren opportunity opening up, I also had no doubt and I went for McLaren.
I feel so motivated and so happy after this last race showing what I was capable of doing that I go into McLaren tomorrow morning already into the box and I'm preparing the test, I'm preparing next season.
Maybe take a couple of days off, though, yeah? I don't need to.
I'm I'm ready.
I've known Carlos for some time.
He's very fast.
A bit of a killer behind the wheel.
Commercially, the sponsors like him.
He's a handsome Formula One driver.
Without talent, you cannot drive these cars.
It's as simple as that.
Sainz has pulled out from behind the slipstream.
[crew cheering.]
Nice move there! Carlos Sainz, fifth place.
I feel privileged and lucky to be one of those 20 that knows that I'm quite talented.
It's a totally new driver lineup for McLaren in 2019.
I'm Lando Norris and I'm the youngest ever Formula One British racing driver.
To be announced as the 2019 McLaren race driver, it's a dream come true.
- Congratulations, first and foremost.
- Thank you.
- Who is the first person you told? - Um, my mom.
- Think you're ready for this challenge? - Certainly.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- How are you? Thank you.
Well, you're obviously 18 years old.
Have you passed your test? I have And I've got a few points on my license.
- What for? - Speeding.
They're never going to let you forget that ever.
I've always wanted to be a part of McLaren since I was very young.
Every year, I've basically taken a step up into the next category.
From Formula Four all the way to Formula One now.
I think Lando will be awesome talent.
uh, statistically, one of the best junior drivers ever.
Coffee's not allowed in here.
He certainly has the CV that would suggest he's a future world champion.
I think I'm being partnered with Carlos for next year.
It's very exciting.
The two of them is gonna be a great pairing.
The youngest pairing on the grid, youngest pairing McLaren's ever had.
Lando, you're the latest young driver to come into McLaren.
We've seen Sergio Perez.
We saw Kevin Magnussen, We saw Stoffel Vandoorne.
- They've all gone within two years.
- Yeah.
Are there any concerns about following that kind of pattern? Nope, because I'm better.
We're taking some risk there, but we think it's the right decision.
In one sense, it's a risk.
In another, if it pays off, he'll look like a genius.
- Good job.
- Thank you.
- It's a good season.
Good job.
- Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, chaps.
If someone would've told me a year ago, in Abu Dhabi, "Next year, you're fifth," would I have signed on for it? Sure.
All right, I just want to say you all can be proud of what you achieved, guys, you know.
I think we never have to forget, we are only in our third season, and to achieve this is pretty good.
I don't know how many times this was done as such a young team.
The challenge we didn't get to is we didn't finish fourth, guys.
We had races where we could have done more.
- I don't think that's tight.
- [Magnussen.]
Failure, guys.
One of our drivers in the first part of the season had a few crazy moments.
If we don't make mistakes, we don't learn.
We had so much ups and downs.
It's quite amazing, you know, how we got through this.
Do not be downbeat about this, because we didn't achieve fourth.
You can be proud.
We can just get stronger, you know.
Thank you very much, guys.
Thank you.
Thank you.
The goals for next season will be to just continue on this and better it, obviously.
We want to fight for fourth.
Guenther's made the decision to stick with the driving line up of Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen in 2019.
- Good job.
- Thank you.
Thanks for the season.
Thank you.
This year has been pretty consistent from my side, and I've scored points at many different tracks and at many races, so I'm pretty satisfied.
Being able to come back from a difficult start, it takes a lot of energy.
It's a lot of pride as well.
People were thinking, you know, you were done.
Now I want to keep that good form and not get into that deep again.
Grosjean looks like he's sorted out those problems, but if he hasn't, then that's gonna really hurt Haas next season.
You You stink.
You stink.
Then you've got to look at who made the decision to stick with the lineup.
There's only 110 days to go until first practice in Melbourne.
There's this false perception that after Abu Dhabi, oh, you go on holiday, you know, that, "Enjoy your time off.
See you next season," and that we all turn up in Melbourne.
But actually, the factory is working massively long hours, Christmas is an inconvenience.
That's where the new car, the 2019 car, is starting to come to life.
Formula One is addictive and it draws you in.
The characters, the competition, the drama, the theater, the performance of these spectacular machines, and 2019 looks set to be a real classic.
[engines roaring.]
If you could just take a seat [Leclerc.]
Um cool.
- Shots are quite tight, so - Okay.
See you, mate.
You're all right.
Make sure all the brands are - [interviewer.]
I'll be here.
Talk to me.
- Yep.
Let's do the interview and then see what time we got.
Are you continuing next year or not? Have you decided? - Like that? - [interviewer.]
Yeah, that's good.
- That's perfect.
- [laughs.]
You know I have the worst memory in the world.
I feel like Snowden.
- So, am I looking at you? - [interviewer.]
- [Verstappen.]
Are we filming? - [man.]
We're filming.
- Okay.
- [man.]
We are in this episode.
Do you mind just saying your name? Like [interviewer.]
"My name's Charles Leclerc and I drive for" Okay.
Looking at the camera or looking at you? - No, look at me.
- Okay.
My name is Charles Leclerc.
- I'm Pierre Gasly.
- I'm George Russell.
- I am Carlos Sainz.
- I'm Lance Stroll.
And I'm a Williams Racing F1 driver.
- I'm joining Ferrari.
- I'm joining McLaren.
I'm a Red Bull driver.
- It is a childhood dream.
- A huge honor.
I don't know.
I mean, can I confirm that I'm moving? All the time I do something, I wanna be the best.
It's incredible, no, how life is? Career goal is to become Formula One World Champion.
- World champion.
- It would definitely hit the spot.
To be honest, I don't think they are even close to our level.
You still need a certain level of maturity.
You can talk as much as you want.
No hard feelings, I'm just looking ahead to the ones we have to beat.
No, I didn't know.
What the hell? What was that? A lot of people try to break your dreams.
- You can't please everyone.
- Obviously, the pressure is on.
There's always pressure.
You always try to do your best.
I'm very much looking forward to 2019.
We have to focus on rebuilding this team.
Some teams will have got it right, some teams will have got it wrong.
Ideally, I wanna be on top of Daniel.
- Priority is results.
- We can make the next step.
Race it and race it hard.
You know, I believe we can do better.
The aim is to become a world champion, and of course, sooner than later.
The only thing we can do here, wait and see.
- I can tell you, we've got lots coming.
- We're on our way.
Looking at me and Renault now, that's all I'm interested in.
All right, let's go fuck some shit up.

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